Uncivil War


Eva Mendes vs Lisa Lipps

Kelly HuKelly Hu and Eva Mendes have been out on the town for some time, shopping, having lunch and just hanging out. They have been getting a lot closer since both enlisting in The Resistance in Stone Rage's Battle Zone. Kelly has been a nervous wreck of late, and Eva has been trying to calm her down.

Near the end of the evening Kelly pulls her phone out of her purse and turns into an emotional wreck. Kelly had been receiving harassing calls for days now, and turned the phone off for a hopefully peaceful evening. "See, I told you... look at this.... fifteen missed call, all from her. I don't know what to do. She's going to own me again." Kelly says while falling into despair. "I can't take it anymore." About this time, Kelly's cell phone rings again. "See it's her again."

Eva grabs the phone from Kelly and opens it to accept the call. "Listen up you beached, blonde whale. This is Eva Mendes, and either you stop harassing my friend, or I'll kick your fat ass personally. Got it?" Eva threatens.

"Bleached? Blonde? WHALE?" Lisa Lipps repeats, obviously seething. "Today is your lucky day, bitch. I've been trying to get Kelly to come to the strip club all week, but I'm extending that offer to you, Resistance trash. You kick my ass, and I'll leave your precious Kelly alone, forever. I win, and I will win, you're my bitch for the rest of the night! You want to declare war on the ABA? I'm the ABA Enforcer! All this shit comes through me, and ends with me!"

"Whatever fat ass. Just name the place and time, and I'll be there" - CLICK - Eva responds and hangs up the phone.

"Do you think that was a good idea?" Kelly nervously asks.

"Don't worry. I got this" Eva confidently answers.

Later that night, Lisa text the place and time for Eva to meet her the next night. This day was set in motion by a long series of events. It started when Kelly Hu went to Las Vegas to help the Fab Four to escape the ABA. However, she was captured and made to serve Lisa Lipps. Lisa broke Kelly mentally and forced her to perform in a strip club, and numerous sexual favors for her mistress, Lisa. Halle Berry rescued Kelly, but, she was so mentally damaged from the experience, that she turned against the Fab Four, in favor for the ABA. Although when The Resistance offered her a better alternative Kelly changed sides again, crushing Jenny McCarthy of the ABA. This brought the revenge of the ABA Enforce, Lisa Lipps, down on her and the harassing phone calls.

Kelly's three days in servitude were so traumatic, she trembles at the mere mention of Lisa's name. Lisa is well aware of the psychological job that she did on Kelly. She thought she would use that to her advantage to torture and retrain her pet. Her plan was working until Eva interfered. Kelly was an emotional wreck and would have fallen without a single shot. Now Lisa has to adjust her plan. First, conquer Eva, then continue to harass Kelly until she falls in line. Then she will have two Resistance pets.

The next evening Eva pulls up at The Rouge Gentleman's Club. She gets out of her car, allowing the valet to take her car away. Eva is dressed in all black. She has tight form fitting pants, and an equaling tight black tank top. She walks through the door, and hears doormen, and security personnel whisper, "She's here." into their earpieces. "Tell Lisa." Eva struts by the front gate. There is no need for her to stop. They know who she is, and what she is there for.

Eva walks into the club. She recognizes that Lisa has at least chosen an exquisite club for their battle. It has an elegant atmosphere. There are many sofa's and soft, comfortable arm chairs. Also, the club is decorated by elegant art, including pictures and vases.

A waitress approaches Eva and politely says, "Hello Ms Mendes, it is a honor to have you here tonight. Please follow me to your seat, Lisa will be ready in a few minutes." The attractive young woman ushers Eva to the VIP section and takes her order. Within minutes she returns with Eva's cocktail, and leaves the movie star alone. Eva sips on the drink, and constantly reminds herself to not allow her courteous treatment curb her bloodlust, for the battle to come. She truly expects her fight with Lisa to be a total war.

After about fifteen minutes, the DJ says, "Now it's time for our feature entertainer of the evening! She is an adult film star that has been seen on Jerry Springer and The Howard Stern Show. Give it up for Lisa Lipps!"

Lisa LippsA woman steps from behind the curtain onto the stage. Suddenly Eva's jaw drops and she gets a confused expression. The person on stage bears little resemblance to the mental picture that Eva has of Lisa Lipps. Eva has to do a triple look to verify that the woman was in fact Lisa. First the hair color has changed from bleached blonde to raven black. But most astonishing is that this Lisa must have gone to live in a gym, and not come out for six months. She is no longer a big bodacious, curvy blonde with super-duper sized tits. Now she is a sleek brunette with a rock hard abdomen, strong broad shoulders, steel biceps with super-duper sized tits.

Lisa wears a pair of Army fatigues and a green tank top to start her dance. Lisa dances and slowly removes choice articles of clothing. Eva squirm deeper into her chair. She quickly reassesses things. This is not the woman that she came to fight. She planned on riding Lisa, wearing her big ass down, then punishing her, much like Halle Berry did when she rescued Kelly Hu from the maniacal stripper. That stradegy will not work on the new Lisa, she is toned and in shape. Her suspicions are definitely confirmed as she watches Lisa dance and jiggle around for four songs, taking the patrons money along the way. Of course she looses all of her clothing along the way, until she is totally nude. Eva notices that Lisa never started breathing hard while dancing.

Once Lisa is finished collecting a considerable amount of money, she disappears backstage. Meanwhile, Eva tries to reformulate a plan and reassure herself that she can still beat Lisa, and has not made a huge mistake.

After fifteen more minutes, a floor man approaches Eva, and politely says, "Lisa is ready for you now. I'll take you to her." The man leads Eva to the VIP room. It is a good size room, with plush sofas, lining along the walls. There are a few stylish circular tables and lamps. At the back of the room, on the largest sofa, Lisa sits, puffing on a cigarette, with her legs crossed. "Bleached, blonde whale, Huh?" Lisa sarcastically asks, wearing a green tank top and a jungle print wrap around skirt.

"So you've got a Jenny Craig makeover, big deal." Eva sasses back. "It's not going to stop me from beating your ass, or shoving those oversized balloons down your throat. You're going to stop harassing Kelly."

"Kelly is my pet, I own her. Just like I will own you after tonight!" Lisa cooly answers.

A evil sneer instantly crosses Eva's face, and she charges across the room at Lisa. "You picked the wrong bitch to fuck with!" Eva mutters as she races across the room and pounces on to of the seated beauty across the room. Eva dives on Lisa before she can react or move, and mounts her by putting her knees on either side of Lisa on the sofa, and looms over her adversary. Then she starts raining down fists on Lisa's head. The startled stripper can only cover up while squealing and grunting.

The busty stripper is being overwhelmed. Luckily she is able to cover up effectively, and reduce the damage. However she needs desperately to escape. Lisa starts retaliating with short rabbit punches into Eva's sides, kidney's and back. It is enough to force Eva to shift her weight, so she was not imposing her weight down on her as much. Lisa wraps arms around Eva's waist and squeezes. Lisa takes a deep breath then stands up with Eva struggling in her grasp. Eva groans and winces in pain, as Lisa torments her in a bear hug.

Eva finds herself in a more awkward situation than she thought she would be. Sure she could see that Lisa is a strong girl, she figured that before seeing her new, buffed physique. But when her body is pressed against Lisa's body, and their stomachs press against each other, Eva's back is bowed back by Lisa's humoungous tits. They are like two hard boulders, and forces Lisa's body to contort to Lisa's rocky contour. Eva's back bends back at an awkward, and very painful angle. Eva's face contorts in agony, and she can barely breath. She quickly realizes that Lisa's simple bear hug can definitely be a finishing hold, and she needs to escape immediately. First she tries scratching and clawing at Lisa's eyes. Lisa closes her eyes tight and squeezes harder. After gaining no effect other than shortening her own breath, Eva target's Lisa's ears. She slaps, and pulls them until Lisa drops Eva.

Eva grabs Lisa's shoulders before she can retreat. The Cuban princess drives her knee up a couple of times into Lisa's gut. The stripper grunts and recoils over, but her new physique absorbs the abuse. Next Lisa draws back her fist and drives it into Eva's stomach as hard as she can. Lisa's fist burrows deep into Eva's soft belly. The Cuban's mouth falls open, a breathless heave comes out, and she crumples over. Eva is sinking to her knees, when Lisa scoops her opponent up in her arms, then body slams the beauty to the club floor.

Eva's bones and internal organs are rattling from the jarring body slam. The floor is a typical commercial building floor, concrete slab, covered by carpet and padding. She forces herself to rise and ignore the pain coursing through her body. As soon as she reaches her feet, Lisa takes a few definitive long steps toward her and levels the shaken beauty with a clothesline. Already unsteady, Eva is knocked off of her feet, and lands on the back of her neck on the hard floor. Eva lies there for a few moments, vacantly looking up at the ceiling with proverbial little birds circling her head.

Lisa reaches down and grabs Eva by her black tank top. She pulls the dazed beauty up into seated position, before pulling her top over her head, and off of her body. The moving around, revives Eva a bit. Her eyes dart to understand, why Lisa would go for this grandstanding move, when she could have finished the fight instead. As Lisa celebrates to no one, Eva notices six cameras spread in the corners and on the sides of the room's ceiling. Little did she know at the beginning, this fight was being broadcast in the other VIP sofa dance room, for $250 a seat. After seeing the cameras Eva pretty much figured out what was happening.

Eva springs to her feet and charges at Lisa. Eva lowers her head and rams her the crown of her head into Lisa's stomach like a bighorn mountain ram. Lisa is launched back and lands on the sofa with a loud, short grunt. Lisa is splayed on the sofa with her eyes wide, and her mouth open trying to restart her breathing. Eva takes a moment to look at her foe, and disdainfully curl her lips. Then Eva dives on top of her victim to finish off the haughty stripper once and for all.

Again Eva windmills punches and batters her stunned woman about the head. Eva delivers several hammering blows to the downed and covering up stripper. More blows get through and are heavier than earlier in the fight. However, Eva soon learns that it was a mistake to get so close to Lisa. She should have maintained her distance, and use quick, effective strikes to bring Lisa down, not get close where the stronger woman can get her hands on her. Lisa halts Eva's assault simply by grabbing her arms in mid flight. Lisa's grip is like iron shackles around Eva's arms, not allowing them to hit her, or move for that much. Suddenly Eva can only move her arms slightly, and she can not break Lisa's clutches.

Eva struggles to break free and causes the lovely pair to fall off the sofa to the carpet. Eva stays on top with Lisa's back to the floor, but the busty stripper maintains control of the action. Eva keeps struggling, wiggling, and trying to power her way free. After countless unsuccessful tries, Eva finds the right combination to break free. Eva quickly tries to back away, but Lisa brings her legs up and captures Eva's head between their vice. After making sure Eva could not escape, Lisa adjusts her position, and brings Eva's face up near her cunt with a huge handful of brown hair. Another sharp tug and Eva's face is pressed into Lisa's bald pussy, with Lisa's strong thighs crushing the actresses' head.

Eva's grunts and groans are very audible as she fights, and struggles to escape. Try as she might, Lisa's large handful of hair keeps her ensnared. Oxygen is a rare commodity with her face in Lisa's cunt and her legs squeezing her head. Besides, the constant wiggling and struggling to escape Lisa's iron grasps in one way or another is wearing her out. Eva tries to distract Lisa by pulling at her skirt. Eva pulls at the waistband and rips the skirt totally off her foe, and reveals to the audience what Eva already knew, that Lisa was not wearing any underwear. Eva has been staring and sniffing sweaty, naked pussy for the last couple of minutes or so.

Next Eva tries to reach up and slide her hands under Lisa's top and scratches at Lisa's breasts. She finally finds a little success when her nails rake Lisa's nipples. Lisa winces and softly grunts. Lisa releases her grip on Eva's hair, and starts working on the Cuban-American's bra clasp with both hands. As she does, Eva fight furiously to escape the leg scissors. Eventually with much effort, she is able to slide out of Lisa's lock.

Eva scrambles away and stands. She looks pretty ragged. Her hair is a mess. Her deep breathing echoes off the walls it is so loud. Her sexy body glistens with a sheen of sweat. Eva slumps forward as she heaves breath showing her extreme fatigue. The black lace bra hangs loosely off her shoulders. Eva angrily remove the tattered bra and tosses to the side and prepares to find a way to turn this fight around. Lisa chuckles in amusement and pull her top off her head to show her enormous bare breast. She clearly sees that Eva is frustrated, tired and well on her way to becoming her obedient pet.

Thinking that her opponent is ripe for the picking, Lisa attacks and barrels into Eva, bouncing her with her enormous tits. Eva bounces back, and stumbles backwards several steps. As soon as Eva regains her balance she rebounds back at her opponent. They collide together with a smack of flesh. They lock up collar and elbow, while kicking at each other's legs trying to trip each other up. Eva catches Lisa at the right moment and trips her up, causing her to fall with the movie star on top of her. The busty stripper never panicked at all. She simply maneuvered, and powered her way out from under Eva. Once she lunged free, Eva was off balance, allowing Lisa to slip around and mount Eva's back, while the actress is down on her hands and knees. Lisa wraps her arms around Eva's shoulders and her legs around Eva's waist. From there, she rides her like a horse, smothering her every attempt to escape.

Eva tries to buck Lisa off to escape, but to no avail. She is using a lot of energy, and still far from escaping Lisa's clutches. Lisa's left arm curls around Eva's neck from behind, choking off her breath. Lisa's right hand squeezes Eva's tit unmercifully. Finally the stripper's legs squeeze Eva's ribs draining the fight out of her. Eva uses her strength, trying to power free, but Lisa finds a way to keep her ensnared. Eva tries to use speed and her slick sweaty body to wiggle free, but that is thwarted too. Lisa keeps riding her like a cowboy busting a wild horse. All the while, Eva becomes more frustrated, and more fatigued.

Eva uses all her strength to twist around to face Lisa while still caught in her leg scissors. Once she does, Lisa grabs Eva's hair and pulls Eva's face down into her mountainous tits. Eva struggles more furiously trying to get out of Lisa's breast smother. Any idiot can see with one look at Lisa's gargantuan boobs, that a person can easily get lost, and smothered out by them. Eva's arms flail. Her frantic squeals muffled in Lisa's flesh poignantly captures her dilemma. Lisa is determined to keep her smother. She uses her legs to hold her victim in place, and uses her colossal tits to finish the job. Sure enough, Eva's movements start to slow. Her squeals slow to pitiful whines. The oxygen starved actress moves closer to unconsciousness.

Lisa turns over so that she is on top of Eva. Lisa position her body so that she has Eva pinned in a full body press. Next she moves her mega tits off of Eva's face and uses her monstrous boobs to smack Eva across the face. "What's the matter, Red hot Chillie Pepper? Where's all that mouth now?" Lisa taunts.

Eva does not answer, just one long tired, defeated moan. She meekly struggles underneath Lisa's conquering weight. She knows that she has nothing left, she knows that she can not escape, but her mild resistance helps her deflated ego. She does not want to feel like the total loser that Lisa has made her into. "Fuck you. You're still a useless cow." the breathless woman defiantly pants out.

Lisa laughs in response. "Yeah right." Lisa says as she continues to disrespectfully smack Eva's face with her boobs. "You'll be calling me 'master' after I finish turning you into my little pet." Lisa moves her body down so that she is cunt to cunt and tit to tit with her victim. Next Lisa start bouncing up and down, smashing her mega tits down on Eva's perky breasts. "I know that you think that you're a hot shot movie star, but you're just like the rest of The Resistance, a bunch of bed wetting whiny little girls who can't stand up to real women like the ABA." Lisa says as she continues to use her tits to crush Eva's. "You bitches are going to regret the day that you jumped on the ABA."

Eva withers in agony underneath Lisa. The ABA's enforcer monster breast threaten to crush the breath out of her. Eva looks down to see that her own impressive tits that she has been deservedly so very proud of, are being smashed into saggy oblivion. "My tits." Eva mutters in disbelief. "You're fuckin' up my tits."

"Tits!" Lisa exclaims. "You have the nerve to call those undersized mosquito bites, tits when my mega pair are in the room?" Lisa says sounding insulted that her Eva even referred to her breast by the same name as Lisa's super sized breasts. Lisa bounces her tits harder on Eva. The actress' anguish and torment is clearly written on her face. Eva loudly barks everytime that Lisa comes down on her. Lisa is relentless. Her big breasts are like wrecking balls, obliterating, Eva's pair. Eva's barks turn into wails of pain. After another minute or so, they turn into sobs for her destroyed rack. Eva looks down and cannot even see her breasts anymore. Her plump perky tits have been smashed into flat saggy sacks.

After feeling like her chest is about to cave in, Eva balls, "Stop... please.... I give.... I can't take anymore." Lisa ignores Eva's submission, and keeps dropping her heavy hooters down on her captive. Everytime she brings her wrecking balls down, it appears to break apart more of Eva's crumbling spirit. Eva's confidence, dignity and considerable ego crumbles bit by bit. Lisa is taming the woman.

Tears are streaming down Eva's face, and she is writhing in pain. Finally Lisa breaks her silence. "If you want me to stop then start barking like the little bitch you are, my lil' pet. Bark like a dog!" Lisa demands.

You can see Eva contemplate Lisa's offer. She has a lot of spirit, ego and self esteem. It is obvious that Eva feels it is beneath her her to submit to any person,, much less this lowly stripper. However she feels like her chest is about to cave in at any moment. Her boobs are battered and bruised beyond belief. She has no hope to escape. Eva can only lie there and be punished or submit. Eva stubbornly holds out while Lisa continues to destroy her chest. It helps her sooth and deal with her battered and crushed ego, before she does what she knows she must.

After Eva holds out as long as possible. She hears the smacking flesh of Lisa's massive tits crushing her chest, her dignity and her spirit. Finally she says softly at first, "Arf.... arf..... arf...." Eva looks up at Lisa's stone face, and sees that her conqueror is totally unsatisfied by her weak mild barking. Lisa keeps dropping her breasts down with the same pace. Finally Eva closes her eyes and speaks out loud and strong, "Arf! Arf Arf! Arf! Arf! Arf Arf! Arf! Arf! Arf Arf! Arf! Arf! Arf Arf! Arf! Arf! Arf Arf! Arf!", like a good little pet. Seeing her pet has been tamed to a degree, Lisa relents her assault, and looks down on Eva with a gloating smile.

Lisa rises off of her pet and grabs a handful of hair as she does, hauling Eva up to her feet. Once both beauties are standing, Lisa wraps both arms around Eva's mid section and squeezes while lifting Eva off of her feet. Eva howl in anguish as she is captured in Lisa' s bear hug. Eva raises her arms, but they fall limply back to her sides. Eva's legs weakly kick at times, then at other times, they hang limply as she is suspended off of her feet. Eva's mouth hangs open searching for rare gulps of air. If Eva felt helpless, and defeated pinned underneath, Lisa, that feeling has been multiplied now. "So, what's my name, my little pet?" Lisa purrs.

Eva knows the proper name a pet should call its owner. "Master..." she gasps.

"Damned right" Lisa answers. "And you'll do anything I tell you if you're smart." Eva obediently nods yes, before her head falls limply down on Lisa's shoulder. The stripper give one last decisive squeeze then drops Eva to the carpet. Eva lies in a breathless, sweaty heap while Lisa flexes her biceps in front of the camera.

After her posing session, Lisa reaches down and grabs Eva's arm. Hauling Eva to her feet, Lisa spits, "Come on." Eva has no resistance left. She forces herself onto her tired, shaky legs, and follows where her master drags her. Lisa takes Eva out of the sofa room and ushers to a small glass cubical, that obviously looks like a see through shower. "Take your clothes off." the already nude Lisa demands. When the dumbfounded actress stares vacantly back at Lisa, the stripper gives her a quick slap across the face, and repeats, "I said take them off!"

Already topless, Eva starts pushing her black form fitting pants and panties over her succulent hips. She steps out of her clothes, completely naked, and Lisa pushes her pet inside the glass shower. Lisa closes the door behind her, and the water starts flowing, as the room fills with men who have paid $100 to see an All-Star shower dance. Eva cowers in the corner, trying to cover her intimate body parts with her hands. Meanwhile, Lisa gets the liquid soap, and seductively starts lathering her body up. The veteran performer puts on quite a show in the process. After finishing, Lisa turns to Eva, and grabs her wrist, spreads her arms and presses Eva's back to the glass with her body. Lisa starts rubbing her body against Eva, using her body to wash her pet's.

Lisa rubs her body up and down, grinding her hard body into Eva's in a sensual fashion. The skin on skin contact turns on both girls, and tantalizes the audience as well. After a long sexy display, Lisa finishes, then turns Eva around to face the glass, and the onlookers. Lisa presses her body against Eva's back even harder, making Eva's tits pancake out against the glass. Lisa takes her hand and grabs the back of Eva's head and presses her face against the glass as well. Eva's cheeks and confused expression are preserved pressed against the glass for all to see. Lisa grinds her tits into Eva' back for a while, then her free hand drops down between Eva's legs.

Eva MendesLisa's fingers enter Eva's pussy from behind, and starts tickling and exploring the latina's cunt. Eva starts cooing and purring like a bitch in heat, as Lisa's expert fingers from countless pornographic scenes starts Eva on a journey towards an orgasm. Eva instinctively grinds and rotates her hip as Lisa brings her to the brink of ecstasy. Eva release a long erotic moan. She looks out from her face pressed against the glass and sees all the lusty look from the audience. Eva loves being a woman, and using her feminity to bring men under her spell. She loves being tastefully provocative, the ultimate tease. Although she tries to maintain her reservations and principals of her parents, and avoids overt sexual displays. However, instead of being disgusted, she is turned on by being the object of all those guy's lusty attention. Being a gorgeous movie star, she gets looks all the time, but never the raw, sexual sinful looks like today. It makes Eva hotter, she pants harder. Her hot breath fogs the glass in front to her face. As her squeals and erotic yells crescendo, Eva taps the glass as her sexual energy threatens to explode. Her legs feel weak. Finally as Eva's sexual energy erupts, her body convulses with a massive orgasm. After she finishes trembling, Lisa steps back allowing Eva to drops to her knees.

Suddenly the room erupts with a standing ovation for the sexual display. Lisa allows the standing ovation from the audience to subside. Eva is exhausted and a little shamed by her public eruption. After a long ovation, Lisa hands Eva the tube of liquid soap and demands "wash me". Eva rises on her shaky legs and squeezes a generous amount of soap in her hands, and rubs them together to turn the soap into lather. Next she uses both hands to wash Lisa, starting with her back. As she rubs Lisa's rock hard muscular shoulders, and muscular arms, she realizes that she never stood a chance the ABA enforcer. Lisa was too much for her to handle. After coming to this realization, Eva becomes more obedient, and subservient by the moment.

When Eva stoops over to wash Lisa's muscular thighs, Lisa pushes her down to her knees. Then Lisa grabs a handful of hair and guides Eva's face to her pussy. "Wash me down there." Lisa intimately says. Eva knew what she meant. She had noticed Lisa becoming incredibly aroused as her hands rubbed, caressed and washed her body. From her knees, Eva grabs Lisa around the hips then plunges her tongue into Lisa's pussy cat. Lisa's knees buckle and her head falls back, as she moans in ecstasy. Eva notes how submissive and vulnerable her master is while in the throws of ecstasy. Maybe that is something she can use to her advantage in the near future. Lisa's moans and screams become louder as the already over heated sex star, comes to a quick orgasm.

After her orgasm, obviously shaken, Lisa simply walks out of the glass shower. Before disappearing into the dressing room, Lisa directs two other strippers to get Eva out of the shower and bring her to the dressing room as well. Once there, the two dancers take Eva, towels off her body, and sits her in front of a make up table. Immediately they start working on Eva. They start drying Eva's soaking wet hair, and styling her hair. Following that, they start apply make up to Eva's face. Eva does not say a word. She can only imagine what Lisa has in store for her next. She does appreciate the break from Lisa riding, and beating her down.

After they are done, Lisa walks up and asks, "Are you ready for your debut?" Before Eva answers, only looking up at her master with puppy dog eyes, Lisa grabs her arm and pulls her out of the seat, and through the dressing room. They stop, behind the curtain leading to the strip club's main stage. "Make me proud, and make me a lot of money." Lisa tells Eva. "Maybe I'll go easy on you."

Eva takes a deep breath and tries unsuccessfully to hide her contempt for her new master. She feels degraded by the things her master is making her to do, but can not do anything about it. She can not beat Lisa. In fairness, she feels slightly obligated to comply. She challenged Lisa and loss, so the victor gets the spoils. Truthfully she would have publicly humiliated Lisa too if she had won.

Eva hears the announcer give her a grand introduction, and calls her name. She swallows her pride and steps on the stage. Eva began her career dancing in hip hop videos, and actually feels very comfortable on the stripper stage. It is right up her alley. She gets to be the object of men's desire. She gets to tantalize and tease them, and leave them on their knees begging for more. She draws on her past experience and steps on the stage. Eva starts dancing, shaking and gyrating to the music and rocking the crowd. The audience is cheering and jumping up and down and reacting more than for anyone else that night. Eva loves it. It almost make up for the fact that she has to strip to being totally nude, but not entirely. Patrons start "making it rain" on the movie star. Eva gets a lot of personal satisfaction, to get a better response than her master. If she can not beat Lisa fighting, she is glad to beat her dancing and in a beauty contest. She looks back at Lisa for her reaction to the crowds overwhelming response to her, and is disappointed that Lisa is smiling and not showing a hint of jealousy.

After a rousing performance, Eva smiles and waves, and proudly walks off the stage buck naked. Lisa meets Eva as she steps offstage, saying, "Good job" then making sure to take every penny of the several hundred dollars that Eva earned onstage. "Now lets see how you do with a lap dance." Lisa says as she escorts Eva back to the VIP room that they fought in earlier. Eva's high disappears and her heart sinks, as she realizes her night is not nearly over.

Next thing Eva knows she and Lisa are in the VIP room and the door men allow two men in at a time. For the minimal fee of $50 per song, a guy gets a lap dance from a bona fide movie star. Also Lisa takes a snapshot to commemorate the occasion for the patron. Eva give one guy a dance with the other guy on the sofa next to him in waiting, so Eva can immediately start the next dance with no delay. Lisa wanted to cram in as many dances as possible before the end of the night. That is one reason she made the price so recession friendly, to entice as many customers as possible. All the funds go to Lisa's favorite charity, her pocketbook.

Eva starts off giving legitimate lap dances, but after thirty minutes she is far too tired to continue like that. She ends up merely sitting on customer's laps, grinding while they fondle her, but eventually that becomes too strenuous for her. After the first hour, total exhaustion from the fight, and all the other occurrences set in, reducing Eva to one big sex toy. The super sexy, and sweaty diva only sits on customer's lap while they finger her cunt, and suck her pointy tits. Eva looked like a mindless zombie, as guys and ladies had their way with her. The constant fingering causes Eva to have a countless number of orgasms. Each howling orgasm depletes every ounce of energy the exhausted woman had. By the last thirty minutes of the night, Eva is just an exhausted lump of flesh on the sofa. Eva only lies on the sofa, allowing customers, free reign of her naked body. They are allowed to ravish her at will.

After closing time Lisa watches her pet lie face down on the sofa with her only sign of life being an occasional twitch. Lisa walks over and tenderly pets Eva's hair. "Good job bitch, you made more money than Kelly Hu ever did." Wisely Lisa recognizes the differences between Kelly and Eva. Lisa 'broke' Kelly, she only 'beat' Eva. She had not conquered Eva's spirit, nor does she think she ever will. Eva is too dangerous to keep around. She will always try to retaliate. "Tell the rest of the Resistance what I did to you. It's going to happen to all of them for fucking with the ABA." Lisa threatens. "Now sign this paper, and you'll be free to go and tell your little crew what they have in store." Lisa says and puts a document on a clipboard in front of Eva for her to sign. Eva takes the pen and scribbles a semblance of her name. Anything to get away from Lisa and that hellish place.

With her mysterious document signed, Lisa picks Eva up off the couch, and slings her fatigued body over her shoulder, like a sack of potatoes. Another stripper with a video camera follows, as Lisa carries the dangling starlet out of the back door of the club into the back parking lot. Lisa walks to a large trash dumpster with the word "RESISTANCE" spray painted boldly across the front. Lisa casually opens the sliding door on the front, and deposit's Eva's body inside. The camera picks up the sounds the rustling of plastic bags as Eva's body falls inside the stinky dumpster. Lisa pulls the door shut, and boldly walks back inside the club.

Luckily for Eva, the parking valet was more than happy to pluck Eva out of the dumpster after Lisa had left the club for the night. He happily drove the naked star home, and helped tend to her wounds.

Lisa was thrilled. She made over $3,000 even after spitting her cut with the club, and the doormen and strippers who helped her over the night. However this amount was a drop in the bucket, compared to the residuals she made later. A week and a half later, Lisa released a DVD through Stone Rage's production and distribution company called, Taming Eva Mendes. It was a video that showed the fight and highlights of the night Eva spent as Lisa's pet. It seems the mysterious document was a release form from Eva allowing Lisa to release the video of the night.

The Resistance may have targeted and struck the ABA first, but THE ABA STRIKES BACK with a vengeance.

To paraphrase the ominous, immortal words of Yoda, "The Uncivil War, begun it has".


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