She was born, Leslie Godfrey of Chicago, Illinois. She became famous as the adult film superstar, Lisa Lipps. Now some refer to her as the Enforcer of the American Bad Asses, the ABA. The organization that was once the most dominant and terrorizing in celebrity catfighting. However that name is not a nickname, but an honor and a responsibility.

In the organized crime inspired structure of the ABA, the Enforcer is not just a cool name but a job. At the top of their structure are the four bosses. On paper they are all equal, with no boss of bosses as Lucky Luciano revolutionized in the rise of the modern mob. Fairly, as with most organizations including Luciano's, there are dominant personalities that loom above the others. From there each boss has their own syndicate with its own various structures. Outside of that structure fits the Enforcer. The Enforcer answers to no one boss, but accountable to the council of bosses. The Enforcer's lone job is to act in the best interest of the ABA. She guards against threats that are external and internal. The external is pretty much self-explanatory. The internal portion is more interesting.

The Enforcer is the Parliamentarian of the organization. She polices the bosses, and settled disputes between the bosses. In an organization the praises and encourages trickery, deception and winning at all cost, the Enforcer plays a vital roles in the stability of the group. The original incarnation of the ABA was destroyed by jealousy and in fighting. The group has never been as strong of or successful since. The Enforcer investigates into conspiracy theories, she keeps the peace, she maintians the stability of the group. The Enforcer has carte blanche authority to do whatever she wants in the best interest of the ABA.

Today the Enforcer has been sent on a mission by the bosses to investigate an external threat. Covert intelligence reports that Devin DeRay, who used to do videos at Napali Video with Lisa has been seen around Fab Four facilities for several days. Because of her past relationship with Devin, The bosses dispatch Lisa to find out what Devin is doing there. Is she trying to join the group to go after the newly created XXX championship for adult film stars? What exactly is the deal? It sounds simple enough, but if it was that simple, then Lindsay Lohan would be doing it.

Lisa knows a simple phone call to Devin would be useless, they were not that close. Devin would never trust her either. First Lisa asks a photographer and producer that is a mutual acquaintance of both ladies for help. The guy's name is Scotty, and Lisa knows that he will be eager to help since he has a longtime crush on the bountiful blonde.

Lisa tries to get lucky. She tells Scotty to call Devin and do some snooping and try to get her to tell what she is doing with The Fabs. Scotty calls and tries to do a little digging while under the guise of rekindling their friendship. While Lisa listens carefully on another muted line, he starts asking Devin "What's new?" He continues with a conversation about, "What's going on business wise?" "Does she have any big projects coming up?" "Is there anything different that she wants to do?" After several awkward forced conversations, Scotty and Lisa knows nothing more about Devin and the Fabs than they knew before. Finally Scotty followed his last order for the phone call. He asks Devin to come by his office. He has a friend who has a business proposition for her. Always eager to make a little cash, Devin agreed, and the two set up a meeting time a couple of days later.

A couple of days later, Devin arrives at Scotty's office. It is an informal get together so Devin is dressed casually in jeans and shirt. Devin comes in and sits across from Scotty and the two begin to converse. After the usual cordialities, Devin asks about this business proposition from his friend. Scotty say that he'll go get them and leaves the office. Scotty returns soon and walks through the door, blocking Devin's view of the mysterious friend behind him. The door closes and locks behind them and Devin still has not seen the friend. As they walk forward Devin sees that the friend is Lisa Lipps. Devin wears a confused expression as Lisa takes a seat in Scotty's chair, and Scotty takes a seat on the couch on the side of the room.

"Hello Devin" Lisa greets as she stands wearing a business blouse and a pair of slacks.

"Hey Lisa" Devin quickly responds. "I'm surprised to see you here. If you had something to tell me about you should have just called. What do you need?"

"Thanks I hope things stay like that." Lisa thanks before continuing. "According to our sources, you've been at the Fab Facility quite a bit recently. So my employers at the ABA have sent me here with a few really good options for you." Lisa reaches in her leather-bound notebook and pulls out a check. "For Option A, the ABA is willing to pay you for a little information about your visits. Things like why were you there? Are they recruiting you? Are you joining the Fabs? We want to know what is happening behind those walls. Understand anything you say will be confidential. We would never reveal our sources. Just give us a little information, you get paid handsomely and no one will ever know that you or I were ever here." Lisa pushes a check for $5,000 forward for Devin to see.

"I think you would really love Option B." Lisa continues. "Option B makes this exchange of information an ongoing thing. I don't care how, but if you can keep getting inside that building and provide us constant information, we are willing to pay much more." Lisa now pulls out a check for $25,000 and places it beside the other one. "So what do you think Devin, Option A, or Option B?"

Devin eyeballs the check. That is more than a fair amount of cash for an aging semi-retired porn star/stripper. Devin licks her lips before she speaks. "That is an attractive offer Lisa, but I'm afraid I have to turn it down. I'm not part the Fabs or anything, but I'm not the type of person to betray their trust like that. Sorry."

"Devin you really ought to think this through..." Lisa begins then tries to convince Devin to take either Option A or Option B. The debate lasts nearly 15 minutes, and Devin remains steadfast in her refusal. She obviously has a moral objection to spying on the Fabs. The conversation reaches an absolute stand still.

Showing a great deal of frustration, Lisa stands saying, "If you won't go with Option A or Option B, then that only leaves me with Option C. That is where I beat the shit out of your ass until you tell me what I want and you get nothing! Would you like that?"

Devin pauses. Lisa is a big bad strong woman, very capable of following through with her threat with most women. However Devin is a 5'9" farm girl who rarely backs down from a challenge. She knows that Lisa has an excellent chance of beating her ass. Devin is not confident that she can whip Lisa. She knows that there is a good chance that she will leave this office naked, whimpering in pain and most importantly without any check. This is all a mute point because Devin's ego and pride started talking long before her brain finished calculating the wisdom of taking on Lisa.

"Really bitch! Bring it! I'm no snitch bitch and you can't turn me into one." Devin snaps back while bobbing her head. She speaks through clenched teeth, trying to hold back her anger from the audacity of Lisa first from asking her to be a snitch, then to actually trying to fight her.

"Think twice before you go this route." Lisa warns. "There is a lot of money on the table. This is just a job for me. I have nothing personal against you, but I will hurt you to get what I need."

Both women stand staring at each other on opposite sides of Scotty's desk. Scotty's eyes are sparkling like diamonds and he wears a smile as wide as the Grand Canyon. A catfight was a definite possibility. That is why Lisa outfit his office with hidden cameras to catch the action. "Sorry Lisa, but it is bad business and wrong to put people's business in the streets. Like I said, I ain't no snitch." Devin restates.

"Well I guess that there is nothing to say." Lisa calmly comments then quickly snatches a cup of water on the desk and tosses it into Devin's face. The splash of water surprises and disorients Devin. She flinches and freezes for a moment. The crafty if not underhanded move gives Lisa the moment to grab Devin's hair and slam her face down to the desk. Devin barely gets her arms in place to absorb some of the brunt. Next Lisa has two handfuls of hair, harshly pulling Devin on top of the desk. Devin has been caught off guard and is doing more wild flailing and getting punched than doing any real fighting back. Devin is devoid of all thought and composure.

Scotty squirms in his chair, seeing his big blonde fantasy in action. He always found himself linked with a big breasted girl who loves to fight. He sees his giant breasted blonde goddess drag her taller adversary totally on top of the desk. Lisa starts subduing Devin by driving the point of her elbow into vulnerable areas like temple, head and ribs. Lisa slams her fist down like a hammer onto Devin's body. By the way Devin is shouting, Scotty thinks Lisa's plan is working to perfection.

All of a sudden Devin explodes off the desk, rolling off and popping to her feet. Devin instantly commences a Tasmanian Devil like assault, attacking Lisa with a whirlwind of twirling fist. It happens so quickly that Scotty fears Lisa will be swept away in the storm. Boy was he wrong. Lisa answers back with her own whirlwind of punches. It is an absolute Pier Six brawl. Both are pounding each other with reckless abandon. Devin has a significant three inch height advantage. However Lisa seems to have the weight and strength on her side. Lisa erupts with body blow after body blow to Devin's legendarily tiny 21 inch waist. Soon Devin is wincing and backing away, eventually cowering to the body blows.

Devin's tiny waist absolutely could not handle these pulverizing blows. Devin is a sexy demon with eyepopping measurements of 41E-21-36. The 21 inch waist is perfect for being a sex bomb, but are not built to handle these bombs from the blonde amazon. Scotty sees the pained expression on Devin's face. He thinks she is about to cry or throw up even, very soon. Scotty is in total amazement. He never thought his blonde angel could ever impress him more than she already has, but her dismantling an extraordinary woman like Devin DeRay is totally blowing his mind. Then a wicked right hooks fires across Devin's exposed chin, dropping Devin like a sack of potatoes. It happens so fast Scotty barely sees the sizzling fist.

Despite the explosive blow to her chin, the totally disoriented Devin was still holding her her mid-section and moaning like a wounded animal. The Enforcer bellows in a commanding voice, "Tell me what I want to know." She kicks Devin hard in the side, then goes down and mounts Devin. The brunette returns to the here and now and locks hands and arms with Lisa to fend her off. Scotty is surprised Devin has some resistance in her. He was sure those hammering body shots stole her feistiness.

This fight is far, far from being over. Lisa may have found a huge advantage. Devin's body cannot take the power of Lisa's fist. However Devin is not going to let that define this fight. She is a tough fighting mega babe in her own right. She respects Lisa but is not afraid of her. Devin thwarts all of Lisa's current advances. She blocks any strike attempts. She ties up Lisa's hands. Although Lisa is in the dominant position, Devin's guard is impeccable.

Seeing Devin's defense, Lisa grabs at Devin's arms, turning her defensive excellence against her. Lisa pulls Devin, and rolled off to the side, changing positions. Devin is pulled on her side, and finds herself on her side lying on one of Lisa's legs. Lisa's other leg quickly comes and slams shut around Devin's waist, locking Devin in a powerful body scissors. Lisa's big thick thighs apply the crippling force. Devin howls in torment. Lisa broadly smiles, again finding Devin's weak spot. Lisa ties up Devin's arms, she cannot go anywhere or do anything. "Now talk!" Lisa demands. "I told you this was going to end badly for you. Now spill your guts before I do it for you."

"Damnit Lisa, you are taking this way too far", the trapped brunette vainly kicking her legs sings. "I was just doing some independent contract services for the Fabs. No big deal." Devin pulls one hand free, or so she thought. She realizes that Lisa might have release it, because immediately the blonde grabbed a tuff of Devin's long hair and wraps it around her fist. Now Lisa is jerking Devin's head by her hair anyway she pleases. Devin's yelps and screams sounded so good, that Lisa grabbed a second handful of brown hair and uses them as reigns, jerking Devin's head, and pulling it and bending it into awkward and very painful positions. Between the vice force around her waist and her neck twisted at ridiculous angles, Devin can barely breath, all she can do is suffer.

"Tell me everything now!"

"Unghh... What part... of independent that you didn't understand? It's none of your damned business!" Devin grumbles back. Lisa did not appreciate Devin's wit. She flexes her thighs and torks Devin's hair tighter eliciting a scream. Devin reaches up to get at Lisa, but only finds Lisa's enormous tits blocking her reach like the Hoover Damn. After a sharp curse, Devin's fingers jerk and pops the buttons on Lisa's over taxed blouse. Then she grips and claws whatever flesh she finds. Lisa curses but maintains her squeeze on Devin.

Devin's breast attack did not cause any great damage, but it did distract Lisa enough for Devin to reposition herself. Devin is able to turn into Lisa and face her, so she can plunge two hands into Lisa's bosom. She moves Lisa's legs a little further down her body towards her hips, so Lisa's legs are spread a little further apart by Devin's luscious bubble butt. Suddenly, Devin throws her body backwards, attacking the weakest part of the scissors, the crossing of Lisa's ankles. Devin breaks free and rolls out of Lisa's clutches. Both women regroup. Lisa was not fazed by Devin's escape. It is not like a body scissor is a head scissor and often gains a submission.

Scotty admires Devin's tight beach ball ass as she crawls away to distance herself from Lisa so she can safely stand. Lisa stands and rips off what is left of her blouse so it will not be a distraction. Scotty takes one look at Lisa's humongous bare breasts, then he forgets Devin's unforgettable ass and falls in love with Lisa all over again.

Both busty babes put up their dukes like boxers. Devin bounces toward the bare breasted warrior. She loops a right punch, that Lisa blocks with her left arm then countered with a straight punch to Devin's stomach. Devin winces with a wheeze. Undeterred, Devin dances in position again and throws a left hook. Again it is blocked by a right forearm then countered with a left hook to Devin's side. Devin bends to that side and grimaces greatly.

Scotty thought he was looking at the bare knuckles championships for the next few minutes. However the scene was going much like the previous minutes. Devin is unable to connect a lot of the time, and her body pays the price with a brutal counter shot. Lisa would demand, "Talk! Talk bitch!" as she carves Devin up. Devin's real wimpy bitch moan would often follow the command.

Devin is if full retreat, backing and avoiding Lisa like a plague. Lisa stalks and sees Devin's guard has fallen to protect her ribs at all cost. Lisa fakes low before sending a big right hook to the cringing woman's jaw. Devin goes reeling with her knees wobbly. Devin really gets on her bicycle now, running and backing away from Lisa. Despite her best efforts, Devin gets rocked by three more shots to the head.

Devin knows that she cannot withstand any more head shots, so she brings her right hand up to protect her face. Devin's left hand is held tightly covering her body. She thought she had things covered until a straight pile driving punch comes rocketing in between her defense to her big round tit. Devin's mouth forms a perfect, dick sucking 'O' as she howls like a she wolf. Devin makes a quick analysis of her predicament. Another solid blow to her jaw will result in a knockout. Much more punishment to her beautiful sexy body will end in a tearful submission. A sacrifice must be made, and that would have to be her luscious breasts. Devin kept one hand high, and one across her body. However her boobs should have had 'Lisa Lipp’s Punching Bags’ written across them from then on. Lisa goes to work with straight punches, knocking the big knockers left and right. Devin absorbed massive punishment to her prized hooters and counter punched faithfully after taking the punishing breast blows.

Scotty shakes his head and mutters "Dumb bitch" out loud. "Should have taken the money. It'll be another week or two before you can show your face and body in public after Lisa gets through with you".

"You dumb bitch just talk. You're wasting my time and getting on my nerves. I'm about to beat the crazy out of your ass!" the Enforcer threatens as she backs to give her whipped opponent time to realize her imminent defeat.

"Yeah Devin, speaking as your friend, stop this before you get hurt. I don't like seeing you getting beat down like this." Scotty adds.

Something about Scotty's comment put Devin over the edge. "What?!? Bull shit! Fuck you Scotty! You set me up so your fantasy girlfriend could beat my ass! All this is because you're hoping your little puppy dog ass can try to score with Lisa finally." Devin starts to angrily rant. "I'm not going to let this happen out of spite. Nobody uses me anymore!" Devin angrily takes her top off over her head and throws then throws it at Scotty's face. Several people took advantage of the 19 year old Devin when she first got to Los Angeles and the XXX industry. It remains a touchy point for her. She is a different woman now though. She is a strong woman that has added dominitrix to her resume. That dominitrix persona comes to the fore front quickly. "Now watch this sexy ass real woman whip your dream bitch's ass! Lisa you owe this ass kicking to that slimy mutha fucka over there." Devin angrily spits while pointing at Scotty. "Let's see if you want to fuck him after the hell he just caused you."

Scotty looks on mocking confusion and pretending to hold back laughter. He acts like maybe Lisa has hit Devin in the head to hard. Although 1000% true Devin came out of left field with this rant against him and his crush on Lisa. Most importantly, Devin just shamed him in front of his dream girl, Lisa. He thinks and justifies things in his head. First, Devin already looks like shit with rosy red cheeks from Lisa's fists. The biggest puppy dog in the room has been Devin's punk ass puppy whining, crying and howling from Lisa's gut blasts. Finally she has the nerve to pull off her shirt and proudly display these tits that are already lopsided and lumpy from Lisa slapping the shit out of them. Scotty chuckles and shakes his head, trying to hide his embarrassment from being called out by Devin. "I tried to help her Lisa. I tried to get her some money, but she wants to get her crazy ass beat for free. You just can't help some people." Scotty tells his buxom blonde dream girl.

Devin huffs angrily and charges forward once again in full Tasmanian Devil mode. Devin is a whirlwind of fist again just as she was at the beginning of their fight. Scotty waited for Lisa to pick Devin apart like she did previously. Lisa was too busy getting whopped on the head to dissect anything. It's another Pier Six Brawl. Lisa overwhelmed Devin the first time, but this time, she is being over ran. "How do you like that Scotty? Try explaining to your dream lover how you just got her ass kicked." Devin's wide swinging, hammering blows have Lisa retreating, while trying unsuccessfully to fight back.

Lisa looked like she was about to go down to one knee, then she explodes with one rock hard torpedo shot into Devin's super slim waist. Scotty smiles looking to see if Lisa's missile shot goes right through Devin's miniature waist and comes out through her back. Devin has a weird pained surprised expression like a movie villain who just got violently killed unexpectedly. She stands still dramatically wearing the ugly face, then collapses to the floor.

Lisa sits down on Devin's stomach. "It's over Devin." the Enforcer informs. "Forget Scotty. I told you this is business and not personal. Tell me why you were at the Fabs, nobody will know, and end this silly shit!" Lisa says and digs her claws into Devin's big round boobs.

To everyone's surprise, Devin laughs like she is entertained. "Okay Lisa", Devin sings in her seductive voice. "I'll tell you what I was doing at the Fabs, but not only that. I'll show you." Devin then reaches up and wraps both of her big farm girls hands around Lisa's massive bear breasts, and squeezes. Lisa's mouth drops open in shock and agony. She feels like her breasts just got caught in a bear trap. In all her years of catfighting she has never encountered anything like this before. Seeing Lisa's reaction, makes Devin smile. She actually purrs like a cat. However Lisa thinks she just found a tiger.

"You see the Fabs hired me as a special catfight coach." Devin explains. "Hair pulling, scratching, clawing, pussy twisting and my specialty breast mauling, you know catfight shit." Devin twists and turns Lisa's breasts harshly making her whimper and moan. "I helped them with everything, but I taught them a lot about titty twisting. Growing up on the farm with a childhood of plucking, picking and milking gives you incredibly strong hands." It is true, it is damned true. Lisa feels like the Incredible Hulk himself has grabbed her breasts and is crushing her oversized tits. Lisa tries to use her dominant position sitting on top of Devin and squeeze Devin's titanic rack, but she only inflicting a fraction of the pain that she is receiving. Lisa utters a few miserable obscenities under her breath.

"Fuck! She's got big King Kong hands!" Lisa cries out to Scotty as Devin twitches her strong fingers into Lisa's breasts.

"Yeah... I do" Devin admits with a chuckle. "The Fab girls don't have hands as strong as mine, but I showed them some exercises to help them out." Lisa's face contorts in misery and suffering. "I'll even give you a word of advice, don't fuck with Halle Berry. She's the only one demented enough to do all those exercises obssesively enough to really destroy a rack. Jennifer Love Hewitt better look out with those big knockers." Scotty looks on in confusion and flabbergasted that his dream angel just gone from dominator to tortured in the twinkle of as eye. Lisa abandons trying to hurt Devin and grabs at Devin's wrists, trying to pull Devin's colossal hands off her breasts.

Devin throws Lisa off top of her by her breasts. Lisa is folding like a cheap tent when Scotty shouts "Come on Lisa! Don't let her do this to you! Fight her back!" That is the motivation that Lisa needed. She rises to her knees and latches back on to Devin's tits. Lisa grabbed two fistfuls of breasts on either side of Devin's boobs. Meanwhile the brunette clasps her fingers on the blonde's huge areolas.

Devin is actually excited by the challenge that Lisa is presenting. Lisa glared back with determined eyes. Devin smiles back, then takes one of Lisa's mountainous breasts and heaves it up and whacks Lisa in the face with it. First the right one then the left careen into Lisa's chin, and it does not stop. Devin is amused and thrilled beyond belief that she is literally knocking Lisa senseless with her own massive tits. Scotty's heart fell. His angel is not only hopelessly losing, but now Devin is making a total mockery of her.

Devin laughs as Lisa has abandoned her grip on Devin's breasts and just tried to manage to survive this full breast assault. Devin slips behind Lisa and reaches around and seizes both of Lisa's boobs from behind. Devin is like a butcher grinding and flattening meat. Lisa is teary eyed and sputtering. "What do you think of your princess now puppy dog boy?" Devin taunts Scotty. He burns on the inside as Lisa just suffers.

Scotty notices Devin getting a new mischievous smile. Her grip on Lisa's tits changes and so does her kneading motion. Lisa's moans change from painful to more erotic. Scotty does not know what is happening, but he does not like it. After Devin continues a few more minutes, a worried Lisa says, "Stop Devin! You win. I've had enough." Lisa would continue to plead. Devin just assured Lisa that it will be over soon.

Lisa is having a hard time fighting back tears, but she is the Enforcer, she has to, no matter how much her tits are burning right now. Then Lisa had a feeling and sensation unlike she has ever felt before. Lisa looks down at her breasts and is utterly shock to see milk start seeping out of her nipples. "I can't believe it! She's fucking milking me?" Lisa says frantically in total disbelief. Devin laughs a loud sinister laugh. Soon there is a steady line of white milk flowing from her breasts. Lisa is horrified, reaching new depths of humiliation. Scotty watches on with his heart pouring out for his dream girl.

Finally she is done. Devin tosses Lisa to the side like she is rubbish and stands. Lisa curls into a moaning whimpering ball, cupping her big sore tits. "What's the matter?" Devin asks as she looks around at a stunned Scotty and a devastated Lisa. "You never saw my Napali video, Milkmaids In Heat with Carolyn Monroe?" Devin smacks her lips and goes to the desk and picks up the $5,000 saying, "I'll take Option D Lisa. That means I get this check since you got the information you wanted." Then she picks up the $25,000 check saying, "I'm taking this too for all the bull shit you point me through, and most importantly, because you can't do anything to stop me." Bare breasted but walking like the baddest chick in the world, Devin strides to the door. As she passes Scotty she pauses to give him an evil glare saying, "Lose my number forever, ass hole." Then Devin exits the room.

So this is the life of the Enforcer. Despite everything, she successfully completed her mission and reported the information back to the ABA. She medicated her injured pride and ego by finally breaking off Scotty a little piece, after he nursed his fallen queen. Now Scotty is worshipping the ground that Lisa walks on. Lisa carried no ill feelings toward Devin, and did not seek retribution, but Scotty did. He swore to avenge Lisa's loss and humiliation. He now financially backs, trains and manages catfighters, looking for the one who can break Devin and give him revenge.

The ABA lawyers called Devin the next morning looking for the checks. In the end, she got to keep her ill-gotten checks, and made a little more money too. Those checks became advance payment for Devin signing to release the footage of the brawl, that Lisa filmed on the several hidden cameras around Scotty's office. The footage (minus the ending) was used in a new DVD by ABA Entertainment, Lisa Lipps: The Enforcer. Just another day in the life of the Enforcer.


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