Uncivil War

NOTE - This story immediately follows JESSICA BIEL VS JESSICA ALBA
Backstage at the **ONSLAUGHT** PAY PER VIEW is in chaos. First, Jessica Alba brutalized Jessica Biel and Rosario Dawson in the ring and sent both to the infirmary. Biel has a neck injury. Rosario was just a bloody mess. During the break between that and the main event, Ciara is onstage performing. Meanwhile, backstage, The Fab Four team was in the meeting room getting their final instructions from the referee for their upcoming match, Eva Longoria and Nikki Cox attacked and took out Fab Four members Tia Carrere and Vida Guerra. When Pam's team returned from their meeting they found their mates being hauled out on stretchers. Now they are in the infirmary checking on their friends in total disarray.

Meanwhile, Cameron Diaz and Eva Mendez are angrily prowling around the Resistance's locker room like caged tigers. The officials have delayed the start of their match while Pam's team checked on their cohorts. The two aggressive women want to take advantage of the bedlam, before it is too late.

"Fuck! What's taking so long?" Cameron expels in anger and frustration. She looks back at Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson who seem content to wait.

"This is bullshit! They're fucking up the Skipper's plan. We should be in the ring right now kicking Pam and Beyonce's ass all over the fucking place." Eva angrily adds. "Everything is going perfectly to plan. Now they're giving the Fab Four a chance to regroup. I ain't having it!"

Eva flings open the locker room door and storms into the hallway and finds a stage manager. "What the hell is going on? Our match was supposed to have started 15 minutes ago." Eva angrily interrogates the man.

"Yeah... uhhh.... you know about the backstage attack. They're just giving them a chance to check on her team." the stage manager stammers.

"No you're just trying to give the Fab Four a chance period." Cameron interrupts. "It's just more biasness for the Fab Four. Give them time so they won't get their asses beat. Our match is supposed to be starting now, so we're going to start. Come on girls." Cameron beckons. Her team exits behind her down the hall in search of their quarry.

In another part of the arena, Pam Anderson and her team of Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and Kimora Lee Simmons are walking out of the infirmary. "Don't worry they will be fine. The doctor will take good care of them. We need to get our heads together and pay the Resistance back for what they did to our girls." Pam tells her team. "huddle up." the coach orders for pep talk.

The Fab Four girls eagerly huddle up around their leader. They were dressed looking more like stylish super heroines than about to enter a wrestling match. Fashion designers extraordinaire, Beyonce and Kimora collaborated and dressed the group in a Wonder Woman type shimmering gold bustiers with black spandex shorts. They accessorized with knee high shiny gold boots and long black gloves extending to their elbows. They complete their outfit with capes falling to their waists. The capes were black on the inside and shimmering gold on the outside. The Fab Four logo tastefully decorated the outfit in several places.

"Get your heads together." Pam instructs her team in a football huddle. "We are under full attack! That happens when you put that Fab Four logo on your chest. This group has a glorious past of overcoming impossible and challenging situations. Why? Because this team has always consisted of the elite. It consists of superior women who always excel in every phase in their lives, just like the three of you. This team was expanded to handle threats like this. There are challenges greater than the original four of us could handle. But that did not make us weaker or water the team down, it made us stronger, much stronger. You three are younger, stronger, smarter and much more potential than Halle, Jennifer, Tia or me. You are the elite, the future and bearers of the legacy of the Fab Four. No team like the Resistance, who's greatest life accomplishments are in the five dollar bin at Wal-Mart, can beat us! You're the best of the best....."

Pam examines the eyes of the women in the huddle. They all were focused on her and her words. "Being the best is not going to cause us to win though." Pam continues. "We'll win because we are the best team. The Fab Four wins because we are a functioning unit. A unit built on trust, faith and compassion for each other. Remember your training. The long sweaty days with Tia trained your body for this day. The sessions with Jennifer that taught you the stride for perfection and the mentality of a champion. The days with Halle gave you the self motivation and self confidence to face anything. Remember them all and this Wal-Mart crew's campaign to rid the league of us will be just another glorious victory in the legendary existence of us, the Fab Four. Lastly we fight to the end. We never submit! We never give up! Nobody submits without my word! We are the Fab Four, the strongest of the strong!"

Then it happens. In this moment while the Fab Four ladies chest are swelling with pride. It is a moment when Kim, Beyonce and Kimora are hanging on Pam's every word and are oblivious to everything else happening in that hallway. It happens.

It starts with Beyonce. She is grabbed by the back of her hair and jerked out of huddle. The startled woman is flung into a nearby wall. Beyonce's firm, stout body bounces off the wall as she turns to face her assailant. Eva Mendes is standing in front of her. Instantly, Eva strikes with a fierce kick into Beyonce's rock hard stomach. Beyonce grunts and doubles over just in time to collide with Eva's rising knee. Eva's launched knee crashes into Beyonce's face, snapping her head back. Stunned and dazed, Beyonce's knees buckle, and she start sinking to the ground. As Beyonce is going down, Eva sends a sizzling right cross to Beyonce's chin sending her further into dreamland.

Beyonce drops to her hands and knees where Eva delivers a big kick into Beyonce's side, flipping her over to her back. Totally dazed and confused, Beyonce looks up at Eva dropping down on her, leading with her fist, ready to clobber the young champion. Beyonce's mind screams for her to retreat or at least capture Eva in a full guard, but her body would not respond to any of her desires. Eva bursts through Beyonce's meager defense and bludgeons her in the mouth over and over again. Beyonce is on the receiving end of devastating blows, blasting her and hurting her. Beyonce scoots backwards trying to escape, but Eva stays on her, swarming over her with a flurry of fist.

A split second after Beyonce disappears from the huddle, a wide eyed Kimora is snatched back by her cape. Kimora stumbles back a few steps until her long sexy legs were tripped up by another pair of long sexy legs. Kimora trips and lands on her butt. Then she finds herself looking up at Cameron Diaz's smiling face. Cameron steps over Kimora, straddling her with her legs. Kimora reacts on instincts and her training. The fashion mogul launches her foot up, kicking Cameron between the legs. Expectedly, Cameron howls and clutches her pussy. Kimora uses her foot to push Cameron away. The blonde stumbles back against a door in the hallway. Kimora springs to her feet as quick as her mile long legs will allow. She leaps at Cameron, driving her into the door. The door bursts open gulping both women up, as the disappear inside the room.

Simultaneous to Beyonce and Kimora's assaults, Kim looks up as her cape is pulled up and tossed over her head. Then while her cape is covering her head, completely obstructing her vision, someone puts a rear naked choke hold on Kim and starts wrangling her back from the pack. Despite being ambushed Kim is able to mount a defensive using her biggest asset. Kim thrusts her hips backwards driving them into her assailant's belly. Kim hears a loud "Ommmphhh!" and the choke hold is released. Kim rips the cape off from over her head and spins around to see her attacker. She sees Jennifer Aniston holding her stomach, with a grimace and backing away.

Kim angrily and blindly charges at her adversary. Right as Kim is about to put her hands on Jennifer, the veteran turns the tables on Kim and slings her to the ground with an arm drag. Jennifer had grabbed Kim's arm, then fell back and turned at the same time. The result sent Kim catapulting in the air and flying until being slung to the ground like a rag doll. Kim slams to the ground with a thump. Kim's sexy, voluptuous body shakes and rattles on impact. The backstage arena floor is nothing but concrete covered by padded carpet. Despite pain wracking her body, Kim rises slowly to her feet, only to be taken down again by Jennifer's drop kick that nails her in her gorgeous face. Kim is knocked down again seeing stars. Kim is trying to get to her feet to rejoin the battle when Jennifer grabs her by the hair, and angrily snatches Kim to her feet. "You filthy slut." Jennifer mutters as she straightens Kim up then drives her knee into her gut. "It was a dirty whore like you that stole my husband." Then Jennifer slams Kim's head into the wall repeatedly.

With the petals of Pam's huddle peeled away, Jessica Simpson comes charging at the Fab Four team leader like a freight train. It is a carefully timed event. It happens so quickly that the Fab Four never had a chance. Jessica drives her shoulder into a wide eyed and jaw dropped Pam's midsection, picking her up and driving Pam into the wall behind her. Jessica looks like a linebacker driving through a blocking sled. Pam is splattered against the wall, then slowly slides down it to the floor as Jessica backs away.

Jessica SimpsonJessica kicks and stomps Pam for a bit before dropping to her knees to finish her off with her fist. Pam had curled into a ball, trying to protect herself. She had the breath knocked out of her from Jessica's spear, and was in no condition to fight. After Jessica beats on her a little more, Pam gains enough awareness to uncoil her legs into Jessica and knock her away. Pam's feet smash into Jessica’s big tits and send her a safe distance away from Pam. The Fab Four veteran is shaken and breathless. The younger blonde bounds up, and run over and grabs Pam's arm as she stands. Jessica falls backwards, pulling Pam down along with her in a move called the shoulder breaker. Pam shouts as a jolt runs through her shoulder on impact. Jessica's legs clamp around Pam's waist in a body scissor. She keeps a hold of Pam's arm and twists and folds the limb behind Pam's back into a chicken wing hold. Pam finds herself lying on top of Jessica. Her face is against Jessica's bountiful breasts, and captured in place by Jessica's strong legs wrapped around her mid section. Worst of all, Pam's arm in bent behind her back, and folded like a chicken wing. Jessica is pulling up on the limb, trying to jerk it out of joint. Pam squeals her displeasure until she starts feeling a burning in her shoulder and the pain magnifies. Pam knows her shoulder is sprained or pulled somewhere.

Jessica is unaware that she has injured Pam. She is just enjoying dominating her blonde rival. Jessica forces Pam's face deeper into her breasts, and taunts. "Like my big titties? Huh? They're real, not like those phony baloney things of yours." Pam tries to stifle her screams to not let Jessica know how hurt she is. Pam buries her face deep in her young rival's boobs and tries to endure.

Meanwhile, Beyonce is on her back with a vacant look on her face. It is a scene often seen during a Ultimate Fighter Pay Per View. The fighter is on their back, stunned and unable to defend themselves for a time, and their opponent is able to pound them mercilessly. Unfortunately for Beyonce, there is no Big John McCarthy as referee to jump in and save her from getting her brains beat out. Eva wails away on the champion undeterred. Once Beyonce in beaten into a stupor, Eva relents then rolls Beyonce over onto her stomach. Next she unfastens Beyonce's championship belt, and removes it from around her waist. The super tuff champion in already amazingly pushing her body off the floor and rising up to her knees. Eva waits behind Beyonce then cracks the champ over the back of the head with her own championship belt. Beyonce collapses face down on the floor, nearly out of it.

With Beyonce down and out Eva unties and removes the champion's gold cape. Eva wraps the cape around Beyonce's neck from behind, then pulls back on it while at the same time placing her foot on Beyonce's back, strangling her adversary. Beyonce feels the back pain of a surfboard hold, and being choked out at the same time. Eva has a huge cruel smile on her face as Beyonce struggles, trying to get the cape from around her neck. Eva was given a crucial role in this organized attack. She was given the critical task of taking out the mighty Beyonce. The Resistance's brain trust, or skipper as they like to call her, determined that Beyonce and Pam are by far the strongest components of this team. Those two have to be taken out quickly for the Resistance team to have any chance of emerging victorious. Eva's modified surfboard choke hold is doing just that.

Beyonce has stopped struggling and her eyes have rolled back when Eva release her cape. The defeated woman drops to the floor with a splat. Beyonce lies face down, breathing hard in one big lump of sexy, sultry flesh. Eva knows Beyonce is a nullified threat in this fight. Eva takes the time to unfasten the hooks and pull off Beyonce's bustier top, then tosses it aside. Next Eva grabs the cape, still wrapped loosely around Beyonce's neck, and hauls her victim to her feet by it. Beyonce has no choice but to rise like a dog on a leash. "Come on bitch! It's time for our match" Eva sings. Eva leads Beyonce down the hall, headed toward the ring, while topless Beyonce stumbles mindlessly behind.

Jessica looks up and sees that Eva has bridled Beyonce. She knows that Pam, who is squirming in her leg scissors and making uncomprehendable, animalistic grunts and groans is also ready to be hauled to the ring for the next phase of her destruction. Jessica flexes her muscular thighs and squeezes Pam harder. She instantly quells Pam's squirming and elicits a long wheezing moan from the captured blonde. Pam is in desperate condition, and knows that Jessica realizes it as well. However Pam grits and bears her torture, trying to disguise her shoulder injury.

Jessica may not be aware of how injured Pam is, but knows that she has her rival incapacitated. Jessica releases her holds on Pam and kicks her away. Jessica springs to her feet and stomps Pam's wounded shoulder a few times for general purposes. Next Jessica reaches down and grabs Pam's damaged wing to haul Pam up to her feet. Jessica wrangles Pam's arm behind her back in a hammer lock and pushes the arm up into Pam's shoulder blades. Pam screams through gritted teeth. Pam discovers that being 4 inches taller than Jessica puts her at a distinct disadvantage in this situation. The diminutive Dallas native is at the perfect vantage point to push Pam's arm and shoulder up and put her in paralyzing pain. Pam is pushed up on her tip toes, and Jessica grabs a handful of Pam's blonde hair and jerks her head back so Pam is looking straight up at the ceiling. Jessica starts guiding Pam to the ring behind Eva and Beyonce. Pam is totally incapacitated and restrained. she has no choice but to tip toe to the ring, or where ever Jessica desires.

Eva and Jessica are thrilled with their success against the Fab Four, but Cameron Diaz is having a much more difficult time. Kimora and her have been rolling around wrestling on the floor since bursting through the door. Kimora proves stronger, but Cameron's dirty eye gouges have kept her at bay. Cameron has looked down on these under handed tactics throughout her catfight career. However the new skipper has convinced her to take out the Fab Four and the ABA by any means necessary. The skipper has stoked her and Jennifer Aniston's frustration of always being a 'co-star'. Hollywood producer do not consider her on the same tier as Demi Moore, Halle Berry, Charlize Theron or Angelina Jolie. Their name and picture on a movie poster is all that is needed to sell the picture. Meanwhile Cameron always needs to be 'packaged' with a co star like Tom Cruise to win a lead part.

Cameron knows that she cannot keep grappling around with this six foot super model forever without it ending badly for the blonde. The skipper keeps telling Cameron she has to be more vicious to be a winner, and a leading star. Cameron gets as close to Kimora as she can, then chomps down on the side of her enemy's long neck. "Owwwww! You bit me you bitch!" Kimora exclaims and fights to get away from the blonde. Kimora fiercely thrashes until she is able to throw Cameron off of her. Kimora tries to scatter away from rabid blonde, but Cameron is able to grab one of Kimora's long legs and bites Baby Phat's CEO's thigh. Kimora shrieks again. She kicks with her free leg and catches Cameron in the temple. The blonde is stunned and falls off Kimora.

Kimora jumps to her feet, and starts kicking the downed blonde. "Going to fuck you up." Kimora mutters as she continues her assault. Suddenly the fashion mogul is distracted by Pam's screams coming from the hallway. Kimora shouts, "I'm coming Pam!" and abruptly turns to help her captain. As she leaves, Cameron reaches out and grabs Kimora's ankle tripping the reality celebrity, and making her fall flat on her face.

"You're not going anywhere." growls Cameron. The blonde springs to her feet, realizing that although she is hurt, now is time to seize the opportunity. Cameron twists Kimora's foot putting her into an ankle lock. Kimora howls in agony, as Cameron bears down on the hold. She is literally trying to twist Kimora's foot off of her leg. Although she is an outstanding physical specimen, Kimora is still a relative novice to celebrity catfighting. The giantess could not find the right combination of moves to escape. She is caught like a mouse in a trap. All she could do is scream her head off and helplessly flail around to try and alleviate the pain.

Cameron knows the goals and objectives of the Resistance. She help establish them. Their goal is not to defeat the Fab Four and the ABA, it's to eliminate them. They cannot occupy the main event of cards if they are injured, or out of the league. Once they are gone, the Resistance can move into the main event matches and elevate their celebrity status in all phases of their worlds. Cameron keeps Kimora locked and twist the ankle mercilessly. Cameron and Kimora do not know how long they stay in that room with Kimora in that ankle lock. Kimora yelled and screamed practically the whole time. Her voice was hoarse from screaming so long. Cameron kept Kimora locked until after Pam and Beyonce has been removed, and most of the noise in the hallway has subsided.

Cameron peaks her head out into the hall to find that the Resistance's ambush has been a success so far. Meanwhile Kimora is sitting on the floor massaging her hurting ankle. "You fucking bitch!" Kimora angrily shouts at Cameron. "You almost broke my ankle! Are you fucking crazy?" Kimora keeps rambling on. "Nobody does this to me. Nobody does this to the Fab Four! You don't know who you're fucking with! You and the Resistance are done! We are going to wipe you out." Kimora threatens as she rises to her knees.

Cameron DiazCameron was looking away, evaluating things so far and ignoring Kimora. Cameron blows in annoyance and says, "You talk to much!" as the last word leaves her mouth, Cameron snatches a framed poster for a Stevie Wonder concert from the 70's off of the wall and smashes the room decoration over Kimora's head. The glass shatters, and the frame breaks, and Kimora collapse to the floor out cold. "I'm tired of being the joke. You're going to take me seriously!" Cameron confesses.

Less than a minute later, Cameron is dragging Kimora out of the room still out cold. Cameron has a hold of Kimora under her arms lifting her upper body and dragging Kimora's mile long legs on the floor heading toward the ring. After 40 yards or so, Cameron decides Kimora is too heavy to drag. "You need to go on a diet." Cameron quips as she stands Kimora up and props her against the wall. "I thought models were supposed to be thin" Next, Cameron starts bitch slapping her unconscious foe over and over again. "Wake up" Cameron demands "Wake up stupid!" Kimora's head is on a swivel from left to right. After absorbing countless paint brushing slaps, Kimora wakes up confused, groggy and hurting. "Come on lets go." Cameron says as she grabs a handful of Kimora's hair and continues leading her to the ring. Dazed, and in a funk, Kimora follows mindlessly along with her arms dangling lifelessly by her sides.

Kim has also started putting up a whale of a fight against Jennifer. Kim quickly tired of having her head banged against the wall and shoves Jennifer back. Kim lounges at Jennifer and sinks her hands in her hair. Jennifer responds in kind, seizing Kim's raven hair. They grapple against each other for a while, and slug the other whenever possible. Jennifer keeps insulting Kim the entire time. "Dirty slut... Whore! Cheap tramp!"

Kim and many others have wondered how do you turn a sweet, mild mannered person like Jennifer into a world class catfighter. Jennifer is a classically trained actress. She knows how to draw on past emotions. The new skipper has been able to help her channel anger and rage during a fight. It comes easy for a woman still haunted by Angelina Jolie stealing her husband, kicking her ass and flaunting it publicly.

Kim absorbs the insults while Jennifer is starting to absorb punishment. Kim steadily tags her opponent with her fist and starts to turn the fight around. Then Kim explodes with an upper cut that snaps Jennifer's head back and sends her swooning and staggering backwards. Jennifer shakes her head with her chin tingling and her head swimming. She looks at Kim wearing a wide taunting smile. "Watch who you're calling names. I'm no slut or whore." Kim sasses.

"Bullshit!" Jennifer snaps. "You're just another big titted, whore who got famous for sleeping with celebrities. If you wasn't a cum bucket for Ray J and Reggie Bush, nobody would have ever heard of you!"

Jennifer AnistonJennifer's comment strikes a nerve in Kim, but she masks it well. Instead Kim chuckles and responds, "Jennifer, are you still bitter about Angelina stealing Brad?" Kim continues with a condescending smile, "It really shouldn't bother you. You were out of your class. Angelina is a thousand times hotter than you, smarter, a better actress, and a bigger humanitarian. You did not lose to a whore, just an all around better woman." Kim chastises feeling extremely confident. Perhaps over confident.

Jennifer stood frozen staring at Kim emotionlessly as the brunette looked back at her with a smug smile. Jennifer could not believe this woman had the audacity to say that to her. Kim observes Jennifer as within milliseconds, her light green bluish eyes go from an emotionless stare, then ignite in fury in the twinkling of an eye. Kim takes a quick soft gasp, realizing the beast she has just awakened. Before Kim can do anything else, Jennifer explodes and blasts Kim with a kick square in the face. Kim's head is nearly taken off, her body turns ridged and she falls flat on her back like a tree falling in the forest.

Jennifer is fuming as she stands over Kim, looking down on her semi conscious victim. In no way is Jennifer's fury satisfied, or her blood lust quenched. Jennifer reaches down, seizes Kim's arm and hair and hauls her to her feet. Jennifer whips the dazed socialite into the wall. Kim spatters against the hall wall and is going down again. Before she can fall, Jennifer hauls her up again and whips her into the opposite wall of the hallway. Kim bounces off that wall and is going down again, but Jennifer catches her before she hits the floor, and whips her back into the wall on the other side of the hall. Jennifer is painfully bouncing Kim off the hall walls guiding her to the ring. Eventually Kim cannot stand on her own. At which point, Jennifer hoists Kim across her shoulder like a bag of potatoes and carry her to the ring.

Although only a few minutes had past, since Eva and Jessica left the hallway. When Cameron breaks through the curtains and sees the ring, she finds that Beyonce and Pam look thoroughly thrashed. Pam is drooping in the corner with her arms hanging over the top ropes like she has been beating into a stupor. She is still wearing her bustier, but her panties are gone, showing her cunt. Eva is front of her, laughing, taunting and joking and bludgeoning her with punch after punch whenever she pleases. Beyonce has lost all of her clothing except for her knee high black boots and long black gloves. She is trying to pull herself to her feet using the ring ropes. Jessica stands behind Beyonce with a malicious smile. Jessica grabs Beyonce around her waist, hoist her into the air and tosses her backwards in a belly-to-back suplex. Beyonce lies on the mat, grimacing in pain. Jessica stands over Beyonce with Pam's panties in her hand. "Since you've been kissing Pam's ass so much lately, You ought to love eating her panties." Jessica says before dropping to her knees. Jessica rubs Pam's panties roughly on Beyonce's face. When Beyonce opens her mouth to protest her face being scrubbed, Jessica stuffs Pam's panties totally in her mouth.

Cameron cannot wait to get in the ring and join the fun. The blond picks up her pace while violently jerking Kimora around by her long black hair. Moments after Kimora is forcefully ushered to the ring, Jennifer comes through the curtains with Kim slung over her shoulders like prized slaughtered game. She enters the ring with her prey to begin the massacre of the Fab Four.

It is all fun, smiles and games for the Resistance. It is all pain, suffering and embarrassment for the Fab Four. They are punched, stomped, and locked in painful holds at will by the Resistance. The upstart group took great delight as they deflowered the Fab four. All of their clothing was removed one piece at a time during the beating. First capes were ripped off and tossed into the crowd. Bustiers and panties followed soon after. Even the knee high boots with Fab Four embossed on them were unzipped and tossed into the audience. The long gloves were not forgotten and stolen away and tossed out of the ring like disgusting trash. Then the Resistance continued to beat on the naked flesh of the Fab Four.

All fallacies in the Fab Four's mind that the Resistance is inferior to them or the ABA have been removed. The Resistance was administering a major ass whipping. It was not a hap hazard assault. It was more like a carefully orchestrated, highly planned execution. Cameron, Jessica, Eva and Jennifer operated like a highly a trained assault team. Beyonce was a witness to their team work. First Eva kicked the beaten naked woman out of the ring. Beyonce bravely, but slowly rises to her feet. Once she turns around, Jennifer is there and starts clobbering her with punch after punch. Beyonce is hammered backwards until she falls across the announcers table. There Jennifer wraps her hands around Beyonce's throat and chokes the champion. Jennifer bangs the back of Beyonce's head against the table as she chokes the helplessly flailing woman. Finally she releases Beyonce and returns to the ring. Beyonce lies there catching her breath, when Jessica comes soaring off the top turnbuckle and delivers a flying elbow drop to Beyonce's chest. Beyonce and Jessica crash through the table. Beyonce clutches her chest with agony etched on her beautiful face. Jessica is shaken up too, and lies beside her for a while, before getting up ane returning to the ring. Beyonce lies in the rubble wallowing in pain. A few moments later, Cameron retrieves her from the wreckage, and returns Beyonce to the ring for more punishment.

The Resistance was focused in their assault. Pam was the focal point of their wrath. At one point during the massacre, Kim, Kimora and Beyonce were down and flat on their back. The Resistance surrounded Pam, forming a circle around the Fab Four leader. Next they took turns passing her around the punching and smacking her to another in the circle. They complete their brutal punishment of Pam when Jessica puts Pam's head between her thighs and drops to her knees executing a Pedigree on the Blonde Bombshell. Next Cameron delivers a choke slam to the blonde icon. Finally Eva and Jennifer complete the destruction by inverting Pam upside down with Pam's head between Jennifer's thighs. Eva grabs Pam's ankles and together they give Pam a spike pile driver. Pam lies broken on the mat while her team looks on in horror. They were just too battered and beaten to come to their beloved leader's aid.

Besides team work, and brutal focus, the Resistance showed style and an entertainment factor. At one point they draped a thoroughly worn out Kim and Beyonce over the middle rope. They were bent over at the waist like old towels on a towel rack. Their upturned asses were facing the ring. Cameron flaunted to the crowd, then starts smacking Beyonce's Bootylicious ass and Kim's Badonkalious ass like she is beating on two giant pair of bongo drums. Kim and Beyonce felt the embarrassment and disrespect, but were helpless to prevent it.

Not only did the Resistance prove themselves as a group, they each won personal satisfaction in their conquest of the Fab Four. All four women took different roads and conquered personal demons as well as their rivals.

Eva MendesEva Mendes enjoyed her personal time with Pam Anderson. Eva jumped at the opportunity when old friend Cameron approached her about starting this new gang. It was an easy decision. First she liked working with Cameron. Second she wanted to stick it to the Fab Four. Eva trapped a dazed and punch drunk Pam against the ropes. Eva has fantasized about this moment with the defenseless blonde for months now. Eva pushes Pam's chin backwards, bending her back over the ropes. Eva draws her right fist back, then drives it into Pam's vulnerable stomach. Pam doubles over, holding her gut with both arms. Finally Pam drops to her knees. The blonde could not even scream, all the breath was knocked out of her.

Eva smiles. That felt so good to her. She felt slighted by Pam, and that was the perfect remedy. Eva was once an ally of the Fab Four. When Jennifer Lopez when on maternity leave, Eva thought they would ask her to fill in for the latina, like Beyonce filled in for Halle Berry in the same situation. They did not. Instead they invented this ridiculous Team Pam and Team Tia concept rather than offering Eva the prestigious position.

Eva reaches down and pulls Pam to her feet by two handfuls of hair. "You're disgusting." Eva mutters as she wraps her arms around Pam's waist. "You're a washed up, old tattooed joke who has the audacity to still call herself a champion catfighter." Eva says as she squeezes Pam in a bear hug. When Pam did not ask her to replace Jennifer Lopez, she felt that they did not think she was worthy to be in the Fab Four. Eva's ego was bruised to say the least. Eva knows she can never do equal damage to Pam with her fist, but she could with her words. "I would take your cockfight championship from you myself, if I wasn't afraid of catching a disease from your flea ridden whore ass." Trapped in Eva's bear hug, Pam had no choice but to listen to the insults. "Admit it. I'm too young, sexy and talented for your old ass. You're not the Fab Four anymore, you're the Fab Forty! Your time is over! Deal with it!" Eva knew her words had an effect on the vain woman. "Fab Forty!" Eva repeats with satisfaction.

Cameron's crowning moment came when she squared off against Beyonce. Cameron adopted a boxing stance, and bounced on her toes. "Put em up!" Cameron challenged Beyonce. Although the battered champion was a total wreck, she put up her fist and tried to fight. Even in her reduced state she thought she could land a lucky shot on the awkward blonde. Cameron snaps 3 jabs, and all plow through Beyonce's meager defenses and nail her in the face. The fans 'ooooh' and 'aahhh' at the bone jarring blows. This brings a smile to Cameron's face. At last she had the respect of the crowd. Pop... pop.... pop... Cameron peppers Beyonce again. It felt good for some positive reaction after the pitiful performance of her last film, Knight and Day. Bap! Cameron's long slender leg flashes up and whacks Beyonce in the face. There is another reaction from the crowd as Beyonce's head almost topples off of her shoulders.

Cameron's heart warms. "They love me again". Cameron thinks. She has always fought for respect in her career. Cameron is one of the highest paid actresses in the world, but still does not get the respect of a Sharon Stone, Charlize Theron, Halle Berry or Angelina Jolie. They are all Academy award winners, while Cameron is only a Teen Choice and MTV Movie award winner.

The woman that Cameron is currently beat the shit out of, does not have that problem. Beyonce is staggering around like a drunken sailor after the kick. Cameron blasts her with a left making Beyonce stagger even more. Miley Cyrus says Beyonce is the ultimate woman. Cameron drops Beyonce to one knee with a wicked right cross. Girls Aloud, Cheryl Cole says she thinks Beyonce "is what every woman should aspire to be." Cameron pulls Beyonce's head between her thighs. The blonde grabs Beyonce's waist then looks to the audience for approval. They recognize Beyonce is about to become a victim of her own finisher, the Power Bomb. They roar their approval chanting, "Beyonce Bomb... Beyonce Bomb!" like they do before Beyonce executes a challenger. Cameron lifts the idol of millions up in the air then sends her crashing down with a power bomb. Beyonce lies splattered, spread eagle and naked on the canvas in a picture of beauty to Cameron's eyes. The blonde places on foot on Beyonce's heaving chest and raises her arms accepting the cheers of the crowd. After her conquest of Beyonce, she felt like the ultimate woman, the one every woman should aspire to be. The cheers rain own on Cameron. It felt so satisfying.

Jennifer Aniston's moment of satisfaction when she held Kim Kardashian by the nap in her right hand, and Pam Anderson in her left hand. She had been ranting calling everybody sluts and whores the whole match. Now she had in her opinion, the very epitome of those words in her grasps. She had two big boobed bimbos.

Jennifer is a nice girl. They say nice guys finish last, but even they will beat a nice girl. Pam and Kim are aggressive girls. They are tigress that use what they got, to get what they want. They are sexy seductress with big boobs that step on nice girls that get in their way, if they have to. They never finish last. They are just like that nasty witch that stole her husband. Aggressive bitches with big boobs.

Weird thing is, Jennifer secretly wishes that she can be more like them. Nobody wants to be the victim. Publically Jennifer has been portrayed as a door mat in her relationships. That never happens to Pam or Kim, even when they have been humped and dumped. They are steamy hot, sexy seductresses with a legion of men at their feet, and at their beck and call. They are the kind of women who take men from women like Jennifer. Why? Because they have aggressive attitudes and big bouncing boobs. Of course Jenifer would rather be on the other side of that scenario. Although she has tried, she cannot, it is not in her DNA. Jennifer is a beautiful, sexy and alluring woman, but not in the same lustful way of Pam or Kim. She has tried to be that big boob woman, but again she cannot, big boobs are not in her DNA. Tonight she can do the next best thing, punish and humiliate these big boobed women for their sins.

"You fucking whores are soo fucking proud of your big tits!" Jennifer says disgusted. Pam and Kim are so beaten they can only dizzily sway in Jennifer's grasp. Jennifer bangs the blonde and brunette's head into each other and violently slings Kim and Pam to the mat. Jennifer rolls Kim onto her back then takes a hold Pam. "I'm going to do you in by those fucking tits." Jennifer announces then positions Pam and plunges her face into Kim's breasts. However Jennifer had Pam positioned so her tits fell on Kim's face as well. The fans burst into laughter and cheers seeing the unique double breast smother. Jennifer had Pam and Kim positioned in one long line, with their feet punctuating the end on either side. They overlapped so both of their faces are plunged deep in each other's breasts. With all of her weight, Jennifer presses down on the back of Pam's head and presses down and Pam's upper back to keep each woman's face buried in boobs.

Weak and severely beaten already, Pam and Kim pitifully flailed and kicked for freedom, but were not going anywhere. It became a lasting image of the match. It was the lasting memory of the Resistance dominance that night, and the Fab Four's ineptitude.

Pam slows her thrashing to a near stop. Kim's kicking is just a token jester, as both seductresses fall victim to each other's big boobs. Jennifer wears a giant smile of satisfaction. Finally she is the woman on top. Score one for the nice girls everywhere. As Pam nears unconsciousness, Jennifer pulls her off Kim. "Oh no boobie", Jennifer gibes "You're not getting off that easy. We're not stopping until every nice girl that has ever had her man stolen by a big boobed freak like you is satisfied."

Jessica thought her moment would come from smacking around long time rival Pam Anderson. Perhaps it would come from putting the high and mighty Beyonce in her place. She never laid a finger on Kim, since they were old friends. Amazingly it came when she squared off against Kimora, six foot tall Kimora. Fear grips the diminutive 5'3" blonde's heart initially. Even though the giantess was hurt and clearly not in top form, Jessica felt it was a physical mismatch. The blonde was scared.

Jessica notices Kimora slightly favoring one leg. Flushed with adrenaline, she shoots in, seizing the giantess' good leg. A couple of sharp tugs and the giantess topples to the canvas. Once on the mat, Jessica brutally mugs Kimora. Jessica slugs the king sized mogul in the jaw. Jessica's fists fall swift and fast with a mind of their own on Kimora. The extra weight that the blonde has been sporting lately comes in handy allowing her to put more power behind her blows, once she has cut this giantess down to size. Jessica savagely beats Kimora into oblivion.

While Jessica was intimidated by Kimora's size, the Fabulosity originator had a completely different perspective. When she squared off against the blonde, her thoughts were "Ohhh shit!" She is thinking that she is facing a younger, more experienced fighter with a championship belt. Even if she was at full strength, Kimora doubted that she could defeat Jessica. The model did not think her size would give her a significant enough advantage, and she was about to get her brains beat out. Things worked out like she feared. Kimora is stretched out on the mat, looking up at Jessica, who is on her knees, ruthlessly pounding her model face.

Jessica looks down at the fallen giantess' eyes. Kimora’s eyes showed weakness, defeat, numbness, helplessness. Jessica has an almost orgasmic sensation. She had met the challenge and conquered it. The blonde wanted this feeling to last. Jessica grabs Kimora by her injured leg, and drags her over to the corner. Jessica jumps out of the ring and pulls Kimora some more till her leg is hanging out of the ring by the ring post. Kimora and everyone else knew what was about to happen. Kimora fights to pull herself away, but Jessica was far too strong at this point. Jessica swings Kimora's already wounded leg into the iron post. Kimora shrieks at the top of her lungs, as Jessica slams her leg into the post over and over again. Like a true warrior Kimora refuses to beg for mercy, but her expressions betray her. Jessica sees Kimora's teary eyes begging for mercy. Since the Resistance are really a bunch of good girls gone bad, Jessica mercifully stops. Although that did nothing to reduce the adrenalin rush and satisfaction of knocking off a giant.

After one of the most satisfying and memory outings in each woman's catfighting career, it is time to bring things to their climax. They brought the four beaten, ravaged, naked wrecks to the center of the ring. The four haggard women stand on their knees facing each other while a gloating member of the Resistance stood behind them. A handful of hair is the only thing keeping the Fab Four girls upright. Cameron nods her head and the Resistance girls reach around under the Fab Four girls asses and claw their pussies.

The Fab Four erupt in loud screams and yells of anguish. After nearly a minute, Kim breaks first. With Cameron's long fingers deep in her cunt, Kim bursts into tears. "Whaaaaaa I want to giiivvve...... I can't take no more!"

Through her pained expression, Pam shoots Kim a dirty look. It was not the warrior's way, it is not the Fab Four way to allow you opponent break you in that way. Kim is blubbering away now.

A moment later, Kimora starts sniveling, like she is holding back a monsoon of tears. "Me too, I can't take anymore." Kimora says as tears start rolling down her cheeks, and Eva laughing behind her and ravishing her pussy.

Pam grunts loudly. Beyonce is enduring Jessica's pussy torture with the same lion-heartedness as Pam. She completely understands her leader's harden warrior's mentality, but it does not change the fact, that they have already been crushed in this match. To endure more punishment now is plain foolish. With the wisdom of an excellent first officer, Beyonce sternly advises, "Pam, we've loss this one."

Beyonce's stern words broke Pam out of her warrior's trance. Honestly she was not ashamed of her team, she was proud of them. She has just lead them into the biggest and longest one-sided beating in the decade long history of the Battle Zone. It was a beating that they endured without one plea for mercy. They did not fail her, Pam felt she failed them as a leader. Still in this hopeless situation, none of them would submit without her approval. Even though they have been pushed past their limits now, none of them will submit without her approval. Pam was very proud of them. "You win... We submit." Pam shouts while Jennifer wrecks her cunt.

The Resistance looked at each other enjoying this surreal moment. Although it was inevitable, actually hearing those words coming out of especially Pam's mouth was different. Overcome with jubilation, they drop the Fab Four girls and start celebrating. Soon the celebration is joined by other Resistance members. Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria, Ashlee Simpson, Jada Pinkett and Teri Hatcher flood the ring. They ignore the four vanquished women curled into balls on the mat, there is a party going on. Besides after the massive beating they took, nobody in their right mind expected the Fab Four to leave the ring under their own power.

Shortly afterward Nikki Cox and Spontaneous Xtasty roll an oversized wheel barrow to ring side. All the Resistance girls help roll Pam's carcass into the barrow. Next Beyonce is placed beside her. Then they pile Kimora and Kim in the wheel barrow on top of Beyonce and Pam. Then Xtasty and Nikki roll the collection of mixed bodies, with arms and legs overflowing up the ramp to the backstage area.

They travel through a maze of halls and end up on the main concourse hall, where the fans file out and merchandise is sold. Eventually they find their destination, a large merchandise table with chain link fencing behind it to allow the merchants to display their wares. The Resistance girls pluck their conquest out off the wheel barrow and string them up on the fencing, displaying their prizes to everyone. Once the four naked women are hanging from their wrists with their feet dangling off the ground, Cameron scrawls a message on a sign and hangs it beside the Fab Four. The sign reads: '$2 WHORES - UNFIT FOR WAL-MART'

The night ends with the Fab Four hanging on display naked for all the fans as they file out of the arena. They all hang their heads in shame, allowing their long hair to hide their in faces. While fans lustfully ogle their bruised, naked bodies, they contemplate their defeat. They are the Fab Four, the elite, this is not supposed to be happening to them. Pam blames her leadership. Never has the Fab Four been so thoroughly dominated and destroyed. Kim and Kimora question their ability. Do they belong with the Fab Four? Every demoralizing second they hang on display like sides of beef it deepens their humiliation. None of them feel elite now. They feel like four failures who deserve to hang in shame.

It did not take long for the Resistance to shower and get to their victory party. The place was packed. Everybody loves a winner. The Resistance took down the ABA in their debut, but that was nothing compared to what they just did to the Fab Four. The Resistance and the party gets wild, but they deserve to let go. Beating up the ABA and two Fab Four teams is a grand accomplishment. Most people cannot believe this Uncivil War is going their way.

The wild partying did pause for a minute when the TV shown a report on this historic Pay Per View, **ONSLAUGHT**. It televised eight bruised and battered Fab Four members limping up the red carpet to their limo to leave the arena. The picture spoke for itself. The Fab Four was a mess. They looked like war refugees. All of them wore dark glasses. Tia Carrere is on crutches with her knee wrapped. Jessica Beil is wearing a neck brace. Rosario Dawson has her head bandaged and Vida Guerra walks with a distinctive limp. Pam had her arm in a sling. Beyonce pushes Kimora in a wheel chair. Kimora has her leg extended straight out on an extension. Kim wears a glazed over expression of disbelief.

Reporters shout questions as they leave. "Pam, what happened out there?" barks one reporter.

"Didn't you see the match?" Pam simply replies. "We got out asses kicked?"

Back at the party Cameron raises her champagne glass for a toast. All the Resistance lift their glasses too. "To the Resistance!" Cameron begins. "And to a new day in the Battle Zone. The ABA's tyranny is done. The Fab Four's dominance is over! It's time for new talent and new faces in the main events. It is time for us! To the Resistance!" with that everyone take a gulp of their victory nectar. In a much lower voice, so it can only be shared with the Resistance members close to her, "And to the skipper for a hell of a plan."