- A New Beginning -

Stone Rage carefully watches as Jessica Biel finishes signing on the final page of a 35-page document. Once she finished he blew saying, "Glad that's done. That was definitely the longest contract negotiation I've ever been through. Welcome to The Battle Zone."

"Don't worry" Jessica says with a smile, "I'll make sure it was worth it. After I take the WarQueen title from Christina Applegate, you'll definitely know I was worth the trouble."

"Oh yeah, speaking of which, I wanted to book your first match as soon as possible."

"I agree" Jessica answers quickly. "So who do you have in mind?"

"Cameron Diaz of course." Rage responds.

"Cameron Diaz!?!" Jessica exclaims, "Who wants to fight that old douche bag. She's nobody around here. I was thinking about somebody more like Jenny McCarthy, Alyssa Milano or Alicia Silverstone - Somebody who can put me into the title picture." Jessica sits back, "Cameron can't do that."

Rage pauses a second, then begins, "Cameron's been blowing up the phone trying to get at you since she heard you were negotiating to enter the league. Remember that whole 'takin her boyfriend, Justin Timberlake thing'? She promises to wipe up the mat with you."

"Please! I'd break Bones in half" Jessica replies confidently. "First, I'm too much of a lady to respond to some old bimbo wanting to duke it out over a man. Justine isn't all that to be fighting in the streets. Second, Cameron is a has been, a joke. She gets no respect in this league. I want to become champion by beating the best and not by padding my record against jobbers."

"Fine, I'll tell Cameron about your decision" Rage says shaking his head. "She's pretty adamant about fighting you though, I doubt that will be the end of it." Rage looks at Jessica and tries to be understanding. "I understand your concerns. I wouldn't fight over too many women either, but taking Justine embarrassed her. She's not fighting for Justine, she's fighting for redemption and self respect. It's belittling for a person to take your significant other. Cameron doesn't have a great record, true, but against you, she's going to give it everything she's got. It's a rivalry match, and all rivalry matches are tough. Real fighters will know what it takes to beat an inspired rival." Rage finishes.

"Fine" Jessica says thoughtfully. "I'll think about it after you call Jenny McCarthy, Alicia Silverstone, Alyssa Milano and Mariah Carey about matches."

Rage hears a bell on his cell phone and looks at the display. "Hmpt" he says with a chuckle.

"What's up?" Jessica asks.

'Its Cameron texting me to see if you've signed yet." Rage says.

The next day Jessica was pleased to hear that Alicia Silverstone had accepted her offer for a match and the match is going to take place in two weeks. Everything was wonderful till a Youtube video appeared that night. It was Cameron Diaz doing a private interview. "Jessica Biel is just a silly little girl who's scared to step into the ring with a real woman like me!" Cameron says while looking into the camera. "This isn't about Justin. Its about her sneaking behind my back like a creepy lil' slut and sealing My property. Then she's not woman enough to face me in the ring and face the consequences of her actions." The camera zooms in even closer on Cameron's face who is speaking clearly to Jessica. "Come on sissy girl, you've got a big hard body. Show you've got the heart to back that body up."

The gossip shows immediately jumped on this challenge. The video got millions and millions of hits. Privately, Jessica was pissed and told all her close friends how annoyed she was. Publicly, she gracefully defused and sidestepped the situation, by refusing to comment and feed the heat between her and Cameron. When cornered into making a comment, Jessica made light of the situation with as elegant joke, further chilling the heat.

After three days of this Jessica thought the worst was over. The questions were dying down and things were returning to normal. Jessica was walking through a parking deck after a very long, late night production meeting for a TV show. Suddenly she stops and her jaw drops in horror, and her eyes pop out. "No! OH NO!" she shouts as tears come to her eyes. "Not my baby! My poor baby!" Jessica drops everything in her hands and runs to her Porsche. She finds that her prize automobile has been vandalized. Someone obviously has taken a baseball bat and took home run shots all over the car. All windows, and headlights were smashed, the rear view mirrors were knocked off and lie twenty yards across the deck floor away from the car. There were also hundreds of dents all over the car.

Jessica wipes the tears from her eyes and reads the message boldly spray-painted on her car's hood. "Fight Me Sissy! C.D." That was the one that got her attention. She barely noticed the "Stupid Slut" written on the driver's side door, or the "Justin's Ho Bag" written on the passenger side. Jessica knew what she must do, and could not wait until she could.

The next morning Stone Rage checks his phone messages. He had only one message of consequence. It said "Rage, tell that blonde skinny bag of bones, she's got her match. And tell her after I whip her ass, she's buying, me a new Porsche." Rage chuckled, he easily recognized Jessica Biel's voice and just imagined what Cameron did to change Jessica's mind. Next he picked up the phone and informed Alicia Silverstone of the changing the upcoming main event from Silverstone vs Biel to Biel vs Diaz. That conversation went remarkably well since Alicia did not want to fight the bigger, younger and fitter Jessica Biel anyway.

Cameron Diaz knew the whole story when she saw Stone Rage's name on the caller ID. She was happy to agree to the stipulation to buy Jessica a new Porsche if she wins. Especially since Cameron had no intentions of allowing Jessica to win.

That same night, another Youtube video was uploaded to the Internet. This one had Jessica standing in front of her demolished Porsche. "I can understand why you're angry Cameron." Jessica starts as dramatic music starts playing. "I mean its not 1994 anymore. You're not 21 years old anymore and getting roles in The Mask because of your beauty anymore. In fact, you're most successful when you're the voice of a clay figure and nobody can see your face like in Shrek. Then your young boyfriend of 4 years dumps you like a hot potato for a woman 10 years younger. If I'm lucky enough to live to your age, I'd probably feel the same way." Then after a moment's hesitation, "Well no, I probably wouldn't. I'd never let myself go like you did, but that's beside the point. My Porsche hasn't done anything to you! You have no right to take out your personal issues on my car. But that's okay because I'm going to take up for my car. I'm going to bust you in your big nose for every time you hit my car. You're going to pay dearly for this Hag!"

By match time the stage was set, emotions were high, and each wanted nothing but to tear the other apart. Neither would settle for less than their rival's total destruction and submissive defeat.

Everything was perfect, the night of he match. Jessica's body was toned to perfection. Her athletic body looks strong and powerful. She was lightly oiled, her body glistened with muscle and sinew, making her look like an Olympian goddess than a Hollywood starlet dressed in a maroon string bikini.

Then Jessica heard the announcement., "Making her debut in The Battle Zone... Ladies and Gentleman its JEEESSSSICAAAAAA BIELLLLLLLLL!" That was followed by the loud pop of cheers that gave her a chill and a thrill like nothing she has ever experienced before. Jessica walks through the curtain onto the entrance ramp with a huge smile and waving like she is in the Rose Bowl parade, as she slowly walks to the ring. Jessica was intoxicated by the whole affair. This is the exact reason why she joined the Battle Zone.

Suddenly, Jessica feels a blow across the back of her neck that knocks her to her hands and knees. Trying to figure out what just happened, Jessica sees Cameron screaming like a madwoman and starts kicking her in the ribs. Jessica tries to stand but Cameron grabs her by the hair and slams her knee in her face several times. Jessica falls back to the floor seeing stars. Next Cameron grabs Jessica's hair and bangs Jessica's head against the barrier that separates the entrance ramp from the fans. Once Cameron allows Jessica to sink back to the floor, Jessica immediately checks her forehead for blood, being sure the hard metal had busted her head wide open.

While her opponent is still dazed, Cameron hauls her to her feet, and ushers the grunting woman by her hair. Cameron shoves Jessica under the bottom rope and into the ring. She then positions Jessica so her head is hanging off the ring apron but her body is inside the ring. Then Cameron slams her forearm across Jessica's exposed throat several times. Once released Jessica curls up totally in the ring, coughing and gagging. Cameron slithers into the ring under the bottom rope in pursuit of Jessica.

Cameron crawls over to Jessica and pushes her down onto her back. Cameron then mounts Jessica, pinning her arms down with her knees before blasting her with six hard fist to her face. Jessica is down and hurt as Cameron rises to her feet. She grabs Jessica's ankles and drags her to the corner, until Jessica's legs are open with the ring post in front of her. Then Cameron climbs out of the ring and recaptures Jessica's ankles. Cameron gives a forceful tug until Jessica's soft cunt meets the hard metal ring post. Jessica shrieks in agony. Cameron repeats the move again and again yelling, "You won't be fucking Justin tonight will you? Will you? You little pussy!"

After the referee threatens to disqualify Cameron she releases Jessica's ankles. Jessica moans in pain scooting backwards on her toned, perfectly shaped ass with one hand holding her groin. Jessica uses the ropes to pull herself to her feet, while Cameron slithers back into the ring, under the ropes. Jessica loathes seeing Cameron approach. Those jobber comments are a distant memory as takes a wild swing to keep the blonde at bay.

Cameron slips the punch then lunges inside and grasps Jessica around her waist. Cameron quickly hoists Jessica into the air and drops her crotch first on the top ropes. Jessica howl in pain as her already assaulted cunt is split by the ring rope made by steel covered cables. She looks like she is riding a hobby horse as she sits astride the top rope. Cameron then stands on the bottom rope and bounces up and down. She sends jolts that bounce Jessica up and down on the top rope, sending shock waves of pain to Jessica's already battered cunt. Jessica had only one escape route. That is to bounce herself with the ropes to gain momentum to bounce off the top rope to mat. Of course this will pain her cunt even more. Jessica does what she has to do and bounces higher and higher on the rope until she flips off and lands harshly in the ring.

Jessica lies in the ring holding her crotch with both hands hoping the pain will soon go away. She hears a sinister laugh as Cameron reaches down and grabs Jessica's ankles. Standing over Jessica and spreading her legs apart by her ankles., Cameron yells, "This one's for you Justin!" and drops her knee into Jessica's crotch. Jessica's scream and jerks her legs into her chest, as her face turns white as a ghost. The whimpering actress finally rolls out of the ring to the arena floor, hoping for a respite. She has a growing fear of Cameron as she struggles to her feet.

Jessica looks up and sees an adrenaline filled Cameron launching herself over the top rope and flying on a collision course onto her on the arena floor. Jessica's eyes get big and she dives to her right! Soon afterward she is relieved to hear a loud splat and grunt as Cameron crashes to the arena floor.

Although there is a fiery pain burning in her groin, Jessica ignores it and pushes herself to her feet as Cameron rises to her hands and knees. Jessica runs over and kicks Cameron in the ribs, flipping her over onto her back. Jessica kicks Cameron's ribs again, again and again until the blonde starts rolling on the ground, half from the force of the kicks and second to escape. Cameron rolls against the barrier surrounding the ring. Jessica bends over and pulls Cameron up to a seated position by her hair. Then Jessica starts slamming the back of the blonde's head into the barrier. Once she was sure Cameron was dazed, Jessica slings Cameron back under the bottom rope and into the ring.

As Jessica re-enters the ring, Cameron starts scooting backwards, begging "No, no don't." Jessica still has a slight limp from Cameron's cunt busting, and not in the mood to hear begging. Jessica quickens her pace and snatches Cameron to her knees by her hair. She draws back a fist snarling and saying "Why you little..." But that is all before being interrupted as Cameron's arms slips between Jessica's legs and rams upward for another vicious low blow. Jessica stops dead in her tracks with her face clearly registering the shooting pain. Cameron springs to her feet and lifts Jessica in the air and drops her cunt first on her outstretched knee in a reverse Atomic Drop. Jessica falls to the mat writhing in pain, holding her cunt with both hands.

"How's that fat pussy now? Let's see how Justin likes you without that big pussy open?" Cameron taunts. Cameron reaches down and pulls Jessica up. Half way up Jessica lunges forward and drives her head into Cameron's stomach. Cameron lets Jessica go with an "Ummph!" From her knees Jessica fires a two fisted flurry of punches into Cameron's gut that doubles her over. Jessica stands, wraps her arm around Cameron's head and falls backwards, DDT'ing her to the mat.

Jessica rises to her feet with a mean look on her face. She wants to hurt and destroy Cameron Diaz. She did not consider Cameron as a rival before the match, even after everything that has gone on, but she does now. She had no respect for Cameron's fighting ability either, but that has changed also. Jessica is just determined to make this a very short rivalry.

Cameron rises to her hands and knees as Jessica steps over her foe standing with her rival between her legs. Jessica grabs a handful of blonde hair and wrenches Cameron's head back and starts pummeling Cameron's face with her other hand. Squealing, Cameron finally is able to get her arms up to protect her head. Jessica then slams her forearm across the back of Cameron's neck and flattens her to the mat. Jessica sits down on Cameron's back, pulls the blonde's arms on top of her thighs, and clasps her hands under Cameron's chin, and pulls back executing a Camel Clutch. Jessica happily listens to Cameron's cries and screams, knowing the slender blonde does not have the brute strength needed to escape the hold.

The fit Jessica finally releases her Camel Clutch and wraps her arms around Cameron's waist and pulls her to her feet. Standing with Cameron's back pressed against her front, Jessica gathers herself then tosses Cameron backwards with a belly-to-back suflex. A numbing pain runs down Cameron's spine as the back of her head slams into the canvas. She barely offers any resistance as Jessica keeps her arms encircled around the blonde's waist and hauls her back to her feet. "No! Not again...." Cameron pleads as Jessica heaves her up and suflexes her a second time.

As Jessica hauls her up a third time, Cameron knows she can not take another high impact suflex. As Jessica prepares to launch her again, Cameron kicks backwards with her leg. Luckily she strikes Jessica's sore cunt. Jessica releases Cameron and drops to her knees, holding her battered crotch. Cameron staggers to the other side of the ring and tries to regroup herself. She could not help, but to tauntingly point and laugh at her pained and distressed rival.

Hearing the laughter, Jessica sneers and stares daggers at Cameron. Again she is determined to crush her rival once and for all. Jessica springs to her feet and charges toward her rival. Her injured, wide-eyed foe stood like a deer in headlights as Jessica starts hammering her face with punch after punch. Cameron's head spins from left to right like it is on a swivel. Despite getting her brains knocked out, Cameron is able to knee Jessica in the cunt yet again. Jessica stops in her tracks again, clutches her pussy with her eyes rolling back like she is about to faint, then slowly sinks to her knees. Cameron leans back against the ropes to try and control her uncontrollable panting.

Jessica is on her knees with her head bowed either moaning or sobbing, no one is for sure. Then unexpected by Cameron or anyone else observing, her fist literally launches from the mat like a missile. It gains speed and momentum as it rockets up, and the uppercut explodes on Cameron's chin., nearly knocking the blonde's head off. Cameron's arms go flailing upon impact and ends up draped over the top rope, which is the only thing keeping her sagging, drooping body up upright.

Jessica stands growling like an angry animal, and scoops Cameron's limp noodle body up into her arms. She carries her to the middle of the ring and drops to one knee, and tries to break Cameron in half with a devastating back breaker over her outstretched knee. Cameron's body contorts around Jessica's thigh like it truly was broken before rolling off and lies face down on the mat. Still not satisfied, Jessica scoops Cameron in her arms again, and delivers a second equally as devastating back breaker.

Jessica stands over Cameron. She looks down at her broken rival who lies at her feet moaning in agony. Cameron wore a conservative sportswear style white swimsuit to differentiate herself from the so-called floozy in the string bikini she was fighting. Jessica reaches down and pulls Cameron's sports bra like top off over her head. The hurting blonde offers practically no resistance.

Jessica then pulls Cameron to her feet and pushes her back into the corner. The young women then unleashes an open handed chop across Cameron's bare chest. Cameron howls and slumps into the corner as Jessica devours her with chop after chop. After her boobs are beet red and flattened, Cameron tries to fight back. She lands several punches to Jessica's head, but they have absolutely no effect, but making Jessica chop her chest harder. Jessica's chops take the blonde's breath away and Cameron only slumps in the corner as Jessica finishes smashing her breast. Cameron is dazed and light headed, but receives Jessica's message loud and clear, smashing Cameron's boobs are retaliation for Cameron's cunt busting.

Seeing Cameron all but finished, Jessica wraps her arms around body and crushes the blonde's agonized body against her own. Jessica carries Cameron out of the corner to the center of the ring. She looks into her rivals face and sees her total distress. Jessica knows she can finish Cameron at any time now, but enjoys watching the blonde bitch who wrecked her precious Porsche suffer.

Cameron avoids looking directly into Jessica's face although she knows Jessica is daringly staring directly into her green eyes. Cameron is truly confused with the emotions she is feeling. Part of her wants to defiantly spit in this woman's face and bravely accept the repercussions of her actions. Another part of her wants to beg for mercy. Since she is being constricted so tightly in Jessica's bear hug, Cameron does not have the chance to do either. One thing is becoming crystal clear, and that is why Justin chose this woman as a potential mate. Jessica has taken everything that Cameron could muster against her, and it was not enough to put her down.

Tears start running down her face as Cameron realizes that Jessica is the dominant woman in the ring. After making videos trash talking her, after assaulting her car, after publicly boasting about teaching the young floozy a lesson, she is getting crushed by a superior woman. Tears flow freely now. The superior woman who stole her boyfriend, the superior woman who just defeated her, that woman has humiliated her in front of the whole world. Worst of all, Jessica has proven to Cameron she is inferior to Jessica in every way.

Finally, Cameron's green eyes meet Jessica's own green eyes. As the two pairs of green eyes lock, Cameron saw something she recognized. Maybe the burining desire to compete and be the best, maybe anger and fear, or probally she just saw a younger, stronger, superior version of herself. What ever it made Cameron more determined not to yield to this superior woman. Despite the tears Cameron's eyes flashed anger, and defiance. She would have spit in Jessica's face if her mouth was not bone dry, from being open trying rather unsuccessfully to suck air.

Jessica sees the expression and silently readjusts her grip around Cameron's waist so she can lift and flip her around so that Cameron is upside down and being lowered into position for a tombstone pile driver. Realizing and accepting her fate, Cameron shouts out, "Jessica... you're still a bi....."

BAM! Jessica drops down before Cameron can finish her word and pile drives Cameron into unconsciousness. Jessica lies across Cameron's shoulders as the referee counts her out. "I may be a bitch, but I'm the bitch with your man on her arm, and I'm the bitch that'll be driving a new Porsche." Jessica says as she looks down at the defeated and unconscious blonde.

Jessica allows the referee to finish his 3 count then stands with one foot on Cameron's chest striking a victory pose as the referee raises her hand in victory.

An hour later, after the event is over, Stone Rage stops by Cameron's dressing room to check on her. He finds the dejected blond soaking in the hot tub. "Hey Cameron, are you okay?" Rage asks.

"Let's see, other than being stripped, beaten up, broken in two, out of $125,000 for a Porsche and publicly humiliated by the woman who's running around with my man, I'm doing fantastic. How about you?" Cameron sarcastically answers.

With a slight chuckle at Cameron's attempt to make light of the situation, he replies, "That may be true, but you looked sexy doing it." gaining a small crack of smile from the blonde. "Seriously, you wrestled a great match, and earned a lot of people's respect tonight. You have nothing to he ashamed of. If it makes you feel any better, after what you did to Jessica with those low blows, Justin won't be able to go digging in her secret garden for quite some time." That comment got a chuckle and almost a smile of pride and satisfaction out of Cameron. "We'll talk later, again great job tonight." Rage says as he exits.

Minutes later Rage stops by Jessica's dressing room and finds her lying across a table with an ice pack between her legs. "Hey Jessica, just wanted to say congratulations on a great match and victory."

"Thanks Rage" Jessica answers. "Cameron was a lot tougher than I expected. She really put a beating on me for a while. You were right, I definitely won't call her a jobber again"

"Yeah, but you won, and won convincingly." Rage responds. "I don't think Cameron will be asking for a rematch any time soon either. You did fantastic tonight. You fought through adversity like a true future champion. Welcome to The Battle Zone". So a legend begins.