Viva Las Vegas! Vegas is known for a multitude of things including bright lights and big breasted blondes. Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino is lucky to have two very big breasted blondes in attendance this afternoon. One of those Big busted blonde walks up to a baller playing at the craps. "What's up Ice? Long time no see!" The blonde says with a smile.

"Damned Lisa it's good to see you girl" rapper/actor Ice T says as he hugs adult superstar, Lisa Lipps. "I see you're back to being a blonde again. You look great." Lisa modestly smiles accompanied with playfully and sexy giggle. Next the two old friends start catching up on lost time. Ice explains that he is in town for a short time to visit his wife, and then they are set to fly out to Miami for Stone Rage's next great Pay Per View Extravaganza, **ONSLAUGHT 2**. Jokes, laughs and conversation is freely exchanged.

This little conversation surely does not go unnoticed by the other big breasted blonde in the room. Her name is Coco, and the man the other big breast blonde is talking to is her husband. Coco can hardly concentrate on her roulette table as her gaze burns across the room at them.

Lisa and Ice talk and laugh. They get closer together, they look into each other's eyes. "They used to fuck" Coco thinks. As a woman, Coco knows. Ice used to spend a lot of time in Vegas, and Lisa lives and strips in Vegas. Coco can just tell by their body language that they used to be more than just friends. Normally Coco could not care less about Ice talking to an old flame, but this time, she does, because she fucked up.

Coco temporarily resides in Vegas while starring in a live show at Planet Hollywood called Peepshow. Meanwhile, Ice remained in New York doing his tv show Law and Order Special Victims Unit. Soon thereafter Coco was in Vegas, inappropriate pictures of Coco and a little known rapper surfaced on Twitter. Later the rapper claimed he has slept with Coco. Ice takes to Twitter angry and hurt. Coco quickly responded by Twitter with a distraught apology. Rumors of divorce soon followed, but Ice and Coco denies them. Anyway Coco is terrified that Ice would sleep with her rival buxom blonde for a little pay back. She is so jealous right now that she cannot stand it any longer, but with her and Ice's current strained relationship, she does not know what to do or how to react.

After several more minutes, Lisa and Ice continue to talk. Coco picks up on Lisa accidently, on purpose rubbing her huge tits against Ice whenever convenient. Lisa positions herself so Ice cannot help but get hypnotized by her cleavage. Lisa proudly shows off two iceberg sized breasts that are big enough to crush the Titanic between them. Finally she is eaten thoroughly through with jealousy and has to put a stop to this. Coco gets up from her roulette table and goes over to Ice and Lisa.

"Hey Ice, I didn't know they let working women in the casinos now," Coco says as she approaches Ice and the scantily clad blonde, Lisa Lipps. However Coco has little room to talk about the provocative dress. She is wearing a tight tank top and even tighter jogging pants.

Ice quickly tries to defuse the catty remark saying, "Oh hey Coco! This is my old friend from back in the day. This was even before I met you. This is Lisa Lipps."

"I know who she is." Coco sternly responds. "She is Lisa Lipps, the ABA's Enforcer, sworn enemies of the Fab Four."

"Relax Coco, calm down. I'm not here to start any trouble" Lisa explains in a soothing voice. "I just wanted to talk to an old friend." Lisa says and glances at Ice with flirty eyes. "Actually I should congratulate you. I hear your topless show, Peepshow is getting excellent reviews." Lisa says, trying to change the conversation to something more pleasant.

"Yeah thanks" Coco dryly says. "Can we leave now Ice? I've got some things to do before the show tonight." Coco rudely continues.

Lisa sees that Coco is obviously jealous out her mind. "Okay Ice, don't be such a stranger. You have my number, text me next time you're in town with Coco." Then Lisa hugs Ice tightly and plants a suggestive kiss on his cheek. "Bye Coco." Lisa sings.

"Yeah beat it chick." Coco impolitely mumbles under her breath, but definitely loud enough for Lisa to hear.

"Ice you better tell your little girl to mind her manners, I might not be so forgiving next time." Lisa says as she takes a step away.

"Ice! You better tell that Saber-toothed cougar to keep her claws out of my man, or I might just kick her g-milf ass." Coco sharply blurts out.

Lisa sharply turns and walks back to Coco. With Ice standing between her and Coco, Lisa says, "Ice you'd better put your little bitch back on her leash and put her in her place. She's trying to start something, and I'm trying to be nice out of respect to you. I'm about to beat her down, and you know how I do!"

Ice stands between the two blondes staring each other down. "Hold on ladies" Ice says as he takes a moment to think. On one hand, Coco was a supreme bitch, and instigated this confrontation with Lisa. She deserves whatever she gets, especially with multiple rumors of her infidelity running rampant. However on the other hand, Ice gives his wife zero chance in a fight with Lisa. He might take a guilty pleasure in seeing her smacked around a little, but that is not what Lisa would have in store for her. She would beat Coco up, then beat Coco down. After Lisa has broken Coco physically, then she will break her sexually, then mentally. Finally his darling wife will end up a tamed pet crawling around on Lisa's leash and obeying her mistress.

"Ice has nothing to do with this." Coco interrupts the moment. "This is between you and me! This is about you rubbing those floppy tits on my husband and trying to seduce my man. I'll kick your ass right now or anytime you want to keep you away from my husband."

Lisa mocks laughs. "Do you hear this Ice? Your girl wants to fight me! Let's have some fun. If you want to fight, I'll fight you." Lisa challenges.

"Fine!" Coco quickly accepts. "Come by our room tonight at 9 O'clock, and after I kick your ass, you'll promise to never have anything to do with Ice forever." Coco proposes. She is leaping at this opportunity to reprove her dedication to Ice. Whether she wins or loses, Coco hopes to win back Ice's respect by battling The Enforcer, who has most of the league trembling in fear.

"Deal" Lisa agrees. "And after I beat your pretty ass until you're begging me to stop, I'm going to tie you up and make you watch me fuck Ice all night long, and half the day. I'm going to teach you what a real woman does to please a real man, little girl." Lisa threatens. Coco does a quick head nod of acceptance and Lisa walks away.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Ice immediately asks after Lisa leaves. "You know what she did to Kelly Hu, Catherine Zeta Jones, Eva Mendes and Spontaneous Xtasty."

"Yeah, but she was flirting with my man." Coco answers, "And my man is my man. I can tell you used to fuck her, but those days are over. You're all mine now. I'm willing to fight for my man. I'm going to beat her and end this once and for all. If she kicks my ass, you get a hall pass on me. You definitely deserve one after my fuck up. I just got one request, don't make me watch. I couldn't stand to see you fuck another woman."

Lisa shows up promptly to Coco's room. She is anxious to get to the night's festivities. Lisa was not in love with Ice, but she is looking forward to getting some of the rapper's dick again. Kicking and humiliating Coco's big ass is just an added benefit. When Lisa walked into the suite Coco felt like Ice forgot that she was still in the room. Lisa wore a dazzling white outfit with shining gold trim. Even Coco had to mentally acknowledge that her rival looked phenomenal. No wonder Ice was mesmerized by her appearance. The outfit must have been from one of Lisa's stage performances, or maybe an adult video convention or rewards. The top was really a bra that was small enough to show Lisa's enormous cleavage, and shown hints of another bra underneath. The skirt was short, just stopping at Lisa's ass. It had shimmering gold around the waist band and the bottom.

Few words were spoken before Lisa starts to disrobe to prepare for the fight. Lisa made a hot and steamy show out of removing her stunning outfit. She took everything off slowly, showing her ample assets. Her career as a stripper and a escort made hypnotizing Ice and antagonizing and showing up Coco easy. Lisa strips down to her sexiest bra & panty set. After she was done Lisa asked Coco, "Are you ready?" Coco steps forward still wearing the clothes she had on earlier, the tank top and jogging pants. Lisa looks at her in dismay, chuckling saying "Really bitch? You're really going to fuck up Ice's fantasy of two mega babes fighting over him by wearing that? You've got a lot to learn about satisfying a man. I'll teach you a lot in this fight." Coco looks back at Ice pissed off at Lisa's accusations. Then in a huff Coco jerks off her tank top and slips out of the jogging pants.

Coco is totally aware that Lisa has overshadowed and outshined her since she walked into the suite and in the casino also. Seeing that she is losing miserably at this pageantry, Coco is ready to fight, and fight now. Coco does not utter a word she just rushes over and engages Lisa in combat. Coco pushes Lisa back against the wall and Coco and Lisa start wrestling along the wall. First Coco has Lisa at the disadvantage against the wall, but soon Lisa reverses positions and over powers and pins Coco against the wall. Coco discourages Lisa by pulling a big handful of blonde hair. Lisa feels the pain and fires four punches to Coco's gut to make her release the hair pull and Lisa steps back for a moment.

Coco quickly engages Lisa again. They push and shove each other and jostle around with each other. Quickly the four enormous breasts cannot be contained by their confinement with all the bouncing around. Both blonde's breasts leap out of their bra cups, rendering the under garments useless. Neither acknowledges being topless and keep wrestling around with each other. Only Ice T's dick appreciates and acknowledges both enormous racks.

A double hair pull cause both busty blondes to lose their balance and fall to the floor. Lisa gets on top of Coco and pins her down with a double handed choke around Coco's neck. Coco battles back by pulling Lisa's hair. Lisa knocks one of Coco's arms away and pins it under her knee. Now with Coco vulnerable, Lisa commences with open handed slaps across Coco's face. Ice cringes as the slaps to his wife's face ring out and echo throughout the suite. Coco pulls and arm free. Lisa decides gets off Coco before something bad happens to her.

Coco wastes no time before engaging Lisa again. After more wrestling around, Coco pins Lisa against the wall. Coco wastes no time to open up with three punishing punches to Lisa's soft stomach. Coco ends the flurry with a right hook across Lisa's jaw. Lisa swoons momentarily then battles back with a handful of Coco's blonde hair, yanking the wife's head from side to side. Then she throws Coco to the side, knocking her away.

"Ice is my man bitch! Get your claws out of him." Coco yells at Lisa.

"Ice is yours?" Lisa asks curiously. "You haven't been acting like that lately. Chill out bitch, I just wanted to borrow him for an hour tonight, but since you opened your big mouth, I'm going to beat your bubble ass and keep him as long as I want." Lisa promises. Lisa pounces at Coco, knocking her back against the wall. Lisa launches two punches across Coco's chin, rocking her head. Lisa grabs Coco's hair and slams the back of her head against the wall. Then Lisa relentlessly blasts Coco with another five punches that have Coco's head violently spinning from their brute force. Ice thought he might see teeth flying from his beautiful wife’s head. Lisa finishes her assault with three punches to Coco's tight stomach. Coco ends the flurry by clinching with Lisa and tying up her arms.

Ice thought his pampered wife would be in tears but mutters, "Fucking bitch", and continues to grapple with the Enforcer. As they muscle each other around, Lisa unfastens Coco's loose bra. Once is undone Lisa brings it up around Coco throat to try to choke her. Lisa could not get a seal to choke Coco, but it did distract her enough for Lisa to push Coco off. Coco falls back against the wall with nowhere to go. Lisa steps forward and Coco and Lisa clutch hands to continue tussling. Lisa however blasts Coco by raising her knee up into Coco's belly. After that Lisa backs off to assess her damage.

Coco's abdomen is tested by many hours of dancing for her topless show. It is stronger than it ever has been. Coco accepts the punishment and circles around like a boxer. Without throwing a punch she shrewdly maneuvers Lisa into the corner. Before Lisa knows it, Coco is pounding Lisa with three right hooks to her face, and Lisa has nowhere to escape. Next Lisa starts looping three more punches up into Lisa's soft belly. Ice is astounded that his little Coco is retaliating with the same tenacity as Lisa. Lisa pushes Coco away, and tries to regain her composure. Ice knew that Lisa was hurt she chose to talk rather than fight. "You piece of shit." Lisa spits. "You land a couple of punches and now you're supposed to be hot shit? I'm still the queen here bitch! Get on your knees bitch and bow down to me! Bow down and I'll take it easy on you."

Coco smacks her lips and leaps at Lisa. She grabs Lisa by the roots of her hair and yanks down. Lisa has no choice but to find herself sinking to her knees. "Who's on their knees now?" Coco taunts, then slings Lisa all the way to the floor.

Coco dives on top of Lisa and continues a hair pulling session, wringing Lisa's head from side to side. Lisa battles back by seizing Coco's hair and tries to pull her off balance. Lisa heaves and rolls to the side. She throws Coco off top of her and keeps rolling until she is on top of Coco. Instinctively Lisa grabs two handfuls of Coco's breasts and starts tit mauling. Lisa adds some nipple twisting before landing a big heavy handed slap. With her face tingling, Coco uses that momentum to throw Lisa off top of her.

Lisa springs to her feet immediately. Coco is much slower rising, showing the effects of the fight. "Stay down. Lie on your back, that's what I hear your best at." Lisa picks. Coco gets to her feet, showing her fatigue from the fight. Lisa takes off the useless bra around her neck, then throws it at Coco. Lisa is just as tired and hurt, but she tries to show strength. Lisa engages Coco, but is soon surprised that her heavily breathing foe is still strong enough to push Lisa off. Lisa is thrown back and bangs against the wall. Coco surges forward and presses Lisa against the wall then unloads with four heavy jolting punches to Lisa's soft gut. Lisa roars loudly at each shot. Coco backs off, and leaves Lisa hunched over, holding her stomach wheezing, "You fucking bitch."

Lisa paces back and for, gasping for air, and holding her gut. Lisa went from being a buxom blonde, then recreated herself into a muscled brunette, only to return back to a buxom blonde. That is a blonde with a soft gut while Coco is as toned as she has ever been for her strenuous dance show. The super curvy Coco damned near has a six pack for the first time in her life.

Coco steps forward, not wanting to let Lisa recover. When she does Lisa explodes in a flurry of fist, socking Coco left and right. After taking several heavy blows, Coco realized that she walked into a trap and ties Lisa up in a clinch. There is a brief tussle, then Coco slips behind Lisa and grabs her pussy. "Owww! Let go damnit!" Lisa cries as she tries to pry Coco's hand away from her crotch. Lisa throws herself into the wall, sandwiching Coco in-between. Lisa keeps throwing herself back against the wall, crushing Coco repeatedly. Coco stops the attack by grabbing Lisa's hair and pulling her head back, robbing Lisa of the ability to use her body as a weapon. With Lisa under control, Coco shoves her forward, breaking off the confrontation.

"Wow look at little Coco" Lisa teases, "What are you? a tough girl now?" Coco develops a little smile. She recognizes the expression on Lisa's face. It is that of a warrior who realizes that she has taken on more than she can handle. Coco leaps at Lisa and engages her again. They wrestle around. Coco keeps the upper hand. Lisa evens things by biting Coco on her bicep. Coco screams and immediately retreats to Lisa's amusement.

"What's the matter? You don't like it down and dirty?" Lisa asks. "That's not what I heard. There are a lot of stories about you floating around Vegas. Have you told Ice about how much of a slut you've been?"

Coco exclaims "Liar!" and leaps at Lisa before she can say another word. Lisa recognized a rage in Coco's voice, like she was afraid what would be said next. Coco and Lisa lock hands in a test of strength. Soon Coco has Lisa's wrist bent backwards and she instinctively starts sinking to her knees. Coco rips one hand free and socks Lisa across the jaw. Ice cringes a bit as the sound of flesh against flesh rings out. Lisa's body almost goes limp for a split second, but quickly recuperates. Then a just as powerful strike explodes on her jaw. Lisa's body sinks down afterward "Lying bitch!" Coco repeats suspiciously. Ice starts to believe his loving wife has more than a few secrets in Vegas, by her outbursts.

Lisa growls as she gets back up. She understands that Coco is desperate and fighting for her man. However Lisa is The Enforcer. She has a reputation to uphold. Coco can have the man, but Lisa wants this fight. Lisa springs to her feet and attacks Coco. "You're the lying stinking bitch! You don't deserve Ice!" Lisa shouts as she locks up with Coco. As they struggle Coco grabs and squeezes Lisa's tit. That just seemed to make Lisa madder. Lisa rips free and slips behind Coco. One hand is around Coco's throat choking her. The other hand grabs Coco's tit and squeezes it till Coco thinks it is about to burst. Lisa lets go then yanks Coco's panties until it turns into a thin strip and disappears in Coco's pussy. "You're a dumb hoe! I'll never understand how you got a man like Ice to marry you." Lisa says as Coco screams from the fire in her cunt. Lisa shoves Coco away. "You're a cheap hoe at that." As Coco stumbles two steps Lisa's foot flashes up and kicks Coco in the face. Coco's body goes limp for an instant and she falls to the ground.

Coco is down. She is holding her pussy and breathing hard. Coco's facial expression shows weakness, pain and great fatigue. She looks like a woman ready for a knockout blow to end this ordeal. "Get up this ain't over with" Lisa shouts as she picks up Coco's tattered bra off the floor and tosses it disrespectfully at Coco. "Get up! I'm not done! I'm going to finish your ass off and tell Ice about every rumor about you being a dumb drunk bitch around Vegas." Lisa threatens as she reaches down and starts pulling Coco to her feet.

Coco's expression changes instantly. It gets harder, more serious. Lisa pulls Coco to her feet, pushes her against the wall and pelts her with several shots to the ribs. Coco knocks Lisa's hands away and floats behind Lisa in well rehearsed move that flowed flawlessly. Before Lisa knew what is happening. Coco has her arm around Lisa's throat in a rear naked choke. "Shut up bitch. You talk too much. Besides you can't tell Ice anything. I share everything with him. He's my husband." Coco says through gritted teeth.

Lisa's eyes bulge. She knows that she is in big trouble. Lisa gags and gurgles and pulls on Coco's arm trying to pull it away from her throat. Coco throttles back, making Lisa thrust her enormous chest out. Ice takes a deep breath in admiration of Lisa's largest assets. He remembers past nights of playing with those huge knockers. Despite having an all-world gorgeous wife, he would love to spend the night sucking on those massive breasts. Then the reality of the moment returns to Ice as he sees Lisa's face turn beet red. She thrusts her elbow back, trying to free herself from this choke. Lisa starts sinking slowly to the carpet.

Lisa struggles some but it is pointless, and she knows it. "I understand you used to fuck Ice 10 or 15 years ago when I was still in high school and you were still hot, but it's over. Ice is my man now, and I'm not sharing him with you or anybody else. Do you understand heifer?" Lisa's eye gaze off and she sinks to the ground. Coco takes Lisa all the way down to the floor, and when she stops moving, Coco lets the out cold Lisa go.

Coco stands and says, "Now what? Do you want a piece of this slut or what?" Ice surveys his wife in a power stance with her hands on her hips standing over an older version of herself.

"Of course not baby. You're the only woman I want." Ice answers. Ice and Coco share a passionate kiss. Moments later, Coco drags an unconscious, buck naked Lisa Lipps across the floor and out into the hallway. She tosses Lisa's bag and belongings out in the hall and locks the door. Next her and Ice start a long passionate night of hot sex.