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GOLD EXPERIENCE IISongbird Title Match

Christina Aguilera is in a small dinner on the outskirts of Los Angeles. She is wearing big sunglasses, a big floppy hat that covers all of her platinum blonde hair, and trying not to be recognized. Granted this small dinner along a lonely highway is the last place someone would look for an international superstar like Christina. It is a place where you expect the waitresses wearing nametags that say Alice, Flo and Vera. You should expect a fat guy named Mel to be flipping burgers in the kitchen and somebody spouting, "Kiss my grits!" However, so far she has not been recognized and that was her goal.

Shortly Keira Knightly arrives, dressed down as well. Christina has brokered a truce and alliance between her group Generation Prime and the new Generation Next, of which Keira is a member. "So what's the reason for this urgent meeting?" Christina impatiently asks.

This meeting was made in a hurry once Kelly and Shakira found out that Christina was going to have a title fight with Jessica Simpson. The original intent was to have the groups meet together, but this is the nature of the business and that meeting would need to be held at another time if at all.

Keira sits cool, calm and in total control of the situation. She should be. It was the Generation Next leader, Kelly Clarkson's impressive beatings of Christina and Janet Jackson that lead to Gen Prime's fall from grace. Keira had also just knocked Christina out during a poolside skirmish in Cabo. Christina came to Keira asking for their help in getting out from under the ABA's thumb. However Keira agreed to help with the intent of subjugating and putting Christina and Gen Prime under her control in the end.

Keira avoided the topic for a few minutes just to make Christina wait, and to let her know who was in charge. Finally Keira begins, "Kelly Clarkson, Shakira and I just had a meeting about our little alliance. It seems that there are some trust issues with you."

"Trust issues?" Christina asks curiously like she had no idea what Keira was talking about.

"According to your history in this league, you have been nothing but a lying, cheating, backstabbing, dirty bitch, that has double crossed everybody that she has come in contact with not named Mya or Janet Jackson." Keira explains. Christina immediately takes exception and disagrees with that statement, but it is a moot point. Keira's statement was factually and totally true.

After listening to Christina's protest, Keira says. "We have a proposition for you to prove your good faith and benefit us and Gen Prime." Keira explains knowing Christina is in no position to refuse. "You have a title shot coming against a mutual enemy, Jessica Simpson."

"Yes, it is a triple threat match with Jessica and Shania Twain for the Songbird Championship." Christina clarifies.

“Shakira and Kelly can't stand Jessica, as I'm sure you know. We'd love to see you take the title from her. We can put spies in their camps to give you an advantage in the match. You'll know everything that they are working on and their strategy. That should make it easy for you to win the championship." Keira pauses allowing Christina to ponder the possibilities. "As the winner you will receive a ballot to vote on the booking committee. In return of your championship we are expecting you to vote for our favorites on the ballot. Second, Shakira will get the first title shot for your belt. That will throw off any suspicion of our truce. So, do we have a deal?" Keira asks.

Christina pauses and quickly thinks things over. However there is really nothing to think about. Championship reigns are extremely hard and rare in this league. If Christina can win the belt, she will deal with Keira bullying her a little bit longer. "Okay, you've got a deal." Christina answers.

"Great let's seal the deal with our special handshake." Keira happily says.

"What no!" Christina nervously reacts. "I can't... I shouldn't...no!"

“Come on Christina, you know you want to." Keira urges with a devilish smile. "Don't tell me you haven't been thinking about me. You want another taste of this delicious pussy." Keira says while brushing her fingers through Christina's blonde hair. Keira takes off Christina’s glasses without so much as any resistance from her and puts them on the table. She looks in Christina’s eyes and her smile grows knowing she has her right where she wants her. She puts her hand underneath the table, places it on Christina’s thigh and starts to stroke it slowly with her thumb. Christina gasps and gulps a bit. Christina mutters weakly as her lip quivers, “Keira…please.”

Keira leans in and whispers seductively, "Stop fighting it. It is meant to be. Don't you want me to trust you? Don’t you want me?" They both knew it was true. Christina hadn’t stopped thinking about Keira’s pussy since Cabo and how Keira ‘convinced’ her to go down on her. She didn’t want to admit it…at least not publicly of how Keira had gotten inside her head and turned her on. Not only was Keira totally dominating the battle of wills but also Christina was starting to fall in love with her.

The conversation goes on for another fifteen minutes, but the end was an already drawn conclusion. With each passing minute, Keira wore Christina’s will down due to both Christina being in a tough position and her own conflicting emotions and past working against her. Later Christina finds herself in Keira's SUV that is parked in a secluded part of the parking lot. The blonde's face is buried between Keira's thighs and she is licking, sucking and kissing Keira's pussy like a little puppy drinking from his dish. Keira wears a big smile of sexual satisfaction that is complimented with the satisfaction that she is well on her way to taming her little blonde pet. Keira will soon have Christina tamed and under her control.

After their meeting, Keira reported to Kelly and Shakira that Christina was on board with their plan. Kelly then reached out to Rihanna who had some favors to start calling in, namely Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. Katy and Gaga each agreed to spy for Kelly due to their previous relationships/friendships with Rihanna. Katy wanted a shoulder to cry on with Rihanna due to her divorce that happily Rihanna agreed to. Gaga wanted a one-on-one match with Carrie Underwood, but didn’t press it if Carrie didn’t want to fight her.

Several days later Lady Gaga arrives at the Resistance training facility. Cameron Diaz is falling all over herself and kissing Gaga's ass to entice her to join the Resistance. Gaga spent most of her time in the gym, working out and learning little secrets from the veterans on the Resistance roster. Her focus was always diverted to the ring where Jessica Simpson is training and working out with former WCW/WWE diva, Stacy Keibler. Gaga is always listening and eaves dropping, to find more about Jessica's training, strengths and weaknesses.

Around the same time Katy Perry arrives in Las Vegas, and takes in Shania Twain's nightly show at Caesar's Palace. Katy went backstage to meet the superstar, and became great friends with the country superstar that revolutionized country music.

Shania was still obviously shaken about her divorce and husband's betrayal a couple of years ago. Katy began to share some secrets about her recent divorce, and the two became instant friends. Katy shared her dream to make it big in catfighting. Soon she would train with Shania and her coach. The two talked about being a team in the future. Shania thought about reviving the Divas group she was in many years ago.

As Gaga and Katy got their info, they each fed their details into Kelly Clarkson and Keira who shared the info with Janet Jackson and Christina Aguilera. There were prearranged locations that the girls agreed to meet every other day in order to pass along the information. They were more than happy to get this info and included it in Christina’s training. They practiced hard and when the time for the match came, Christina felt more than ready for the title match.

As she was getting ready in her locker room, she saw a note on the outside of one of the lockers addressed to her. As she grabbed the note to read it, she thought this was curious, as this was the first time this has happened. The note read: “Win this match and I’ll give you my own special handshake…Keira.”

This made Christina both nervous and intrigued. Fortunately for her, she had a lighter with her and burned the letter before anyone else could read it. A moment later, Janet walks in with a smile on her face, “You ready for the match Chris?”

“Yeah, I’ve been ready for some time now. I have an awesome chance of becoming champ tonight, especially with your training.” smiled a confident Christina.

“Well that’s good to hear, because they’re going to call you out to the ring in a few.” replied Janet. They discussed last minute strategies before Christina got called to the ring. Christina hugged Janet before heading out to the ring. Janet herself had to leave soon for a family dinner.

Shania was the first one to be called to the ring and was introduced to one of her hits ‘I’m gonna getcha good’. She received pretty good applause and cheer from the crowd as she still had a fan base among the fans. She shook hands as she made her way to the ring.

Christina was introduced next to her song ‘Fighter’. She received an even larger round of applause from the crowd. Like Shania, she shook hands with her fans on the way to the ring.

Jessica was the last one introduced. She came out to her song: ‘These boots are made for walking’. She had on her daisy dukes shorts, calf high boots and a cutoff plaid shirt that she had tied up just below her breasts to show her midsection. She got a good chunk of cheers from the crowd, especially when she showed them all her title. She waved to the crowd and shook their hands as she got to the ring. As she got in the ring, she handed her belt to the ringside held while she and Christina looked each other over with daggers in their eyes. The bell rang and the girls started circling each other.

Jessica starts off by charging at Christina and locking up with her. The two grit their teeth and strain their muscles as they push against each other. Shania watches them struggle and looks for her own opening. She sends a quick kick to Jessica’s mid-section making her release the hold on Christina as she takes a step back. Before Christina can do anything, Shania sends the heel of her foot to her stomach making her stagger back a couple steps. Shania stays on the attack with Jessica with several jabs to her head.

Before she could continue her assault on Jessica, Christina kicks her between her legs from behind making her yelp in pain and stagger forward and drop to her knees. Shania nearly knocked Jessica over in the process. Jessica quickly composes herself and sends a kick to Shania’s cheek sending her to the mat. Just as she sends the kick to knock Shania to the mat, Christina jumps at her, tackling her to the mat and straddles her. Christina grabs Jessica’s hair with her left and sends one punch after another in rapid succession to her head making her grunt with each punch.

After a couple dozen punches to Jessica’s head, Christina looks over to Shania who is starting to get to her hands and knees. Christina gets off of Jessica and steps over to Shania and sends a kick to her midsection sending her back to the mat. She follows that up with a guillotine leg drop to her head. As Christina starts to get up, she grabs Shania’s hair and pulls her to her feet. She sends her hurtling to the opposite set of ropes past Jessica and then bounces off the ropes near her. As Shania bounces off the ropes and comes back, Jessica bounces up and sends a kick to Shania’s stomach making her double over and drop to her knees in the process from the force of the kick.

In the meantime, Christina charges at the two of them as she sees this happen. She is able to adjust her trajectory in time as she jumps at Jessica with a drop kick. Jessica is only partially able to move out of the way as she sees Christina jumping at her. One of the Christina’s legs hits Jessica’s chest making her fall back to the ropes.

Christina gets to her feet quickly as Jessica bounces off the ropes. The two start punching each other fiercely not bothering to block any shots. As the two duke it out, Christina moves in to jam Jessica and as she does rams her knee into Jessica’s stomach. The knee makes Jessica to lurch forward and drape her arms over Christina’s shoulders. Christina quickly wraps her arms around Jessica’s torso and knees her pussy several times hard making her squeal in pain. Christina gets a warning from the ref for the low blows. Christina then lets her go as she tosses her to the mat smiling as she watches Jessica hold her pussy.

Her joy is interrupted as Shania comes with a blind side punch to Christina’s head making her take a couple steps back toward the turnbuckles. Shania keeps the pressure up with more punches to Christina’s head and chest. Christina tries to block as many of Shania’s punches while she formulates a plan of attack. Her efforts become harder when Shania kicks her in the stomach twice. Shania then takes one of Christina’s arms and sends her to the turnbuckles on the other side of the ropes. She grunts as she hits the turnbuckles.

Sensing that Shania is not far behind her, Christina deftly moves out of the way and watches as Shania whizzes by her into the corner attempting to ram her shoulder into Christina’s stomach. Instead, Shania overshoots Christina and the turnbuckle and hits her shoulder on the post. Before she could do anything, Christina pulls Shania from the post, turns her around and rams her own shoulder into Shania’s gut a half dozen times in rapid fire making Shania double over in pain and making her winded. Christina then grabs Shania’s head and knees it hard snapping Shania’s head and torso up.

Not wanting to get sideswiped again, Christina turns to see Jessica on her knees as she slowly gets to her feet. Christina rushes over and drop kicks her again sending her flying into the ropes and down to the mats again. Christina then quickly gets to her feet and brings Jessica up with her. Christina then grabs one of Jessica’s arms and sends her to the corner where Shania is still recovering. Jessica slams into Shania and both grunt from the hit. Christina runs in behind Jessica and connects with a full body splash into Jessica’s as she turns around body making both Jessica and Shania grunt from the hit, making Jessica a bit winded and Shania more so.

Christina uses Jessica’s torso as a punching bag with rapid fire punches before she could fight back. She follows up the punches with several knees to Jessica’s gut making her grunt and then double over. She then uppercuts Jessica’s chin making Jessica’s head snap up and hit Shania’s head with the back of her head.

Christina doesn’t stop her attacks as she bends over and slams her shoulder into Jessica’s stomach a half dozen times. Not only does each hit make Jessica woozier and weaker, but they also have the effect of weakening Shania as well. After the shoulder attacks Christina steps back and knees Jessica’s head making her snap upright. Christina then jumps at Jessica for a body splash. Both Jessica and Shania groan from the hit making Christina smile and her fans cheer wildly seeing her dominate.

Christina then grabs Jessica’s shirt and starts to step backwards towards the center of the ring. Jessica has been battered enough that she dutifully follows Christina with no resistance. Jessica’s arms are at her side and her head looks like it’s on a bobble head doll. In the meantime, Shania slouches down to her ass in the corner giving Christina time to do what she wants to Jessica.

Christina brings her other hand up to Jessica’s shirt and rips it wide-open revealing Jessica’s breasts to all. Christina smiles cruelly as she grabs each of Jessica’s breasts with her hands and starts to maul them. Jessica screams in pain as she weakly grabs at Christina’s wrists. Christina taunts her as she does this: “Such nice breasts being wasted on the likes of a bitch like you.” Her comment is punctuated by a kick to Jessica’s stomach making her double over.

As Jessica doubles over, Christina releases Jessica’s breasts. She then hooks Jessica’s arms behind her back and yells to the crowd: “Time to knock this bitch out.” Christina then jumps in the air forcing Jessica to go with her and as they both come back down, Christina extends her knee out. As Jessica comes back down, her head connects with Christina’s extended knee snapping it backwards and knocking her out cold. Christina releases Jessica’s arms and smiles as she flops to the mat on her back sprawled out and motionless outside her heaving breasts.

Christina turns her attention to Shania who is trying to stand up in the corner. Christina confidently walks over to her, grabs her throat with her right hand and forces her upright in the corner. Shania gaps for air as she grabs Christina’s arm trying to get free of the hold. Shania’s eyes bulge as Christina sends a couple knees to her gut forcing her to release Christina’s wrist. Christina slowly climbs up to the second turnbuckle while still holding Shania’s throat. Christina grabs Shania’s mane and forces it back. Christina now uses her right hand to punch Shania’s face in rapid-fire motion making Shania grunt with each hit. As she is getting punched, Shania moves her arms towards Christina’s torso to push her off. Feeling Shania’s hands on her torso, Christina stops her punching and grabs both of Shania’s arms. Christina grabs and twirls Shania’s left arm around her right and does the same Shania’s right arm but with her own left arm. This leaves Shania defenseless.

Christina coos, “Tsk-tsk Shania, you should know better than that.” Christina twists and pulls her arms a bit making Shania squeal in pain. Christina continues with some taunting: “First you lose your title to Kelly Clarkson and now you get your ass kicked by me. Maybe I’ll break your arms putting any comeback hopes to rest.” Christina twists Shania’s arms a bit more.

“Please, don’t do that Christina. I wanted the title but not at sacrificing my arms.” pleads Shania as she is in pain.

“You’ll do anything for a comeback?” asks Christina.

“Yes… anything.” continues Shania.

“Fine, here are my terms…be my bitch and do what I tell you to do.” taunts Christina.

“Your bitch? Hell no.” says a defiant Shania. She then screams again as Christina twists her arms even more. She then screams out, “OK… OK… OK. I’ll be your bitch.”

“That’s a good girl. Now promise you won’t hit me when I let your arms go.” says Christina.

“I promise.” replies Shania.

“Good. Now when I get down off the ropes, I’m going to bitch slap you. Then, you will walk your old ass over to that center of the ring and lay yourself on top of that twit so I can pose over both of you and win the title. After that, you’ll come to my locker room. Got all that?” asked Christina.

“Yes.” said a slightly tearful Shania. After she said that, Christina let her arms go and got off the ropes. As promised, Shania didn’t do anything making Christina smile.

Christina brings her right hand up, bitch slaps Shania and then brings her hand back giving Shania the back of her hand. Shania’s head snaps with each hit. Christina repeats this several more times. Christina does the bitch-slap/backhand combo with her left hand three times as well before stopping. She then turns and points to Jessica’s body, “Go”.

Shania drops her head and heads over to Jessica who is still unconscious. Shania lays her back on top of Jessica. Christina smiles seeing Shania's obedience and mutters, “That’s right bitch.” Christina walks over and places her foot between Shania’s breasts whose own back is right on top of Jessica’s breasts. Christina then flexes her biceps as the referee comes over and counts the three count.

After the three count, the ref calls for the bell and the title. He hands the title over to Christina who then parades it around the ring for her fans to see. Her fans chanted her name.

After a minute, Christina goes to her locker room followed momentarily by a sullen Shania. Christina and Shania quickly got to talking about Shania’s future, especially now as Christina’s bitch.

Shania told her about her dreams of getting her old group back together. Christina liked the idea and would be willing to lend Gen Prime’s support to their getting back together. She then told her in no uncertain terms that if the group got back together that neither she nor Mariah Carey would head the group. She would help get other people to join the group and have one of them head the group. Shania nodded her head knowing she was in no condition to refuse her help.

Once she understood what Christina wanted, Christina told her to strip naked and shower with her. Shania complies as she strips naked and heads with the now naked Christina to the shower. Shania soaps up Christina and washes her body off. She oddly feels turned on by showering with Christina… maybe it was due to her divorce or even by seeing Christina naked. Shania doesn’t stop Christina as Christina soaps her up and washes her off. As Christina washes her up, she slowly gets her back up against the wall of the shower.

As Christina has Shania against the wall, she slides her hand down her torso and starts to rub Shania’s pussy eliciting a moan from her. Shania looks at her and asks meekly, “Why?”

Christina replies, “You’re my bitch and I’ll do what I want with you.” They both knew that Christina was in control as she continued to play with Shania’s pussy. She soon inserts several fingers into Shania’s already wet pussy and starts to finger Shania. Christina continues to finger her until she climaxes. After Shania climaxes, Christina brings her fingers up to Shania’s lips to make her taste herself.

Christina then steps out of the shower, starts to dry herself off and as she does orders Shania, “When you’re done drying yourself, get your ass out of here and get that other ‘DIVA’ Mariah on the phone for your group reunion.” Shania nods in acceptance of Christina’s orders. It only took a few minutes for both to get dressed and out of the locker room.

On her way to her hotel room, Christina called Keira so they could meet up in her room. Keira complimented her on her impressive victory. A few minutes after Christina arrived, Keira knocked on her door. Christina let Keira in and promptly closed the door behind her and looked nervously at Keira.

“I need your help again.” said Christina.

“What’d you do now?” asked Keira curiously.

Christina explained the conversation that happened between herself and Shania from the last moments of the match onward. After hearing what Christina said, she replied, “This is going to cost you. We’re going to have two of our network of girls join their group even though you’ll introduce them as yours to Mariah and Shania. Do you understand me?”

“Yes Keira.” Christina nods.

“Good!” smiled Keira as she caressed Christina’s cheek. “Now… about that note I left you.” Keira then takes Christina’s hand and heads to their bedroom.

“I’m curious to know what you meant.” said an anxious Christina. Keira stopped as they got to the bed and had Christina face her with her back to the bed.

“Take off your pants, turn around and bend over.” says Keira as unzips her pants and takes off her pants and panties. She then takes the backpack from her shoulder and opens it up taking out a 12” strap-on.

“You have got to be kidding me. I’m not doing this.” Said Christina as she crossed her arms trying to stand up to Keira. Keira looks deep in her eyes and caresses her cheek.

“NO? Remember that you came to me for help against the ABA, won your title because of our help, licked my pussy not once but twice and asked my help to reform a long defunct group and you’re telling me no?” said Keira sternly as she looked in her eyes. She saw Christina’s will slowly crumbling as she spoke.

“I just don’t want to replace the ABA’s thumb on us with someone else’s.” said Christina nervously.

“Gen Next is not the ABA. We’ve helped you more in recent weeks than they’ve ever had and we’ll keep helping you get free of the ABA as long as we get cooperation from you and Gen Prime.” said Keira trying to reassure Christina.

“Ok” said Christina softly as she grabbed Keira’s hand and kissed the top of it showing she is willing to cooperate with Keira and Gen Next. Keira smiles seeing Christina kiss her hand. She then unzips her pants and gets out of her pants and panties. She then turns, spreads her legs and bends over. In the meantime Keira straps on the dildo and as soon as Christina bends over steps closer to her and grabs her waist. Keira teases Christina’s pussy a bit before jamming it in there. She starts off slowly before speeding up the reaming of Christina’s pussy. Christina quickly starts moaning as Keira fucks her with the dildo.

At a few different times through the reaming, Keira slaps and grabs Christina’s ass. Christina only moaned more when she did that. Within a couple minutes, Keira brought Christina to an orgasm. Once that happened, Keira slows down the reaming before taking the dildo out of Christina.

Once she takes it out, Christina turns around, drops to her knees and starts to clean off the dildo before Keira could say or do anything. Keira sees this and sees this as another step closer to her dominance and control over Christina and Gen Prime. When Christina stopped cleaning the dildo, she looks up at Keira, “You should go before anyone arrives.” Keira smiles and nods at this suggestion knowing she’s right.

They each get dressed and Keira heads back out. Christina watches as she leaves her room and heads down the hallway with her backpack before going closing the door to her room.

Both Keira and Christina spend the next couple of nights talking to their own groups about Christina’s match and new proposition. Janet is somewhat weary about it but sees an opportunity to maybe have the ‘DIVAS’ group switched to be under their control. Kelly is a little less weary about it and goes along with it. She’ll put girls that are loyal to her and Gen Next as the new members of the ‘DIVA’ group.


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