Christina Applegate: Secrets Revealed!


"Here is the settlement agreement" the ABA's lead attorney says as he hands Demi Moore a paper with several figures. Demi snatches the paper and takes one look. Her mouth drops open, her knees buckle and she literally swoons. Seeing Demi's reaction of becoming literally ill, Jenny rushes over and snatches the paper from her hands as Demi sits down heavily.

"I thought you were negotiating this?" Jenny says to the worried attorney.

"I did, you should have seen their original figures." the attorney answers. "You must understand after that public execution we'll never get a sympathetic ear from any judge in America."

The poor attorney was charged with negotiating the legal matters of the ABA split, between remaining members, Demi Moore and Jenny McCarthy and expelled members Christina Applegate and Nikki Cox, namely the splitting of assets of their phantom dummy corporation, ABA entertainment. The quartet used this dummy corporation as a tool to hide their collecting of stock in the Battle Zone, which allowed them controlling power on the board. It also allowed immense power to book matches and manipulate the league.

Since this was Demi's scheme, she used her personal funds to buy much of the stock. However, because she was trying to gain the other's trust, the books never reflected that. The books shows four equal partners with equal shares. Now she's faced with buying out the other's interest. The figure to do so will cause the company to resort to selling much of its assets to do so. Basically its the end of the financial structure of ABA entertainment.

Jenny carefully looked over the statement. Finally she looks up and says, "You got this right?"

"No" Demi snaps back. You do not become one of Hollywood's highest paid actresses and earn the nickname, "Gimme Moore" from movie producers by making bad financial decisions. ABA Entertainment has become a very bad financial decision. There was no way that Demi is going to pour anymore of her personal money into it again. "We're going have to sell the company's assets."

"But we'll lose control of the board." Jenny reminds Demi.

"Big deal, we don't need it anymore. Getting rid of Stone Rage, and owning the league, was always Christina's thing anyway." Demi answers, quickly regaining her composure and confidence. "Now that we don't have weak links like Christina who's always worried about the consequences of stomping somebody's ass, or Nikki who can't fight her way out of a paper bag without help, we're going to control this league through muscle, fear and brains." Demi reaffirms. "We have too much influence and power in the league and Hollywood to worry about anything. Everybody will do as we say or they'll pay the price. We'll lean on them like the mob. Everybody will pay us tribute, or somebody in our syndicate will take care of them. We'll keep our syndicate in line by throwing them bones occasionally. They'll have the chance to co-star in one of my movies, or a part in an Ashton Kusher film, an episode of Punked, or a Jim Carey film. Lucy can help them, she knows everybody in Hollywood, and knows how to weasel herself into some good parts." Demi explains. "That's the future of the ABA, not the stock." Once she has eye contact that Jenny is in agreement, Demi looks at the attorney and states "Make the arrangements, we'll do the deal."

Meanwhile the beneficiary of this decision, Christina Applegate is enjoying a nice dinner at a Beverly Hills restaurant with best buds of late, Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston. After the terrible beating that the ABA delivered to Christina and Nikki Cox, both beauties were hospitalized for a day. Christina's stay was much longer, indicating her injuries may have been more sever. During that stay, Christina was delighted by visits from many of her friends. Cameron and Jennifer were there everyday. Jessica Simpson came by to apologize for not doing more to help her. Eva Longoria dropped in as well. But Cameron and Jennifer had a question about one mysterious visitor they passed leaving on their last visit.

"Alright Christina, we're dying to know why did Stone Rage visit you?" asked Cameron who is not shy about asking the blonde personal questions.

"Yeah, did he threaten you or something?" Jennifer asks.

Christina's expression changed as if she got sad. After a pause she responds, "No of course not.... it's just... it's just... I've never told anybody this but the story goes like this......."


Christina lies in her hospital bed contemplating how to continue many aspects of her life. She had been there five days while doctors run several tests and await the results. However this was a her release day.

"Hey Christina, what's up baby?" says Stone Rage as he pops through Christian's door.

Christina looks up at Rage and rolls her eyes, but not at all surprised by his presence. "Wow Stone Rage what a surprise?" she responds trying to mock a shocked and welcome response. "What do I owe the honor of your presence? Are you here to gloat about Beyonce taking my title?"

"No I'd never do that." He cheerfully answers.

"Then, you're here to say 'I told you so' about the ABA" Christina offers.

"Now that's something I might do, but you know why I'm here." Rage says taking a seat by Christina's bed.

"Of yeah that's right, you show up every time after I get a concussion." Christina sarcastically says acting like she has forgotten. "Don't start" Christina warns. "I'd don't want to hear that shit again so save your breathe, I'm still not listening."

Stone sits back, takes a deep breath and says, "The headaches and dizziness is getting worst. I know they are or else you wouldn't still be in this hospital bed. You would have been released after one night like Nikki. I was wearing a disguise at ringside and I saw the terrible beating you took. You can't keep ignoring the doctors. You need to take some time off to let this concussion syndrome heal." Rage explains.

"Damnit Rage, don't start this shit again, we've been through this before, I'm not!" Christina argues.

"Sorry Christina, we've been friends too long to let you go out like this." Rage responds.

"You see this is exactly what started all this shit. That's why I influenced the ABA to take over the league. That's why I made them come up with all these crazy schemes to get rid of you, because of all this talk about banning me from competing because of my concussion syndrome, Stone Rage." Christina explains. "How many years have we been doing this? This whole ABA versus Stone Rage shit is because you want me to take this sabatical."

"Yeah I know, but I'm only doing it because I love you." Rage calmly says.

"Big Deal!" Christina snaps, "I love you too, but that's got nothing to do with this."

"Everything!" Rage snaps back. "It has everything to do with it! If you don't take the time off, I'll resume control of the league, and come up with some bullshit reason and throw you out of the league indefinitely! It'll be a public relations nightmare for me, and they'll cast me the villain again, everybody will yell Stone Rage is unfair again, but I don't care what they say about me. I'm worried about you. I've always been worried about you. I'll ban you if you don't agree to take the time off right now." Rage states emphatically.

Christina open her mouth and takes a deep breath to yell her rebuttal, but in that instance it gave her brain the time to hear what he was saying instead of listening to his words. Rage is offering to become the villan and sacrifice himself to keep her secret concussion syndrome safe, allowing her to maintain her image. In fact that is the only option he offered. He would do all of this to make sure she was safe, to make sure she did not hurt herself. She thought she must be an idiot to fight a friend like this. Softly she asks, "Nobody will know, Demi and Jenny won't think that they took me out?"

"You're a busy woman, you don't have time to compete. Besides you deserve a break, You're coming off a streak if being our greatest champion." Rage answers. "You've never told anybody about this and neither have I. Its out secret." Rage adds as he moves closer to Christina.

"You know I really do love you, I never meant to hurt you." Christian adds.

"I know" Rage says and leans over and kisses the beautiful blonde on the lips. She grabs the back of his head and holds him in place kissing the man, as Rage runs his fingers through Christina's blonde hair. For the next few minutes they stay locked in this embrace. Finally, Rage rises and says, "Love you and I'll see you real soon, okay?"

Rage heads out the door leaving the smiling blonde behind. As he walks through the door way he passes Cameron and Jennifer. Rage nods his head saying, "Hey Cameron..... Jennifer...."


".....and that's the whole story" Christina softly reveals. "Nobody knows about my concussion syndrome, not even Demi and Jenny, or Nikki. Nobody knows about Rage and my friendship."

Jennifer and Cameron looks at Christina in jaw dropping astonishment. At first both were speechless, but they were both honored that their friend decided to confide in them. Finally Jennifer spoke. "While you're away... Cameron and I will fight for you. We'll punish the ABA for you. I want Jenny's ass bad!"

"I got dibs on Demi!" Cameron excitedly call out. And you've got plenty of friends that'll help too. Nikki, Eva Longoria, Jessica Simpson and Christina Milian." Cameron adds. "We won't rest until we've run the ABA out of the league."

"What about the Fab Four?" Jennifer asks.

"Are you kidding, Remember what Tia Carrere did to you?"* Christina asks looking directly at Jennifer. "I've never beat her too" Christina adds. She looks at Cameron, "You loss to Pam. I think we should stomp a mud hole in their asses!" Jennifer and Cameron laugh and give each other high fives happily. "In fact my biggest regret in the ABA was never being able to defeat the Fab Four as a group."

"Hell yeah, we're taking them down too." Cameron says very excited. "Wait till Jessica Alba comes back from maternity leave, she'll love kicking the Fab Four's ass all over the ring."

"Gosh, did you see what Jessica did to Tia Carrere? Talk about total domination!" Christina adds like a gossiping teenager. "Even I felt sorry for her. Jessica annihilated her, Jessica had Tia's husband drooling all over her. Then when Jessica took her wedding ring, I thought Tia was going to start crying like a baby!" The friends break into laughter. "I never thought anybody could make Tia look so pitiful and helpless"

"I can't wait," says Jennifer finally bringing her laughter under control. Next, she raises her glass and announces, "To best friends!"

"To best friends!" Christina and Cameron says together and clink glasses for the toast.



The ladies paid their tab and were preparing to leave. They had a 'Girl's night' planned. Cameron rises to her feet and immediately covers the side of her face with her hand saying, "Oh shit! Is there another way out? Justine and Jessica are sitting over there."

The Justine and Jessica that she is referring to are her ex-boyfriend, Justine Timberlake and his new girlfriend, Jessica Biel. Cameron had goaded Jessica into a match by vandalizing her prized Porsche. Cameron loss the fight, and ended up buying, the "Tramp that stole her man" as Cameron puts it, a new Porsche. It was a humbling and humiliating defeat. From then on she avoids Justine and Jessica whenever possible.

"No Fuck that!" Christina admonishes. "You're not running from anyone or anything anymore." Christina firmly states. "Those two are definitely not worth compromising your dignity for. You're going to walk pass them like the woman you are. Like you're the fucking Queen of the world. And if one of them are stupid enough to disrespect you, then you let loose on them with everything inside you. And however you decide to handle it, is fine, because remember whatever happens, we've got your back!"

During Christina's speech, Jennifer watched Cameron's expression change from, "Are you kidding that woman broke her foot off in my ass last time" to "You're right, I'll do it." Cameron takes a deep breath, and nods her head toward Christina. Then she throws her shoulders back and thrust her chest out and leads her friends across the restaurant floor.

Jessica looks up and sees Cameron leading Christina and Jennifer towards her and Justine. A smile comes across her face. Things have changed since her last meeting with Cameron. At that time, Justine was just her latest boytoy, and nothing was really serious between them. Now they have been together for some time, and have grown very close to each other. She really likes Justine now. Now she is always looking for ways to impress Justine and improve her view in his eyes. Justine had never been more turned on and impressed with her than the night she beat up Cameron. He kept a hard on for weeks afterward. She wanted that feeling again. Now she gets her chance to at least razz Cameron in front of him again. There is no way she can resist.

Cameron comes strutting by Justine and Jessica's table like she is walking down a fashion show catwalk. Once in front of Justine and Jessica Cameron stops and smiles, say "Well hello Justine... Jessica."

Jessica returns a wide smile at Cameron. Justine looks at Cameron in amazement. She looks as gorgeous as she has ever looked while they were dating. "C..C..C... Cameron" nervously stutters, trying to hide his envy that he is no longer enjoying her wild sexual prowess.

Jessica smiles and sarcastically says, "Oh look honey, itís your ex-girlfriend Cameron!" Jessica looked deep into Cameron's green eyes near the end of their fight. She saw a beaten woman. Cameron was spiritually defeated, knowing that she had been soundly crushed by a better woman. After that beating, Jessica is positive that Cameron would not have the guts respond to any of her jibes. "We haven't seen her since I beat the shit out of her! Well Cameron how have you been?"

Cameron is obviously annoyed by the rib, but decides to take the high road and tries to laugh it off. "Funny girl you've got here Justine." Cameron says with a chuckle. "You should try a comedic role with her. She's a real clown."

Jessica sarcastically chuckles back at the backhanded compliment. Seeing a response, Jessica doubles her efforts to win the verbal joist and impress Justine. "Christina, saw your last match, you were fantastic. Beyonce looks great wearing that championship belt." Jessica comments with a smile. "Don't you think?"

Seeing Jessica is content to be a smarts ass, the older women try to maintain their dignity. Jennifer ends the verbal bout by saying, "Bye Jessica"

Feeling triumphant Jessica says "Bye ladies, and thanks Cameron, my new Porsche drives like a dream."

The older ladies are walking away when Christina and Cameron exchange a glance. No words were spoken, but a message was conveyed. After walking several feet, Cameron turns and charges at Jessica and Justine's table. Then the blonde leaps into the air and dives over the small round table. Cameron looks like Superwoman as she flies over the table and dives right at Jessica. The startled actress is barely able to spit out the mouthful of food as the tall former model comes hurdling her way.

Cameron actually surprises herself, that she clears the table. Cameron barrels into Jessica by placing both extended arms and hands on Jessicaís strong shoulders and pushing her over backwards. The chair tilts backwards and falls. Next thing Jessica knows she is flat on her back, but still seated perfectly in the chair and Cameron is on top of her.

Cameron crawls on top of Jessica's tight belly and takes a seat. Then before Jessica can raise a hand to defend herself, Cameronís starts raining down left-right combinations on Jessica's face. Just as Christina had advised, Cameron unloads with everything that she has inside of her. Cameron channels all the frustration from her break up with Justine and her loss to Jessica. She uses built up anger and aggression from her career, from the media, even her childhood, literally using everything inside of her. Cameron does not just strike Jessica's face, she tries to drive her fist through her nemesisí face. Cameron look likes she is trying to demolish one of the most beautiful faces in the world."

All Christina and Jennifer can see is Cameron's fists rise over the table before it plummets down onto Jessica's face. They can hear the loud smacking of flesh on flesh, as Cameron's fist bashes its target over and over again. Justine watches in total shock at dismay as Cameron viciously attacks his girlfriend. He does not know what to do. However, he realizes he will incite a riot if he tries to break up the fight. So Justine just sits there and does nothing.

Jessica was totally astounded that Cameron even had the balls to attack her after what she did the last time they met. She was totally unprepared for "Air Cameron" hurdling over the table. She never dreamed the actress was even capable of such a feat. She definitely was unprepared for the ferocity of Cameron's assault. Jessica tried to raise her hand to defend herself, but the punches came raining down first. The initial blow made Jessica's lovely face contort in pain, and still more punches rained down. Jessica next tries to scream in torment, but the fist rain down and drown out her ability to speak. Then she wants to beg for mercy, but is too hurt to even speak. Jessica looks up at Cameron's blazing eyes with her hurt and pleading for sympathy Hazel eyes. Moments later Jessica wears a dumbfounded glassed over gaze having been knocked senseless. Cameron rains another thirty punches on Jessica just for fun.

With Jessica dazed and totally subdued, Cameron rises to her feet. Cameron reaches down and hauls Jessica to her feet by the shoulder straps of her dress. She hears threads and stitches snap, rip and pop, trying to support Jessica's weight. Holding Jessica upright by the two straps of her dress Cameron looks at her victim. It is obvious that Jessica is out of it and does not have a clue of what is going on, and what is happening. Cameron releases one of the straps and draws her fist back, loudly saying, "So you want to disrespect me!" and blasts Jessica with a right cross. Jessica's body reels backwards from the force of the blow and Cameron hears more stitches ripping from the strap she still solidly holds. Cameron jerks Jessica back upright by the dress strap hearing more stitches pop. "You want to disrespect my friends?" Cameron asks accompanied by another powerful punch to the jaw. More stitches rips as Jessica recoils, and yet more pop as Cameron hauls her upright. "You want to show off in front of Justine!" Cameron shouts as she detonates another bomb on Jessica's chin. Jessica in knocked backwards and finally the far over taxed dress strap gives way, allowing its owner to crumple to her knees.

Jessica in moaning with torment etched on her face. Cameron still had a hold of the one remaining dress strap, and that is the only thing keeping Jessica up on her knees and not stretched out on the floor. Almost like a mercy killing Cameron cocks back her fist and blasts the drooping Jessica again. The last dress strap pops and she falls into a heap on the floor.

Even though what is loosely called a fight is over, Cameron is far from finished. Two days later Jessica will not even grace this altercation with the term, 'fight'. She will call it a first class Pearl Harbor job, where she had no chance to defend herself. This is an ambush that Cameron will pay very dearly for in the near future, she promises.

With Jessica lying in a heap, with her dress practically useless, Cameron reaches down and tugs at the garment. As if she is peeling a banana, Cameron pulls the dress off of Jessica's body. Jessica moan and groans as Cameron rolls her around in the process of stripping Jessica's dress. Jessica revives a little bit from the jostling. She is aware enough to know that she is the target of a major ass kicking, but can not coordinate her body to respond to any of her commands.

After removing Jessica's dress, Cameron twirls it around like a lasso before letting it fly across the restaurant. She yells "Yeah!" as she releases it to the clapping patrons of the restaurant. Cameron is happy to be the crowd's favorite. She takes it as justification that she is right to beat the hell out of this young tart, but in reality they are just cheering a first class Hollywood catfight, and all are salivating to see thee mega babe Jessica without her dress anyway.

Cameron hauls the battered actress to her feet. Jessica is reduced to wearing a sexy bra and panty set. Cameron shoves Jessica against her restaurant table. Her sumptuous ass is balanced precariously, against the table, supporting some of her weight to keep her upright. Jessica tries to raise her numb arms, but they barely move a few inches. Jessica looks into Cameron's eyes, amazed that the slender woman had defeated her so soundly. Then Jessica sees that Cameron's quest for vengeance is not nearly satisfied, and she has more punishment and humiliation in store for her.

Cameron clutches her hand around Jessica's throat to hold her in place. Jessica looks at Cameron like a deer in headlights, unable to do anything and knowing whatever Cameron has planned next is going to really hurt. "You young punk ass bitch!" Cameron says as she draws her fist back. "You think You're soo hot!" Cameron says as she slugs Jessica in the nose. Jessica's head snaps back, her eyes start rolling. "You ain't shit bitch!" Cameron says accompanied with another straight fist to Jessica's nose. 'You're nothing Bitch!" Cameron says with another bomb to Jessica's mouth.

Jessica's eyes are totally glazed over. She is out on her feet. Cameron turns Jessica around so she is facing the table. Cameron grabs a handful of hair and draws Jessicaís head back then slams her face into the far side of the table. Food from Jessica's plate splatters everywhere as her tummy, tits and face hits the table. Jessica lies out cold face down on the table bent over at the waist. Her entire upper body is splayed on the table. Her big amazingly tight ass is up on prominent display. Her strong and sexy legs dangle off the table to the floor.

Jennifer and Christina lead the cheers as everybody in the restaurant applauds Cameron's triumph. Really feeling the moment, Cameron grabs Justine's fork from his plate and loudly announces "Stick a fork in her, she's done!" With that Cameron plunges the fork between Jessica's tight butt cheeks. Jessica's body instinctively shudders at the penetration. To Cameron's relief it sticks and vibrates a bit. Cameron thinks that would not have lost its dramatic effect of it had fell out.

Finally Cameron turns to a totally befuddled Justine Timberlake. She puts both hands on his cheeks and pulls him to his feet. Then she places a big kiss on his lips. After nice long kiss, Cameron says, "Justine you're such a big dork!" Turning to her friends, Cameron says, "Let's go." With that Cameron leaves with her widely smiling friends. She leaves an unconscious Jessica Biel face down on the table in her bra and panties with a fork protruding from her ass.

Cameron Christina and Jennifer spend the rest of the night in their pajamas, watching movies with a big bowl of popcorn and several bowls of ice cream. They laugh and joke like a bunch of pre teens at a slumber party. They reminisce about the past and make plans for the future.

All three burst into hysterical laughter while watching a TMZ report showing Justine leading a disheveled and rubbery-legged Jessica Biel out of the restaurant. The groggy and staggering beauty was wearing only bra and panties with food stain all over the front of her body. Spectators give a vivid account of Cameron's trouncing of the young starlet, and video highlights of the thrashing taken by camera phones tell the rest of the story.

"Jessica Biel may have won Biel-Diaz I but it looks like Cameron is the decisive winner of Biel-Diaz II. I can't wait till Biel-Diaz III" the tv reporter announces.


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