Uncivil War

ThE RoCk tHe BoAt CrUiSe!


Introducing Jada Pinkett-Smith

"WILL!!!..... Will!!... I didn't know you were on this cruise!"

"Hey Ro! How are you doing baby?" Will Smith answers as Rosario Dawson runs over to Will and his wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith. Will and Jenna are at the VIP check in desks for the ThE RoCk tHe BoAt CrUiSe!. Normally that is a quick easy task, but with the huge number of celebrities onboard this cruise, they feel like they are in the regular boarding area. Rosario Dawson is in the crowded area with her Fab Four mates, Kim Kardashian. Kimora Lee Simmons and Vida Guerra.

Rosario rushes up and gives Will a huge hug. Then she turns and hugs Jada. The trio have become well acquainted over time. Will and Roario have appeared in two movies, opposite of each other. Rosario was Will's character's love interest in The Men in Black 2 and more recently in Seven Pounds.

"Wow! I'm glad to see you two. It's going to be great hanging out with you two on this cruise." Rosario says and seductively rubs her hand across Will's cheek. "I'm here helping Kim with her match against Nikki Cox." Rosario explains and points to Kim Kardashian, Kimora Lee Simmons and Vida Guerra in line thirty or more yards away. "What brings you here?"

"Uhhhh, we're here, watching the fights, catching the concerts and just chilling out." Will sputters. "I'm performing too."

"Cool" Rosario answers in an unsure voice, confused at what all the sputtering is about. "Tell you what, I'll arrange for us to eat at the same dinner table. We'll have a blast!"

"Oh no don't bother Rosario." Jada interrupts. "I mean the dinner and table assignments are already set. It would probably be too much trouble."

"Trouble?" Rosario scoffs. "Honey I don't have any trouble getting anything I want at a Stone Rage function. Not as long as I got these." Rosario says as she clutches both of her plump tits in her hands and jiggles them. "He loves them. Also I'm in the Fab Four now. I get anything I want with a snap of a finger." Rosario rubs her breast a few more times for her own satisfaction. "Great its all set." Rosario continues. "After we get through training tomorrow, I'll give you a call. I know the coolest spot after we port to hang out. You'll love it." Rosario says excitedly. "I've got to get back to the girls, we're going to party all week. I can't wait to hang out with you two."

"Alright cool Ro! We'll see you later." Will says as Rosario bounces and switches her ass back to her team mates.

Jada frowns in disgust watching Rosario frolic away. "Does she always have to be a total slut?" Jada spits. "Ohhhhh I got big tits" Jada mockingly sings. "I got big red lips, and suck dick all the time. I always get what I want." Jada continues singing in a mocking tone. "Such a fucking slut." Jada says shaking her head, while Will wisely laughs at his wife's teasing.

"I know." Will says through his chuckles. "That's just Ro. She's always been like that. She's really cool though. Ro just loves to be the center of attention. She's all talk. She's really a cool person to hang out with. We'll have a good time, I promise. You'll like her after you get to know her better."

Jada just rolls her eyes as they walk away. "I came on this cruise to spend some quality time with my husband, and talk to Eva Mendes about this proposition. I didn't come to hang around a bug eyed, big tittied bimbo making eyes at my husband. You'd better take care of that idiot. I know you don't want me to."

"Yo just chill Jada." Will says forcefully. "Ro is a very good friend. We call each other our 'play cousins'. Ain't nothing going on between us, and you know it." Will says trying to lay down the law for his spouse. "She's a sweet girl, and she thinks the world of you. She just wants to hang out a little. We're not going to hurt her feelings, we can accommodate her. And you're not going to be ugly to my friend." Will takes a less serious tone, saying, "I can't believe you're jealous of Ro. I mean you're way hotter than Rosario. You're like 5 times hotter than Ro."

"Fine jack ass, I'll be nice to the dumb ass, bimbo, slut." Jada says through tight lips. "You are wrong about one thing. I'm at least 10 times hotter than Ro."

"No 20 times." Will says laughing. "Especially when you're jealous like this, you're a raging inferno. I can't wait to get you to our cabin."

The next day, Jada, Will and Rosario go site seeing and shopping, when the ship ports. Jada developed a healthy dislike for Rosario during the promotion and numerous movie premiers for Seven Pounds. Rosario was just her normal self. Rosario's bouncing and constantly flirting with every man around pissed Jada off. She felt Rosario was trying upstage Will. When Will was near, she was always cozying up to him far too close for Jada's preference. She felt Rosario, equip in countless low cut dress, with her cleavage falling out was rubbing those big tits against Will far too much, and with far too much enjoyment. Jada felt disrespected with Rosario doing this in her presence, and often standing a few feet away. Jada's only thought was "I want to bitch slap that camera hogging hoe!"

If Jada disliked Rosario at the beginning of the day, she absolutely detested her by the evening sun. Rosario was exactly the same, flirting and flaunting with Will and every man in sight. Rosario had to be the center of attention, and it was making Jada nauseous. Then Will and Rosario interacted like a couple of twelve year olds. It was nothing but silliness, jokes and laughing. Jada was seething by the time they returned to the boat. She thought she would toss her lunch if Rosario said another word.

As they are passing through port, Jada had the most fun that she has had all evening. The trio is approached by Shannen Doherty who was also out enjoying the Bahamas sun. "Ugh... One of the new Fab Four mutts. I thought I smelled something funny." Shannen says walking up to Rosario. "Be a good pooch, and when you get back home to your masters, tell J.Hoe, and Buttyonce that Shannen Doherty haven't forgotten what they've done. And tell them that I'm still going to beat their fat asses the next time that I see them. Now do you need me to write that down for you, or are you smart enough to remember?"

Jada could not stifle a snicker at Shannen's dig at Rosario's lack of intelligence. Rosario absorbs it all for a moment, then says, "No, I think I've got it. Their old punching bag, Douche Bag Doherty, wants to get her ass kicked again, next time they see her. No, got it." Rosario replies.

"Watch it you stupid dingbat! I'm not opposed to kicking anybody in the Fab Four's ass, starting with you." Shannen threatens, drawing closer to Rosario.

"Bring it then bitch! Ain't nobody scared of you!" Rosario shouts back, thrusting her chest out, bumping into Shannen.

Neither Shannen or Rosario are the type of women to back down. Predictably a shouting match erupts, and it is moments away from getting physical. Much to Jada's disappointment, Will jumps between the two ladies. Then members of the boat's crew race over to break up the argument. A couple members of the crew drag Shannen away. The entire time she is fighting to break free, while delivering an obscenity filled tirade at Rosario. Will is having an equally difficult time trying to hold Rosario. She is kicking and screaming, trying to break out of Will's clutches to get at Shannen. In his struggle to contain Rosario, his hands accidentally grab a double handful of Rosario's ample breasts. Neither Will or Rosario noticed. It was just the only way Will found to hold onto the bucking woman. Jada noticed, as she curled her upper lip. She had her doubts about how accidental it was. She doubted how unaware Will and Rosario were about it as well.

After they boarded the boat, Rosario excused herself to find her Fab Four team mates and to pull herself together. Jada breathes easy. She thinks that she has finally rid herself of her annoying third wheel. Once back in their cabin, Jada undresses out of her clothes from the day. To reassure her control over Will, Jada walks around in her bra and panties, making her husband drool. Jada enjoys Will's lustful gaze. She punishes Will a little, prancing around till he begged for some sexual relief. Still she holds out, making him wait and beg more before giving in. Will tore into his sexy little wife like an escaped convict. Jada really did not need the confirmation of Will's desire for her versus Rosario, but this little showing was nice to have.

Jada meant for that taste of sex to be just an appetizer. The couple had to get dressed for the evening's concerts and the Jaime Pressly and Salma Hayek fight. After the fight is a reception that they should make an appearance, then back to the cabin for more wild, raucous sex, lasting until brunch the next day around noon, or one PM.

Everything was going according to Jada's plan. A few kisses and some nibbling on Will's neck and ear let him know that he is in for a long night. Then things suddenly turned sour. Rosario walks up to their table, and asked, "Hey guys, mind if I sit down?" Then without waiting for an answer, Rosario sits down beside Jada and starts talking a mile a minute.

Rosario is wearing a black strapless evening gown. Jada could not help but notice Rosario's breasts overflowing, and about to jump out of her dress. Even though Jada is giving Will 'The Look' he could not take his eyes off of her bulging tits either. Jada realizes why she dislikes Rosario so. She is not worried that Rosario could steal Will from her, but she is jealous of her stealing Will's attention. Rosario's big tits earn Will's stares. Her silly antics steals Will's laughter. Rosario's flirting and rubbing seals Will's smiles. Jada does not feel threatened as much as disrespected. If Rosario acts like this on the movie set when Jada is not around, then she does not mind very much. Nothing will come from of it. However Jada does not like Rosario flaunting the small amount of control she has over Will in her face. Especially when 100% of his attention should be on his wife. Jada feels disrespected. Rosario is just being Rosario. She is a natural flirt. Rosario acts like this with every male in her presence. Rosario also has no inkling of ill will toward her.

Jada wants to get rid of Rosario in the worst way. Finally an opportunity presents itself. Shannen Doherty happens to be walking close to their table. Jada mischievously sticks out her leg and trips the 90210 superstar.

Shannen stumbles forward several steps. Once she catches her balance, she wheels around furious, realizing that she had been deliberately tripped. All Shannen sees is Rosario Dawson seated with her back to her. Rosario is innocently eating and talking to Will and Jada when Shannen snatches her by the hair on the back of her head, and yanks her out of her chair.

Rosario falls out of her chair on to her hands and knees with no clue of what is going on. Shannen slams her knee into Rosario's temple three times before releasing her hair. Obviously dazed and hurt, Rosario tumbles over onto her side. A swift kick from Shannen to Rosario's chest rolls her over onto her back. Shannen drops to her knees with her fist leading the way and clobbers Rosario across the jaw. Rosario's body convulses as a tremor of pain runs through her. "You want to play games with me little girl?" Shannen angrily spits as she places her hand on Rosario's collar bone and neck and starts bludgeoning the latino's face with her other fist.

Will starts to stand, but Jada quickly reaches out and grabs him by the pants to stop him. He was going to breakup the fight and save Rosario. "No let them settle this" she instructs. He, as most of the room thinks Rosario may be knocked out, since she was lying on her back with her arms out to the side, not even trying to defend herself. After Jada grabs Will's pants her eye brows raise in surprise and confusion. She is surprised to find that Will is getting a woody from watching the fight. She keeps her hand on Will's thigh to hold him in place, but primarily to monitor his dick reaction as the fight progresses.

Rosario DawsonShannen viciously batters Rosario unmercifully. The postergirl for anger management want only to hurt and humiliate her rival, especially a Fab Four member. Since Rosario is obviously dazed, the first part or her mission is well on its' way. Shannen now embarks on the humiliation trail. Shannen reaches down and grabs the top of Rosario's dress and yanks it down. Rosario's bouncy breast spill out as seams pop and clasps break in the process.

Shannen wraps both hands around Rosario's neck and squeezes. With a strangle hold on Rosario's neck, Shannen pulls her victim up to her knees. Rosario finally shows signs of resistance as she clutches Shannen's wrists to try to pull them off of her throat. Shannen forces the back of Rosario's head against the dining table. With Rosario's nails digging painfully into her wrists, Shannen pulls Rosario's head higher so her head actually lies on the table. Shannen is able to get much better leverage for her choke hold. Shannen is also able to bang her victim's head into the table. "Damned! Ro should really reconsider this catfighting thing." Will says while shaking his head. He continues to look on at his friend who is red faced and gagging a few feet away on their dinner table. "She's getting the fucking dog shit kicked out her ass." he finishes accompanied by a disbelieving chuckle.

"For real" Jada agrees shaking her head as well. She almost feels sorry for poor Rosario. Jada's intent was to merely start another agreement between Rosario and Shannen when she tripped her. She figured the crew would take Rosario and Shannen off afterward, leaving her alone with Will. She did not mean to to get Rosario choked half to death. Then she feels Will dick plump and pulse more watching Rosario's tits jiggle like two bowls of Jello. All her sympathy for Rosario disappears. She now wants to jump up and cheer Shannen on, but it would blow her cover.

Rosario is oblivious to any sympathy or animosity. She is just looking for a way to save her sweet ass. Then like a bolt of lightening, it strikes her. Rosario throws her knee up, striking Shannen in the pelvic area. Shannen's eyes pop out and her mouth drops open in shock and pain. Immediately Rosario raises her elbow above her head and drives the point of her elbow into Shannen's forehead, right between her eyes. Shannen exclaims loudly in pain, and releases Rosario and backs away holding her forehead.

While Shannen rubs her forehead, Rosario get to take several much needed gulps of breath. Shannen is surprised that Rosario's piercing blow to the head hurt so much. However she figures that she can take as much time as she wanted to recover. Rosario has a wild, befuddled look on her face, and still gasping air. She has been bushwhacked pretty good. She had no warning or no clue why Shannen attacked her. All she knows is that she has just fallen into the fight of her life, and is just trying to survive. Shannen has plenty of time to let the pain in her head subside. Then she grows an evil snarl and stalks Rosario.

Rosario collects herself and prepares to meet her enemy. Both vixens trudge forward to meet each other with their claws bared in front of them. When they meet, they sink their claws into each other's hair. Rosario wrenches her shorter opponent's head to the side, while Shannen rips out strands of Rosario's hair. The sharp pain from ripping out some Rosario's hair allows Shannen to stand up straight again. Rosario quickly recovers and yanks backwards, bending Shannen's head back, straining her neck.

Seeing that she is not going to win this hair pulling contest, Shannen suddenly jerks down on Rosario's hair, forcing her to bend forward. As she does, Shannen raises her knee and nail Rosario right between her tits in the sternum. Rosario lets out a loud grunt. Shannen drives her knee up into Rosario's chest again getting a louder howl from her prey. Shannen smoothly wheels around behind Rosario and kicks her in the back of her knee. Rosario's legs buckle causing her to drop to her knees. Shannen instantly jerks Rosario's head back by her hair, then add more torque by putting her other hand under Rosario's chin and wrenching Rosario's head back even more. Rosario is forced to look up at the ceiling with Shannen still pulling harder like she is trying to snap her head off of her shoulders.

Rosario struggles to break free, but she cannot go anywhere unless she leaves her head behind. Rosario's emotions overwhelm her. Rosario lets out a desperate scream. She realizes that Shannen is a dangerous, world class catfighter, and far out of her league at this point in Rosario's catfight career. She feels her fate is to be Shannen's victim and get her ass beat for as long as Shannen feels like whipping her. Shannen releases her grip on Rosario's hair, and reaches around and slaps Rosario's bare belly. Rosario's ripped black evening gown has fallen around her hips at this point. Shannen digs her nails into Rosario's stomach with a claw hold and twists Rosario's head to the right, eliciting another scream from her victim. Shannen twist Rosario head even further to the right getting a long sustained scream from her tormented rival.

Shannen brings her hand up from Rosario's stomach and squeezes Rosario's left breast in her hand. Rosario's big tit is more than a handful and flesh bulges out between Shannen's fingers. Rosario lets out another frantic scream like she is being murdered. By her pitiful desperate cries, most people watching think that Rosario has given up any hope of escaping or beating Shannen.

This is pretty much true. Rosario knows she is certainly overmatched by Shannen. Then she remembers a training session with Jennifer Lopez. Rosario was sparring with Jessica Biel, and getting destroyed the entire time. As the session went on, Rosario was not even competitive. Jennifer blew her whistle and hollered, "Ro! What the hell is wrong with you?"

Rosario slowly limps over to Jennifer saying, "Sorry coach. She's too much for me, she's too good. Jessica is a better fighter."

"No" Jennifer snaps. "Jessica is a more skilled fighter. You're letting her be the better fighter. A lot of people I've fought have been more skilled than me, but few are better fighters. I'm not going to let them beat me! I've got two good fist, and I let them fly." Jennifer says raising her fist to her chin. "They may be better at holds, and slams or even smarter, but I keep punching, scratching, clawing and biting, and most of the time, I come out on top, because I'm the better fighter! Not the more skilled fighter! There is a difference. Understand?"

"Yeah I understand." Rosario says with a sigh. "But what if that doesn't work?"

Jennifer chuckles and answers, "Well there's plenty of tape with me getting my fat ass booted all over the arena."

Suddenly a fire sparks in Rosario with this memory. She grabs Shannen's wrist that is attached to her tit and snatches it off with both hands, and pulling down at the same time. Shannen's hand slips off of the sweaty tit leaving a couple of scratches. With Shannen pulled forward off balance, Rosario reaches back and seizes a handful of hair, pulling Shannen forward even further. Shannen finds herself over Rosario's shoulder bent at the waists. With a primal roar, Rosario powers up to her feet, picking Shannen up with her doubled over her shoulder. Spectators gasp in amazement at Rosario's sudden turn around. Naturally Shannen is struggling to escape and find a way to flip off of Rosario’s shoulder, but the more the Manhattan born actress controls her thrashing. Rosario uses those flailing to her advantage to maneuver Shannen off of her shoulder and move Shannen upside down pressed against the front of her body in a reverse bear hug. Next Rosario drops to her knees, planting Shannen's head into the floor with a tombstone pile driver.

Some "Oooh" as Shannen's head makes a sick thump on the floor. Shannen is immediately silenced by the dangerous move. She just curls up in fetal position holding her neck, with a pained look etched on her face.

Rosario appears energized by her turn around. She pops to her feet bouncing in excitement. First, she slides her annoying tattered dress that is hanging around her hips, and resticting her movements down off of her hips allowing it to fall to the floor around her ankles. Rosario steps out of the dress, and bends down, picks up the tattered dress and throws it across the room. "You owe me a dress, Douche bag." Rosario roars. "And a dinner." Rosario adds as she takes a full plate of food from a nearby table and dumps all the food onto Shannon's face.

Shannen DohertyShannen is dressed less formally than Rosario. The jet black brunette wears a dress with straps that tie around the back of her neck, with a neck line that plunges deep down her front showing a huge amount of cleavage. The bottom of the dress is short, stopping just above her mid thigh. Being curled up on her side allowed Rosario easy access to the strap around her neck. It is just too tempting of a sight for Rosario, who is standing topless only in her scanty panties. Rosario drops to her knees and starts tearing at the knot on Shannen's dress. It takes a few seconds to undo the knot, then Rosario starts trying to wrestle the rest of the dress from Shannen. If coach Jennifer Lopez were there, she would have given her student a good tongue lashing. The tombstone pile driver was a finishing move, and that is what she should be doing, finishing Shannen off. She should not get caught in the moment, and finish Shannen's dress off. Its a common rookie mistake, but a very big and dumb mistake none the less.

Rosario is successful in wrestling the dress from Shannen, but by the time she does, Shannen has recovered, and is getting up. However, Rosario still has the look of a wild woman, and shoves Shannen back down on her ass. Rosario steps behind Shannen and wraps the 90210 star's dress around her neck and wrenches back. Shannen's face contort in pain and fear, as Rosario drops to one knee behind the sitting woman and cranks up the pressure on her choke. Shannen tugs on the dress with both hands trying desperately to pull it away from her throat, but Rosario determinedly holds on. Shannen really was not expecting to find her dress around her throat when she sat up. It took her by surprise and caught her unprepared. She could not think, and was quickly fading. Her head falls back with despair as she still fights to pull the noose from around her neck.

Inexplicably, Rosario unwraps Shannen's dress from around her neck and tosses it aside. Many thought that Rosario was making another inexperienced error. However this is not the case. Rosario smoothly transitions into a sleeper hold on her foe. For whatever reason, Rosario's choke had not finished Shannen. She now realizes she had better put her dangerous enemy away before Shannen finds away to escape and turn this fight around. Afterall she knows that she is not nearly as skilled of a fighter as Shannen.

The sleeper appears to be working. Shannen's eyes close and she starts sagging in Rosario's clutches. Shannen's sexy legs slowly kicks resembling a dying insect's last movements. Seeing that she has neutralized Shannen as a threat, Rosario decides to punish her foe a bit. She wants to make an example out of Shannen for what she perceives as an unprovoked assault to any other potential enemies that may be lurking. It is time to show that this new Fab Four has teeth.

From on her knees behind a sagging Shannen, Rosario releases her sleeper hold and draws her fist back, and pumps a sharp punch into her rival's tit. Still encased in a strapless black lace bra, Shannen's tit jumps and jiggles like an electric current is running through it. Will's penis is throbbing. Jada is massaging it and has separated her legs as she too is becoming aroused by the erotic sight of two nearly naked women catfighting. Rosario punches Shannen's tit a few times before twisting her head so her weak rival has to face her, and look in her eyes. Shannen's eyes beg for mercy, while Rosario's eyes show glee in hurting her prey. Rosario cocks back her fist and pummels Shannen's face. Shannen weakly puts her hand up in an effort to defend herself, but it does absolutely no good. After three stiff punches to Shannen's face, she releases her grip on Shannen's hair allowing the defeated beauty to tumble to the floor on her back.

Shannen lies sprawled on her back like a beaten woman. Her legs are open and her arms are splayed to the side. Rosario chides "Ahhhww the douche bag looks all used up." Then Rosario adds to Shannen's pain by applying a claw hold to her foe's pussy. Rosario smiles and laughs as Shannen grimaces and squirms. "That's what you get for fucking with me." Rosario emphasizes.

"You fuckin' liar! You started this, not me." Shannen spits back.

Jada freezes for a moment, thinking that her part in orchestrating this altercation is about to be revealed. But those fears are squashed when Rosario replies, "Whatever, pig." Rosario thinks that Shannen is refereeing to their altercation boarding the boat. Luckily for Jada, Rosario is not interested discussing anything with Shannen right now. "How about I'm going to be the one to finish it. How about that?" Rosario sassily asks through smacking lips, and grabs Shannen's panties and pulls till they stretch to their limits. Shannen's panties stretch like a rubber band. They thin out and cut into Shannen's ass then disappear into Shannen's clit. Shannen arches her back and howls in pain. Very much enjoying herself, Rosario adds to her rival's torment by placing her forearm across Shannen's throat and choking out her cries.

Rosario grits her teeth saying "Now do I have to beat your ass some more, or have you learned about messing with the Fab Four?"

Shannen is gagging badly. Finally she is able to spit out "O.... (gag) k... (gag) kay"

Rosario takes this as Shannen's submission and releases her holds and rises triumphantly to her feet. Ever the glory seeker, Rosario places a foot on Shannen's crotch and strikes a pose to the cheering people in the dinning hall. Next she does a pose, smiling flexing a single bicep.

Will stands applauding, whooping "Wooooo! Way to go Ro!"

Jada stands beside him, and claps her hands together twice in a token gesture, then whispers into Will's ear, "My panties are already wet. I've got a blow job waiting for you in the elevator." With that said, Jada turns and walks away, switching her sexy little ass as she walks. With all thoughts of Rosario vanishing, Will grabs his coat and quickly exits, following his wife to the elevator.

Rosario has time to do one more pose with a double bicep when the dining hall door bursts open. Kim Kardashian leads the way with Kimora Lee Simmons and Vida Guerra closely behind. They had heard there was a ruckus at the reception, and rushed there to assist their teammate. Rosario smiles and runs to her friends to celebrate the moment with them.

The next day, Shannen stormed around the boat in the most evil mood anybody has ever seen. Everybody avoided the rampaging vixen. Rosario spent the day helping Kim Kardashian get ready for her match with Nikki Cox later that night. Will and Jada had kinky sex all night, and well into the morning. They put their sex toys and accessories through a vigorous work out. They only stopped when Will had to go to a sound check and rehearsal for his concert performance before the Kardashian-Cox fight.

The day after, all involved were back to just trying to enjoy the cruise. Rosario goes to Will and Jada's cabin hoping to find some company on the island doing some shopping, eating and bar hopping. Knocking on Will and Jada's door, Rosario enters and sees Jada there by herself. "Hey Jada!" She happily greets the petite actress. "Are you and Will ready to go a shore?"

"Me and Will are." Jada answers dryly. However Jada has never been one to be able to hold her tongue. This nightmare cruise for Jada has to end, and she can not help herself but to put an end to it right now. "But you're not coming with us." Jada says bluntly. Jada takes a deep breath then confesses, "Look I promised Will that I wouldn't say anything, but woman-to-woman, I'm sick and tired of you flaunting and flirting with my man. I'm sick of you smiling in his face and rubbing your tits on his chest." Jada finishes as her voice increases volume and intensity as she continues.

"What?" Rosario exclaims in confusion. "Jada, you've known me for years, I act like that with everybody. I don't want Will. I act like that with every man in the universe."

"I'm not married to every man in the universe. I've got one." Jada rebuttals "I guarantee you'll stop flirting with him, or you'll be picking up your teeth off of the floor."

"Jada, there's nothing going on between me and Will. We're just good friends." Rosario tries to explain. "You have nothing to be jealous about."

"Bitch I ain't got no reason to be jealous of you ever!" Jada exclaims. "This ain't about Will, this is between me and you! I'm tired of you acting like you're God's gift to men, and acting like its your birthright to flirt with every man on Earth. You act like you're so wonderful that is your duty to entertain every man you see. You act like every man is your toy to play with as you please. Will's my toy! I don't appreciate you playing with my property. Its disrespecting me. My man doesn’t need entertaining either. He's got all the entertainment he'll ever need right here. It's insulting for you to act like my man needs more entertaining. He's got all the entertainment he wants right here!" Jada emphasizes. "Keep disrespecting me and I'll snatch ya ass bald! Got it?"

Rosario stands frozen staring at Jada considering how to respond. Frankly, she is starting to simmer at Jada's accusations, and depictions of her actions. The more she thinks about it, the hotter she gets. After a tense moment of staring at each other, Jada walks to the cabin door. Jada opens the door saying, "You'd better just get your pop eyed, flat ass on out of here. Cause if you keep looking at me like you wanna jump, I'm gonna be all over your high yellow ass, and shove them big ass titties down through yo big ass lips." Jada finishes holding the door open for her rival.

Rosario breaks from her trance with a sly smile. "Fine... cool..." Rosario says as she regains her composure and slowly and sexily saunters to the door. As she passes Jada she mutters, "Fuckin' short people and A cups..." as she slowly shakes her head. "Always so angry and sensitive."

Jada sneers as Rosario passes then gives her a kick in the ass as hard as she could as Rosario walks through the door. "Why you little...." Rosario growls as she wheels around as the door slams in her face and locks behind her. She draws her fist back to angrily pound on the door, but thinks better about causing a scene, and angrily stomps away.

After slamming the door behind Rosario, Jada walks to her cell phone, and makes a call. "Hey Eva... Yeah, I've decided to take you up on your offer. I'll join The Resistance with one condition; you get me a match with Rosario Dawson."

"No problem Jada, no problem at all. We'll serve Rosario up on a silver platter for you." Eva Mendes excitedly replies. "Welcome to The Resistance. We are thrilled to have you!"

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