It wasn’t long after the trip and victory over Christina Aguilera and her friends in Cabo that Keira Knightly Carrie Underwood and Natalie Portman had to head back to the US to follow up with Kelly Clarkson and get back into the jobs that they were in the middle of. For Natalie, that meant heading back and finish the shooting of Black Swan. While they were on the flight back to LA the girls started talking about what to tell Kelly regarding Christina Aguilera’s alliance proposal. They talked about how supportive they should be of the alliance. Keira and Natalie were the most supportive of it, while Carrie had some reservations, but still supported it.

“The way I see it is that Gen Prime is in a tough and compromising position. We can ‘help’ them topple the ABA like Christina wants and then replace the boot the ABA has on their neck with our own boot.” said Keira.

“You really think this alliance will work? I’d like to think that Christina meant what she said, but I don’t know how much I trust her. I think this might be a ruse by her or even the ABA to take out any opposition to them.” said a worried Carrie.

“She did seem pretty genuine and nervous to me when she came to us for help. I saw her reaction when Keira started toying with her before that ‘special handshake’...” They all giggled when Natalie said the last part. “That’s not something you can fake. She came off as truly worried during that whole interchange. I do believe she wants what’s best for Gen Prime.”

“If you girls think this a good idea, I’ll go along with it. Why don’t you take the lead with Kelly on this Keira, since you’re such a big supporter of the plan? Besides, who better than you to bring this to her since she put you in charge of the whole operation in Cabo.” said Carrie.

“Fine by me. I think Kelly will agree to this. I bet a million dollars that she’d go along with this.” said Keira confidently.

“I like the idea. Before we land, I’ve got to tell you about a fight I had with Mila Kunis while we were shooting Black Swan. I can’t believe I forgot to mention it before.” said Natalie.

“You had a fight with Mila? Over what? I thought you two were friends.” said a surprised Carrie.

“We still are friends…kinda. It was over the choreographer for the movie. We’ve both been working so close with him that we started having feelings beyond just being professional. I didn’t think about it much at first, but it grew the more we worked together. We started flirting with each other. I also noticed that when Mila was training with him, that she’d be flirting with him too and he returned the flirts.” said Natalie.

“So, what happened? Let’s get to the good stuff.” smiled Keira.

Natalie smiled back, “Well, I decided to confront her one day and…”.

“Mila, can I see you for a minute?” said Natalie as she approached Mila on the Black Swan set. She looked a bit upset.

“Sure, what’s wrong? You look a little pissed.” replied Mila.

“A little.” Said Natalie. “Over here.” she continued as she place her hand on Mila’s back and walking next to her until they were out of ear shot of the nearest person. She then turned to Mila, “I’ve noticed we’re both flirting with [the choreographer] Ben. Only one of us can get him.”

Mila giggled, “I’ve noticed that too. The one that’s going to land him is me.”

“Well, I was actually kind of hoping you’d back off and let me have him. I don’t want either of us to be heartbroken or have our friendship suffer.” said a nervous Natalie as she bit her lip.

“You’re kidding me, right? You can’t win him outright so now you’re asking me to back off.” says a slightly miffed Mila.

“Please Mila! I really like him and you which is why I came to talk to you.” begged Natalie.

“I like you too Natalie! If you want him to choose you over me, you’d just have to fight harder for it. I would’ve gotten over it...” said Mila and after a short pause added “…eventually.”

Natalie looked quizzically at Mila for a couple seconds thinking to herself. Then her eyes widened and snapped her fingers, “That’s it… we’ll have a fight.”

“Excuse me? A fight? As in beating the crap out of each other fight?” said a surprised Mila.

“It’s not as bad as you think. It won’t be a bloodbath or anything. We can even have a fight we both enjoy… like say… a sex-fight and whoever wins, gets Ben with the other girl backing down.” said an increasingly nervous Natalie.

Mila sighs and bows her head pinching the bridge of her nose. “You know what? If it’ll make you happy, I’ll have the sex-fight with you. I’ll show up to your place tonight.” said a frustrated Mila.

“Thanks Mila!” replied Natalie as she extended her hand. Mila just looked at Natalie, sighed as she raised her hand up and walked away muttering under her breath. Natalie looked at Mila as she walked away wondering if she approached it the right way.

Later that night, Mila shows up to Natalie’s place. When Natalie opened the door, Mila and Natalie looked at each other for a second, “Let’s get this over with, ok?” said Mila as she broke the silence as she walked by Natalie and into her house and dropped a small duffle bag on the floor

“Let’s do this. Get ready to lose.” said Natalie as she looked over Mila.

“Oh please! I’m going to fuck you so hard, you’ll be sore for weeks.” smirked Mila as she looked at Natalie.

“In your dreams!” smiled Natalie mischievously. The two stripped naked in preparation for the fight. The two looked each other over and after an awkward silence Natalie pointed over to some mats, “I got an area ready for the fight. First to climax loses, ok?”

“Fine by me.” Muttered Mila as she followed Natalie.

The two got to the mat and faced each other. They started circling each other as they brought their hands up. Natalie made the first move as she moved to lock up with Mila. The two lock up with each other for the moment. Mila quickly starts to backpedal making Natalie follow her and exposing her torso. As she backpedals, Mila extends her leg out pressing it against Natalie’s stomach before rolling onto her back and flipping Natalie over. Mila quickly gets up and gets to Natalie to start stomping on her, but before her first stomp gets to hit Natalie, she rolls away making Mila’s foot hit the mat. Natalie then quickly gets up to face Mila.

Mila charges at Natalie with a flurry of punches to her head and chest. Taken a bit by surprise by this, Natalie is forced backwards trying to block or dodge the punches. As much as she tried to do that, a few of them got through causing her to grunt in pain. To keep Natalie guessing, Mila sends a kick to her gut. Natalie’s eyes widen, her cheeks puff up as she doubles over in pain from the kick and holds her stomach.

Mila grabs Natalie’s hair and brings it down further as she brings her knee up to meet Natalie’s forehead causing her to grunt and head to snap up but because her hand was there, her body was still bent over. Mila scoots over and stands next to Natalie and performs a bicycle kick to Natalie’s upper back making her flop to the ground. Natalie hits the ground in a thud and groans in pain.

“Damn Natalie, I didn’t know beating you was going to be this easy. Tell you what, not only am I going to beat you and have Ben all to myself, I’m going to make you my sex slave like Madonna did all those years ago.” taunted Mila as she squatted by the groaning Natalie.

Mila then grabs Natalie by the hair to bring her to her feet causing Natalie to yelp as she did. Mila’s eyes suddenly widen, her hand releases Natalie’s hair and her jaw drops. Natalie smiles at Mila as she takes her fist away from Mila’s crotch that she just uppercut. Mila’s hands grab her crotch in pain and she is slightly hunched over as she looks at Natalie. Natalie walks over to Mila and sends a flurry of punches at Mila’s head and chest. Mila can do nothing more than accept the punches as she grunts with each punch and slowly staggers back. Natalie punctuates the punches with a kick to her stomach making Mila winded and double over in pain.

Not wanting to waste any time with Mila, Natalie grabs the prone Mila’s head and shoves them between her thighs and squeezes. She wraps her arms around Mila’s waist and hoists her up vertically. Natalie holds Mila in position for a few seconds before dropping to her knees making Mila’s head hit the mat in a thud and making her emit a groan from the hit. Natalie lets go of Mila’s body and lets gravity do its work and have Mila’s body drop to the mat. Natalie flips Mila over and stands up next to the dazed Mila and looks down at her, “What’s that about beating me and making me your sex slave Mila?” Mila could only groan in response to Natalie’s taunt.

Natalie brings her foot up and stomps on Mila’s mid-section causing Mila to grunt and her body to flop with each stomp. After a dozen stomps, Mila is somehow able to bring her hands up and grab Natalie’s foot, much to the surprise of both of them. Mila yanks hard making Natalie’s arms to flail back and her to fall on her back in a thud. Natalie grunts as she hits the mat and gets slightly dazed when her head hits the mat.

Both groan on the mat trying to recover. It takes Natalie less than a minute to get back to her knees and than to her feet. In the meantime, Mila is holding herself as she struggles to get to her knees.

Natalie steps into Mila and sends a kick into Mila’s mid-section sending her to the mat face down. Natalie straddles Mila’s back, wraps her hands around Mila’s chin and starts to pull back. Mila’s arms flail out as she groans in pain as Natalie pulls her back straining her back. Natalie keeps the hold for half a minute, releases the hold for a split second and then reapplies it to cause further strain to Mila’s back.

“You see Mila, I’ve had a few fights in the League already and have been trained by Shakira which is why I’ve got you in this hold right now.” taunts Natalie as continues to release and reapply the hold on Mila’s back.

After a couple minutes, Natalie releases Mila from the hold and lets her flop to the mat. Mila quickly holds her back as she groans in pain.

“You really want him don’t you?” said Mila through her groans.

“Yeah I do.” Replied Natalie as she knelt next to Mila’s head and wraps her legs around Mila’s neck for a figure-four scissor hold.

Mila can’t believe her luck in the match as Natalie’s pussy is now practically touching her lips. Mila quickly starts licking and sucking on Natalie’s pussy. “Shit!” Natalie curses under her breath as Mila starts eating her out.

Natalie tightens the scissor hold around Mila’s neck in the hopes that she could knockout Mila before Mila makes her climax. Mila emits a slight groan feeling Natalie’s thighs tighten around her neck, but that doesn’t stop her from working on Natalie’s pussy. Natalie emits a moan as Mila tongue and lips start having an effect on Natalie.

The two of them are determined to win out in this test of wills. Natalie’s moaning hastens and excitement with each passing second despite her attempts to control herself. Mila continues eating Natalie out despite being deprived of air and eye fluttering as she slips closer to unconsciousness. The air was filled with Natalie’s moans as Mila continued eating her out relentlessly. To keep her legs wrapped around Mila’s neck, Natalie reached down and grabbed the ankle of the legs that held Mila’s head in and pulled it closer keeping the hold tight. Mila keeps up the pace despite being nearly unconscious.

Less than a minute later, Mila’s body gives out as she finally slips into unconsciousness. Her body is now limp. Natalie keeps the hold a few more seconds before unwinding her legs from around Natalie’s neck.

She grabs Mila’s hair and pulls her head away and says in a soft moan, “Mila?”

After seeing Mila unconscious, Natalie smiles and releases her head, but not before it flops right back into her pussy. This was the trigger, in a moment of weakness, to cause Natalie to orgasm. Natalie’s body shivers as her body releases her pent up juices.

Natalie looks nervously down at Mila, but sighs in relief after a few seeing that there is no reaction from Mila. She slides out from under Mila letting her face flop into her juices. Natalie quickly gets some towels to wipe up the juices before Mila comes around and realizes that she won. Fortunately for her, by the time she finished, Mila was still unconscious.

She then moved Mila more towards the center of the mat. She then goes over to her own duffle bag, pulls out a 12” strap-on dildo and puts it on. She stands behind Mila and kicks her legs open a bit just as she starts to come around.

“My head!” Mila groans softly as she grabs her head. Mila opens her eyes to look for Natalie, “Natalie, where are you?”

“I’m right here Mila.” responds Natalie confidently as she kneels behind her.

“Oh Fuck!” says a surprised Mila as she sees Natalie kneeling behind her wearing the dildo. She quickly gets to her hands and knees and tries to get away. Natalie sends a punch right into Mila’s lower back sending her flopping to her stomach.

“Not so fast Mila.” Taunts Natalie as she then grabs Mila’s hips and lifts them up and back toward her. Mila tries to struggle, but is overpowered by Natalie.

“Please tell me somet…” says Mila but gets interrupted by Natalie jamming the dildo into her ass.

As Natalie did this, Mila could only jut her head up with bulging eyes and cry out, “HELLO!!” Natalie did this without so much as any teasing. She just reams it right into Mila’s ass.

“What did you want me to tell you Mila?” asks Natalie as she reams Mila’s ass.

Mila moans as she is getting reamed and says through her moans, “I wanted to know if I made you cum before I went out earlier.”

“Nope, you didn’t make me cum Mila. There’d be evidence of that wouldn’t there?” replies Natalie trying to hide her nervousness.

“You’re not lying to me are you Natalie?” says Mila as she looks over her shoulder while moaning.

“Mila?!? Why would I lie to one of my best friends?” says Natalie putting on her best-shocked voice.

“I guess you’re right Natalie.” Replies a slightly dejected Mila as she looks forward again. She continues to moan as Natalie reams her. Natalie sighs in relief glad to see that Mila believed her.

With each passing second, Natalie increases the speed of the reaming until a couple minutes later Mila finally climaxes. Natalie slows her motions down over the following few seconds before finally stopping and taking out the dildo from Mila’s ass. Both took a few seconds to catch their breath before Natalie stands up and starts to take the dildo off.

“Natalie, wait!” Mila calls out as she gets to her knees before Natalie. Natalie pauses and looks at Mila. “I’m sorry for being bitchy to you earlier today, I was just being defensive about Ben.” Mila sighs before continuing: “I appreciate that you came to me about it. I don’t like losing though even though I lost the match…and Ben to you. I’d rather lose to you than anyone else.” Said Mila as she finished a little dejectedly.

“Thanks Mila…”says a slightly confused Natalie “…I think. Apology accepted. I honestly wouldn’t have minded losing the match or Ben to you either. That is if you did win.”

Mila shoots Natalie a slightly bitch look before cracking a smiles, “Whatever! Besides, I want to clean off the dildo.”

“Go ahead!” smiles Natalie as lays her hand on the back of Mila’s head and guides it to the dildo. It didn’t take long for her to clean off the dildo.

After Mila cleans off the dildo, she stands up and faces Natalie, “So, starting tomorrow, I want you to start giving Ben a cold shoulder if he starts flirting with you. Got it?”

“Yeah, I got it.” Says Mila softly as she looks down. Natalie takes off the dildo and puts it away in her bag.

Over the next few days, the two went to work as normal not letting on what happened between the two of them. As Ben flirted with the both Natalie and Mila as he normally did, Mila did as instructed by Natalie and began giving him the cold shoulder. This only made pushed him towards Natalie.

It was tough for Mila to do this to Ben and watch him grow closer to Natalie. She was comforted though by the fact that she had an upcoming movie Friends with Benefits with Justin Timberlake.

“I’m not quite sure what to say to that story. Congratulations on your victory, I guess.” said a confused and slightly shocked Carrie.

“All I have to say is…wow. I just didn’t know you had that killer instinct in you.” said Keira with a mix of adoration and confusion.

“Well, I kind of surprised myself that I did all that. It’s not necessarily my proudest moment to fight a friend like Mila over a guy, but it’s something I wanted to get off my chest.” said Natalie.

“Well…if you really liked him like you say you did, you did what you had to do.” said Carrie trying to reassure her.

“I know Carrie. I vouched for her to get her role in the movie and have this happen, it kind of makes me feel bad. I don’t like having to do what I did to my friends. I hope I don’t have to do that again.” said Natalie.

“I’m sure you won’t have to Natalie. Besides, you wouldn’t be able to beat me in a fight... your highness.” said Keira as she leaned over to Natalie and pats her on the thigh. Both Natalie and Keira smirk at each other knowing that Keira was referring to their time together on Star Wars. The pilot soon announced they were getting ready to land in Houston.

“You ready to face Kelly?” asked Natalie.

“I’m ready.” Smiled Keira as she leaned back and crossed her legs.


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