Uncivil War Declaration of War

Cameron Diaz vs Demi Moore

"Hello, my name is Cameron Diaz. You probably don't know this, but I've been in this league since November 1999."

A somber Cameron Diaz stands in the middle of the ring with the microphone. On her right is Jennifer Aniston. On her left stands Jessica Alba. Several other celebrities accompany Cameron in the ring for support. Their names are Eva Mendes, Teri Hatcher, Eva Longoria, and Gwen Stefani.

Cameron continues, "The reason that you probably don't know that I've been in the league this long, is because I've had problems getting matches and air time. Everyone in this ring has. We continuously get passed over for matches while these so called Super Groups like the ABA and the Fab Four have been able to virtually write their own tickets in this league. Finally we are standing up and saying NO MORE!" Cameron emphatically proclaims. "No longer will we allow ourselves to be victims of the ABA's thuggish tactics, nor will we fall victims to the Fab Four's sneaky conniving back door politics. There is no difference to us, they are two sides of the same coin."

"We've been patiently waiting our turn, but these older celebrities, who are past their prime, will not relinquish the spotlight." Cameron explains. "We are all deep into out thirty's and still in our prime. Since these old, past their prime ladies, and I use that word, ladies, in the losses of terms, will not move out of the way, and allow younger, more talented starlets to take the spotlight. We are left with no other choice. We are compelled to take it by any means necessary."

"For those reasons WE DECLARE WAR ON THE ABA AND THE FAB FOUR!" Cameron states in no uncertain words. "We demand fairness and equality. We demand that the current system be reformed. We are restructuring the current power structure and we are starting by destroying the root of the problem, the ABA and Fab Four. The women in these organization have a choice to either allow fair treatment of all competitors in this league, of face being dismantled. The women in this ring are the bearers of change. We are the RESISTANCE to the current system, and we will not stop until there is equality for everyone!"

Cameron leads a growing discontent in the league. A successful career in the Battle Zone adds a lot of publicity and opportunity for a celebrity. There is substantial profits from the Pay Per View buys, and dvd residuals. There are very few spots available on the cards and a lot of celebrities to fill them. Ultimately those decision are made by the fans, who they like, and show interest in. Many times the fans gravitate to the super groups. Many successful celebrities are upset that they can not get an opportunity in the league, and now they are deciding to do something about it.

Demi stands in the wings backstage as the women in the ring mingle after this historic declaration. Demi's intelligence reports had Cameron seeking payback for her friend Christina Applegate getting violently expelled from the ABA. Demi heard that the injuries were substantial enough to force Applegate's retirement, but those rumors are unverified. None the less, this declaration is startling. First, that Cameron was able to garner that much support from other celebrities. Second, the thought of taking down the ABA is ludicrous. Then battling the Fab Four at the same time, insane. They are the two strongest forces in the history of the league. They have not even been able to cancel each other out.

Demi and Cameron have enough personal history to settle besides this new dimension. It started when Demi was cast as the villainess of the second Charlie's Angels movie. Cameron, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu were the darlings of the set until Demi arrived. Then they learned the difference between stars, and super stars. All the attention diverted from the Angels and descended upon Demi. Then once the film was released, the poor Angeles were definite second thoughts compared to Demi. The media went gaga over Demi. Soon jealous rumors began circulating about the Angels and Demi.

Because their characters were rivals, Cameron and Demi were often compared. Certainly there was the surf board scene, where their bodies were together and subject to comparison. Although their bodies were virtually equal, most people came away more impressed by Demi since she is ten years older than Cameron. A not so private, personal rivalry developed between the two.

Then years later, Cameron co-stars in a film with Demi's husband, Ashton Kutcher, What Happens in Vegas. Cameron knows how jealous Demi gets when a younger co-star coozies up to Ashton. So that is exactly what she did during the filming, and during the promotion of the movie. So when the booking committee presented Demi with a contract already signed by Cameron for this match, she could not find a pen fast enough to add her signature.

"The Resistance!?!" Demi says with a chuckle while shaking her head. "Taking out the ABA and the Fab Four? Get real!" Demi dismisses the notion and refocuses on the match. "Just ring the bell."


When the bell rings Demi wears a mean glare on her face, while Cameron prances around much more playfully. Appropriately, both wore black and white string bikinis similar to their movie encounter. Both bodies are lean, strong and sexy.

Seeing Ashton seated at ringside, Cameron provocatively saunters over to the ropes and smiles and winks at her former co star. Demi gets insanely jealous seeing the younger woman flirting with her much younger boy toy. Demi is known around the league as a cool customer, a cold and calculating strategist. However Cameron is showing that same flippant playfully sexy demeanor that she displayed the entire filming and promotion of What Happens in Vegas, that pisses Demi off. Cameron knows that she is not the sexy, seductress like Demi. She is that crazy, sexy, cool chick that can burp and go to the game with the fellas and just happens to have the looks of a super model.

Cameron uses what she has and connects with Ashton and the fans in a way Demi could never dream of doing. Demi looses it as she watches Cameron lean over the ropes flirting and blowing a kiss at Ashton. "Heyyyy Asshhhton! Miss me cutie?" Cameron sings with a big smile and a lusty look. "I got tickets to the Chicago Bears game this year..." Demi runs over and clobbers Cameron in the back with both hands clasps together before the blonde can finish her statement. The unexpected assault knocks Cameron down. She tries to get back up Demi is there stomping her. There was no cold hearted, calculating Demi, but a rampaging, jealous vixen scrapping to keep her man.

The ferocity of Demi's assault leaves little doubt of the rumors that she is insanely jealous and selective of Ashton's younger co stars. She only allowed Cameron because she had out shined her in the Charlie's Angels movie. After kicking the crawling blonde into the corner, Demi grabs a handful of her golden hair to snatch her up to her feet. Demi attempts to whip Cameron across the ring, but Cameron reverses it and fires Demi into the ropes. After Demi rebounds, Cameron lifts the brunette up for a sideslam, but with starling agility despite her age, Demi brings her legs up and wraps them around Cameron's head. Demi shocks the audience and Cameron too, bringing the blonde sumersaulting head over heels to the mat with a hurracanrana.

Then in an extremely uncharacteristic display, Demi springs to her feet. She thrusts her chest out, her head back and raises her arms out to the side in and arrogant and flamboyant display. The crowd erupts with boos. Demi obviously feels a little threatened and insecure in the ring against the younger blonde, and decides a little showboating is in order. "I'm hot, I know... I know you love it!" Dem boasts.

Backstage, the rest of the ABA, Jenny McCarthy and Lucy Liu are watching totally confused. "What the hell is she doing?" Jenny asks. She looks around the room filled with their 'hired muscle' for the evening, Kelly Hu and Spontaneous Xtasy.

"Damnit Demi" Lucy exclaims. "Ashton isn't thinking about anybody but you, stop being so fucking jealous!"

She should not be so jealous and insecure, but she is. In reality Demi is still a gorgeous woman, with beauty way more than skin deep, and one of Hollywood's biggest starlets. However she can not help but feel like she is a past her prime woman, trying to hold onto one of the biggest young hunks in town, while he has many other younger and sexier options available. Ordinarily Demi is able to mask these insecurities, but this is Cameron. After seeing how they intermingled and connected on screen in their movie, Demi feels threatened. She is not the normal cold calculating woman, but a jealous juvenile, following her emotions.

Demi brings her hand to her chest and adjust her bra straps, before seductively rubbing her hands down the length of her body while swaying her hips from left to right. Once her hands had traveled down she blows the audience a kiss. While many booed this arrogant display, the lusty look of the guys in the front rows gave Demi the reaction she desired. "Eat your heart out boys, because all of this belongs to Ashton!" Demi sings as she shakes her tits with her hands.

Cameron DiazWhile Demi was doing her sultry display, Cameron had gotten up during the middle of it. She was actually standing behind Demi with her arms folded across her chest during the finish. Once Demi finished and turned to resume the battle, Cameron was waiting and catches her with a paintbrushing open hand slap across the face. Demi's jaw dropped and her face went numb, as she reels from the slap. After her head recoils back, Cameron punishes Demi with another slap knocking the taste out of her mouth. While Demi's head is still bobbing on her shoulders, Cameron whips Demi across the ring, and levels her with a clothesline on the rebound.

Demi scrambles back to her feet instinctively, only to find Cameron waiting for her, and hoisting her in the air and body slamming her back to the canvas very hard. Cameron takes three or four graceful steps and leaps in the air and comes crashing down on Demi's chest with an elbow drop. Cameron quickly hooks Demi's leg for a pinfall attempt. The brunette kicks out at the two count.

Both women scramble to their feet, where Cameron nails Demi in the chest with a dropkick. Demi hits the mat hard and rolls out of the ring under the bottom rope. Demi is hunched over looking the worst for wear as Cameron comes to the ropes to press her attack. Demi quickly reached into the ring from the floor and grabs Cameron's ankles, and jerks Cameron's feet out from under her. Cameron falls onto her back, and is drug out of the ring by her ankles. Once landing on the arena floor, Demi clobbers Cameron across the jaw with a forearm smash. The blonde is reeling. Demi captures her and drives her backwards, kidney's first into the ring apron. With Cameron's knees buckling and holding her lower back, Demi pushes her back into the ring under the bottom rope, and follows into the ring after her prey.

Demi immediately resumes her assault and again stomps disdainfully on the small of Cameron's back. Reaching down, Demi grabs two healthy handfuls of blonde hair and snatches Cameron to her feet, before flinging her rival across the ring by her hair. Cameron flies through the air and lands flat on her face with a thump. Demi smiles, pretty proud of herself for taking control of the match. Cameron slowly rolls over onto her back. With a cruel smile, Demi places her feet on Cameron's hair, straddling the blonde's head. Demi reaches down and grabs her victim's wrists and yanks up while standing on Cameron's hair, holding her body down. The referee jumps in and starts counting for a break of the illegal hold. Demi patiently waits till four before releasing Cameron's arms, and letting Cameron fall back to the mat. Demi waits a moment then steps down on Cameron's hair again and grabs her arms and pulls up while holding her down by her hair again. Demi cruelly pulls as hard as she can again until the referee gets another four count.

As Demi exchanges a few words with the official, Cameron grabs Demi's ankles and pulls her backwards while reaching up with her legs. Soon Demi tumbles head over heels with Cameron rolling her into a ball with her shoulders pinned under Cameron's slender legs and Demi's butt in the air. The referee drops and counts the pin attempt, but Demi kicks out by the two count.

Both women scramble to their feet. Demi quickly strikes with a kick aimed at the blonde's chest, but Cameron catches Demi's foot in mid air, before she connects. Cameron pushes Demi's foot back, and while she is off balance strikes with a Ric Fair-esse chop to Demi's chest heard around the arena like a gunshot. While Demi reels from the chop with her breath taken away, Cameron connects with a second one just as hard. With Demi still reeling, Cameron grabs her arm and whips her across the ring. Demi crash lands into a corner and slumps there for a second. Its only a second, but long enough for Cameron to come hurtling into the corner like a gymnast with a hand stand back elbow. Gaining momentum with her cartwheels and hand springs, Cameron's elbow collides hard into Demi's jaw, rattling her teeth.

Cameron steps out of the corner, allowing a dazed Demi to stumble out drunkenly. Seeing her stumbling, dazed rival, Cameron adds a swift kick to Demi's ass making her fall flat on her face to the mat. "Old bat." Cameron mutters watching Demi fall.

Not planning on showing her foe a bit of mercy, Cameron starts scaling the turnbuckles to the top rope. A moment later Cameron leaps off and nails Demi with an elbow drop across her chest from the top ropes. Demi convulses on the mat, after being crushed by her larger opponent.

Nobody ever said that Demi is not tough. Despite her face contorted in pain, one hand over her aching chest and gasping for breath, Demi rises unsteadily to her feet. Once standing, Demi turns to a waiting Cameron. The brunette hauls back and throws a haymaker at the blonde's head. Cameron sidesteps the heavy blow and steps inside into Demi's body. Cameron scoops the Amazon up onto her shoulders into a fireman's carry as Demi's momentum after her whiff brings her forward.

With Demi prime to be put away, Cameron steadys herself with Demi who is beginning to struggle while suspended on the blonde's shoulders. Cameron tosses Demi into the air. Cameron catches Demi around the neck as she is twisting in the air and drops, driving her face first to the mat like a Diamond Dallas Page, Diamond cutter or a Randy Orton RKO. A jolt starts at Demi's chin and surges down her spine. The effect is just as devastating as Page's or Orton's finishing maneuver. Demi's body goes limp and her body flops over onto her back from the impact of the maneuver.

Cameron looks at the audience and makes a gesture of slicing her throat with her finger, trying to communicate that the match is over. Cameron falls across Demi's chest and hooks her leg and wraps Demi up tight. There was no need, Demi is out and could not even muster a kick out attempt. The referee counts to three and calls for the bell.

Cameron springs up and the referee flings her arm up in victory. There is a mixed reaction from the crowd. Many considered this an upset. Also, despite their penchant for rule breaking, the renegade ABA remains very popular in the league. Few expected to see Demi lying flat on her back, with Cameron standing over her in triumph.

Backstage Jenny stands up and kicks over her chair in frustration. "SHIT!" she roars. "Get down there, quick! Take Cameron out! Old school ABA style!" Jenny shouts pointing at the door. Immediately everyone leaps to their feet. Kelly Hu runs to the door and flings it open, holding it as Lucy runs out followed by Xtasy. Jenny is running for the door too, but Kelly slams it shut as the blonde approaches. Jenny skids to a stop with a profusely confused expression. "W..w... What?" she manages to stammer.

"You know Jenny?" Kelly coolly says, "The Resistance is a whole lot better option than walking around here kissing you ass." WHAM! Kelly foot flashes kicking Jenny's face as the last word left her mouth. The blonde goes reeling, stumbling away from the door to the other side of the room.

Outside, Lucy and Xtasy are racing down the hall. Lucy leads with the stripper trailing. Xtasy shouts our "Lucy wait!"

Instinctively, Lucy slows and turns back to see what is the problem. As she does, Xtasy accelerates and plows through little Lucy with a running clothesline. The force nearly knocks Lucy for a loop as she leaves her feet and hits the ground. Xtasty quickly applies the boots to Lucy, kicking and stomping all over her downed foe, until Lucy curls into a ball.

In the ring, Demi starts stirring after Cameron's finishing maneuver. Pain runs up and down her spine. She can barely move her arms and legs through her fog. The brunette's face contorts in a mixture of emotions like, pain, frustration and embarrassment. She is almost in tears, realizing that she has been out wrestled, and decisively defeated by her rival, Cameron. Worst of all, she was humbled and beaten in front of her husband. Cameron triumphantly places her foot on her defeated rival's chest. Demi looks up Cameron's long slender leg with contempt. The blonde's legs seem like they are a mile long from Demi's present position.

Cameron orders that the referee hand her the microphone, which he quickly does. "Ha ha ha! Demi!" Cameron laughs. "Didn't you enjoy our little reunion? And just like in our movie, Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle, I kicked your ass!" Cameron finishes to a reaction from the crowd. "Its time for Ashton and me to have a little reunion ourselves. But don't worry Demi. I've arranged a little reunion between you and one of your old friends." Cameron laughs heartily again and takes her foot off of Demi's chest, and starts leaving the ring. As Cameron crawls through the ropes, Demi hears the crowd scream and cheer. Slowly she turns her head towards the aisle to see who or what is coming for her.

Nikki CoxDemi takes one look and gets sick to her stomach. She sees the busty red head, Nikki Cox charging to the ring. Demi had painfully dumped Nikki out of the ABA and knew Nikki is coming for revenge. In her current condition, Nikki would destroy her. Demi commands her hurting body to start rolling for the ropes. She hopes to escape the ring and elude Nikki. Just as Demi is about to roll under the bottom rope and out of the ring, Nikki slides in the ring and captures by the back of Demi's black string bikini top, then a handful of black hair, and drags Demi back to the middle of the ring.

Cameron had exited the ring and walks toward Ashton seated in the first row. "Wha.... wha.... wha.... what are you doing?" Ashton stutters "That's my wife!"

Cameron climbs over the security wall, into the audience as Ashton stammers out his question. "Be quiet." Cameron demands, and pushes Ashton with two hands in the chest, knocking him back down into his chair. "Just sit back, relax and enjoy the show. You know you love it." Cameron finishes and takes a seat on Ashton's lap and wraps her arm around his shoulder, holding him tight.

"Where are you going Demi?" Nikki asks as she drags Demi back to the middle of the ring. Nikki has moved her hand from Demi's hair to Demi's black string bikini bottom. As Demi struggles, Nikki yanks so hard, that she gives Demi a wedgie, exposing much of her private parts. "Aren't you happy to see me?" Nikki asks as she roughly rolls Demi onto her back, and quickly drops her rock hard ass on Demi's belly, and takes a seat. "I'm sure glad to see you." Nikki says as she grips Demi's silky black hair with both hands. "There's some thing I never got to say after leaving the ABA." Nikki finishes as she lifts Demi's head off of the mat then plunges her face into the red head's cleavage. Nikki is wearing a camisole that makes her big beautiful breast bulge out of the top, supplying ample flesh to suffocate Demi. The brunette's arm flail uselessly while muffled screams and grunts fill the air.

Backstage, Lucy is trying to crawl or scurry away from the mammoth breasted Xtasty. The gang bang queen just brings her heavy foot smashing down, knocking Lucy back to the ground time and time again. Lucy screeches at every heavy stomp. Finally Lucy decides her only option is just to make a break for it; a mad dash hopefully before Xtasy can react. Lucy pops to her feet and tries to get moving, but the much larger Xtasy thrusts her shoulder into Lucy, knocking her off balance. Xtasy grabs Lucy's arm with both hands and whips the petite actress into the hallway wall. Lucy has a sudden acceleration followed immediately by an even quicker stop as she crashes into the nearby wall. Lucy grunts as the side of her face splats against the concrete block wall. Lucy stays stuck against the wall for an instant allowing Xtasy to cobber the little woman over the back of the head with fists and forearms. Then Xtasy grabs two handfuls of Lucy's silky hear, draws her head back and slams her face into the wall.

Lucy is still a tuff little bitch. She proves her worth to join the ABA. Despite the sneak attack, and Xtasy's smothering current assault, Lucy lifts her foot and thrusts her heel back into Xtasy's knee. The porn star's knee buckles and she shrieks in pain hobbling backwards. Instinctively, Lucy spins around and fires a martial arts kick into Xtasy's humongous tits, sending her assailant crashing back into the wall on the opposite side of the hall. Lucy did not know how much she had left after Xtasy's initial assault. She hoped that it is enough to take down Xtasy.

"Traitorous bitch!" Lucy screams. "How much did Cameron pay you to turn on us?"

Xtasy snickers in response. "Nothing, she just treated me with respect." Xtasy answers. "Not like a piece of meat to be thrown to the wolves at your pleasure like the ABA."

Demi struggles with her face plunged into Nikki' cleavage in the ring. From under the red head, Demi lifts and pushes to her right as hard as she could. The brunette succeeds in turning them over onto their sides, but Nikki keeps her arms wrapped around Demi's head, and her face pressed into her bosom. Soon the pair are rolling across the canvas, with neither being able to stay on top. First, Nikki is on top, bearing her bazooka tits on Demi's face. Then Demi would roll until she is on top, but the entire time, her face never leaves Nikki's tits. Shortly, Demi's movements slow, and her strength wanes as she succumbs to Nikki's breast smother.

Kelly HuIn the ABA dressing room, Jenny's head is swimming. She was taken totally off guard by Kelly's attack. Kelly's martial arts kicks have chased and battered Jenny all over the room. The kicks came with such velocity, Jenny never saw most of them coming. The blonde leans against the wall trying to focus her eyes and mind on Kelly. Suddenly Jenny explodes off of the wall. The tuff veteran will not go down easy. As a founder of the original ABA, she should have a patten on ambushes. They elevated the skill to the level of an art form. Jenny charges at Kelly. The Hawaiian stands frozen in her tracks in confusion from the unexpected move. Jenny slams into Kelly and wraps both hands around her neck. With the momentum on her side, Jenny easily rams Kelly back into the wall with a thump. Control of Kelly's neck, Jenny is able to slam the back of her head into the wall repeatedly.

Jenny growls, grits her teeth and squeezes till her knuckles turn white, trying to choke the life out of her smaller foe. Kelly trembles with her mouth gaped open. Jenny remembers to slam Kelly's head into the wall to add to her suffering. Jenny is starting to feel confident when Kelly's knee flashes up and nails her right in the pussy. Jenny screams loudly in shock and pain with her knees buckling. Jenny's hands loosens from Kelly's neck as her scream straight out of a horror flick echoes. Kelly quickly adds another low blow with her knee, that makes Jenny scream again followed by loud whimpering.

Jenny stands hunched over holding her aching pussy with both hands. Kelly raises both hands above her head, and brings them down with a double chop to the base of both sides of Jenny's neck. The blonde howls again like someone is trying to kill her. The paralyzing shutter that travels down her spine nearly convinces her that Kelly may be trying to do that.

In the ring, Nikki has gotten on top of Demi and eclipses her entire face with her tits. Demi's legs slowly kick and her hands paw weakly trying to push Nikki away. Finally Demi's arms drop lifelessly to the mat and her legs stop moving. Nikki stays in place and playfully jiggles her breasts on Demi's face, to make sure she has smothered Demi out. After a long time with no movement, Nikki raises off Demi and raises her arms above her head. Nikki plays to the cheering audience, while Demi lies with a blank expression on her face, KO'd by Nikki's breast smother.

Nikki rises and stands over her victim. Nikki places her foot on Demi's chest for a victory pose and plays to the crowd a little more. Taking her foot off of Demi, Nikki says, "You don't give me and Christina a Milano and send us to the hospital and get off that easy" Nikki finishes and walks to Demi's legs. The red head bends over and grabs Demi's ankles and spreads the brunette's legs. "You really deserve this Demi" Nikki says before she raises her foot and drives it down in between Demi's legs. Nikki stomps Demi's cunt repeatedly, sometimes taking the time to grind her heel into the vulnerable spot. First Demi moans instinctively, but as the pain revives her, she starts wailing pitifully. Once Demi has become painfully aware of her predicament, Nikki delivers an elbow drop onto Demi's crotch.

In the hallway, Lucy's eyes are rapidly wandering. She has separated from Xtasy momentarily, but she knows that her one strategic kick to Xtasy's knee does not equal the hundred or so that the larger porn star delivered to her as she laid on the ground. Suddenly Lucy makes a mad scramble for a few steps and reahes a push broom propped against the wall. With Xtasy in hot pursuit, Lucy twirls around swinging the broom at Xtasy's head. Luckily for the porn star, she ducks or Lucy would have taken her head off. The broom handle cracks as it hits the wall, neutralizing Lucy's weapon. Xtasy barrels into Lucy, pushing her against the wall, battering her with fist along the way.

Xtasy's larger body imposes on Lucy, wearing her down, while Xtasy's heavy tattooed arms plummet down, bludgeoning the ABA spitfire. "Damn bitch! Perfect fucking stradegy." Lucy thinks. "No room to move in this little ass fucking hallway. If we were somewhere where I can move and kick, I'd beat her fucking fat, sloppy ass like I owned her. But in this hallway...." Lucy's thoughts fade as her knees buckle again from the heavy blows pounding her. Xtasy grabs her arms after seeing Lucy swoon and whips her across the hall into the brick wall. Lucy's face splatters against the cold concrete block wall, knocking her senseless. Lucy bounces off the wall and instinctively staggers down the hall away from Xtasy. Through her daze, somewhere in the back of her mind, she hopes to find more room to operate, to execute her martial art, or her aerial maneuvers.

Xtasy quickly catches up with Lucy and captures Lucy by the hair and directs her face into a transport case for electrical wires and equipment, set against the wall. BOOM, BOOM BOOOM, Lucy's face sounds like a bass drum as Xtasy thumps her head into the black case. Xtasy feels Lucy's body slacken as she continues slamming her head into the case. Sensing that her rival is near defeat, Xtasy laughs heartily. "Stupid bitch! The ABA thinks you're so damn smart, but you never saw this coming!" Xtasy laughs loudly and tauntingly again.

The ABA dressing room looks like a hurricane has been through it. With Jenny paralyzed in pain from the knees to her cunt and the chops to her neck, Kelly loads up and fires a side kick into Jenny's chest. The heel of Kelly's foot explodes on Jenny's chest, acting like a battering ram. The force of the kick launches Jenny off her feet, for a short flight of four feet and she lands flat on her back. Kelly knows the fight is over No one can get up from a martial arts blast like that.

To Kelly's astonishment, Jenny slowly rolls onto her side, grunting and groaning loudly the whole time. Next she turns onto her front and pushes up to her hands and knees.

"Damn, this bitch is tuff!" goes through Kelly's head. Kelly was not worried or scared. Jenny could not pose much of a threat at this point. They had executed their plan perfectly. The ABA never saw it coming, and were defeated before they could offer substantial resistance. But Kelly did admire Jenny's warrior heart. Of course she planned on ripping it out before leaving.

Seeing Jenny rise to her hands and knees, Kelly gets a running start and kicks Jenny in the ribs, and collapses her back to the ground. Jenny holding her ribs, then yells, "Are you fucking crazy? Nobody does this to the ABA and gets away with it! Nobody! We'll hunt you down and destroy you for betraying us!"

Kelly just laughs loudly at her opponent. "No blondie, no you won't" Kelly answers as she reaches down and pulls Jenny up to her knees by her hair. "It is time for a change. Can we do it? Yes we can." quotes the enormous Barak Obama supporter, Kelly Hu, as she places Jenny's head between her thighs. Kelly wraps her arms around Jenny's waist and hoist her upside down. Then with another heave, Kelly raises Jenny up shoulder high, and power bombs her victim in the middle of the floor. Jenny lands with a bang, and does not move for a few moments. Jenny feels pain coursing through out her entire body. She did not dare move, pain racks her body at every breathe.

Kelly smiles in satisfaction looking down on Jenny in utter torment. Suddenly she is startled by the dressing room door opening behind her. Her head spins around to see a camera crew, ready to film Jenny's destruction. After hearing the commotion, the crew knew something news worthy is happening. Kelly smiles harder seeing she now has an audience.

Lucy LiuMeanwhile another camera crew has found Xtasy and Lucy's skirmish. Lucy is staggering down the hall with Xtasy following wearing a sadistic smile. She stalks Lucy as she wobbles like a drunk woman, waiting for the best time to strike. Then Xtasy pounces, grabbing Lucy by the back of her long jet black hair. Xtasy directs Lucy's face into a steel commercial door she was approaching. After banging Lucy's face into the door several times, the door bursts open and Lucy tumbles through.

Lucy stumbles into a loading dock bay for trucks to unload large equipment. Finally she has the room to execute her martial arts or or utilize her agility, but it is far too late for that. Her head is swimming, and ears are ringing from Xtasy' heavy punches. Lucy's legs have turned to jelly, and barely obeying her command to put one foot in front of the other to escape this terrible beating she is enduring, much less executing a kick.

Instinctively Lucy turns around, sensesing danger. She has time for a short gasp, and tries to get her arms up, but it is too late. A large trash can is hurtling through the air. The trash can strikes Lucy in the face, knocking the petite woman's feet in the air momentary as she falls on the back of her head. Lucy lies moaning on the ground amidst trash from the can scattered around her. The thrower of the can, Xtasy, laughs heartily again, really enjoying Lucy's destruction.

Xtasy plucks Lucy out of the garbage by her arm and hair. Lucy does not resist at this point. Xtasy jerks Lucy to her wobbly feet. Then she starts to twirl the stunned beauty in circles by her arm. Lucy's head bobbles on her shoulders as she makes her steps revolving around Xtasy. Luckily Lucy was so punch drunk that she can not get any dizzier. After building speed and momentum, Xtasy releases Lucy, sending her flying into the steel loading dock door. The door is a typical door, that transfer trucks back up at, to unload large cargo. It is similar to an extra large garage door. Lucy splatters against the door like a bug. Her loud collision echoes through the near empty bay. Lucy smashes into the door and bounces off and lands flat on her back, spread eagle on the ground.

Lucy lies motionless. She is probably already unconscious, but Xtasy is not finished. The ebony assassin walks to the door and lifts it open about five feet high. Next she drags Lucy's limp body under the door opening, so her body is inside, with her feet dangling outside off of the loading entrance edge. Then Xtasy grabs the door and slams it down onto Lucy. The door nearly bisects Lucy. Even in her semi conscious state, Lucy's face contorts in pain. Her ribs are definitely injured, and possibly other internal injuries with the heavy door crashing on her exposed mid section. Assured that Lucy has an ambulance ride in her very near future, and the message of Resistance has been delivered. Xtasy's blood lust is fulfilled. She dolls, and mucks it up for the camera for a few moments, then leaves her brutally decimated nemesis behind. Xtasy blows a kiss to the camera and utters, "Resistance!"

In the ring, Nikki is dragging Demi by her hair across the canvas like she is s rug. Demi just lies there defenseless and not resisting. Between Cameron and Nikki, Demi has been beaten into a pretty submissive state. Demi is in complete shock that they have been able to do this to her, in front of her husband no less. Nikki drags the beaten vixen to the ropes where Ashton and Cameron are seated. Ashton is busy warding of Cameron's amorous advances while arguing with her to rescue his wife. Nikki positions Demi so the crown of head is a foot from the ropes with her body to the middle of the ring. Nikki then takes a seat on Demi's face looking out of the ring at Ashton and Cameron. Nikki playfully waves at the couple at ringside, while her ass smothers Demi.

Demi only mildly thrashes and tries to escape. Mama said there would be days like this. Demi has had a long catfight career. She has sat on more starlet's faces than she can remember during her time. Although she realizes that today is not her day, and this is not her time. Reaching the later half of her forties, she knows her days are numbered, but she is positive she has enough left to best Cameron or Nikki left in her. Just not today. Cameron took her out of her gameplan by flirting with Ashton, but she will be prepared next time. Nikki wiggles her ass every so often to make sure that her smother is tight enough to take Demi out. It appears to be working as she plays to Cameron and the audience. Demi's struggles slow and her body goes limp. She just wonders why the rest of the ABA has not come to her rescue.

One person Demi wonders about, Jenny has been pretty much incapacitated by Kelly's Power Bomb. She lies looking at the ceiling feeling like her body has been broken. Kelly disturbs her rest as she snatches her to her feet by her golden hair. "It's a new day!" Kelly spits as she walks Jenny across the room. "It our time now." Kelly says as she ends her trip in front of a table with two large hor dourves trays. "No more expensive vegetable trays for you." Kelly says as she grabs the boat of ranch dressing and dumps it over Jenny's head. "It time for someone else to enjoy your luxuries." Kelly continues as she pushes Jenny's face into the meat tray, and smears her face into it.

Inexplicably, Kelly bring Jenny's head out of the tray, and backs away. Jenny stands, swaying wearing a confused expression, coughing and spitting out pieces of pepperoni. She has ranch dressing dripping off of her blonde lockes onto her shoulders. Kelly suddenly turns yelling "Heeeyyyyiiiaahhhhh!" and unleashes a spinning martial arts kick that nearly takes the unsuspecting blonde's head off. The power behind Kelly's kick easily catapults Jenny off of her feet and sends her tumbling onto her back across the hor dourves table.

With Jenny splayed across the hor dourves table like one giant delicious appetizer, Kelly prepares for her finally. After backing away to insure that she has proper room, Kelly does a hand stand. Next the kung fu cutie bounces out of her hand spring onto both feet, next into a car wheel, then leaps into the air. Kelly finally comes down across the prone Jenny's stomach dramatically with a full split. Kelly's weight and momentum breaks the table in half sending them crashing to the floor. Kelly ends up sitting on top of an unconscious Jenny in the midst of the broken table. Kelly raises her arms in victory still in a full split, sitting on top of her broken victim. Kelly looks into the camera and says, "Resistance!"

In the ring, Nikki's ass has done the job on Demi. The brunette lies spread eagle and unconscious on the mat. During her sleep, Nikki took the liberty to remove Demi's black string bikini, leaving her former ABA friend, buck naked in the ring. The fans are in a frenzy seeing Demi destroyed and humiliated like never before. "Let's see what we got here." Nikki comments as she peels Demi off of the mat. Next she drags Demi's limp body over to the corner and props her against the turnbuckle with her arms draped over the top rope to keep her upright. Nikki steps back and inspects Demi's nude form. "We don't have a whole lot from what I see." Nikki comments looking at Demi's slumping nude body. "Talk about a real strip tease. You certainly don't have a lot to be considered the most beautiful women in the world. I mean you don't have tits like this." Nikki finishes as she presses bigger breasts into Demi's boobs. Nikki lifts Demi's limp body out of the corner and hauls her around the ring in a breast-to-breast bear hug.

Nikki relishes the sensation. Her monster hooters devours Demi's tits and swallows them whole. Nikki's breasts pancake Demi's tits, totally hiding them, leaving no hint that they ever existed. Next Nikki violently whips Demi from left to right, rag dolling the beauty. Demi's limp arms and legs flail lifelessly, and her head bobbles on her shoulders, while her long black hair whips around. The movement wakes Demi a bit, to the point that she is aware of what is happening, but unable to stop her powerless limbs from flopping around. It is an awesome display for Nikki, showing her total control and domination over her enemy. It is a humiliating moment for Demi, being helplessly rag dolled.

Feeling her point has been proven, Nikki slings Demi's lifeless body to the canvas. Demi lands in a heap and simply lies there wallowing in her defeat. Nikki exits the ring and gets a metal folding chair. Nikki returns to the ring with the chair in hand. She approaches Demi who is panting trying to catch her breath as she lies in the same heap that Nikki left her. Nikki kicks Demi on to her back, straightening her out. Next Nikki opens the chair slightly. Then she bends over, placing Demi's head between the seat and back of the chair. Nikki stands and backs away with the chair wrapped around Demi's neck like a sinister neck tie. "Tell the guys in the emergency room hello for me bitch!" Nikki says cruelly with contempt dripping off of every word. Nikki delivers an elbow drop on the chair's legs, snapping it shut around Demi's neck.

Demi screams and her body goes inhumanly rigid. "DEMI!" Ashton scream in horror and leaps to his feet. Cameron, who was seated in his lap, gets tossed over the security wall without a care. Cameron lands on her butt with a sharp yelp, as Ashton climbs over the wall and darts into the ring. Nikki makes a quick exit as Ashton slides into the ring to see about his wife.

Nikki walks over and helps Cameron to her feet. Then they walk out of the arena congratulating each other on their grand accomplishment, the total destruction of Demi Moore. "RESISTANCE!" Cameron shouts as she exits through the backstage curtain.

The Resistance makes their debut with devastating results. They have declared war on both the ABA and the Fab Four. The night closes with a scene most fans never thought they would see, the total carnage of the ABA. An ambulance with its back doors open, shows Demi Moore lying strapped down to one gurney wearing a neck brace. Lucy Liu curled up on another gurney beside her holding her ribs. Jenny McCarthy hunched over on a seat on the side coughing and clutching her stomach. Fearing their legendary wrath, nobody has ever been bold enough to butcher the ABA like this. Nobody, until now.

To paraphrase the ominous, immortal words of Yoda, "The Uncivil War, begun it has".