Bad Asses in Training

The ABA Draft - Jenna Jameson vs Denise Richards

NOTE - This story immediately follows - Uncivil War Declaration of War
It a non conspicuous building is an unheralded neighborhood. Its not a likely place for the secret hideaway for the American Bad Asses, but that is why it maintains a secret. On the top floor, Jenny McCarthy, and Lucy Liu are waiting for their third member, Demi Moore to arrive. There are no smiles or joy in the room. This comes days after The ABA had their first encounter with The Resistance. An encounter where the ABA suffered one of the most embarrassing defeats in their storied history. The Resistance out smarted the ABA, then destroyed them, leaving a battered trio to be taken away in an ambulance.

On the floor underneath lies the ABA training facility. Over the past few weeks that has become the place of hopes and dreams for the ABA. It has become the training area for the three candidates to become the fourth member of the ABA. Lucy is the head mistress of the competition, and puts the candidates though rigorous trails daily. Two of the hopefuls are arriving. Denise Richards is early and waiting the rest. Jenna Jameson is getting dressed for another day of strenuous competition against Denise, and the third candidate, Vivica Fox.

Fashionably late, Demi walks through the front door and heads upstairs to the meeting room with Lucy and Jenny. As Demi steps into the room, Jenny leaps to her feet and goes to meet her. As Demi walks through the doorway, Jenny grabs the brunette by her collar and snatches her into the room. Then she slams Demi's back into the wall beside the door, hard enough to rattle everything in the room. Jenny jacks Demi up, and gets in her face, "DEMI! You and your fucking schemes!" Jenny shouts in her team mate's face. "What do you plan on doing about this Resistance!"

Lucy watches the scene in total fascination. Jenny wears an expression of volatile, fury. She looks like she is about to rip into Demi's ass any second if she says the wrong thing. Cool Demi stinks of fear. Her eyes are wide, her legs look shaky like a young child about to wet her pants while being scolded by her parent or teacher. Lucy can see Demi rapidly trying to control the fear running rapid through her, but still trembles. Demi has been the voice piece, and strategist for the ABA since her arrival, or infiltration as Nikki Cox describes it. Everyone, assumed that she is the unspoken leader of the organization. Even Lucy felt Demi was the leader. Now Lucy sees who is the true leader, who really carries the power of the group. Undoubtedly Jenny wields the true power in the ABA.

Still trembling in fear, Demi stammers, "I I I I They.... b....."

"Just shut tha fuck up!" Jenny shouts, interrupting Demi's mindless dribble. "No more schemes! I'm taking control of this situation!" Jenny proclaims. "No more bull shit! Just old school ABA beat downs." Jenny announces to no objections. "You have a fucking problem with that?" Jenny asks daring Demi to disagree.

Demi looked too afraid to even respond. A known suck up, Lucy sees that she has mistakenly pegged her good friend Demi as the leader, quickly changes allegiances. "No Jenny you're 100 percent right." Lucy chimes. Demi manages to shake her head no, showing no problems with Jenny's power.

"Good! Sit down and listen!" Jenny says throwing Demi towards the meeting table. Demi stumbles into the table, then quickly takes her seat. The moment Demi takes her seat an amazing metamorphose takes place. After being so rattled a moment earlier, Demi starts immediately to calm down and regain the infamous composure that she is known to possess.

Jenny turns to face her teammates with that blaze still raging in her eyes. "The ABA has become weak... Pussies.... and that ends today!" Jenny pauses as she paces across the head of the table. Jenny states, "We're going to impose our dominance and our will on this league once again, and if whoever can't get the job done is gone, including me!" Jenny bangs the table angrily "It's time for a new order in this group!"

"First we're going on a reign of terror like this league has never scene before. Everybody that has ever crossed the ABA anytime any where will be a target. The Fab Four, Alyssa Milano, Catherine Zeta Jones, Jeri Ryan, Catherine Bell are targets" Says Jenny beginning to raise her voice to a yell. "Cameron Diaz, Kelly Hu, and Spontaneous Xtasy will pay for what they did!" Jenny says beginning to shout. "Nikki Cox is toast! Pam Anderson! Tia Carrere! Jessica Alba! Eva Longoria! Jennifer Aniston are all going down!" Jenny says raising her voice to the level of a rant. "Above all, every bitch in that ring claiming to be this so called Resistance gets destroyed! Anybody who refuses to bow down to us, will get knocked down!"

"This is how we are going to do it!" Jenny states again banging the table for emphasis. "Demi!" Jenny barks while pointing her finger directly at the wide eyed brunette. "All these people that want our help. They want our push, our training, our protection can join our mob. But they have to be 'Made Women' first. That means they have got to execute a hit on somebody on our target list to be down! After you are a Made Woman, then you are an affiliate of our mob, of which we are the bosses." Jenny pauses, as Lucy and Demi contemplate the anarchy that Jenny is about to unleash on the league.

Jenny chuckles maniacally, "But that is not how we are going to get strong, and remain strong." Jenny calms down and speaks in a reflective tone. "See when Alyssa Milano founded the ABA it was because of power. We were four women who could get it done in the ring by any means necessary. We used strength and cunning to shake this league to its foundation. Now we are a shadow of our former selves. Its time that we get back to our core values, cunning and strength."

"If we are to stay the Bosses, and maintain our position in this league, then we.." Jenny points to the three women at the table. "Will have to stay on top of our game, and remain strong at all times."

"We are going to stay strong, and eliminate weakness because any Made Woman can ascend and take any of our Boss chairs at any point and time." Jenny pauses while Demi and Lucy look at her like she has lost her mind. "The weak will be culled because the Bosses will have to prove their worth every day." Jenny continues. "All a Made Woman has to do is challenge and take out a Boss, and they can have her chair, but there is a catch." Jenny pauses again, allowing her team to absorb her words. "First they better use cunning to convince the majority of the Bosses to vote for her over the person she decides to challenge. Second, she has to have the strength to kick the incumbent's ass. After a Made woman challenges a Boss and wins, then the remaining Bosses vote whether the challenger gets the seat or not. So a Boss will have to show the political skills it takes to thrive in this league, as well as the physical ability to get things done in the ring."

There is silence in the room after Jenny's speech. Demi breaks the silence saying, "Works for me." Demi has regained her total composure. She is also supremely confident, that no one can eliminate her from the Bosses' table. She foresees a pen of savage predators that will eventually devour Jenny like rabid dogs. Then Demi will put the bitches on a leash, and lead the pack.

"Me too" Lucy says, as she envisions a table filled with her pupils as head Mistress of the ABA. She sees a premonition similar to her Kill Bill character, O-Ren Ishii at the head of a table of dangerous mobsters, all bowing to her. Lucy makes a mental note to recall her bodyguard and confident, Chiaki Kuriyama from Japan to protect her back.

"Good" Jenny replies with a smile. Finally, she sees, as the last original Bad Asss, the group being made over in her image. Not Alyssa's, not Christina Applegate's, but hers. The image of a Survivor. A survivor who by right of succession will head the most powerful organization, with a group comprised of only the strongest of the strong.

"Good" Jenny repeats. "So how are things going about filling that last chair?" Jenny asks pointing to the ominous empty chair.

"Good and not so good." Lucy reports. "Vivica, Denise, and Jenna have all proved worthy, but no one has separated herself from the group yet." Lucy sighs.

"Time to crank up the heat we need the fourth member now!" Demi states.

That is exactly the same thought going through Denise Richards mind at this time as well. When the ABA snatched her from Generation Prime, she thought the competition was just a preliminary, token competition for her to prove her worth. Instead, she finds herself embroiled in a strenuous, and very heated competition against worthy competitors. In fact it is a competition that she is very uncertain that she can win. Denise wants to be part of the ABA, and all the fame, accolades and power that comes with it, but this competition is wearing her down. Vivica Fox and Jenna Jameson are equal to her in almost every competition, and just as motivated. This competition can drag on forever, before any of them can separate herself from the competition.

Denise knows what must be done. She must find a way to eliminate her competition. She is sure that both Vivica and Jenna are thinking the same thing, but the question is how. All three are mentally strong, and cannot be easily tricked, fooled, or manipulated. Their Head Mistress has outlawed fighting outside the training sessions. Her very ominous word were, "I will not tolerate physical encounters outside of my sessions. My student will not be jumped, or assaulted by other students, or affiliates without my permission. The purpose of this competition is for the ABA to decide who will be the strongest member, not who can pull off the best ambush! Anybody breaking this rule will be dealt with severely!"

"Hypocrite." Denise thinks. "That is what the ABA is best known for." None were willing to test Lucy's rule. Most felt the end result would be one student, unable to compete, and the other tossed out for breaking the rule, leaving the last one left to be the winner. None of the competitors are overly patient women. All are aggressive, and fiercely attempt to achieve their goals. Denise is the least patient of the three. She is always willing to dare, thinking that normal laws never apply to her anyway.

"This is crazy" Denise thinks. "The ABA's motto outta be, 'Fuck the rules, we do what we want, when we want, and how we want to do it.' How can they make a rule like that, which goes against everything they stand for?" Denise contemplates as she loosen up her muscles some more.

Suddenly Denise has a bright idea. "Maybe that is the real test!" Denise considers. "Maybe that is how I can prove that I'm ABA material. Maybe that is what they are waiting for, someone to be Bad Ass enough to fuck the rules and go get what she wants, like they do."

Denise stretches some more in a wrestling ring, but her muscles are still sore. Lucy's trials have been too much for her. The actresses' body is wearing down. Denise needs to do something soon. This has become a test of endurance. If it continues to be an endurance test, Denise knows she can outlast Vivica, but not Jenna. The blonde has an iron determination.

Speaking of Jenna, she has come out of the dressing room, and has started warming up just outside of the ring. Denise continues doing her stretches in the ring, but there is no use. Her body is still sore, and is not going to get unsore until she ends this competition. Denise considers her options once again. "Fuck, I'm Denise Richards the ABA wouldn't be stupid enough to throw me out for breaking a few little rules. They want me, everybody wants me." Denise thinks.

Denise walks over to her gym bag sitting in the corner, and pulls out her hair brush and sticks it in the waistband of her spandex work out pants. Denis stands up and jogs in place a bit. Jenna looks back over her shoulder at Denise, then turns back and concentrates on her own preparation. She has the exact same concerns about this competition as Denise. Jenna is worried, but she is and always have been a survivor. She is positive, she will find a way to win. She always does.

After jogging for a few seconds, Denise runs and bounces off of the ropes. Then Denise runs against the ropes near where Jenna is stretching, then charges into the ropes on the opposite side of the ring. Denie repeats her run until, Jenna turns her back, ignoring the racket caused by Denise racing across the canvas.

As Denise charges toward the ropes with Denise's back turned to her, Denise launches herself like a rocket. Denise flies through the middle and top ropes, is a suicide dive. Denise extends both arms like Supergirl as she sails through the ropes and flies directly into Jenna's back. Denise's two outstretched hands reach Jenna's shoulder blades, knocking the very unsuspecting blonde forward, falling flat on her face. The only cushioning Jenna got was her two big round tits, slamming into the ground, before the side of her face crashes into the floor.

The crash has both women stunned for a second. Jenna was knocked adle by the hard floor. The basement floor was just concrete covered by black and white, vynil squares in a checkerboard design. It took Denise a moment to get her bearings after her flight, and collision. Then her mind reeled that she actually completed the dare devil maneuver.

The momentary confusion ends shortly and Denise sinks her claws into Jenna's golden hair and rears Jenna's head back. Next, Denise starts banging Jenna's lovely face on the floor. Jenna wildly thrashes underneath Denise, about to dislodge the actress from her perch. Denise reaches behind her back, and pulls her hair brush from her waistband. Then WHAM! Denise swings the brush like a miniature club, and cracks Jenna over the back of the skull. Jenna screams and withers in pain as WHAM! Denise clobbers her on the back of the neck. WHAM!, WHAM! WHAM! Denise bludgeons Jenna repeatedly with her makeshift weapon.

In total desperation Jenna bucks again with all she can muster. Growing up as a mouthy, stripper in Las Vegas, Jenna has been ambushed by beautiful rivals many times before. If she can not turn this around soon, she will become just another victim. Jenna has Denise scouted as an average fighter with an uncommon vicious streak, that makes her far more dangerous, past her skill level. Despite Denise continuing to club her head, Jenna bucks and turns, knocking Denise off of her.

Denise has enough awareness to lock her legs around Jenna's waist as she fall off the blonde's back onto her side. With Jenna still captured in her clutches, Denise reaches around and places her hair brush handle against the porn mogul's throat and grabs the brush with a hand on either end, and pulls back. Denise hears Jenna loudly gag and hack, as she begin to choke her, but that is instantly silenced once her air supply is cut off. Jenna tries to find some relief by pulling on Denise's hands and the brush, to pull it off of her throat. It is useless, Denise just sneers and throttles back even harder. Jenna thought she was about to be free when she bucked Denise off, but finds herself in a worst position. Denise can literally feels the strength, resistance, and energy fade out of the blonde at an alarming rate.

Denise realizes that the brush is too small to provide enough leverage to choke Jenna completely out, but it can drain most of the fight out of her. She is going to have to finish Jenna off manually. After choking Jenna into a squirming snake between her legs, Denise releases her victim, and kicks the suffering blonde away.

Denise stands very annoyed that she will have to get her hands soiled even further with this nasty blonde. Denise hauls her panting enemy up, and shoves her into the ring under the ropes, and follows after her. Jenna struggles to her feet, and staggers into the corner, hoping to magically clear her head. Her body is weak, and her legs are shaky from being choked. Her thoughts are scrambled from the hair brush.

Denise follows the staggering blonde into the corner. She turns Jenna to face her, then places a hand under Jenna's chin and pushes her head back, forcing the porn queen's magnificent tits to thrust out. Denise salivates at the prospect of destroying Jenna's big round, beautiful, yet surgically enhanced tits. The smaller breasted Denise, feels that pounding Jenna's boobs will take away her super power like cutting Sampson's hair. Denise starts slamming her forearm down on Jenna's tits repeatedly with a vengeance. Denise grunts loudly as she goes about the impossible task of pounding Jenna's monster breasts flat.

Denise mysteriously stops, then grabs Jenna's arm and whips her across the ring. Jenna flies like, shot out of a cannon, and slams into the corner on the opposite side of the ring with her back. The impact knock what ever breath she had in her body out. A moment later, Denise comes charging in and rams into Jenna's midsection with her shoulder. Jenna opens her mouth to shriek, but nothing comes out. Her eyes tear up and doubles over in horrible pain. Denise grabs Jenna's T shirt, and snatches it off over her head. Finally she straightens up the breathless blonde, by looping Jenna's own T shirt around her neck, and pushing her back against the corner.

Jenna again finds herself being choked in the corner. She gives up all hope. Denise has trapped her, ambushed her and defeated her. She is about to tap out indicating her submission, when she remembered who her opponent was. Denise is a vicious woman, who wants her eliminated from this competition. She does not care about winning a fight. She wants Jenna to either walk out the door, or be carried out the door, and out of this competition. She doubted that Denise would even acknowledge her submission anyway. Left with no realistic options, Jenna tries to fight back. She kicks with her legs at Denise's body and legs. They are weak kicks but that is all that the blonde has left. It is only a minor annoyance to Denise, but it concerned her greatly. Jenna is clearly the best in ring performer of the trio competing for the ABA spot. Her boyfriend, former Ultimate Fighting champion Tito Ortiz has tooled an already tough woman with a vast array of submission holds. Denise is afraid of being caught with something. So the actress uses the T shirt noose to toss Jenna head over heels out of the corner. Jenna lands with a loud thump several feet away on her back.

During the last choking session, Vivica A Fox has walked into the basement gymnasium. She stands smiling at the confrontation, carefully considering the possibilities from this incident. Jenna is the best wrestler, she is dangerous. Denise is the most devious, she is dangerous. Vivica fall in between the two. She is the best natural athlete, but at her age, is having problems keeping up with Jenna. Vivica is a wily veteran, and can be quite devious, but not as heartless as Denise.

Denise freezes when she sees Vivica. The veteran, busty ebony actress was standing with her hands on her hips and smiling like a wolf looking at a chicken coupe. A fearful chill ran down Denise's spine. Next, she curses herself for being careless enough to allow Vivica to sneak up on her. Finally, she wonders what will be Vivica's reaction. Will she help her assault Jenna? Is Vivica waiting until she has finished Jenna off, then attack a tired target, and leave two carcasses lying in the ring for the ABA to discover, with her standing dominantly above them? If she accomplished that, surely the ABA will be extremely impressed.

Vivica chuckles seeing Denise's obvious uneasiness. "Go ahead and finish?" Vivica happily encourages, "Don't mind me. I was about to do the exact same thing."

Denise's eye brows move closer together and her brow wrinkles in suspision from Vivica's last statement. When Vivica admits that she was about to defy Lucy's directive, and risk an attack as well, it made her more nervous. She knows that if the roles were reversed, that she would wait for her to finish Jenna, then ambush, a tired unsuspecting winner without a doubt. She was trying to quickly think what she should do.

While these few precious moments passed, Jenna lies on the mat gulping air. Her body feels like it has been put through the wringer. Her body tells her that she has been beaten and defeated. She dropped her guard and allowed Denise Richards to thoroughly kick her ass. Since she has already loss this fight, the spirited blonde devises a way to salvage a win in this overtime session. Jenna reaches behind her back, and unfastens the big pink lace bra that is designed to hold her massive 36DD breasts.

"I'll bet you want me to turn my back" Denise spits suspiciously at Vivica "So you can stick a knife in it!"

Vivica laughs sinisterly. "Now, would I do that?" Vivica adds accompanied by another laugh. Vivica loves adding to Denise's paranoia. The problem with treacherous people, is that they always think others are conspiring against them, because that is how they think. Vivica has no intention of attacking, but loves driving the paranoid Denise crazy.

Breathless Jenna has stealthily forced her weary body to her feet, while Denise is distracted. the blonde has removed her pink bra and holds it in her hands. Although on unsteady legs, Jenna runs up behind her victim. She made eye contact with Vivica, and was encouraged by Vivica keeping Denise distracted for her sneak attack. Jenna leaps on Denise's back and wraps the bra around her neck.

Denise's eyes bludge more from shock more than anything. She drops to one knee from the weight of a larger woman hopping on her back. Denise's slender neck makes an excellent target, and Jenna takes advantage of it. Jenna throttles back with all that she has got. Fortunately for Denise, that is not a whole lot at this point. Instinctively, Denise starts thrashing around and bucking as soon as Jenna hops on her. Jenna holds on for dear life. Every time it looks like Denise is about to throw her, Jenna finds a way to hang on, and readjust herself onto Denise's back.

Vivica watches the struggle carefully. Denise powers up to her feet, and tries to buck or throw Jenna off. Jenna flops around, but somehow manages to stay attached. Then her flopping and being the heavier woman, knocks Denise off balance, causing her to fall to one or both knees. Then with fierce determination, Denise starts over again trying to throw Jenna.

Vivica looks down at her iPhone cell phone in her hand. The time says 6:43pm. Lucy says their training session begins promptly at 6:55pm. Their Asian American mistress always arrive exactly on time. Then she returns her eyes to the action in the ring. She inspects carefully. She sees why Jenna's choke is ineffective. The weakened blonde does not have the strength to apply it properly. As Denise thrusts and bucks, Jenna often losses the tight wrap around Denise's neck, allowing Denise to gulp deep breaths regularly. Its only Jenna's iron will that keeps her attached to Denise's back. Vivica surmises that it is only a matter of time before Denise escapes and finishes Jenna off. Vivica does not care who wins, but she wants one of these bitches laid out when Lucy walks in. The ABA still values strength above everything. They abhore weakness and failure. The winner will be punished for breaking the rules, but the loser will undoubtedly suffer a worst fate.

Denise tries to throw Jenna again. Jenna holds on somehow again, after flopping around, and losing the seal on her choke hold. Jenna brings her weight forward, making Denise fall to both knees. Then Jenna reapplies her choke after Denise has gulp several breaths. This time, Denise grabs the bra, and tries to over power Jenna for control of the undergarment. A wise decision, Jenna only holds on because of better leverage. Denise is on both knees, while Jenna stands behind her on both feet. Still Jenna struggles to contain the firm and fit Denise.

Vivica patiently waits for the right moment, while fondling her iPhone in her hand. Then when she has a clear shot, Vivica throws her iPone like Rocket Roger Clements hurtling a baseball. The gadget appeared to have a jet stream traveling behind it was moving so fast. BING! The iPhone nails Jenna Jameson right between the eyes. Jenna shrieks and releases Denise, staggering backwards on wobbly legs and holding her forehead.

Denise springs to her feet with her mouth hung open, and her big gray eyes fixed firmly on Vivica. She is totally shocked that Vivica helped her. She did not realize Vivica's intent. The smart Cougar hostess just wanted this contest ended before Lucy arrives. She predicts that way, the loser will be punished and/or eliminated. and the winner will just be punished. Either way, it will eliminate or weaken both of her rivals, leaving her path a lot easier.

While Denise did not realize why she recieved the assistance, she was not going to make the mistake of questioning it like before. Denise wheels around seeing a dazed and groggy porn queen holding her head and swaying from side to side. Denise advances and scoops up Jenna in her arms. Next with some careful maneuvering, she turns Jenna upside down with her arms around the blonde's waist. From there Denise drops to her knees, driving Jenna's head into the canvas with a Tombstone Pile Driver.

Jenna crashes with a thud, and her body falls to the mat. She lies spread eagle on the canvas with her big bare boobs jiggling and quivering like two large lumps of Jello. Surprisingly the tough fighter is not unconscious, but she definitely not rising anytime soon.

"Hell no, you're not getting off that easy." Denise says as she sinks her hands into the muddle of blonde hair on Jenna's head and starts hauling her foe back to her feet. Jenna gets a glimpse into Denise's cold and heartless gray eyes. A very rare tremble of fear runs through her body. She knows that Denise will not give a second thought about hurting her and hurt her bad to achieve her goal.

Denise picks Jenna up again and turns her upside down. Then Denise gives Jenna another hard Tombstone Pile Driver. When she releases Jenna this time, a lifeless unconscious carcass falls to the mat. Denise sits on her knees, catching her breath and taking everything in.

Most people would be surprised that Denise handily defeated a bigger and more skilled foe like Jenna, but Denise is not. She expected it. She assessed that Jenna's talents would be no match for her cunning and determination. Or more accurately said, Denise was confident that she would find a way to tilt the scales to her advantage and exploit it. Just like she always have.

Denise quickly stands and starts dragging Jenna's limp body out of the ring. "Come help me." she says to Vivica. "We can drag her out back and tie her up. Then we can deal with her after practice."

"Nah girlfriend." Vivica replies "This is your mess. You deal with it by yourself."

Denise shoots Vivica a dirty look as she continues dragging Jenna across the mat. She is seriously struggling dragging the bigger blonde across the floor. Denise has both hands in Jenna's arm pits and pulling the limp lifeless porn mogul with all her might. She does not get too far before the door opens to the basement gym.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?" Lucy shrieks as she walks through the door accompanied by Demi and Jenny. Denise drops Jenna's ragdoll body and straightens up wide eyed, as the angry Lucy stomps toward her.

"I tried to stop them, Mistress Liu" Vivica sings, chirping like a first class stool pigeon.

"Quiet!" barks Lucy as she walks up face to face with Denise.

"I... I had no choice Mistress Lui. She attacked me..." Denise stammers

"Bull shit!" Lucy interrupts. "I'm your coach. I know you have no chance in hell against Jenna in a fair fight. That's why you never have a fair fight, remember." Lucy raises her voice. "If it was a fair fight, I'd be talking to Jenna right now, and you'd be lying on the ground, stupid!"

Finally Jenny walks over and intervenes. "Don't get too upset Lucy, it's about time one of these recruit shown some initiative. This is exactly what I was talking about earlier. This took spunk, cunning and strength. That's ABA material. My old friend Jenna wwweeelllllll...... not so much." Jenny says shaking her head.

Lucy was still fuming. She is almost pouting she is so mad. This competition is her show, and she'll be damned if she let this cavalier actions take place. Her whole point of being the head mistress is to create members loyal to her. If they are attacking each other without her permission, she will never bring them under her control. If Denise had talked to her, and asked to kick Jenna's ass this would go without punishment, but she did not. Lucy is hot.

"However the ABA is not a place for grandstanding, and not being a team player." Jenny continues. "Demi is right, that without some order, rules and a code, we will not survive. This violation of our rules can not be tolerated. If the ABA rule says attacks against recruits will be punished, then you must be punished Denise."

No other words need to be said. Lucy grabs Denise by the arm and leads her out back, muttering "Come with me" through gritted teeth.

Demi and Vivica follow Lucy to see Denise's fate while Jenny remains. "Bye guys, I'll take care of Jenna here." the blonde says waving at her colleagues.

After they left, Jenny helps revive Jenny. Helping the groggy girl to her feet, Jenny leads her friend away. "You know Jenna, I don't think the ABA is right for you. You're a natural born leader, a group situation is not the best place for you." Jenny tells the groggy woman. "I've got a new concept for you. How about your own group."

"A catfighting ClubJenna? I like it." Jenna says like she has never considered the concept of her own group.

"Yeah I like that name." Jenny exclaims. "As long as you're loyal to the ABA, and do an occasional favor for us, we'll give you the promotional push on undercards with us. You'll have access to our training facility, and our coaches and our trainers. You will also have our protection against your enemies. Its a win, win scenario for both of us...."

Jenny continues explaining her mob syndicate philosophy. Demi originated the idea, Jenny is taking the concept and running with it. Four bosses, controlling a vast network of teams, and allies. The network eliminates opposition to achieve ABA goals. The network is spurred by The Rule of Strength. This rule dictates that if they are strong enough, and cunning enough, they can achieve a seat at the top, and eliminate weakness in the group. To insure the ABA will be only comprised by the strongest of the strong.

Four hours later Denise lies flat on her back, in the ABA ring alone, and in darkness. Lucy's punishment began with exercises until she puked, twice. Then a sparring session. She teamed with Demi against Lucy and Vivica. Only Demi refused to tag her, leaving her to fight Lucy and Vivica alone. Lucy was like a lightning flash, brutalizing the tired woman with martial arts. Lucy was angry, vicious and ferocious. Next, Vivica tagged in. Vivica was strong, precise, and calculated in her assault. Vivica pounded Denise with fists, and feet, knocking her senseless. Vivica blended barbarism, and cunning perfectly. Finally Demi came in, and attacked her for being pathetic. Demi tormented Denise with various submission hold after submission hold. Until Denise was a broken rag doll lying in the middle of the ring.

When the torturous trio were finished, Lucy threw the keys in the ring next to Denise's prone body, singing out, "Lock up when you are done!" then turned off the lights. That was almost an hour ago.

So Denise lies flat in the ring with ever inch of her sexy body blazing in pain, even her hair. It is the worst physical pain she has known since child birth. But through it all she smiles. It was worth it. Jenna Jameson is gone. "One down, one to go." Denise laughs.

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