"Britney has been reminiscing about her last few matches and her fight career overall. She’s pretty happy with her career. She’s not as reckless as she used to be in her youth, but she still has fun, pretty decent shape and is still a damn good fighter. She has what she wants in life, but something seemed to be missing. She was watching Iggy Azaela and Nelly Furtado tussling in the ring.

Nelly Furtado“Hello?” said Britney as she picked up the phone. “I got a match? That’s great. Oh, you got to be kidding me… Ronda Rousey? But I…why? How?” Britney was a bit baffled as to how the booking committee booked her against Ronda Rousey, knowing how they and the league in general felt about the MMA fighters. After a few more minutes of talking with the committee’s agent, Britney said, “Fine, I’ll take her on in the fight. Just so you know, if anything happens to me because of her, I’ll see you guys in court.” Finished Britney before hanging up the phone and turning to see Iggy planting her ass on Nelly’s face.

Iggy looked over to Britney, smirked and slapped her ass. Britney chuckled at Iggy, “Oh please, Iggy; it’ll take more than that to tempt me.”

“Well, this isn’t the first time you’ve watched me smother Nelly out under my ass. You’ve even watched me smother your sister a few times.” Smirked Iggy as she wiggled her ass on Nelly’s face. “There’s that look again, you’re staring.” A moment later, Nelly went limp under her ass.

Iggy stands up and walks to the edge of the ring, swaying her hips, “I think I know what your problem is; you lost the Bootylicious title to Katy Perry and it bothers you and you can’t help but stare at me while I smother others out.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Iggy.” stuttered Britney as she looked up at Iggy.

Iggy Azalea“Of course, Britney.” smirked Iggy. “Maybe I can help train you for your upcoming match. I couldn’t help but overhear your phone call. I’ve sparred with Ronda before when I was in other leagues.” Iggy extended her hand out to Britney. After a few seconds and some hesitation, Britney took Iggy’s hand and got up to the apron. “I’m glad you accepted my offer. Don’t worry, my ass doesn’t smell that bad.” chuckled Iggy as she stepped back and brought her hands up in a fighting stance keeping her eyes on Britney. Britney brought her hands up and stepped towards Iggy.

Over the next few minutes, both girls sparred with each other, seeing what the other had to offer. Both girls fought well and took turns being on offense after seeing openings in the other’s defense. Iggy occasionally taunted Britney about being under her ass and smirked every time Britney took a glance at it. After one of their exchanges, both girls stepped back for a breather. Iggy smiled as Britney looked her over during the brief break. She took a step forward and took off her shorts revealing her naked ass.

Britney stepped forward sending a few punches and kicks towards Iggy, all of which Iggy blocked. Iggy fired back with a few of her own punches. Britney was able to block them, but wasn’t quick enough for the kick to her gut. Britney staggered back a few steps holding her stomach. Iggy stalks Britney stepping closer. Britney sends a few more punches towards Iggy, all of which Iggy blocks. Iggy sends a knee to Britney’s stomach making her double over. Iggy quickly grabs Britney’s head and knees it making Britney’s head snap upwards. Iggy doesn’t let Britney recover as she sends a pair of punches to her chest followed by a front kick to her gut sending her hurtling back onto her ass in the corner.

Iggy smirks as she slaps her ass cheeks while strutting over to Britney, “This sparring match is almost over Brit.” Britney did nothing as Iggy stepped towards her, turned around and rubbed her ass against her face. After a moment of that, Iggy stepped out and turned around. She leaned over, grabbing one of Britney’s ankles before dragging her out towards the middle of the ring. After releasing Britney’s ankle, Iggy stepped forward, turned around, swayed her ass before slowly going down and smothering Britney’s face between her cheeks. It didn’t take long before Britney was unconscious underneath Iggy’s ass. Iggy soon stood up and placed her foot between Britney’s breasts and flexed, “I bet that won’t be the last time I smother you out under my ass.”

Over the next couple of weeks, Britney trained with her group. They all gave her different set of difficulties, including Jamie even though Britney usually beat her in their matches. Britney enjoyed facing Jamie and seeing her improvement in her fighting skills and techniques. Britney looked over some videos of Ronda’s matches to look for any potential weaknesses. The day for Britney’s match with Ronda finally came around. Britney shows up to with Iggy and Nelly to the American Airlines Arena. She wore boxing shorts, a sports bra and sneakers. She stretched and prepped as best she could before her match started with Ronda.

Britney was the first one to be introduced to the crowd with “Gimme More” playing on the speakers. The crowd cheered loudly as Britney appears on the walkway wearing a red sparkling bra and panty outfit from tour, stockings and knee high boots. She smiles and waves to the crowd as she made her way to the ring. She even shakes a few of their hands. She finally makes it to the ring and waits in the corner for Ronda to appear. A moment later, “Bad Reputation” plays on the speakers and Ronda appears wearing black spandex shorts, sports bra with ‘rowdy’ written across it and ankle boots. The crowd cheered for her as she walked down the aisle and shook their hands. Ronda makes into the ring and confidently smirks across the ring at Britney. The referee calls the two for a quick recap of the rules.

Before heading back to their corners, Ronda taunts Britney a bit, “Get ready to get your ass kicked, Britney.” Britney just scoffs at Ronda and heads back to her corner.

The ref called for the bell to start the match. The two slowly make their way towards each other before locking up with each other. They press against each other straining their muscles. After a minute of struggling against each other, they break off their hold and take a step back. Ronda moves in to lock up with Britney again. Instead of locking up with Ronda again, Britney ducks down and punches Ronda’s gut as she passes by her making her grunt. Britney keeps going and heads to the ropes, bouncing off them and coming back to Ronda. As she heads back to Ronda, Britney jumps in the air for a drop-kick. Before Britney could connect, Ronda side steps her and watches as she drops to the mat. Ronda quickly jumps down onto Britney and starts grappling with her, intertwining their legs as they struggle against each other on the mats. They each send punches to each other’s ribs in an attempt for control.

The two roll around the mat, continually punching each other and occasionally head-butt each other. As the two of them struggle with each other, Britney gets her legs loose and wraps them around Ronda’s waist as she gets to her back. Britney squeezes as hard as she can making Ronda groan. Ronda is able to grab Britney’s hair with her left hand and starts sending right jabs and hooks to Britney’s face. Britney sends a few punches into Ronda’s ribs and then one into her solar plexus. Ronda’s eyes widen and she gasps for air and stops punching Britney. Britney throws in a few more punches to Ronda’s ribs before releasing her scissor hold and pushing Ronda off her to the mat. Britney shakes her head before she gets to her knees. Britney grabs Ronda’s hair and starts to pull her up to her feet. Britney hurdles Ronda to the ropes and goes off the opposite set of ropes. As the two approach each other, Britney extends her arm out for a clothesline. However, Ronda jumps up in the air with her right knee coming up as gets closer to Britney. The move catches Britney by surprise as the knee hits her chin sending her sprawling backwards and onto the mat. Ronda doesn’t waste any time as she goes over and starts to kick and stomp on Britney’s prone body. Ronda soon elbow drops Britney. As Ronda gets to her feet, she grabs Britney’s hair bringing her up with herself. Ronda sends a handful of body shots to Britney’s chest, followed by a pair of hooks, then a pair of knees, a right jab and then a front kick to her gut which sends her back to the ropes and flopping down to the mat gasping for air and holding herself.

“I told you I’d be kicking your ass.” smirked Ronda as she leaned over and grabbed Britney by the hair. Ronda then scoops up Britney and holds her across her body. After a few seconds, Ronda drops to a knee and slams Britney’s back onto her outstretched right knee making her groan in pain. Britney yells loudly as Ronda grabs her throat with one hand and grabs her pussy with the other and slowly pushes downward. After a five count, the referee steps in making Ronda release Britney. Ronda smirked as she stood up and watched Britney on the mat laying on her side. Ronda kicks Britney so she rolled onto her back. She then pressed her foot on Britney’s throat. Ronda smirked as she watched Britney’s eyes open, legs kick and grab at her ankle. Once again, the referee stepped in after a few seconds to make Ronda release her hold on Britney.

Britney SpearsRonda played to the crowd as Britney curled up on the mat. Before long, Ronda turns her attention back to Britney. Ronda steps to Britney and pulls her up by the hair. Ronda sends Britney a gut punch making Britney’s cheek puff up. Ronda quickly grabs Britney’s throat as crouches down and grabs her crotch. She grimaces and strains a bit as she lifts Britney in the air above her head. Ronda holds her up in the air for a few seconds before dropping her down in the middle of the ring. Ronda goes to the ropes and leg drops Britney on the way back. Instead of getting up to her feet, Ronda slides up and presses her knee and shin across Britney’s neck and throat. Britney flails a bit as Ronda presses down. After a few seconds, the referee makes Ronda release her hold on Britney. Ronda smirks down at Britney as she stands up watching her gasp for air. Ronda extends the tip of her boot towards Britney’s face and taunts her a bit, “Go ahead and kiss my boot. We both know you’ve lost to me. Kiss it and it’ll all be over soon.”

Britney groans in pain as she looks up at Ronda’s smirk. Britney goes to pucker up and instead of kissing Ronda’s boot, she spits on it. “You Bitch!” Ronda growls at Britney as she sends a kick to Britney’s face, quickly followed by a few more kicks to her torso making her grunt with each kick. Ronda steps and grinds into Britney’s stomach as she walks over to the corner. Ronda turns around and gets on the second set of ropes. She holds onto the third set of ropes before she jumped towards Britney for a frog-splash. As she’s about to connect, Britney brings her knees up. Ronda lands her stomach on Britney’s legs and her cheeks puff up as her breath leaves her mouth. Britney pushes Ronda off of her knees. Britney rolls onto her knees, grabs Ronda’s hair with her left and sends a handful of punches to Ronda’s head.

“You’ll be the one getting her ass kicked tonight Ronda.” snarled Britney. Britney sent a few more punches to Ronda’s face when she feels Ronda’s right hand around her neck. Britney gasps for air as she releases Ronda’s hair but continued punching her head. Ronda slowly starts to get off her back and onto her knees. As she does, Ronda starts to send punches of her own to Britney’s face. The two of them keep punching each other until Britney sends an uppercut with her left fist. The punch sends Ronda reeling back and letting go of Britney’s throat as she falls onto her back. Britney straddles Ronda’s body and grabs Ronda’s hair and slams her head onto the canvas. The referee soon steps in and makes Britney get off of Ronda.

Kate BeckinsaleBritney gets off Ronda and sits on her knees for a brief moment. After a couple seconds, Britney grabs Ronda’s hair, pulling her up to her feet alongside herself. Britney sends a handful of punches to Ronda’s chest and a couple more punches to her head. She ends up by sending a front kick to her gut sending Ronda back, then Britney sends a roundhouse kick to her chin sending Ronda to the mat groaning in pain. Britney bends over, pulling Ronda up by her hair, guides her to the center of the ring before finally thrusting her head between her thighs and squeezes. Britney quickly leans over, grabs Ronda’s midsection, hoists her up and power-bombs her. Britney gets to her feet again and leans over to bring a slightly disoriented Ronda to her feet again. She then sends Ronda hurdling to the ropes again and awaits her return. As Ronda heads back, Britney turns, steps towards her and brings her foot to Ronda’s chin upending her and sending her to her back.

Britney goes to Ronda’s side and grabs her left arm quickly putting her into an arm bar. Ronda grimaces and groans as Britney applies pressure. Ronda kicked her legs and tried to claw at Britney’s legs with her free arm to free herself. Britney arched her back and twisted Ronda’s arm increasing the pressure on her arm and shoulder. Ronda knew she couldn’t hold out much longer. Fortunately for Ronda, Britney releases her from the arm bar and scooches back a bit. Ronda takes a breath and tries to get to her knees, but Britney sends the sole of her boot to her face a couple times. Britney quickly gets to her knees by Ronda’s head, she grabs Ronda’s hair with her left and starts to punch Ronda’s face. After a handful of punches, the referee came to have Britney stop. Britney did as the referee asked. She kept her left hand on Ronda’s hair as she get to her feet, bringing Ronda up with her. Britney now used both hands on Ronda’s hair and shoved it between her thighs once again. Britney wrapped her arms around Ronda’s waist and hoisted her upside down. Britney held Ronda like this for a few seconds before dropping to her knees for a pile-driver. Britney let Ronda’s body drop to the mat. Britney then flipped her onto her back and went for the cover. Ronda was too weak and out of it to kick out as the referee came in and counted her out. Britney gets to her feet and the referee raises her hand. Britney then heads off to the locker room where she is congratulated by Iggy and Nelly.

“Congrats on your win, Britney. You must be happy you beat Ronda.” said Nelly as she greeted Britney.

“I am happy and a little sore after the fight. I do need a shower and time to recover.” said Britney.

“When you’ve recovered from the match, we should do some more training. We never know who any of us are going to face.” said Iggy.

“You’re right. You can train the girls over the next few days while I get over from the soreness and pain.” replied Britney as she stripped naked before heading to the shower.

After her shower, she dries off, gets dress and heads off to Jamie Lynn’s place. She enters Jamie’s place and takes off her shoes at the door and hangs up her coat on the rack. As she walks to the bedroom, she hears some noises coming from Jamie’s bedroom. She quietly approaches Jamie’s bedroom and cracks open the door. She sees Melissa Joan Hart fucking a naked and bent over Jamie. “I knew it.” thinks Britney as she sneaks into the room.

Jamie came close to climaxing before Melissa pulled out and only then did Britney see that Jamie’s hands were bound. Melissa steps back and as Jamie turns around dropping to her knees, Jamie’s eyes widen, “Crap…she’s here.”

“Bran…? h…h…hey Britney. W…what are you doing here? How’d your match go?” gulped Melissa nervously as she turned around to see Britney standing there.

“I’m glad you girls would rather have your… ’fun’ than be with me during my match.” said Britney as she stepped closer to Melissa.

“You’re more upset about that, than catching me fucking your sister?” asked Melissa.

“I am a bit upset about that, but I’ve known about you and Brandy dominating and fucking my sister for a while. I’ve been around the block a few times, I’m not blind. You guys are adults and fuck whoever you want. You guys couldn’t do this on another night though so you could be with me for the match?” said Britney as she looked at them and crossed her arms.

“I’m sorry about that Britney, it’s just how things worked out. You can always join us for some post-match fun.” said Melissa putting on a brave face as she looks at Britney and see if she’ll let her do what she wants.

“Britney, you don’t hav…” said Jamie before Melissa interrupted her with a stern ‘Shut up, Jamie.’ Jamie shut her mouth and looked out at them.

“So, what do you say? You can start off by dropping to your knees and kissing my feet.” continued Melissa after a few seconds.

Melissa Joan Hart“Why would I do that and let you dominate me sexually like you did with Jamie? I bet you’ve wanted to fuck me for a while.” asked Britney.

“I do think you want to do that Britney. You didn’t come in here screaming and yelling when you saw me fucking Jamie. Then you didn’t flinch when I told her to shut up and you knew about me, a long time friend and Brandy dominating her and are oddly ok with that. Yes, I’ve wanted to fuck you for a while and I bet you’ve wanted me to fuck you too. Brandy is on her way here and will be here soon.” said Melissa as she caresses Britney’s face.

“Well, there have been a few times in the past. I’ve always liked you since we met on your show ‘Sabrina’ and you were in my music video ‘Drive me Crazy’. I don’t have to call you Mistress or anything like that, do I?” said Britney.

Britney Spears“You can if you want to, but don’t have to call me that, but we’d both know I’m in charge. Let’s get started, shall we?” smirked Melissa.

Britney nodded, “I’m ready.”

She looked at Melissa for a second before grabbing Melissa’s head and kissed her lips. After kissing Melissa, Britney takes a step back, drops to her knees and placed numerous kisses on Melissa’s feet. She even sucked on Melissa’s toes.

A couple moments later, Melissa took her feet away from Britney and turned around. Britney knew what to do and placed a few kisses on each of her cheeks. Melissa moaned and smiled feeling Britney’s lips on her ass. After the kisses to her ass, Melissa turned around smirking down at Britney before gently bitch-slapping her with each hand. Britney yelped and her head snapped from the bitch-slaps. She looked a bit surprised at Melissa, but otherwise didn’t do anything. Melissa then gently cupped the back of Britney’s head and guided it to the strap-on dildo. Britney opened her mouth and started cleaning the dildo, still wet with Jamie’s juices. Jamie stayed on her knees and watched awkwardly as Britney submits to Melissa. She can see Melissa slowly cementing herself as the more dominant personality and she can sense Melissa’s joy at getting her chance to fuck Britney.

“I’ve dreamt many times of seeing you on your knees sucking on my dildo or bent over as I fucked your ass and pussy. I will now get the chance to do just that. Seeing how you went along with submitting sexually to me, I won’t use that to take over the leadership of group… not directly anyway. You’re still nominally in charge of the group, but Brandy and I will have more of a say in the group. Now that you know about me and Brandy dominating and fucking Jamie, we’ll just keep doing that from now on and don’t have to hide it anymore, especially now that we know you won’t stop us. We’ll also be dominating and fucking you whenever we see fit. Nod if you understand and agree.” said Melissa as she looked down at Britney bobbing her head up and down. Britney nodded making Melissa smile. After a couple minutes of Britney cleaning the dildo, Melissa takes it out of Britney’s mouth and then sways her hips back and forth a few times slapping Britney’s cheeks with the dildo.

“Stand up, strip naked and get on the bed with your legs open.” ordered a stern Melissa. Britney nodded at Melissa’s command as she stood up. She didn’t have much on as she took off her shirt, sweatpants and sneakers to reveal her naked, toned body. She then went to the bed, got on the bed on her back and spread her legs as Melissa ordered. Melissa smiled seeing Britney on the bed, slowly swaying her hips as she made her way to the bed. She climbed on top of it, hooked Britney’s legs before leaning forward and slowly sliding the dildo into Britney’s awaiting pussy. Britney had a look of nervousness and excitement as all this happened. “Don’t worry Britney, it’s going to be ok. I’m sure you’ve dreamt of this moment for a while but never though it would happen. Believe me when I tell you, I’m quite good with the dildo. You’ll enjoy this so much, you’ll look forward to me fucking you in the future.” smiled Melissa as she thrust her hips back and forth making Britney moan. As she fucks Britney, Melissa leans in and kisses Britney’s lips.

Jamie Lynn Spears“Hey Melissa, how are things wi…? Mel, who are you fucking? Britney? Is that… Britney?” asked a slightly confused Brandy as she walked into the room wearing a dominatrix outfit and a dildo. She looked back and forth between Jamie on her knees with her hands tied and Melissa fucking Britney.

“Yes, it’s Britney. She came by not too long ago. After a little chat I got her to drop to her knees and worship my feet. She agreed that You and I get more of a say in the group. She won’t stop us from fucking and dominating Jamie. Not only that, we get to fuck Britney and sexually dominate her whenever we want.” smiled Melissa as she continued fucking Britney bringing her closer to an orgasm.

“Is that so? I’m happy that we now don’t have to hide our fun with Jamie. I’m going to enjoy having my way sexually with Britney.” smirked Brandy as she strutted over to the bed. Brandy looked down at Jamie and smiled as she had the dildo inches from her face: “I think you might need a distraction, with Melissa fucking your sister in front of you and all.” Jamie gulped a bit awkwardly and nodded as she looked up at Brandy locking eyes with her before opening her mouth and sucking on the dildo.

It wasn’t long after Jamie started sucking Brandy’s dildo that Melissa brought Britney to an orgasm. “Thank you, Melissa.” said Britney softly as she calmed down from the orgasm.

“You’re welcome, Britney. Now bend over the edge of the bed with your legs spread out. Once I fuck you like that, Brandy will take over.” said Melissa as she stepped away from Britney and stood up. Britney nodded as she slid off the bed and did as Melissa ordered. Melissa wasted no time in getting behind Britney and starts sliding the dildo in and out of Britney’s pussy. As she slowly picks up the pace of fucking her pussy, Melissa occasionally slaps or grabs Britney’s ass.

In the meantime, Jamie finished sucking on Brandy’s dildo. Brandy smiled at Jamie as she pulled Jamie’s head back before pointing to her feet. Jamie promptly bowed her head and started worshipping her feet. “Such a good girl you are, Jamie. I’m glad Britney is going to join you in submitting to me and Melissa.” After a few moments of having her feet worshipped, Brandy turned around and patted her ass cheeks. Jamie leaned in placing kisses on each of Brandy’s ass cheeks and the occasional lick.

A moment later, Brandy turns to and points to the bed: “Go and bend over next to Britney.” Jamie nods as she gets up and bends over next to Britney, opening her legs for Brandy. Britney and Jamie lock eyes briefly before Brandy comes in behind Jamie and starts to fuck her pussy. Brandy and Melissa smile at each other, loving their newfound power. They each took their time fucking their respective Spears sister. After a couple of moments, both Spears sisters climax. After a few more thrusts, Brandy and Melissa remove the dildos. “Britney, come kneel before me and clean the dildo while Jamie kneels and cleans Melissa’s dildo.” Britney and Jamie complied as they slowly slid off the bed and got on their knees before their respective women. Britney cleaned off Brandy’s dildo and Jamie did Melissa’s dildo.

Brandy smiled down at Britney while caressing her hair. After Brandy was satisfied with Britney’s work on the dildo, she takes the dildo out of Britney’s mouth and just like Melissa, she swayed her hips back and forth slapping Britney’s cheeks a few times each. She then follows it up with a handful of bitch slaps. Brandy smirks seeing Britney accept all this before she takes a step back and sits on the bed. She then pointed to her feet: “You know what to do, Britney.” Britney nods and she leans forward and starts to kiss and lick Brandy’s feet, including her soles. As much as Brandy liked Britney and saw her as a friend, she still enjoyed seeing Britney on her knees before her worshipping her feet. She now enjoyed Britney sucking on her toes as well. She watched for a few moments before taking her feet away from Britney, then standing up and turning around to show Britney her ass. Britney didn’t hesitate to kiss and lick Brandy’s ass cheeks. A couple minutes later, Brandy looks over her shoulder while: “It’s been nice having you worship my feet and ass, it’s now time for me to fuck you. Get up and bend over the bed next to me with your legs open.” Britney nodded as she got to her feet and bent over the bed where Brandy had pointed out and opened her legs. Brandy smirked and winked at Jamie and Melissa as she stood behind Britney. “I’m going to enjoy this.” smiled Brandy as she slowly inserted the dildo into Britney’s pussy and started to fuck her. Brandy took her time fucking Britney’s pussy making sure Britney enjoyed the fucking and Jamie got a good look at not just her sister but fellow submissive. Both Spears sisters are slowly realizing that they’ll be serving Brandy and Melissa sexually among other things going forward. Brandy occasionally slapped and grabbed Britney’s ass as she slowly picked up the pace. Britney moaned as she came closer to a climax. Within the next couple minutes, Brandy brought Britney to an orgasm. Brandy kept thrusting into Britney but slowed it down after the orgasm and then she finally thrust the dildo all the way in holding it there for a few seconds before pulling it out. Brandy stepped back before ordering with a snarl on her lips, “Suck it, Britney.” Britney took a few breaths and collected herself before turning around and kneeling before Brandy and started to clean it off. As Britney cleaned the dildo off, Melissa motioned for Jamie to kneel besides Britney. It didn’t take much longer before Britney cleaned the dildo off, before Brandy took the dildo out of Britney’s mouth and stepped back.

“Look at these two, Brandy. Who’d of thought both Spears sister would be on their knees before us? This couldn’t have happened even if we planned it. I do love you girls dearly, but you two look better on your knees. Get used to serving me and Brandy as well as getting fucked and dominated by us.” smirked Melissa.

"You got that right, Melissa. I’m going to enjoy my time with you girls now going forward. Let’s pose over them and take a Spears sister to bed. I’ll be taking Jamie to bed.” said Brandy as she brought her foot up and place it on Britney’s face and posed. Melissa did the same with Jamie’s face. Brandy and Melissa switched placed and repeated the pose.

“That works for me, Brandy.” smiled Melissa as she took her foot of Jamie’s face and extended her hand to Britney. Brandy did the same with Jamie. Both spears sisters took the respective hands and followed and followed their respective girls to bed.