ThE RoCk tHe BoAt CrUiSe! 3



Girls just want to have fun! That goes double for old friends, turned enemies, turned back to friends, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. Both have already made a ton of money on the third edition of Stone Rage's ThE RoCk tHe BoAt CrUiSe! 3 Taylor got her check for performing a concert. She also had a collaboration with Carrie Underwood and the legendary Shania Twain that was an amazing experience. Katy got three times more money for unsuccessfully trying to defend her Bootylicious title against Sofia Vergara. She got defeated and a lot of disappointment from her visit. Katy is in need of a pick me up.

Now the two are on the cruise ship, and day drinking in Katy's cabin. It was too hot on the ship's deck to think about the pool today. The original plan was noon Bahama Mama's at the pool, but the heat changed their minds. Suddenly the air conditioned cabin with Katy's private stash of beverages became a much more attractive idea. Hot babes in swimsuits drinking liquor! Taylor is her bikini drinking on Vodka and Diet Coke. Katy preferred a Bud Lite with a lime, and an occasional shot.

Katy and Taylor share an unique friendship. Both are kindred spirits. Both are sweet, friendly, innocent and kind women. However both are insecure, envious and jealous women too. So their friendship and conversations have a tendency to swing from kind, sweet Mary Poppin's talk, to some of the harshest words people can say to each other. Now we add alcohol and dealing with a cruise with other megastars (Once again... insecurities and envy) and add fans to this ticking time bomb and BOOM!

The former Bootylicious champion, Katy Perry, starts sharing her disappointment of losing her title a few days ago. Trying to be supportive and catty at the same time, Taylor offers Katy the 'positive side'. Taylor joked, but was dead serious at the same time. "Look on the bright side", Taylor advises. "Now that you're not the Bootylicious champion, you don't need that extra weight and big ass that you've been growing since winning the title."

Katy's smile vanishes, "Really bitch? Did you just tell me to my face that I have a fat ass?" Katy seriously asks.

"What? I thought that you gained the extra weight to sit on Sofia Vergara's face." Taylor innocently answers. "Do you need my trainer, before American Idol's next season starts?."

"No, you boney little hump and dump bitch!" snaps Katy. "My ass is just fine thank you! If it's getting bigger, it's because of Orlando's (Bloom) loving. He can't get enough of this ass. It's for him, not Sofia. I know how to keep my man."

Stung by the 'hump and dump' comment about her notoriously unsuccessful history with relationships, Taylor pouts for an instant. "The only humps I see in here, Sofia Vergara has already kicked." Taylor slides in under her breath. The 'new Taylor' is determined to always defend herself against anything now. Also perhaps she is a bit envious of Katy's relationship with Orlando Bloom too.

Katy looks at Taylor with narrow eyes. The pain of losing her Bootylicious title is extremely fresh. She is disappointed and angry about her defeat to Sofia Vergara and Taylor knows that. She knows her friend is trying to make her mad, and get back at her in the worst way. That plan did work, Katy is simmering. Katy has a wild idea. It definitely sounded like a good idea at the time. Katy walks over to Taylor. Then she turns her Bud Lite upside down and dumps the remaining beer in the bottle over Taylor's head. "Fuck you Tay! Why don't you kiss my ass."

Taylor is frozen in open mouth shock at first as the cold beer flows over her head and down her body. Katy steps back pretty happy with herself. Taylor springs to her feet and flings her Vodka and diet coke out of her rocks glass and into Katy's face in retaliation.

The two stand with tense bodies staring at each other intensely for a moment. Their standoff lasts only a moment before the vixens spring at each other simultaneously. Katy and Taylor both sink both hands into each other's hair. A full fledge extremely catty catfight breaks out between pop music's reigning sex kittens. They yank and jerk each other from side to side and to and fro by their hair.

Off balance and staggering around, Katy and Taylor fall on a long sectional sofa bent around the cabin's corner. Taylor lands on top of Katy, but the brunette quickly rectify that and flips Taylor over and gets on top of her. Meanwhile both are pulling hair and scratching. Their legs constantly battle, intertwining and kicking free as each vie for leverage on the soft couch. Just as Katy is about to pin Taylor down, swiftly, Taylor's long legs comes up and hooks Katy across the neck. Katy grabs Taylor's hair trying to hold on to her perch. Both girls are loudly squealing in a dick teasing frenzy. Katy holds on to Taylor's hair, and then her top, but Taylor's long leg cannot be denied and kicks Katy off top of her.

Katy lands in the floor but ever so briefly. By the time Taylor fought her way out of the soft couch, Katy has popped back to her feet too. Taylor tackles Katy immediately, both falls on the other half of the sofa. "Get off of me bitch!' Katy squeals. Despite the thrashing around Katy is in a normal seated position on the couch, with Taylor's body plastered against hers. However Taylor has her toes on the floor giving her leverage to pin Katy in place. Just to get under her friend's skin, Taylor pulls down Katy's bikini top, allowing Katy's big round tits to plop right out on queue. "You fucking slut! You fucking ripped my top!" Katy protests. Katy is able to dislodge Taylor off top of her and knock her back to the floor.

Katy drops to the floor as Taylor bounces back up to her knees. Both ladies start tussling and squealing again on their knees. They fall against the sofa, they fall to the floor and rise back to their knees and flop around still yelping and squealing like kittens. Every time Katy thinks she has out wrestled Taylor and gets her into a bad position, those long legs strike and keep Katy at bay. Taylor's long legs serve as an invincible barrier, kicking Katy away, and knocking her to the side.

Taylor's legs annoy Katy to the point that she grabs one and bites it. That gives Taylor's legs the opportunity to capture Katy in-between them through all the tussling and rolling around. It ends up where Katy's back is turned to Taylor. The Bad Blood singer reaches around and pinches both of Katy's nipples with both hands. It is like a bolt of electricity surges through Katy's ass. She screams and jerks around. Taylor tries to contain the live wired Katy with her legs, but Katy is a bucking bronco that could not be contained. She breaks free of Taylor's legs and pinches then springs to her feet.

Taylor pops off the sofa and stands too. Somehow her bikini top is dislodged too, so her perky boobs bounce tightly on her chest. Taylor goes for Katy's big jugs again, but Katy swats her hands away, and they start wrestling. Katy throws Taylor down on the sofa again. She tries her damnedest to pin her down, but Taylor's long limbs, both arms and legs were nearly impossible for her to capture. Katy felt like she was grappling plastic man. Taylor turns the tables on Katy before long. Katy throws Taylor off her repeatedly. Katy is totally frustrated and bites the first thing she can get her lips on which happens to be Taylor's shoulder. Taylor yelps and shrugs Katy off. She reaches around and delivers several hard smacking spanks to Katy's backside. Taylor finally pushes Katy over and gets on top. She seeks revenge by biting Katy's tit. Katy rolls Taylor over and both of them roll off the sofa to the floor.

True to the words that started this squabble, Katy is heavier and turns things to land on top of Taylor. Katy leans in and bites Taylor's round boob. Taylor squeals then wraps both hands around Katy's neck to force Katy off her breast and apply a choke at the same time. Katy swats Taylor's hands off her neck, once again using her size advantage over her pal. Katy throws her body on top of Taylor again. Katy's perfect breasts make a splat as they crash on Taylor's chest. Taylor goes "Ungh! You've definitely packed on a few pounds!"

Still the skinny scrappy singer finds a way to slither from under Katy again. Taylor plops her body on top of her friend and proceeds to rub her tits in Katy's face. Katy actually allows Taylor her little bit of fun. She was not too uncomfortable having Taylor's breasts in her face. In fact she kind of liked it. Katy is able to buck Taylor off top of her with relative ease. Taylor laughs, "I bet you loved that.", Taylor teases her friend.

Katy gives a loud annoyed huff in response, but yes she liked it. Immediately she rolls over and engages Taylor once again. There is more rolling around on the floor. They both added a lot of tit slapping to their repertoire. Katy and Taylor push and mush each other's faces, looking for domination over their friend.

Katy gets her legs in between her and Taylor and launches her away. Taylor reels back and falls for an unexpected seat on the sofa. Katy gets up quickly then fires a kick to Taylor's face. The skinny singer expels another loud "Ungh!" Her head snaps back and Taylor's eyes roll back in her head. Her body goes limp momentarily. Taylor is stunned, dazed and all but out. Her senses have left the boat for a few moments.

Katy smiles realizing that she has just won her scuffle with Taylor. It is time to finish this confrontation. Katy prances over to Taylor, and rolls her over onto her belly. Taylor is moaning and blinking and returning to her senses. Katy takes one of Taylor's arms and bends it into a hammer lock. Then Katy uses her other hand to start harshly spanking, Taylor's ass. Heavy hands rain down making Taylor's tight ass jiggle and wiggle. Taylor struggles and tries to escape. When she comes remotely close to getting away, Katy painfully forces Taylor's arm up her back higher in the hammer lock. Katy is able to control Taylor's movement from the all too valuable arm control in wrestling. This is nothing to the scathing slaps that the former Bootylicious champion is laying on Taylor's tight little ass. "You fucking bitch!" Taylor protests.

"Quiet! Just apologize for calling me fat, and we can end this." demands Katy. Taylor is totally defiant and upset that she is in this position. Taylor is every bit as competitive as Katy. However Katy has been trained by Rihanna and is definitely more skillful than Taylor. At this point Taylor decides whether to apologize or go around with a red butt for days.

"Alright stop being such a bitch! I'm sorry for calling you fat." Taylor apologizes.

Katy immediately lets Taylor go. "See was that so hard" Katy asks cordially. both women stare at each other intensely for a good while to see if this little spat is really over. Finally Katy asks, "Do you want to go get something to eat and some Bahama Mama's?" while turning her back to Taylor to display her trust in her. Katy also hides her smile. Winning this spat over Taylor does more to repair Katy's confidence after being humbled by Sofia Vergara than even Taylor could imagine.

"Are you sure?" Taylor asks "I don't want to offend you with a burger and fries."

Katy gives an awkward chuckle, "Shut up and get into the shower with me. I'm covered in drinks and your sweat." Katy says walking toward the shower.

"Are you sure there's enough room for both of us?" Taylor answers, taking another jab at Katy's weight.

"Of course". Katy retorts. "There is plenty of room for a skin and bones skeleton in the shower. I'll even hold your hand to keep the water from washing your skinny butt down the drain."

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