Recipie For A Renegade


NOTE - This match follows events of RAGE! III

The studio advisor Quatro Calderon is still on top of the world. His debuting Chosen faction succeeded in defeating the fabled Fab Four. It was a controversial victory, but a definitive finish for the former Fab Four, that he has now renamed the Fab Fifty per the contract. Then his day takes an unexpected turn, when the four leaders of the ABA barge into his office. "Calderon, we have to talk!" Jenny McCarthy, the ABA boss barks.

"I have to give you credit, you are as good as advertised. You've beaten the Fabs, You took their name and identity. You've turned some fans against them, and forced Eva Longoria and Roselyn Sanchez out of the group!" Jenny compliments. "They are defeated and on the run. But we know from experience many times over, that now is when the Fabs are the most dangerous. They are like roaches or rodents. They hide away, and lick their wounds. They plot and come back stronger!" Jenny warns. "You've got to keep stomping them while they are down until they're buried. Otherwise, they will come back stronger than you can possibly imagine."

"We don't like you any more than you like us." Jenny explains. "However we make great business associates. Your Intel combined with our ability as assassins makes a dangerous weapon. Your teams of the Chosen or the Resistance can't finish the Fab Fifty and you know it. Let's continue our working relationship a little longer and allow us to help you finish the job. Afterward we can see if either team of your prima donnas can tame the ABA."

Calderon quietly contemplates the words and offer that he has just heard. He considers the short and long term effects. The ABA are effective, but they are traitorous and selfish mavericks. They are not material for a corporate scheme. "I'll give it a try. What do you want?" Calderon asks none the less.

"We want you to accelerate the match between Catherine Bell against Tia Carrere as soon as possible." Demi Moore offers. "Tia is still beat up from her match with the Chosen. Cat will dominate and destroy her. Tia is their Ultimate Warrior. without her they are defenseless."

"She is too beaten up to ever except the match right now." Calderon answers.

"From my understanding, you have a contract that you could force her to take it now against her will." Demi coyly responds.

Calderon thoughtfully answers, "True, but that will use up one of my biggest trump cards."

"But it will keep the tilted scales in your and our favor." Lucy offers.

Calderon thinks again. "I need more out of this deal. If you were to add more incentive to the deal I could consider it. My informants tell me that Jennifer Lopez has reservations at Ready Freddie's next week. That is perfect for a trap. You come back to me with a plan. Freddie's will cooperate with you fully. They have to, they owe me. Then we will see about a deal."

Totally confused Jenny asks, "What? What's Ready Freddie's?" Demi and Madonna make eye contact with each other and snicker.

Thousands drive by a store front called Ready Freddie's everyday in Las Vegas, but few know what kind of business that it actually is. A few know that it is actually a high end restaurant despite it's anonymous exterior. It caters to a clientele that there is no need to market to. Those that can afford it know about it. However most of them are unaware that there are two restaurants in one. First, there is the public restaurant. Then there is a second secret dining room for others. It is accessed through a secret entrance on the back of the building. Even there, is another room that people enter, then access a secret door in a scene that is straight out of the movies. This room is for the rich and famous to dine like regular people, without the need for bodyguards or drawing attention. Not every celebrity is allowed to enter this room. It is only for the most elite, who value this blessing of privacy.

Alex and Taylor know the big secret because they are maintenance for Ready Freddie's. This morning they were called to add several items a shelf in the woman's restroom. The restaurant has gathered a lot of trinkets and momentous from their hall of fame clientele. Many of those items have become decorations and part of the ambiance of the restaurant. However the over stuffed shelf in the restroom has become loose, and needs to be tightened up. Especially after they added several oddly heavy items to the shelves. As Taylor and Alex work, Taylor reminds "Jennifer Lopez is coming for lunch. She's reserved several tables so no one will be around her."

Alex responds, "This shelf is going to need toggle bolts to keep it up. These anchors aren't strong enough. I'll have to go buy some today, but we won't have time to put them in before J Lo arrives. These anchors will have do for now. It's the best I can to do until tomorrow morning. It should be fine unless an earthquake or World War 3 rocks the building."

Alex and Taylor gather their tools and leave minutes before Jennifer Lopez arrives. She has been there many times and knows some of the staff or rather the staff is familiar with her. Jennifer is never very talkative to the hired help. However Calderon knows the ownership, management and staff very well. They call on him for favors frequently. Calderon manipulates some strings around Jennifer's visit this time.

Normally Jennifer has a grand time at Freddie's and they cater to her every need. However, this time was different. First, her server's name is Rachel. She is a 24 year old aspiring actress and drop dead gorgeous by any measure. She is the kind of woman that makes even an international icon and sex symbol jealous or uncomfortable. Her husband Ben Affleck could not keep gazing at her the last several times that they were there. She knows that if or probably when Ben cheats on her, that Rachel will be a target. In fact Jennifer questioned if Ben was not fantasizing about Rachel while Jennifer was fucking Ben later that evening after he first saw Rachel. He was definitely extra passionate on that occasion. Ben generously tipped the young chick a few thousand for being their server that lunch date.

Second, they did not have her newly launched line of spritzer, Delola available. Jennifer always makes her personal assistant call ahead and makes sure that it is available. In addition they were out of out of her favorite brand of mineral water. Jennifer was about to blow a gasket. She would have walked out, if this was not a business meeting with an important producer. Jennifer usually does not talk directly to staff, and uses her assistant to do the ordering for her. This avoids nasty rumors about her being rude or bitchy behind the scenes. Her assistant was not present with her in this private setting. Freddie's push that there is no need for such precautions there and frowns upon them. So, Jennifer gets on her cell phone and is heard screaming at her assistant, and to get her, "Damned mineral water here ASAP!"

Things are getting uneasy. A shaken Rachael comes over and starts apologizing profusely. Jennifer stares daggers at the young woman and barely acknowledges her existence. Rachel gives Jennifer her check and receives a fraction of the tip that Jennifer normally gives. Then out of nowhere, ABA member, Lindsay Lohan appears to console Rachel. "Don't worry, you poor thing. Jennifer is an old ass bitch, and everyone knows it. All of Los Angeles knows that she is a cheap, no tipping cunt. Please ignore her and don't let that piece of shit get you down." Lindsay was talking loud enough for Jennifer to hear her, as well as the staff and the handful of other patrons.

Jennifer head pops up and she looks at Lindsay and Rachel. "Are you fucking kidding me right now Lindsay?" Jennifer roars as she is nearly shaking with fury.

"No I'm not fucking kidding!" Lindsay sasses back. "I'm defending this girl's honor against a two bit bully like your old ass! You owe this woman an apology for your behavior and give her a decent tip to make up for being an insufferable bitch that yells when things aren't going her way." Lindsay pauses as the rumbling in the room gets behind her. Following that great oration, who would logically not be behind an anti-hero like Lindsay. "Apologize right now Jennifer, or I'm going to make you apologize!" Lindsay threatens.

Jennifer understands that Lindsay is trying to embarrass her and make her look like a horrible person in public. She realizes that she is being set up too. "Lindsay I don't know what game that you're playing or what you're up to, but I'll bust your ass for trying to embarrass me in this place. I love it here."

"Oh I'm not playing a game Jennifer." Lindsay argues back. "Either start apologizing or we can go to the ladies room for a private one on one conversation."

Jennifer sees that she is obviously being goaded into a fight, but to what end. Surely Lindsay does not think that she is going to whip Jennifer in a fight. Maybe this is a smear tactic from the ABA. Whether Jennifer wins of loses she is going to look like a super bitch to the public. Jennifer silently stews in her anger and contemplates.

When she did not get an answer, Lindsay adds, "Maybe you should run out of here like a scared little bitch, like when the Chosen was beating your tired old ass like you stole something, Ms Fab Fifty." Lindsay spits words that were dripping in total disdain, and disrespect.

Every word of that sentence hit a nerve in Jennifer. "Let's go!" Jennifer definitively states. She stands and turns to walk to the ladies room. Then turns back to add, "I'm going to take ten minutes to whip you're ass, then everybody in here is going to pop champagne and party like a mutha fucker, all on me!" That got a small rise in goodwill towards Jennifer as she strutted to the ladies room with Lindsay following behind.

Jennifer wore a colorful casual sun dress today. It is thin and loose, and perfect for the Las Vegas heat. Lindsay came battle ready, wearing a black tank top with cut off jean shorts. As they walked across the restaurant, It seemed that the 80's dance classic There's A Meeting In the Ladies Room by Klymaxx is bopping in everyone's heads. Jennifer's brisk pace got her there first. She bursts though the door, then turns around being ready for anything.

When Lindsay enters, Jennifer bursts, "Do you really think you can take me in a fight? This must be the dumbest ABA trap of all time!"

With a sly smile, Lindsay answers, "Well Champ, the Fab Four J Lo would definitely give me problems, but luckily I'm fighting the Fab Fifty version. She's been beaten, and tamed by Calderon and the Chosen. She's not J Lo anymore. She's just Jenny. I bet Jenny has nightmares about Amber Heard knocking her old Fab Fifty ass out?"

Jennifer growls and springs at Lindsay. The force knocks Lindsay back against the door with a thud. Jennifer starts windmilling fists and punches across any part of Lindsay that she could. The younger starlet ducks, dodges and blocks feverishly. She counters with a few well placed and timed punches, that Jennifer largely ignores. This is a nice way of saying that Lindsay is really getting mugged, and getting the shit kicked out of her. Lindsay tries to get away from this brawling. She dips and ducks and then spins to get out of the corner trap. Lindsay escapes but Jennifer snatches a big handful of dirty blonde hair out of Lindsay's head by the roots in the process.

Jennifer tosses the tuft of hair and continues after Lindsay. Jennifer tears into Lindsay like a Tasmanian Devil. She keeps the heat and pressure on Lindsay in a full mugging of the younger starlet. Jennifer pounds Linsday backwards and slams her back into the same wall that Alex and Taylor were working on the memento shelf earlier that day. Poor Lindsay is still trying to slip and get away in these close quarters. Then she gets caught with a right hook to the jaw that sends her though a bathroom stall door and falling to the floor.

After Lindsay's magical disappearing act into the bathroom stall, Jennifer flings the door open to continue whipping Lindsay's butt. Only Lindsay had crawled under the stall wall and is halfway through to two stalls away. Jennifer hurriedly travels down the row, until she is able to grab Lindsay's ankles and drag her out of the stalls through an open floor. Lindsay grabs one of the wall supports and is screaming and kicking to keep Jennifer from dragging her out, but eventually Lindsay loses that tug of war.

Lindsay continues desperately screaming and kicking as she gets drug across the bathroom floor. Finally she succeeds in kicking Jennifer away. She goes rocketing backwards against the wall with the memento shelf. As Jennifer thumps into the wall and then gathers her bearings, Lindsay is hopping to her feet. Lindsay strides over and unleashes a straight right at Jennifer's face. The champ slips the punch with a subtle dip of her head with the boxing skill of Sugar Ray Leonard. After the dip Jennifer drives up with a hook to Lindsay's ribs. Lindsay bellows and stumbles backwards, hunched over and holding her side. The Bronx Bomber has just enough time to snap a jab into Lindsay's nose. "This so called 'Fab 50 bitch' is about to wring your turkey neck!" Jennifer angrily threatens.

"Don't come at me with that shit talk!" Lindsay screams back as she stalwarts herself. "I'm a native New Yorker too! I'm not taking that shit!" Lindsay starts firing fiery fists back at Jennifer. The rebirth takes Jennifer by surprise for about half a second, before the skilled, veteran fighter starts blocking, swatting and dodging fists to neutralize Lindsay's burst. Soon Jennifer finds Lindsay's rythm and counters with brutal fists that are wobbling Lindsay and busting her up. When Lindsay tries to clench to stop the beating, the wily champion takes Lindsay and slings her to the hard tile floor with a judo toss.

Jennifer drops to the floor behind Lindsay and wraps her arm around Lindsay's neck from behind and puts her in a rear chin lock. "I wasn't talking shit when I said I was going to wring your turkey neck! I was telling you what I was going to do! No brag, just facts, bitch!"

Lindsay can barely breath but understands that she has to get to her feet to change the leverage. However those muscles on Jennifer's body are not just for show. She is strong enough to hold Lindsay down and make just standing a difficult task. Lindsay fires a couple of elbows into Jennifer's breasts hoping to loosen things up. That is not really working. Jennifer is forcing Lindsay to try a wrestling reversal which is not one of Lindsay's strengths. Lindsay can easily end up in a submission hold and getting choked out or tapping out. Lindsay finally calms the swarm in her head, then comes up with a solution. Lindsay arches her back in an attempt to escape. Jennifer adjusts her grip. Lindsay grabs Jennifer's fingers and targets her pinky finger. Jennifer squeals as Lindsay clutches the pinky finger and tries to bend it the wrong way. Jennifer yelps and shoves Lindsay away while jerking her hand back.

Both immediately spring back to their feet and continue to engage each other. Lindsay cocks her fist to wallop Jennifer. However the champ defuses Lindsay's plan with a quick snapping left jab to Lindsay's face before she can land her punch. Lindsay is stunned in place, allowing Jennifer to follow with two more quick left jabs for a trifecta. Lindsay stumbles dizzily backwards against the long bathroom vanity with multiple sinks.

Lindsay sees that she has less than a snowball's chance in Hell to win a two-fisted brawl against the champ. She has to turn this brawl into a nasty catfight to survive. When a mean looking Jennifer approaches to finish pounding her, Lindsay reaches out with both hands and squeezes both of Jennifer's tits. Jennifer squawks loudly as Lindsay squeezes Jennifer's breasts mercilessly and tries to pull them free from Jennifer's sundress so she can punish them further. Loudly squawking like a bird, Jennifer desperately grabs Lindsay's wrists to pull them away. "No! Stop! Stop it!" Jennifer shouts as she thrusts her knee into Lindsay's belt line and follows with a wicked backhand across the lips to finally make Lindsay back off.

"This is one of my favorite dresses!" Jennifer passionately declares. "This is custom made and a personal gift from a really good friend! I will kill you if you fuck up this dress up!" Jennifer continues. "I'm taking it off now and nothing better happen to it!" Jennifer finishes as she reaches to her waistline and quickly snatches the sun dress off over her head. Jennifer is trying to toss the dress to the side when Lindsay leaps all over her. Honestly Jennifer was surprised she got the dress off before this scoundrel attacked.

Jennifer already had a plan. She grabs her mugger under her hips and lifts Lindsay off of her feet. Jennifer takes off charging and smashes Lindsay's back into the first wall that she can. Jennifer drives her shoulder into Lindsay's body and tries to send her through the Sheetrock. The huge bump is heard by the handful of customers and staff in the dining room that anxiously awaits to see who will emerge out of the bathroom as the winner. Jennifer does not stop there, She drives Lindsay into another wall and then another and rattles walls all over the bathroom and the dining room. The astounded yet still amazingly gorgeous waitress, Rachel exclaims, "Oh my! it sounds like an earthquake or World War 3 in there!"

After being driven into six walls Lindsay finally fights out of Jennifer's grasps. Lindsay is back on her feet and attacks Jennifer's breasts with both hands to twist them viciously while Lindsay catches her breath. Besides, Jennifer's tits looked too inviting as they were served up on a platter almost in Jennifer's strapless bra that she wore under her sun dress. Jennifer's head falls backward with a howl for a second then instantly regains her composure. Tough girl, Jennifer has had her breasts beaten and destroyed by the best over the years. Not to discredit Lindsay, she is a mean, nasty, dirty fighter and can be a tit mauling machine. However Jennifer can bear this punishment, at least for the time being.

Jennifer seizes a handful of hair on either side of Lindsay's head and starts wringing her from side to side. It makes it nearly impossible for Lindsay to maintain debilitating pressure on Jennifer's tits. Then Lindsay shocks Jennifer by grabbing the front of her strapless bra, and yanking it right off of Jennifer's torso. Jennifer loudly gasps that turns into an increasing higher pitch squeal as the bra's fabric and wires digging into Jennifer's flesh until the bra gives way in Lindsay's hands. After immediately discarding the bra Lindsay digs right back into both of Jennifer's tits with both hands. Her fingers now finds nipples to pinch and twist to really hurt Jennifer.

Jennifer instinctively grabs Lindsay's wrist to try to pry them off to no avail. "Ugh! You're such a low down, dirty gutter rat fighter!" Jennifer insults through gritted teeth. The women lock eyes. Lindsay did not really view the comment as an insult, but found it complimenting. She knows the only chance she has to beat Jennifer is in a dirty close quarters catfight. That is why she chose the bathroom as the battlefield. For Jennifer to make that comment lets Lindsay know that she is being highly effective.

"Lucky for me you're not committed enough to go to the gym and learning moves." In a flash after finishing her thought, Jennifer's forearm slams into Lindsay's collar bone and lower throat. Lindsay gags for breath and stands frozen as Jennifer moves as fast as lightening. Jennifer's foot rockets up and tries to kick Lindsay's tits off her chest. Lindsay is doubling over when Jennifer's other knee launches up and nails Lindsay in the chin to straighten her back up. Where another side kick careens into Lindsay's chest that propels her backward until she smashes into the wall. It all happened in a split second it seemed. It is definitely a combo gained by hundreds of tireless hours of commitment in the gym.

Lindsay is breathless, hurt and confused as she sees Jennifer coming toward her like a Terminator. Trying to hide the fact that she is really very scared, Lindsay steps forward and throws a sloppy desperate punch. Jennifer swats the garbage punch away without a second thought. She continues forward and reaches out and seizes Lindsay by the throat with one hand. Lindsay stands gagging and dancing in place for a bit before a clobbering forearm/fist smashes her over the head and knocks Lindsay to the floor. Lindsay is on the cold tile floor only a moment before Jennifer reaches down and snatches her back to her feet with a two handed grip on Lindsay's tank top. Jennifer slams Lindsay's back against the wall again in seemingly her favorite spot, under the memento shelf. Jennifer keeps her grip on the shirt and rips it straight down the middle to expose Lindsay's freckled pair of breasts. "Of course you're not wearing a bra!" Jennifer comments. Lindsay's big freckled tits are far from perfect, but somehow that made them far sexier and better than Jennifer's tits could ever be. The apex competitor with Black Mamba intensity and Batman's inexhaustible discipline finds that hard to accept. One thing about Jennifer Lynn Lopez is that she believes she can always improve, she can always look better, and that no goal is unachievable. Jennifer's first inclination is a dastardly revenge breast assault, but that would make her no better than Lindsay. So Jennifer gives Lindsay a stunning right cross, and then starts pulling off the remnants of Lindsay's shirt, intending on choking her with it. But by the time the shirt is free, Jennifer decides to toss it to the side too. She feels that there is no need to fight like a dirty gutter rat at this point.

Frustrated, Jennifer slugs Lindsay in the jaw again, before tossing the shirt aside. Lindsay slams back into the wall again and rattles the room. "Why??" Jennifer growls. "Why are we having this useless fight?" Jennifer asks before unleashing another well practiced combination of slaps, elbows, backhands and palm strikes to Lindsay. Each strong blow sends Lindsay banging back into the wall.

"To make you look bad." Lindsay breathlessly answers. "Public opinion has turned against you guys... finally! The more bull shit and turmoil that you're involved in, the more it will snow ball against you." Jennifer punctuated Lindsay's response with a wicked right cross. "How does it feel to finally be the bad guy?"

"Only temporarily" Jennifer huffs back. "The people know who we are and what we stand for." Then Jennifer pimp smacks the taste out of Lindsay's mouth.

"Yeah you're a bunch of old bitties that ran across a team of young women that you couldn't bully." Lindsay begins. "They ran you ragged, until your tongues hanged out. Then they kicked your asses, so bad that you tapped out and ran away like little bitches." Lindsay finishes with a smirk and a taunting laugh. "They ran you out of town! That's what you stand for now!"

Jennifer becomes irate. She grabs Lindsay by the hair and blasts her with an uppercut, designed to knock Lindsay's head off. Lindsay slams hard into the wall, and starts to slide down. Jennifer snatches Lindsay by the hair and hauls the daze actress back upright. Jennifer slams Lindsay's back again the wall and draws back for the final blow. At that moment the over bared shelf that Taylor and Alex had patched gives way. The shelf slant allowing a figurine of the bodacious superstar, Charo to slide off the self and conks Jennifer on the top of her head.

Jennifer's expression goes blank and she wobbles in place. Lindsay cannot believe her luck. She clenches her fist and loads up and slugs Jennifer across the jaw as hard as she possibly could. Jennifer falls to the cold tile floor like a slab of meat. Jennifer was out cold before she hit the floor.

Lindsay could not believe what just happened. She just knocked the reigning champion, the legendary Jennifer Lopez out cold. She could not help but have a self indulging celebration as Jennifer snoozed on the floor. While celebrating Lindsay gets a glimpse of herself in the mirror. She may have won the fight, but she does not look like a winner. Jennifer's fists have marked up her face pretty good. Luckily Lindsay was prepared and took out a makeup kit that she had stashed earlier to try and repair some of the damage.

As Lindsay works on her face, Jennifer slowly starts coming around. Jennifer moans and rubs her jaw. "What the fuck did you do to me Lindsay? I never even saw it coming." Jennifer mutters. Her only answer was Lindsay's taunting chuckle. Lindsay was not about to tell Jennifer that the self full of hidden cameras gave way and caused Jennifer's down fall. "What the fuck! I can't believe I got knocked out by fuckin' Lindsay Lohan", Jennifer grumbles.

"Now that's not a respectful or polite thing to say." Lindsay responds and turns her total attention back to Jennifer. "I'm going to teach you some manners and humble you today." Lindsay says as she walks over to the downed champion. Lindsay grabs Jennifer by the arm and the hair and drags her across the floor and into a bathroom stall. "I've got that special mineral water that you wanted earlier." Lindsay drags Jennifer to a toilet and forces Jennifer's head inside. "It's chunked full of minerals. You're going to love it!" Jennifer screamed her protest and fought as best she could. But Lindsay was standing over her and had all the leverage over Jennifer who is kneeling on hr knees. Jennifer braces her arms against the sides of the toilet and valiantly resists. But Lindsay is steadfast, determined and patient. Lindsay uses her body weight to her advantage. Slowly Lindsay exhausts Jennifer's arm muscles and Jennifer's gorgeous face is pushed under the surface of the water.

It is a titanic struggle Jennifer fights and gets her face out of the water briefly, before Lindsay dunks her face back in the cold water. Despite a Herculean effort, Jennifer is in a fight that she cannot win. Over and over she gets her face out of the water only to get dunked back under. Lindsay rode Jennifer out like a cowgirl breaking a wild bronco. After a while Jennifer no longer has the strength to break free of the water, and Lindsay has to pull her head out of the toilet for a breath. "Have you had enough stupid bitch? Are you ready to be a good little girl and do whatever I say?" Jennifer was gasping for air and trying to cuss Lindsay at the same time. It was all garble. Lindsay happily dunked her head in the toilet again.

This game continues many more times. Lindsay holds Jennifer's face under water for longer periods of time, before asking for her submission. At long last, Jennifer's spirit broke. Jennifer desperately submits,"I give, I've had enough! You win Lindsay!" However Lindsay's only response is to dunk the breathless woman's head back under the water. When Lindsay decides to bring Jennifer's face out the water again a coughing Jennifer pleads. "Please no more! I'll do whatever you say. You win." Lindsay dunks Jennifer's head again. Lindsay is heartless and cruelly punishing the defeated woman. She did not want to only break Jennifer's spirit, but trample and bury it. Lindsay dunked the pleading and pitiful champion many more times before pulling her head out of the toilet and slinging her whipped body to the floor. Lindsay walks out of the stall and leaves a breathless champion lying on the floor, halfway in and out of the stall.

Jennifer is pitifully whimpering on the floor, then wines, "You fucking idiot! This is too stupid for an ABA trap! This is a Quatro Calderon trap! He's trapping the Fab's and the ABA! He doesn't care who wins!" Jennifer pauses for a deep breath. "He wins as long as we are pitted against each other."

Lindsay pauses as the truth cuts through her like a blade. But she has learned to shake that feeling. "I guess I'll have to take your dress since you ruined my shirt!" Lindsay says as she picks up the sundress. Lindsay puts her foot on half of the dress and pulls to tear it apart to make a makeshift shirt to cover her naked tits. She is gleeful seeing a pained expression across Jennifer's face hearing the dress being ripped to shreds. After making a halter top from the shreds for herself, Lindsay heads to the bathroom door. Lindsay commands "Let's go!" Jennifer slowly struggles up when Lindsay orders, "Just crawl like the whipped dog that you are." Jennifer whimpers but knew she had to comply. After all the victor gets the spoils. She raises to her hands and knees and begins the humiliating crawl out of the bathroom.

There were loud shocked gasps seeing a scantily clothed Lindsay leading a defeated and nearly naked Champion crawling submissively behind. Jennifer only had her panties left on after losing her bra and dress, and her panties are nude colored. Then the gasps turned to laughter from the staff and handful of patrons. Lindsay leads Jennifer to the beautiful young waitress, Rachel. "My friend Jennifer wants to apologize to you." Lindsay says with a nod and harsh look back at Jennifer.

The great Jennifer Lopez crawls to the feet of the young girl and says, "I'm sorry for being such a bitch earlier. I was way out of line, and it will never happen again. Please forgive me."

Before Rachel can respond, Lindsay interrupts. "Show how sorry you are my friend. Kiss Rachel's feet and ass to beg for her forgiveness." Jennifer releases a loud sigh of humiliation and bends over and starts kissing Rachel's feet. Jennifer kisses both of the young woman's feet, then kisses up Rachel's legs to start puckering up and repeatedly kissing Rachel's firm ass.

Jennifer is crumbling inside. She knows that her husband already was highly attracted to this young woman. But once he finds that she plays a part in his big and powerful, ball busting wife's humiliation and humbling, Rachel will be irresistible to him. Jennifer knows that this woman can sleep with Ben Affleck anytime she pleases and there is nothing that Jennifer can do about it. He will definitely be thinking and fantasizing about Rachel while having sex with Jennifer. Lindsay strikes up a conversation with Rachel allowing Jennifer to remain on her knees and plucking kisses on Rachael ass for nearly five minutes before allowing Rachel to tell Jennifer that she is forgiven.

"What did you tip this young lady?" Lindsay asks Jennifer.

"It wasn't enough!" Jennifer blurts. "Increase my tip to fifty, no one hundred thousand dollars!" Jennifer was being overly generous. She is purposely tipping the girl enough for her not to need to work at the restaurant and make it harder for Affleck to find her. "Also you're an actress. I'll make sure that you have a part in my next Netflix movie. I'll have my people contact your people." The staff cheered Rachel's luck and fortune. However Jennifer knew the contract will have clauses and assurances to keep this beautiful woman far away from her husband.

"Now let's party!" Lindsay announces. "Everything is on Jennifer! Pop those champagne bottles!"

Wisely the restaurant manager comes over and puts his arm around Jennifer's shoulders and discretely directs her to the exit to avoid her any further humiliation. One of the chefs hands Jennifer a cooking smock so she can cover her magnificent naked body. The manager softly tells Jennifer, "Sorry QAnon threatened us and forced us to agree with this trap." Jennifer looks up confused. "When you want your revenge, we will assist you in anyway possible."

Jennifer thinks, "Quatro Calderon? Really QAnon? Noooo way..." Jennifer walks through the secret passages to transportation provided by Freddie's manager. On the ride to her residency Jennifer regrets not ripping the gutter rat's tits off, and then choking and tying her up with her own shirt when she had the chance. Maybe it is time for a renegagde.

"In entertainment news, this photo of Jennifer Lopez standing with Lindsay Lohan at an undisclosed location has been leaked." The photo of Jennifer nearly naked with only her panties and wet hair standing beside Lindsay in her makeshift shirt starts circulating on the internet. "The story goes that J Lo was getting rude to the local staff. Li-Lo was there to save the day. Apparently she took J Lo in the bathroom and taught her a lesson. She knocked Jennifer's block off and made her apologize."

"After getting thoroughly defeated by The Chosen at RAGE! 3, and now getting trashed by Lindsay Lohan, it does not look good for Jennifer Lopez. Jennifer Love Hewitt has immediately cashed in her contract for a title match against J Lo for the next Stone Rage Pay Per View. That ewly created event is called DELICIOUS. With Jennifer Lopez on a very bad run, her title reign is in serious jeopardy!"

TO FAB FIFTY: The Renegagde Run