"MINKA!" Lucy Liu screeches as she bangs the mat repeatedly to encourage her fighter. Mega Tits Minka, as she billed, is in a match in Hollywood Cole's Bombshell Wrestling Federation, against hip hop vixen, Esther Baxter. It has been an even match so far. Both women have been giving it their all and both thoroughly enjoy hurting the other. Both bikini tops have long surrendered their fight and both women are topless. Neither top stood a chance of containing Minka's medical miracles or Esther's natural wonders.

Lucy turns her head and gives a couple of fans some choice words after they said some inappropriate things to her. Lucy snarls and curls her upper lip. She hates being in this smaller facility with these rowdy fans that are too close to her for her choosing. She rolls her eyes that Minka has subjected her to these conditions. It is definitely not the atmosphere that is in Stone Rage's league. "Shut up you broke dick ass hole!" Lucy yells at the fan.

Lucy almost regrets booking this match, but it had to be done. For months now, Minka has been lagging behind in training sessions. Lucy found her failures inexcusable and unacceptable. It was so bad that Lucy gave Minka an ultimatum. She has to win this match or get kicked out of Lucy Liu's ABA Liu-Tang Clan. Lucy tried to get Minka a match on the ThE RoCk tHe BoAt CrUiSe! 3 tour against anybody, but she could not. That is an all-star event with a-list celebrities. Minka did not have a chance to get on that card. That was another knock against Minka in Lucy's mind. So Lucy was forced to call Hollywood Cole, who quickly put together this match. While most of the league is partying in luxury on the cruise, Lucy is in the BWF. Minka had better prove herself in this match to make up for this.

Back in the ring currently both women are covered in sweat and welts. Esther gives Minka a loud stinging chop across her chest. Minka, however came to the USA to play tennis at the Chicago Asian Games. She retaliates with her own backhand chop worthy of a tennis pro. The smack is even louder. Esther contorts her face and cringes in her tracks. The rabid fans give the customary Ric Flair 'Wooo' response. Minka serves another backhand chop since Esther was still in place for another one. Esther stopped breathing after the first chop, but the second one restarted her functioning. She starts backing away before a third backhand arrived.

Esther jogs a few steps to get away from Minka's violent chops. Mega tits Minka follows with a blood thirsty smile. Esther is luring Minka in a trap. Minka walks into a spinning back kick to her gut. Minka releases a loud "Uhg!" and stops in her tracks to grab her belly. Esther quickly continues her attack by diving into Minka with forearm shots to the Asian's jaw. Minka took several hard blows before swinging her humongous breasts as weapons. The near thirty pounds on her chest strike Esther, who was all up close and personal, and knocks her a few steps away. Esther was a little shocked and jealous that Minka's enhanced breasts have talents that her supreme breasts do not. Esther angrily retaliated with a looping punch over Minka's head and she keeps wailing. Minka was slow to react again but sticks Esther with a straight shot to Esther's eye. The Hip Hop vixen launched a few more big wallops, but Minka answered each of them with sizzling jabs that were going to rearrange Esther's magnificent face. Esther was forced to back off, but Minka presses her advantage and advances forward with precision punches. 'That old broad can fight' Esther thinks as she retreats and ducks and dodges.

Lucy thinks, 'Minka's still got it! That Esther Baxter is a helluva fighter, but Minka is is giving her all that she can handle.í Lucy begins to rethink her assessment of Minka. Despite Minka's careless attitude to Lucy's strict, intense, militaristic training regiments, her experience and toughness makes her just as capable as Bai Ling or Asa Akira of her Liu-Tang Clan.

Esther's athleticism makes her much more difficult than Minka expected. The Hip Hop vixen is semi-retired from modeling, but is still in pristine shape. Her curvy body is just as hot as it was in Petey Pablo's "Freek-A-Leek" music video in 2004. Since then Esther has been in a lot of catfights too. Esther craftily lures Minka close in her zest to land a game changing shot. Esther scoops Minka up across her shoulders in a fireman's carry. Esther starts spinning around in circles making it an airplane spin. After she is sure Minka is plenty dizzy, Esther dumps the big boob Asian to the mat.

Esther immediately drops one of her delicious chocolate thighs across Minka with a leg drop. Esther lifts Minka's head off the mat to fit it between her thick thighs for a leg scissors. She uses that hold to hold Minka down so she could get her hands on her Mega tits also. Esther wants to discourage Minka from using those monsters as weapons again. Both women have been in more tit fights than catfights, so it was no surprise when Esther attacked Minka's mountainous breasts with a vengance.

As Esther squeezed and clawed her boobs, Minka attacked Esther's thighs. She raked her nails and scratched Esther's thighs, doing as much damage as Esther was doing to her breasts. Lucy smiles once again appreciating Minka's prowess as a fighter. When Esther's beautiful face started to acknowledge her suffering, her legs had loosened enough for Minka to take a big bite out of her leg. Esther shouted and opened her legs to escape. That was not as easy as she expected either, because Minka held on to Esther's leg with both hands trying to viciously bite down to the white meat. It took Esther three big jerks to get her leg free from Minka.

Both women stand while looking at the other out of the corner of their eyes. Minka is a little breathless from the leg scissor, and her tits are smarting. Esther's leg is sensitive and tender. But both veterans want to take advantage of the other's inflictions rather than tend to their own. So, both ladies leap at each other and lock up collar and elbow with a loud growl and bark from both of them. Lucy is entranced, She wonders who is going to win. Both are great. It is a shame that one of them will have to lose.

MinkaEsther BaxterEsther and Minka push against each other while grunting and growling. They were tit to tit but their bodies were far enough away so the other could not knee the other in the belly or cunt. Craftily Minka uses Esther's aggressiveness against her, and pulls away and twists at the right moment, and an off balance Video Vixen falls forward to her hands and knees. Minka is beside her kicking Esther in the ribs over and over again, until Esther falls over holding her ribs. "Get up beetch!" Minka orders with her still heavy Asian accent. Minka gains a little confidence. Esther is a well versed veteran, but Minka surmises that she is a little bit more guileful.

Minka drags Esther to the ropes, and then pulling her up to her knees, she presses Esther's throat on the middle rope. Then Minka presses her knee on the back of Esther's neck to choke the beauty. The referee institutes a count to break the illegal choke. Minka breaks at four to avoid disqualification. While the referee briefly admonishes Minka, Esther crawls a few feet to the corner where she uses the ropes to help herself to her feet.

After the minor nuisance of the referee Minka is quickly in the corner, Minka raises her foot high enough to press her foot against Esther's throat with the assistance of the ropes. Many fans are surprised that the top heavy super cougar was still flexible enough to get her foot that high. The capable Asian boob queen has been bending those legs in difficult positions for decades in her films. The referee counts to four for the break then Minka complies before disqualification at five. Esther immediately falls onto that mythical ass, taking a seat. Minka brushes off the referee and grabs Esther's ankles. Esther grabs the ropes to prevent getting drug out of the corner. Of course Minka lifts Esther up by her legs and slams her back down to shake her free from the ropes. Then Minka drags Esther out of the corner and folds the Hip Hop vixen doubled up for a matchbook pin. Minka gets a two count before Esther kicks out.

After getting knocked off Minka rises and delivers several wild fists at Esther's head. Esther was able to cover up fend off many of them, but Minka wisely wants to keep Esther off guard. Once finishing, Minka grabs Esther's hair and hauls her to her feet as she stands as well. Suddenly, Esther starts ripping off punches to Minka's body like she is working on a body bag. Minka's body jerks and jumps at each punch. They continue until Minka rips off a forearm to Esther's jaw, that drops her down to one knee. Minka blows, prefering to slow the pace. She grabs Esther to pull her up, but Esther snatches her instead and pulls Minka down to the mat and rolls her up into a small package. Minka gets a two count before she could react and kick out. Minka shouts "What tha fuck!" in dismay of just coming that close to losing.

Minka and Esther stand at the same time. However Minka wisely launches herself at Esther immediately and levels the vixen with a clothesline. Minka is raising up from ending up face down, with Esther lying face up flat on her back, moaning. Minka lifts her head and smiles, realizing that her opponent did not see that clothesline coming. Suddenly Esther's leg shoots up and comes across Minka's neck. Esther then hooks her arms behind Minka's head. One of Esther's arms passes over her leg and the other is under trapping Minka in place. Finally Esther pulls Minka's head forward while pushing her head back with her leg. Minka is caught in Esther's Koji clutch leg choke hold. The hold is named after it's inventor, Koji Kanemoto, and made famous by WWE wrestlers Sami Zayn to CM Punk and Mandy Leon for making it sexy.

Minka is beyond shocked to find herself in this hold that she did not know even existed. She cannot breathe and can barely move. She hears Lucy yelling, "Get to the ropes". She does. Minka crawls like a snail trying to inch her way to the ropes. The Asian boob queen scoots and strains to move that magnificent body to get close enough to grab the ropes. The entire time no air was coming into Minka's body. Every inch got slower and her eyes became sluggish and sleepy. It is quite a spectacle as Minka's arm is stretched out for the ropes, trying with all her might and power to reach it. What also became captivating was to see Minka's eyes start to close, her arms starts descending and her body relaxing despite her mightiest efforts. Also depending on your view, Esther is just or even more captivating with her mighty legs so wide spread giving a breath taking crotch shot. Suddenly mighty Minka's will refuse to be denied. Her eyes open and with her last burst of strength; she travels the last foot and a half, to barely get her finger tips on the bottom ropes.

The referee calls for the break. Esther breaks quickly and gets to her feet. Minka is much slower to rise, but receives a resounding round of applause. She has earned the BWF fan's respect for fighting like a champion to reach the ropes when surrender was her best solution. Esther respected Minka too, but that is beside the point. Now is the time to put this old bird down.

Minka leans against the ropes still groggy from slipping in and out of consciousness. The referee is checking on Minka to see if she's okay, when Esther goes over and pushes him out of the way. She grabs Minka's arm and tries to whip her across the ring. Only Minka grabs the ropes and refuses to go and holds onto the rope and does not allow Esther to whip her. Esther tries three more times but Minka holds on and blocks it. Esther gives up and her foot flashes up and kicks Minka square in the face. Minka's head snaps back and she sways on her feet. Esther blasts her dead in the face again just as fierce and hard. Esther thinks, 'Damned this bitch is tough! Nobody should be still standing after those two shots.' So Esther gave Minka one more kick to the face. Minka took the blow and still did not go down, but stands there swaying like a drunkard.

Esther scoops Minka up in her arms and runs a few feet with her before jumping up and power slamming Minka to the mat. Minka screams "Yyyaaahhhh!' Between Estherís big tits and Minka's monster boobs smashing together on impact, Esther bounced up off Minka almost like a trampoline and springs back to her feet. Minka lies there with a pained expression like her spine was shattered. Charged with energy Esther hauls Minka up again and slings her over her right shoulder. Minka is nearly limp as Esther jogs a few steps then slings Minka off her shoulder and power slams her again to the mat with a different version.

Esther figures that she could pin Minka now, but felt the old bird deserved a little more punishment. Esther figured that she deserved a little more payback after all that she has endured during this grueling match. The fans deserved a little more for their devoted cheering. Esther respected Minka as a fighter enough to give her no mercy and to totally destroy her and remove any doubt that she is soft or gave up. Esther runs to the nearby ropes and leaps on the middle ropes and springs off of them. First, like Minka, Esther has a one in a million body. However she is blessed with a whole lotta tits and a whole lotta ass too. One of the phattest asses in the history of hip hop comes plummeting down on Minka's breasts from an astrological height. Minka shouts "UUUUHHHHHHHH!" as Esther's gorgeous ass meets her mountainous breasts. Both of Minka's legs jackknife up. Esther catches both legs and folds them up until Minka's ankles are beside her ears in a matchbook pin. Esther leans forward and plops her big sexy, sweaty naked breasts on Minka's face to finish the deal. The referee mercifully counts the terribly contorted, Asian big boob queen out.

The fans erupt in massive cheers with a standing ovation from everyone in attendance. Esther immediately gets off Minka to celebrate a hard fought victory. Lucy contemplates her next move. Even in failure, Minka honored, and elevated the Liu-Tang Clan. She remembered Bruce Lee's quote. "Don't fear failure. Not failure, but low aim, is the crime. In great attempts it is glorious even to fail." This definitely was a great attempt, and Esther proved to be a high aim. Lucy should have known that Hollywood Cole would have sent on of his most dangerous competitors to face this invader to his league.

After acknowledging her fans appropriately, Esther offers a hand to help Minka up off the mat. Minka takes the hand and gets to her feet. Esther hugs and tells her in her ear, "Thank you for a great match. We should do it again, and next time, get double the money from Hollywood (Cole)."

Minka chuckles, "It is an honor to compete against you. You are a great and honorable warrior. Next time let me suck on those titties a little." Esther returns Minka an awkward chuckle. Then she raises Minka's hand and presents her to the audience for a rousing ovation. Esther notices Lucy entering the ring with a microphone and decides it is time for her to exit and leaves the ring for her dressing room.

Lucy Liu"Minka!" Lucy screeches into the mic. "Yet again you bring failure and defeat to the Liu-Tang Clan!" Before Lucy can utter another word, Minka snatches the microphone out of her hands.

"I've had enough of you Shorty!" Minka begins. "I'm tired of you always yelling and putting me down! Almost every one you've asked me to fight, I've whipped. If you think I brought so much shame why don't you or anyone else in the Clan fight Esther Baxter?" Minka asks as the crowd cheers and gets behind her. "I bet you won't little beetch!" Minka waits as the crowd gets on Lucy's case. "If I'm such a disgrace for your Clan, then I quit!"

The crowd roars. No one outside of the Liu-Tang Clan knew about Minka's ultimatum to win or leave the group. Before they could even get out a good cheer Lucy nails Minka in the mouth with a spinning crescent kick. Lucy dropped the big boob Asian queen like a bad habit. The kick was so fast Minka never saw it coming. All the prospective cheers immediately died as soon as they started.

"Oh really?" Lucy shouts at the downed Korean. "Your ass can't quit! You've already been fired, dumb bitch!" Even as she is shouting other Liu-Tang Clan members, Bai Ling and Asa Akura are charging to the ring. "Now it's time for your Milano." A Milano is the term used by the ABA when remaining members beat a departing member senseless as they leave the gang. It is named after the ABA's founder, Alyssa Milano, and also the first recipient of an ass whuppin' when she got kicked out of the group.

Lucy starts kicking and stomping Minka. When Asa and Bai enter the ring, they join in kicking Minka also. The big boobed Korean is twisting and turning trying to cover up while screaming.

Suddenly the fans erupt after several more moments of Minka's destruction. The most popular tag team in the BWF, charge out from the dressing rooms. Busty Angelique and Darla Crane run through the curtain and enter the ring. Minka's fans will remember the unforgettable nurse photo shoot in SCORE magazine with Minka and Angelique. Their bond apparently remains strong.

Lucy squawks when she looks up and sees two big busty Amazons coming their way. Asa and Bai jump Angelique and Darla as they start climbing through the ropes. Angelique forces her way into the ring despite Bai chopping the back of her head and back. Then it turns into a slugfest. The larger vixen, Angelique had the short and skinny actress out gunned from the beginning. Bai fiercely kept chopping at Angelique, but Busty Angelique's meatier arms and fists made Bai cringe and back away. Bai was able to get a good straight kick to Angelique's gut that halted the Brazilian and doubled her over. Lucy sees the opening and rushes over to help. Angelique suddenly springs to life and grabs both Bai and Lucy by the hair and slams their heads together. The two Asians shout as their eyes roll in their dazed heads. Angelique pounces on Bai with a Lou Thez press. From there Angelique starts pounding on the smaller pinned down woman.

Bai LingAsa AkiraThe porn goddess, Minka saw the assist Angelique provided and and forced her battered body to rise to the occasion. Minka gets off the mat and crawls to Lucy and jerks her feet out from under her as she tottered while holding her head. Once Lucy is taken to the ground, Minka continues and crawls up Lucy's body and applies the ground and pound on Lucy while in a full mount position. Minka smiles evily giving Lucy a vengeful beating.

Darla was facing a little wild woman in Asa as she passed through the ropes. Asa is wailing fists like a buzz saw. Darla is dropped to one knee as soon as she gets through the ropes. It was a perfect position for Darla to draw back and throw a straight hard fist almost like a harpoon into Asa's pussy. Asa's mouth drops open and she grabs her muff with both hands and drops down to her knees. Darla grabs Asa by the head and pulls her close to savagely take a bite out of Asa's forehead. Asa screeches and flails her arms. Darla continues and drags her down to the canvas with Darla's bigger body engulfing Asa. Darla breaks her bite and seizes the gorgeous Hakata doll like goddess around her neck with both hands. She throttles Asa back and forth while choking her.

She is not called 'Busty Angelique' for nothing. Once she is sure she has Bai under control, Angelique, with a big mischievous smile, unclasps her wrestling gear bra to bare her breasts. Next she plunges her 36EE breasts onto Bai's face. In fact, Bai's entire head disappears between the two mounds of flesh. There was just flailing skinny arms and legs underneath the beefy Brazilian. Bai actually would have enjoyed the experience of swimming in Angelique's breasts if she only let her have a breath from time to time.

Seeing Busty Angelique having so much fun, Mega Tits Minka decides to join in the fun. Minka's 70HH's crush and devour Lucy's pretty face. 56 inches of boobs eclipses Lucy's head totally. Minka laughs loudly and gleefully, "Haa haa ha haa!" Minka taunts, "You dumb lil beetch! You tried to fire me? I crush you with my tits!" Once trapped under Minka, Lucy has absolutely no chance of escaping. Minka is several inches taller, heavier and can easily pin her down. Lucy has to also deal with the massive boobs weighing her down too.

While Darla's 36DD tits seem tame in comparison to Angelique or Minka, they are very capable of smothering too. Not to be left out Darla unclasps her wrestling gear bra, then slams her tits down on Asa's face. Asa hears a loud humbling splat at Darla's breasts crash land on her face. Like Lucy, Asa knew she had little chance of getting out of this one. Darla would have to make a mistake. For all three petite Asians in the Liu-Tang Clan waves of humiliating defeat wash over all their spirits. That is even more crushing than the massive breasts smothering them into cold unconsciousness.

When all hope for the Liu-Tang is seemingly loss, their ace in the hole gets played. A gorgeous woman in jeans and a t-shirt with a kendo stick in hand comes racing through the audience and down the steps to the ring. She makes it to the bottom of the stairs and hops over the barricade to ring side, then slides into the ring. The woman pops to her feet and immediately seeks Minka and whacks her across the back with the kendo stick. Minka abandons her smother with a shriek, and looks to see who her attacker is. Minka recognizes her immediately. Her attacker's name is Minka Kelly.

Minka tries to get away from the kendo stick but Lucy grabs a hold of her. She is holding on to both thighs and keeps Minka from escaping the ring. Angelique springs up an goes after Kelly, but the new invader to the ring slices down with the kendo stick and strikes Angelique on the forehead, right between the eyes. The extra busty woman drops to the mat. There, Bai Ling pounces on her like a starved tiger. She claws at Angelique's eyes savagely. The boob queen screams as she is being torn to shreds. Bai sinks a claw into Angelique's hair and tears out a handful of hair. Bai opens her fingers letting the hair fall to the mat only to sink her claw right back in Angelique's hair to tear more out by the roots. The wild woman is also slamming the back of Angelique's head into the mat in-between tearing at her long hair, her eyes and entire visage.

A split second after hitting Angelique with the kendo stick, Kelly spins around like a ninja swinging the kendo stick. Magically she hits Darla who was charging at her from behind. The kendo stick hits Darla dead center across the middle of both tits. Darla freezes in her tracks and screams. While standing there like a statue, Kelly is able to slice the kendo stick across the red head's belly and then across her back. That is when Asa rose up behind Darla like a mysterious evil phoenix. Asa reaches low between Darla's legs and grabs Darla's pussy from behind. Darla screams bloody murder at the intrusion. Asa tightens her pussy claw as Darla stands there frozen in torment. Asa grabs Darla's long hair and jerks her head back. The bondage babe is caught in a trap. Her head is being pulled back looking up at the lights with her chest and boobs thrust out. Meanwhile, her pussy is punished in Asa's fierce claw hold.

Minka KellyKelly then returns her full attention to wearing out Mega Tits Minka with the kendo stick. Lucy was yelling, "Hit her! Destroy this bitch!". Minka is trying to push Lucy off her legs and thighs to get away. All the laughing that she, Angelique and Darla were enjoying a minute or two ago, are a distant memory now. A lot has changed in the last 90 seconds. Bai has Angelique in a rear chin lock with her legs squeezing the busty Brazilian while her other hand romes between yanking out Angelique's curly black hair and ravaging a big ole tit. The busty Brazilian's scalp is on fire. She sees globs of black hair littering the ring. Angelique struggles to get free of this mighty mite and retreat out of the ring. She has had enough of this insane Asian and her crazy exotic torture.

Asa's pussy claw brought Darla to her knees. That was a big mistake for her. Asa opened up her pussy attack, adding low blows galore. Darla fell forward ending up face down and ass up. Asa then started driving her knee into Darla's cunt. The porn veteran did not know that Asa is a cunt buster extraordinaire. The legends like Melisa Mounds, Ariel X or Kayla Kleevage have not ravaged as much hell on her pussy as Asa Akira. The tiny terror held Darla in place and drove sharp dart like punches into Darla's cunt from behind. Darla was in so much pain she no longer tried to resist. She shamelessly begged for mercy. It is an amazing sight seeing a big strapping 5'7" woman pleading to a petite small framed 5'3" Asian beauty.

Meanwhile Minka has red marks and welts all over her trembling body. Kelly has done a number on her with the kendo stick. The stick has cracked and splintered, but Kelly continues to torment Minka with it. Lucy is laughing sadistically. She keeps encouraging Kelly, "More! Tear her ass up!" Kelly is so thankful for the opportunity to joining the ABA Liu-Tang Clan that she over zealously tries to please Lucy. Repaying Minka for stuffing Lucy's head in the no man's land between her tits is a excellent start. Kelly keeps unmercifully swinging the cane past her arms getting tired.

Finally one of Angelique's back elbows found it's mark and she broke free of Bai's grasps. Angelique quickly scurried out of the ring. Asa looks up seeing Angelique escape. It is just enough distraction for Darla to land a kick on Asa to get away and run out of the ring. Finally Angelique and Darla reach into the ring to grab the Asian Boob Queen's hand and pull her out of the ring, away from Lucy. Then all three then fled for the safety of the dressing room like scalded dogs.

Lucy and her new Liu-Tang Clan start celebrating a victory, and welcoming their newest addition. The fans start to boo already. Lucy grabs the long abandoned microphone. "I give to you", Lucy squawks into the mic, "A tremendous upgrade over the original Minka! She is a fellow Charlie's Angel and the newest addition to the Liu-Tang Clan. Welcome Minka Kelly!" Lucy finishes to resounding boos. "You're a bunch of degenerate ingrates!" Lucy insults the audience. The BWF fans buy tickets in droves when some of Stone Rage's talent visits their league, but they come to despise the invaders, and cheer their own competitors. Lucy's Liu-Tang Clan has raised their ire. Trash and paper cups soon start littering the ring. The Clan defiantly continues to celebrate in distain to taunt the BWF fans. After Lucy gets nailed with a couple of pennies, she decides that it is time to take this party to their limo outside. Lucy says, ďLetís get out of this hell hole." Lucy leads the team out the ring, still taunting the fans along the way. They go straight through the backstage area to the parking deck, then into the limo. A big night of partying and welcoming Minka Kelly aboard is in store.

Fans file out awaiting the fallout from what they just witnessed. It was not long before the BWF website posted a new video. With breaking news flashing across what ever screen the fans chose to use to watch this video. "Ladies and gentlemen it is now official. Asian boob queen Minka has just asked and has been granted a total release of her contract with Stone Rage's league. She immediately signed a contract to become the newest member of Hollywood Cole's Bombshell Wrestling Federation. Minka will be joining fellow Score magazine favorites, Busty Angelique and Darla Crane in team they are calling The Boob Cruised. Watch out, now they have the numbers and firepower to take on the Playboy trio of Cori Nadine, Karen McDougal and Gena Lee Nolin, the trio that holds the tag team belts and the BWF championship."

"Dis is awesome" Minka says in an interview accompanied with Darla and Angelique. "I am so happy to be part of Hollywood Cole federation. I feel like I found a home here. I feel needed and fit in well here. I am happy to team up and fight alongside my genuine friends."