“Who would have thought that Britney could have beaten Beyonce and smothered her out? She’s not in the same fighting shape she was just a few years ago.” asked Kesha as they walked out of MGM Grand.

“Well, she did beat Shakira, who’s no pushover, for the title and then defended it in a 3-way battle. She’s an experience fighter. But I did see some vulnerability in her tonight.” said Rihanna.

“I’d fight her, but my ass isn’t big enough to smother her out. Besides that, I don’t think it qualifies as ‘Bootylicious’. Maybe Shakira should fight her for the title again, even though she currently holds the Songbird Title.” said Nicole Scherzinger somewhat tongue-in-cheek and with a bit of a smirk.

“Your ass is pretty damn sexy Nicole if you ask me.” added Katy Perry.

“Katy’s right, your ass is sexy and I did have someone in mind to fight and it’s not Shakira. You did come to mind Nicole, you’re right about one thing, I don’t think your ass counts as ‘bootylicious’. I think Katy should take Britney on for the title.” said Rihanna.

“What?!?” asked Katy and Nicole almost simultaneously as they looked at Rihanna.

“Well, Britney wants payback on Katy for she did to her in the tag match we had. Besides, who better than Katy to take Britney’s title in front of all these fans.” said Rihanna.

“You think I can beat her one-on-one?” asked Katy.

“I agree. Katy’s got a bit of an ass, but this is Britney we’re talking about. No offence, but Britney is too experienced a fighter for Katy.” said Nicole.

“I think she has a shot of beating her, especially with some training from myself and Shakira.” said Rihanna.

“Oh my, I should feel honored to be personally trained by the former Bootylicious champ and War Queen champ.” smiled Katy.

“I’ll set it up with Shakira. I’m sure she’ll look forward to seeing Britney lose the title.” said Rihanna. The four of them went out for a few late night post-match drinks and snacks before calling it a night.

Rihanna heads to her room and smiles seeing Shakira waiting for her in the bed wearing nothing but a nightgown. “I’m glad to see you.” says Rihanna as she strips down to her bra and panties and joins Shakira under the sheets. As they are getting it on in bed, Rihanna says through her moans, “I need your help. Katy is going to be facing Britney for the Bootylicious title and I could use your help in training her.”

“Of course I’ll help you. There’s going to be a bit of a price for that.” smirked Shakira as she lay down next to Rihanna and fingered her.

“What’s that?” asked Rihanna.

“I want to be a Diva. I’m not looking to be in charge of the group or anything. I’d just be another member of the group.” said Shakira as she whispered in Rihanna’s ear.

“I can arrange for that to happen.” Moans Rihanna.

“Please do. I would love to be on a strong team like yours.” says Shakira as she continues to finger fuck Rihanna eventually making her climax. Shakira brings the fingers up to her own mouth and cleans off her fingers.

“Thanks for the compliment. I’d like to think I have a strong team and having you on my team makes it a lot stronger.” responds Rihanna as she kisses Shakira. The two embrace each other and continue to enjoy each other the rest of the night. Over the following days and weeks, Shakira helped Rihanna train Katy for a potential match with Britney.


In the meantime, Britney Spears and her Femme Fatale team are celebrating a victory over Beyonce, one of the top tier fighters in the league. They are in the suite that she’s been in ever since she moved to Vegas.

“That was an impressive win Brit. You’ve definitely still got what it takes to win.” said Nikki Minaj as she raised a beer to Britney.

“Thanks Nikki. It wasn’t as easy as it looked. Beyonce’s one tough opponent.” smiled Britney.

“What’s next, Brit? Did you talk to the booking committee about wanting to take anyone on next?” asked Jamie Lynn Spears.

“I spoke to the booking committee about facing Katy Perry for what she did to me at the tag match. I’m just waiting to hear back from them.” said Brit. Britney looks over at Nelly Furtado, “Nelly, Melissa (Joan Hart) was telling me on the way up to the room that you were cheering for me, is that right?”

“Yes it is Britney. I thought you started showing your old self in the ring tonight, especially after recovering from the tag match.” said Nelly as she looked at Britney’s feet.

“Well, I’ve had some more time to focus on my fighting skills since I’ve moved to Vegas.” smiles Britney as she leans back in the sofa, crosses her legs and extends her right foot out sensing Nelly’s eyes on them. Nelly was sitting on the recliner next to Britney’s sofa. “You know Nelly, I could use you as a sparring partner should the committee approve the match. I want someone with more ring experience than Jamie. Would you be up for that?”

“I’d be up for that Britney.” said Nelly as she looked up at Britney’s smiling eyes and then back down to her feet. Nelly sighed as she leaned her head forward, gently cupped Britney’s bare foot in her mouth and kissed the top of it before sitting back on the recliner.

“That’s good to hear you’re willingness to help me out. It’ll be just like the old days.” giggled Britney as she brought her foot back. The other Femme Fatale girls giggled too seeing Nelly’s submission towards Britney. The rest of the night was uneventful as they continued talking and drinking.

A few days later, Britney got the news that she will indeed be facing Katy for the title and it’ll be at the MGM Grand. Soon after that, Britney and Nelly started sparring with each other. Unlike Jamie, Nelly was able to put Britney on her ass a few times during the sparring matches and even get her ass on Britney’s face. Most of the time though, Britney was able to facesit Nelly and smother her out.

“Britney, there’s something I want to tell you.” said Nelly as she approached Britney in the locker room afterwards with a bit of nervousness.

“What is it?” asked a naked Britney as she turned to face Nelly.

“I want to thank you for letting me stick around with you and the girls. It wasn’t easy for me when I first came back and I’m sure it wasn’t for any of you having me back. You’ve been more than fair to me. I have so much love and respect for you Britney. After helping you and Melissa train Jamie, I can tell she adores you and looks up to you. She’s becoming more like you every day.” says Nelly.

“That’s nice of you to say Nelly. I love and respect you too.” says Britney as she hugs Nelly. “Jamie says that you’ve helped her become a better fighter. Now, let’s finish cleaning up and meet the other girls for our group meeting.”


After both celebs were given enough time to prepare for their match, the day of the fight finally came around. Both fighters and their respective groups show up to the MGM Grand. Both locker rooms were upbeat about the match. A half hour or so after they settle into their locker rooms, there’s a knock on Katy’s door and one of the staffers pops his head in, “You’re up Katy.”

Katy smiled and thanked him and started to head out to the ring. Before she stepped out the door, she turned to her fellow Divas and said, “Wish me luck ladies.” They all wished her luck and watched as she headed to the ring. A moment later, Katy’s song “Dark Horse” came over the loud speakers as she stepped onto the platform. She smiled and waved to the crowd as they cheered for her. She was wearing the golden looking one-piece dress that barely went below her ass from the video and a pair of matching sneakers. She shook hands and waved to her fans on the way to the ring. After getting to the ring, she got up on one of the middle turnbuckles and played to the crowd a bit.

A minute after Katy got into the ring, Britney’s “Womanizer” played for all to hear. The crowd went wild seeing her as she stepped onto the platform wearing knee high boots and her sexy cop outfit from her tours and Vegas shows. She smiled and waved to the crowd as she walked down the ramp shaking her fans hands along the way. When she got to the ring she bent over and slowly went through the second ropes giving the crowd a good look at her ass. She smirks at Katy as she struts past her and hands her belt to the ref who handed it to someone ringside.

The referee calls both girls to the middle of the ring and explains the rules before calling for the bell.

The two circled each other watching each other carefully. Britney comes in and feigns a left hook before sending a right knee to Katy’s gut. Katy doesn’t fall for the feigned punch as she steps back and barely blocks the knee to her gut. The initial attack had a secondary effect of having Katy already back-pedaling. Britney presses her attack with several jabs to Katy’s chest and knees to her gut or ribs. Katy is able to block the attacks but has the added affect for of forcing her back towards the ropes. Once Britney forces Katy back towards the ropes, Britney grabs one of Katy’s arms and shoulders and whiplashes her towards the opposite ropes. Katy goes hurdling towards the ropes and bounces off of them. On the way back, she barely ducks under a clothesline attempt by a charging Britney. Katy stops on a dime and turns towards Britney. As Britney came off the ropes, Katy sends a sidekick to Britney’s chin sending her to the mat. Katy promptly drops and elbow on Britney’s chest making her grunt.

As Katy gets to her feet, she grabs Britney’s hair to bring her up as well. As she gets to her feet, Katy shoves Britney back then jumps in the air towards her sending a knee to Britney’s chest and one to her head. Britney could do little more than block the knees and step back to the ropes. As Katy lands on her feet, she promptly sends several jabs, hooks and some knees to Britney’s torso to keep her on her heels.

Katy then grabs Britney’s arm and shoulder and sends her towards the opposite ropes. As Britney bounces off the ropes and comes back, Katy comes at her with and sends a kick to Britney’s stomach. Britney is somehow able to grab Katy’s leg before it connects and sends several hard kicks of her own to Katy’s stomach making her grunt. Britney lets Katy’s leg go and smirks as Katy doubles over holding her stomach.

“You should stick to your music Katy and leave the fighting to the big girls.” Says Britney taunting Katy as she grabs her hair and shoves it between her thighs. Britney wraps her arms around Katy’s waist and hoists her upside down in the air. After holding her up for a couple seconds, Britney drops to her knees. The crowd cheers and Katy grunts as her head hits the mat. Britney releases her hold on Katy and lets gravity do the work. After Katy flops to the mat, Britney grabs Katy’s hair, brings her to her feet and once puts her head between her legs. Britney once again hoists Katy upside down between her legs and after a few seconds, drops to her knees for another pile driver. After releasing Katy and watching her flop to the mat again, Britney gets to her feet.

She plays to the crowd for a brief moment before asking them, “Who wants to see me smother this bitch out?” The crowd cheers wildly as she asks the question. Britney smiles hearing the response from the crowd as she takes off her police outfit to reveal her bare breasts and ass. Britney walks over to Katy and kicks and stomp her several times forcing her to roll onto her back. Britney then stands over her with her ass towards Katy’s face. Britney looks over her shoulder for one more taunt, “It’s bed time bitch.” Britney slaps and then sways her ass a couple times.

Before she could lower her ass onto Katy’s face, Katy reaches up and grabs Britney’s pussy and starts to claw it making Britney’s eyes open wide and for her to yell, “You fucking BITCH!!” The hold immobilizes Britney for a moment, mostly from the shock and pain of the hold.

Katy keeps the claw on Britney’s pussy as she slowly gets to her knees and then her feet. Once on her feet, Katy uses her free hand to punch Britney’s face a half dozen times. The referee jumps in and tells Katy to release her claw. Katy winks at the ref as she releases the hold, watches Britney hold her pussy and hunch over, “Sure thing.” Katy sends several hard chops to Britney’s bare chest followed by a right uppercut to her jaw making Britney grunt with each hit. The uppercut makes Britney fall to the ropes and lean on them for support.

Ignoring her pain, Britney lunges at Katy with several punches trying to grab Katy’s throat tackle her to the ground. Katy deftly steps aside and kicks Britney’s gut as she passes by. Britney grunts from the kick as she staggers a few steps before falling to her knees holding her stomach. Katy steps to Britney’s side.

Before Britney could do anything, Katy grabs her hair to keep her face down and wraps her legs around Britney’s neck and squeezes tightly before releasing her hair. Britney groans as she slaps and paws at Katy’s thighs trying to free herself. The referee does the five count before telling Katy to release her hold. Katy smirks at the ref as she grabs Britney’s hair before briefly releasing the scissor hold and reapplying it. The referee starts the five count again, but Katy brings her finger up to the referee and pouts, “Do you really want to do this over and over again? I’ll just keep reapplying the hold on Britney. Wouldn’t you just rather watch my sexy thighs stay around her neck until I decide otherwise? I know your boys agree with that.” Katy motions to the referee’s growing manhood. She smirks as he looks down and back at Katy with a guilty look and stops counting. Katy winks at him and says seductively, “Good boy.”

Katy continued to squeeze Britney’s neck for a minute more, pulsating her thighs throughout. As that happened, Britney’s resistance and fight slowly weakened until she could barely bring her hands up to slap at Katy’s thighs. Seeing Britney weakened by her scissor hold, she finally releases her hold and watches Britney fall forward to the mat.

Katy turns around to face Britney, leans over, pulls Britney's head off the mat and puts it between her thighs. She quickly hooks Britney’s arms and drops to her knees for a ‘Pedigree’. Britney groans as her head hits the mat.

Not wanting to repeat Britney’s mistake, Katy stands up and quickly strips her one-piece off to reveal her own breasts and ass. She steps to Britney’s side, kicks her a couple times to force her onto her back. Katy stands over Britney’s body having her ass towards Britney’s face. She sways her hips from side to side as she lowers her ass onto Britney’s face covering it as much as she can. Britney flails her arms and kicks legs as Katy smothers her, but the flailing and kicking are fairly weak.

After a couple of minutes, Britney’s movement stopped, prompting the referee to kneel next to her and hold her arm up. After releasing it, the arm flops to the mat. The referee repeats it two more times and each time Britney’s arm flopped to the mat. The referee then calls for the bell and the belt and asks Katy to stand up. After she gets up, he grabs the belt from an attendant, gives Katy the belt and raises her arm in victory. The crowd cheers Katy’s victory as she smiles and holds up the bootylicious title.

After the referee releases her hand, Katy turns to Britney and places her foot between Britney’s heaving breasts, “Looks like the kid beat the old hag for her title.” Katy keeps her foot there for a little bit as the fans took pictures of her posing over Britney. After her fans got their pictures, she went to several corners and smiled as she showed everyone the title. A few moments later, Katy grabbed her clothes and went to the ‘Divas’ locker room and got a hug from each of her teammates.

“Congrats on your victory.” said Rihanna as she hugged Katy.

“Thanks girls. I couldn’t have done it without your or even Shakira’s help.” Smiled Katy. After they all hugged her, Katy continued, “Isn’t it customary for you girls to kiss my ass since I just won the title? I heard Shakira had her ass kissed when she won the title.”

“She did have her ass kissed, but that was when she was in Gen Next. You’re in the Divas and we do things a little differently here. Being the head of the group, I won’t be kissing your ass.” said Rihanna.

“C’mon Ri-Ri, it’s not like it’s the worst thing in the world to do. We’re friends and the kiss is supposed to be symbolic of your joy and support of my just winning the title.” complained Katy.

“Rihanna’s right about not kissing your ass.” chimed in Nicole. “It’s not an insult or lessen your victory for her to not kiss your ass, but it would diminish her role as a leader if she kissed your ass. As much as I’m impressed with your win and think you have a sexy ass, I won’t kiss your ass either. Then again, I’m not the ass kissing type.”

“I can kind of understand you not wanting to kiss my ass Nicole, but Rihanna and I have been good friends for a while. If she doesn’t want to kiss it, I won’t force her.” sighs Katy. “Can we at least go out and celebrate my win?”

“Of course we can. Just shower up and put your outfit back on before we head out.” Smiled Rihanna. Katy smiled a bit at that as she went and quickly showered up. She then dried herself up and got back into her one-piece outfit.

As they headed out to celebrate Katy’s win, Kesha walks next to Katy and whispers in her ear, “I’ll kiss your ass, but I’ll do that later tonight when we’re alone. I heard from G-man that he’d like to kiss it too.”

“Thanks Kesha, I appreciate it. I look forward to having my ass kissed.” smirked Katy as she kissed Kesha on the cheek. The four of them went to a club and celebrated Katy’s victory. Kesha invited G-Man out to the club with them to join them. G-man had been a fan of Katy Perry and Nicole for a while, but had not met them before. He enjoyed hanging out with all the ‘Divas’ and having drinks with them and even got to dance with them. Rihanna had mentioned that she wanted a meeting with G-Man at a later date to go over some ideas she had.

After that night’s festivities, Kesha and G-man followed Katy back to her room. “Do both of you have a preference on kissing my bare ass or kissing it through my outfit?” asked Katy as she entered her suite.

“Bare ass.” Said Kesha and G-man in near unison.

“If you say so.” smirked a tipsy Katy as she stripped naked before showing her bare ass to the two.

Kesha was the first to kneel behind Kesha and kissing both her cheeks. “You’ve got quite the booty Katy. No wonder you won the match.” giggled Kesha as she stood up and let G-man kneel behind Katy.

G-man placed several kisses on each cheek before standing up, “You definitely deserve the title with an ass like that Katy. I hope you keep it for a while.”

“Thanks you two. You two certainly can kiss my ass anytime.” smiled Katy. “G-man, why don’t you skedaddle for the night, Kesha and I will be having some girl fun the rest of the night. We’ll have our own fun another night. You do understand, right.” continued Katy as she put her arm around Kesha’s waist.

“Of course Katy, I understand.” said G-man, a tad disappointed being left out of the action. He bowed his head and headed out of the room. As he left, Katy placed a kiss on Kesha’s lips as the two embraced each other.


Meanwhile, Britney wakes after being out for a little while. She gathers her clothes and head back to the 'Femme Fatale’ locker room. She was greeted with a hug from Jamie-Lynn, “I’m sorry you lost your title Britney. I’m sure you’ll get the title back or maybe get one of the other titles soon.” The other girls too came over and either gave Britney a hug or a pat on the back.

“Thanks girls. I appreciate your support. It’s tough for me to lose the title. I will look to get this title back or another one.” said a tad saddened Britney. “I just need to train harder and better next time.”

“We’re all here for you Britney. We’ll do whatever we can to help out.” said Nelly.

“Thanks Nelly. I know you’ll all do your part.” said Britney.

“What’s with this sad bunch of characters in here?” said Iggy Azalea as she walked into the locker room.

“Iggy? What are you doing here?” said a surprised Britney.

“I was here to cheer you on for the match, only to see Katy low-blow her way to your title.” said Iggy as she walked towards Britney and gave her a hug.

“Thanks for being here.” smiled Britney as she and Iggy.

“There’s no need to thank me Brit. I’m here to get you back on track on being your old self.” said Iggy as she looked around the locker room and continued, “You’ve got the old guard with Nelly, Brandy and Mel and the wannabes with Nicki Minaj and your sister. Not to insult anyone here, but that’s not exactly what I call a recipe for victory.”

“You just watch your mouth. Who are you calling a wannabe you Aussie bitch?” snipped Nicki.

“I’m calling you a wannabe. You haven’t proven yourself in this or other leagues you’ve been in. You’ve been bounced in the first or second round of any title tournament in the other leagues. I, on the other hand, am a five-time champ including the bootylicious champ in the other leagues. If you want, I can show you what it’s like to be under my ass.” said Iggy as she slapped her ass.

“Guys, there’s no need for you two to be arguing here. We… I could use your help Iggy. You could be a little more diplomatic about your willingness to help.” said Britney as she got between Nicki and Iggy.

“Of course Britney, I am here to help. I’m not looking to antagonize anyone.” smiled Iggy as she extended her hand to Nicki who folded her arms and scoffed at the gesture.

“Nicki… please, be nice.” pleaded Britney.

“Whatever.” muttered Nicki as she extended her hand and barely shook Iggy’s hand.

“Good.” said Britney as she just stared at Nicki before turning to Iggy. “I’ll be seeing you this weekend for training.”

“Sure thing.” smiled Iggy. Then she leans in, “How about we go to your room so we go over what we’ll be doing in the training?”

“I can’t do it tonight, I’m kind of tired from the match. How about we meet tomorrow night? The kids will be doing a sleepover at a friend’s house.” said Britney.

“Sounds like a plan.” smiled Iggy.

Iggy stuck around and chatted with Britney and the rest of Femme Fatale.


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