- Katy Perry VS Alesha Dixon -

Katy Perry has come to the UK for a few PR appearances.

She was a frequent visitor to these shores in the past, particularly during her relationship with Russell Brand, the comedian to whom she was briefly married, but she has stayed away more recently.

One of Katy’s scheduled appearances is with Alesha Dixon, the gorgeous singer, dancer and TV personality, who for many years was rather wild, but who has now settled down to family life, although she is dabbling in celebrity fighting.

After their TV appearance, the women are chatting over a drink, Alesha smiling, “Yeah! I guess you’re better off single, eh Katy?”

The American responds, “Well, I’m better off away from that Brand bastard!”

Alesha cackles, “For sure! He never could keep it in his trousers, huh? I first met him in a TV interview in 2006. We met up later in my hotel suite, and he fucked me senseless – just couldn’t get enough!” Katy glares, as Alesha continues, “And we kept bumping into each other over the years, and always ended up in bed! Yeah! He fucked me before, during and after your relationship! And he always gave me a good time!”

Katy continues glaring, “You fucking whore!”

She moves to slap Alesha, who grabs her hand, “Nah! I used to be a slut, but I was never a whore!” Katy still wants to hit the British beauty, but Alesha still stops her, and says, “If you want a fight, let’s fight properly in a wrestling match, yeah?”

Katy sneers, “Sure! I’m here a few more days, so get it organised! And get ready to admit what you are!”

So the fight is arranged, and the venue prepared, and the arena is packed for this fight, as the announcer starts up, “And now the main event of the evening – a celebrity fight between, from Santa Barbara, California in the USA, at 5 feet 8 inches tall, and weighing 130 pounds, it’s Katy Perry!” Katy enters the arena and walks to the ring, climbs in, and reveals herself in a red outfit, and she gets plenty of applause and cheering.

“Her opponent tonight in this grudge matchup, from Welwyn Garden City, England, at 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighing 128 pounds, it’s Alesha Dixon!” Now it’s Alesha’s turn to sashay down to the ring, and pose sexily inside, clad in black leather shorts and tight white top, and she really looks the business for this fight.

The bell rings, and away the girls go: The girls are soon into action, and it’s Alesha who starts brighter, kicking Katy in the belly to make her bend forward, and then getting her head under one of the American’s arms so that she throws Katy’s free arm over her own head and grabs her leg behind the knee, then suddenly she swings around turning the younger girl face-up and driving her back into the canvas hard, and she straddles Katy immediately, in an effort to pin her, but Katy’s too strong, and kicks out, both girls need to get to their feet.

Katy is up very quickly, and doesn't waste any time taking the fight to her opponent. So she immediately charges at Alesha, bumping her backwards with a forearm to her head. She picks Alesha up and bodyslams her to the mat, and the Brit groans loudly as Katy folds her up, pulling her legs over her head, but can’t quite lock them in as she bucks away, and she’s released from Katy’s intended matchbook pin.

Katy’s not too happy that Alesha kicked out of that hold. So she jumps to her feet and kicks the Brit in the face, then picks her up , and drops her, belly first, across her knee, before rolling her off to the canvas. Alesha rolls around on the mat moaning and holding her gut in pain as Katy walks around the ring.

As Alesha gets to her feet, Katy starts to hoist her up again, carries her over to the corner and hangs her upside down over the turnbuckle in the tree of woe. The referee begins warning Katy who holds her hands up and pretends she’s backing off, but as the referee starts to free Alesha, she pushes him away and begins kicking Alesha’s body in the chest and stomach. The referee threatens to disqualify Katy, and this time she does back away, and lets him unwrap Alesha’s legs.

Alesha rolls around on the mat holding her stomach in pain moaning some more, but Katy’s in a brutal mood, and she grabs the Brit by her hair and picks her up, then slams the Brit back - first over her knee, and holds her steady in an excruciating backbreaker, before rolling her off again, then parading around the ring, “This whore deserves a beating!” she shouts to Alesha’s fan..

Although Alesha may look used up at the moment, she is far from helpless, and with a sudden defiant call, she manages to hip toss an overconfident Katy to the canvas. Katy gets up quickly, but she stumbles backward several steps, although she dare not waste any time recovering. She charges at Alesha, flattening the Brit, then she plants a stomp to the back of the Brit's skull, which halts her attempts to get up off of the canvas.

Next, her face turns an angry mask, Katy grabs the front of Alesha’s lycra top, and drags her back up to her feet and over to the closest corner. There, she shoves the older girl's body backwards, then her arms are draped over the top ropes. Mounting the bottom ropes on either side of Alesha for leverage, Katy grabs Alesha’s black mane, filling her left fist with her lovely hair, and cocking her right fist into a ball.

The fight fans count along in harmony as the American thuds twelve consecutive punches into Alesha’s pretty face. Then releasing her hold on the Brit's mane, Katy jumps down from the ropes and watches in satisfaction as Alesha, slack-jawed and glassy-eyed, slowly sinks down in the corner, until she is sitting fornlorn on her butt.

Now Katy decides to have some fun, and she turns her back on Alesha, and appears at first to walk away from her. But instead, she steps backward, bending her knees enough so as to lower herself into position to cover Alesha's face with her ass, then she seductively grinds her hips, with her hands placed behind her head as an exotic dancer would. She treats the Brit to a humiliating bronco buster.

Sensing that Alesha’s growing weaker, Katy pulls the Brit up to her feet. The Brit's head starts slumping against Katy's shoulder, as the American wraps her arms around Alesha, crushing her body, and making her gasp loudly. However the American brings her bearhug to a less than merciful end, as she changes the hold into a shattering spinebuster, with the girls hitting the canvas with enough force to bounce Katy off her opponent. Alesha's spread-eagled body is twitching before falling still. Katy is just struts around, because now knows she can surely finish Alesha off.

With a handful of hair, Katy pulls the Brit to her knees before shoving Alesha's head between her legs, and clamping down on a standing headscissors. Then she wraps her arms around the Brit’s waist once more, only this time to hoist her rival into the air. With Alesha's throbbing body poised astride her shoulders, the big American allows herself to indulge in a bit of showboating. Pivoting on one heel, she spins around 180 degrees before giving her a cruel powerbomb, driving Alesha's body almost through the canvas, and allowing her own body to fold the Brit’s body over in a matchbook pin.

The referee counts, but suddenly, Katy becomes aware of the referee tapping her on the shoulder. Looking up, she sees the fingers of the Brit's right hand coiled in a death grip around the bottom rope, with her knuckles turning white. With a determined look on her face, Katy just jerks the broken Brit's body away from the ropes, and folds her over in a matchbook once again. The referee counts again, but somehow Alesha finds the resistance to kickout.

Katy has to let Alesha get up. Then, with an impressive display of strength, Katy again catches hold of Alesha, picks her up, and then slams her back onto the canvas with a crash. Next Katy stoops over the downed Brit, and then grabs her by the hair and drags her into the nearest corner.

Taking two handholds on Alesha’s lycra top, Katy viciously rips the garment from her rival's body. The crowd's jeers are turning to appreciative cheers as she flings the top to the fans. Then Katy pulls Alesha back to her feet by her now exposed boobs. The Brit is facing away from Katy, who cruelly digs her nails into that soft brown flesh. Katy delighted with Alesha’s shrieks as she pulls her further back into the corner. But as well as mauling Alesha’s tits, Katy climbs to a seated position on the top turnbuckle. She releases her claws, and wraps her arms around Alesha's head in a sleeperhold, then lifting the Brit into the air as she leans back.

Alesha's legs are frantically flailing in front of her. The Brit's feet are desperately in search of the ground. Her arms are reaching behind her to pry the tightening noose free. The referee warns Katy to release the Brit, and she obeys. So with that Alesha drops back to her feet, and somehow manages to stay on them, though she stumbles away from the corner drunkenly. But Katy doesn't let her get too far away. She announces, “Time to finish you off now, you whore!” and she pulls Alesha to her, then punches her in the face. Then boring a punch into the midriff, has Alesha bending over. Next Katy again grabs a hold of Alesha’s hair with both hands, and jumps into the air, taking the Brit with her, and now as they come down, Katy spreads her legs, effectively sitting down and driving the Brit’s face into the canvas.

An exhausted and dazed Alesha is face-down on the mat with Katy now on her feet, and stepping onto the back of the Brit’s thighs. The fans are cheering as Katy tucks Alesha’s feet onto the inside of her lower leg and leans forward to slap the Brit’s sides, so that she swings her arms backward, Katy immediately grabbing hold of them. With Alesha’s arms secured, Katy sits back, pulling on the Brit’s arms whilst pushing forwards with her legs, continuing the motion, and rolling onto her back, lifting Alesha up, and completing the Mexican ceiling hold.

Alesha screams her submission, “I give! Oh fuck! I give!”

But Katy isn’t finished, “And what are you?”

Again Alesha screams, “I’m a whore! I’m a useless slut!”

Katy demands, “And what do you want to do to the referee?”

Alesha squeals back, “I wanna suck his cock!”

The referee looks more than pleased, and even more so when Katy lets Alesha down, then making the Brit crawl across to where he stands. With a little hesitation, Alesha unzips the man’s trousers. She is closing her eyes as his really quite large penis pops out, already fully hard even before she licks his shaft up and down. The lovely Brit begins kissing the tip of his cock before lowering her head. With his prick well inside her mouth, the singer is gagging a little as it rams into her throat, and she starts to give him the blowjob of his life. The man is shuddering with pleasure as he climaxes, and his jizz is making Alesha gurgle as she swallows.

Katy grabs Alesha by the hair, slaps her face side to side, and promises her, “Tonight, you whore bitch, you will give pleasure to as many men as I can find!”

Sobbing, the partly naked Alesha responds, “Yes mistress!” as she crawls away.


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