My Diary
I have turned a page in my life. I am Alicia Keys and this is My Diary. I keep writing my name to remind myself of who I am, and what I want - To live for me. I've learned from several mistakes in my life recently. I've learned to say no.

A vivid reminder of this lesson happened when I got kicked out of Gen Prime and got beat up in the process. I should have never joined - they are not my kind of people. I was flattered when Christina Aguilera and Janet Jackson asked me to join, and I couldn't say no. Sure it was fun being bad and kinky sometimes, but it was a bad fit for me. They got mad when I had other commitments I couldn't say no to, and missed some shit in Vegas. Fuck Them!!

I'm going solo and doing what I want. I'm doing what's important to me! My charities are important to me. I will fight for my charities now. I'll have my fight's proceeds and my purse go to my charities. My opponents better beware. I'm fighting for something truly important to me.

I still like to be bad + kinky!

Alicia Keys waits in the corner with her arms resting on the top ropes. She wears a white wife beater tank top that must have been three sizes too small by the way it lings to her body like a second skin. Her other shapely curves are contained by a pair of black stretch pants. She signed to face Geri Halliwell, but her opponent did not matter to her. The only thing that does matter is that all the proceeds of this match will go to charity. The victor's charity will receive 70%, while the loser's favorite charities will only receive 30%.

Geri liked the high visibility of this match. Flashbulbs have not been popping her way nearly enough lately. Not like they have been exploding for David and Victoria Beckham in Los Angeles. Not like they have been for Baby Spice and her new baby. Especially not like Melanie Brown, through her march through the valley with Eddie Murphy, to dancing with the stars on TV. Geri did not want to enter The Return of the Spice Girl Tour playing second fiddle to her glamour girl compatriots. She wanted this match and its notoriety for herself and her charities. Not to mention she has been working out London with her private trainer, and needed something to motivate her to regain her old hard body form.

At the opening bell Alicia marches over to Geri. Alicia looks tough, but after watching her get demolished by Rihanna in her last match, Geri thought she could take her. Alicia wears a firm, focused expression as she approaches Geri and fires a fast crisp jab to Geri's nose. Geri's head snaps back. Geri is marveled by youth's gift of speed. The Brit adopts a boxer's stance as Alicia bounced, but barely saw the lightening fast fist that popped her in the nose again, nor the second or the third one either.

Catching the rhythm of Alicia's beating jabs, Geri is able to block the next fist and step forward and boar an uppercut into Alicia's abdomen. A very good punch but had no effect on Alicia's youthful abs other than getting a good grunt. Instinctively Alicia counters with a back hand punch across Geri's mouth that sends her reeling back into the ropes.

Thinking her opponent is dazed, Alicia tries to whip Geri into the ropes across the ring, only to have Geri reverse the momentum and whip Alicia across the ring. Geri hurries after her and catches Alicia with a knee to the gut as she rebounds. With the air nearly knocked out of her, Alicia drops to her hands and knees. Geri is able to football kick Alicia in the side a few times before Alicia catches her leg and trips Geri. Alicia keeps a hold of the captured ankle and springs to her feet, ready to inflict some damage on the fallen Spice Girl. Before Alicia can do anything, Geri is able to draw back both feet and fire both of them into Alicia's chest to knock the young singer backwards.

Geri scramble to her feet thinking, "Damn youth! It's all I can do to beat this tart off of me. Maybe I can use her aggressiveness to my advantage." Geri and Alicia circle one another in wrestling stances. They lock up collar and elbow only for Alicia to easily shove the smaller Geri to the ground. Geri lies on her back looking up at Alicia for an instant before again scrambling back to her feet. "The fucking tart is strong too" Geri thinks.

Geri starts to think that taking this match was a bad idea. She had spent most of her pregnancy and the time thereafter writing a series of books and working on a reality TV show concept. She never regained her trademark muscular figure. Now facing Alicia who is larger, fit and 10 years younger seems like a worst idea by the second.

A younger Geri would have welcomed the challenge of fighting someone like Alicia. This older, more mature Geri Halliwell thinks otherwise. She now wishes she had chosen her opponent more selectively. Perhaps an older woman like Madonna, Janet Jackson or Toni Braxton. Maybe a smaller woman like Nelly Furtado, Christina Aguilera or Jessica Simpson.

"Enough complaining" thinks Geri, "That's no way to get anything accomplished." She knows what must be done; let the Hellcat return. She has to regain the attitude of a wild woman, fighting without a care. An attitude worn down by age and responsibility, but still very much alive.

The same attitude that turned her into a whirling Tasmanian Devil in her series of fights against fellow Spice Girl Melanie Brown years ago. A wild animal that clawed, bit and slapped Mel B. into submission, a task that Geris is very proud of, and enjoyed immensely. Beating up Scary Spice back then was a daunting task, but she shut the big mouth bitch up time and time again.

Geri shoots in fast at Alicia's legs. Alicia tries to jump out of the way, but Geri's aggressive move took her by surprise. Geri grabs a hold of Alicia's knees and topples her to the mat. Then Geri unleashes a hailstorm of wind milling punches, and slowly works her way up Alicia's body. Alicia tries to cover up to protect herself from the thumping blows, before trying to roll away and escape. Geri halts the escape by grabbing two handfuls of Alicia's long flowing hair. Geri springs to her feet and starts jerking and dragging Alicia across the mat by her hair.

Alicia squeals and kicks until she can scramble to her feet. Once standing, Alicia uses Geri's own momentum from the hair pulls to barrel into Geri with a two handed shove to the chest that sends the diminutive Brit skidding across the mat. Alicia backs away, obviously surprised and shaken by Geri's sudden aggression.

Like a tough little mongoose, Geri scrambles back to her feet immediately. Without a hint of hesitation, Geri charges back into Alicia. Again she is able to shoot low and captures Alicia's knees. For the second time Alicia is toppled to the mat, but with a grunt of frustration this time. Geri rises up to her knees and pounds Alicia with fists into her belly. Geri aggressively barks in effort with each punch while Alicia howls in pain. Finally Alicia is able to curl into a ball to protect herself from Geri.

Alicia struggles to her feet while Geri windmills punches all over her body. Once Alicia stands she has her back to Geri and trying to lumber away. Then like a feral cougar trying to take down much larger prey, Geri leaps on Alicia's back. Geri claws, scratches, punches and bites Alicia whenever, wherever and as often as the situation allows possible. The shrieking New Yorker staggers around the ring trying to buck the buxom Brit from her back. After resembling a bucking bronco trying to toss a rider from its back, Alicia's back swinging elbow luckily catches Geri in the face and dislodges Geri from her back.

Alicia staggers away from Geri looking the worst from wear. Her hair is disheveled, she is breathing hard and has a frantic look in her eyes. Red scratches surface on her sweet white chocolate flavored skin. "How is this little bitch beating me?" Alicia asks herself.

When the shaken Alicia turns to face Geri, a slight smile comes to her sexy lips. She has seen that look several times before. Most notably in her series of fights against Mel B. Mel never understood how Geri consistently whipped her ass. In fact she often mumbled, "How is this little bitch beating me?" Mel never understood that the amount of fight in the dog is sometimes more important than the size of the dog in the fight. Mel always underestimated nor appreciated the amount of fight in Geri. When Geri always rose and came back at her, when Geri adapted to what ever was happening, it always surprised Mel. Time and time again Geri wore Mel down into exhaustion, mercilessly punished her, and finally brutally tortured her into submission and forced the humbled, big mouth bitch to resentfully beg for mercy. Mel never understood how it was possible. The fact that this smaller bitch could conquer her always humiliated Mel. Geri loved that look. She thirst to see if Alicia's destruction will be as sweet as Mel's.

Everything then progressed as Geri expected. The crowd was roaring. Geri leaped off the mat and charged at Alicia all in one motion. Alicia's eyes widened in fear of the oncoming blonde. Geri knew Alicia was about to take a step backwards in confusion. Mel always took a step back. Mel is a tough bitch. Usually she beats up most bitches shes faced, but never understood what drives bitches to fight! That lack of understanding lead to confusion, and the backwards step. ONLY ALICIA TOOK A STEP FORWARD!


Everything went silent. Geri blindly charged into Alicia's clothesline. A Clothesline from Hell in fact. It turned her inside out and left her lying on the mat staring up at the lights. "Alicia stepped forward!" she though in disbelief. Geri did not know about the vision of the children that would benefit from Alicia's victory that flashed into Alicia's head. The vision of those children in her charity gave Alicia the reason to fight.

Alicia dropped to the mat and rolled Geri's limp body over onto her stomach. She captured Geri's arms between her legs and wrenched back on Geri's neck, locking her into a Crippler's Crossface. It did not take long for Geri to start tapping out from that point. Only Alicia refused to release Geri. Alicia felt like being bad and wanted a little more penance. "An extra $10,000 to my charities will get you out a lot quicker." Alicia says softly.

"Deal" Geri answers hoarsely. True to her word Alicia releases Geri and accepted the cheers of the crowd.

Fifteen minutes later, Alicia and Geri stand in a crowded ring, full of camera crews, interviewers, promoters, handlers and various other people that fill the ring in the chaotic scene following a big fight. Realizing that if she could not be glorious in victory, as she had desired when she took the match, Geri said she could be magnanimous in defeat. With that in mind, Geri takes the house microphone and makes an announcement. "First I'd like to thank Alicia for a fantastic match and to congratulate her on a well deserved victory. She has gained my admiration and respect. So much so, I'm donating another $25,000 to Alicia's charities in her honor and wish her all the luck in the future."

Alicia's mouth drops and her eyes widen like she has just been announced prom queen. Alicia is always overly grateful when someone assists her passionate fight for her charities. She runs over and gives Geri a huge hug while profusely thanking her for her generous gesture. Alicia was going to hold Geri to her promised $10,000 extra, but doubling that amount has earned Alicia's respect.

Alicia takes the mic, "On behalf of the children of the Keep a Child Alive and Frum tha Ground Up foundations, I'd like to thank you Geri Halliwell. You are a great fighter, but more importantly a you're a great person." Alicia then raises Geri's hand and urges the crowd to give her a well deserved, roaring cheer. Geri smiles, basking in the glorious spotlight she sought.

Dear Diary
Last night was Great! I won my match with Geri Halliwell, but more importantly, I raised a whole lot of money for my charities. I went out there and did what I wanted, and loved it!

I was so close to burning out in my life, by trying to please everybody. Saying good-bye to abusers like Janet Jackson + Christina Aguilera is liberating. I'm my own woman now. No more! Never again will I be someone's puppet.

I love fighting for my children. I feel like a Super Woman! People are just going to have to take me Just As I AM!