Dirty Politics

NOTE - This match follows events of Eva Logoria vs Vida Guerra
Halle Berry happily bounces in her corner prior to her match. She has not been in a ring in almost two years since taking time off for maternity leave. During that time, she had a little verbal altercation with Jessica Alba and Eva Longoria. At that time she knew that when she returned to the ring that one of them would be standing in the ring across from her. Tonight, Eva Longoria is in the opposite corner to Halle. She has been plotting and planning for this night for quite some time now. Halle can barely wait to get her hands on Eva Longoria. Her excitement beams all over her face.

Eva stands in her corner about as cool and confident as a modestly accomplished catfighter facing a pissed off Halle Berry could be. Halle is an unquestionable legend and Hall of Famer in this league. Meanwhile Eva's career is much shorter and much less decorated. However Eva is not selling herself short. She is a very good catfighter in her own right. She is also a huge celebrity, whose popularity can almost rival Halle's.

Eva is a crucial player in this league. It is her star power added with Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Alba that gave her group, The Resistance the cache to rival the ABA's big four of Jenny McCarthy, Demi Moore, Lucy Liu and Denise Richards or the Fab Four's powerbrokers of Halle, Pam Anderson Jennifer Lopez and Tia Carrere. Eva's presence and gate drawing power gave the Resistance the power necessary to dictate terms to the booking committee. Her influence and credibility gives The Resistance it's validity and popularity to influence other celebrities to join.

This is not just a match between two top celebrities. It is not just a match between two of the universally accepted most gorgeous women in the world. There are other things on the line. First the winner will be able to vote on the new booking committee, and help influence the next year of the league. Second, this is a once of a lifetime match between two of the elitist of the elite celebrities of all time. This is a match of two of the most powerful women and influential people in pop culture. This is a fight that could alter the course of the Fab Four and the Resistance and the entire league. This is a match where legends become mythic heroines. Suddenly the bell clangs, initiating history.

Halle vacates her corner wearing what is now standard wrestling gear for the new, revamped Fab Four. She wears a mock green military jacket, complete with elaborate shoulder bars, and military style decoration. The low cut jacket is decorated with gold trim accents, polished gold buttons, and gold fringed epaulets. It is cut off at the mid-drift, displaying her sexy bare belly. Four stars are on her lapel indicating that she is a general in the Fab Four. Halle completes the uniform with matching pair of shorts, also with the Fab Four logo and stripes indicating Halle's rank on the sides.

Eva wore a black two piece sports bra and booty shorts outfit. Eva wanted her stomach bare to show up Halle. Eva's well defined and carved physique is envious to any woman on the face of the Earth, even Halle Berry, who has been named, the Sexiest Woman Alive.

Both women bounce to the center of the ring, cautiously. Both show their opponent the proper amount of respect. The two beauties lock up. Immediately Halle seizes Eva's arm and twists Eva's arm into an arm bar. Eva maneuvers around the swiftly reverses Halle's arm bar, taking the advantage and twisting Halle's arm instead. Halle painfully pivots from side to side, as she acknowledges the great wrestling strides that Eva has made since joining the Resistance.

While Eva is still twisting Halle's arm and bending the wrist at the same time, Halle puts one hand on the mat. Next Halle does a one armed cart wheel to take the tension off her arm, then maintaining her momentum to sling Eva to the canvas with an arm drag. Eva is slung to the mat with great velocity, also Halle remembers to keep a grip on Eva's wrist, to immediately twist Eva's arm and put her back into another arm twist.

Eva grimaces for a moment and quickly considers her plight. Halle is standing over her, twisting Eva's arm while Eva is on her back on the mat. In the past Halle may have frustrated Eva with her superior wrestling, but not anymore. Once rumors surfaced that Halle's Fab Four had WWE legend Trish Stratus training them, Eva's Resistance brought in former WWE Divas Torrie Wilson and Stacy Kiebler to train them.

Eva explodes off the mat, kipping straight up to her feet. Halle was taken off guard, allowing Eva to capture Halle's wrist, twist out of the arm bar and into a wrist lock of her own. In fractions of a second, Halle went from a dominant position into twisting painfully in Eva's wrist lock.

Coming into this match, Halle definitely was not taking Eva lightly, but she definitely was not expecting Eva to be able to match her wrestling hold to hold. Still Halle almost immediately regained her composure. Halle determinedly uses her strength advantage to power out of Eva's wrist lock, then twist Eva's arm behind her back and put Eva into a hammer lock. Once Halle had established herself behind Eva, and twisting Eva's arm up between her shoulder blades, Halle abandons the hold before Eva could adjust or make a reversal. She grabs Eva's head and slings the latina to the mat. Halle now has Eva in a head lock and lying on her back on the mat. Halle secures her position by lying across Eva's chest.

Halle's plan all along was to wear Eva down with grinding wrestling holds. It is not the most exciting match for the fans to watch, but she can wear down a smaller opponent and get an easy victory. Halle was right to a degree. It took Eva a good while and fight her way back to her feet, but Halle kept Eva contained in her head lock. Once Eva and Halle were both standing, Eva explodes with a forearm smash to Halle's mouth.

Halle mutters "What the fu.." as she backs off, while very surprised by hard shot from Eva. A second forearm blast from Eva knocks Halle off her feet, and puts Halle on her ass. Halle quickly scrambles back to her feet, realizing that Eva has improved more than Halle had ever dreamed. As Halle gets to her feet, Eva grabs Halle's arm and whips her across the ring and into the ropes.

As Halle rebounds off the ropes, she realizes that Eva is competing at a championship level, and if she does not raise the level of her game, Eva will be walking away with a victory. Bringing out the best in herself, Halle ducks under Eva's clothesline attempt. After missing Halle, Eva whips around to face whatever challenge Halle had in store for her. Eva was surprised to find that Halle was standing there waiting on her. Halle grabs Eva by the head and flips her to the mat. Eva tries to stand, but Halle has already ran into the ropes and is coming off them hard heading back toward Eva. The petite Mexican American is half standing when Halle goes for a low drop kick that nails Eva right into her gorgeous mush. Eva's head snaps violently back and she goes down hard with her lips and jaw stinging.

Halle rises to her feet, while Eva gets up much slower. Eva crawls to the ropes and use them to help pull her up to her feet. Halle approaches Eva cautiously. She recognizes Eva's savvy move of slowly rising and giving herself more time to recover. Those fears were warranted as Eva explodes firing an elbow back into Halle's face as soon as Halle touches Eva. Halle is rocked and stumbles back several steps with her eyes rolling around in her head.

With Halle slightly dazed, Eva charges into the ropes, and bounds off of them. Paying homage to her Mexican luchador heritage, Eva leaps in the air and snares Halle's head in-between her legs, and takes Halle down, flipping head over heels, spinning and turning with a huracanrana. Eva masterfully maintains control of the hold. As Halle's back slams on the mat, Eva lands on top of Halle's chest. Eva captures Halle's legs as they jackknife up from the impact, and has Halle in a pinning situation. Halle kicks out at the two count.

Halle scrambles to her feet with a newfound concern, respect, even fright on her face. Her worst fears are being confirmed. Eva is quickly developing into a very dangerous competitor in this league. Once Halle is standing, she is greeted with an Eva Longoria dropkick to her face. Halle's head snaps back and she goes reeling into the corner. Halle shakes her head then looks for an opening, but the tiny buzz saw is already on her. Eva comes flying in with a big splash, hitting Halle chest to chest. Halle barks loudly and drops to her ass in a seated position with the breath knocked out of her. Halle can barely think, but knows that she is being mowed down by little Eva.

Eva comes charging in again this time ass first. The seated woman is in perfect position to have her head squashed between Eva's ass and the middle turnbuckle. Then it is the moment, the roar of the crowd, the fact that she had a legend like Halle Berry, just where she wants her, it overcomes Eva. She keeps her butt planted in Halle's face then starts grinding her ass on Halle's face, giving her the stink face.

The fans react to Eva's grandstanding as she walks away from Halle. Eva teases the fans with a little salsa hip shake. Meanwhile, Halle looks on with an irate expression on her face. It was that 'How dare you disrespect me like that look!'

Halle was thinking, 'Really! Really bitch? It's like that now? You're doing that to me!' It is not disrespect or arrogance by Halle, but an objective and realistic observation by a champion and a legend. 'I'm a fucking legend in this business; I've been doing this for a long fucking time. Everybody knows my reputation. You just got here bitch! You're having the best of match of your life and all of a sudden, you're disrespecting me like that!' races through Halle's mind.

Although it may seem arrogant, but that is not the case at all. It is just the way the Tom Brady's, Michael Jordan's and Kobe Bryant's and all legendary winners of this world thinks. It is one factor that separates perfection from mediocrity. It is what separates the greats from the greatest. Although Eva is wrestling at a great level this match, Halle knows and expects more from herself. Halle knows being great is not good enough to beat her, and she will no longer settle, and allow herself to be in this position. She knows Eva is not good enough to earn the right to disrespect her like this.

In real time this thought plays out in Halle's mind in three seconds. Instantly adrenalin, emotions, and embarrassment flood Halle's body, and overcomes any physical pain she is feeling. Halle stands with an expression and intensity of a rampaging bull. Meanwhile Eva is just finishing up her salsa dance.

Halle charges out of the corner and just as Eva is turning her attention back to the match, Halle plows through Eva with a clothesline. Eva is knocked off her feet, twisting and turning in the air and deposited on the mat. Eva bounces back up probably prematurely wondering what just hit her. Halle comes swooping in again and demolishes Eva with another hard clothesline. Eva goes flipping head over heels again and crashes to the mat. Eva gets up again and just as quickly is mowed down again with another clothesline from the rampaging academy award winner.

Eva gets back up again, but after being knocked loopy, she stumbles and falls back down. By now the crowd is going bonkers, erupting with a deafening cheer as Halle went on her tear. Eva is confused between the loud noise and the thumping Halle just put on her. Not thinking wisely and looking for a respite to recover, instead Eva panics and stands and charges at her opponent to stop her momentum. However Halle is focused on the battle. As Eva approaches, Halle grabs Eva's waist and hoist her in the air. Next Halle steps out of the way, allowing Eva to come crashing down and pancaking face first to the mat.

Halle backs away, stalking her prey. Meanwhile, Eva is obviously stunned and hurt on the mat. Instinctively Eva gets to her feet. Halle comes swooping in again. Halle leaps in the air and catches Eva's head, by circling her arm under Eva's jaw line and clasping the top of Eva's head. Then Halle comes crashing down to the mat, bringing Eva with her, jaw first executing WWE's Randy Orton's finishing hold called the RKO. Eva comes crashing down with a boom. Her body quivers and shakes from the impact, then goes motionless. Halle rolls Eva over onto her back, needlessly hooks Eva's leg and makes the cover to win the match. Just that simple and easy, the legendary Halle Berry chalks up another victory.

Halle gets her hand raised in victory and accepts the cheers of her fans as Eva lies spread eagle and motionless on the mat. Then inexplicably, Halle starts pushing and rolling Eva's inert body onto the ring apron. First, Halle hops out of the ring and secondly hoists Eva's body across her shoulders. Next Halle starts jogging out of the arena with Eva's limp form draped on her shoulders.

To everyone's surprise and confusion, Halle jogs up the ramp to the backstage area, then keeps on jogging, while the camera men chase after her to capture what is happening. Eva starts to revive from the bouncing, as Halle carries her through the halls of the arena. Finally Halle arrives at the backstage parking deck. There is a limousine waiting for Halle. Mysteriously the door pops open as Halle arrives. Halle dumps Eva off of her shoulders and into the back of the limo. Then she slams the car door shut and watches the limo speed away.

Halle does not explain her actions or what she has just done, she simply turns and walks to the Fab Four locker room. Meanwhile in the limo, Eva fearfully looks up from the floor to find Jennifer Lopez, Roselyn Sanchez and Kim Kardashian seated around her sipping from wine glasses. Eva is terribly confused. Although these three are in a rival group in the league, Eva always considers each woman a close personal friend. "Hello Eva." Roselyn begins. "I thought we were girls. Now we've got to kidnap you to have a conversation. I thought I was your favorite Puerto Rican. What's going on?"

No one attacked Eva, but quite the opposite. Jennifer helped Eva off the floor and seated her beside her while Roselyn and Kim handed Eva a towel and a glass of wine. "Let's talk Eva." Jennifer calmly says. "Why are you in the Resistance when three of your best friends are sitting here on the opposite side of the fence?"

Meanwhile the new Chairman of the booking committee, Christina Applegate is absolutely livid in the luxury boxes, watching the match. While not officially a member of the Resistance, it was her brain child, and she was the driving force and strategist behind its inception. She was also a major reason why Eva Longoria joined. The sight of seeing Longoria abducted from the arena infuriated Christina. Moments later Christina storms out of her luxury box and heads to floor level.

Several minutes later, Christina is standing in the middle of the ring demanding, "Halle! Halle Berry get your ass out here right now!"

After making Christina wait a little, Halle struts to the ring. "I know you're used to getting your way, and doing whatever you want around here, but those days are over!" Christina begins scolding at Halle. "There's a new sheriff in town now, and I'm not putting up with your bullshit! Get Eva back here right now, and there better not be as much as a hair out of place on her head!"

Halle defiantly glares back at Christina answering, "Or what? What are you going to do, fire me? Don't worry about Eva, she's in good hands right now."

"Ha ha ha very funny." Christina sarcastically says. "We all know that Stone Rage would murder me and chop my body up in little pieces and bury me in his back yard if I fired you. However I can do this." Christina says and holds up a piece of paper that she had in her hand. "This is your ballot you won to vote on the new booking committee." Then Christina starts tearing the ballot up in little pieces and dropping them to the canvas. "You don't get a vote! Now where is Eva?"

Halle does not say a word. She just stares at Christina, letting her distain for the blonde emanate out. "I can also do this." Christina begins. "There are two matches left for tonight, Jennifer Love Hewitt against Salma Hayek and the triangle match between Jessica Simpson, Shania Twain and Christina Aguilera. If Eva Longoria is not back in this arena safe and sound by the end of those two matches, there will be a bonus match. It'll be Halle Berry versus Eva Mendes... and Nikki Cox.... and Kelly Hu in a three on one handicap match! Also it's going to be a sixty minute Iron Woman match. So the winner will be the side that has the most pins or submission at the end of sixty minutes." Christina leans in close to Halle's face and continues, "That means you can get your sorry ass pinned or give up as many times as you want, but my girls won't stop beating your ass until the whole sixty minutes are up! Now suck on those nuts bitch!" Christina says and drops her microphone at Halle's feet and climbs out of the ring.

Halle stands frozen, staring into space for a moment, comprehending the sentence that she was just handed. She will be in the ring with three of the Resistance girls, all formable and capable fighters alone for sixty minutes. All three dislike her and all three want to kick her ass. Halle will be murdered. She takes a deep breath and exits the ring for her dressing room.

Meanwhile the limo containing Eva Longoria speeds around the city, giving the girls time to privately talk. "I understand what you're saying" Longoria explains. "You know I've been friends with Jessica Alba, Christina Applegate, and Jessica Simpson for a long time..."

"But not nearly as close friends as you are with us", Roselyn interrupts.

"True" Longoria acknowledges. "But they asked me to be a part of them when you guys didn't. Besides I really do believe in their concept. You guys and the ABA have a monopoly on the league. It is incrediblely hard for a new girl to get an even break around here." Eva explains. "That has to change."

In the Fab Four dressing room, Halle is anxiously texting Jennifer Lopez in the limo, a breasting her of the situation at the arena. Jennifer Hewitt and Salma Hayek are competing in the ring so time is dwindling down. Jennifer asks should they return Longoria to the arena, but Halle say no. She tells Jennifer to make sure the mission is complete. Jennifer, Kim and Roselyn were sure that they could convert Longoria given time. Halle trusts her teammates and friends. She also knows how important it is for them to have their friend back.

In the Resistance locker room Christina is adressing her troops, Nikki Cox, Kelly Hu and Eva Mendes. "Murder that bitch!" Christina growls. "She's kidnapped Eva Longoria, and they are doing who knows what to her as we speak!" Christina says as she paces back and forth. "More importantly it's your league now. You took over this league at RAGE! You kicked the Fab Four, the ABA and the booking committee's ass! Now just like roaches they are trying to creep back. Step on Halle! Crush her! Make her beg then show her no mercy! Show her who is boss around here now. Beat her until she is afraid to flush the toilet around here without your permission. It's your time now. Itís your time to get the big movie roles, the Academy awards and the huge endorsement deals! Go out there and take it! Don't let Halle Berry punk us like this!"

"Really Eva?" Jennifer says in the limo. "We are friends. I pushed my twins around every single day in the baby stroller that you bought for me. When Tony was cheating on you it was Roselyn's shoulder that you cried on. When you were cried out, you started partying with Kim and started looking for a new man. If we are doing something you don't like, you can always come and talk to us about it. We are your friends. If we are wrong, don't fight us, talk to us, join us, and show us how to make it right."

Meanwhile Jessica Simpson, Shania Twain and Christina Aguilera are competing in the ring for the Songbird title, and Halle Berry is stretching and warming up for her handicap match in her dressing room. "You're not really going to go through with this match? They'll murder you." Halle's teammate Pamela Anderson asks.

"Pam's right. Text Jennifer. Tell her to bring Eva back right now." Halle's other teammate, Tia Carrere adds.

"No we stick to the plan. Just keep texting Jennifer to only return once she is totally converted and the mission in complete." Halle instructs. "Eva just gave me a heck of a match. It is crucial that we get her on our side. Besides, Jennifer, Kim and Roselyn really miss her."

"I've seen the error of our ways Eva." Jennifer tells her friend in the limo. "That's why we've started the Fab Corp. It gives us a vehicle to train, and promote the younger ladies in the league much like the Resistance does. We're not trying to hold anybody down or have any Napoleonic master plan to rule the league. You are right, it is time to give some new blood an opportunity. I've learned that from being on American Idol."

A few minutes later Halle Berry is entering the ring. Nikki Cox, Kelly Hu and Eva Mendes are already in their corner waiting for her. Halle is obviously nervous. Some fans claim that they saw her legs shake as she slid in between the ropes. Halle takes a deep breath and bounces some of her jitters away in the corner. Shortly the bell rings and Halle is competing against Mendes, while Hu and Cox wait to be tagged in on the ring apron.

Once the bell rang the nervous and scared Halle disappeared and the legendary Halle Berry returns. The two beauties lock up, and Halle proceeds to out wrestle Mendes thoroughly for the next five minutes. Halle flips and bounces Mendes around the ring like a bouncy ball. Finally Halle catches Mendes in a RKO to put her down for a pinfall. After the pin, Mendes scrambles back to her corner to tag Cox into the ring.

Cox comes into the ring and it is much the same as it was with Mendes. Halle controls the action with arm drags, arm bars and head locks. Halle keeps Cox grounded, allowing her to conserve some energy and wear down her opponent at the same time. Meanwhile Cox flops around like a fly caught in a spider web. After being stretched and dominated for several minutes Cox was happy to escape and scurry to her corner to tag in Hu.

The martial artist Hu comes into the ring. Halle wisely and quickly takes Hu to the mat with a take down before the dangerous woman could use her kicks, chops and judo tosses. Halle locks Hu in a head scissors, wrapping her sexy legs under Hu's chin and around her neck to cut off the Hawaiian's air supply. Halle sits up and fires punch after punch into Hu's stomach while she was still trapped in the head scissors.

Hu is taking a serious beating, until Halle makes her first mistake of that match. She leans over too far, being overzealous to pound Hu's belly. Hu's foot flew up and nails Halle in the face. Halle's legs spring open, releasing Hu and she falls back, lying on the canvas. Halle sits right back up, but Hu is already behind her and wraps her arm around Halle's jaw line and neck in a rear chin lock.

Halle is suffering in Hu's clutches. Mendes and Cox immediately start jumping up and down and encouraging Hu. The fans backing the Resistance voices rise as well. Halle competes like the legend she is, and starts fighting and rising to her feet. Hu cranks up the pressure around Halle's neck, but it is not helping. Hu releases her chin lock and digs her fingers in the trapezious muscles at the base of Halle's neck, applying an old school nerve hold. Halle screeches in pain and sinks back down to her knees as one side of her body explodes in pain. Hu keeps pushing down on Halle and breaks her down to back being seated on the mat.

With Halle's face contorted in pain, she bravely rises back to her feet again, slowly with Hu steady pushing down and a sharp pain shooting down her side. Halle gets up, somewhat standing but crouched over. With it all, Halle fires an elbow into Hu's gut that loosens Hu's grip on her nerve hold. Halle fires three more elbows that removes Hu's nerve hold all together. Next Halle leaps in the air and snares Hu's head as she is coming down with her right arm and brings Hu down to the mat with her, chin first for another RKO.

Hu's body flops over onto her back, and Halle crawls over top of Hu for another pinfall. After the three count, Halle rolls off her victim, for a breath and Hu rolls out of the ring. Mendes scrambles through the ropes immediately.

Mendes is thinking she is getting the upper hand on a tiring or hurting Halle but that was not the case at all. She approaches a dangerous viper who is capable of lashing out from her knees and taking Mendes down to the canvas. The next few minutes were just like the previous that Mendes was in the ring with, Halle, she got out wrestled. That was until Halle made a careless mistake. She was bounding off the ropes, but came too close to Hu. Hu's foot flashes up and kicks Halle in the back of her head as she rebounded off the ropes. Halle grabs the back of her head and stumbles forward dazed, until she trips and tumbles flat on her face.

Mendes in on her in a flash. Mendes dives on Halle's back and starts pelting her with fist, elbows and forearms. Halle barely had the where with all to cover her head with her arms as best she could, but Mendes still found several places to strike.

Halle is taking a serious mugging. Halle tries to squirm and struggle and get out from under Mendes, but the Cuban rode her out and pounded the legend's face and body. Halle rolls onto her side, and still covered her head with both arms. Mendes rode her and straddled the former champion and beat Halle's side like a drum until openings develops to punch Halle in the eye. Halle twists and turns again, but Mendes rides her out, like a cowgirl until she traps Halle on her back. There Mendes gives Halle's breasts a tremendous beating in that position. Halle finally realizes face down was her safest position. So she struggles until she is face down covering her head with both arms with Mendes on her back, pounding down. Halle cannot escape but only endure the beating.

Mendes starts tiring, and rises off her victim and heads back to her corner for the tag. Mendes half expected Halle to get up but she just lay face down on the mat in the same position. It is a huge moment for Mendes. Although she always thought she could, but now she actually did it. She has beaten the shit out of the legendary Halle Berry. Her mental myth of the great Halle Berry has finally been busted. She has proven to herself that she belongs with the ranks of Jenny McCarthy, Demi Moore and other main eventers. She also knows it will not be the last time that she kicks Halle's ass. 'Never really liked that bitch' Mendes thinks as she slaps Cox's hand and tags her in.

Cox has no mental myths about Halle, she has fought her several times in the past. Cox comes in and grabs Halle's wrist and puts her foot down in-between Halle's shoulder blades, and tries to pull Halle's arms out of socket in a surfboard hold. Halle roars in new found pain. Halle whimpers and whines a while, then utters, "I submit."

That only brings Halle a brief respite, as Cox releases the surfboard and sits on Halle's back and applies a camel clutch. Halle knows what is going to happen from here out. Cox is adept at torture holds. Cox will stretch Halle's sexy body until she tires then she will tag in Hu. Next Hu will enter the ring and kick Halle's head off of her shoulders several times until she tires too. Then she will tag Mendes back in for another brutal mugging session. Halle resolves herself to about thirty minutes of torture. Also Halle is looking at a lengthy time on the self to recover from the beating she will suffer to her beautiful body. At the age of 45, a nine month or more stretch out action is crucial.

Suddenly Eva Longoria's voice comes over the speakers. "Hold it! Stop it! Back away from Halle, that bitch is mine!" Cox, Mendes and Hu stop and celebrate seeing Longoria coming to the ring, unharmed and thirsting for revenge on Halle. They all back away wearing huge smiles, giving Longoria ample room to extract her revenge. Longoria climbs in the ring and approaches Halle. She pulls Halle to her feet and whispers. "Let's get the hell out of here." Suddenly the two dart for the ropes, dive between them and start dashing up the ramp.

Cox, Mendes and Hu stand confused in the ring all muttering "What the fuck?" They start to exit the ring and chase after the pair, but Longoria and Halle ran to the top of the ramp to the dressing room and were joined by Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Roselyn Sanchez. At that moment they decide against going up the ramp.

Longoria raises her microphone back to her lips and says, "Eva, Nikki, Kelly I'm really sorry. It took me getting kidnapped to realize who my true friends are. I love you guys, but my heart is telling me that I have to quit the Resistance and join the Fab Corp." With that, Jennifer Lopez pulls out a hat bearing the Corp's logo and places it on Longoria's head and kisses her on the cheek.

"What!!" Eva Mendes explodes. She grabs a microphone and starts shouting. "What!! You're quitting on us? Ooooooooo you're dead, you're fucking dead! You can't quit us! You're not going to get away with this. We're going to kick your little ass all the way out of this league!" Mendes hot latin blood is absolutely boiling. "Fab Four! You want to fuck with us? You want to steal our members? It'll be the biggest mistake that you'll ever make! You want another war with us, after the way we beat you last year? We kicked your ass for a whole entire year last year and you want another war with us? Good! It's on! I swear you'll regret starting another war with us. You're fucking dead!"



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