50 cent on Alicia Keys' comments on gangsta rap in Blender Magazine: "I donít like Alicia Keys no more...If she thinks what they consider [to be] gangsta music is [made] to bring black people down, then I think my s--t falls into that category. I donít like people who donít like me."

"I donít think that [her] classical s--t is cool. I donít give a f--k if you can classically play the piano. I havenít been classically trained, because my upbringing, nobody put me in front of a piano at that time...I could f--king care less about the s--t. So she donít like the music that embodies the harsh realities because theyíre not her realities. She hasnít been subjected to the same things."

Source And he also said it just ďwasnít a bright commentďĖand he does believe she said it since the magazine is standing by it.

My Diary
That's why I used to put so many walls around me! Some hating mutha fucker trying to start problems. Curtis should tell the truth, I don't like Alicia cause Vitamin Water chose her over me to be the face of the company in 2008! Or say my record sales have fallen off and I need the publicity. Or I'm trying to divert attention from my ex-girlfriend's house mysteriously burning down!

50 Cents is dogging me in the press over comments I made in a Blender magazine interview about gangsta rap. I released a clarification of my comments, and he still is talking junk.

As always, he is trying to make a buck off something, and booked a wrestling match between me and Foxy Brown to defend gangsta rap's honor! BULLSHIT! That lunatic Foxy just got out of jail and got dropped from her record label. She's broke and looking for some publicity, just like 50 after his last CD. They are trying to make a quick buck at my expense. I'm donating all my money to charity, Foxy is keeping hers, and 50 is getting a cut of her money for managing her.

I'm going to kick Foxy's little ass, and enjoy doing it. I got to kick her ass for my kids in my charities. I couldn't face them if I lose. Besides, I really want to hurt Foxy and 50 for me. Hmmm, I guess I am changing some.

I really do like to be bad + kinky!

Its a huge night for Foxy Brown. She is trying to pull her life back together after her stint in prison. Her constant battles with her former record label, ended with them dropping her. These constant battles began after she started sleeping with one of the former presidents, go figure. Now she is trying to get her own fledgling record label started and release her cd. She is worried. Foxy nearly went back to jail after assaulting her neighbor with her Blackberry only one month after being released. Things have a chance to turn around tonight, a high profile match with Fifty Cent in her corner. Also Fifty said that Demi Moore and Jenny McCarthy wanted to see her match and talk to her afterwards. That can only mean they're considering her for the ABA. Finally the break she needs. All she has to do is tear apart this high yellow bitch across from her, piece of cake. "Too much at stake to loose" Foxy thinks.

Foxy looks across the ring and sees Alicia Keys there with a confident and almost smug smirk. Alicia has a height, weight and probably strength advantage, but Foxy does not care. Like Alicia, Foxy was a member of Generation PRIME. She has trained and learned along with Christina Aguilera, and Jessica Simpson. Foxy concentrates on shredding Alicia, adding a little humiliation, and the subsequent large paychecks that she will earn from the notoriety of crushing Alicia Keys.

"Yo bitch I'm going to fuck your ass up" Foxy shouts to Alicia, "For real, you think you're all that cause you've got a few hits. Fox Boogie did all of that years ago. But that's cool, I'm gonna teach you to go popping off at the mouth about shit you don't know nothing about."

Foxy is in her element. She considers herself, and justifiably so, a legendary, Icon among female rappers. She feels she along with arch rival Lil Kim hold an honored place and younger female rappers should respect and almost pay homage to her. The cocky, well really arrogant, young lady is not shy about verbalizing her feeling publicly. She loves the concept of being rap's ambassador and putting this big time R & B Angel in her place. "Brooklyn in tha house!" Foxy shouts intending on giving Alicia a taste of the harsh realities that gangsta rappers talk about.

After the opening bell rings, Foxy notices Alicia does not fly into action, instead choosing to wait for Foxy to make a move. Foxy complies and charges toward the Grammy winning performer. As she approaches, Foxy ducks under Alicia's meaty arm swinging at her head and drives her shoulder into Alicia's midsection, driving Alicia back into her corner turnbuckle. Foxy drives her shoulder into the grunting beauty's stomach several more times, hoping to knock the breath out of her.

Foxy finishes her shoulder rams with a flurry of punches into Alicia's gut that has her covering up and hunching over. Foxy wisely finishes her flurry with an uppercut to Alicia's chin. Alicia's head pops up and she slumps back against the corner. Alicia quickly remembers that Foxy is no rookie. She is facing a skilled veteran intent on knocking her out.

While Alicia's eyes are still rattling in her head, Foxy whips her out of the corner to a hard bump into the opposite turnbuckle across the ring. Foxy charges in after her prey. Alicia is barely able to scurry out of the way, allowing Foxy to collide into the empty turnbuckle, tit first.

Unaffected by the impact, Foxy spins to face Alicia. The singer fires a kick into Foxy's gut as she turns, doubling her over. Then Alicia grabs a handful of hair and unleashes a roundhouse punch to the side of Brown's head. It felt good to Alicia, so she clocked her with another, then another. Alicia pulls Foxy out of the corner and pushes her back against the ropes. Alicia whips Foxy across the ring. As Foxy rebounds off the opposite side ropes, Alicia levels the petite rapper with a devastating clothesline.

While Foxy is still lying on the canvas with her bones rattling, Alicia grabs her by two large handfuls of hair and snatches Foxy back to her feet. The startled and actually scared rapper reacts purely on instinct and fires a volley of fist into Alicia's stomach as Alicia pulls her up. Alicia groans loudly and reacts with an instinctive forearm to Foxy's head to get the little lynx off of her. Foxy backs off a step or two before lunging in with a looping punch that connects to Alicia's jaw. Alicia's head snaps back but retaliates with a fist of her own.

An absolute brawl breaks out. Both native New Yorkers let their fist fly without caution or concern. Both connect with hard blows, but keep throwing punches. The excited crowd cheers on both vixens loving the action packed bout. Suddenly Foxy drops Alicia to her shapely butt with a wicked right to the chin. Alicia crashes to the canvas and looks up with that, "What tha fuck just happened? How did I get here?" look on her face. Foxy wants to remind Alicia how it happens and drops to her knees beside Alicia and rocks her further with fist to the face. Then Foxy tries to mount Alicia. The songstress knows the fight is practically over if she allows that to happen. Alicia grabs Foxy around her shoulders and closes her legs around the rapper's waist to put her in a guard. Then she hangs on desperately hoping to keep Foxy at bay.

Alicia's larger body engulfs Foxy, nullifying all possible offense. Foxy throws jabs onto Alicia's sides, claws and gouges, but inflicts not real damage. Alicia's heavy breathing slows as she swallows Foxy's body and gets some rest. At the same time as denied Foxy the opportunity for the same breather. Alicia holds Foxy tight, and restricts her breathing as much as possible. Alicia also adds disorienting palm strikes to Foxy's ears whenever possible. It proves to be a particularly cruel and disheartening for the poor girl who has endured multiple ear surgeries to regain her hearing loss.

After regathering herself, Alicia powers Foxy over from her dominant position on top of her, and roll both of them onto their sides. Next Alicia powers up to her knees and adjusts her arms around Foxy's waist. Finally Alicia rises to her feet lifting Foxy with her into a bear hug. "Yyyyyyeeeeaaagggghhhhhhhh" Foxy yells as she feels the power of Alicia's arms crushing her waist. The diminutive rapper pokes her thumb into Alicia's eye, forcing the mighty songbird to drop her and stagger back holding her eye.

Alicia instinctively turn her back to Foxy while her vision clears. Foxy springs to her feet and bounds after Alicia. Foxy slams forearms, double hand smashes and knees into Alicia's back, buckling her knees and sending her reeling against the ropes. Foxy follows her prey and traps her against the ropes. Alicia turns to face her attacker, and Foxy again lets her fist fly. Alicia covers up and retaliates turning the match into another slugfest. Again the same result occurs. Foxy out brawls Alicia.

Alicia is trapped on the ropes. Foxy is bombing away at her. The petite Brooklyn rapper has Alicia rocked, cornered, while squealing, grunting and groaning. She is desperately trying to cover up, fight back when ever possible, but taking lefts and rights to her beautiful face and lips the whole while. The scene can only be described as a mugging. If it was a boxing match, the referee would be about to stop it. Foxy begins to taunt her victim. "What's up now you stupid ass bitch?" Foxy yells loud enough for ringside observers and microphones to pick up. "Yeah, got something to say about gangsta rap now? Understand the harsh reality now, you dumb ass Midtown Manhattan uppity bitch?"

The only harsh reality that Alicia realizes is that Foxy Brown is currently kicking the shit out of her ass. However the deep thinking, gifted song writer can see realities beyond her current situation.

She realizes that the School of the Performing Arts that she attended may not have had as many, 'harsh realities' as Brooklyn representing Fox Boogie's High School. She also realizes that if she could do that Blender Magazine interview over again, she would definitely revise her statements about gangsta rap. Gangsta rap talks about harsh realities in the streets today. Her thoughts go to the kids in the Keep a Child Alive charity where she serves as the global ambassador. A charity to aid children with HIV/AIDS medication in Africa. She is fighting for those facing that harsh reality.

Alicia pushes herself off of the ropes. She lunges at Foxy hoping to tie her up. Foxy is waiting for her. She steps back and rips Alicia with a blazing upper cut that lands flush to Alicia's chin. Alicia's head snaps back, her eyes roll in her head, and her knees buckle, but she does not go down. Foxy side steps Alicia as she stumbles forward, and sinks a punch into Alicia's side as she passes that has Alicia screaming in pain.

Alicia staggers forward a few more steps and turns around still a little wobbly. Foxy's eyes light up. She knows one more good heymaker, and Alicia will be flat on the mat, out cold, and down for the count. Foxy charges forward and....


Just like an over zealous Geri Halliwell in Alicia's last match, Foxy runs right into Alicia's Clothesline from Hell. Alicia catches Foxy perfectly. The clothesline knocks Foxy's feet in the air, totally flying through the air until she lands on the back of her head. Alicia's clothesline turned Foxy inside out, and leaves her lying flat on her back, spread eagle on the canvas. The fans explode with cheers, while Foxy is down and out.

Alicia drops across Foxy's prone body and the referee begins to count the pin fall. ONE.... TWO..... SPLASH..... Splash? Fifty Cents grabbed a foam cup of soda from a ringside fan and threw it at Alicia's head. The cup hits its target and splashes its contents all over Alicia's head. Instinctively Alicia rises off of her foe and breaks the count. Alicia is furious when she sees a smiling and chuckling Fifty Cent gloating at ringside. The referee starts admonishing Foxy's corner man for his actions. Fifty climbs onto the ring apron to argue back. The official has to get between Fifty and Alicia as they start fussing at each other.

The scene is getting pretty chaotic. While Fifty and Alicia argue vehemently, Foxy stirs and sits up on the canvas. Foxy realizes the real reason for Fifty's argument is to give her time to recover and Alicia is falling for their trick. Foxy reaches down into her cleavage and starts digging down between her tits. After fishing around for a second, Foxy pulls a pair of brass knuckles out of her bra.

When Fifty sees Foxy back on her feet, and has retrieved her secret weapon, he immediately turn his attention to distracting the referee. Foxy approaches, trying to use her leg to shield the foreign object from Alicia's and the referee's vision. She taps Alicia on the shoulder and when she turns, nails her with the brass knuckles. It was a sloppy punch, Foxy was still wobbly from Alicia's clothesline, but it did the trick. Alicia goes down to the mat. Foxy scrambles to push the brass knuckles back between her tits and fall on Alicia for the pinfall. Fifty does his part expertly, keeping the referee's attention until Foxy has done her dirty work, then he instruct the referee to count the pin, and drops from the ring apron.

The referee turns around and sees Foxy lying on a downed Alicia. He knows something is a miss, but without any evidence of wrongdoing, he has no choice but to drop to the canvas and makes the count. Since the punch was not a clean shot, Alicia starts thrashing around to escape the pin. Foxy grabs a handful of Alicia's black spandex tights for leverage to hold Alicia down. It works, although Alicia is kicking, Foxy is able to hold her down long enough for the referee to count to three.

Foxy jumps off Alicia and meets Fifty in her corner to celebrate as he leaps to the ring apron. The referee looks at the timekeeper who is shaking his head no, and making hand signals indicating that Foxy hit Alicia with something. The fans are booing loudly. Alicia rises to her knees and looks at the referee pleading, "Ref.. Ref.. she cheated, she hit me with something."

"I believe you, but I didn't see it, and I can't disqualify her without any proof." the referee answers.

Alicia looks around in despair realizing that she has loss this match. All the ringside fans are mouthing and pointing at their chest trying to communicate where Foxy hid her foreign object. Alicia understands the message. Alicia springs to her feet, charges over to Foxy and shoves her hard, knocking her into Fifty, knocking him off of the ring apron to the floor. Alicia spins Foxy around to face her and grabs the front of Foxy's very low-cut black tank top. Alicia gives two or three angry hard yanks on the front of Foxy's top and rips the shirt it's full length down the front. Foxy shrieks in shock and reacts like the average woman who has just had her shirt publicly ripped off her body. Quick as a flash, Alicia's hands grab Foxy's black bra and with one yank, rips open Foxy's bra. The bra pops open, Foxy's large breasts flop everywhere and the brass knuckles fall to the canvas.

The referee sees the foreign object on the mat. He yells, "That's it Brown, you're disqualified!" and begin to signal the time keeper.

"No!" Alicia interrupts, "Just restart the match. This little whore is mine."

"You got it! RESTART!" the referee yells and calls for the bell, to the relief and cheers of the crowd. Foxy immediately starts protesting. Alicia just stares intense daggers at her opponent. Quickly realizing that her protest are falling on deaf ears and discards the torn garment off of her body and prepares to fight topless, although she is obviously shaken by these quick turn of events.

Alicia is furious that Foxy would try to cheat, worst yet, try to cheat her charity's children. Alicia charges out of the corner at the restart bell and grabs two handfuls of Foxy's hair. Alicia flings the shocked rapper halfway across the ring by her hair. Foxy lands with a thud and her big brown tits erotically bouncing and jiggling all over her chest, a sight that is not loss on anybody in attendance, including Alicia. Foxy scrambles back to her feet, but is steam rolled over by a running Alicia Keys clothesline. The building is electric, the fans are roaring at the top of their lungs, and Foxy is reeling. Foxy is trying to get back to her feet again much slower this time, but Alicia captures two handfuls of hair again and leaps into the air, and drives Foxy's face first into the canvas.

Looking to end this fight quickly, Alicia pulls Foxy off of the mat and forces her into a doubled over position, and pulls Foxy's head between her thighs. Fans marvel at Foxy's big tits freely swaying back and forth as she struggles to get loose. Alicia takes a deep breath to gather her strength then clutches Foxy's waist and hoists her up upside down about to power bomb the young lady into the mat. Foxy surprise everyone including Alicia, when she closes and locks her legs around Alicia's head as she is being power bombed. Foxy counters the power bomb by flipping Alicia head over heels with a hurracanrana. Alicia narrowly misses landing on her head and knocking herself silly.

Both Alicia and Foxy slowly rise to their feet. That last counter took everything that Foxy had left, but that counter did more than she ever knew. First it down right frightened Alicia, who thought she had this match well in hand. The momentum, the emotion and the crowd were all going her way, until that counter. If she had not realized how dangerous of a competitor Foxy was before, she did now. It was her gangsta's heart that made her fight through harsh times. More importantly, Foxy impressed every fan in attendance, every fan watching on pay per view, the booking committee and every promoter in the league. The resilient little rapper impress everyone letting them know this will be far from the last time they see her compete. Fox Boogie is back, and here to stay a while.

Alicia is standing in the corner as the re-energized Foxy charges toward her. Foxy clasps both hands together and leaps through the air, looking to bring her fist down like a hammer on her victim who is looking like a deer in headlights in the corner. At the last moment, Alicia steps out of the way, allowing Foxy to crash into the empty corner. Foxy spins around immediately into a knife-edgeís chop to her chest from Alicia. "Yeeaagh!" exclaims Foxy as she rocks back in the corner. Foxy is off balance only a moment, but that is long enough for Alicia to rocket an over hand fist to down on Foxy's cheek, rocking her again. Things quickly go down from there for the diminutive rapper.

Next, Foxy in bombarded by a whirlwind of fist that has her rocking and reeling around like a drunken sailor on the deck of a ship in a typhoon. A smash to the face sends Foxy reeling back against the turnbuckle and bouncing forward into a wicked left hook, that sends her reeling a few uncoordinated steps until she bounces off the ropes and into a right that sends her reeling another direction until she bounces back into another of Alicia's blows. Fans think that Alicia is playing handball with Foxy, keeping her confined into small portion of the ring.

Foxy is punch drunk and on rubbery legs that can barely support her. Her arms flail by her sides, only trying to maintain her balance as Alicia nails her again and again. Foxy's big juicy tits are bouncing around like jello in a earthquake, watering the mouths of most fans. Despite herself, Alicia finds herself salivating too. Once Foxy is about to fall, Alicia pushes her back against the ropes and holds her in place with one hand and pummels her face at will with the other. Its a very uncommon display of viciousness from Alicia, but after the emotional tone of this match, and being such a hard fought battle, Alicia felt the urge to totally destroy her opponent. For the first time Alicia gives in to such urge, and finishes Foxy off in a devastating manner.

"Cheating little...." Alicia screams, "Nobody cheats my kids!" She was destroying Foxy, and liking it.

Once Foxy has been hammered into hopeless oblivion, Alicia again bends Foxy over and forces her head between her thighs. This time Alicia has no problems what so ever picking Foxy up and power bombing her to the mat. Foxy lands with a thunderous boom, and her breast violently bouncing on her chest. An erotic chill runs down Alicia's spine seeing Foxy's boobs. Alicia can not believe that she is turned on by Foxy's tits, but she definitely is. She feels the arousal of her body and her pussy wettening.

Alicia knows she must see those tits dance again. Alicia reaches down and pulls the semi conscious beauty off the canvas. She puts Foxy into position for another power bomb. Alicia hoists Foxy up again and slams her down even harder than before, just to see those breasts dance even more. Foxy's breasts do not disappoint as they convulse and jiggle, making Alicia elicit a low erotic moan of desire. Foxy resembles a rag doll now, but Alicia must again hoist her up and power bomb her a third time. The urge is too great to see those titties dance, and Alicia executes her third hard power bomb. Foxy's breast's erotic dance makes Alicia weak in the knees. She knows she better end this before she explodes and cums on herself in the ring in front of everybody.

Alicia lies across Foxy's lifeless body for the referee's three count. Alicia then rises to her feet with both arms raised in victory. At her feet lies a totally demolished Foxy Brown. Foxy lies motionless smeared on the canvas, with all the boogie beaten out of the body of Fox Boogie. Even the hardened Fifty Cents feels for his long time friend. He does nothing to incense Alicia and risk her inflicting more punishment to his tough little warrior.

Dear Diary
I won again! It was a tough match too. I thought Foxy had me beat a couple of times. I heard the words of my song echoing in my head and got off the mat and won.

"Even though I'm a mess, I still put on a vest with a S on my chest, I'm a Super Woman Yes I am!"

I even won a bracelet for winning a match on the Gold Experience PPV, that I'm selling on E-Bay to make even more money for my charities. I raised a whole lot of money for my charities, and stuck it in 50 Cent's punk face too. I love it!

Only thing was that damn Foxy made me sooo hot inside! I thought I was past that curiosity phase. I know I like guys, but Foxy was soooo hot. Damn! I've got to get a grip on these feelings one day.

The bottom line is I kicked ass, I raised money for my children, and I made myself happy in the process. I love this new me. There's no limits to what I can do now.