Bad Asses in Training

The ABA Draft - Vivica Fox vs Denise Richards

NOTE - This story immediately follows - The ABA Draft - Jenna Jameson vs Denise Richards
Denise races down the hall of an office building with her heart pounding in her chest. She knows her pursuers are not far behind. She also knows that she has little chance of out running them for long. Denise is running on pure adrenalin. She has already been through a tremendous ordeal, and just desperate to escape. Her shirt has already been ripped to shreds. She is bruised and battered. She has eluded her ambushers and turned the corner, and running down the hall alone, but she knows they will catch her soon.

Denise turns another corner and faces a dead end. A wall is in front of her. The elevator to her right, and a door labeled 'stairway' on her left. Denise's heart stops, she knows that her foes will be on her within seconds. Thinking fast, Denise bursts open the door to the stairs. The door makes a loud racket, loud enough that she knows her pursuers heard. She takes off her right shoe, leans over the rail and throws the shoe, sending it tumbling down the stairs as far as possible. Next she takes off her left shoe, and throws it up the stairwell as far as possible. Then Denise ducks behind the back of the propped open stair door, hiding out of sight. At least so she hopes.

Seconds later Stacey Dash and Lisa Raye come racing around the corner behind Denise. Knowing that Denise did not have enough time to catch the elevator, They turn their attention to the wide open door to the stairs. After skidding to a stop, they step through the door.

Stepping out on the landing Lisa directs, "You take down stairs I'll take up!" Immediately Stacey starts racing down the steps while Lisa takes off up stairs.

Stacey runs down a couple of flights and sees Denise's shoe lying on the stairs. "She's down here." Stacey calls out and picks up her pace down the stairs.

Lisa high steps her way up the stairs. She curses Denise under her breath for putting her through this extremely aerobic exercise. "Gonna make that bitch pay for making me run up these fuckn' stairs." Lisa thinks. Moments later she spies Denise's shoe on the steps. "Got you now bitch!" Lisa mutters, and pumps up the stairs even faster.

Seeing her deception has been successful, Denise steps out from behind the door. A cocky smile appears on her face. Denise runs her fingers through her hair to tame it's wild appearance. Then she walks at a brisk pace down the hall to the exit and stairs at the opposite side of the building. From there she finds a safe exit from the building, and gets back to her car.

The events of the last forty-five minutes replay in Denise's mind. It started when Demi Moore directed her to pick up some contracts from an attorney's office. This is a pretty common occurrence since she began her quest to be the fourth member of the ABA. Just like a college sorority the perspectives are often asked to perform menial chores for the big sisters. It was just normal initiation type stuff.

When Denise arrives at the appropriate office, there is no one at the front desk, only a bell to ring for the receptionist. Denise impatiently bangs on the bell. No receptionist answers, only Lisa Raye, and Stacey Dash come charging out from the back. Denise stands frozen in shock as the two women attack her. It took only moments for the two stronger women to overwhelm Denise and start issuing a beating of a lifetime. Lisa and Stacey are both strong and very smart. Denise would have had her hands full with either of them one-on-one. Alone against both of them, she stood no chance. Finally she admits to herself, that she would not have beat either of them one-on-one.

Denise knew what was happening from the moment that she saw Stacey and Lisa. Vivica A. Fox was making her power move. Vivica is Denise's competitor for the ABA's final roster spot. Stacey and Lisa are her long time friends. She sent them to take her out and make her miss a critical training session with the ABA. Deep down Denise admired Vivica's tactic, as well as the style and execution of Vivica's plan. She appreciated the beauty of the devious ploy, but did not like it being sprung on her at all.

Lisa and Stacey brutally crushed Denise. They leisurely beat Denise, and slapped her around like a rag doll. Stacey and Lisa smiled, laughed, giggled and joked all the while like it was a comedy routine. It was a tragic comedy for Denise, as they totally destroyed her.

A particularly hard round house punch from Lisa launches Denise on top of the Receptionist desk, and sends her tumbling over, until she falls off the other side. It turned out to be a lucky stroke for Denise. While groveling under the desk, Denise spies an aerosol can of air freshener. Quickly Denise grabs the can, and hides it under her body as she lies face down on the carpet. Denise hears Stacey and Lisa's hysterical laughter at her comedic, slap stick tumble over the desk and disappearing out of sight. Lisa leads Stacey around the desk to retrieve Denise. When Lisa bends over to grab her quarry, Denise rolls over and sprays the air freshener into Lisa's face, only inches away. Lisa is taken totally by surprise and gets an eyeful of the foreign stream. Lisa shrieks and drops to her knees covering her burning eyes with both hands.

While Stacey stands with her mouth open and trying to completely comprehend what just happened, and why her friend is on her knees screaming like a banshee, Denise springs to her feet. Stacey draws back to hit Denise, but as she does, Denise gives her a blast of the spray directly in her eyes too.

With both of her assailants temporarily blinded, Denise, pushes past them and runs for the door. After giving Denise a twenty second head start, Lisa and Stacey shake off the effects of the spray and charges after the blurry figure. The chase continued until Denise's crafty escape.

At the ABA headquarters there is a lot of debate about Denise's sudden disappearance. "Well I guess Denise is not the answer for the ABA." Jenny McCarthy says. "It looks like Vivica is our newest member, and we're happy to have you."

Jenny speaks to Vivica Fox, Lucy Liu and Demi Moore in the basement gymnasium of their modified building. The basement has been outfitted prominently with a wrestling ring. Also there are racks of dumb bells, four sophisticated weight machines, heavy punching bags, and a hot tub for recuperating. It has served as the home for Vivica and Denise's competition. They stand around a small table with two bottles of champagne and four champagne glasses. "How about a toast to our new family member." Jenny says as she pops the cork on the bubbly and starts filling the glasses. The fragrant smells of the champagne permeates the room, as the smiling ladies each take a glass for the toast. Demi's eyes have an extra glow as she looks at Vivica. She is proud of the part that she played in eliminating Denise, and to have another ally in the ABA. "To Vivica Fox...." Jenny says as she raises her glass.

Suddenly, the toast is interrupted by Denise Richards entering into the gymnasium. She looks like a wreck. Her blouse is tattered into shreds, barely covering anything. Her hair is all over her head. She looks like she has been in a wind tunnel or just escaped from a 80's rock video. Her body looks tired and battered. Denise walks straight to the wrestling and crawls inside. "Good job Vivica.... Damned good trap... A good try, but it didn't work! I'm still standing!" Denise states with a smile.

Vivica responds with cool chuckle under her breath. "I'm glad you're here Denise. You're just in time to toast me becoming the fourth member of the ABA." Vivica answers and raises her glass.

"I'll toast your ass alright." Denise says with a smirk. "No, actually I came here to smack the shit out of your ass for that bullshit you just pulled." Denise takes off the tattered shirt and throws it out of the ring, and issues the challenge to Vivica. "Get your old ass in this ring, right now bitch!"

Vivica feels Lucy, Demi and Jenny's eyes fall on her. She knows the competition is not over yet. She has to finish the job that Lisa and Stacey started. From the looks of Denise, that should not take too much. "Fine, your funeral dumb ass. You shouldn't have come here, but if you want me to kick your ass, I will." Vivica says as she heads to the ring. Vivica climbs on the apron then through the ropes and into the ring. Vivica is already dressed for combat, wearing a mustard colored bikini. Denise wears a black bra, and a worn out pair of jeans. "I'm bigger and stronger than you. You can't beat me in a fair fight." Vivica threatens as she walks closer to Denise.

"Who said anything about a fair fight?" Denise asks. Then Denise pulls out her right hand that has gone unnoticed behind her back since she threw her shirt out of the ring. Denise throws a handful of white powder into Vivica's eyes at close range. A puff of smoke explodes around Vivica's face as the powder makes contact. Vivica frantically grabs her face, screaming, and making violent jerking twist and turns hoping that it will somehow relieve the burning sensation in her eyes.

While Vivica is screaming, "MY EYES! MY EYES ARE BURNING!" Denise grabs a handful of Vivica's mustard colored bikini bottoms and a handful of Vivica's hair and bum rushes Vivica toward the ropes. Next Denise launches a screaming Vivica over the top rope. The shrieking ebony queen goes flying through the air, out of the ring, for a very hard landing to the concrete basement floor. Being blinded by the mysterious powder, Vivica had little chance to soften her fall. Denise quickly follows out after her prey.

Denise hops out of the ring as Vivica rises to her knees. Denise bares her claws and rakes them down the length of Vivica's back. Vivica arches her back and shrieks again. Vivica tries to crawl away, but Denise cuts her off with kick after kick to Vivica's body. "Stupid bitch! Nobody fucks with me!" Denise shouts. Her words are barely heard over the meaty thumps of Denise's Nike covered foot savagely booting Vivica's body. Reaching down and seizing Vivica's arm and a handful of hair, Denise hauls her victim to her feet. Then she whips Vivica into the iron ring post. Still blinded, Vivica charges head first into the unforgiving post. Vivica is sinking to the floor when Denise grabs her hair and smashes her skull into the post again.

Vivica sinks to her knees with her ears ringing. She leans against the ring for support, as Denise steps away from her victim, but returns quickly with her tattered shirt in hand. Denise wraps the shirt around a dazed Vivica's neck, choking the beauty. Denise shakes Vivica back and forth as she chokes her victim. "Not so smart now are you?" Denise taunts. "Make sure you tell Lisa and Stacey what I did to you."

After Denise releases Vivica, she crawls in the ring, for a breather. Vivica leans against the ring gasping. Vivica feels like she has been run over by a car. Her body feels the effects of Denise's sudden, brutal assault. She hears the whispers and discussion amongst Lucy, Demi and Jenny. She assumes they are talking about her and the thrashing that Denise is giving her. After all the months of Trials by Lucy, just when she was about to taste the sweet victory champagne, its all tumbling out of control now. Its all falling out of her grasp. Vivica wills her self to crawl into the ring. Vivica enters the ring through the top and middle ropes when Denise charges at her and nails Vivica in the temple with a knee. Vivica tumbles off the ropes and lands on her back on the ring apron. Vivica has stars orbiting her head. She roll onto her side, when Denise comes charging again, this time she does a baseball slide, and nails Vivica right in the face. Vivica is propelled off the ring apron back down to the floor.

Luckily for Vivica, her vision starts to clear. Her eyes were filling with tears, and tricking down her cheeks. Vivica later claims her eyes were watering from the powder thrown into her eyes, and not the pain flooding her body. Although by the way she gingerly moves her battered, bruised body, it appeared otherwise. Denise did not care. She exits the ring, and grabs a metal folding chair from ringside. Denise gives Vivica a couple crisp whacks across the back. Vivica collapses to the ground feeling like a whipped dog. She feels like Denise has kicked the shit and fight out of her. Denise seizes Vivica by the hair and bikini bottoms and jerks her up. Then she shoves the stunned, shaken woman under the ropes and back into the ring.

As Vivica uses the ropes to pull herself to her feet, Denise returns to the ring after her. Denise strikes with a hooking punch that reverberates off of Vivica's side. Vivica jerks to the side, then wheels around and nails Denise in the side of the head with a good left overhand. Although normally it would have put Denise down on her ass, at this time, it lacks its normal power. Denise recoils, but instantly returns with a piercing hook into Vivica's exposed belly. The pain clearly registers on Vivica's face. Her eyes squinted shut, and her sexy full lips parted, making a round shape, and release a deep guttural howl. Seeing her success, Denise uncorks a flurry on punches to Vivica's belly. Vivica gamely tries to retaliate with a sweeping punch, but Denise ducks underneath. With Vivica off balance from the miss, she scoops her opponent onto her shoulders with a Fireman's carry.

Vainly Vivica struggles while hoisted on top of Denise's shoulders. "What's the matter Sistah Girl? Can't handle White She Devil today?" Obviously pissed, Vivica barks in displeasure at Denise's reference to her character in the Undercover Brother movie. She struggles more, but it does her no good. Instantly Vivica envisions the classic catfight from the movie, and its ending. Aunjanue Ellis's Sistah Girl character demolishes Denise's White She Devil character with a brutal combination of knee's and punches, that leaves Denise slumped unconscious in the shower with the water cascading over her. She visualizes a similar ending to this fight, but that is all interrupted as Denise tosses Vivica off her shoulders. The cougar twists in the air and lands hard flat on her back. She thinks every bone in her body is rattling.

Demi Moore looks on trying to hide her discontent. Her conspiracy scheme with Vivica is falling apart. Her bid to gain a partnership with another Boss in the ABA ranks, and gain a significant power que looks dim now. Then her dreams get a quick boost when the crafty veteran. Vivica, pokes Denise in the eyes when she tries to haul Vivica back to her feet.

Seizing her opening, Vivica rises up, grabs Denise's hair, and drops down to the mat ass first. While falling she brings Denise with her and smashing into the mat, face first with a face buster. Denise is stunned enough for Vivica to pull her to the ropes and drape her throat first across the middle rope. Vivica climbs on Denise's back by placing knees on her adversary's shoulder blades. Vivica uses the top rope to impose her weight to choke Denise out. Vivica was in desperate need for a breather. This allows her to use her superior body weight to inflict some punishment on Denise, and give her time to recuperate from the beating that Denise has been putting on her.

Vivica climbs off Denise's back once she has caught her breath. She uses a handful of hair to pull Denise back, then drives her elbow into Denise's trapezius muscles at the base of her neck. A numbing shiver travels down Denise's entire left side. Vivica delivers another heavy elbow to the same side. Then she delivers a few elbows to the other side of Denise's neck. Denise cringes. She feels like both arms have gone numb. "Damned Vivica hits like a hammer." Denise thinks reminding herself how dangerous that Vivica is.

Next Vivica moves to another simple attack. Grabbing Denise's chin and the top of her head, she twists Denise's head sharply counter clockwise. Denise feels like Vivica is going to twist her head off like a twist off top. Vivica wants to keep her assault simple. Nothing fancy right now. Her body definitely suffers from the effects from Denise's assault. Although Denise feels like she is being brutally hammered, Vivica has only a fraction of her normal power.

Still behind Denise, Vivica pulls her up to her feet. Vivica hoists her rival up and drops her ass first on her knee with an atomic knee drop. Denise leaps off of Vivica's knee holding her butt and screaming at the top of her lungs. She high steps it to the ropes and turns to see Vivica charging at her. Denise's eyes get wide as saucers in fear. The last thing she wanted to see was Big Bad Vivica heading for her. Vivica has her arm extended for a clothesline. That is another terrifying thought for Denise. She thinks another powerful blow from this strong woman would finish her. At the last moment, more out of pure fear than anything else, Denise ducks. Vivica goes flying over then Denise rises launching Vivica over the top rope with a back drop. Vivica goes flying. She did not expect that from Denise, and was totally off guard. Vivica soars over the top rope, not touching it to break her flight. She does a flip and crashes on the hard floor outside.

After crashing and burning to the ringside floor, Vivica clutches her lower back and immediately thinks, "That's it!" Her back as been in distress and aching since the chair shots from Denise. Now it hurts too much for her to continue. She will not submit because she does not want to appear like a punk bitch. So she just lies in a heap, holding her back.

Denise hops out of the ring. She is not aware of Vivica's condition, but feel the energy of the moment coursing through her body. Denise grabs Vivica and roughly jerks her up to her feet. Vivica offers next to none resistance. Denise hooks her foe into position for a suflex. Adrenalin rushes through Denise's body, allowing her to snap Vivica over with far more strength and speed than normal. Vivica is taken over and splatters against the ringside floor. Denise springs to her feet and pulls her moaning, hapless foe to her feet again, and puts her into position for another suflex. The jacked up actress aggressively snaps Vivica's unresisting body over again for another hard suflex on the ringside floor.

Everyone could see that Vivica is through. She lies on her back unresisting fighting back tears. This scene only seemed to stoke Denise's bloodlust. Denise became more hyped. She knows that Vivica is a formidable opponent. Certainly if she had not our foxed the Fox, with the well place blinding powder, Vivica definitely would not be lying there in such pitiful shape. Besides she is smart enough to know she needs to punish Vivica enough to make sure she wants no parts of Denise ever again.

Denise walks over and kicks the prone beauty in the head. Her blood lust is boiling. She hauls Vivica up again. Denise grabs Vivica around the waist and picks her up, turning her upside down at the same time. Once Vivica is carefully placed into position, Denise drops her on her head with a tombstone piledriver. Vivica's body convulses briefly then lies still. She is still conscious, just barely conscious. Denise pops to her feet. She is stoked. She wants to make her suffer for her ambush. She wants her to suffer in spades.

"Come on heifer, I'm not done with you!" Denise says as she grabs Vivica under both of her arm pits and hauls her off the ground. Vivica moans in agony, but it really sounds like pitiful whimpering. "You're going to pay for what you did to me." Denise continues as she lugs Vivica to the ring and stuffs her into the ring under the bottom rope. Denise crawls into the ring behind Vivica. Denise hauls Vivica up and inverts her upside down again for another tombstone pile driver. Vivica pitifully moans in protest, mostly to stifle the urge to beg for mercy. Denise drops down, dooming Vivica to another tombstone piledriver. Lucy, Jenny and Demi all cringe at ringside. Denise releases Vivica's totally limp body, allowing the kayoed beauty to fall to the mat. Seeing her knocked out cold adversary lying on the mat, causes Denise to laugh maniacally.

"Just one more time" Denise excitedly sings. She starts hauling Vivica's dead weight up for another piledriver. The only thing moving on Vivica is her big bouncy tits as Denise struggles with her body weight. After quite a struggle, Denise gets Vivica up when Lucy hollers "ENOUGH!" Denise stops in her tracks "One more tombstone piledriver and you'll be carving Vivica's tombstone." Lucy continues. "Congratulations, you won. Get over here, Denise." Reluctantly, Denise slings Vivica's lifeless body to the side and exits the ring.

Jenny greets Denise first. "Denise you showed that you are the baddess ass in the ring. Congratulations, you are the newest member of the ABA." Jenny shakes Denise's hand, and turns it into a hug. Denise smiles and hugs Jenny back.

Traveling down the line, Denise hugs Lucy next. "Congratulations" her former task mistress whispers.

"Thank you." Denise answers. "Thank you for everything."

Denise turns to Demi and sees her standing with open arms. Demi wears a sweet smile totally hiding her disappointment from Vivica's defeat. Denise smiles back just as widely. Then blasts Demi in the jaw with a super kick! Caught totally offguard, Demi's head snaps back, then she falls backwards as stiff as a tree. "Fucking Bitch! Think I didn't know that you helped set me up too?"

Lucy immediately moves to separate the vixens, as Denise advance toward the downed Demi. However Jenny grabs her shoulder and stops her, "Wait a minute. Let them settle this. Let's see how this turns out." Lucy cuts Jenny a disagreeing eye, but allows things to play out in spite of her better judgement.

Denise grabs the totally stunned and dazed Demi, and drags her across the floor. "I don't know what you problem with me is, but it ends today." Denise mutters as she drags Demi to the hot tub. Once there, Denise hauls Demi to her feet, and dumps Demi's head into the water, and holds it down. The water instantly revives Demi, and she starts thrashing about, trying to get her head out of the water.

Despite Demi's best efforts, Denise has a good leverage point and is able to keep Demi's face submerged under water. Denise keeps Demi's head under for a good long time to teach the elder member a lesson. After she is more than sure that Demi has exhausted any breath she may have taken prior to being dunked. Denise pulls Demi's head out and says, "Whatever it is, I'm a member of the ABA now, we're on the same team." Then she dunks the coughing, gasping and gagging brunette's head back underwater.

Again Demi vainly fights to save herself from her watery predicament. However Denise cruelly holds her new teammate under. Denise sees the vigor dissipate from Demi's body. Her struggles are not as vibrant as before. Denise patiently waits till Demi's struggles slow even further, then pulls Demi out again. "Either we learn to coexist on this team or one of us will have to go!" Denise preaches and dunks Demi back into the hot tub. "And I'm not going anywhere." Denise adds as Demi's struggles begin anew.

Denise holds Demi underwater this time until the brunette totally stops resisting. She wants to prove her point to Demi, but to Jenny and Lucy as well. Her point is that Denise Richards is the wrong person to fuck with. Finally she pulls Demi up and asks the gagging woman, "So can we work together peacefully or what?"

It takes several seconds for Demi to stop coughing and gagging to finally croak out "yyyesssssss".

"Good" Denise cheerfully answers. "I was hoping we'd work things out. I'm really looking forward to working with you. There is a lot I can learn from a person of your success and experience." Denise finishes in a tone that borderlines sincerity and taunt. Demi gives Denise a suspecting eye, trying to figure out the treacherous woman's intent. Denise then gives Demi a hug and helps her back over to Jenny and Lucy by the table with the champagne glasses.

"I believe this belongs to you." Jenny says with a smile, as she hands Denise the exact same glass that Vivica had before Denise's arrival. Lucy hands a humbled Demi her glass back. In the background lies the spread eagle unconscious Vivica A Fox lies flat on her back, with her mountainous tits standing straight up.

"A toast." Jenny announces holding the glass high. "To our newest family member and to the success and future of The American Bad Asses!"

"CHEERS!" they say in unison, as a new chapter in the illustrious history of the ABA begins.

"That's what happened.... Anyway after I wake up, Demi and I have a good long talk." Vivica explains what happened on that Last Trial to her friends, Stacey Dash, Lisa Raye, Gabrielle Union, and Meagan Good, "She said that we are still her crew. She's got our back getting matches, promotional pushes, training, the whole nine. All we have to do is get her back."

The five friends are meeting at Stacey's house. "She's started by getting these..." Vivica explains opening a manilla folder, and handing out documents to her friends. "These are your contract for Stone Rage's Battle Zone." Vivica says proudly handing the appropriate documents to her friends. There are smiles all around the room. Discussion of plans and hopes and dreams are expressed as the ladies prepare to enter the league.

It could be blamed on the bottles of wine, or just communion of friends, the 'meeting' deteriorates into a girlfriend session, full of laughs, jokes, jabs, and foolishness. Vivica is the unspoken leader of the crew. All the black actresses have long looked to Vivica as their role model in the business. "So now that we are a new Super Group, what are we going to call ourselves?" Vivica asks.

"I say keep it gangsta. Something like Bitch Society!" Lisa says while talking with her hands. "You know cause I'm dat bitch, you know"

"Hell no, I'm not calling myself a bitch in public." Gabrielle responds.

About that time a news break plays on the TV. There is a clip of President Barack Obama talking about the economy. Then Stacey starts picking up some empty glasses and used food plates. She walks by everybody, comfortably dressed in an old pair of gym shorts. As she tidy's up a bit, everyone can not help but to notice her big ass bouncing around inside the shorts and starts peaking out from underneath.

"Mutha fucka's talking about a stimulus package, we've got the mutha fuckin' stimulus package right here." Meagan jokes and gives Stacey's big beautiful juicy bouncy ass a hard slap.

"Stimulus Package? you know, actually that sounds pretty good." Vivica says. "How about calling ourselves the Stimulus Package?" Vivica asks.

"I like it" Gabrielle Union agrees. Then the approvals go around the room.

"Cool Stimulus Package it is!" Vivica proclaims. "The Battle Zone better beware."

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