Uncivil War

Spontaneous Xtasty burst through The Rouge Gentleman's Club front doors like she owns the place. The busty stripper looks like she's queen of the world, as she struts past the front desk wearing dark glasses, six inch heels, a yellow leather bikini top and matching micro skirt that looks out of her stage show wardrobe. Xtasty curls her lip and scowls at the staff as she brushes past them. The tattooed goddess is surrounded by three camera men, sporting professional grade equipment on their shoulders. Xtasty snarls at the doorman as she breaks through the large doors into the main club. Nobody tries to stop her. Everyone knows why she is there. She has come to challenge their champion.

Xtasty swaggers through the club, walking to the DJ's booth and utters her first words since walking through the front door. "I need a microphone." Realizing that the night has just turned into a memorial occasion, the DJ hands Xtasty a cordless mic. Xtasty respectfully waits till the dancer on stage gets through performing, then marches onto the stage.

Xtasty saunters across the stage for a moment, then begins speaking. "For the assholes who don't know me, my name is Spontaneous Xtasty. I'm in a celebrity catfight group called The Resistance. They call me the Avenger of the group because I right wrongs." Xtasty pauses and peers over the crowd. "A particular individual at this club has done unthinkable things to my Resistance sisters, and I'm here to avenge them. This buffoon thinks she can get away with abusing my friends, Kelly Hu and Eva Mendes. You're wrong bitch and you're paying the price tonight. This fucker calls herself the ABA's Enforcer. Well, you're going to meet the force of vengeance tonight, vengeance from the Avenger! Lisa Lipps get your ass out here! Right! Fucking! Now!"

Seconds later Lisa emerges from the dressing room. A cigarette is caught between her ruby red lips. She takes the cigarette out of her mouth and dashes it out in an ash tray. "Avenger? We'll see about that." Lisa mutters under her breath, then heads for the stage.

Lisa confidently strides to the stage. She slowly climbs the steps and stalks her rival on stage. Xtasty waits with a scowl on her face. Xtasty reaches behind her back and unfastens her bra that was hardly adequate in containing her humongous tits. The big black stripper takes off her bra and tosses it to the side, before it can become a distraction during the impending battle. Seeing Xtasty standing topless, Lisa knows that she has her work cut out for her. Beating this big busty woman will take a massive effort. Preparing for a titanic battle, Lisa removes her top as well, and tosses it away, and bares her enormous tits as well.

Xtasty and Lisa lock eyes like two gunfighters entering an encounter that one of them is not likely to survive. The vixens coil into crouches and bear their claws, circling each other on a stage in the center of hundreds of hooting men. A camera man sets up on different sides of the stage to capture this epic battle for a highly profitable DVD to be distributed later.

As they circle each other, their contrasting bodies are very evident. Their physiques started very similar through most of their careers. They both had big, voluptuous, curvy bodies with over exaggerated breasts that exuded sexuality. Recently, Lisa has trimmed down to half of her size, to a sleek muscular, hard, sinewy body. They close within arm's reach. They cautiously size each other up.

Xtasty's long claw flashes forward aiming for Lisa's giant left boob. Lisa defensively swipes the paw away. Xtasty is ready with a counter for the counter, she clutches both of Lisa's wrists in either hand before she can draw them back. Lisa quickly realizes that she has fallen onto Xtasty's trap. Next Lisa discovers Xtasty's beefier arms are stronger than sleek muscular and better defined limbs when she cannot pull free from Xtasty's clutches. "I got you now bitch." Xtasty gloats.

Next Xtasty's hands switch, releasing Lisa's wrist and seizes two full handfuls of Lisa's jet black hair. Xtasty jerks Lisa forward, making her hunch over. Then she wrings Lisa's head from side to side by her hair. Xtasty lets out a gleeful yet cruel laugh, seeing that she has the power advantage over her rival. The Enforcer struggles to break free, but the Avenger is too strong. Xtasty releases one handful of hair, and starts clubbing Lisa over the side of her head with her beefy arm. Lisa's face disappears behind a fierce grimace. All the strippers have come out to watch this fight. By now most of their mouths have dropped open, witnessing their champion, Lisa Lipps, over powered, bent over, and getting clubbed repeatedly, and emitting very un-Enforcer like grunts, and squeals.

Lisa LippsFinally Xtasty drives a fist deep into into Lisa's washboard stomach. Lisa drops to her knees immediately clutching her midsection with both arms. It is a very unusual situation when Lisa is being over powered, but the Avenger is proving too strong for the Enforcer. Humbled, Lisa looks up in time to see Xtasty attacking with both hands clasp together coming down on her with another powerful, clubbing blow. Lisa gets her hands up and cringes as the Avengers arms crash down on her bludgeoning her on the right side of her neck and shoulder. Lisa's body shudders then that side goes limp after Xtasty rains a second clubbing blow down on her. Lisa felt like she was a spike that Xtasty was trying to drive into the ground.

Next Xtasty drops to her knees and wraps both hands around Lisa's neck and shakes her violently while choking her. Lisa's mouth opens and her tongue falls out, as she fights back by trying to pry the Avenger's hands from around her throat. Maybe the Enforcer does not possess the raw strength of the Avenger, but that does not mean she is not a powerful being in her own right. Her hours in the gym were not wasted, however she did need the proper leverage. Lisa jerks Xtasty off balance with a hair pull then skillfully tosses the Avenger to the floor. The surprised Xtasty's choke hold slips through her fingers, and she is tossed to the ground and rolls across the stage.

Lisa leaps on top of Xtasty and let her elbows and forearms do the talking. Lisa let loose with a nasty barrage to Xtasy's lips as frequently as possible. Next Lisa wrapped her own hands around Xtasty's neck for a choke hold. "How do you like it now?" a pissed off Lisa growls. The Enforcer is hot. She cannot believe that this Avenger has just walked into her place of employment, called her out, and commenced to putting an ass whipping on her. Lisa only wants to hurt and belittle Xtasty at this time. Xtasty is wilting under Lisa's assault. She is wincing and flailing as Lisa rains hard forearms and elbows down on her. "How about a little tittie city?!" Lisa asks and plunges her monster sized breasts in Xtatsy's face. She wants Xtasty to feel some of the embarrassment that she has been feeling as Xtasty over powered her earlier.

The tattooed Avenger hates this experience. Lisa's muscular legs intertwine around her beefier ones making it tough to throw Lisa off top of her. Lisa's tits are even larger than Xtasty's mammoth boobs. Her air supply is severally restricted. Luckily for Xtasty, she has a lot of strength still in her dazzling body. A couple of well placed fist into Lisa's ribs then a mighty heave, and Xtasty is able to break loose and throw Lisa off top of her. Lisa was not totally unhappy about being thrown off. Her hard body was getting marked up by Xtasty's trademark long nails.

Both ladies break apart and climb to their feet. Again they keep their eyes locked on each other. The spectators can feel the growing intensity and animosity between the two women. As this battle heats up, it is fueling their emotions and tempers. The fight started as strictly business, but now each combatant is more intent on kicking the other's ass.

Xtasty charges toward Lisa. Lisa sees the Avenger coming but stood frozen like a deer in headlights, and did not move. Actually she was mesmerized by the bouncing boulder sized tits dancing and jiggling her way for a moment. Xtasty lounges in, and captures Lisa in a headlock. Xtasy's left arm is secured around Lisa's head, and her right hand claws at the Enforcer's enormous breast. Next Xtasty makes a fist and starts driving it into Lisa's gut. She keeps pounding Lisa's gut until the Enforcer drops to her knees. The Avenger releases her headlock allowing Lisa to collapse to her hands and knees. Then she releases a nasty cruel cackle of a laugh. Lisa realizes how big, mean and nasty this Avenger really is.

"You're finished Enforcer!" Xtasty hollers as she grabs a handful of Lisa's jet black hair, and jerks her up to standing on her knees. "Your reign of terror is over." Xtasty proclaims as she wraps her arm around Lisa's neck from behind is a rear chin lock. While Lisa struggles to breath, Xtasty reaches around with her left hand and squeezes, Lisa's big tit. The tattooed Avenger's extremely long nails do a painful number on Lisa's boob. A camera man zooms in on her nasty scratches.

Lisa's face turns red "You're going to pay for what you did to Kelly and Eva!" Xtasty mutters through clenched teeth. Lisa had been pulling on Xtasty's arm trying to pry it from around her neck. Xtasty is bearing down, sensing an imminent victory. Lisa jerks forward hoping for freedom, but found none. Although Xtasty was forced to lean forward more than before. Sensing Xtastys repositioning, Lisa drives her hand up, striking Xtasty in the nose with the butt of her hand. Xtasty shrieks like a mortal bow has been struck. Her nose was driven up into her face. Xtasty immediately lets Lisa go, and staggers back. Xtasty is in the worst pain she has ever felt in her life. She is holding her nose with both hands. The Avenger fears that her nose has been broken. (Thankfully her beautiful nose was and is still intact.) Her eyes are watering, and she is in unbearable pain from the potent blow.

Xtasty is not concerned about fighting at this moment. A well executed strike to the nose has a tendency to do that to a person. The pain is excruciating, her breathing is greatly affected, as well as her vision. Xtasty backs off with her only concern being to rid herself of some of her afflictions. Lisa rises to her feet, surveying the situation. After taking a quick, and accurate summation, the Enforcer strikes.

Two camera men focuses on Lisa while the third zooms on Xtasty. They all realize that this is the critical moment of the fight. Lisa runs over and launches a kick as hard as she could between Xtasty's legs. The Avenger's crotch explodes in pain. She drops to her knees with a long wail, one hand holding her nose, and the other holding her pussy. "Shut up!" Lisa loudly demands, and kicks Xtasty in her face.

The Avenger's head snaps back, and she tumbles over onto her back in an obvious daze. Lisa steps over Xtasty and starts stomping down on Xtasty's mountainous boobs with her 6-inch stripper heels. Xtasty is squirming and withering under the Enforcer's assault, trying to get away. Lisa targets Xtasty's belly and pussy as well as the Avenger's tits. She strategically aims her stomps to keep Xtasty from getting away.

The busty stripper is being overwhelmed. This assault is simple, yet brutal, savage, and very effective. After stomping the pee out of the Avenger, Lisa drops to the stage and mounts her prey. The Enforcer has a murderous look in her eyes. Many patron expects the Enforcer to finish the fight right here and now. Lisa is trying not to disappoint them. She batters Xtasty unmercifully. She holds Xtasty's head in place by her frizzy hair, and tries to knock a hole in Xtasty's face with her fist. When not doing that, Lisa bangs Xtasty's head into the stage.

Spontaneous XtastyAlthough the spectators did not have much faith in Xtasty to mount a comeback, Xtasty had plenty. Lisa has built quite a reputation for herself lately, but Xtasty knows that she is just as tough as the Enforcer. The Avenger wants to prove it to everybody watching, and all those who will buy this DVD in the future. She starts fighting back from flat on her back. The Avenger retaliates with a flurry punches and fist. They lacked power since Xtasty is lying on her back. but the trashing around and stinging fist, put the Enforcer on the defensive. It made it hard for Lisa to keep her perch on top of Xtasty. Eventually the in edible happened, and Lisa is toppled from her perch.

Xtasty rolls on top of Lisa using nothing but brute force. Once mounting Lisa, Xtasty starts wailing on her with big fists. One of the cameras is able to zoom in on Lisa's face, and it definitively showed her concern as she tries to defend herself and ward off the blows. "Come on tuff bitch! Show me what you got.... Enforcer" Xtasty sings the last word, to taunt and incite her rival. Xtasty and everyone else can see that momentum has swung back to Xtasty's side. The fact of the matter maybe that the Avenger just has too much raw power for the Enforcer. The fans react seeing the club champion and the legendary ABA Enforcer about to go down.

A hard fist burst through Lisa's defenses and blasts her on the chin. Lisa's body goes limp for a moment, and her arms falls limply to the ground. Xtasty catches Lisa with another potent flurry before Lisa regains her sense and put her arms up to defend herself again. By now the spectators are on their feet definitely sensing blood. Xtasty sees Lisa starting to fade. "Admit it! You're not as bad as me, and you're not as tuff as me." The Avenger taunts continuing her mugging of the beautiful Enforcer.

Lisa abandons her defensive guard and gives Xtasty a hard sudden shove. It puts a small distance between her and the woman swarming all over her. Lisa follows quickly with another shove, getting a little more distance between the two sweaty bodies. With Xtasty pushed back onto her haunches, Lisa brings her legs up and encircles the Avenger's head and one of her arms with her legs. Lisa forms a triangle around Xtasty's neck, and applies pressure. Lisa grabs the back of Xtasty's head and pull her neck down against her leg forming a mixed martial arts Triangle Lock.

"This is a hold that Halle Berry taught me.... the hard way." Lisa says through gritted teeth, as she strives to contain the thrashing wildcat in her legs. "It's called a Triangle Choke hold. In other words, go to sleep you fat bitch!"

Xtasty vainly struggles in Lisa's clutches for a while. However, a properly executed Triangle choke will make the subject lose consciousness in about a minute, give or take a few seconds. The Avenger is no exception. In the end skill overcame raw power. The darkness claims the Avenger.

Xtasty returns to light just over a minute later. She finds herself totally naked, slumping in an arm chair with Lisa bitch slapping her back to consciousness. Xtasty's head snaps from left to right, as she comes too with a pained, confused and angry expression. She looks up at the mean Enforcer delivering the punishment. "Listen up cum bucket." Lisa starts finally ending her slapping. "Let your Resistance twerps know that they've fucked with the wrong bitches. If they want a war with the ABA, they'll get one that they can't finish. We won't stop until we've eliminated all of them, understand? Crawl back to them and tell them they'd better start begging for mercy if they want to survive." Lisa looks at Xtasty with a lustful eye. "Usually a turn my conquest into my lil' pets, but you're such a mangy mutt, that you're not worth my time." Lisa knows the real reason is that she has nothing left after the strenuous fight to deal with Xtasty. Lisa walks around the chair stopping behind Xtasty. The Enforcer takes a handful of Xtasty's curly hair and jerks her head back so Xtasty is looking up straight at the club's lights. "So just go back to sleep fat bitch", Lisa mutters as her massive breasts easily eclipses the lights and come crashing down on Xtasty's face. There is a small amount of resistance before the Avenger claimed into darkness by Lisa's tit smother.

After Xtasty is out Lisa steps back saying, "Do whatever you want to her fellas. Jerk off on her. This stupid slut needs a facial. Then throw her out in the trash when you're done." Lisa announces, and disappears into the dressing room.

When Xtasty again cracks open her eye lids and accept the light, she looks around. She finds herself still slumping in that chair. Apparently they have rolled her into the VIP room for more privacy. Next she realizes there are four guys surrounding her yanking on their dicks like monkeys in a tree from the rain forest. She already has loads of cum on her body and face, and the guys are about to shoot another load on her.

Xtasty feels like she is at work, on a film. She simply takes a deep breath, oblivious of the guys jacking off around her, and takes time to compose herself. Another guy blows his wad, shooting hot white cum on Xtasty's tits. The adult film star ignores it and contemplates her embarrassing defeat for another moment. Another man comes into the room to take the place of the other man who has blown his wad.

Xtasty's thoughts soon return to the here and now. There is nothing she can do right now about her defeat, but she can take control of the present moment. "Let me help you with that." Xtasty says and grabs a dick in her right hand, and starts jacking the guy off. Xtasty grabs a dick in her left hand and starts jacking the guy off too. The sex goddess is used to being the center of attention. More importantly, she controls the room too. Xtasty may have loss the fight, she cannot be the champion of the club, but she can be the favorite of the guys in the room. Xtasty interacts with the men in the room, who have paid top dollar for time with the legendary Gang bang Queen. For the moment, the guys become porn stars, and Xtasty treats them as such. They all leave Spontaneous Xtasty fans, instead of Lisa Lipps fans.

Xtasty spends the next two hours servicing guys in the room. She was able to salvage something of the night. Most guys left huge Xtasty fans than Lisa fans. Even the club's staff warmed up and to the Avenger. The doormen provided her with towels and drinks while there. Xtasty almost forgot she was the loser of the night by the way she was treated. She almost felt like a popular winner as she walks out of the VIP room.

Almost. As Xtasty walks through the curtains of the VIP room, she walks into a Lisa Lipps' haymaker as soon as she opens the curtains. Xtasty drops to the ground like a fallen tree. She is knocked senseless, but Xtasty knew there was something more than just pure fist that Lisa hit her with.

"I thought I said throw her out when you're done." Lisa angrily says to the staff. "I guess I have to do everything." Lisa answers herself in a huff. She had heard how wonderful Xtasty was in the VIP room, and wanted to reassert her dominance. Lisa hoists the dazed, groggy woman on her shoulders, and carries her out the club's back door. The large dumpster out back still has "RESISTANCE" spray painted across it from when Lisa dumped Eva Mendes in it several months ago. Lisa tosses Xtasty in the dumpster and walks back inside. She looks into the camera that has followed her saying, "I might need a bigger dumpster. I've got a feeling I'll be throwing a lot of Resistance trash away in the near future."


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