Uncivil War

ThE RoCk tHe BoAt CrUiSe!


With The Fab 4 vs The Resistance

Tyra Banks stands in front of the camera as her show comes from a commercial break. "Whooooooo yall!! My next guests are no strangers to the show. They're my girls from the Fab Fourrrr, Tia Carrere and Pam Anderson, get your butts out here!"

Moments later Tia and Pam are chatting it up on the couch with Tyra, as the busty entertainment mogul conducts her energetic interview. "Now I got a surprise for you guys." Tyra announces. Pam and Tia get that nervous smile, and start looking around wondering what to expect next. "I have an important question, that needs to be answered by all of the Fab Four. So, I have Halle Berry and Jennifer Lopez live on conference call, to get down to business!"

Tia and Pam are delighted to hear Jennifer and Halle's voices blast throughout the studio. "Okay now that we're all together, what is the current status of the Fab Four?"

"Everything is wonderful, its just like it was before." Pam starts. "Jennifer is busy with her fashion line, and a new movie and a new cd coming out at the beginning of the year..." Pam pauses as Tyra's audience applauds.

Jennifer interrupts, "That's right, the Back-Up Plan comes out in January! Its a great film, go see it."

"Thanks for the shameless plug there Jen." Pam jokes.

Tia takes over saying, "Halle has a new movie, the new perfume line coming too. So they needed some time off. In the mean time we've got, Team Pam and Team Tia helping out until they get back."

"It seems that everyone wants to kick our ass these days, so the extra help is really a great thing." Halle adds.

"This brings me to my next question." Tyra begins. "This new group, The Resistance, has said many negative things about you, and has declared war against you and the ABA. They demolished the ABA and sent them all to the hospital at the last Pay Per View, Are you worried about them?" Tyra asks.

Surprising to much of the audience, the question is met with giggles and chuckles from all four women. "No we're not worried about the Wal-Mart crew." Pam finally confidently sputters out.

"We've all worked very hard in our careers, and in the ring to get where we have." Halle speaks up. "We've earned everything we have. Anybody who has a problem with it is looking for a hand out. Either they don't know what it takes to be a champion, or too lazy to be a champion." Halle adds, "I think they got lucky against the ABA. I know Demi Moore. Demi will kick Cameron's ass eight out of ten times."

"Yeah, if they want elite treatment in this league, then go out and earn it." Jennifer adds. "If they want the championships and main events, then go out and beat people like we did. Don't talk about it, be about it."

"Yeah, we may not agree with the ABA's methods, or even like them at all, but we do respect them." Tia says. "They earned that respect by kicking ass in this league. We know, because we were on the wrong side of many of those ass kicking. The Resistance only put the ABA down because of the element of surprise. From what I understand, The ABA has already started extracting their revenge."

"Now wait a minute." Tyra frowns. "You called them something at the beginning, the Wal-Mart crew? What's that about?"

Again all four ladies laugh. "That's just our little private nickname for them." Halle says trying to maintain the mystery and deflect the question.

"Nah spill it." Tyra prods. "You opened it up. Why do you call them Wal-Mart?"

Never shy about trash talking, Pam starts. "Well we just started calling them Wal-Mart, because you can always find most of Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston, Eva Longoria, Christina Milian and Jessica Alba's movies in the $5 bin at Wal-Mart."

While the Fab Four's nickname was met by raucous laughter from Tyra's studio audience, it was met by outrage by The Resistance. The next day, the sound bite was picked up all over the internet, and entertainment news. By noon The Resistance were on the phone with the booking committee demanding to get anybody from the Fab Four in the ring.

Cameron Diaz had an interview response saying, "Tia and Pam haven't starred in a movie in about twenty years. They've got some nerve to talk about movie careers. I don't take career advice from people who have more Playboy covers than dvd covers."

Always politically correct, Jennifer Aniston answers, "I'm proud to have my films sold at Wal-Mart. There are a lot of great films in that bin."

When asked by Entertainment Tonight paparazzi about the nickname as she hurried to her car Jessica Alba responds, "Two things... Barbwire and Kull the Conqueror... ugh! They didn't even make it to the $5 bin."

Eva Longoria's response was, "So the Fab Four shops at Wal-Mart. I wondered where they got some of those outfits."

Nikki Cox is recorded saying, "Halle Berry's got a Raspy. I've been in some fucked up movies, but I've never got a Raspy."

Christina Milian was wise enough to work out a promotional deal with Wal-Mart, to promote the electronics department.

Gwen Stefani said, "Yeah I saw some of those movies there when I bought my copies of Maid in Manhattan and The Fighting Temptations. Who would pay full prices to see that crap."

Jessica Simpson responded, "Wal-Mart? I don't know where the Wal-Mart is in my town."

Despite their cool and calm public statements, everyone in the Resistance was seething. They were trying desperately trying to get a match with anyone in the Fab Four for the upcoming pay per view, ThE RoCk tHe BoAt CrUiSe! Due to short notice, contract negotiations and schedule conflicts it became a tumultuous task. Eventually two people had the training and will to crawl into the ring, Kim Kardashian and Nikki Cox. The mach was made and contracts were signed, sealed and delivered.

Nikki Cox boards the boat with Eva Mendes, Spontaneous Xtasy, Jessica Simpson and Ashlee Simpson. Since they are three luxury liners, The Resistance are on one boat while the Fab Four contingent lives on another, to avoid pre match conflicts. This is a big event for the Resistance. They loss their opening bout to the Fab Four when Vida Guerra defeated Eva Longoria. Also, Jessica has a title shot against Kelly Clarkson for the Songbird title. This is their opportunity to establish themselves as a real force in the league.

The Fab Four chose Rosario Dawson, Kimora Lee Simmons and Vida Guerra to accompany Kim Kardashian. Tia questioned the choice to her teammates, saying that they were sending a weaker team. Pam and Jennifer answered those protest, saying they were purposely sending their weakest team. Pam reminded Tia that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. By omitting a founding member, or the War Queen Beyonce, or the highly touted Jessica Biel will force the development of their weaker members. Tia still had her concerns until Halle reminded her that they were only fighting Nikki Cox. Everything was fine then.

Despite being famous for portraying the buxom bimbo sexpot, Nikki is fairly quiet and reserved when the camera is off, with a dry sense of humor. She feels the pressure from Cameron, Jessica, Jennifer, and Eva Longoria to not only to win this match, but to humble and humiliate the entire Fab Four contingent on the cruise. The Wal-Mart comment epitomizes the Resistance's whole argument against the Fab Four. They feel the Fab Four are a pompous group, who have no respect for the Resistance's talent, career, and ability because they have not been around as long as them. They were disappointed to only secure a match with Kim Kardashian, and not one of the more prestigious members. The Resistance declared war on both the Fab Four and the ABA. Their revolution started against the ABA with a full scale assault on the ABA that left them beaten and battered. Their war against the Fab Four currently consists of a skirmish between Halle Berry & Vida Guerra versus Jessica Alba & Eva Longoria. Everyone wonders if this is going to be the day that the Uncivil War explodes.

The leaders of the Resistance were thrilled to have Nikki join them. They felt it was a big coup to get her. Nikki was a founder of the ABA, and been through and witnessed first hand major battles in and out of the ring, as well as the board room that has shaped the league. They expected Nikki to be a leader and cornerstone of the Resistance, but that never developed. It is not in her personality. Especially between. Eva Mendes, Spontaneous Xtasty, Jessica and Ashlee Simpson, Nikki should have stepped up. Instead of Nikki taking charge, Eva Mendes developed into the unspoken leader of the faction. Nikki's opinion is greatly respected, but some were disappointed that she did not step up to lead.

Pam comprised the team to accompany Kim with one intention in mind, to allow them to develop, and find themselves in this league. Purposely, there is no founder there. She made sure the future greats of the group, Beyonce, and Jessica Biel are not there. Kim, Kimora, Rosario and Vida are all confident and strong women, but their personalities have yet to melt into a tight knit unit. Without being overshadowed by the others members, these ladies will have an opportunity to find themselves. They will develop their role in the group, and develop their skill without being over shadowed by the larger members of the group. Win or lose, Pam felt this experience would make them better catfighters.

As the night before when Salma Hayek fought Jaime Pressly, the three luxury liners pulled into another tropical port. Another large soccer stadium is prepared for a spectacular concert, and match between Nikki Cox and Kim Kardashian. Mya opened the concert. A surprise appearance by Will Smith followed, and Christina Aguilera headlined the All-Star event. Still everybody eagerly anticipated seeing the two big breasted vixens tear into each other.

Nikki enters the ring with her Resistance crew in tow minus Jessica Simpson. (They did not want any injuries to occur before her Main Event match) Nikki prances around the ring and teases the audience wearing a dark orange bikini. A few minutes later, Kim is announced. The brunette walks to the ring with her shoulders thrust back and head high. However she wears a nervous smile as she walks down the aisle. Kim wears a black string bikini with a Fab Four logo, all designed by Kimora's Baby Phat. She has her Fab Four friends with her. Kimora and Rosario are steadily chirping in each ear, giving her advice and encouragement. Kim thinks that this is her second match, while neither Rosario nor Kimora have a match in this league yet. So Kim simply tunes them out. She wishes Pam, Jennifer or Beyonce were there.

As Kim and her group reaches ringside, Eva grab the microphone and starts laughing. "What the fuck is this? This is the best the Fab Four's got? This is pathetic. The great Fab Four is made of two reality TV media whores, without an ounce of talent between the two of them. A video hoe! And a big mouthed cartoon character called Ro!"

"Told you, the Fab Four is dead." Nikki says, taking the mic. "They were slaughtered in Backlash! I was there, I saw it. I know how that tape of Pam Anderson strapped to a fucking machine happened. Christina Aguilera beat her ass all over her hotel room, and bound her to it. I know what happened when Halle Berry and Demi Moore met alone in a board room. Halle ended up as Demi's bitch on the end of her leash! Mariah Carey literally mopped the mat with Jennifer Lopez, and we all saw Jessica Alba take Tia Carrere's husband, her wedding ring, and her self respect. Tia, Jennifer, Halle and Pam should be called the Fab Forty now. They are just a bunch of tired, old, forty plus hags, trying to hang on to past glory." Nikki announces with a dramatic pause for crowd response. "And these girl right here?" Nikki says pointing to Kim's team. "They are not the Fab Four, they are just the Bad Four."

Kim and Kimora's volatile tempers exploded. The Fab Four contingent are embarrassed, and livid by Nikki and Eva's comments. They were even more vexed as Xtasty and Ashlee started leading ringside fans chanting, "BAD FOUR! BAD FOUR! BAD FOUR BAD FOUR!" Kimora and Kim climb onto the ring apron, followed by Rosario and Vida.

Soon all four Fab Four girls are lined up standing on the ring apron yelling screaming obscenities at the Resistance. While Nikki's girls are lined up cussing and screaming back. Just as things are about to spiral out of control, the referee leaps in between the groups. "WHOA! WHOA! WHOA!" the man shouts at the top of his lungs. "ENOUGH LADIES! YOU THREE OUT! BACK TO THE LOCKER ROOM!" the referee shouts pointing at the Fab Four corner crew. Just as smiles were creeping across the Resistance's face, He turns to them pointing, "YOU THREE GONE! OUTTA HERE!" Looking at Kim he barks, "KARDASHIAN THAT CORNER!" pointing to the near corner. "COX THAT CORNER!" he demands pointing to the corner on the far side of the ring. "MOVE LADIES NOW!!!!" All eight ladies look at the man like he has just lost his mind, and is about to be slaughtered. "YOU'VE GOT TO THE COUNT OF FIVE TO GET YOUR PRETTY BUTTS IN MOTION OR THERE'LL BE DISQUALIFICATIONS, FINES AND SUSPENSIONS!" The official yells. "ONE! TWO!" the man counts, but by then everybody is moving to their appropriate places.

Within seconds order is restored. Kim is in her corner, trembling she is so angry. Nikki is across the ring, focused and collected like a veteran should be. Their seconds are collecting backstage, all of them still fuming and complaining amongst themselves.

Kim KardashianThe opening bell sounds, and Kim tears out of the corner, charging across the ring like a mad woman. Nikki calmly waits in her corner. Then at the proper moment, steps forward, and nails the rampaging starlet in the nose with a huge punch. Kim drops to her back like a charging elephant put down by a shot. Nikki drops to her knees and grabs two handfuls of Kim's silky hair and brings her head up to her chest, them slams the back of her head into the mat. Twenty-five times, (the frenzied audience counted) Nikki brings Kim's head over a foot off the mat, and slams the back of her head into the canvas.

Nikki keeps a hold of Kim's hair and hauls the dazed beauty to her feet. The red head's foot flashes up, and kicks Kim in the gut. The reality star wraps both arms around her mid section and doubles over with a loud "Ooomphhh" Nikki again captures two handfuls of hair, then drops ass first to the canvas, bringing Kim along with her, slam dunking Kim's face into the mat. The fans groan, feeling Kim's pain from Nikki's face buster. Nikki immediately rolls Kim over off her stomach, onto her back. Nikki falls across Kim's chest, and hooks a leg for the pinfall. Miraculously, the dazed, glassy eyed vixen kicks out at two and a half.

Unfazed that her early pin attempt was unsuccessful, Nikki pulls Kim to her feet by her hair again. Kim's brains are too rattled and is too dazed to resist. Once standing, Nikki shoves Kim into the corner. Instinctively Kim props her arms over the top rope to remain upright, while staring vacantly with her mouth hanging open. Nikki takes careful aim, and then nails Kim in the jaw with a big right handed punch. Kim's head twist sharply to the right. Next Nikki starts teeing off on the punch drunk beauty. Nikki assaults Kim's big tits, body and face with reckless abandon.

Desperate to end the pain, Kim pitches forward, and falls into Nikki's arms. The red head simply wraps Kim into a side headlock and applies the pressure. Kim falls to her knees, still disoriented. Next, Nikki peppers Kim's gorgeous face with a vicious series of fists. Once she is sure that Kim is more bewildered than ever before, Nikki slings her prey to the mat. Nikki drops across Kim again, hooking a leg for another early pin. The referee counts two, before Kim drapes her leg over the near by bottom rope, breaking the count.

Backstage, the Fab Four members and Resistance are huddled in two circles talking thrash about the other group. Like true novices, they are oblivious of the action in the ring, or that the match has even started. Occasionally they send hateful glares at the other group. So happens as Xtasty was sending an evil glare across the area, Kimora looks up and makes eye contact with the porn icon.

"What the fuck are you looking at?" spits the outspoken fashion mogul.

"Looks like the carnival freak show to me" Spontaneous Xtasty answers with a mocking smile. "Fat heifer."

At this point even this first grader crack was enough to cause the situation to explode. "I've had enough of you bitches." Kimora says as she storms toward Xtasty. "Here's your Bad Four!" Kimora barks accompanied with a paint brushing slap across Xtasty's face. Predictably the backstage area explodes in a battle. Xtasty and Kimora exchange blows. Eva runs over and grabs two handfuls of Vida's brown hair and starts slinging her back and forth vigorously. Ashlee charges over and nails Rosario across the jaw with right cross. Unfortunately for the young singer, it did not hurt the angry actress, it just made her madder. Rosario starts whirling blows all over Ashlee like a Tasmanian Devil.

Back in the ring, Nikki rips Kim off the mat by her hair and drags her over to the ropes on her knees. Nikki puts Kim's throat on the middle ropes and places her knee against the back of Kim's neck to choke her. Nikki uses the top rope to put more force behind her choke. Of course the referee screams for Nikki to break the illegal hold. Nikki maintains the choke until the last instant before she is disqualified. Next Nikki grabs Kim by the hair and a handful of her black bikini bottoms and tosses the brunette beauty out of the ring.

For the first time since the opening bell, Kim regains her thoughts. She slowly starts rising to her feet. Once she is almost standing, she is surprised to see Nikki leaping off of the ring apron and crashing into her. Kim winces in pain as she finds herself crushed under Nikki on the ringside ground. Nikki springs right up. Then she hauls Kim up and rolls her back into the ring. Nikki quickly follows, and dives on top of her victim for another quick pin. Kim again kicks out at the two count.

Instinctively Kim rises to her knees. Nikki is already standing behind her, waiting. Nikki pounces, grabbing Kim's silky tresses again and throwing her face first into the mat. Kim's face bounces on the canvas, but not for long. Nikki grabs Kim again, hauling her to her feet, and tosses her into the corner. This time Kimís big tits crash into the turnbuckles. Kim is sinking down when Nikki pulls her back up and places her throat against the top rope, and chokes Kim again. She breaks after the official threatens to disqualify her again.

Nikki CoxKim falls to the mat while the official reprimands Nikki about her illegal tactics. Ignoring the referee's warnings, Nikki pushes past him and grabs Kim's ankle. Nikki uses the limb to drag Kim out of the corner to the center the ring. Nikki pulls Kim to her feet, and grabs her around the waist. Nikki lifts Kim up horizontally then, drops her back across her knee. Kim bounces off of Nikki's hard knee and falls to the mat. The reality star screams in pain arching her back. Nikki drops across Kim's chest and hooks the leg. Kim finally kicks out at the two and a half count.

Despite all the failed pin attempts, the veteran is not frustrated. She grabs Kim by two handfuls of hair, and hauls her to her feet again. This time she is met with more resistance from Kim. Something snaps in Kim. She is tired of being in pain, and she is tired of being hurt. It hits her like a bolt of lightening. Whatever Pam intended for her new Fab Four to learn on this quest suddenly hits Kim. She wants to win. She wants to turn this around. She wants to beat Nikki's ass! The pain means nothing. She ignores it. She changes from a pampered princess into a warrior princess.

Once she reaches her feet, Kim explodes with a vicious forearm smash to Nikki's jaw out of no where. Nikki reels back a couple of steps, when Kim blasts her with another forearm smash to the jaw. Kim wraps her arm around Nikki's head, putting her in a headlock. Kim runs across the ring leaps up, putting her feet on the ring ropes, uses them to bounce off, getting extra momentum and bulldogs Nikki's face into the canvas. Nikki is definitely rocked. She has a wild look as she scrambles to her feet. When the uncoordinated woman rises, Kim nails her with a side kick to the face. Nikki crumbles back to the mat.

With adrenalin pumping through her veins, Kim is bouncing up and down as she waits for Nikki to stand. The red head rolls to the ropes and uses them to help her get to her feet. Kim charges at the rocking veteran. At the last moment, Nikki ducks down and launches Kim over her head with a back drop. Kim is about to fly over the top ropes and outside of the ring. Thinking fast, Kim grabs her top rope, and saves herself. Holding on tightly to the rope, Kim is able to save herself, and lands on the other side of the ropes on the ring apron. Nikki quickly wheels around and is surprised to find Kim standing there. Kim bends over at the waist and delivers a shoulder thrust into Nikki's exposed mid section. Nikki drops to one knee with a loud "Ommphh!" holding her stomach. Inexperienced Kim leaves her head exposed being bent over between the top and middle rope too long. From one knee Nikki fires an uppercut up into Kim's face. It is a great strike that leaves Kim stunned, draped over the middle rope. Nikki stands, grabs Kim's head and brings her into the ring with another face buster move, dropping to her butt and dunking Kim's face into the mat with her.

The veteran rolls, Kim over onto her back, and hooks the leg for yet another pin. Kim does not kick out till two and three quarters. This time Nikki growls under her breath in frustration. She thought that she had Kim this time. She looks down and sees Kim's eyes rolling around in her head, and knows that should have been it. Nikki stands and hauls Kim up with her by her hair. Suddenly when they reach their feet, Kim's foot flashes into Nikki's gut. Nikki doubles over with a loud grunt, holding her stomach with both arms. Then in a burst of spirit, Nikki strikes with another uppercut, where her fist starts on the mat, and rockets up. However, Kim leans back, deftly avoiding the fist. Kim gives the off balanced red head a shove, making her do a pirouette, until her back is to Kim. The rookie captures Nikki from behind, bending her over backwards and putting Nikki's head under her arm. Finally Kim falls back, sending Nikki crashing to the mat with a reverse DDT, ala pro wrestling Icon Sting.

Kim quickly covers Nikki for the pin. "One... Two... Thr..." the referee shouts, then Nikki kicks out. Kim's fans give a collective groan, thinking their favorite was about to win. Kim is unfazed. She pops to her feet. Kim leaps in the air and crashes down ass first on Nikki's chest. Kim's enormous ass collides with Nikki's gigantic tits. It is truly a meeting of monumental proportions. Kim's ass proves far superior. It smashes Nikki's tits flat, knocking the breath out of her and depowering the red head superstar.

By the way Nikki's body flopped around limply under Kim, everyone felt it was over. Just for fun, Kim hops up again, and lands ass first on Nikki's face. Kim sits proudly on her throne while Nikki uselessly thrashes around underneath her. Nikki's muffled protests soon die down, and Nikki slips into unconsciousness shortly afterward. The referee lifts Nikki's arm off the mat three times. Each time it falls limply back to the canvas. Finally he calls for the bell.

The fans erupt in appreciation of Kim's gutsy win. The referee raises Kim's hand as she triumphantly sits on Nikki's face. Its a feeling like she has never felt before. She begins to understand what it takes to be successful in this league. The words that Tia, Pam, Jennifer and Halle have been saying starts to make a lot more sense now. Kim has traveled the first mile on the long road to championship glory.

Eventually Kim's eyes view the large TV screens around the arena. She was hoping to get a vain peak of herself, and how she looked after the match. She was shocked to see it displaying the brawl taking place backstage. The cameras started showing the fracas shortly after it started. Kim has been so engrossed in her match with Nikki, that she never noticed.

Kim sees Kimora with her designer Baby Phat clothes ripped to shreds and falling off of her. Kimora is trapped on her back with her face in between Xtasty's mountainous breasts. Xtasty raises her enormous tits off of Kimora's face, and starts swinging them left to right, battering and slapping Kimora's face. "What's the matter bitch? Ya ain't talking shit now. Oh! That's right, you got knocked tha fuck out! That's why!" Xtasty yells into Kimora's blank face.

Kim KardashianEva Mendes has Vida trapped against the wall, unmercifully battering her body and tits with punch after punch. Vida is trying desperately and unsuccessfully to cover up. Eva keeps beating on her like a heavy punching bag. Vida starts wilting like an ice sculpture at a Hawaiian luau. The model starts sliding down the wall as Eva continues to pepper Vida's sexy body. Vida continues sliding down, and ends up on the ground and curls into fetal position in a quivering ball.

Ashlee Simpson has both hands up trying to ward Rosario off, begging, "No! Please stop! I give, Please!" Ashlee's voice trails off into a pitiful whine. Rosario totally ignores Ashlee's wimpy pleas and fires a looping right hook around the singer's meager defenses and connects with a jolting blow. Ashlee's head snaps to the side, and her knees give out. Ashlee wails like an infant waking up hungry at 2am, as she sinks to the floor. Rosario captures Ashlee by the hair and keeps her on her knees.

"Shut up, fucking pussy!" Rosario taunts. "Take your beating like a fucking woman, instead of a little bitch." Rosario says as she starts battering the defenseless girl's face.

Seeing her friends on the losing end, Kim gets off of Nikki and darts out of the ring. She starts racing up the aisle to help.

After effectively disposing of Kimora and Vida, Eva and Xtasty turn their attention to Rosario. Feeling the heat from their gaze, Rosario turns to see the two women stalking her. Rosario releases her grip on the sobbing girl's hair, and allows her to fall into a crying heap. Rosario cautiously backs up, with wide eyes. She is clearly afraid, but, you could also tell that she is trying to formulate a plan or strategy to conquer the two predators. Also, her fear is far from consuming her, nor would it prevent her from battling her two attackers to the best of her ability.

Just as Eva and Xtasty are about to pounce, they hear a voice from behind. "I wouldn't do that if I were you, Bitches!". It was Kim Kardashian, but her voice had a different 'swagga' to it than ever before. She sounded like a woman that neither Eva nor Xtasty wanted to mess with. They turn to get a glimpse of Kim, who is standing with her hands on her curvaceous hips, her chest thrust out and her head held high. There was a different aura about Kim. The petite princess looked more like a super heroine. With her chest thrust out, her already extra large breasts looked twice as large. The stood up proud like two solid bowling balls on her chest. Her waist tapers into a petite hoop, but flares out to an unbelievable hips and ass. The sheen of the sweat from her match only added to Kim's amazing glow and accentuates Kim super human curves. "You'd better check on that red head bimbo that I left flat on her ass in the ring." Kim advises.

Eva and Xtasty quickly get the vibe that Kim and Rosario will not go down no where as easy as Kimora or Vida. In fact it appeared to be a wise decision to avoid this confrontation all together. Eva turns to Kim and points a finger threatening, "Your day is coming elephant ass. Every bitch in the Fab Four's going to feel out wrath!" Eva and Xtasty go over to Ashlee and help the sobbing singer to her feet, then head to the ring to check on Nikki.

Rosario and Kim exchange a look of relief, there was not another fight then tend to their fallen team mates.

The next morning, Kim, Rosario, Vida and Kimora are all lounging around the pool, lying on long chairs. Miraculously the bond between the four woman has strengthened beyond belief. All of them were stoked about the previous night. Rosario was blabbering constantly about needing more training and greater commitment. The self professed, 'flake" was giving orders like a natural born leader. Kim concurred with Rosario's every word, giving advice like the spiritual leader of the team. Kimora organizes their thoughts and makes preparations to make them reality like the Chief Executive Officer of the crew. Vida still is not sure where she fits in, but smiles, and gladly accepts whatever role that is assigned to her, like a true soldier.

Thousands of miles away, the four Fab Four founders, Tia, Jennifer, Halle, and Pam converse via a conference call the next day, to discuss the match, and their charges performance. "What do you think about the girls?" Halle asks.

"Vida and Kimora looked horrible. I can't wait to get their asses in the gym. They're ass is grass." Tia threatens.

"Chill out Sargent Slaughter." Jennifer interrupts. "We can guess what you have in store for them."

"Well I thought they were wonderful." Pam adds. "Kim found a way to beat Nikki, and they fought the Resistance to a stand still."

"And thank you Mama Pam." Jennifer adds. "It good to see everybody filling their roles in our unit. Tia is always the warrior and Pam always has a motherly view. The truth is they did some bad things and the did some good things. Overall they've got a lot of potential. We got a good crew, we just have to steer them in the right direction."

"There you go in your role as the realist." Halle adds. "That is our strength. We have always been a cohesive unit. Not an organization like the ABA that replaces parts as needed. We're not a confederation like the Resistance, strangers bound together out of need, jealousy or hate. We're an army of one. That's what we've got to instill in these girls." Halle preaches. After a long reflective pause, Halle adds, "All I got to say is that I'm strangling the first bitch that call us the Fab Forty to our face" Everybody agrees and laugh heartily.

On the other luxury liner Nikki, Xtasty, Ashlee, Jessica Simpson and Eva sit around a dining room table with Eva's phone on speaker talking to the Resistance's leader, Cameron Diaz. "Other than not getting the victory, everything was a success. Nikki, those were some great one liners last night. Did you see the looks on Kim, Kimora, Rosario and Vida's faces when thirty thousand people started chanting, 'Bad Four'?" Cameron says breaking into laughter, "Priceless."

"I wish I could have seen Halle's face, when she called them the Fab Forty." Eva adds through her laughter. "I know she was smoking hot. She's still a little sensitive about her age."

"Yeah Nikki, comedic genius." Cameron says regaining her composure. "You've provided with are war cries against the Fab Four. If we are the Wal-Mart crew, then they are the Fab Forty and the Bad Four. Our secret weapon says the key to beating the Fab Four is that you've got to rattle them first, then you can kick their ass after there's emotionally distracted." Cameron takes a breath. "But lets not forget the most important mission for this cruise. That is getting Jessica Simpson the Songbird Championship. We're putting a face on the franchise, one with championship gold." Cameron's word were loud and clear. "The Uncivil War is just getting started. This was just a preliminary skirmish."



ThE RoCk tHe BoAt CrUiSe!
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