It didn’t take too long for the news to spread that Shakira and Nelly Furtado have left Gen Next. As was expected, there are rumors going around about why the group broke up, going from a blow out argument, to they just couldn’t stand to be around each other. But these rumors didn’t matter to the former members. They knew why they broke up and contrary to the rumors, they still loved each other and kept in touch despite going their own ways.

Some of the wrestlers were happy that they broke up and because of that saw an opportunity to exploit it. One of those wrestlers was Britney Spears. She was looking to get back into the swing of things in the league since she’s been on a bit of a hiatus. She would have loved to get back at Nelly Furtado for beating her and face-sitting her into oblivion back in Vegas. She knew that a match against Nelly wasn’t exactly the best way to make a big re-entrance into the league. She had to make a big splash. She instead decided to challenge none other than Shakira for the Bootylicious title. She smiled as she thought about the challenged. “Not only am I going to come back to the league, I’m going to beat that bitch Shakira good and take her title. I’m going to fucking humiliate her.” Muttered Britney to herself as she watched the video She Wolf on MTV.

Britney has recently gotten together with Brandy and struck up a friendship with her. “Hey Brit, what are you watching?” asked Brandy as she walked into the entertainment room where Britney was sitting.

“Huh? Oh, um…I’m watching my next opponent.” Replied Britney as she was a bit startled that Brandy came out of nowhere.

“Shakira?” asked Brandy a bit quizzically pointing at the TV. “You’re going to take on Shakira? For the Bootylicious title?” continued Brandy with a bit of a surprised tone in her voice.

“Yeah, I’m taking her on. She accepted the challenge already.” replied a confident Britney.

“You have some balls to challenge her, especially since not having a match in how long? A year? Perhaps more? You are going to need a serious workout regimen to get ready for her. She’s had a couple matches already and she’s a damn good fighter.” replied Brandy trying to keep Britney from getting into something she’s not ready for.

“C’mon Brandy, do you know who you’re talking to? I’m the former war-queen. I’ve been around the block a few times. I know what it takes to get ready.” Britney says trying to calm her friend.

“Good luck Brit, you’re going to need it.” Replied Brandy hoping for the best, but expecting the worst.

Later that night, the two started training in the upcoming match. At first, things were a little slow just trying some weight and flexibility training, followed up by some actual sparring. Britney seemed a bit out of shape, but there were some sparks of her once former life. Would all that be enough to beat Shakira?


After hearing about and accepting Britney’s challenge for the title, Shakira has been training for the match, mostly by herself or with the occasional sparring partner. Part way through her training sessions one day, she gets interrupted by a phone call.

“Hello, this is Shakira.” said Shakira in her trademark accent. She hears a voice from the past and is a bit stunned to hear it. She is overrun with a mix of surprise and joy to hear a familiar voice. After a few seconds of stunned silence, she replies with a smile, “G-man? Is that you? Oh my God, it’s good to hear from you. What’s going on?……You what? Oh wow!…uh-huh. Uh-huh. Ok. That’s Cool. I’m a little busy right now, but I’ll definitely be there. Bye for now.” Shakira smiled as she hung up the phone and resumed her training. “That’s a blast from the past. I wonder what he wants.” She asks herself as she continued training.

After a couple more hours of training, she showered up and got ready to meet G-Man. She goes to the address that he gave her. It is a local hotel and the front desk representative gives her a key to the room. It was for the suite. She gets in the elevator and goes up and into the room.

“Kelly? Nelly? You guys are here too. It’s nice to see you guys again.” smiles Shakira. They greeted her too with a hug and kiss on the cheek. The hug kiss between Kelly and Shakira was a bit longer than between Shakira and Nelly.

“Hey Shakira. It’s nice to see you too.” G-man says as he walked into the room. Shakira smiles as she walks up to him and gives him a hug and kiss. He returned the favor.

“It’s good to see you G-Man. It’s been so long.” said Shakira.

“Have a seat.” Pointed G-man to the couches and chairs in the room. “Drink anyone?” asked G-man as he poured himself some Scotch. They all declined.

Nelly Furtado“Rumor has it you guys broke up while I’ve been away. That true? I’m away for a little bit, and you guys just go POOF!” asked G-man as he sat down. The girls looked at each other a bit nervously.

“Well, G-man…um, we haven’t been much of a group since Vegas. Yeah we hung out and tried to make a go of it afterwards, but it didn’t work out.” confesses Shakira to break the silence.

“What do you mean ‘didn’t work out’? You guys were like family.” replies G-man a bit surprised.

“Shakira and I felt that we were getting a bit too old for what Gen Next was all about. We left rather amicably. We’re all still friends, love each other dearly and keep in touch. Kelly is still in the group…by herself…for the moment.” said Nelly ending on a bit of a nervous note.

“I see.” said G-man furrowing his forehead and stroking it trying to digest the news. “Nelly? Shakira? Are you guys planning to go it alone now? You guys going to form you’re a group together or each have your own groups? What’s Kelly going to do?” continued G-man trying to get a grip on things.

“We haven’t quite figured that part out yet. I’m sure we’ll come up with something.” said Shakira as she looked at the other girls. She continued, “What’s happened to you? Where have you been? Why haven’t you been in touch?”

G-man heard the questions, got a bit nervous and took a good sip of the scotch. He talked a bit slowly and solemnly: “Well, long story short…I, um, ran up some gambling debts while we were in Vegas, which is never a good thing. You know what they do to you in Vegas when you owe them money. Unfortunately for me, to make matters worse, I got involved in some rather unsavory characters. Good thing now is, I’ve paid my debts and no one is looking for me anymore.” G-man finally put down the drink, his hand shaking.

The girls heard the story and had a look of mostly shock, mixed in with a bit of sympathy on their faces. “Anyway, back to you girls. Anything new with you girls? I see Jessica Simpson on the news with the Songbird title.” G-man says trying to break the silence.

“Um…yeah I did. I was so close to beating her. I am so pissed with myself for not beating her. I’m glad to hear you’re ok.” Kelly adds.

“Thanks Kelly.” smiled G-man.

“Cool. I’m sure you’ll win.” said G-man trying to be upbeat.

“Getting back to your question about the group thing, I’ve been thinking while we’ve been talking. Nelly and I could start our own group, maybe not this instant, but hopefully in the near future. I’ve gotten some calls for training from Natalie Portman. We could include her in the group. We’re all a bit older, but not too old. We all have a good chemistry together.” said Shakira throwing out some ideas.

“I could go for that. I’m a little busy right now with things, but I certainly could give the group thing another go around with you. How come you never told me about Natalie’s calls?” asks Nelly.

“Natalie Portman called you?” chuckles Kelly as she looked at Shakira.

“What’s the big deal? I can’t help it if other people think I’ve got the goods and I don’t mean just physically.” smiles Shakira being taken a bit aback by the questions on Natalie.

“This is good in a way. Seeing you guys getting together into some sort of group and sticking together makes me happy.” G-man explains. “You should call Natalie and start training her anyway, group or not. I think she’s got some potential and you could use someone to train with in your upcoming match with Britney. You guys could use all the allies you could use in the league.”

Natalie Portman“I will. I’ll give her a call tonight.” Shakira announces with a smile.

“Good. As for Kelly, I’ve got some ideas I’d like to talk with you in a bit about Gen Next.” says G-man.

“I have some ideas of my own that I’d like to discuss.” says Shakira. Over the next few hours, they talked about events in the past year and future plans and overall just enjoyed being around each other.

Soon after they all meeting broke up, Shakira placed a call to Natalie Portman.

“Hi.” Natalie answers the phone.

“Hi Natalie. It’s Shakira. Sorry about not getting back to you until now.” said Shakira.

“That’s ok. It’s good to hear back from you. I thought you might have forgotten all about me.” replies Natalie.

“No, nothing like that. I’ve just been busy with things. Listen, I was wondering if you could do me a favor. I’ve got a match coming up with Britney and could use a consistent sparring partner. I was hoping you’d be willing to do that for me. I’d train you like you asked in return.” asks Shakira.

“That sounds great. Just say where and when and I’m there.” replied a happy Natalie.

“That’s great to hear.” said Shakira. Shakira told her where to meet her and just as discussed, Natalie was there and ready. The training and sparring started quickly after meeting in the gym. Shakira quickly saw that Natalie could use some extra training but was willing to do it even if it meant staying late at the gym.


The day of the match finally came and both fighters were making final preparations for the fight. Shakira had Natalie Portman in her locker room for the match. In the other locker room, Britney had Brandy accompanying her. Both were confident that they would win the match against the other.

“Britney, just remember to stay focused on the match no matter what happens. You’ve come a long way since you’ve started training for the match. Watch out for any weaknesses while fighting, even though she may not have many or even show then, but look for them. She won’t be easy to take down.” Brandy instructed as Britney stretched.

Melissa Joan Hart“Gotcha Brandy, I’ll be careful and keep my eyes open. Now, don’t you worry so much.” replied Britney with a smile.

After a few more minutes, Britney was called to the ring to the song of ‘3’ blaring in the background. She had a black leotard with matching stockings that looked like the outfight she wore in the video and was barefoot. She had Brandy at her side. The crowd cheered her on as she strode down the aisle to the ring. As she gets near the ring, she looks into the crowd and sees her long time friend Melissa Joan Hart. She goes over to her.

“Melissa, what are you doing here?” said a smiling yet surprised Britney.

“I heard you were having a match tonight and wanted to see you. I left you a few voicemails and you haven’t gotten back to me.” Melissa replied.

“I’m sorry about that… been training. See me after the match.” Britney said as Brandy was tugging on her to get into the ring. After she got into the ring, she waves to everyone.

A couple minutes later, Shakira was introduced next with the song ‘She Wolf’ blaring in the background. Like Britney, she had Natalie Portman at her side. She was wearing the black swimsuit on from her video with the one shoulder strap. She was barefoot as well. The crowd went wild as she appeared and held her title over her head. She smiled and shook hands on her way to the ring. .

As Shakira made into the ring, she sticks her ass out to Britney and pats it, “Take a good look Britney. That’s an ass of a champion.” Britney got a little miffed at her for that and tried to charge at her, but was stopped by Brandy. Shakira chuckled, “What’s the matter, you scared to let that ‘has been’ lose to me? She seems eager enough to me.”

Brandy“Watch your tongue bitch. You’ll be eating those words in a couple minutes.” replied a snippy Brandy trying to hold back an even more pissed off Britney. Brandy turned to Britney and whispers, “Calm down, this is what I’m talking about. She’s just trying to get in our heads.”

After two fighters backed into their corner and their accompanying ladies went outside, the referee called the two to the center of the ring and explained the rules quickly. The two ignored the ref as they stared each other down. After the ref explained the rules, he called for the bell.

The two began to circle each other watching each other carefully. They locked up pushing against each other for a test of strength. The two weren’t able to push the other more than a couple steps in either direction. They soon gave up trying to out-muscle each other and released their respective holds. Shakira tries a new tactic and moves in for a few quick shots to her torso and head. Britney was able to block them with relative ease. She was taken aback though by the quickness that Shakira displayed in her movements and even though she was able to block them, she had to take a couple steps back.

Britney shoots back with a few jabs of her own and a kick to Shakira’s stomach. Shakira was able to block the punches but her eyes widened when she got kicked in the stomach. She gets winded and doubles over a bit from the kick. Britney follows up with an uppercut to Shakira’s jaw making her head snap up and her to stagger back a couple steps. Britney quickly bounces off the ropes and comes rushing back toward Shakira and clotheslines her dropping Shakira onto her back in a thud. Shakira grunts as she hits the mat. She is surprised at how well Britney is starting the match. Just after clothes lining Shakira, Britney guillotine kicks Shakira across her chest causing her body to spasm. In an attempt to keep her early advantage going against Shakira, Britney grabs Shakira’s hear bringing her to her feet with her. As the two made it to their feet, Shakira lands a hard punch to Britney’s gut. Britney groans and her eyes widen from the punch, but she maintains the hold on her hair. She counters with a punch to Shakira’s head. This doesn’t deter Shakira as she lands another punch to Britney’s gut.

The two continued punching each other hoping to weaken the other enough to mount an offensive. Shakira makes the first move as she hits Britney’s pussy with a couple of pointed jabs. Britney shrieked in pain as she released Shakira’s hair and went to cover her pussy. Shakira smiled as she saw this and opened up on Britney. She started with a couple karate chops to Britney’s chest followed by jabs to her head and chest forcing Britney back to the ropes. As she got her back to the ropes, Shakira spins around and slams her foot into Britney’s chest toppling her over the top of the ropes and onto the floor below.

Shakira plays to the crowd a bit as Britney groans on the ground. Wanting to help Shakira out, Natalie tries to secretly go around to where Britney is laying on the ground and take advantage of the downed Britney. “Britney watch out!” screams Melissa from the crowd to Britney as she is making it to her knees. Britney looks up in time to see a kick coming from Natalie connecting with her forehead knocking her back to the ground. Shakira distracts the ref to give Natalie some cover.

Brandy hears Melissa yelling and sees Natalie starting to stomp on Britney while she is on the ground. She rushes over to take on Natalie. Just as she is about to get to her, Natalie sees Brandy coming toward her, and says, “oh shit!” then starts to run around the ring making Brandy chase her. Being in better shape and the faster of the two, Brandy catches up to Natalie and tackles her. She straddles her and starts to punch her chest and head. Using the training that Shakira has given her recently, Natalie starts to punch back and buck Brandy. She eventually succeeds in knocking Brandy off of her. The two continue to fight it out.

ShakiraAfter Natalie breaks off her attack on Britney, Shakira slides outside the ring to continue her match with Britney. She grabs her hair and starts to bring her to her feet. As Shakira brings Britney to her feet, Britney uppercuts Shakira’s pussy not once…but twice. This causes Shakira’s eyes to bulge and her mouth to open in a big ‘O’, but with no voice coming out. Shakira brings her hands to her pussy and drops to her knees. Britney gets to her feet and stands before Shakira.

“Paybacks a bitch, ain’t it?” scoffs Britney as she grabs a loft of Shakira’s hair and slams her knee into Shakira’s unprotected face a dozen times. One of the kicks nearly breaks her nose, but it does make it bleed. After she is done with the knees, Britney brings Shakira to her feet by her hair and with the free hand grabs the back of Shakira’s outfit and hurdles her toward the steel steps on the outside of the ring. Shakira grunts as she connects with the stairs. The force of the connection makes the stairs to fall to their side with Shakira falling on top of them with her ass slightly protruding upwards. She is writhing in pain as she lies there. She expected a fight out of Britney, but nothing quite like this.

Britney smirks as she sways her hips while making her way to Shakira seeing an opportunity to take advantage of Shakira’s prone position. As she gets close to Shakira, Britney raises her hand and lays a few good smacks to Shakira’s ass causing her to shriek with each hit. After a bunch of smacks to Shakira’s ass, Britney says, “Enough play time for me, time to finish this.” She grabs Shakira by the hair and rolls her into the ring. Britney quickly follows her into the ring.

Wanting to make a big splash before the end of the match, Britney goes to the corner and gets up to the top turnbuckle. She waves to the crowd before turning to look at Shakira who is groaning in pain on the mat below. She then jumps off the ropes for a frog splash, but just as she is about to connect, Shakira is somehow able to bring her knees up to protect herself. Britney’s gut slams right into the knees and rolls off of Shakira. Britney is badly winded as she lies next to Shakira and holding her gut in pain.

As the two were groaning in pain on the mat, Brandy and Natalie were fighting it out. Brandy was getting the advantage over the inexperienced Natalie as she slowly forced her back to the one of the corner posts. With a quick knee to Natalie’s gut, she made Natalie double over. Brandy then spun her around and thrust her towards the post. A loud THWACK was made when Natalie’s head connected with the post. Natalie dropped like a sack of potatoes to the ground, out cold. Brandy turns to see both Britney and Shakira lying next to each other groaning and hurting badly. She starts to cheer Britney on, hoping that her cheering will help bring Britney to victory.

After a couple minutes, both wrestlers have finally made it to their knees. They are still within arms reach of each other as they get to their wobbly feet. They start to slug it out with each other. After a dozen shots from each of them, Shakira sees an opening as she kicks Britney in her gut making her double over. Wasting no time, she then shoves Britney’s head between her thighs, hooks her arms behind her back and executes a pedigree. Britney’s head hits the mat in a thud, making her body bounce off the mat a couple inches before coming back down. Brandy sees this and her eyes widen as she screams, “NNNNOOOOOOO!” Shakira rolls Britney onto her back and then stands up and quickly strips naked. Britney is almost out of it at this point and can barely tell where she is.

Shakira slides her thumb across her throat signifying she’s going to finish Britney. She straddles Britney’s prone body and starts to shake her ass as she starts to lower it onto Britney’s face. As Shakira finally plants her ass on Britney’s face, Britney starts to flail her arms and legs and tries to buck Shakira off of her. Brandy, wanting to help Britney, gets up on the edge of the apron to try and help Britney, but the ref sees her and charges over to her blocking her entrance into the ring. Britney is slowly fading under Shakira’s smother, but in a last ditch desperate effort to fight back, Britney bites down on Shakira’s asshole making her scream in pain and lift her ass up a bit.

Brandy is finally able to get by the referee just as Britney bites down on Britney’s as and tackles Shakira, straddling her as she takes her down. With one hand, she grabs Shakira’s hair and with the other, she punches away at Shakira’s face. A chorus of boos come from the crowd as they see Brandy’s interference in the match.

A few fans start cheering as they see Nelly Furtado come running down the ramp and into the ring. She is there to help her old/new teammate and friend. Melissa also sees Nelly coming down the ramp and jumps out from the crowd to intercept Nelly. Just as Nelly is about to take Brandy off of Shakira, Melissa tackles her and the two roll around a bit in the ring. The two quickly get to their feet and start to fight it out viciously in the ring. The referee has now lost control of the match as he sees the ladies all fighting each other. He’s thinking of calling the match. By this time, Britney has gotten to her feet and makes her way to Brandy.

“Hey Brandy, let’s finish her together.” Says Britney as Brandy halts her assault on Shakira who is going in and out of consciousness at this point. Brandy brings Shakira to her feet and hurdles her towards the ropes, while she and Britney go to the opposite set of ropes. They join hands as they try to clothesline her together. The plan fails as Shakira ducks underneath their arms. They all continue to the ropes on the other side and come back toward each other. On the way back, in a bit of energy, Shakira lunges at them clothes-lining them both. After this spurt of energy, Shakira collapses on the mat as she tries to get up. On the other hand, Brandy and Britney only stay on the mat for a short while before getting to their feet. They both smile seeing Shakira on the mat below them and barely staying awake.

Just like Shakira before her, Britney rolls Shakira to her back and then strips naked. She straddles Shakira and shimmies her ass as she brings her own ass down on Shakira’s face. Shakira sees Britney’s ass come down on her and fears her reign as the Bootylicious Queen may soon be coming to an end.

As she is doing this though, loud cheers come from the crowd as none other than Kelly Clarkson comes running down the ramp and into the ring. Brandy sees her and stands between Kelly and the two fighters.

“Bring it bitch!” Brandy yells at Kelly.

Kelly ClarksonKelly responds with a snarl as she charges. The two start duking it out like nobody’s business. Kelly wasn’t going to let anyone stand between her and her helping Shakira. Likewise, Brandy wasn’t going to let anyone get to Britney. In a move only seen in ‘The Matrix’ or ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ movies, Kelly jumps up in the air with her arms up in the air in a claw like shape and her knees bent. She lets loose several kicks to Brandy’s chest followed by several to her head totally catching her by surprise. After Kelly gets back to the ground, she spins around and connects with a kick to her head knocking Brandy to the ground unconscious. Once she does that, she glares at Britney who gulps as her eyes widen as she watches Brandy collapse to the mat and says in total surprise, “OH fuck me!”

A few others would have cut and run after seeing that, maybe even the old Britney. This Britney however turns back to Kelly and says in defiance probably knowing what’s coming, “Make me get off of her.” Kelly’s responded with a lightning quick kick to Britney’s cheek snapping her neck and dropping her to the mat nearly knocking her out.

Kelly snarls, “If you say so.”

Kelly then drops to Shakira’s side checking on her to see if she is still awake, which she barely is. “C’mon Shakira, you’ve got a title to defend.” She tries to help Shakira to her feet, but it’s like lifting dead weight as she lifts her up. Kelly has to practically drag Shakira to Britney and plant her ass on Britney’s face. Shakira didn’t have to do much to keep herself steady on Britney’s face as Kelly placed her on Britney’s face so that she wouldn’t fall over.

As Shakira is sitting on Britney, Kelly turns to the fight between Nelly and Melissa and joins in on the fight. It doesn’t take long for the two of them to get Melissa out on the mat.

After almost minute of sitting on Britney’s face, the referee comes over to check on Britney. He lifts up Britney’s arm three times and lets it drop for three times. He then calls for the bell and the belt. He hands Shakira the belt and lift her arm in victory.

By this time, Shakira’s arms barely have any strength in them. Both Nelly and Kelly come over to Shakira to congratulate her. Shakira has maintained the title, but at what cost? Will she be able to win another match like this?

“I don’t know how I could have won this match without help from the two of you. Thank you!” said Shakira thankfully, but weak. As Shakira tries to get to her feet, she nearly collapses. Both Nelly and Kelly help Shakira to her feet and wrap their arms around her and help her out of the ring and into the locker room. As they get into the locker room, Shakira remembers that Natalie was at ringside and says to the girls, “Don’t forget about Natalie Portman, she was at ringside. I think she got knocked out by Brandy.”

“I’ll go get her.” Says Kelly as she helps lay Shakira on one of the benches. She quickly goes back to the ring and finds Natalie still out at ringside. She lifts her up and carries her back to the locker room before any of the other girls wake back up. As Kelly gets back to the locker room, Natalie starts to stir and opens her eyes. Kelly lays her on the other bench.

“Shakira, you here?” says Natalie somewhat weakly.

“Yeah, I’m here.” Replies an equally weak Shakira.

“Did you win?” asks Natalie.

“Yeah, but barely.” Replies Shakira.

“Congratulations! Sorry I wasn’t much help tonight.” Says Natalie.

“Nonsense! You did your part! We just have to work on your fighting that’s all. I had Kelly and Nelly to thank too for helping me win.” says Shakira trying to spare her feelings. She and the other girls look at each other knowing that Natalie needed more a lot more training.