Uncivil War


Minka vs Darla Crane

"Oooooo dat beetch!" Minka exclaims looking at a text message on her phone. "I'm going to kick her ass!" she continues with her face turning red with anger.

"What's wrong?" Chiaki Kuriyama meekly asks.

"Dis beetch Darla Crane has been sucking producer's dick, and trying to steal my top billing in Busty Dildo Lovers #7." Minka explains with her heavy Asian accent. "She works at the same strip club as me. I'm going to kick her fucking ass!" she reiterates.

"You're just going to fight her for free?" Lucy Liu asks in dismay. "Minka, Minka, Minka, haven't you learned anything from me? If you're going be a made woman, and in my gang in the ABA, you've got to start thinking differently." Lucy explains.

Lucy has invited Minka and Chiaki for a business lunch. Since Jenny invented this 'made woman' concept, Lucy realized that she needs a strong organization under her to maintain her position as a boss in the ABA. Chiaki and Minka are going to be her personal protectors. Chiaki has been Lucy's second long before Jenny's new proclamation. Her and Lisa Lipps, have already done enough to be included in this new concept without 'performing a hit' as Jenny has dictated. Minka need to perform a hit, she needs to beat up an enemy of the ABA. Lucy has just realized her opportunity.

"What do you mean Lucy." Minka debates in confusion. "The booking committee in The Battle Zone is not going to give me a match with Darla. You don't even have the pull to get that done."

Lucy Liu"You don't need a match. Lisa Lipps did not need a match to make a big paycheck off of the Taming Eva Mendes DVD. That was also a DemiLui Production." Lucy reminds. "Besides, you need a hit to become a made woman."

"But Darla is not on ABA hit list." Minka returns.

"Not right now." Lucy smiles back at Minka and Chiaki with a devious gleam. "Leave all of that to me. Didn't you see me in Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle? I've got a few tricks."

At that moment, a diabolical plan of Lucy Liu is born. First, she contacts Minka's strip club, The Crazy Horse Too and had several HD hidden cameras installed. Lucy footed the bill for the cost, and promised that the club would be featured in a DVD distributed through Stone Rage Distributions. They quickly cooperated. The club received a tremendous boost in business when they worked with the ABA the first time. Then lovely Jaime Pressly temporarily joined their staff. Phase one is quickly completed.

Phase two started by contacting Resistance member's, Nikki Cox's agent. Lucy calls under the guise of Nicole Wong. She told the agent that her production company is hoping to cast Nikki in a big movie role. The agent was happy to do anything to boost Nikki's sagging movie career. He convinced Nikki to speak to this mysterious Nicole Wong about this starring role.

Nikki calls Nicole Wong and becomes intrigued by the prospected role. It is an action movie where Nikki will star as an undercover DEA agent. She tails her drug lords, eventually going undercover in a strip club to bring the cartel down. That portion of the movie will be filmed at The Crazy Horse Too. Nicole read Nikki passages from the script, insuring her that it is not just another B Movie piece of garbage to make a quick buck. Nicole promises a big budget action thriller to rival Bad Boys. Nicole Wong e mails a portion of the script too prepare for a test screening in a couple of days. Nikki agrees to meet Nicole and read for the role.

The mysterious Nicole Wong has a far easier time convincing Darla Crane to come read for a supporting part. The big red head thought it was her big chance for legitimate stardom, and out of the world of pornography.

A couple of days later, Nikki and Darla arrive at the small studio for their reading. They are greeted by an Asian woman who bears little resemblance to Lucy Liu. Lucy had visited the makeup woman and dawned a disguise for Nicole Wong. Lucy's skin was darker, and had gray streaks in her hair. She also wore padding around her body to give the appearance that she was 15 or 20 pounds heavier. Nikki nor Darla had a clue that Nicole Wong was actually Lucy Liu in disguise.

"Now in this scene," Nicole Wong starts disguising her voice for the part, "Nikki, your character tries to convince Darla to team with her and help infiltrate the trust of the drug cartel." Nicole leaves the set, and takes a seat beside the camera man. "Alright...... ACTION!"

Darla CraneNikki Cox"Are you sure that you can infiltrate their group?" Nikki says going into character for her role.

"Yes" Darla answers, sounding like an energetic and willing accomplice. "I already have two contacts in Lisa and A. G. I've got this" Darla confidently answers.

"Great!" Nikki answers. "If you can infiltrate their inner circle, We'll be able to put an end to them, forever. I've been with them, I know what they can do."

"Wonderful, but what's in it for me?" Darla greedily asks.

"You my friend," Nikki begins as she puts her arm around Darla's shoulder, "Will become a very wealthy person. I'm in position to help you tremendously. They say that crime pays, no fighting on the side of right pays too."

Nikki and Darla continue acting the lines from the script passionately. Once they are finished, Nicole yells "Cut!" Nicole walks onto the set praising both actresses, "That was wonderful, both of you." The disguised Lucy Liu continues to lavish praise and flattery on both Nikki and Darla for several minutes. The two red heads were all smiles as they signed releases for the reading they just completed, and gathered their things to leave. Nikki and Darla wished each other luck in getting the roles and hoped to work with each other on this movie.

Lucy laughs out loud as she removes her Nicole Wong disguise. Moments later Lucy calls Minka still laughing. "They fell for it! They bought it hook, line and sinker. Okay, it's time for you to do your part, tonight, at the club. I'll be there, but you better come through. We can easily change the name of this DVD to The Fall of Minka."

"Don't worry." Minka answers. "I'm going to keel dat beetch!" the Korean confidently declares through her thick accent.

That same night at the strip club, Darla was beaming. She is positive she just won a part in a major motion picture. She bragged to the girls in the dressing room about her good fortune. True to her word, Lucy Liu was there. She wore another disguise. Lucy was working as a cocktail waitress. Heavy makeup covered her freckled face and her eyes are pulled back even narrower, so customers and the strippers would not recognize her. Also, Lucy had padding up top to give her the appearance of larger breast to help throw people off. She knew most guys and girls for that matter, would not be able to keep their eyes off of big tits, and would rarely even look up at her face. However, Lucy did have a bitchy attitude to her customers, hating to serve people as a waitress.

Minka laid low for the first few hours of the night. She waits till Darla takes the stage for the second time that night as the co-feature entertainer along with Minka. Darla had danced for two songs, and shed herself of her dress and top during that time. As the big red head promenades around the stage and collects tips, Minka walks onto the stage unannounced. Minka is topless and wearing a scowl as she storms up to Darla. The mighty Korean gets face to face with Darla, then shouts, "You beetch! I've had it with you!" Minka's voice booms out as the DJ lowers the music on que from Lucy.

Darla immediately stop dancing and glares back at Minka, with her hands on her hips and a smug smile. Darla is on top of the world tonight. She is certain she will no longer need this strip club, or porn, and cannot think of a better way of ending her stripping career than by whipping, Minka's ass. "Sneaky beetch, stole my part in Busty Dildo Lovers #7, and now I'm going to kick your ass!"

"Oh really?" Darla answers with a cool smirk and a giggle. "I don't think so."

"Really I dink so!" Minka snaps back.

Darla answers by simply hauling back and socking Minka in the mouth. Darla's fist explodes on the unsuspecting Minka's jaw, and knocks her flat on her ass. Minka ends up looking up at Darla from on her back with wide eyes, wondering what the fuck just happened. Lucy shakes her head in disgust, seeing her chosen mobster downed so easily.

Darla drops to the stage, on top of the larger vixen, looking for a quick finish. Darla gets in a few hard raps to Minka's face before the veteran catfighter starts fighting back. Minka clutches her foe, and they start rolling across the stage. There are plenty of grunts and groans as the two busty strippers grapple for supremacy.

The porn goddesses roll around recklessly on the stage. Minka has difficulty reaching around her own monster breasts to get a good grip on her opponent. Darla is able to overpower The Asian Boob Queen, and force her down flat on her back. Darla hammers Minka's face back and forth from the left to the right.

Once Minka is woozy, Darla rolls off of Minka. The red head goes behind her rival and lifts her head off of the floor, and wraps her thick thighs around the Korean's head. The audience hears a long loud groan as Minka's head disappears in-between two milky white legs. Minka struggles like a fly caught in a spider's web. "What's the matter Minka? Having trouble breathing down there?" Darla taunts with a laugh. Of course she could not resist the obvious attack. Darla reaches down and grabs Minka's humongous tits. She ends up doing a lot of scratching and clawing, since Minka's titties are much more than a handful. Squeezing, crushing and mauling them by normal methods is pretty much impossible.

MinkaDarla is laughing and enjoying herself tormenting Minka. Lucy shakes her head again. She is already starting to regret what she must do if Minka loses. Her and Chiaki must perform the customary ABA Milano beat down on a person that both of them are quite fond of. However, business is business. There is a price for failure in the ABA. She is already thinking of what to send the busty Korean as a makeup gift after her Milano.

Minka is pretty compliant after Darla releases her head scissors. The laughing stripper takes advantage of the slick stage and drags Minka to the edge by her hair. Next Darla takes a seat on Minka's face with her feet dangling off of the stage. Darla's extremely wide ass totally engulfs Minka's face. Darla might as well been smothering Minka with a soft pillow. Darla laughs, enjoying the raucous cheers from the men in the club. "Don't just stand there, tip me you fool!" Darla announces. Several men start stuffing bills into Darla's g string as she sits upon Minka's face.

Minka kicks and bucks under Darla. She tries to bring her legs up and throw Darla off of her, but her giant tits are in the way. However Minka is a former professional athlete. She arrived in Las Vegas not to be a stripper or a porn queen, but as a tennis instructor. The porn thing came later. With another mighty heave and push, the athletic Minka is able to Darla off of her face, and off of the stage. Darla slides off of Minka's face and lands on her feet stage side. She quickly whirls around to continue her domination of Minka.

Minka quickly rises to her knees. She is on the stage, while Darla is standing on the floor beside the stage. Darla fires a right hook into Minka's flat tummy. Minka squeals and leans to the left, favoring that side. Next Minka hauls off with a forehand smash to Darla's head. They continue trading blows like that for a little while. Darla treats Minka's very slender stomach like a heavy punching bag, digging her fist in as deep as possible. Meanwhile Minka envisions Darla's head as a tennis ball with super-duper sized tits. Minka keeps trying to pulverize that tennis ball with forehand and back hand smashes. They trade blows stubbornly without offering any defense to protect themselves.

Both women are wincing and hurting after this exchange. Darla's ears are ringing while Minka's belly is aching. Darla staggers back a couple of steps, and Minka crawls off the stage with a strong groan. Neither woman is ready to accept defeat. Both have a perception of what is at stake. One way or another, the loser will have to find another place to work. The winner will at least have bragging rights in the adult entertainment community. Darla thinks she is about to trounce Minka on the way to a movie career. Minka knows that her spot in Lucy's mob in the ABA is at stake. Also her ignoble defeat will be captured on a Stone Rage DVD by all the hidden cameras in the room.

Minka puts her fists up in a boxing stance once she is on the club floor, and bounces nimbly on her feet. Darla chuckles seeing this. She knows Minka's skinny little arms cannot begin to protect her gigantic breasts, no matter what. Darla puts up her fist too, sure that she is going to pepper Minka's tits at will.

Darla reaches in and stings Minka with a straight right to Minka's red lips. "Ooommmmpp!" Minka grunts, as her head snaps back. Darla's smile widens at her success.

Minka resumes bouncing on her feet in her boxing stance. Darla tries to reach in and repeat her previous success, but misses as Minka bobs her head to the side. Minka also gives Darla a counter shot as she draws back. Little did Darla know that her initial success was a trap. Minka allowed Darla to hit her to encourage the red head to engage her in fisticuffs. The next shot will not be so easy.

Now Minka is moving, circling, and peppering Darla with jab after jab. She does not allow Darla to get close enough to hit her. Minka uses her height advantage, and far superior skill to batter Darla time and time again. Darla's initial suspicion is true, Minka's boobs are easy targets, but she has to eat a bone jarring jab to hit them. Minka keeps snapping Darla's head back with jabs, and carving her opponent up.

Minka starts dominating Darla. The Korean Boob Queen is whipping Darla's ass all over the floor. Minka is out foxing and out boxing her opponent with ease. Fists snap in the red head's face battering her like a punching bag. Darla tries to retaliate, but only misses or flails wildly each time eating Minka's knuckles for her troubles. The drunken club patrons start laughing and ridiculing Darla, as the punch drunk stripper staggers around the room vainly trying to fight back. Darla's face starts showing the effects of the assault. Bruises are starting to be raised, and red splotches appear. Whether she wins or loses, Darla knows that she will not be stripping for a few days.

Desperate and dazed, Darla charges into Minka. She receives a punch that buckles her knees, but Darla reaches inside close enough to wrap her arms around Minka's waist. After a little clumsy maneuvering, Darla hoists Minka up across her shoulders in a fireman's carry. Darla takes a moment to stablelize herself and get her bearings. Next Darla starts twirling in circles for an airplane spin. Minka's "What de fuck!" protests started after Darla hoisted her up turns into one long howl, as she spins like a top.

After Minka's brain is very dizzy, Darla tosses her enemy off of her shoulders. Minka flips off Darla, and lands flat off of back. She quickly learns that the commercial building's floor is merely carpet, with a little padding, covering a concrete slab. Minka's body hits the floor hard and bounces a bit. Minka looks up distantly with the ceiling spinning around with her dizzy eyes.

After dumping Minka, Darla finds that she is dizzy too. The red head wobbles from side to side, and staggers back and forth. The already punch drunk woman could not get her bearings, try as she might. Darla stumbles around a bit, before tripping and falling into the lap of guy sitting nearby.

For several moments, neither wide eyed woman moves. Both have the same distant, cross-eyed look in their eyes as the room continues spinning around them. The guys in the room cheer and root both women on to finish this exciting fight. Slowly both women regain enough of their faculties to return to the fight. Minka slowly starts trying to stand. Darla pushes herself out of the club patron's lap and trudges toward her foe. Minka only makes it up to her knees when Darla reaches her. Darla sinks her hands into Minka's hair and starts to haul her up to her feet. "Come on Beetch!" Darla says making fun of Minka's exotic accent. "I'm going to keek your ass." Ever the showman, Darla looks around with an extra wide smile to get a reaction out of the club.

As Minka reaches her feet, she rips a sneaky uppercut that absolutely explodes on Darla's chin. Darla's head snaps back, and her eyes roll back in her head. She tries to command her legs to support her, but they are not listening. After a few uncoordinated steps, Darla falls over backwards like a tree. Minka looks down at her rival saying, "You right beetch! I'm going to keek your ass!" as the fans in the club roar their approval of Minka's devastating knock down.

Minka takes a few big steps and jumps in the air, and dives on top of the downed dancer. Darla gasps quickly before Minka land on top of her leading with those magnificent breasts. Darla feels lika a piano has just landed on her. Minka's boulder sized tits crush her chest, knocking the breath and the fight out of her.

Minka crawls on top of Darla, and matches up tit to tit. Minka's 70HH's flatten and devour Darla's 36DD's. In fact Darla's impressive rack cannot even be seen under Minka's monsters. Minka grinds her tits on Darla's chest, making her victory complete. Minka puts her hands on Darla's arms pinning her down, and grinds at will on her deflated opponent. After getting her fill of Darla's breasts, Minka moves up and lowers her humongous tits on Darla's face, and bats her face around her boobs. Minka laughs sinisterly as she humiliates and demeans her rival.

Minka rises off of Darla, and hair hauls her nemesis up along with her. Minka pushes Darla against the nearest table. Minka pushes Darla flat on her back across the table, and then climbs on top of her. The Korean straddles her beaten foe and again places her monster tits on Darla's face. This time, Minka bears down with her boobs and grabs Darla's head, pulling them into her bosom. Darla's head disappears into Minka's cleavage. Lucy and every other guy in the club, cheer their approval of the monster breast smother. Darla had accepted her defeat after Minka's big splash. She only mildly struggles to break free before submitting to her fate to be smothered out.

Lucy stares in amazement. She instantly envisions her enemies Halle Berry or Jennifer Lopez under Minka's monster tits. She sees that they can dishearten and tame their victims. Lucy smiles imagining Jessica Alba or Eva Longoria flailing under Lucy's new weapon until their will is crushed. She feels that she has made an excellent addition to her mob. Lucy starts to get excited, really, really, really, excited.

"Don't just stand there, tip me!" Minka shouts while shaking her narrow ass. Immediately guys start stuffing bills in Minka's g string. After Minka milked the moment for as much cash as she thought possible, she clings off an unconscious Darla and raises both arms in the air with a victory yell.

As Minka celebrates, and everybody congratulates, and parties with her, Lucy takes a towel and wipes away gobs of makeup on her face. She takes out the clips in her hair allowing it to flow and cascade over her shoulders and down almost to the middle of her back. Lucy takes out the pads out of the cups of the bustier of her waitress outfit and beckons a couple of floor men. She orders one to carry Darla to the VIP room, and the other to meet them there with a hand held camera.

Lucy's orders are promptly carried out. Moments later, a groggy Darla is waking up in the VIP room. Darla finds herself lying on one of the sofas that line all four walls of the room looking at a petite Asian woman across the room. "Darla... Darla Crane. Ahhh you're finally awake". The woman says. Darla is still disoriented from the fight. it takes her a couple of moments to realize the woman is actually movie star, Lucy Liu.

Slowly the recognition sets in that the woman is actually Lucy Liu. Also there is a floor man behind her with a video camera. Finally a bewildered Darla asks, "Lucy Liu?"

Lucy laughs, "Lucy Liu or Nicole Wong, which ever you prefer." Lucy adds adopting the false voice she used when playing her character. Darla looks even more confused trying to understand what is happening. "I got bad news for you, Red." Lucy says while starting to remove her bustier, and bearing her tits. "You're not going to get that movie role. There was never any role to get. Sorry." Lucy apologizes as the topless actress seductively slinks toward Darla. "But you did impress me during that fight." Lucy says as she sits on the sofa with Darla. "You looked so hot, that you got me hot." Lucy confesses as she strokes back Darla's hair off of Darla's face. "So hot that I decided to let you star in an adult entertainment DVD with me. We can do this the easy way, or the hard way. Honestly, it really does not matter to me." Lucy finishes as she pulls Darla's head up to her breast by her hair.

Darla has been in enough adult entertainment films to know what to do next. After getting conquered by Minka only minutes earlier, she had no desire to fight. Actually she relished the opportunity to play with the movie star's body. The veteran also recognizes there is a camera in the room, and hopefully an AVN award is in her near future. Darla opens her mouth and licks and starts sucking Lucy's breast. Darla sucks on Lucy's nipple like she is trying to suck a frozen milk shake with a straw. Lucy's head falls back and lets out a long dick raising moan.

Lucy LiuDarla gets into the moment then gives Lucy's other breast the same erotic attention. Darla's fingers grasp at the black, brief bottoms of Lucy's cocktail waitress uniform, and starts pulling them down. Lucy stretches out allowing Darla to work them down Lucy's short, but sexy and shapely legs. The camera's microphone picks up both women's huffing and puffing along with their heavy breathing. Darla and Lucy kiss each other with their tongues flicking out of their mouths and dancing with each other. Darla gets on top for a moment, but the naturally dominate Asian quickly reverses positions, and gets on top of the red head. Lucy wanted to establish the fact that she is in charge, and that is not going to change.

Darla accepts her submissive position. She starts removing her mistresses' panty hose, and underwear, utilizing the experience gained from twenty years in the adult entertainment industry. The range of Darla's vast knowledge begins with fetish tickling, bondage and catfight videos, to more mainstream adult films, to becoming a producer of the art form. After removing all of Lucy's clothes, the tiny dominatrix, tightly clutches Darla's auburn hair and demands, "Eat Red, Eat." through gritted teeth. Knowing her role as the submissive, Darla dines into Lucy's pussy.

Apparently Lucy did not know what was in store for her. Once Darla employed her talented tongue on Lucy, the petite actress gasped and emitted a high pitched "Oooooooo". Lucy regained some composure, and rotated her hips with Darla's urging. However the brunette started to loose herself in the ecstasy. It was like her bones and muscles were turning to mush, the more Darla lapped her cunt. Finally Lucy falls back on the sofa, allowing Darla full access to her pussy and body.

Eventually Lucy arches her back, and opens her mouth like she is about to scream. Her lips part, but no sounds are released. Lucy climaxes all over Darla's face.

After her release, Lucy falls in the sofa breathing hard. Darla raises her head out of Lucy's puss and lays her head softly on Lucy's belly. A few seconds later, Lucy starts to regain control of her breathing. "Ooooohhhh, that was so good.... You are so good." Lucy purrs.

"Oh yeah?" Darla asks raising her head with a smile.

"Yes. it almost makes me regret what's coming next." Lucy passionately answers. Suddenly Lucy's legs clamp around Darla's head. Lucy performs a Mixed Martial Arts Triangle choke hold, expertly. Darla flails uselessly, but it is all in vain. Once the hold is applied correctly, the victim will fall into unconsciousness within less than a minute. Once Darla is unconscious, Lucy releases her and shouts....


After three days of being busy editing her masterpiece, Lucy calls for a meeting of the four 'Bosses' of the ABA. Lucy Liu, Jenny McCarthy, Demi Moore, and Denise Richards sit around the board table at the ABA's headquarters.

"My sisters I've called you here because I discovered a threat against us." Lucy starts. "Apparently The Resistance have been up to their old tricks. Once again they tried to infiltrate our ranks. This time their treachery was uncovered and alerted to me by Minka, who I am now nominating to be in my syndicate as a made woman in the ABA. Thanks to Minka, I was able to capture evidence of their plot against us on tape..."

Lucy directs a remote control towards a TV and pushes a few buttons. The TV comes on, and shows Lucy doing an introduction, stating much of what she just stated to her fellow ABA members. After that the tape shows a portion of the test screen of Darla Crane and Nikki Cox Lucy tricked them into filming as Nicole Wong, and signing releases for. The scene begins with Darla and Nikki talking.....

"Are you sure that you can infiltrate their group?" Nikki says going into character for her role.

"Yes" Darla answers, sounding like an energetic and willing accomplice. "I already have two contacts in Lisa and A. G. I've got this" Darla confidently answers.

"Great!" Nikki answers. "If you can infiltrate their inner circle, we’ll be able to put an end to them, forever. I've been with them, I know what they can do."

"Wonderful, but what's in it for me?" Darla greedily asks.

"You my friend," Nikki begins as she puts her arm around Darla's shoulder, "Will become a very wealthy person. I'm in position to help you tremendously..."

"As you can see, Nikki and Darla intended to use her relationships with our Lisa Lipps and Aria Giovanni to infiltrate our ranks for another sneak attack like they executed earlier with Spontaneous Xtasy and Kelly Hu." Lucy begins another commentary. "Luckily we have allies like Minka who uncovered their deceit and confronted Darla..."

The screen changes to the moment that Darla and Minka are face-to-face and tit-to-tit on the stage, just before Darla hits Minka. Next the fight is shown in its entirety, down to Darla's ignoble defeat.

After the fight, the scene returns to Lucy standing in the VIP room where Darla and Lucy had their sexual encounter. Looking into the camera, Lucy pleasantly begins."So as you can plainly see, when you attack the ABA..." Lucy raises her voice forcefully. "There is a fucking price!" At the same time she jerks up a naked, beaten and gagged Darla Crane up into the vision of the camera by one hand of hair. Darla is on her knees, whimpering from the punishment she has absorbed through a ball gag.

Lucy announces, "This lets The Resistance, the Fab Four and everybody else know that when you fuck with the ABA..... THE ABA STRIKES BACK!!!!"

Lucy turns Darla around and throws her face first into the sofa of the VIP room. The camera zooms in on Darla as Lucy walks away. The red head has her arms bound behind her back with 'ABA" written on her back in black letters. Also there is the The Chinese symbol of Strength, the new symbol adopted by Lucy's syndicate in the ABA.

The remainder of the ABA was impressed and thrilled seeing the plot against them thwarted. The diabolical plan of Lucy Liu had succeeded. She tricked everyone into thinking that Minka defeating Darla was a hit worthy of entrance as a made woman in the ABA. She has added a loyal and formidable weapon to her arsenal. Also she produced a DVD of the fight that earned her, Minka, as well as Darla Crane a lot of royalties. Lucy's plan worked to perfection.

Three days later, there is a ceremony inducting Minka as a made woman in the ABA facility. Jenny McCarthy, Lucy Liu Denise Richards and Demi Moore. All the ABA members are dressed attractively in business suites.

"Minka...." Jenny starts almost subconsciously sounding like Marlo Brando in The Godfather. "You have preformed a favor for the ABA. You've executed a hit on Darla Crane, and uncovered a plot against the ABA. You did us a tremendous favor, and the ABA will show our appreciation."

Jenny says as she gestures for Minka to come forward. Jenny takes Minka's index finger and pricks it with a pin. The blonde squeezes the finger, causing the blood to gush out. Jenny takes Minka's finger, and smears blood on a picture of the original four members of the ABA. Jenny hands Minka the picture. As Minka holds the photo in her hands, Jenny takes a lighter and sets the picture on fire.

"Minka" Jenny says. "You are now a soldier in the ABA family. You enjoy our favor, our protection, and our promotional assistance. Our home is you home. Our facility and training staff is at your disposal. "If you betray the ABA, your flesh will burn like these saints." Jenny says looking down at the burning picture.

"Now kiss the ring and swear your loyalty to the ABA." Jenny says offering her hand, with a large gold ring on it. Minka drops the photo, and kneels before Jenny and kisses her ring. Next she kisses the rings on Denise, Lucy and Demi's hand too. Minka rises and is presented with a metal piece of jewelry with the letters ABA embossed on it. "Minka, welcome to the ABA family." Jenny proudly announces.

The next day this tale ends where is began, with Lucy, Minka and Chiaki at the original restaurant where Lucy's diabolical plan was born. "Now that Minka has joined us, our army is intact." Chiaki boasts.

"No, there is another." Lucy mysteriously says sounding like a wise old sage. "Bai Ling.... Once Bai Ling joins us we will be complete." Lucy says working on yet another diabolical plan.


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