It’s been several months since the match between the two beautiful, seductive veterans of the league for the bootylicious title. They each took a beating in the match and took some time recovering. They soon started preparing for either multi-city tours or music videos or both.

A day hasn’t passed where Britney hasn’t replayed the match wondering if there wasn’t a way where she could have won the title. No matter what scenario she ran through, she couldn’t get rid of the image of Kelly Clarkson standing in front of her and Brandy. She remembers seeing her take out Brandy after a quick battle and then feeling helpless for the first time in her wrestling career. She had faced difficulty before and faced it well, but this was the first time she had been overcome by her emotions. She had been so distracted by what was going through her head that she had been screwing up the words to her songs and her footsteps have been way off. She ended up slipping and falling on her ass several times, much to her own frustration and that of her dance crew.

“You ok Britney?” asked one of her dancers as he helped her up after she fell on her ass for a third time during the past couple hours.

“Thanks…I’m…I’m fine!” Britney said a bit distractedly as she got up. She sighs a bit and then takes a look around and calls out, “You know what everyone…let’s call it a night and pick this up in the morning.” Everyone sighs a bit of relief as they slowly pick their stuff up and go home. Britney makes it back to her home, plops down on the bed tired and frustrated. She soon picks up the phone and calls Brandy.

“Hello?” Says Brandy as she picks up the phone.

“Brandy, it’s Britney. You got a few minutes?” said the tired blonde.

“Yeah, what’s up?” said Brandy.

“I’ve been thinking about the match with Shakira.… I need to get a rematch with Shakira for the title. I can’t help but think that I would have won that title if it really hadn’t been for Kelly Clarkson and Nelly Furtado.” Said a frustrated Britney.

“Oh Britney, you still haven’t fully recovered from the match. What do you think your chances are about getting and winning a rematch? You know I’ll be there for you to plot your revenge, but you have to know you’re not the only one who wants a shot at that title.” Said Brandy.

“I don’t know. I haven’t really thought that part through.” replied Britney. Then after a short pause, she continues as though the light went off in her head, “Hey, we could complain about their interference in the match and get a rematch that way.”

“We could do that. It would be our best shot at getting the rematch. We should go to the committee with that. They could complain that I started it and that they only came in to back-up Shakira, but it’s kind of a moot point since they took it to a another level.” said Brandy.

“Exactly, there’s been cheating and interference before, but you’re right they took it to a whole new level, especially Kelly. She’s a good, smart fighter, but she’s becoming Shakira’s lapdog ever since she joined the league. We have to make sure no-one interferes in the rematch so that nobody can say I cheated.”

“Damn right. You deserve a fair shot at the title. Once you take her out, we can petition to have a tag match with them. I want to get my hands on Kelly.” replied a supportive Brandy.

“Hello?” said a slightly groggy Shakira as she answered her cell phone as she was resting in bed. “I what?!?” Said Shakira as her eyes widened a bit as she heard about her rematch with Britney. “I already beat her, how the hell can she demand a rematch? Especially ahead of everyone else?…… interference?? Bullshit!!! I had her beat when Brandy interfered.” After a bit of yapping from the other end of the phone, Shakira grits her teeth, “Fine…I’ll fight her.” Shakira then hangs up the phone and places it on the nightstand next to the bed, takes a deep breath and places her head on her forehead. After a few seconds, she gets out of bed and heads to the bedroom window of the suite to try to clear her head as she looks out at the bustling city life below.

“Who was on the phone? You sounded pretty upset.” said Kelly Clarkson as she stirred in bed and sat on the edge of the bed rubbing her eyes.

Kelly Clarkson“That was the rep from league match committee. They want me…” then she corrected herself “…demanded that I have a rematch with Britney. She bitched and moaned to the committee about the interference in the match. Apparently she bitched and moaned enough to force me to have a rematch. It looks like Britney gets what Britney wants.” said Shakira ending on a bit of a sarcastic note.

“What if you refused to have the rematch?” asked Kelly as she got up, still naked from the night before, and walked over to Shakira.

Shakira chuckled a bit, “They’d strip me of my title and set-up a round robin of matches of all the contenders and award it to whoever won.”

“That fucking blows!” said Kelly as she contorts her face. “They shouldn’t be able to do that. You beat her. If the referee wanted to, he could have disqualified either you or Britney, but that didn’t happen.”

“I know Kelly! This doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me either. They also told me that no one can interfere on behalf of either of us or that fighter loses the match automatically.” sighed Shakira as she looked out the window and folded her arms.

“I’m sure you’ll beat her again.” said Kelly wrapped her arms around Shakira’s waist and started to kiss her neck softly. “How about a quickie to help you de-stress?”

Shakira’s mouth slowly turned to a bit of a grin as she turned her head toward Kelly. “That actually might help.” She said as she turned around and planted a kiss on Kelly’s lips. She then walked over to her dresser drawer and removed a 10” strap-on dildo and put it on. She looked at Kelly with a smirk and walked over to her. They kissed and embraced as the two approached each other. Shakira guided Kelly back toward the wall as they kissed. As they got to the wall, Shakira inserted the dildo into Kelly’s pussy and started fucking it. Kelly wrapped one of her leg around Shakira’s waist and moaned as Shakira fucked her. Shakira continued kissing and fucking Kelly’s pussy until she climaxed. They continued kissing for almost half a minute.

Ever since Kelly has joined the league, her strongest bond and friendship had been with Shakira. They have grown to love, respect and admire each other over that time. They have recently started to take that friendship to a whole new level as it has morphed into the two becoming lovers/girlfriends. Britney was right in one sense about the relationship as Shakira is the more dominant of the two, but she didn’t know the full aspect of their relationship.

After several weeks of training on both sides, the day for the rematch between Shakira and Britney has finally arrived. Each wrestler made final preparations for the match. They each knew what was at stake in the match. Britney was the first to be called to the ring.

“Wish me luck Brandy.” said Britney to as she was about to leave.

“Good luck Britney.” replied Brandy as Britney left, then whispered after she left, “You’re going to need it.”

She entered the arena to mostly cheers and applause from the crowd. She was wearing the white bikini and boots from her ‘3’ music video. She waved and smiled to the crowd and shook some hands while making her way to the ring.

About a minute later, Shakira was called to the ring. As Shakira was leaving the locker room, Kelly slapped Shakira’s ass and said with a smile, “Good luck Shakira.”

“Thanks sweetie.” smiled Shakira in response as she left the locker room.

As Shakira entered the arena, she grabbed her belt and held it above her head and smiled as the crowd cheered for her. She had her black short and top outfit along with the boots from the ‘Give it up to me’ video. She too smiled, waved and blew kisses to the crowd as she made her way to the ring. After she got to the ring, she handed the belt to the referee who handed it to one of the attendants outside to hold onto it until after the match.

“I didn’t know you were so eager to be smothered under my ass again.” teased Shakira with a smile.

Britney scoffs at Shakira’s comment and retorts, “You only won because Kelly Clarkson came in and saved your sorry ass at the last second.”

The referee stood between the two so they would prematurely start the fight. He called them to him and quickly explained the rules to them. They barely nodded at his instructions as they stared each other down. After the referee finished the instructions, he call for the bell and the two started to circle each other.

They watched each other carefully as they move in to lock up with each other. They strain their muscles to push the other back but with little affect. They each quickly broke the hold and continued to circle each other. They wasted little time as they moved back toward each other and started a slugfest. Neither one held back with the punches. The crowd could tell that there was no love lost between the two from the last match.

As the two were punching each other, Shakira snuck in a knee to Britney’s pussy. Britney screamed in pain from the low blow and instinctively went to protect her pussy. Shakira the grabbed Britney’s head and brought it down connecting it with her knee which was on the upswing. This caused Britney’s head to snap upwards and to stagger back a couple steps.

Britney SpearsShakira moved in to follow up on her early advantage as she stepped toward Britney bringing one hand between her legs and another over her shoulder. She tried to lift Britney up several times for a body-slam, but each time she tried Britney was able to kick out of it or bring her own leg between Shakira’s. Britney was able to bring up one of her fists and start to slam it into Shakira’s head causing her head to snap back and to release the hold she had on her.

Now that she is free of the hold, Britney continues to slam her fists into Shakira’s head and chest keeping her off-balance and forcing her back to the ropes. After she forces Shakira to the ropes, Britney grabs one of Shakira’s arms and sends her hurtling towards the ropes on the opposite side of the ring. She then bounces off the ropes that she was near and sends herself hurtling toward Shakira after she bounces back from the other side of the ring. Shakira can do little to get out of the way except for bringing her hands up defensively as Britney connects with a flying clothesline.

Britney makes it back up to her feet, jumps in the air and drops both her legs across Shakira’s stomach causing her to scream and nearly fold in two.

Britney stands back up and as she does, grabs Shakira by the hair and brings her up as well. Britney quickly puts Shakira into a headlock in preparation for doing a DDT, but is prevented by several punches to her gut by Shakira. Britney’s eyes widen and she screams as Shakira uppercuts her in the pussy, not only once but twice. This caused Britney to release Shakira’s head, bend over and bring her hands to her pussy. Shakira stands up and puts Britney into a headlock and drops to her ass completing the DDT. Britney grunted as her head connected with the mat. She fell to her side groaning in pain.

Shakira stood up and played to the crowd a little bit. Her experience told her not to over do it so as not to give her opponent time to recover. She quickly turned her attention to Britney who was still on the mat. She leaned over and brought her up by her hair. She now put one hand between her legs and one around her shoulder, lifted Britney up, did a 180 and slammed her down in a body slam.

Shakira didn’t bother stripping after standing up. She straddles Britney with her ass toward Britney’s face. She takes her thumb across her throat signifying she’s ready to finish Britney. Before she could do anything, Britney swings her right leg and slams her boot into Shakira’s pussy. She brings it up again and connects again with her pussy. The crowd responded with a grunt of their own as they saw the hits. The hits cause Shakira to bring her head back and scream in pain hellishly.

Shakira brings her hands to her pussy and drop to her knees with her ass inches away from Britney’s face. Britney brings her hands up and pushes Shakira off of her. “Paybacks a bitch isn’t it?” snarled Britney as she slowly stood up still in pain from Shakira’s hits to her own pussy.

Britney leaned over and brought Shakira to her feet and with a series of karate chops to Shakira’s chest forced her back to one of the corners. After she got Shakira to the corner, she grabbed one of her arms and hurled her toward the opposite corner following right after her. Just as Shakira slammed into the turnbuckles and turned around, Britney connected with a shoulder into Shakira’s stomach. Shakira grunted with the hit and her cheeks puffed up as the air was taken out of her. Britney connected with several more shoulder hits to Shakira’s stomach causing further pain to her and making her more winded.

After the shoulder attacks to Shakira’s stomach, Britney stands up and connects with several more karate chops to Shakira’s chest making it bright red at this point. Shakira screams in pain with each hit to her chest. It’s been a while since Shakira has faced such a tough and determined opponent. Whoever ends up winning this match will have earned the title. After the karate chops to Shakira’s chest, Britney hooks her arm underneath Shakira’s arm, takes a step out and hip tosses Shakira to the mat. Shakira grunts and holds her back in pain as she hits the mat.

Britney wastes no time as she moves in toward Shakira and starts to kick and stop the prone Shakira who jolts and grunts with each hit. After nearly a minute of this Britney leans over and brings Shakira to her feet. Britney then hurdles Shakira towards the ropes and then bounces off the ones near her. Britney tries to clothes line Shakira, but Shakira instead ducks underneath Britney’s arm. They each continue on to the ropes and come back toward each other again. This time, Shakira goes flying toward Britney with a clothesline of her own making her eyes widen seeing Shakira flying toward her. Britney’s arms and legs go flying up as Shakira connects with the clothesline.

ShakiraShakira is a bit slow getting up holding her ribs as she is still feeling the affects of Britney’s latest attack. Britney gets to her feet soon after Shakira does. The two eye each other and start a slugfest again like at the start of the match ignoring whatever pain they feel from the blows. Each is determined to win this match at whatever cost.

While they are punching each other senseless, Britney sees an opening and sends a knee to Shakira’s stomach. This causes Shakira to stagger back a couple steps hunched over in pain. Britney grabbed Shakira’s hair and brings her knee up to connect with her forehead forcing her even further back. She doesn’t let Shakira catch a breather as she once again sends her hurdling toward the ropes. Britney waits for Shakira to return and as she does, Britney stands perpendicular to Shakira, steps toward and brings her leg up and connects with some chin music. Shakira flops to the ground badly dazed from the hit.

Seeing that Shakira is badly hurt, Britney does a quick strip tease for the crowd, much to their enjoyment. Britney’s fans are loudly cheering her name sending victory at hand.

Britney does a bit of showboating for the crowd before returning her attention to Shakira. She straddles Shakira’s body with her ass facing toward Shakira’s face. She pats her ass and looks over her shoulder with a smirk: “Ready to lose, bitch? I know I’m ready to win.” Shakira could only respond with a groan as she sees Britney shake her ass toward her face and plant it on her face. As Britney plants her ass on Shakira’s face, Shakira flails her arms, kicks her legs and tries to buck Britney.

Britney wasn’t having any of it as she punched Shakira’s stomach several times causing her to grunt and become winded. Shakira’s flailing and bucking diminished after the punches, but still didn’t stop. As Britney continued her facesit, Shakira’s struggles waned with each passing second.

After nearly a couple minutes of facesitting Shakira’s struggles finally stop. The referee then comes over to check on Shakira. He lifts up Shakira’s hands 3 times and each time it drops back down to the ground limply. He then calls for the bell and the belt.

Britney jumps up with her hands in the air and a huge smile on her face. She has earned a hard fought victory over one of the best fighters in the league and won the Bootylicious title. After the referee hands her the title, Britney puts the title over her shoulder and walks over to Shakira and poses over her with a foot between her breasts.

“Not so good without your bitch Kelly are you?” snarled Britney as she looked down at the unconscious Shakira. Britney stayed in the victory pose for a few photos by her fans before leaving the ring to cheers from her fans. Shakira’s fans were rather silent being in a bit of shock at her loss. After she reached her locker room, Brandy was there to congratulate her on her victory with a hug and some bubbly. Britney is back in league relevancy after her long hiatus without a title.

In the other locker room, Kelly had a sad and shocked look on her face as she saw Shakira lose to Britney. After the match, she went out to get Shakira and carry her back to the locker room. After some time in the locker, Shakira started to stir from the bench she was on, “Kelly?”

“I’m right here.” replied Kelly as she knelt beside her.

“I’m so sorry I let you down sweetie. She was so determined, I couldn’t overcome her.” said Shakira with a quiver in her voice, nearly crying.

“Ssshhh, it’s ok. Don’t worry about it Shakira. It’s just one match. We can’t win them all. I’m sure you’ll get another shot at the bootylicious title or even the war queen title. You still have plenty of fight left in you.” replied Kelly trying to comfort Shakira.

“I wish I had your optimism.” said Shakira with a bit of a smile through some tears.

“Come on, let’s go back to my place and get some rest for you.” said Kelly as she helped Shakira to her feet. The two left the arena and headed back to Kelly’s Texas home, which was near the arena the match was in. On the way to her place, they went over some plans for some future matches.


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