No sooner than Kelly hung up the phone while talking to Rihanna about her trip to India for Katy Perry’s bachelorette party did she start worrying. She sighs a bit and mutters to herself, “Some group leader I am. My own team telling me things is just an after thought…the consolation is that she at least told me about it. That has to count for something. Rihanna probably thinks that my instructions are more an imposition than anything. I need to become a better leader.”

Kelly ClarksonShe takes a look around her place trying to remember if she forgot to take something before heading out the door and into her Benz convertible to head over to meet up with Shakira in her hotel while she’s in town for a couple days. Shakira had left her a voice-mail the night before to meet up with her. She had mentioned that G-Man wanted to meet with them about some new and important information that he had received about Gen Prime.

She finally makes it to the hotel and makes her way up to Shakira’s room. “Hey Kelly!” Smiled Shakira as she invited her into the room and then gave her a hug and a kiss. She notices Kelly looks a little worried. “You ok? You look worried.” Said Shakira as they walked in and sat down.

“It’s Rihanna.” Kelly sighed. “I spoke with her before I came over and she just reminded me that the bachelorette party she was going to for Katy Perry. I told that while she’s over there to see if she could find any new members or anyone willing to help the group. I just feel that I’m not being a good leader.”

Shakira smile and placed her hand on Kelly’s thigh. “Stuff like that shouldn’t worry you. You should be happy that she told you. It shows that she at least has enough respect for you to tell you that. She did ask to join Gen Next after you took over, which means she sees that both the group and her can help each other out. Am I right?”

“I guess you’re right.” Replied Kelly with a small grin.

“What’s this ‘I guess you’re right?’ stuff. I am right.” Shakira says firmly as she points at Kelly. “The group is 1-1 under your leadership and while that’s nothing stellar, I can tell by watching them during the practices and the matches that they believe in themselves and they believe in you as their leader. I believe in you too. You should take comfort in all that. After G-Man arrives and tells us whatever information he’s going to tell us, it will be a perfect time for you to hone your leadership skills with the group.”

“Of course you’re right Shakira. I don’t know what I’d do without you.” Replied a more confident Kelly.

A few seconds later, there was a knock at the door. Shakira got up to get the door and smiled as she opened it. “Hey G-Man. It’s nice to see you again. Come on in. I hope you don’t mind that Kelly’s here. I asked her to come over as I thought she could use the info too.” Said Shakira with a smile as she waved G-Man in and hugs him as he enters.

“It’s nice to see you too Shakira.” Says G-Man as he walks in and hugs Shakira. “That’s fine with me that Kelly’s here. It’s probably good that she’s here too!” Continues G-Man as he walks in and sits down across from both Kelly and Shakira. G-Man and Kelly greet each other.

“So, what’s this info you have for us?” asked Kelly.

“Well, I’ve heard through several of my contacts that I came across while in Vegas that Christina Aguilera is in Cabo and will be for the next couple days. She’s not there with the Gen Prime crew, but with Sam Ronson and Nicole Ritchie. There’s apparently some friend of theirs that is getting married.”, said G-Man.

“That’s good news. If this intel turns out to be true and I’m sure it is, you will have provided us with a key piece of info.” Said Kelly.

“There’s more information too. Christina was over heard talking to Janet Jackson about some recent events with the ABA. There apparently was some issue between the two groups that happened and neither of them is happy about it. I asked the contact about it, but he wasn’t able to find out what it was.”, continued G-Man.

“Really? I hope it’s juicy news. We could use that info to get other ABA haters to help us out. I’ll call Carrie and Keira and tell them the news you gave us G-Man. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind some fun time in Cabo.”, smiled Kelly at G-Man with a bit of a glint in her eye.

“I’d like Natalie to go with your girls. She could use the added fighting experience.”, said Shakira as she chimed in.

“That’s fine with me. I like the idea of our two groups working together. Since Natalie is joining my girls on this operation, I’ll have Keira take the lead.”, said Kelly.

“Sure, let’s make the phone calls.”, said Shakira as she smiled at Kelly sensing her growing confidence. Kelly called up Keira first. After quickly explaining the situation to Keira, she gladly accepted the job. Kelly informed her that Carrie and Natalie Portman would join her and that she’d be in charge of the group while in Cabo.

“I could use a bit of vacation and action in Cabo. I’m always up to kicking ass and taking names. You must trust me too if you want me to lead this job.”, said Keira as she was about finished with her conversation with Kelly.

“Of course I trust you Keira. This operation is a good way to build teamwork and of course know each other better. I know you can run this operation the way it should.” finished Kelly.

“Thanks for the support.”, replied Keira.

ShakiraShakira called up Carrie next. She recently finished up an appearance at the VMAs. Kelly went through the same kind of conversation with Carrie that she went through with Keira. Carrie quickly took the assignment. Kelly was pleased to hear that and informed her that Keira and Natalie will be going as well and that Keira will be running the operation. Carrie was fine with both. She told Carrie that she would lead another operation should it arise to allay any fears of resentment. Carrie was hoping that she could use the time in Cabo to get to know Keira and Natalie better as well.

Natalie was fairly easily convinced to go on the operation in Cabo as she was looking to do something while her movie ‘Black Swan’ was on break between shooting scenes.

After all the calls were made to the girls and got them to agree to the mission, Shakira turns to G-Man, “I’ve been meaning to talk to you a bit about some arrangements that I’d like to make.”

“Ok…what sort of arrangements?” asked G-man wondering what she had in mind.

“As you can see here, even though I’m not a part of Gen Next anymore, I’m still helping out. Also, with the busy schedules of all the girls, we haven’t necessarily haven’t been able to vouch enough to get the matches that we’ve wanted. I remember that you said a while ago that you’d do anything for us. So, what I want is you to vouch for our cases and use what influence with the league board for more suitable matches.” Said Shakira.

“I’d be happy to help you girls out. I will do whatever I can to help. Will I be working with each girl directly on the matches or with the two of you?”, replied a smiling G-Man.

“Well… that’s a good question. You should go over possible matches with either Kelly or myself. There’s also been flyers and e-mails circulating about a possible tag-team division being created by the league. If you could get a match between Kelly and me against the Simpson sisters or Britney and Brandy if you could…I hate those girls.” continued Shakira.

“We are so going to own those girls in the match… that is if G-Man can get the matches” chimed in Kelly.

Shakira smiled at Kelly’s response and said, “That we are.”

“I’ll get on it Shakira.” Replied G-Man. G-Man hesitated for a second sensing a little more than just talk before continuing, “Is there… uuumm… something going on here?…as in you two…um.. you know…” stammered G-Man gesturing between Shakira and Kelly.

Shakira and Kelly blushed and chuckled a bit as they looked at each other before Shakira turned to G-Man and said, “Well, Kelly and I are… um…” and then whispers, “…lovers. The romance has been kind of growing between the two of us over time until we decided to plunge right into it.”

“Aahhh… I see. I’m excited for you girls. I can’t say that I’m totally surprised at that fact that you two are lovers. You two have been pretty close since the two of you met in the league.” smiled G-Man as he tried to hide his excitement at the lesbian relationship between the two.

“I’d say you’re excited. You should have seen you’re reaction to it when Shakira admitted it. I’d bet you’d like a part of that action.” said Kelly who tried to hide a chuckle.

“W… Well… I… I” G-man started to stammer.

Shakira chuckled as she place her hand on his shoulder, “You can be cute sometimes G-Man. I’ll let you in on some of the action. You should know that I’m in charge though. You don’t mind do you?” finished Shakira with a soft smile.

“Of course I don’t mind. I guess that I’ve been fine with either you or Kelly being in charge. You do remember that I did jump at the thought of kissing your ass a while ago.” blushed G-Man.

Shakira chuckled a bit, “I do remember that. I barely got half the words out when you jumped at the thought. So many of my fans would be jealous that you kissed my ass. You wouldn’t mind kissing it again for old times sake? and Kelly’s too?”

G-Man smirks a bit, “Sure thing.” He then goes to one knee as Shakira turns around. G-Man puckers up and places a kiss on each cheek. As G-Man is kissing Shakira’s voluptuous ass cheeks, Kelly walks over next to Shakira and turns her ass towards him. After he kisses Shakira’s ass cheeks, he turns to see Kelly standing there and promptly kisses hers. The two of them have big smiles on their faces as they look at each other seeing how easy it was to get him to do this. After he finished kissing their asses, he looks up and says the two stars after a couple seconds, “I should go and make arrangements for the girls’ trip to Cabo.”

“Go.” Shakira says waving him off. G-Man gets up, gathers his belongings and heads out to make the arrangements for the trip.

“I think he’s a tiiiiiiny bit in-love with us after what just happened.” Smiles Kelly after G-Man leaves. “I think so. Can you blame him though with the likes of us?” Shakira nods in agreement and asks rhetorically.
After G-Man made the flight and hotel arrangements for the three girls to head down to Cabo, he met up with the three of them at the hotel that Shakira was staying at. Kelly and Shakira were there as well. He gave them the details of where to find Christina and her friends. Before they left, Kelly wished them good luck and told them to be careful. On the flight down to Cabo - Keira, Carrie and Natalie talked about what they’ve each been up to. Natalie told them about how hard her ballet training was for the movie ‘Black Swan’, but she learned some moves that could help with the fighting, especially when it comes to flexibility. She offered to show Keira and Carrie if they’d like. They each accepted and got a few pointers and quick training from Natalie.

After the training and more talking, they landed in Cabo. They went to the hotel and checked-in. Since it was early afternoon, they decided to get into their bikinis and head out. The intelligence that G-Man gave them was that Christina, Sam and Nicole were at the next hotel over from them and were often seen at the outdoor pool. As they headed to the hotel next door, which wasn’t that far from their own hotel, they spot the trio by the pool.

“Ok ladies, we need to be careful with them. Don’t expose yourselves too much or get separated from the group. Got it ladies?” instructed Keira as they made their approach. Keira headed toward Christina who was lying face up on a lounge chair. Natalie headed toward Sam who was getting a drink and Carrie headed to Nicole who was sitting at the edge of the pool with her feet dangling in the pool. Keira stands at the foot of the chair that Christina was on.

Without opening her eyes, Christina barks out, “Could you move? You’re blocking the sun.”

“Kelly Clarkson sent me here. She sends her regards… along with some ass-kicking.” snarled Keira.

A surprised Christina opens her eyes to see Keira and mutters, “Shit!” under her breath. She takes the drink that is on the table next to her and splashes it on Keira’s face to buy her an extra couple seconds, as Keira was about to land a punch. Keira stands upright and takes a step back from the sudden attack. Christina quickly stands up and lands a few jabs on Keira’s chest. She sends a kick to Keira’s ribs causing her to grunt and hunch over a bit.

Christina presses her early advantage as she spins around bringing her leg up for a kick. Unfortunately for her, Keira ducks underneath. As Christina’s kick swings overhead, Keira sends a punch deep into Christina’s exposed stomach followed by a second one causing her to grunt, double over and stagger back a couple steps. Keira follows that up with a knee to her head making her snap upright. She continues the attack with series of punches to her chest and stomach before ending with an uppercut to Christina’s jaw sending her back-peddling fast, arms flailing and eventually to her ass and back.

Nicole RitchieCarrie UnderwoodAs these events quickly unfolded, Nicole yelled out, “Sam – quick… Chris needs help!”

As Nicole was getting up, she was introduced to Carrie’s outstretched foot, which slammed into her chest as she was getting out of the pool. This dropped her to her back on the concrete. She was surprised by the kick and couldn’t react in time. She looked up to see a smiling Carrie who was bringing her foot up for some stomping, but as she brought it down, it hit nothing but concrete as Nicole quickly rolled out of the way. Carrie grunted in pain from missing the stomping. This gave Nicole the time she needed to get to her feet.

Nicole initiated the attack with several punches that Carrie was able to block or throw aside. She waited for an opening for a counter attack, which didn’t take long. When Nicole sent a punch high towards her head, Carrie quickly grabbed it and sent several quick kicks to Nicole’s stomach and a high knee to her chest. The kicks caused Nicole to grunt, double over and drop to her knees. Carrie released Nicole’s hand and quickly grabbing her head. She continued up with several hard knees to her head, then stepping back and connecting with a kick to her head snapping Nicole’s head back and splaying her out on her back almost unconscious.

Seeing that Nichole is almost out, Carrie decides to finish her off. She straddles Nicole’s stomach, pulls up on Nicole’s top forcing her wobbly head to come up with her chest. “You look tired Nicole. I think it’s time for some siesta.” Smiled Carrie as she connects with a hard punch followed by a back had to her chin knocking her out. She drops her chest and stands up to see how her teammates are doing.

Sam hears Nicole’s call for help and turns around only to see Natalie in her way. Sam’s eyes widen seeing her, but she quickly splashes the piña colada she has into Natalie’s face. Natalie closes her eyes and tries to wipe away the piña colada from her face. This gives Sam the chance to attack by sending several punches to Natalie’s chest and then moving in for a knee to her stomach. The attack took Natalie by surprise as she is forced to stagger back from the punches and then double over from the knee to her stomach.

As Sam puts Natalie into a headlock, she taunts her a bit, “You can take a few tips from a DJ like me Natalie. We have to think fast in the clubs with those drunks.” As she says this, Sam knees Natalie a couple times in the chest causing her to grunt in pain. Sam’s eyes then widen as she sees Natalie bringing the sole of her foot up straight towards her face. Natalie connects not just once, but twice with the kick. This forces Sam to release the headlock, stagger back and grunt as her back hits the bar.

Samantha RonNatalie grimaces in pain as she straightens up. She doesn’t waste time as she quickly uses Sam’s body as a punching bag before Sam could get a punch off. Sam’s body jolts from the punches. In a bit of desperation herself now, Sam throws a haymaker at Natalie that connects causing Natalie to spin around and stagger back. Wanting to take advantage of being free of Natalie, she charges at her to throw another punch. Natalie has the wherewithal to sidestep Sam as she charges and extend her leg that connects squarely with her stomach. This caused Sam to grunt, leap off her feet for a moment and then land on her feet for a second, only to quickly drop to her knees. Natalie then stands in front of the pained Sam.

“You see, we actresses have to fight too so we can fend off creeps and stalkers.” smirked Natalie just before she spins around, extending her leg and connecting with Sam’s jaw. This causes her Sam’s head to snap as her body spins around and falls to the concrete unconscious. Natalie checks that she is indeed unconscious before checking to see that Carrie has already beaten Nicole and that Christina is getting back to her feet after Keira uppercut her.

Keira presses her advantage against Christina as she tries to come up and knee her in the face. Christina is somehow able to block the knee. She quickly counters with a punch to Keira’s gut followed by an uppercut to Keira’s pussy. The first punch causes air to puff out of Keira then the uppercut causes Keira to shriek in pain and fall to her knees holding her womanhood. Christina smirks at Keira’s pained state as she sends a series of hooks snapping Keira’s head from side to side. Christina follows up the hooks with an uppercut to Keira’s chin sending her to her back and badly dazed.

Christina gets to her feet and looks for her friends and her eyes widen seeing them out cold on the concrete. She knows she has to make quick work of Keira if she is to survive. She starts to stomp on Keira’s prone body, sending the occasional kick to her head. She is surprised when Keira somehow grabs one of her feet. Keira yanks hard sending Christina’s hands up in the air as she falls to her back in a thud.

They each take a moment to recover from their wounds. The two then slowly get to knees and then their feet. Neither of these two was going down without a fight. They each started to slug it out and throw in the occasional kick to the other’s side. They each grunted and gritted their teeth fighting through all the pain.

Suddenly, Christina whiffs on one of her punches. Keira instinctively grabs Christina’s arm and twirls her so that Christina’s back is towards her and quickly applies a sleeper-hold. Christina’s first reaction was to claw at Keira’s arms, but that quickly turned to be futile. She remembered some of Janet’s training and stomped on Keira’s foot and an elbow to her stomach before the hold started to really take affect. This caused Keira to cry out in pain and loosen the hold. This gave Christina the chance to reach her hands up and grab Keira’s head. Christina quickly dropped to one knee and used the momentum to sling Keira over her shoulder and onto the ground. As she did this though, she momentarily lost her balance as she flipped Keira over.

Taking this opportunity and fighting through her own pain, Keira swings her knees up into Christina’s head snapping her head up. Keira then swings around and sweeps Christina’s legs from under her once again landing on the concrete in a thud. Keira quickly scurries up to Christina’s head and applies a figure-four scissor hold on her before she could do anything. Christina kicks her legs out and claws at Keira’s thighs hoping to be free of her hold, but the hold is too tight for her.

“It’s no use fighting Christina. I’ve got you beat.” taunted Keira as she flexed her thighs. “Besides, we both know how much you love pussy. I know you’ll be dreaming of mine tonight.”

“Fuck you bitch.” Muttered Christina through her groans of pain, her strength and resistance were waning. Christina looked at Keira with waning intensity and hatred as she applied the hold on her. Within a minute, Christina’s eyes started to flutter as she was losing consciousness and her legs were kicking with less vigor. Her hands were now resting on Keira’s thighs as the scissor hold was taking its affect. After another minute of the hold, Christina’s resistance stopped as her arms and legs flopped to the ground and she slipped into unconsciousness. Keira kept the hold on for a few more seconds before releasing it and standing up. She places her foot between Christina’s breasts and poses.

“Nice finisher Keira.” smiled Natalie as she approached Keira.

“Thanks! Now that we’ve had our fight for the day, let’s clean the mess up and get to some real fun.” smiled Keira.

After the girls put Christina, Sam and Nicole on lounge chairs, they bought rounds of drinks for themselves and the onlookers who were all too pleased to have watched the fight and hang out with the victors. After a few rounds of drinks and chatting with their fans, the girls head back to their hotel for drinks in their own room shortly before their opponents could start coming around.

Keira calls up Kelly after they start drinking. “Hey Kelly! It’s Keira! I’ve got some good news!” said Keira as Kelly answered the phone.

“That’s awesome. I’m assuming the girls were where G-Man said they’d be?” asked Kelly.

“They sure were. We laid a serious beating on them too. G-Man has a good network. We should thank them while we’re down here.” Said Keira.

“That’s a smart move as we would want them to keep feeding us info. Stay focused while you’re having fun.” Replied Kelly as she hung up.

“Will do.” Said Keira as she hung up her end.

It didn’t take long after their victor’s departure for Christina and her friends to start coming around. They felt the soreness from the fight and had a slight headache… especially Christina who took the worst of the beating. She checked on her friends to see how they were doing. She heard some snickering from the fellow pool-goers who hung around after the fight. She snarled at them, but knew better than to make bad matters worse and thus held her tongue.

“Come on girls…lets go back to the hotel before more trouble arrives.” Said Christina to Sam and Nicole. The two girls quickly followed her, as they didn’t want to stay at the scene of their defeat.

They barely said anything on their way to the suite as the tension hung over them of what should have been a weekend of festivities that had turned sour. They tried relaxing as they watched TV and listening to music, but that didn’t help as their fights raced through their minds over and over again. Christina suggested a hot shower to help release their tensions. They took turns showering, with Christina being the last one to do so. She took the longest as she just stood there letting the water hit her. She was not only thinking about the fight today, but also reevaluating recent events in her life, career and especially what is happening in the league with Gen Prime.

After finishing up her shower, she steps out and starts to dry herself starting from head and working her way down. After she finishes up with her legs and feet she stands up and her eyes suddenly widen. In the mirror she sees a smiling Kelly and Keira. She quickly drops the towel, spinning around and brings her fists up for a fight. Instead of seeing the duo standing there, she sees nothing but empty space. Her eyes dart from side to side as she breaths heavily.

“I need to relax.” Sighed Christina as she brought her fists down. She finished drying off and getting dressed in her bra, panties and a robe. “I’m gonna head to bed a bit early tonight girls.”

“I’m right behind you Chris. I could use some rest too.” replied Sam.

Over these past few days and weeks, Chris and Sam have become close friends and shared the bed on more than one occasion. As the other two went off to their bed, Nicole went off to her own bedroom in the suite.

After some cuddling with Sam, Christina dozed off. She started to replay the fight again in the dream and started to toss and turn. She started to mutter in her sleep: “Keira… stop… let go… no… fucking bitch… no… pussy… Keira’s pussy… yes… want pussy.”

Christina AguileraIt was at this point that Christina suddenly awoke in a cold sweat. She sat up at the edge of her bed with her head in her hands: “That bitch was right. I dreamt about her pussy.” She takes a few deep breaths before looking over at Sam who was still asleep. Christina quietly got up, got dressed and put a jacket with hoodie on. She wrote a note to Sam telling her she was heading out for a walk to get some fresh air and headed out. She took one last look at Sam before she left.

Christina walk around the streets near the hotel in no particular direction. People were still out as it wasn’t too long after 1 in the morning. She had a number of things going through her head of what to do next. She debated if she should go see Keira and talk to her even just to clear her own mind. She didn’t want another fight, but she had to do something to reverse her own string of losses as well as Gen Prime’s in the league and couldn’t get past the recent betrayal by the ABA. She wanted to do right by Janet and Mya.

She eventually made up her mind and decided to go see Keira and make some sort of truce. She found where Keira was staying and headed up to her room and knocked on the door. Christina looked nervously from side to side to see if anyone was in the corridor. A moment later, Keira opened the door, stuck her head out and asked pointedly, “What are you doing here Christina?”

“I’m here to talk. Can I come in?” asked Christina quietly.

“Yeah, come in.” Smirk Keira as she opened the door and let her in. Keira and the other girls were in bra and panties. The three of them were in a bit of a shock seeing Christina there all alone, not knowing what to make of this. Keira and Christina sat on a couch and turned to face each other.

“Can I get a drink… please?” asked Christina nervously as she looked at the other girls. Natalie nodded as she went and got her some Scotch.

“You’re here to talk? So talk.” said Keira as she gazed at Christina intently as she crossed her legs.

“I’m here to make a truce between you girls and your group Gen Next and my group Gen Prime. Recent events for me and my group, including today’s fight, have forced me to rethink the groups standing in the league and who are friends are.” said Christina.

“What recent events?” asked Keira.

Christina takes a long sip of the drink and sighs before responding to the question. “We have an alliance with the ABA that recently blew up in our face. Janet, Mya and I… but mostly Janet were training Denise Richards with the understanding that she was going to be a new member of our group. The ABA steps in and just pilfers her from under our very noses. Obviously, this didn’t sit well with us at all and we had a screaming match and fight with them. That event left a bitter taste in our mouths. If they could do this to us with Denise Richards, what else are they capable of?”

“That does suck, but that’s part of life and being in this league. If you don’t like their dealings, why not just break off the alliance and take them on yourselves? I’m no fan of the ABA myself, but I don’t see why you should come to us for help? Much less broker a truce with us? Why not go to the Fab Four or The Resistance?” replied Keira.

“We can’t do it ourselves. They kicked our butts when we had that fight I spoke of. You see, I think this truce that I want with you guys is the best fit for us. I want to see the ABA tumble as the league’s top dogs. The Fab Four is a bunch of goody-two-shoes girls and I won’t ally with a group that has that has that half-wit blonde twit Jessica Simpson as their member, especially after we kicked her out of the group. Besides, I have an offer for your group as part of the truce.” continued Christina.

“What offer would that be?” asked a curious Keira.

“If you girls and your group leader accept the truce, and of course my own group leader Janet, we can help train you girls. You girls are good fighters, but you could use some extra training. Janet is the best trainer around, no offense to Kelly or Shakira who I know has been training you girls. For this to truly work, Janet, Mya and myself have to pretend that we’re still allies with the ABA, at least publicly and while in front of them. This way we can defeat them from both the inside and outside.” Said Christina nervously as she looked at the girls, especially Keira.

“That’s an interesting proposal. How do I know you’re not here trying to undermine us? That you’re not a plant from Janet or the ABA to lure us into an alliance only to take us out? Perhaps I should call Demi now to tell what you’re proposing.” said Keira as she reached for her phone. She was actually bluffing Christina to see how she responds.

Christina’s eyes bug out as she grabbed one of Keira’s arms, “NNOOOO… Please don’t. If she finds out what I’m doing, not only am I behind the eight ball, but so would be Gen Prime and any chance of taking down the ABA is going to become a whole lot harder. I wouldn’t be here trying to get this truce if recent things hadn’t turned out the way they did.” begged Christina with a pleading, quivering voice. Keira was taken a bit aback by Christina’s plea as she turned back to Christina. “Alright, let’s assume I believe you that you want this truce. Let’s also assume that we can also somehow bring down the ABA somehow. What’s in it for us?” asked Keira.

“After we take them down, our two groups will be the top groups in the league. Our truce would then be dissolved, as it would have served its purpose. Our groups can then fight it out, either in the ring or elsewhere, to see who gets to be on top.” said Christina a little more calmly.

“We would have to run this by Kelly, but I think it’s something we can work out. I think thought that a handshake between us would do our ‘understanding’ an injustice.” smiled Keira.

“I’m glad to hear we can get an agreement tonight. What did you have in mind to seal our agreement tonight?” asked a curious Christina. Keira then smirked at Carrie and Natalie who could kind of tell what was going through her mind.

“You see, I’ve noticed you checking me out while we were talking, especially my pussy. It’s widely known that you’ve been carpet munching for sometime now. I think the way to seal our agreement tonight is for you to get on your knees and eat me. Or, I could take you to the bedroom and ream you with my dildo.” said Keira.

Christina gulped as she heard this. She was actually intrigued by this proposal, mostly by the balls that Keira showed just for proposing it. It was the dream she had about Keira’s pussy that somewhat influenced her to come by and propose the deal. She was wondering how far she was going to go through with the special ‘handshake’, “Keira, please don’t make me do this. I do love pussy, but this is no way to start out our arrangements. We should just…” Christina stopped talking and looked down at Keira legs as Keira uncrossed her legs, planted her feet on the ground opened her legs. She wanted to look away and continue talking, but she couldn’t pull herself to do that. Looking at them brought back the memories of being knocked out between them earlier.

“Something wrong Christina?” asked Keira pretending she didn’t know what was happening.

“No… no. N…Nothing’s wrong.” Stammered Christina as Keira opened her legs a bit more. Christina smiled weakly as she brought her eyes back up. Keira’s smile grew as she looked at her.

“I think there is something wrong. I think that you haven’t been able to stop thinking about my pussy since our fight earlier. I bet you even dreamt about it a bit. I even bet you want to lick it as our special handshake. Am I right?” Keira said staring at Christina. Christina opened her mouth to talk, but was speechless. After a few seconds, Keira chuckled, “Oh god, I am right. You are such a freak.”

“Please promise that the three of you won’t tell anyone.” pleaded Christina.

“We promise. It’ll be our secret.” smirked Keira. The other girls nodded in agreement. “Now, what will our special handshake be, even though I pretty much know what it is?” continued Keira.

“I’ll do the carpet munching. This is just to seal our deal, don’t get any ideas.” Replied Christina as she stood up and then knelt between Keira’s legs. None of the girls were sure who would enjoy this more, Keira or Christina. Christina helped slide Keira’s panties off, then dove in and started working her pussy. Keira quickly started moaning as Christina worked her pussy like the expert. Keira not only was enjoying the pussy worship, but the fact that she was able to get one of the biggest stars in the world to do it. Carrie and Natalie were enjoying the show and the chance to see Christina on her knees. Keira brought her hand down to Christina’s head to keep it in position. Keira moaned faster and harder with each passing second as Christina worked her pussy until a couple minutes later when she finally climaxed.

Christina lapped up the juices that burst out from Keira’s pussy. Keira soon took her hand away from Christina’s head and smiled at her as Christina stood up. Christina then looked at Carrie and Natalie, “Now that I’m in the mood, do either of you want your carpets munched on?” They each declined. “Very well then, we’ll be in touch with each other soon I’m sure. I do have to get back to my room before my girls get suspicious.” Christina nodded to each of the girls as she walked out the door and back to her place.

“You think she was serious about the truce?” asked Keira.

“I’m not sure. She did seem somewhat sincere. She could also have come by just to lick your pussy too knowing her past.” said Natalie.

“We’ll have to wait and see what comes next. We should take this one step at a time. Let’s talk to Kelly about this and see what she decides.” said Carrie.

“I think we should too. This is a dangerous road that Christina wants to take us all down.” said Keira.

“Christina, you’re back!” Sam called out to Christina, almost yelling at her, as Christina walked back into her own room. Sam walked up to her and hugged her. “I started worrying about you when I didn’t see you after I got up. Then I read your note. Everything ok?” continued as she looked at Christina with worried eyes.

Christina smiled back, “Everything’s fine Sam. I just needed some fresh air that’s all.” Christina then gave Sam a peck on the lips.

“I’m glad to hear that! Don’t worry me like that again.” chided Sam.

“I promise I won’t.” smiled Christina.