Uncivil War

"I own your ass, okay! You do what I say, when I say to do it! Yoooou're my bitches! You should pull down your pants and let me sign your ass because I own it! Now I'm telling you that I need this distribution deal done, and on time!" Jennifer Lopez demands to her two retail product managers, Steve and Jay. "I want to see SunKissed Glow in the stores when I go to Malaysia! I want to see SunKissed Glow's displays in every store that I go to in downtown Orlando!" Jennifer finishes her early morning meeting by opening her office door and shouting, "Now my little bitches get out and get that deal done or else."

Jennifer is really a charming, sweet person, except when it comes to business. When it comes to business, she is a vicious killer. When is comes to business she is a rancorous shark that devours and does not care who she hurts or steps on along the way.

Steve and Jay have been working for Jennifer for a several years now. They are the retail product managers for Jennifer's perfume, "SunKissed Glow". They are really good at their jobs, but it has been difficulty satisfying a demanding boss like Jennifer. The Puerto Rican entrepreneur pays very well, so it somewhat compensates for putting up with her tirades. Luckily for them, Jennifer rarely actually spends time in their Orlando office. However she is there today, and they know they will be yelled at the entire time.

"She is such a fucking bitch." Jay sings to Steve in a feminine tone. Steve and Jay are unabashed homosexuals. "I've had it with her! Nobody owns my sexy ass but you. One day she's going to get what she deserves!"

"Fo real. She's said a lot of things to us over the years, but 'signing our ass' tears it. It's time we fix her giant Colotae! We need to take the J.Lo deal today!" Steve contends.

"The J.Lo Deal? How are we going to take the J.Lo Deal? She's only going to be in town tonight. We don't have time to put anything together." Jay disputes back.

"I don't care. That bitch has been a monster to work for." Steve answers back. "We're the ones making her perfume successful, and all she does is take all the credit, yell and scream orders and treat us like shit! I'm not taking it another day. I'm taking the J.Lo deal and leaving, but not before seeing that bitch get hers. Are you with me?" Steve asks.

Jay shakes his head, undecided by his lover's request. Jennifer has said a lot of insensitive things to them throughout their employment with her, but she has always more than made up for it with big bonuses, and gifts. It does not make her treatment right, but does make it bearable and profitable. "No, I'm not" he finally answers. He knows that Jennifer's actions bother Steve a lot more than him, but he still is not willing to sell Jennifer out. "Let's get back to work."

Steve and Jay get to work for a couple of hours, trying to please Jennifer, and get her product in prestigious stores, and properly positioned on the shelves. Normally getting Glow products properly positioned is not really hard. It is one of the most successful celebrity fragrances, but they are having a difficult time as of late. Apparently the distributors of Eva by Eva Longoria, and Fancy by Jessica Simpson are trying to pull a power play. They are offering spectacular deals to merchandisers and stores to get the prime spots. Basically they will have the large display cases and big promotions, while J.Lo's product will be relegated to behind the shelf in a considerably lower profile position. To say that Jennifer will find this unacceptable is putting things mildly. They know she will blow a gasket.

To make matters worse, it appears that they have targeted outlets where Glow is strongest. Obviously Jennifer's Uncivil War in the catfight world is spilling over into the business world. By lunch time, Steve and Jay are starting to lose hope. Also it is rumored that things will get worst when Jennifer Aniston's self titled fragrance hits the market next month. Also the promotion pictures will be provocative pictures of Jennifer nude and barely covering her tits. Steve and Jay are starting to feel sick. They know J.Lo will not put up with this assault on her business without a fight. She will be all over them like an overseer with a whip looking over slaves. J.Lo is ultra competitive. She will not tolerate failure in this contest.

Jennifer her sticks her head in Steve and Jay's office door. "Do you have that deal done yet?" Jennifer politely sings.

"Uhh not yet." Steve reluctantly answers. "You see...."

"No I don't see." Jennifer interrupts abruptly. "You see. If you can't get this deal done, you're fired! How about that?" Jennifer pauses pensively "No I won't fire you." Jennifer says reflectively. "I'll give you a raise instead. A big, fat huge raise that you can't turn down. Then I will proceed to make your life a living hell." Jennifer emphasizes. "You have until the end of the day to get this deal done. I'm not playing. It's noon. I've got a meeting to go to, and I'll be gone for the rest of the day. I'll be back late evening, I'm working late tonight. Let me see what you've done. I'm buying a new Sharpie while I'm out. I'm going to use it to sign your ass in the morning then make your lives hell if you don't make me happy." Jennifer sadistically laughs and leaves the office.

Jennifer laughs to herself as she walks to her car. "That's the way to crack the whip Jenn." she thinks to herself. "I bet they'll have some results when I get back. Steve and Jay are the best, they just need somebody to ride them, and pull the best out of them."

Steve and Jay look at each other silently. Finally Steve breaks the silence. "The J.Lo Deal?"

Jennifer Lopez"Yeah, the J. Lo Deal. I'll call Jenny McCarthy." Jay says.

Steve and Jay are delighted that the authors of the J.Lo Deal were in the ABA office, Jenny McCarthy and Demi Moore. They ladies were even more excited than Steve and Jay that they took them up on their offer. Time was extremely short, but the ABA veterans knew exactly what to do.

First within three hours, Demi Moore had hidden cameras installed in the office. Everything had to be completed while Lopez is out of the office. Jenny called the stars in their syndicate to see who could take a red eye flight to Orlando to execute the deal. Demi calls her first lieutenant, Vivica Fox to get someone in her group, Stimulus Package, to execute the J.Lo Deal.

Interesting enough, both Jenny and Demi got similar reactions from their charges. "Jennifer Lopez? Nah I'll pass. I mean I'm busy." Few looked forward to taking on Jennifer, even in an ambush situation. Jennifer is a Hall of Fame fighter, with a mean streak and a bad temper. Even if they successfully take Jennifer down, which is a monumentous task even in an ambush, then they would have to deal with Jennifer's wrath. Jennifer would undoubtedly hunt them down and gain revenge. The logistics of the situation made things even more difficult. Basically a celebrity would have to drop everything, charter a fight to Orlando within hours. The benefit is if the fight is released on a Stone Rage DVD, the celebrity stood to make an insane amount of money. Especially since the video would have Jennifer Lopez, it would be a huge seller. There are big risks, but big benefits as well.

After a few refusals, Jenny McCarthy calls Daisy Fuentes. "Come on Daisy you're in Miami, its a short flight. Besides, you've been trying to break into the league forever. I'm sorry but you're 43 years old. The Booking committee is trying to do a youth movement. I can get you matches, but you've got to do this hit. Do I have to remind you about getting knocked out by Kimora at that party? I know you were drunk, but Kimora? You don't have a shot in hell of getting a match if you can't beat Kimora."

Daisy silently listens to Jenny. She knows everything that Jenny is saying is true. Still Jenny can sense Daisy's uneasiness over the phone. "I know, it's not that.... Why does it have to Jennifer Lopez?" Daisy confesses. "I really like and respect Jennifer. There's not many people that I can say that about. She's my friend."

"Fine!" Jenny angrily interrupts. "Then let Jennifer get you in the league. Oh thatís right, She won't do it, I will."

There was an eerie silence for a moment. Finally Daisy with a blow of defeat and resolution, "Okay, I'll do it." Daisy mutters. "Just remember, you're asking me to beat up Jennifer Lopez. She is no slouch. She knocked you out in Vegas remember?"

"Don't worry" Jenny quickly interrupts, not wanting to be reminded of her last encounter with Jennifer. "We'll have a plan. Just sign her ass."

"What?" Daisy asks in shock and confusion.

"I'll explain......."

Miles away Vivica Fox is searching her Stimulus Package group to find someone to execute this unexpected hit on Jennifer Lopez. She is disappointed to find Gabrielle Union filming her tv series, Flash Forward. Lisa Raye is filming her reality series. She can hardly pull off a sneak attack with cameras following her every move. Meagan Good is filming a movie, Dysfunctional Friends. So that left only the weakest member able to answer the call, Stacey Dash. Stacey is a sweetheart, not a fighter. The only reason that she is in the group is because she is such a good friend of everyone else. She is a part of their crew, but she does not have the killer instinct of the other vultures and cougars in the group.

"Come on Stacey, this is our big chance to prove ourselves. I'm on tour with this play. Everybody else is busy. You're the only one who can pull through." Vivica urges.

"Me, alone... fighting Jennifer Lopez? I don't think so." Stacey answers "She'll kick my ass."

"I told you don't worry about that. We've got a plan." Vivica argues back as she begins to lose her patients. "We really need you to step up this time Stacey. I need you, the girls need you. You can't let Lisa, Gabby, Meagan and me down, can you? This is our chance. If we fuck over Demi, we'll lose her protection and push. Me and you both really need the career push that comes from being in the league. Neither one of our phones have been ringing much lately. I'm on tour with this fucking play, not on a movie set, where I'm supposed to be. When was the last time you starred in a movie that didn't go direct to video?"

"I know, but I'll probably just mess things up again like I did with Denise Richards. I had L-Raye's help then and she still got away. Now you want me to face somebody much tougher and by myself. We had a plan then, and it didn't work. Do you really think it'll work now?" Stacey challenges.

"Damn it Stacey, it is just like when you were on Celebrity Circus." Vivica quickly interjects. "You were scared as hell then, but you didn't let that stop you. Once you made up your mind, you didn't let anything stop you. Not even when you cracked your rib, you didn't let that stop you. In the end, you were fucking awesome! You damned near won the thing. I've known you for years and years Stacey, and I know that you can do anything you commit yourself to. That includes kicking Jennifer Lopez's ass."

At that moment, Stacey's new guy pal, Academy award winning actor, Jaime Foxx walks into the room. Sensing a little tension in the room Jaime asks, "What's up baby?"

"It's Vivica." Stacey answers. "She wants me to ambush Jennifer Lopez."

"Really!!?!" Jamie excitedly responds "I can't wait to see you kick Jennifer's over rated fat ass. I've known her since we were on In Living Color together. That's back before she became J Lo, when she was just 'Hey Hoe'. Now she's tripping, thinking she's all that. I've been waiting to see someone put her in her place, and now my girl is going to do it. My hotter than J. Lo ever thought about being girl friend, is going to do it." Jaime says pausing to affectionately kiss Stacey on the lips. "When you've got her fat ass down, and kicking the shit out of her, kick her in the ass real hard and say, 'This one's for Jaime' for your man."

Stacey was amazed at how excited Jaime got about the prospect of her beating up Jennifer. They have been dating for a little while, but have not crossed over into the girlfriend/boyfriend stage. Stacey desperately wants to go to that stage with him. Finally she sees a clear route to his heart. She kisses him again "You want me to do that for you baby?" Stacey tenderly asks.

"Hell yeah." Jaime just as softly and tenderly answers. "That shit would be hot as hell. Sexy as fuck... My hot momma kicking a bitch's ass for daddy. I can't wait to see the video and then get you in bed and...." his voice trails off, as their eyes meet.

Stacey puts the phone back to her lips. "Viv, I'll do it. Got to call you back for the plan, something just came up." Stacey says as she turns off the phone, and toss it to the side. Next, Stacey and Jaime start long, hot passionate kisses, that eventually lead to the bed room.

Jennifer returns to her office about 7:45pm. She is very disappointed by Steve and Jay's lack of progress on the distribution deal. "Shit! I'm going to chew their candy asses out tomorrow." Jennifer thinks. "I'm really going to crack the fucking whip!" With that thought Jennifer starts to tackle the mountain of paper work that has collected on her desk.

Jennifer pushes past her fatigue from an extremely long day, and starts reading and decisioning the endless papers. Jennifer hates these insanely long days, but uneasy rests the head that wears the crown. She is a multi faceted woman who wants to excel in all worlds, business, acting, on stage and in the recording studio. Long tireless days come normally for her. She has learned to deal with all her responsibilities with astonishing grace and efficiency.

After almost 30 minutes of working, Jennifer hears the front door of the office opening. She assumes that Steve and Jay have returned to continue working and trying to meet her dead line. She has no reason to assume anything else. It is a very small office with less than ten employees, not including herself. Jennifer spends very little time there due to her various other responsibilities. Steve and Jay handle all of the day to day operations. Jennifer barely flies in once a month, if that. The office locks are electronic, and can only be opened with key cards. "Steve... Jay? that'd better be you coming back to get some work done." Jennifer shouts not even bothering to look up from her paperwork.

Jennifer does not get a response for a while until hearing, "Sorry, it's not Steve or Jay. It's me."

Jennifer looks up to see Daisy Fuentes standing at her office door. Daisy is wearing spandex pants and a sports bra, like she has just finished a Pilates workout on her game for Wii. Jennifer's eyes show surprise for a split second then she quickly regains her composure. "Damn it Daisy, really?" With one look, Jennifer knows why Daisy is there. She also almost instantly guessed who had set her up. Although she had no clue why Steve and Jay would do this to her.

"Yeah, I'm really sorry about this." Daisy says as she walks into the office. "I want you to know I'm a huge fan of yours, and I really admire you. You've been a huge inspiration for me as a Latina woman. I really hate to have to do this, but I've got to do what I've got to do."

As Daisy was speaking, Jennifer stood and already started taking off her ear rings. Her eyes darted around the room, looking for the hidden cameras, but they were hidden too well. "Who sent you?" Jennifer asks as she starts unbuttoning her blouse.

"Jenny" Daisy answers. "I'm going to be in Jenny's syndicate of the ABA. She's going to get me into the league. I've got a clothes line, my dvd's, beauty products and the Wii game to promote. I've got to stay in the public's eye for all of them to be successful. I'm sorry, but I've got to do what's best for the Daisy Fuentes brand."

"I can get you in the league." Jennifer debates as she removes her blouse for the inedible brawl. "I can help you. The Fab Four are the biggest stars in the league."

"Not like the ABA." Daisy quickly interjects. "They've got the training facility, the promotional push. Every time Jenny is on camera, I'll be on camera. The Fab Four cannot offer that kind of visibility and promotional push. Only the ABA or that team of bush-leaguers, the Resistance are offering that. The Fab Four is only about themselves. That's why you're going to lose this war. You're not prepared to handle the new super groups like the ABA syndicate or the Resistance. You're out numbered, and out dated. Everybody sees it. The Fab Four is doomed."

Jennifer listens to Daisy's explanation with a distasteful sneer on her face. While Daisy was talking, Jennifer decided to remove her tight business skirt. At first she was going to try to battle wearing the garment for modesty's sake, but decided against it. She heard Daisy's evaluation of the Fab Four's current practices. She filed those thoughts away for later consideration.

"Have it your way." Jennifer says as she walks from behind her desk. "I'm not going to take it easy on you Daisy. I like you, but I'm going to do what it takes to win this fight, and eliminate you as a threat to the Fab Four."

Daisy smiles and chuckles. "I wouldn't expect it any other way."

Jennifer walks toward Daisy with her spectacular body contained in a conservative bra and panty set. Daisy noticed Jennifer's cold hard expression. Despite being five inches shorter than Daisy, Jennifer is definitively the aggressor. It looks like Jennifer is trying to win the 'Bad Ass' award instead of Daisy.

Jennifer bounces toward Daisy in a boxing stance similar to her training from her hit movie, Enough. Daisy's eyes show nervousness, and she backs a bit as she puts up a defensive stance. Jennifer sees the apprehension, and presses ahead. Jennifer moves into Daisy with fist flying. Daisy accepts the challenge, and meets Jennifer head on. Daisy returns fire launching a volley of her own punches.

Daisy's punches are reckless and undisciplined, although they still carry a wallop. Jennifer's fists are precise and well executed. She adds head movement, constantly bobbing her head left and right, making her a harder target to hit. Often Daisy's shots are glancing and bouncing off because of the movement. However, Jennifer is five inches shorter than her opponent, and is punching up, while Daisy is punching down. Jennifer may be the better puncher, but because of Daisy's height advantage, Daisy's blows have more effect. Despite being the better pugilist, Jennifer is getting the worst of this exchange. The wily veteran, Jennifer quickly changes her tactics. She adds booming kicks to Daisy's sides. Jennifer's shin sounds like she is beating a bass drum as her left shin pounds into Daisy's right side. Then quickly follows with a kick to Daisy's left side. Another kick to the right side has Daisy backing up and retreating.

Once the space is created Jennifer shoots in low for a double leg take down. Daisy is tripped up and falls on her tight butt. Jennifer quickly mounts her bewildered opponent before she knows what is happening. Daisy is barely able to secure Jennifer in a mixed martial arts, full guard position. Daisy feels like she is in the Octagon with UFC legend Randy Couture, because Jennifer's skill level is so high above her own. "Whew, glad I was able to take Daisy down." Jennifer thinks. "If she really knew how to throw a punch, I'd probably have a black eye by now.

With Daisy pretty well subdued, and Jennifer patiently looking for opportunities to ground and pound her adversary, Jennifer could not help but give some thought about Daisy's assessment of the Fab Four. Especially since she is locked in what Jennifer considers a needless altercation with a woman who should be her ally. There has been nothing but mutual respect and admiration between the two Latinas, and despite this altercation, that will probably continue. Jennifer is not only fighting a should be friend, she is fighting someone with real potential to be a first class catfighter. Jennifer realizes that Daisy is right. The Fab Four does not have a true mechanism to cultivate these friends to be an asset to the group. It is true, the ABA and the Resistance are a better option for these women. It is also true, that their enemy's numbers are getting to great for the Fab Four to handle, even with the current expanded roster.

Jennifer's moments of contemplation are interrupted by her dangerous opponent. Daisy is a big, strong and athletic woman. She is not easily kept down. Daisy is able to throw Jennifer off top of her. Next, both women are rolling around on the ground taking turns being on top of each other. The whole time they are clawing, gouging and slapping each other. Their grunts and groans fill the room. Finally both women figured that they could not gain a significant advantage like this. They break apart and leaped to their feet.

Daisy Fuentes"We don't have to do this Daisy." Jennifer says while starting to breath harder. "We'll find another way to get you in the spotlight."

"I don't need to find another way. I've already got one. I've just got to finish this fight with you." Daisy answers.

"How do you know that Jenny won't betray you." Jennifer reasons "The ABA is notorious for doing that."

Daisy laughs. "I've known Jenny for over ten years I can handle her." Daisy explains. "Besides, she needs me. I'm one of the few people she can really trust in the ABA."

Realizing there is no other way, Jennifer settles to fight Daisy. Jennifer is getting really concerned. Her boxing expertise is useless against Daisy. The Cuban's height gives her a reach advantage, not only with her arms, but with her legs too. Jenny will surely teach Daisy how to use her long limbs to her advantage. Of all the Fab Four, this will give Jennifer the most problems, since she is a stand up striker. Jennifer feels more pressure to defeat Daisy and make sure she does not join Jenny's syndicate.

Jenny tries to shoot low, going for Daisy's legs again, but the tall Cuban protects herself, and avoids Jennifer. Daisy cautiously backs away and re-establishes the distance between them. Jennifer tries again to get inside Daisy's reach. Daisy flicks a jab and bounces to her right to keep Jennifer at bay. "Great, the tall bitch is starting to figure it out." Jennifer thinks.

Jennifer tries to get inside Daisy's reach again. This time, Daisy throws a wide arching kick that makes Jennifer quickly draw back before she gets hit. However after throwing the kick Daisy wobbles off balance a little bit. That is all the future Hall of Famer, Jennifer needs. Jennifer rockets in and blasts Daisy across the jaw with a right hook. Daisy is rocked and drops to the carpet again. Jennifer drops to her knees and is all over the squealing Cuban, dropping fist, elbows and forearms on her squirming foe. Daisy is getting pulverized. Although she is getting brutally mugged, Daisy is still a big strong fit woman, and desperate to escape. Daisy starts thrashing around like a mad woman. Eventually her long and strong limbs break free from Jennifer, and Daisy is able to scurry away from her oppressor.

Daisy gets to her feet, but Jennifer is right there on top of her. Jennifer grabs Daisy by her hair and steadies Daisy's head to deliver a slap across her face. Daisy reels but comes right back with a knee that nails Jennifer into her gut. To Daisyís surprise, Jennifer's muscular, dancer's abdomen absorbed the blow. However the second and third knees that fired up like a piston from the taller woman into the shorter one's gut damages Jennifer greatly. Jennifer's face contorted in agony, as Daisy found another advantage of her height and athleticism. Jennifer was slowly dropping to her knees but that was not good enough for Daisy. A vengeful bitch slap from Daisy finishes the job, and sends Jennifer down to her knees.

Daisy is feeling pretty good about herself at this point. From the horribly pained expression on Jennifer's face and the ghastly gurgle, she felt that Jennifer is hurt and ready to be put away. With one hand yanking and pulling Jennifer's hair, Daisy pelts Jennifer's skull with the other. Then all of a sudden, Jennifer draws her fist back and fires it like a missile into Daisy's stomach. Jennifer's fist harpoon's Daisy causing her to doubles over with her mouth hung open. Next Jennifer fires a looping fist up that detonates on Daisy's pussy. Daisy drops to her knees with tears welling in her eyes.

"Its time to finish this." Jennifer coldly says as she rises to her feet. Jennifer blasts Daisy in the face with a rock hard knee. Daisy quickly learns the brutal difference between her and Jennifer's assault. Her offensives were wild acts of fury, trying to do wanton damage. Meanwhile Jennifer's strikes were compact, precise assaults designed to do the maximum damage with every bow. There is indeed much that she has to learn from the likes of Jennifer. The Fab Four legend is able to inflict tremendous pain and damage on her with each simple strike. While it takes Daisy much more time and valuable energy to inflict the same amount of punishment.

With Daisy stunned, Jennifer snatches Daisy to her feet by her hair. Then she rips a belting uppercut that knocks Daisy's head back. Then follows with a swift left cross, that sends Daisy's head jolting another way.

Daisy is reeling and staggering. Jennifer could try to end this quickly with a finishing maneuver. Instead she decides to teach Daisy a lesson. First she wants to convince Daisy that she is better off siding with the Fab Four than against them. Second, if she still pursues a stint in the ABA, Jennifer wants to give Daisy a good ass kicking to think about, so she will think twice about attacking her again.

Jennifer, aka the Bronx Bomber, unleashes a combination of punches to Daisy's tits, before finishing with a straight to Daisy's aching stomach. Daisy puts her dukes up to defend herself. However she is tired, hurt, groggy and slow. The Bronx Bomber picks Daisy apart in short order. Daisy feel like she is in a hornet's nest. Jennifer's unseen fists are stinging Daisy all over her face and body. There is absolutely nothing Daisy can do to stop it. Daisy tries to strike back, but never hits anything. Jennifer's fist increase in power with every gaining second.

Although Jennifer is terribly disappointed that Daisy has to be the recipient, she is eager to deliver this message to Jenny and the ABA. First, the Fab Four is alive and well. Second, they will fuck you up if you mess with them. With a 90 second boxing exhibition, the Bronx Bomber has disheartened Daisy, broken even her fiery Latin sprit, and destroyed her will to fight. Mercifully Jennifer drops Daisy to the rug with another hook.

Realizing that somewhere, somehow that cameras are watching, Jennifer reaches down and hauls her already defeated foe to her feet. Jennifer whips Daisy across the room. The dazed model runs a few feet, and crashes head long into a bookshelf with the newest displays for SunKissed Glow perfume. "Product placement" Jennifer thinks as she walks over to the fallen warrior.

"I'm sorry I had to do this Daisy." Jennifer says as she plops her notoriously huge ass down on Daisy's face and takes a seat. "Honestly, I'm really sorry." Jennifer continues as she wiggles and snuggles her ass to make sure her face sit is air tight. "My offer still stands." Jennifer volunteers. "When that snake Jenny turns on you, and she always does, I'll help you. I'll find a place for you somewhere in our organization. You have my word." Jennifer smiles then takes a quick glance to her left, making sure the display for SunKissed Glow is in the shot.

Daisy supplies minor resistance. All the doubts about being able to beat Jennifer that she tried so hard to remove from her mind, before the fight come crashing down. She was beaten, and at this point unconsciousness was a pleasing option as opposed to defying the Bronx Bomber of her victory. It does not take long before Daisy is out like a light.

Jennifer stands with her mind now back to business. She knows her first lieutenants, Steve and Jay have betrayed her, and let Daisy in the office. Now she wonders what other deceitful things they may have done. Jennifer frantically searches through her files to make sure her important documents are still there. While Daisy snoozes, Jennifer goes through several drawers and files. Finally she concludes everything is intact. Next the fuming diva finds her cell phone.

Jennifer calls Jay's number. The voice mail picks up, but Jennifer has a message for him. "You fucking rat bastard! You set me up! I can't believe you did this to me, after all I've done for you and Steve." Jennifer rants on. Meanwhile, Daisy opens her eyes. She hears Jennifer distracted by her phone call. Luckily Jenny had a plan for this scenario. Steve and Jay had replaced the perfume in the display bottles on Jennifer's shelf with chloroform. They know how Jennifer thinks. They knew the entrepreneur would find a way to get the display in front of the camera.

"I'm going to find you bastards. I'm going to hunt you two down and personally put my foot so far up your ass, that you'll never walk straight again. You're dead! I'm going to kick your ass all over Orlando. You picked the wrong bitch to fuck over. After I'm done with you, the only job you'll be able to get is ringing up Big Mac extra value meals at McDonalds." Jennifer shouts in her phone.

Daisy knows she has to act fast. Daisy takes off her sports bra while Jennifer is paying her no attention. Daisy's tits bounce free as she opens a bottle of perfume, and pour the liquid onto her bra. Jennifer has her back to Daisy, no longer worried that her intruder is a threat. Daisy rises and stealthily comes behind Jennifer. "Why Jay, why did you do this to me? I've been sooo good to you and Steve....." Jennifer says before Daisy sneaks from behind and puts the chloroform soaked garment over her mouth and nose.

Daisy softly says, "Sorry I have to do this Jenn, but I've got to complete this mission." Jennifer has muffled screams and moans for a few seconds, as the fumes quickly take effect. Jennifer is overwhelmed by the fumes within seconds. Daisy is amazed as the Latin Amazon starts melting in her arms. Jennifer's body goes limp and starts sinking. Daisy wraps her arm around Jennifer's waist to hold her up while the chloroform finishes its job. In just a few more seconds Jennifer's eyes roll up in her head, and she falls unconscious. Daisy shoves Jennifer forward. Jennifer's limp body falls face first over her desk, bent over at the waist, with her legs dangling off.

Daisy breathes a sigh of relief. While not proud of her methods, she did complete her mission. Daisy pulls down Jennifer's panties, allowing them to fall to Jennifer's ankles. True to Jennifer's word, there is a brand new Sharpie, still in the packaging on her desk. Daisy tears open the packaging and pulls the Sharpie out. Next Daisy uses the Sharpie to boldly put her autograph on Jennifer's right ass cheek.

Daisy takes one more look at Jennifer, unconscious, lying across her own desk with her panties around her ankles. Again she regrets Jennifer had to be her victim, but she is happy that she fulfilled her mission. Daisy signed her name on J.Lo's ass, using whatever method available. Still topless, Daisy turns and walks out of the office.

Twenty minutes later Jennifer wakes up from the effects of the chloroform. She looks around trying to gather her wits. Jennifer sit up on her desk slowly shaking her head and taking inventory of herself. She definitely feels the side effects of the chloroform, dizziness, fatigue and a massive headache. Jennifer pulls her panties up from around her ankles. She had no clue that Daisy had autographed her ass. She takes some more deep breaths and hopes to feel better soon. It just was not happening. Finally Jennifer decides to leave the office, take a taxi, and sleep it off in at her condo. Moving slowly to not aggravate her pounding head ache, Jennifer retrieves her skirt and blouse. Jennifer gently starts putting her clothes back on.

Jennifer has redressed and is tucking her blouse's tail into her skirt. A little time has passed, but she is still feeling woozy and her head is throbbing. As she is straightening her clothes, Jennifer hears a voice at her office door. "Jennifer Lopez, you've crossed the ABA to many times."

"Damn it these bitches keep coming out of the woodwork like roaches." Jennifer thinks. She looks up and sees Stacey Dash standing there.

"I'm here to make you pay." Stacey says as she swaggers threateningly toward Jennifer.

Jennifer looks at Stacey approaching for a moment then bursts out laughing. "Baaw haaaa Haaahaaaaaahaaaaa haaaaaaaa Stacey Dash is going to kick my ass? Really? Haaaa hhhaaaaaahaa haaaa!"

Stacey DashStacey stops in her tracks, totally outraged and furious by Jennifer's reaction. Nobody respects her properly. Everybody takes her for a joke, or someone to take lightly. She is tired of her stereotype. She is tired of being called the innocent, conservative actress. She is tired of playing school girls types. That is why she did her Playboy shoot, to relieve her of that burden. That is why she did King and Smooth magazine shoots, to prove that she is every bit the sexy vixen that Jennifer Lopez and others are perceived to be. That is why she joined her friends in Stimulus Package and the ABA. Stacey progressed from insulted, to angry to absolutely furious in a matter of split seconds.

Stacey responds to Jennifer's laughter with a hard embarrassing bitch slap across Jennifer's face. Jennifer's head snapped like it is on a swivel. Jennifer's knees buckled and she swoons. Jennifer is quickly reminded that she is still groggy from the chloroform. However Jennifer thinks, "I'm still the Bronx Bomber. Besides, I'm only fighting Stacey fucking Dash." Jennifer returns with her best right handed punch to Stacey's protruding jaw. Stacey's head spins to the right for a moment. Suddenly Stacey's head swirls back in place and her eyes lock onto Jennifer's eyes with a furious piercing glare. Stacey is totally unhurt and unphased by Jennifer's best punch. Jennifer swallows hard. She realizes that she has made a huge mistake, and is in really big trouble. There is no way that she is going to beat Stacey while suffering from the side effects of her drugging.

In fear and desperation, Jennifer uncorks a flurry of punches aimed at Stacey's head. They all land, but have very little effect. Then Stacey retaliates with short painful hook shots into Jennifer's ribs. The raps make Jennifer nauseous and loose her breath. Jennifer wobbles backwards, leaning her ass against her desk to keep from falling down.

Stacey closes rapidly, and amateurishly. She leaves herself open for a jolting swift right hand to the jaw that is sure to stun her and buckle her knees. Jennifer's instincts scream seeing the opportunity. Like a viper, Jennifer strikes with the straight right. It is too slow. Stacey ducks under the drugged fighter's fist. With her fist extended, Jennifer's mind now screams that she has left herself exposed. Her brain screams, "Bring the fist back! Bring the fist back!" Again, too late. Stacey comes roaring up with the mother of all upper cuts. Stacey's fist explodes on the point of Jennifer's chin, and Stacey keeps driving up and through, uncoiling like a spring utilizing her entire body. Jennifer is lifted off her feet, and deposited flat on her back across her desk, with her legs dangling off the side.

Stacey is still caught up in the moment. She reaches over and grabs Jennifer by her collar and pulls the moaning semi-conscious vixen up to a seated position. Then Stacey sends 10 very hard straight punches to Jennifer's nose. Jennifer is out old when Stacey finishes. Stacey releases Jennifer's shirt, allowing her to flop over backwards stretched out again across her desk. Suddenly Stacey realizes that she has just taken out the legendary Jennifer Lopez in short order. Stacey squeals and jumps up and down at her accomplishment. Stacey grabs Jennifer's blouse once again and brings her up to a seated position. "And this one is for Jaime!" Stacey announces and socks Jennifer in the face one more time. Stacey unhands Jennifer, allowing her to fall over backwards again.

After taking a few deep breathes and controls her emotions, Stacey rolls Jennifer over onto her stomach. Next she unfastens Jennifer's skirt and peals the garment down Jennifer's huge hips. Second, Stacey pulls Jennifer's panties down. Then she sees Daisy's signature already scrawled on Jennifer's bare ass. Stacey starts laughing out loud. Now she knows the reason for her easy victory, but it does not dilute her sense of accomplishment in any way. "Looks like you've already had a rough night, Jenny Poo." Stacey looks around and sees the new Sharpie on Jennifer's desk. "I'll make this quick so you can finish your nap." Stacey grabs the pen and adds her autograph on Jennifer's left butt cheek.

Jennifer has no clue how long that she has been out. When she revives, Jennifer again finds herself alone in her office. Only this time the lights are out, and her wrist are bound together with a telephone cord. The other end is tied to a decorative ornament on her desk, keeping her in trapped on her desk. Jennifer moans softly. She is still feeling the effects of the chloroform. Luckily some of the side effects are subsiding. However she is feeling sore from being punched in the face repeatedly. Jennifer lies her head back down on the desk and closes her eyes. Daisy's prophecy that the Fab Four is doomed keeps ringing in her head. She has to give the warning serious consideration. Now she has been defeated and outnumbered by two women that she never dreamed of being a threat to her or her colleagues. They are just two women that see more promise in the ABA than in the Fab Four. Others will surely follow. If the Fab Four do not adjust, they will certainly be outnumbered and doomed.

Steve and Jay eventually enter the office to interrupt Jennifer's rest and reflection. They turn on the lights and witness the unbelievable sight of their boss stretched out and bound to her desk. Jennifer is still wearing only her bra, but missing her panties as she lies on her stomach with her inviting ass on display. "You fucking bastards, I'm going to kill you! I know you're behind this!"

Steve and Jay ignore Jennifer's threats and walk over and grab the Sharpie. "Will you just shut up for a change?" Jay shouts in disgust. "And don't move." Realizing that she is not in the position to argue, Jennifer bites her lip for a moment. She feels Jay writing something with the Sharpie on her ass. She is so shocked and stunned that she does not say anything. "You're the boss from hell!" Jay explains as he hands the Sharpie to Steve. "You think you can talk to us any kind of way, treat us like insects and it's okay because you write us a big check. Well, no more!"

Getting worried what Steve and Jay are doing to her ass, Jennifer blurts "You freaky bastards what are you doing down there? Get away from me you kinky fuckers. You're fired!"

"Too late bitch, we just quit." Steve sasses back.

"Let me show her. You don't own your ass, we own yours." Jay says as he holds up his cell phone to take a picture. "We made you. Our hard work made Glow and you so successful. It's over now." Jay puts the phone in front of Jennifer's face so she could see the picture. Jennifer is shocked to see Daisy and Stacey's signature on her butt. She was unconscious when both of them signed her ass, so she had no clue that the autographs were there. Now, 'I quit' and 'Steven Kimble', under Daisy's signature and 'I quit Jay Duffie' under Stacey's signature are all written on her ass.

Jennifer LopezJennifer is so angry that she roars in protest. "We've got new jobs as product managers with ABA entertainment. It's a pay cut, but we don't have to put up with your shit." Steve adds. "And our first project is our tell all book, J.Lo: The Boss from Hell. We're going to tell what it's really like working for you. Then we're going to tell all the steamy details we know about you and Marc Anthony, and you and Ben Affleck, and Diddy. We're going to spill our gut and tell everything."

Jennifer's expression changes from anger to numb blank. Steve and Jay have been around her for years. They know hundred of embarrassing secrets about her and her relationships that she has been able to keep quiet until now. "I'll, I'll, I'll sue." Jennifer stammers.

"Good luck" Jay replies. "Our contract has a gag clause about industry secrets, but nothing about you being a stupid whore around us."

"Well there is a second option." Steve offers. "We could do a DVD of you and your little adventure with Daisy and Stacey tonight instead. The choice is yours."

Jennifer looks at Steve and Jay again while obviously seething. Obviously the DVD is their true goal. A book would take longer, and then her lawyers would tie up its release in court for even longer. Still, she could not risk the details of her personal life from members of her inner circle being released. There is no real choice for J.Lo. "You win assholes. I'll sign off on the video." Jennifer mutters.

"Good idea." Steve says with a smile. "It just so happens that we have a contract right here to work out the details.

Steve and Jay begin to negotiate a very lopsided contract with Jennifer. She is receiving only a small fraction of her normal fee and Steve and Jay are receiving the lion's share of the profits. They bullied and intimidated Jennifer into receiving a pittance on each section of the deal. From Jennifer's reactions, Jennifer appeared to have been in more pain during the negotiations than the actual fights. Obviously she was more upset about being out negotiated in business, than losing a fight. Jennifer did receive Steve and Jay's commitment to never reveal any secrets about her. However Steve and Jay won the final indignity. Jennifer left her office wearing only a large black garbage bag with holes cut out for her head, arms. Steve and Jay negotiated possession of her now autographed, blouse, skirt, bra and panties to be auctioned off on EBay for a small fortune.

For several days, Daisy's words, "The Fab Four is doomed." haunted Jennifer. She has to believe the credence in those words. The ABA is preaching cold hard cash. Her trusted employees Steve and Jay are converts and betrayed her like Judas. A woman who has always admired her like Daisy choose their path to financial security over her. Even little lambs like Stacey Dash are drinking their Kool-Aid. They are clearly amassing an army. The Fab Four are but a battalion. The Resistance is offering hope and promise. They are also recruiting followers. Their army is growing just as large as the ABA's. They both are preparing and fully waging an Uncivil War. The Fab Four are not offering hope or fortune. In that sense, the Fab Four is self centered and selfish. They are offering others nothing. They do not have an army. Jennifer realizes that it is true. If the Fab Four do not change, they are doomed.
Three days later, Daisy Fuentes and Stacey Dash are back at the ABA headquarters. They are there for their ceremony inducting both Daisy and Stacey as made woman in the ABA. Jenny McCarthy, Lucy Liu, Denise Richards and Demi Moore are in a dimly lit room. All the ABA members are dressed attractively in pen stripe business suites. They are wearing matching fedora hats, looking like a female interpretation of an old Mafia movie.

"Daisy.... and Stacey" Jenny starts almost subconsciously sounding like Marlo Brando in The Godfather. "You have preformed a favor for the ABA. You've embarrassed and defamed Jennifer Lopez. Not just an enemy of the ABA, but a founding member of the Fab Four, our arch nemesis. Lopez has been one of our greatest and most powerful foes over the years. She has foiled our plans time and time again. Yet you've proven the ABA's dominance. You did us a tremendous favor, and the ABA will now show our appreciation."

Jenny gestures for Daisy and Stacey to come forward. Jenny takes Daisy and Stacey's index fingers and pricks them with a pin. The blonde simultaneously squeezes the fingers, causing the blood to ooze out. Jenny takes their fingers, and smears blood on a picture of the original four members of the ABA. Jenny hands Daisy and Stacey the picture. As Daisy and Stacey hold the photo in their hands, Jenny takes a lighter and sets the picture on fire.

"Daisy Fuentes and Stacey Dash" Jenny says. "You are now soldiers in the ABA family. You enjoy our favor, our protection, and our promotional assistance. Our home is your home. Our facility and training staff is at your disposal. If you betray the ABA, your flesh will burn like these saints." Jenny says looking down at the burning picture.

"Now kiss the ring and swear your loyalty to the ABA." Jenny says offering her hand, with a large gold ring on it. Daisy and Stacey drop the photo, and kneels before Jenny and take turns kissing Jenny's ring. Next they kiss the rings on Denise, Lucy and Demi's hand too. Daisy and Stacey are presented with diamond studded pendants that forms the letters ABA. "Daisy Fuentes and Stacey Dash, welcome to the ABA family." Jenny proudly announces.