NOTE - This match follows events of Return Of The Mack & Steady Mobbin'

"Now this is really bad ass!" Demi Moore explodes in glee. "I can't believe that Stone Rage allowed us to promote our own pay per view. It's all ours and so is the money!" The brunette sits with Lucy Liu and Jenny McCarthy in their private section at Chicago area's Allstate Arena.

It is a totally revolutionary event. The ABA is the promoter and in total control of their own pay per view, ABA Takeover. Stone Rage is backing them with his distribution contracts to broadcast the event, everything else is all ABA Entertainment. This allows them to make Don King, Bob Arum, Floyd "Money" Mayweather or Oscar De La Hoya type money on this event. Stone Rage was happy to help. After all, the main event is two ABA girls fighting each other in an internal struggle. He thought it was appropriate, and knew the ABA had enough qualifications to pull off the event. It is good for the league.

"Based on initial numbers, we will have more than enough money collectively to start our studio, ABA Productions." Jenny proudly says. "Without combined funds and the capitol from this event, we can make our own feature films. Can you imagine having total control over what movies to make, and how we want to do them?"

"No more producers, no more studio demands" Demi Moore says shaking her head.

"No more casting couches and begging for studio backing." Lucy Liu adds. "It took some time to realize that we are all wealthy and powerful women individually, but together we are a force, not just in this league, but in the entertainment business in general. If we keep pooling our money together, and stay this course, we will have Oprah power to do whatever we want in any industry."

"I hear the Fabs are doing the same thing." Demi informs. "They are looking at doing their own cable tv network, Fab TV. Who would have thought that working together in a celebrity catfight league would change the entire entertainment business? Four power brokers together is not enough, but twelve or more united can change from being dictated by the studio suits to making demands."

"Absolutely! Why settle for just ruling this league, when we can rule the world." Jenny surmises.

It is a grand coming out party for the ABA Studios. "Cat! More wine for the girls" Demi orders as Catherine Bell humbly leaves with her server’s tray to get another round for all the ABA members in the section.

It is a concert/catfight, preceded by a parking lot pre-game party. The pe-game alcohol sales alone will make the ABA a fortune. New talk show host, Amber Rose is the hostess and interviewer throughout the event. The main event is Denise Richards vs Alyssa Milano with Denise's spot in the ABA on the line. The ticket also includes three unsanctioned wrestling matches from girls auditioning for the ABA. Pink headlines the musical performance. She has guest performances by Lindsay Lohan, LeAnn Rimes and a special appearance by Jenny's hubby and New Kids on the Block. Most of all it reeks of old fashion ABA attitude.


Amber is promoting the event hard during the pay per view pre show that is aired for free before the real event starts. She is at the parking lot party where the DJ is rocking, and people are drinking and partying. LeAnn Rimes performed a couple of songs to hype the crowd. Amber walks through the throng, interviewing fans and encouraging shots and rampant partying. She later goes to the VIP tent where all the ABA and other celebrities are hanging. Agents and publicist burned the phone lines, positioning their clients in this high profile event. However none of the celebrities in the league are allowed, so a whole different crop of celebrities are there.

"It's Amber Rose reporting live from the prefight party!" Amber energetically says, making the crowd around her roar. "I'm reporting live from the All State arena parking lot. As you would expect for an ABA party this place is bonkers. I can't wait for the show to start. To all you fans watching the pre-show for the ABA Takeover and haven't ordered the event, I don't know what you are waiting for. It kicks off with a live performance from Pink. She's going to be amazing. You know how Pink does. She'll have the ropes and trapeze and scarfs and flipping and flying all around the arena. Let's not mention her outfit. She is wearing one of her hose bodysuits that will have your mouth watering. Lindsay Lohan, LeAnn Rimes will be on stage along with New Kids on The Block. It's going to be crazy. There’s three opening bouts with girls trying to impress the ABA and get a contract into the league by battling some of the ABA's finest. The main event is Denise Richards against Alyssa Milano. What are you waiting for? It's not too late, buy this event, and you will be entertained. You'll see gorgeous women kicking other gorgeous women's ass. This will be an event unlike anything you've ever seen."

Amber later rambles through the VIP section, stopping and interviewing people at random. "Lo Lo! Lo Lo Jones!" Amber shouts, seeing a tall olive skinned bi-racial woman wearing large dark shades in the distance. Amber brings the camera crew over, as the woman has her back turned to the crew. "Lo Lo Jones, girl it's good to see you." Amber says as she taps the woman on the shoulder to get her attention. When the woman turns, and takes off her shades, she looks confused. Amber is in shock. The woman is equally as gorgeous as Lo Lo Jones, but not Lo Lo Jones. She looks more like Lo Lo's older sister.

"I'm sorry, I'm, not Lo Lo Jones." the woman says awkwardly as she looks confused at Amber and the tv camera.

"Oh shit... my bad girl." Amber says trying to quickly save face for the viewing audience, and think of a way out. "I'm sorry, I didn't recognize you. Don't be mad. I'm always too busy staring at your fine ass husband, Boris, when I see you." Amber jokes with a laugh.

“What!?!!" the woman exclaims in shock with insult and embarrassment written all over her face. "I don't have a husband, Boris!" She pauses for a moment then stammers "Do... do you think I'm Nicole Ari Parker?" The woman says looking at Amber like she is a total idiot.

By now Amber is totally embarrassed and hears the surrounding people's laughter. "Well who the hell are you?" Amber asks soaked with an attitude. "Are you even famous or just dating somebody famous to get into this section?" Amber asks pandering to the ABA's edgy and hard hitting style. She can feel the audience returning back to her side.

"The woman is obviously insulted, angry and embarrassed. "She puts her hands on her hips and answers, "My name is Michael Michele."

"Who??? Never heard of you." Amber quickly responds. "What do you do? Where should I know you from?"

"I'm an actress and a producer. Yea I did all that TV stuff. ER, Homicide Life On The Street, and a few movies like ALI, How 2 Lose A Guy In Ten Days and a movie called New Jack City. Maybe you have heard of some of them? Second, I didn't date anybody to get anything. You can ask Eddie Murphy about that. I'll leave that department to you." Michael defiantly and sassily adds. Fans react knowing that Amber rose to fame as Kanye West's girlfriend, then maintained and grew her fame as Wiz Khalifa's wife.

"Well good for you." Amber answers condescendingly. "And thank you for the compliment. I am a certified slut and proud of it." Amber is huge is the Slut Walk movement. The movement protest derogatory labeling by using negative insults shamelessly. "Now let's go talk to a celebrity that our fans remember and actually give a damned about." As she says that Amber turned to the camera and physically shoves Michael out of the camera frame with a big push from her off hand.

Michael stumbles out of the camera's view. When she regains her balance, Amber is already walking away. Like any self-respecting human being, Michael surges forward and pushes Amber from behind. Amber goes stumbling forward just barely avoiding falling down. Amber wheels around with furious her eyes. Next she charges at Michael and the simple misunderstanding explodes and flies out of control.

Amber tackles Michael and they go to the ground. Next, two 5'9" olive skinned multiracial beauties are rolling back and forth across the ground. Both are 5'9" but built very differently. Amber is lusciously and wickedly curvy. Her curvaceous body was poured into and sometimes spilling out of her bodysuit. The outfit is low cut, and her plump, succulent boobs are hard to contain. In comparison, Michael is slender and athletic. She is a taste of perfection, with muscles and sinew rippling across her back. Michael's backless dress ostentatiously displays her sensual form. There is no need for a bra, her fit, tight chest effortlessly support her perky breasts. Both goddesses are the same height, but one with the body of a supermodel and the other a body of a hip hop model.

It is just like high school outside. Nobody is going to stop the fight. Everybody forms a circle and watch these smoking hot babes go. The director puts the fight on a large screen so everyone at the pre party, not just the VIP section could watch. They roll around for a good while until they come to rest with Michael on top. No stranger to catfights, Michael opens her legs while on top, pinning Amber down and stopping her from rolling Michael off top of her. In control, Michael gets in several blows to Amber's blonde skull. That is until Amber gets her hands up and wraps both hands around Michael's throat. Michael's eye bulge, she gags with an open mouth with her tongue hanging out. Michael is terrified that she might be strangled in public on live TV. She gouges Amber's eyes with both claws until Amber releases her. Freed Michael roll off Amber and a couple feet away, hoping to catch her breath.

The ladies slowly get to their feet with the blood thirsty crowd is begging for more. In truth both want to find a way out of this fight, but both's pride would not allow her to open peace negotiations. So instead they charge at each other and blindly windmill fists. Eventually Michael dips her head too low, allowing Amber to capture it in a one arm front face hold. Keeping her foe in place, Amber is able to rain down heavy blows on her opponent's magnificently sculpted back. Michael freely fires punches into Amber's side at will but find they are ineffectual. Next she grabs Amber's thighs and tries to pull Amber's feet out from under her, but the thick as shit Amber is too heavy. Having these options failed, Michael plays dirty. She grabs a handful of Amber's fat, juicy pussy and squeezes away. From the shock of having her privates invaded, Amber loosens her grip enough for Michael to escape.

When Michael's head pops up it is followed by two hard straight jabs to Amber's nose. Michael fires a swift kick into Amber's side. With a shout and a whimper Amber dips to the side to clutch the shooting pain. Michael follows quickly with a brisk right cross. Amber reels backwards, stumbling and dazed. Michael is positive the pansified, seemingly prissy and privileged Twitter queen is out for the count, or at least will be in tears and begging her to stop. To her surprise Amber's eyes flashed red again, and Amber charges back at Michael with a fury.

Amber pounces on to Michael and tackles her to the ground. With her significant weight advantage, Amber blasts through Michael like JJ Watt going through a quarterback. The rail thin woman is helplessly taken off her feet and driven to the hard parking lot pavement. Her back and shoulders take the brunt of the blow, but everyone notice the back of her head bouncing on the pavement. Amber starts mugging the smaller woman beneath her anyway possible with fist, elbows and forearms. When Michael's head hit the pavement, it stunned her. It allowed the larger women to securely pin her and start to impose her will. The wiry beauty is doing everything she can to defend herself and fight back, but observers can clearly see her distress. Her face displayed that she did not want to be in a fight anymore. The scene looked like a bear mauling a deer.

The mugging is tiring Amber. However Michael can scarcely breathe with the bigger woman swarming over her. Amber rises off Michael, but snatches Michael up by her dress as she stands. Amber barks, "Get up!" Michael is snatched up right into a very big fist crashing into her face. Michael is stunned and falls back down to a sitting position. Amber snatches Michael to her feet again and this time into a right hook. Amber does not let Michael fall this time. Holding Michael up by her dress Amber starts plowing punch after punch into Michael's stomach. Each of Amber's punches lift Michael off her feet. Michael is an avid runner and in great shape with a tight stomach, but no woman can withstand this type of assault. Once Amber is done, she releases Michael and allows the whimpering woman to drop to the ground.

Michael hears the fans go crazy. She is quickly reminded that this is an ABA crowd, and Amber is their new prized member. Amber plays to the audience a moment, secure that she can finish Michael anytime. Michael is on the ground, holding her stomach and hurting. Michael is a natural athlete, growing up playing basketball. She runs daily and in great shape. Michael is certain that she is a better athlete and in better shape than Amber. However she forgot or did not realize that Amber outweighs her by more pounds than Amber will ever admit, and Amber is over 15 years younger. "Get up Maggie... Minnie... Whatever the fuck your name is! You wanted to fight, so get up and finish taking this ass whipping!" Michael takes a deep breath and her eyes burn with competitive fire. With her dress stretched and sagging, but still barely covering necessary parts, Michael stands determined to kick Amber's over-sized ass.

Amber is surprised by Michael's confidence. Even her supreme confidence takes a big dent seeing the woman coming toward her. None the less Amber accepts the challenges and charges to Michael. The two meet and clash together like bulls. The force knocks the smaller damsel back a few steps. They start trading punches. Again the larger woman proves to have the advantage again. Michael slips in between Amber's punches and gets in close. Michael quickly fires a knee directly into Amber's cunt. Amber's eyes bulge and she shrieks in sudden pain. Amber is dropping to her knees when the wiry Michael surprises everyone by grabbing Amber by the thigh and hoisting the larger woman then body slamming Amber to the parking lot ground. Fans were stunned to silence. Michael starts stomping and driving her heel down into Amber's soft curvy body.

"Yaaahh!" Michael yells as she stomps Amber repeatedly. Fans are speechless, seeing their ABA warrior taking a real beat down. Amber is trying to get away when Michael stops her by reaching down and grabbing Amber's low cut bodysuit inside by Amber's cleavage. The senior hellcat jerks her younger rival up to a seated position and tattoos her on the jaw with a fist. Amber is knocked loopy, allowing Michael to fire five more shots. Amber lunges to get away but Michael maintains her steely grip. Something had to give, and the two women have iron wills. What gives is Amber's bodysuit. Seams on the shoulder of Amber's suit rips, allowing Amber to get away as Amber's amazing huge tits flop out at the same time.

Both women spring to their feet. Amber could care less that left shoulder strap has ripped and now both of her giant tits were revealed. She ignored that fact and the fan's catcalls. Her eyes are fixed to Michael's brown eyes, and beating that vixen. Michael stares back just as intensely at Amber. The hostess threatenly asks, "What's good Maggie?" Amber sees the fury in Michael's eyes when she is called Maggie. Honestly Amber meant no insult, she just did not remember her adversary's name. However Michael reacted furiously at being disrespected from being called the wrong name.

Michael snarls and charges at Amber and right into a harsh reminder, that 32 year old fist are usually quicker than 49 year old fist. Michael walks into a two fisted combination and stumbles backward. Amber surges forward behind fast fist, knocking Michael's head about on her shoulders as she unsuccessfully tries to recover and defend herself. Fans see Michael twist and turn trying very unsuccessfully to avoid Amber's thumping punches. Eventually she falls to Amber's brutal left hook to Amber's beautiful jaw.

ABA fans cheer their champion expertly depositing her challenger to the ground. Michael has been in plenty of fights on the basketball court as a teenager, and never loss. She growls, angry at herself for allowing herself to get dropped by this stinking cow. She springs back to her feet and into a boxing stance. "Get some more Maggie", Amber invites as Michael approaches more cautiously.

Michael gets reminded of another thing. When it takes both of her thighs to equal one of her opponent's thighs, your opponent tends to pack a bigger punch. Michael lands a few punches this exchange, but is no match for Amber's blasts. Before long, Michael finds her arms dangling by her sides, and eating punch after punch with her face. Michael is a highly intelligent woman, but unexplainably needs constant reminders why she loses every fistic exchange with her blonde counterpart. Amber drives a punch into Michael's belly, doubling her over clutching her stomach, and wide open for the uppercut that puts Michael down yet again.

Amber instantly raises both arms in the air, thinking the fight is over. The rabid and intoxicated fans explode with a cheer that can be heard for blocks. Michael lifts her head up breaming with anger. Her spirit cannot rest with this. There is no way she can allow this young witch to insult her, make a mockery of her name, career and accomplishment, then best her woman to woman. Michael does not think, just reacts on pure emotion. She leaps off the ground and charges at her hated foe. Amber is celebrating and playing to their fans. As Michael charges in to an unsuspecting Amber, all Michael sees and zooms in on are Amber's ridiculously big tits. Michael zooms in like an arrow and attaches to Amber's right breast with a bite.

Amber shrieks with a cry that is heard above all the roaring fans. Amber's arm goes from being raised in victory, to driving the point of her right elbow into the back of Michael's head. The dizzying blow knocks Michael off Amber's boob with a sharp scream. Furious, Amber grabs Michael's hair, holding her head down and starts driving her thick thigh up into Michael's face over and over again. "FUCK YOU MAGGIE! DON'T YOU EVER FUCK WITH MY TITTIES YOU SKINNY LITTLE SHIT!"

Amber's monster thighs prove to be Michael's undoing. Her meaty thigh knocked Michael senseless. After several strikes, Amber releases Michael's hair and allows the devastated woman collapses to the ground. "If you want my titties, I'll give them to you Maggie", Amber announces as she goes to the ground and stretches Michael out and pins her down with her fabulous body. Amber holds both of Michael's arms down above her head by her wrists. "Here are my titties, Maggie" Amber announces and starts swinging the heavy hooters and smacking Michael across the face. Amber's pendulum swinging breasts are weighty. They make a smacking sound as the slap Michael sillier. Finally Amber plunges both of the heavenly hooters down on Michael's gorgeous face. The big breast easily eclipse Michael's face and smothers her.

Since Michael is helpless and unable to resist, this was not fun enough for Amber. She rises off Michael saying, "Enough about my titties, let's see what you're working with Maggie." With that Amber starts pulling and tearing at Michael's dress.

"No! STOOOOOOOOP! Don't do that!" Amber hear Michael's protest, but continues stripping her. She hears the genuine emotion, dread and fear in Michael's but does not stop. After all Michael exposed her breast and fair is fair. "Stop it! Don’t you dare do this! Let me go now!" Michael demands and resists with all she has left, which is not much. Michael is mortified despite her toughness. Throughout her career she has never appeared nude before. She grabs Amber's wrists, trying to stop her, but Michael's tattered dress had already been stretched out to its limits, and starts ripping. In the end the powerful woman takes what she wants and removes Michael's dress. When Michael's dress is gone, she wraps both of her arms tightly around her chest, denying anyone a view of her breasts. This pisses Amber off so she goes further and starts pulling down Michael's panties. Michael is making whimpering sounds, but with one arm across her chest, one hand on her panties is not enough to stop Amber's strong hands from pulling her panties down her skinny thighs.

Amber stands and looks down at Michael curled up, whimpering and trying to cover her nakedness. Amber is amazed by what she is seeing. "Really Maggie? You've been fighting like a bad ass mutha fucker all day, and you lose your dress and turn into a whimpering little girl? You disappoint me. Pathetic!" Amber says to the vixen that she has earned here respect and through their fight.

That comment infuriated and lit a fire under Michael. She scrambles to her feet with her hands still covering her body. She takes a deep breath to gather her emotions then drops her hands. Even the pro ABA crowd gave her a favorable response. Her slender tight body would make most 19 year older jealous. Michael focuses on the task at hand and steps up and smacks Amber. The busty hostess catches Michael arm in mid swing with her hand. Michael immediately swipes with her free hand, but Amber catches that one with her other hand too. Amber pulls Michael in against her body, then wraps both arms around Michael and puts her in a bear hug.

Amber's mighty arms circle Michael's body and pins her arms to her side at the same time. Michael's tight body is pressed against Amber's larger body and is overwhelmed. Amber can feel Michael's bones creak in her mighty grasp, and she lifts the helpless actress off her feet. Michael is trapped, looking up at the sky making what looks like fuck faces as she struggles to draw a breath. Michael held out for as long as she could, but knew she was defeated. She had to concede this battle, but only this battle to Amber. "Ughhhh.... cccan't breath.... I give... you win.... Michael adds, "can't breathe... let go.......... Amber throws Michael to the ground and stands over, looking down at the naked woman sprawled on the ground.

The fans roar. Amber motions for a production assistant to give her microphone back. After getting her microphone, Amber leans down and looks into Michael's face and shouts, "See what happens when you fuck with the ABA! You get fucked up Maggie.... Molly... Missy..... Whoever the fuck you're supposed to be!" Amber places a victorious foot on Michael's chest and looks into the camera and says, "And that is why you have to buy this Pay Per View! You never know what's going to happen at an ABA party! Nine times out of ten you'll see a drop dead gorgeous ABA woman beating another hot bitch's ass!"

After promoting the Pay Per View like a true professional Amber returns her attention to Michael. "Now get your scrawny ass out of here." Amber orders accompanied with a hardy kick to Michael's side. "Get out!! Get the fuck out!!" After a couple more sturdy kicks. Michael moves. She only had the strength to get to her hands and knees and start crawling away. As Michael shamefully crawls away Amber kicks her in the ass several times. "Get the fuck out and stay out of our VIP section until you've done something this decade you irrelevant bitch!"

Totally humiliated Michael crawls faster until some wise man comes to her assistance. He helps the beautiful naked woman to her feet and helps her out of the VIP section.

The party continues, with Amber Rose leading the way. Miraculously a whopping 200,000 buys for the Pay Per View were made between the time the fight started and Michael's crawl of shame. It is a 30% sales increase.

In the final seconds before the pre-show ends and the pay broadcast begins, Amber is closing her show backstage of the arena. Amber looks into the camera making her final pitch to buy the Pay Per View. "If you've already bought the PPV hang tight it will be starting in the next minute. If you haven't bought it, what are you waiting for? It's not too late! Haven't you already seen enough to convince you to buy it? Aren't these enough to convince you to buy it?" Amber asks pointing to her still uncovered breasts jiggling as she points at them. "This is ABA Takeover guaranteed to be the baddest ass Pay Per View of the year. I am Amber Rose and this is ABA Takeover!!!!" Amber shout as loud and excitingly as she could.

As Amber finishes, a figure steps out of the shadows. A mysterious hand is placed on Amber's should from behind, accompanied by the words, "Hey Amber...." Amber turns around wondering what is going on. She turns right into a jolting right cross exploding flush on her chin. Amber immediately starts crumbling to the floor. "For the record my name is Michael Michele!" Michael states sassily with one hand on her hip. "I just did something relavant. I knocked your big silly ass out!" Michael finishes and turns and struts away, walking like a super model on the run way.

The camera captures the stark naked woman walking away. Then the show goes to black with Amber flat on her back, with big naked tits up and three production assistants kneeling around her all saying, "Amber! Amber!" trying to wake her up. In the next 3 minutes an incredible 55,000 more views were purchased. Michael Michele's manager gets a text from Stone Rage telling him to contact the office about a contract for Michael on Monday.

Somewhere in an enormous Hollywood mansion, even by filthy rich standards, several top studio executives from multiple studios sit, watching the PPV. "This is the kind of insanity I warned you about. The buys for this Pay Per View will be much higher than inticipated. Stone Rage is giving our entertainers too much power, more power than we would ever allow them to have. That is not the way we do business in this city. Stone Rage must be stopped. The ABA and the Fabs must be checked. Michael Michele was black listed once in according to the first Eddie Murphy agreement. We revoked it, but it can happen again. Nothing in the entertainment world goes on without the men in this room's approval. Quatro Calderon looks like we are again in need of your services. We must bring in these rouge entities back under our total control."

"Hee... Heee... Heee..." Calderon sinisterly chuckles. "I saw this coming. I've got a plan ready. It's just waiting on your permission to execute it." Calderon foretells.

TO Studio Specter

Mr. Skin