NOTE - This story continues from - Jada Pinkett Smith vs Rosario Dawson Uncivil War STONE RAGE NEW YEAR'S EVE BASH!
Rosario Dawson sits in the new chairman of the booking committee, Christina Applegate's office, trying not to look nervous. Christina has summoned her there to discuss an upcoming match, and Rosario was instructed to come alone meaning minus her mentors in the Fab Four. She had been waiting there just over fifteen minutes and the anxiety is starting to get to her.

Finally Christina struts in the office accompanied by Rosario's arch rival since entering the league, Jada Pinkett Smith. "Okay dumbo." Jada begins as she walks behind Christina's desk with the chairman. "I'm going to make this short and simple so even you can understand. Last year at STONE RAGE NEW YEAR'S EVE BASH! you got lucky and beat me in a match. You won my husband for the night, which was New Year's Eve night, which is also our wedding anniversary. You took my husband home and spent the night with him on my wedding anniversary." Jada repeats to reiterate her displeasure. "Now itís payback time. I have a contract for you to fight me at this year's Bash. You will be paid incrediblely well. You get 12 million guaranteed whether you win or lose. You can write in any stipulation in the rare event that you win. The only catch is if you lose, and you will lose, you come home with me and Will. We're putting you in chains and a collar and you'll be our sex slave for the night." Jada closes her proposal by handing Rosario an ink pen and saying, "You can sign right here on the back page."

"What the fuck?" Rosario asks in confusion. "Are you crazy?" Rosario says, then pauses for a second as her mind wraps itself on the astronomical figure they are willing to pay her for the match. "Hell no." She then spits out. As attractive as the money is, it is not worth the ordeal that Rosario will have to go through to earn it. "I'm not fighting you again. Last year's match was winner take all to see who is the boss, and I kicked your little ass. It's over get over it." Rosario definitively recants.

Jada grunts in frustration. "Fine" Jada says, pulling her checkbook out of her pocket. Jada starts quickly scribbling on a check. "Here is a check for two million dollars. It's yours too if you sign that contract right now." Jada finishes writing and slides the check over to Rosario.

Rosario is definitely tempted now. She remembers their all out brawl last year and she did win, but that is only half the story. After the match, Jada attacked Rosario in a post match ambush. Jada gave Rosario an unconsciousable beating that had Rosario begging for mercy. Rosario still has a lingering fear of Jada from that experience. Money is not going to get Rosario in the ring again with Jada. Besides Rosario likes the idea of coming out on top of her feud with Jada, and does not want to jeopardize that. "I said no." Rosario tells Jada.

Jada looks like a time bomb about to explode. "Really?" she asks. "You've been trying to give your stankin' pussy to my husband for free for years. Now you can get paid extremely well for it and you're turning it down?" Jada angrily asks.

"Trust me, if I wanted Will, I could have had him a long time ago." Rosario answers.

"That's bull shit and you know it!" Jada yells back.

"Think whatever you want. I already know the truth. I'm out of here." Rosario coolly responds as she rises out of her seat. Rosario then turns and starts walking for the door.

"Get your ass back here and sign this contract!" Jada erupts. Seeing Rosario refuse the match offer and now walking away, Jada is consumed with anger. Jada leaps over Christina's large executive desk. She briefly puts a foot down on top of the desk to launch herself off and tackle Rosario from behind, and knock her down to the lush carpet.

Instantly a wild rip roaring catfight breaks out. Jada and Rosario are rolling around on the floor scratching clawing and pulling each other's hair like mad. Christina stands frozen behind the desk with her mouth gapped open, and not knowing what to do.

Jada is definitely the aggressor. She spends more time on top of Rosario, slapping her and snatching her hair out, while Rosario is defending herself, and fighting to get out from under the tiny terror. Rosario finally fights her way to the wall and is using a chair to extricate herself from under Jada and to get away. Rosario is up to one knee and Jada has a hold of her with two arms around Rosario's waist from the side. There was not much room, but Rosario was able to lift her leg up and kick Jada away. Rosario sent the tiny terror flying the opposite direction.

Rosario springs to her feet and sprints a few steps to Christina's fax machine set up on a nearby stand. Rosario picks up the fax machine and raises it above her head. By now Jada is up and charging at her. Rosario chunks the fax machine at her charging attacker. Jada ducks and dodges to the side allowing the fax machine to sail past her and crash into the wall behind Jada.

With the minor distraction of the fax machine having passed, the tiny vixen barrels into Rosario, driving her shoulder into Rosario's mid section and driving her back against the stand that the fax machine was on. Jada comes up swinging. She nails Rosario on the side of the chin that makes Rosario's head spinning like a merry-go-round. Rosario swoons, but remains standing. Jada strikes with a sizzling right-left-right cross combination that Rosario never seen coming. Her head just spinned to the right, back left and right again like she was in the Exorcist. The Rosario's knees buckled and she started going down.

Jada grabs Rosario by the hair to keep her from going down, then looks for another way to hurt her rival. All Jada saw was a large office copier machine that was beside the stand that the fax machine was on. Jada slams Rosario's head into the copier. Rosario starts sinking fast now, and Jada is having troubles holding her up. So Jada places Rosario's face on the copier's glass window top. Then Jada repeatedly slams the copier's lid down, smashing Rosario's head between the lid and the glass. Rosario quickly wakes out of her funk. She presses her hands down to try and push up to get her head off the glass, although Jada is holding her down. As she does, Rosario accidently presses the copier's big green start button, making a blinding bright light cross the window several times. Christina and the whole staff amuse themselves with plenty of comical shots of Rosario's face pressed against the glass later. In the present Rosario is able to kick backwards with enough force to make Jada back off, and allow Rosario to escape from that embarrassing situation.

Rosario quickly turns around to face her foe, and Jada is already lunging at her and nails Rosario with punch flush to the jaw. "Sign the contract!" Jada demands.

"No!" Rosario roars as she responds with a blazing fast and strong left right combination to Jada's mouth. Jada lands another straight punch to Rosario's chin, but Rosario fires back with a three fisted combination to Jada's face. Jada returns with a straight right fist that splatter's Rosario's big boob. Rosario releases a loud grunt then unleashes a big right hook that puts Jada on the ground.

Jada looks up at Rosario, wide eyed for a moment before springing back to her feet. Jada takes one step forward and walks into a flurry of Rosario's fist. Punches come from every direction and knock Jada's head up, down, left and right before Jada sinks slowly to the carpet.

Jada sits up feeling dizzy and knocked silly. Rosario reaches down and grabs two healthy handfuls of Jada's hair and hauls her to her feet. Rosario violently drives her knee into Jada's gut two times making Jada double over and wheeze. Next Rosario uses one handful of hair and clutches Jada's dresses' waistline to heave the pint sized heroine. Jada takes a few steps, then is launched in the air. Jada lands on Christina's big desk and slides across it, like a scene out of cartoons or slapstick comedy. Jada takes half of the things on Christina's desk with her as she slides across and disappears as she crashes to the floor on the other side of Christina's desk.

Lastly Rosario picks of Christina's computer monitor and raises it above her head. "I told you I'm tired of playing your sick, twisted little games!" Then Rosario throws the monitor on top of Jada. (Luckily for Jada it is the modern, thin, light weight monitors and not the old heavy tube monitors, or Jada else would have needed an ambulance) "I'm out of here." Rosario says and storms out of Christina's office. "Short people and A cups..." Rosario yells as a parting shot as she walks out the door. "Always so fuckin' angry and sensitive."

Christina rushes to Jada's aid. She helps her friend up asking, "Are you okay?"

Almost in tears, Jada answers, "No, the big dummy wouldn't sign the contract. What am I going to do now? What can I give Will for our wedding anniversary? My marriage is on the line?"

After calming Jada down several minutes, Jada explains the scenario more to Christina. "After Rosario beat me last year and took Will home on our wedding anniversary, me and Will had the worst year of our marriage ever. We argued constantly, especially on the kids careers, and we were both tempted by others." Jada explains. "Will always let me have my way, but last year it seems like he didn't respect me as much. I wanted to have a special anniversary this year. First, he would watch me destroy Rosario. Then I would put her in cuffs and chains and we'd take her home and fuck the shit out of her. It'd been perfect. First I'd get my revenge against her. Second, Will would be happy because he gets to fuck her. Regardless of what Will says, he really has the hots for Rosario. He'd love to fuck her. After he fucks her and gets that out of his system, he'd be done with her. Third, I'd get to dominate, torture and subjugate Rosario all night. Will loves to watch me tyrannize other women, it turns him on. I'd get my respect back, and we'd have a night to remember. It would help to get our marriage back on course. But I don't know what to do now."

"Don't worry about it. I'll make sure that you and Will have a very special anniversary." Christina soothes Jada. "We may not be able to get Rosario for the night, but I have a few ideas that will show Will how powerful of a person you are by the end of the night. You've got friends in high places, like me." Christina says with a smile. "I've got an idea where you'll get your present, be the executive producer of the next Stone Rage DVD and make a little change in the process. Just go to STONE RAGE NEW YEAR'S EVE BASH! I'll book Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood in the main event. You and Will enjoy yourself, and I'll have your present waiting for you when you get home...."

Toni Braxton cannot believe that she is here. She is standing in a room in Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith's mansion. Toni is topless wearing only a mini skirt and panties underneath. There are cameras all around to capture this impending catfight with Mya across the room.

Toni would not be here but the money was too insane to pass up. She was told to name her own price. Toni asked for seven million thinking she would never get it, but Christina Applegate said "Fine." It is not Toni's first catfight. A star of her magnitude has competed in many catfights before, but this is very different.

There is a secret stipulation that the loser will be Will and Jada Pinkett Smith's sex slave for the night. The camera will not be present for that event, Jada would never allow their private life to be infringed like that. In fact, Toni would not be here if that stipulation was made public. However Toni does not know if the possibility of being Will and Jada's sex slave repulses her or intrigues and excites her.

It is the same old story with Toni. She has to balance her conservative nature with her wilder ambitions. Even more intriguing for Toni is trying to decide which Smith she is more excited about serving in bed. Toni loves the caress of a woman, and Jada is a supreme specimen. Of course Will is still the good looking Hollywood hunk. The thought of having both of them in bed makes Toni tingle. Toni turns her concentration to winning this catfight, so she will never have to answer these hard questions about herself.

Meanwhile across the room, Mya is a little peeved. She jumped at the two million Christina offered her for the match. However now that she sees her opponent, Toni held out and received over twice as much as she is, Mya is miffed. Mya realizes that Toni is a more of a household name and has more drawing power, but she is still disappointed that she was so much greedier than Toni and took the first offer. Mya feels she has a lot to prove in this match, and all of it will be at Toni's expense. As far as the sex slave stipulation, she is not excited about being bound and ordered around. Although she had no interest in fucking Will, the fantasy of being with Jada almost makes her cream on herself alone.

The producer tells both Grammy award winning singers that the match is about start. Both women's bodies tense up. The producers put both women in tiny micro skirts. They thought the sexy skirts will accentuate both womenís renowned, thick shapely legs. There is a large bonus considered in each fighter's salary paid if they should happen to lose their skirts and panties during the course of the match. Both ladies made a private agreement to see to it that this bonus is achieved.

The producer loudly announces, "Begin." the singers tear across the room to each other and collide in the middle of the room. Both lose their footing from the impact and fall to the carpet while both hold on to two handfuls of hair, tearing and ripping it out.

Toni is able to push Mya over onto her back, and yank her head around by her hair. Mya breaks away momentarily but as she scurries away, Toni grabs Mya's shapely leg and pulls her back. Immediately Toni goes to work unfastening Mya's white micro skirt. "Get back here" Toni mutters. Next Toni is sliding Mya's white skirt down her shapely legs, and revealing the young combatant's black panties. Cameras capture Mya's sexy ass wiggling from side to side as Toni finishes pulling the skirt down Mya's legs then tosses it aside.

Mya gets away and rises to her knees to meet Toni who is on her knees also. "Oh I'm going to kick your ass!" Mya threatens then wraps two choking hands around Toni's throat. Mya wrings Toni back and forth for a little while before throwing her over backwards onto her back. Then Mya starts tugging and unfastening Toni's black micro skirt. The next moment, Mya is pulling Toni's black skirt down Toni's sexy cocoa colored legs. Half way to her bonus, Toni pops back up to her knees. Mya greets her by using Toni's black skirt to wrap around her neck and choking Toni some more. Mya is able push Toni down and choke her for a while. Toni finally fights her way up to her knees then punches Mya in her stomach. Mya releases her choke and backs off holding her stomach and coughing.

Toni and Mya recover quickly and confront each other on their knees and face to face. "Get off me." Toni says and rocks Mya with a hard left handed punch. Mya falls over holding her jaw. Toni comes near saying "You want to really fight little girl?" Toni is now very serious after being choked "Let's go."

Mya answers by rising to her knees and socking Toni in the stomach. Toni falls back on her ass for a moment and her lip curl from the intensity of the battle. Next she rises back to her knees and lunges at Mya. Toni forces Mya to her hands and knees, then grabs Mya's black thong panties and gives her a killer wedgie. Toni saws the panties into Mya's crotch then abandons the wedgie for some more painful hair pulling. Toni pulls Mya's hair with both hands, and Mya grabs Toni's hair soon after. Toni did not like hair pulling once Mya joined in, so she punches Mya in the stomach, breaking them apart and knocking Mya to the carpet.

Mya rises back to her knees to meet Toni. "What?" Toni asks comfortingly. Mya hits Toni in the tummy, but split second later, Toni retaliates with a fist to Mya's gut.

Mya falls back looking at Toni for a moment. She thought Toni would be easy. Mya is an active member of Gen Prime and under Janet Jackson's catfighting tutelage. Toni is not even in the league. This whole situation is making her angry, and she focuses it all of Toni.

"You and your panties with the pink bow..." Mya mutter enviously. Mya grabs at Toni's panties while Toni tries to push her away. Mya succeeds in pulling Toni's black panties with a pink bow halfway down her thighs. Then Mya's hand claws Toni's pussy making the Toni squeal. Toni reacted by grabbing Mya's boobs, and soon both are squealing and yelling while attacking each other's nipples with both hands.

Toni breaks the nipple pulling contest by reaching for Mya's panties. Mya abruptly pushes Toni away, knocking her back. Remembering that Toni's panties were down flying at half mast, Mya grabs Toni's panties, and finish slipping them off. "I'm going to make you eat these mutha fuckas" Mya grumbles, as she covers Toni's mouth and nose with her panties. Toni flails around as she is being smothered by her own panties. Mya jealously quips, "Let's see if you're really worth all the millions they're paying you." Toni flails a while until she is finally able to stick a finger in Mya's eye to break away.

"You're a little bitch." The even tempered Toni says as her ire and competitive fluid ramps up after having her panties rubbed in her face. Mya crawls a few feet away because she had blurry vision in one eye. Toni walks on her knees over to Mya. When Mya erects to face her foe, Toni clocks Mya with right cross that knocks Mya for a loop. Mya twists and ends up on her knees with her face resting in the seat of a large long fluffy sofa in the room. Toni follows and says, "Let me show you what to do with panties" as she starts pulling Mya's panties off. Once Toni has removed the panties (and collected the bonus for both ladies) Toni immediately uses the panties to press and wrap around Mya's neck and choke the lovely vixen. Mya is sitting on the floor with her back against the sofa and Toni is on her knees pushing her weight into Mya with the panties stretched around Mya's throat. Somehow Mya gets her foot up and kicks Toni away.

Mya remains against the sofa, panting and trying to catch her breath. Toni is quickly back on her foe. Toni sees Mya's plump sweaty, shiny tit rising up and down and could not resist. Toni reaches out and plucks the plump melon and tries to crush it in her hand. After a paralyzing shutter of pain passes through Mya's body, she returns in like fashion and grabs one of Toni's tits. Again once her intimate body parts are being assaulted, Toni quickly loses her taste for a catfight. She breaks her hold, then knocks Mya's hand away. Toni shoots to her feet and challenges. "Stand up! Stand up and fight like a woman!"

Both R & B vixens stand and square off. "I'll show you" Mya mutters.

"Oh please" Toni answers and hauls off and socks Mya with a big left hook. Mya's head snaps back and she falls backwards, taking a seat on the sofa. Mya immediately stands back up and looking for vengeance. Mya finds it with a left hook of her own that sends Toni reeling several steps away. Toni comes storming saying "You..." Then Toni is sent stumbling back where she came from after Mya blasts her with a right hook. Toni marches back to Mya and catches another stiff punch that puts Toni down for an instant.

Toni pops to her feet quickly holding her chin. She is totally surprised and amazed this younger woman with slender arms is punching her out like this. Toni comes in quick and low this time and nails Mya with a belly punch. Mya absorbs the shot and fires back with her own gut shot.

Toni gets more obstinate than ever. "Knock you out" Toni subconsciously mutters as she blasts Mya with a whopping punch to Mya's jaw. The punch sends Mya for a loop. She spins and almost goes down, if not for the handy sofa in the room. Mya straightens herself by putting a knee on the sofa's seat and catching her balance against the sofa's back. Mya uses this to right herself and pop back upright. Mya socks Toni back on her jaw. Toni takes that shot and comes back with another haymaker while wearing a wild look in her eyes.

Mya holds her jaw after the blow. She steps back and moves to her right, looking for an opening. Mya notices the wild feral expression on Toni's pretty face. The emphasis is on the words, 'Toni's pretty face.' Mya thought Toni looked extremely hot, especially with this wild side look. It sparked something in Mya. She wanted to takes this sex kitten home and love and squeeze her and fuck her brains out. After that Mya's body reacted on its' own.

"Pretty face..." Mya subconsciously mutters as she rocks Toni with a whale of a right hook. A spilt second behind Mya's left fist smashes into Toni's pretty face. Toni falls onto the ever present sofa. Toni misinterprets Mya's 'pretty face' comment, thinking that the younger woman is trying to destroy her pretty face, not take it home.

Mya is in full hunter or conqueror mode. Mya views this ageless forty plus year old beauty as hotter and sexier than she is. Mya's body yearns for more of Toni as she rises off the sofa. Mya quickly nails Toni with a body shot. The emerging young lioness, Mya only knows one way to get Toni, that is to conquer her. Mya has tried sweet and innocent most of her life, and has come to the conclusion that it does not work. Mya's fist work on their own and torpedoes Toni with another left right combination. Toni's whole body twist from right to left like a tree in a fierce storm, but she still fires back with a heavyweight punch to Mya's face. Seeing her quarry still had teeth, Mya wollops Toni's face again. However, Toni comes right back with a missile like straight fist to Mya's nose. Mya's head snaps back as she takes a few steps in reverse from the impact.

Toni is 100% women. Every woman has faults, but Toni has fewer than most. She has fewer than Mya. Thus Toni is totally confident she will beat this underachieving catfighter as well as singer with Aguilera, Aaliyah or Beyonce talent yet far less sucess. Toni comes back with a bruising punch. Mya twirls and almost goes down. She finds the sofa again to stop her fall. Mya has her back to Toni while doubled over and both hands on the sofa's seat cushions. All Toni sees is a plump, juicy ass swaying. Toni gives Mya's ass a cracking slap. Mya falls forward into the sofa.

Toni could not help herself. She dives after Mya and start spanking Mya's bootylicious, multiple magazine cover featured ass. While doing so, Toni also claws the squealing girl's twat. A girl is honestly what Toni sees when she looks at Mya. That is why Toni began this fist fighting portion of the fight by saying, "Stand up and fight like a woman" because she thought Mya could not stand up to her.

As the two jostle around on the sofa, Mya reaches back and assaults Toni's pussy. Eventually both are assailing each other's tits, pulling hair and invading and violating each other's pussy. Once they touched each other's cunts, both were curious, intrigued and puzzled that the other's pussy was so warm, inviting and above all wet! Both knew they were experiencing, fighting and denying sexual desires and arousal. Now both were embaressed that the other found out about that private little secret. Now they were curious and confused that those feelings may be mutual. Rather than exploring those hidden desires, both ladies remover their hands from each other's cunts and started squishing each other's tits. Both of then found that exciting and stimulating as well.

Toni seem to win the tit pulling contest. She has Mya seated conformingly on the sofa while Toni looms above her, with her knees in the sofa's seat and pushing down on Mya's boobs. Pleading "Let go! Let go!" Mya finally finds the strength to push Toni away and off the couch.

The sexual tension and heat of the battle take a toll on Mya. Mya needs a breather desperately. She slides off the sofa and onto the floor, and leans against the sofa. Toni thinks now is the time. The not so mentally tough girl is subconsciously starting to fold and open the gateway to her eventual defeat. It is just the laws of nature. Toni is a goddess who elegantly succeeds in all arenas even against most odds. Meanwhile, Mya is an extremely talented big fish, who constantly relegates herself to small ponds where she feels much more comfortable, instead of competing with other big fish.

Toni walks over to a panting Mya and steps over her. "I'm going to finish you off by sitting on your face. How do you like that?" Toni announces. While Mya sits on the floor Toni stands over her, straddling Mya with her naked, sweaty pussy on Mya's face. Toni presses down forward and hard trying to smother Mya with her crotch. Just because Toni is a classy refined and idolized goddess does not mean that she does not have a kinky, provocative, mischievous wild side. No one can forget that Grammies dress, or the controversial Vibe magazine spread.

However one thing was not accounted for. There is a reason why Mya is a big fish in a small pond. There is a reason why Mya is on an independent record label as opposed to a major label. Mya understands the business. She has been in it since she was nineteen years old. Mya chooses this because she hates being controlled. She wants to call her own shots. If that costs her some success, so be it. As sweet and enticing the smell of Toni's pussy thrust on her mouth and nose, it reminded Mya that the loser has to be somebody's sex slave. Mya is nobody's sex toy or sex slave. She is a sexual predator.

Mya comes to life. She jabs her fingers up, plunging them into the bottom portion of Toni's cunt and extends them into Toni's asshole. Toni shrieks loudly and could not get off of Mya's face quick enough. Mya holds on to Toni's twat as long as she could. Toni does find a way to squirm away.

"How's that pussy now?" asks Mya as she and Toni stand looking at each other. Toni's hands are down holding her pussy. That allows Mya to unleash a right hook that buckles Toni's knees. Toni uprights herself in time for Mya to wallop her again. Toni falls into the sofa momentarily then stands right back up.

"I can't fight standing up like a woman huh?" Mya spouts, remembering Toni's initial challenge. "I'll show you!" Mya finishes as she hauls off on Toni again. Toni is launched back into the sofa again. Toni get up slightly slower this time. Once standing, Mya says "I'm going to knock you out!" and bashes Toni's face in again with her fist. Toni twists and falls with her knees on the floor and her face into the sofa cusion. Dazed and stunned Toni lifts her face out of the cushion and turns facing Mya while still on her knees. "I'm going to knock you out forever!" Mya announces and blisters Toni with another punch while she is still on her knees.

Toni is on the floor instinctively trying to find a way to her feet like boxer trained to get back up, but has no clue of who or where she is. "Get up! Fight me like a woman" Mya commands.

Toni slowly struggles to her feet constantly grunting anf groaning. "Ung... ah.... ung...... mmmnnn... no more..." Toni subconsciously pleads as she stands.

After patiently waiting for Toni to stand, Mya clocks her with one last crushing blast. Toni falls over backward out cold already, before landing with her back on the couch. Toni's body bounces on the soft sofa, then slides down until Toni's ass reaches the floor. Her shoulders and head lie comfortably on the sofa cushion and her arms spayed out to the sides and bare tits pointing up. Toni makes a gorgeous figure of a femme fatale, knocked out cold, and her marbles knocked somewhere into next week.

Mya stands by her conquest proudly with her arms on her hips. "Fight me like a woman, or a sex toy. I guess we know which one you are."


About 4AM Will and Jada return home to their enormous Malibu mansion. (Check out the slide-show over at Architectural Digest ó DAAYMMMMNNN!) after having a phenomenal time at the STONE RAGE NEW YEAR'S EVE BASH! "Come on, let me take you to your anniversary present." Jada seductively tells Will.

Jada leads Will to a secluded part of their vast, gargantuan house. There Will finds a petite, shapely naked woman chained to a huge column in the house. Will's mouth drops open. The woman is wearing a black leather slave's mask. Will is able to see her eyes, but the opening for her mouth is zipped closed. There is a big bow on top of her head with long ribbons flowing down to her waist. One ribbon has 'HAPPY ANIVERSARY' is written in blue glitter. Another says 'SEX SLAVE' on it. The last one has 'FUCK ME' on it. The woman's hands are cuffed together an bound above her head. Also there is a mysterious DVD hanging from a chain. (The producers left an unedited copy of the fght between Toni and Mya for Will and Jada's enjoyment) "Go ahead unwrap your present." Jada encourages.

Will slowly walks toward the bound creature. He carefully removes her mask then says. "Toni Braxton? You got me Toni Braxton for my anniversary?" Will asks in disbelief. Although it was not the kind of disbelief of this is totally insane, you have another human being chained up. It was different. "Wow! Oh baby you shouldn't have!" WIll says as he goes and give his wife a warm loving hug followed by a deep passionate kiss. They unchain Toni from the column and lead her to the privacy of their bed room.

Toni submissively follows the power couple. Toni definitely embodies the word 'diva', and all that word means. Submissively really is not in her vocabulary. However given this situation, Toni is ready to make concessions. First she is contractually obligated. Her massive salary is contingent on cooperating fully with Jada's desires. Beyond that Toni is 100% grown woman. She knew and agreed to the terms of this match. She was woman enough to sign the contract, she will be woman enough to suffer the consequences. Jada kept her hands cuffed together just to be safe anyway. Second, it just might be fun. Especially on her reality television show, Toni has demonstrated some sexually frustrated behavior. Her sisters are trying to get her to date again after her last divorce, but Toni rejects the offers. This is a fantastic opportunity to burn some sexual frustration, without anyone knowing. Toni will definitely play along. It sounds like a lot of fun. Besides she has realized that she wants to get her hands on Will and Jada.

Before Will and Jada's arrival, Toni has showered, applied perfume and makeup and looking as appeasing as possible. Both Will and Jada can barely wait to get their hands on her as well. When they get to the master bedroom, Jada tells Toni, "Entertain Will while I slip into something more comfortable. Why don't you give him a blow job." Jada disappears in the room sized bathroom. Meanwhile Toni does not bother with awkward words. She shoves Will over onto the bed and pulls down his pants. Toni pulls out her prize with her cuffed hands, an adequate sized dick. Toni puts it in her mouth and starts bobbing her head up and down.

In the other room, Jada hears Will obsessively moaning and Toni making sucking noises. Jada takes her time slipping out of her expensive designer dress. Jada goes about freshening herself up, and adorning her sexiest lingerie. After ten minutes, Jada hears Will's moans getting more intense. "Toni! slow down! Save some of that dick for me." Jada warns. Soon after she hears Will's moan slow down back to their normal pace. Jada refreshes her hairdo and applies her sweetest, most alluring smelling fragrances. After being missing for a little over fifteen minutes, Toni re-emerges from the bathroom.

Jada walks to the doorway and stops and strikes a pose. Both Will and Toni stop in mid stroke. Jada stands in a sensational lingerie outfit. Jada wears a purple passion baby doll top, and matching panties, complemented with garters and panty hose. Will's mouth drops open, then turns into a smile. He does not remember the last time he has seen Jada look soo appetizing. Toni is used to being the most beautiful woman in the room, but seeing Jada, she is feeling insecure and inadequate in the presence of this divine being.

After making the desired entrance, Jada sashes to the bed and joins Will and Toni. "Let me help you with this." Jada says grabbing Will's swollen member. Jada sucks some then backs off instructing Toni to lick some. They end up licking Will's dick like a candy cane with Jada licking the right side and Toni licking up and down on the left side. Both take turns putting the tip in their mouths from time to time. Given the fact that Will has two world class beauties, in fact two of the sexiest women in the world servicing him at the same time, he blows his wad rather quickly.

Jada is happy to see Will come to a memorable, exciting and satisfying orgasm. She smiles at her husband before announcing, "Now it's my turn". Jada starts passionately kissing Toni. After embracing in a passionate kissing session they fall to the bed in each other's arms. Jada did not know who would be waiting for her when she returned home, but she preferred it be Toni over Mya. Jada is much more attracted to Toni.

While passionately kissing each other theirs hands start caressing and rubbing each other's bodies. Meanwhile Will looks on licking his lips, but thankful for the time to reload. He can see each lady is enjoying each other's different reflection of perfect bodies. Jada sheds her sexy lingerie, and goes all nude, as Toni and her keep devouring each other insatiably. Soon One is on top of the other and they are grinding their pussies together.

With an unspoken word or challenge, their grinding slowly turns into a sex fight or definitely a competition. They start slamming their cunts into each other, both loving the sensations they are generating. Gorgeous faces contort as the sound of smacking flesh gets loud as clapping hands. After several minutes of pussy banging, it degenerates into hard intense grinding. They face opposite directions so they are in-between each otherís legs and pussy to pussy like a conventional sex fight position. Even though Toni is supposedly the slave, it is obvious that both felines are intense on proving which pussy rules. It resembled a territorial battle between two savage cats.

Both women are brought to the brink, but out of pure pride, both resist their orgasm. Will in thinking how incredibly hot it is to see his wife compete sexually like this against an equally desirable woman. It help him recover from his orgasm quicker knowing that he will shortly be fucking both of them.

Both women are moaning and groaning, but Toni's yelps go into high gear. They turn high pitched and fast paced. Although Jada is reaching her own limits, she bores down and grinds Toni's pussy like never before. Seconds later, Toni defers to Jada's right to rule and simple enjoys the ride and loses herself in the ecstasy and sensations of the moment. A little more than a minute later Toni lets out a long soft scream while her body stiffens and twitches occasionally. After that Toni's body stopped competing and just lay there in the afterglow. Jada kept on grinding another minute or two until she climaxed herself.

It was an intense confrontation. Jada is glad that Toni really competed and pushed her. Jada is also thrilled that she won. Will is drooling watching the show. It was one of the most erotic and arousing things he has ever saw. That is saying a lot considering Will and Jada's many kinky sexual escapades. Will will never forget the scene of his Jada beating, subduing and sexually conquering the great and gorgeous Toni Braxton. Jada's plan is working to perfection.

Jada and Toni needed a moment to recover from their intense sex battle, but after that, the celebrities got down to some good old fashion fucking. Toni found herself on her knees, face down and ass up. Toni's face is in Jada's pussy lapping and eating her out. Meanwhile Will is fucking Toni's upraised cunt, doggy style. Will finds Toni's pussy is hot, tight and jucy. She is easily one of the best he has ever had, including Jada. He pumps load after load into Toni's pussy. It is easy for him to reload. The whole time Toni is eating Jada, his wife is talking dirty to her slave. "Come'on Toni, eat this pussy bitch. Use that Grammy winning tongue whore!" Hearing Jada talk low and down dirty to the high and mighty Toni Braxton turns Will on. Not to mention Toni's sexy ass. Will feels like a young man again. He can go all night long.

Half an hour later Toni finds herself on her back, with Jada vigorously riding her face. Jada is grinding her pussy all over Toni's face. The diva slave can barely breathe. Jada's wet twat rubs up and down Toni's nose with Jada's pubs scrub Toni's face, like a rough cleaning pad. The whole time Jada keeps talking dirty to Toni. Jada's ass cheeks are right there on Toni's mouth. Meanwhile Will is on his knees and has Toni's legs thrown over his shoulders. He is pounding Toni's pussy as hard as he possibly can.

Will and Jada work Toni so hard that she eventually passes out from the lack of oxygen, and pure exhaustion. Will and Jada recognize that Toni's body has gone limp, but do not stop fucking or riding her face in the least. They keep right on doing what they were doing at the same intensity. Jada reaches down and starts playing and fondling Toni's tit. "Come on bitch, is tht all you got? Is that all you got?" Jada says. "You can't keep up with me! You're not woman enough to keep with me!" Knowing that she is reaching a climax, Jada grabs two handfuls of Toni's hair and pull her face deeper inside Jada's pussy. Jada growls like a wild animal for the next minute or so. Finally Jada breaks into a long howl. Her head falls back till she is looking up at the sky through their sun roof. Jada arches her back and sticks her chest out. Her erect nipples look like missiles about to launch. Every muscle in Jada's magnificent body tenses and flexes. Jada has always been known for her well defined athletic body. Multiple muscles, and sinew bulge making them even more visible than ever. Seeing his wife in full feral mode makes Will blow yet another load of cum into Toni's pussy. Toni and Will have lost count how many loads of cum that Will has deposited inside Toni.

After reaching this exciting crescendo, Will and Jada fall off of Toni in the afterglow of ecstasy. The power couple cuddle together on the massive bed, while Toni lies motionless, naked, tits up and legs spread apart. Will softly says "Thank you honey. Thank you for a wonderful anniversary present." They stay there cuddled together, both wearing a satisfying smile.

Once Toni starts to revive. Will rings for their butler to come assist her. Even in the wee hours of the morning, as the sun is rising, an attractive young woman in a full butler's outfit arrives in Will and Jada's master bed room. Will and Jada thank Toni for a wonderful night, and politely invite her to return anytime she wants, and not in the slave capacity. The butler finally uncuffs Toni's hands and escorts Toni out of the bedroom. The butler attends to Toni's needs, bathing clothing and taking her home with great concern.

Will and Jada cuddled together, looking at the breathtaking mountain view out of the huge bay window of their bedroom. "Happy New Year Mr Smith." Jada softly says.

Will looks into Jada eyes, replying "Happy 2012 Mrs Smith."