Backlash! End Game!
Mariah Carey vs Tyra Banks
NOTE - This story immediately follows Backlash: Fatal Fourway
"Wwwwwwooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!" Tyra Banks whoops like a hyperactive cheerleader on a sugar high. "Alright! On today's show, we've got the first appearance by one of the greatest singers of our time, Mariah Carey!" Tyra says raising her hand to lead on her cheering audience. "So hang tight, we'll be right back after these messages with the incomparable Mariah Carey!"

Its just a typical day on the Tyra Banks Show. Tyra is bouncing while whooping and hollering to hype up her audience. Finally she sits down at with her guest, Mariah Carey. Both ladies are across from each other on the standard set for Tyra's show, seated in two very large white lounge chairs, all alone on the stage.

"Okay Mariah" Tyra starts her interview, "It's been a big year for you so far. First, your cd, E=MC˛ is burning up the charts! Then we're all dying to hear more about your new huussbannnnd....Nick Cannon!!!" Tyra says turning to her audience full of cheering women. "How are you doing it girl! Where should we start?"

Then Tyra conducts her interview as she does everyday on her show. Despite her antics, and her tendency to talk about herself too much, Tyra does a superb job interviewing her guests. She makes them feel comfortable on her set. She knows how to get a little 'dirt' on her guest to get the ratings and sound bytes, while not being too intrusive and prevents them from saying anything too extremely embarrassing and controversial. She has a great ability to make her guest comfortable and appear very human, allowing them to connect with their fans. Her interview with Mariah is no exception. Mariah is smiling and feeling very comfortable and everyone is thoroughly entertained by the two amazing beauties.

After a phenomenal interview, Tyra asks, "Oh girl, one more thing before you go. Recently you've got some experience on the other side of the interviewing microphone. I'm talking about a 'hard hitting interview' you had with Jennifer Lopez! What's up with that?"

Mariah gushes trying to look modest, "Well Tyra, it's no secret that Jennifer and I have had a few differences in the past. I thought it was time that I exposed the real Jennifer Lopez to the world. So I arranged for us to get together with a few of my reporting friends, Then I....." Mariah says as she punches one fist into her open hand, "I conducted my interview!" Mariah says with a proud smile. "After our little girl talk she decided to come clean, and confess the truth about herself and the Fab Four." Mariah finishes with a big smile to the audience cheering their approval.

"Well as you know, Jennifer, the Fab Four and Stone Rage are all good friends of mine." Tyra begins, "and I asked Jennifer about what happened, and here is what she had to say."

All eyes turn to a giant screen behind them playing the tape of Tyra talking to Jennifer. "Tyra, she tricked me, set a trap so I had to wrestle her on an amateur mat." Jennifer begins. "I've beaten Mariah up countless times before, but that was in real fights. I'm a brawler, I use my fist, I could not use them there. I was out of my class. She was way bigger than me and out weighed me by a ton. I don't know what she is eating these days, but it was like wrestling a Grizzly bear with breath 3 times as bad. It was horrible." Jennifer continues in her distinct New York accent, with a slightly Puerto Rican slant. "I got caught between her legs, and I give her credit, she has extremely strong legs. She starts asking me questions, and I had no choice but to tell her the truth."

The screen goes black, and the audience claps. Mariah nods approvingly hearing her story confirmed. "Yeah I beat some sense into her fat ass!" Mariah says playing to the crowd.

"Well Mariah, but that's where there's some discrepancies in the stories." Tyra says looking very serious. "Take a look...."

The screen comes to life again, and picks up where it left off. "Tyra, I told her the truth honestly, but I guess she did not like my answers. Next thing I know, she pulls out a syringe with something in it, and stuck it into my ass. After that things get pretty cloudy." Jennifer pauses and gets a concerned and confused look on her face. "I'm really not sure what happened after that. She kept hurting me and telling me to say some lies. I couldn't think, and I could not control myself. I kept blurting out things that she wanted me to say."

The screen goes black again and there are murmurs through the crowd. "At the Tyra Banks Show we're all about telling the truth. So, at this point I decided to do a little investigating of my own." Tyra says. "I asked Jennifer to submit to a blood test, because this has become a serious matter. Stone Rage is gone on suspension pending this investigation. Jennifer did the test, and she came back positive with traces of a drug called sodium tripenthol ethanol. Do you know what that is Mariah?"

"I have no idea" Mariah answers slowly. "Who knows what kind of drugs that pig has running through her system. Probably a diet drug for her sagging ass. Maybe its a treatment for a sexually transmitted disease or something knowing her." Mariah says getting a small bit of laughter from her fans.

Tyra chuckles at Mariah's attempt at levity. "Funny girl" then continues, "No, its a mind controlling drug. It bends the will. It makes you confused, and susceptible to suggestion. You probably can make a person say whatever you want under the influence of this drug." More murmurs go through the crowd. Mariah shifts in her chair slightly uneasy. "But girl, I'm not going to front, I still wasn't sure. So I decided to conduct my own, 'hard hitting interview' on one of the reporters that I knew, who was there during your meeting with J." Tyra lets out a grin, "I wanted to get his opinion on the situation."

The screen blazes up again and the image of Tyra lying on her side, with a large man's head captured between her thighs is on the screen. Tyra's face shows the strain as she puts all her strength into crushing the man's head. "Tell me mutha fucka!" Tyra says in an extremely threatening voice. "Tell me, did Mariah drug Jennifer!?!"

The man lets out a long pitiful wail, "OOoooooooohhhhhhh.... yeah, Mariah drugged her."

"So tell the truth" Tyra continues, "Is it true that Jennifer and Tia sleep their way to movie roles?"

"No" the man whines, "Mariah made her say that."

"What about the sex with Stone Rage? Does the Fab Four really perform sexual favors with Stone Rage?" Tyra interrogates.

"Noooo" the man pleads, "Mariah made her say that too."

The screen goes black again and there are many loud murmurs from the audience. Tyra waits a moment, then asks, "Now Mariah, do you want to come clean right now and tell the truth?" Tyra pauses, "Or do I have to conduct my own 'hard hitting interview' with you right now?"

Mariah is understandably caught totally off guard and is confused about what to do or say. Then Tyra's last statement hit her, and she knew her response. "What!!?!? Are you challenging me Tyra?" Mariah looks at the super model incredulously. "Hold up, we both know that you can't make me say or do anything! Don't go there, we both know I got a lot more thug in me than you do." Mariah finishes confidently like she has sufficiently punked her rival into backing down.

Not to be out done, Tyra rises to her feet and rips open her business coat. She takes off the coat and flings it across the stage, to reveal she is wearing a black spandex sports bra underneath. Tyra unzips her black business skirt and pushes it down over her sumptuous ass until it falls to her ankles. Tyra steps out of the skirt and kicks it, sending it sliding across the slick stage floor. Tyra wears skintight black spandex shorts underneath. Tyra's attire shows she is not only definitely prepared for a confrontation but eagerly anticipating one. "Come on bitch! Let's go!" Tyra spits sassily with her head bouncing from side to side. "You're a fucking liar, and you're lying about my friends." Tyra finishes leering down on her foe from her full 5 foot 11 1/2 inch height.

Mariah smirks realizing that she has stepped into a trap. However she is very confident that Tyra cannot spring this trap. Mariah rises to her 5 foot 9 inch height, wearing a confident look on her face. "Come on, Let's go then bitch!" Mariah smugly answers.

As the celebrities start to square off, the anticipation is feverish backstage. Everyone from the producers, to the directors, cameramen, makeup women, grips and stagehands have been waiting for this moment for weeks. The directors and producers encouraged Tyra to go ahead with this confrontation, but none actually think that she can beat Mariah. The entire staff is expecting their demanding and often loud mouthed executive producer, to get her ass beat. After watching Tyra gobble down double cheeseburgers and doughnuts for years, everybody knew the lean and fit singer would demolish the haughty hostess. The office pool backstage allows the staff to bet on a number of possibilities of the outcome. The ones who predict the outcome correctly will split what became a sizable pool of funds. The most popular choice is Mariah by leg scissor submission or KO. Second was Mariah by face sit. Third has Tyra submissively kissing Mariah's feet and/or ass. Next is Mariah by KO punch, and finally one lone grip, bet part of his rent money on Tyra winning.

"Do you think Mariah will strip her after she is done?" One hard dick, video tech asks the equally hard and horny director.

"Hell yeah, Mariah is pissed I guarantee it" the toothy smiling director answers. "Make sure that stretcher is ready" he says through a microphone to some stage hands wearing ear pieces. "I want you ready to haul Tyra off quickly after Mariah is done with her."

As they prepare to square off, Mariah says, "One condition, I get to host your show for the next week while you're recuperating at home." Mariah offers with a huge grin.

"Whatever liar." Tyra says confidently. "You screwed my friends there is no way I'm not going to make you pay today. I can't lose."

Mariah continues to maneuver but quickly realizes her short skirt hampers her movement. Mariah smiles and says, "Wait a second, please" holding up one finger politely to Tyra. Mariah unfastens the button and slides down the zipper on the side. Then she grabs the open side and jerks across her body with all her might. The skirt rips down the side seam and tears completely off of Mariah's body. The dramatic flair of ripping off the skirt has the audience saying 'OOOhhhss and Ahhhs'. Underneath the skirt, Mariah wears a skimpy pair of panties, thinly veiled by a pair of panty hose. Mariah's legendary legs also bring a response of awe from the spectators. By Tyra's body language where her shoulders slump slightly, she takes a blow to her confidence that she will emerge victorious from this clash.

Mariah lunges in and clutches two handfuls of Tyra's hair. Mariah turns her shoulder into Tyra and snap mares Tyra over her shoulder and sends her flipping to the stage floor. As Tyra lies howling from the pain in her back, Mariah drops to her knees while clasping her hands together and hammers Tyra in her stomach repeatedly. As a suffering Tyra tries to scramble away, Mariah stands and grabs Tyra by her spandex outfit and yanks Tyra up to her hands and knees. Mariah nails Tyra with a kick into her side sending the super model rolling away feeling a sharp pain.

Tyra quickly gets to her feet, but Mariah's long legs finds Tyra again, kicking her in the chest, sending Tyra down again. Mariah grabs Tyra's ankles and drags her across the stage. Tyra draws her legs in and kicks Mariah away, sending the singer sprawling to the floor. Mariah tries to scramble back to her feet, but Tyra pounces keeping Mariah down, before drawing Mariah's head between her thighs and into a leg scissors. Immediately Mariah tries to turn her head to chomp down into Tyra's chocolate thighs, But Tyra wisely grabs a handful of hair to prevent Mariah from moving her head. "Don't you dare bite me, bitch!" Tyra snarls.

Tyra's chocolaty thighs have Mariah coughing and gagging. Although her thighs appear to be very affective tormentors, Tyra is worried if she can maintain the same strength and put constant pressure on Mariah. So, Tyra releases her leg scissors and gets to her feet. She quickly grabs Mariah's hair and painfully drags her across the stage. Tyra has a purpose in her demoralizing hair drag other than setting Mariah's scalp ablaze. She is dragging Mariah to the back of the set where the lights and props decoration hides backstage.

Tyra pulls a squealing Mariah up to a seated position and puts her into a headlock. With Mariah captured, Tyra starts slamming Mariah's head into the prop wall at the back of the set. With a now woozy Mariah, Tyra pulls her to her feet and pushes the songbird's back against the wall. Tyra presses her forearm against Mariah's throat gagging her. "Talk Mariah!" Tyra spits through gritted teeth. "Don't make me embarrass you, you know I will." Threatens the talk show host.

"Damn! You think Tyra may actually win?" Asks the sound tech in the booth with the producer.

"I hope not" answers the producer. "We'll never hear the end on it, if she does."

Mariah suddenly answers the producer's hopes by driving the point of her knee into Tyra's cunt. Tyra grunts loudly and bends over holding her cunt. She backs away allowing Mariah to take several deep breaths to gather herself. Tyra tries to push past the pain in her loins and looks up in time for Mariah to spin her head with a sweeping backhand punch. Tyra's knees buckle, and spit goes flying but she does not go down. Mariah is slightly disappointed. She definitely wants to take this larger woman to the ground where she can ground and pound and let her magnificent legs finish Tyra off.

Mariah lunges at Tyra trying to tackle her to the ground. To Mariah's surprise, grabbing the big top model by her broad shoulders and putting her weight behind her still did not bring Tyra down. She ends up wrestling and struggling with Tyra before Tyra's long legs gets tangled and she falls to the stage. The wrestling continues on the ground. Tyra and Mariah roll around grappling trying to overpower and subdue each other. Their phenomenally long legs intertwine around each other and there is a lot of grunts and growls as their grinding struggle progresses. Everyone notices Tyra's breathing becoming heavier and she appears to be tiring.

The producer chuckles in the booth. "Yeah, now those double cheeseburgers take effect."

With Tyra obviously laboring, Mariah is starting to overpower the modeling legend. The hellcat, Mariah, pins Tyra to the floor with a full body press. Tyra is breathing heavily and thrashing around, but Mariah has her securely pinned. "I got your fat ass now Tyra" Mariah tells her captive through a sneer.

"There's nothing fat about me!" Tyra defiantly answers. "This is 160 pounds of pure sexiness!" Tyra says then surges to life, then with a mighty heave rolls Mariah over. Tyra lies on top of the best-selling female pop artist of the millennium and holds her down by pressing her hands down on Mariah's shoulders. "And it's got you under total control!" Tyra sassily adds.

"Oh really?" Mariah quickly retorts. "You're just a fountain of misinformation today." Mariah finishes and brings her long legs up on either side of Tyra's waist and clamps them shut and squeezes.

"YYyyeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihhhhhhhhaaa" Tyra roars like a caged wounded beast with her eyes bugging out. Tyra has never experienced anything as tormenting as Mariah's legs scissors in her life. It takes Tyra's breath away. She can barely take in any oxygen. She feels like her ribs are caving in and her guts are about to explode and ooze out of her mouth. Mariah grabs Tyra's head and pulls it into her bosom and holds it there by wrapping her arms around Tyra's head. This limits Tyra's movements and makes breathing even harder in the process. Her vision is also blocked as her face is pressed against Mariah's sweaty flesh, cutting off most of Tyra's avenues to escape.

Mariah is wearing a wide smile as she delights in the symphony of grunts, groans, moans, whines, whimpers and gasps for breath coming from Tyra. The hostess struggles and wiggles to free herself, but with her face pressed against Mariah's chest, her movements were very limited. Tyra is growing very desperate. The agony from Mariah's leg scissors is terrible. The trauma from not being able to breath is horrible, and the humiliation of being publicly defeated and not being able to back up her claims is unfathomable. But, surely all these emotions are all happening. All these were parts of her reality until, Tyra moved her head to Mariah's breast and bit down onto her abundant cleavage mushrooming up from her bra.

Mariah shrieks and releases her leg scissors and Tyra's head. Tyra's head instantly pops up gasping for air. Immediately Tyra turns her body to spring free, but Mariah's legs clap around her again before she can move. Tyra howls like a wolf. She though she was free of Mariah's torturous thighs, but she is trapped again, only this time her back is to Mariah instead of facing her like before. "Get tha fuck back here!" Mariah spits as she grabs the back of Tyra's sports bra and yanks her back against her body.

Tyra elicits long groans of anguish. Moans of "Uuunnnnghhhmmmm!" fills the set as Tyra tries to struggle free, but she is fading fast. Soon Tyra falls back against Mariah with her mouth gaped open and tears welling up in her eyes.

"Bitch!" Mariah insults the wilting beauty. "I'll teach you to mess with my tits!" Mariah threatens and starts pulling up Tyra's sports bra. Instinctively Tyra puts her arms across her bosom to prevent her top from being removed. Then Tyra explodes with a high-pitched squeal as Mariah flexes her thighs and squeezes Tyra's sides even tighter. "Bitch, don't fight me, move your arms." Mariah warns and flexes her legs again. Tyra give out another long high wail of pain. "You're only making it harder on yourself, move your arms." Mariah says again. Slowly Tyra moves her arms from her breast with tears now trickling from her eyes. Mariah tries to pull the top up, but still can not get it off. "Lift your arms." Mariah instructs with another flex of her legs. Submissively, Tyra raises her arms so Mariah can easily strip her spandex bra off and expose the supermodel's giant bouncing breasts.

Mariah reaches around and starts to knead and maul both of Tyra's heavenly hooters. Tyra's head lulls lifelessly back onto Mariah's shoulder with a distant look in her eyes, as if she is about to faint or pass out. The flow of her silent tears picks up. "Okay looks like leg scissor submission is going to win our office pool people!" the director yells. "Camera three get me a close up on Mariah and that zesty look of victory she is wearing." he says into his headset. "Camera six, zoom in on Tyra's face. Try to capture her pain and look of failure and defeat. Camera seven, pan the audience. Look for some distraught faces, watching their heroine being defeated."

Mariah is gleefully glowing. Although Tyra may expose the truth about her drugging Jennifer Lopez, and expose her role in this conspiracy theory, all of that will be lost in the headlines of Tyra's destruction on her own show. "Now, you know why the call me the Python Princess!" Mariah boasts. "I'm the fucking Scissors Queen!" Mariah jiggles Tyra's tits. "Tell me Tyra, what do you think fat ass? I didn't need to drug Buffalo Butt Lopez to get her to talk. The only drug I need is my legs." Mariah flexes her thighs again. "Tell me I'm the Scissors Queen, tell me I'm the Python Princess!" Mariah demands.

Tyra lets out a long groan, followed by a whine and a whimper. "You are" Tyra breathlessly admits. "You are definitely..... the Scissors... Queen... You're... the Python Princess...." Tyra pauses dramatically, "BUT..... you're not the winner of this fight!" Tyra decrees as she returns to life. Tyra marshals all of her resolve, strength, and will to win.

Then rising like the mythical Phoenix, or using an more modern reference or simile, like the legendary Hulk Hogan, Tyra briefly shudders then starts powering to her feet. Having never experience anybody survive the tremendous might of her legs, Mariah really does not know what to do. She chooses to cling onto Tyra and imposes her weight down on her opponent. It does no good. Tyra is flowing with pure adrenaline, and is able to slowly power up to a standing position. Once standing, Tyra falls backwards and drives Mariah to the hard stage with the force of her weight behind her. Mariah exclaims in pain but maintains her clutch on Tyra. To Mariah's utter shock, Tyra simply starts powering back up to her feet. Mariah surely thought that her exhausted opponent would be either disheartened or too weak to attempt another escape. However Tyra does rise to her feet again, and plunges backwards again. This time as the duo goes crashing to the ground, the back of Tyra's head collides with Mariah's chin upon impact. Mariah receives a jolt to her chin that also drives the back of her head into the stage floor. Mariah is knocked senseless, and nearly unconscious.

Both lie next to each other for a pretty long time. Both needed time to recover from this grueling battle. Tyra is face down heaving air, recuperating from being in Mariah's vice lock. Mariah is fatigued too but not nearly to the extent as Tyra. However, Mariah is more concerned by the piercing, numbing pain running from the back of her head down her spine. The singer can barely think. She knows she is in no condition to contend even with a tired Tyra Banks.

No matter their concerns or condition, both pain filled, valiant vixens slowly start to rise to their feet. They are grunting and groaning as they rise, moving tenuously, checking out body parts and movements to make sure there are no serious injuries.

Once on their feet, Mariah attacks quickly. She throws a haymaker aimed at taking off Tyra's head. Luckily for Tyra, she leans back and avoids the wild fist flying by. Mariah stumbles forward off balance a couple of steps from the momentum behind her punch. Tyra steps to the side then as Mariah stumbles close, Tyra drives her knee up into Mariah's stomach. Mariah barks and doubles over clutching her soft belly. Tyra clutches her hands together and brings them down like a hammer onto Mariah's back knocking the breathless diva down to her knees.

Tyra steps behind Mariah, and puts her foot between Mariah's shoulder blades. Next she grabs the back of Mariah's bra and yanks as hard as she could, while pushing the other way with her foot. A couple of seconds later the hooks of Mariah’s bra are stretched and pulled until Mariah's bra springs open. Mariah falls forward with the bra uselessly dangling from around her shoulders. "Now we're even bitch!" Tyra mutters.

Mariah immediately starts getting back to her feet, although slowly and cautiously. Showing her frustration, she tosses the useless bra aside. Mariah realizes that she has 'hit the wall'. It has been a grueling fight and both she and Tyra are reaching their physical limits of exhaustion. Mariah turns to face Tyra. She can see her fatigue as well. The veteran, Mariah realizes that either she or Tyra are one move away from being finished. She knows she can not make another mistake like that wild punch. She has under estimated her blow to the head and her fatigue. Mariah looks for a way to extend the fight and grind things out until she gets her second wind. She does not think Tyra can handle another long ordeal.

Mariah raises her arm in the air, challenging Tyra to a test of strength. Tyra understands and raised her arm as well, then slowly and cautiously walks close to lock hands together. First, one set of hands lock together, then the second pair, and the struggle begins. The two superstars slowly bring their arms down until they are extended shoulder length, and pressing against each other. They move closer, face-to-face, as they struggle for an advantage. Each can see the intensity in each other's eyes and their resolve to win. Their big, sweaty breasts smack together as they come close. Their swaying tits rub together as the grunting beauties vie for supremacy, giving them both strange, yet welcome sensations of pleasure. Their hard pointy nipples bump, rub and tangle occasionally as their big boobs clash.

"You're going down, bitch." Mariah mumbles into Tyra's ear. Mariah strains her long sinewy arms. Her back ripples with muscles and tendons under her skin. The sweat provides a sheen highlighting and illuminating a near perfect body, giving the audience an erotic treat.

"Bull shit." Tyra spits back. "Like hell I am." she says as she strains back against Mariah. Although, very different, her body is equally as exotic and erotic as Mariah. Her equally powerful shoulders and arms are meatier than her rival's and does not reveal the same musculature. However her body is much more curvy, and shapely, giving her a more voluptuous quality. A quality that definitely inspires sexual arousal. Both diva's are spectacularly gorgeous. It becomes only a matter of personal taste deciding which woman is the most beautiful.

The beauties are cheek to cheek straining against each other. Loud grunts of exertion fill the set, when slowly Tyra starts sinking down. The near six foot tall supermodel is being reduced very slowly to her knees by the five foot nine busty bombshell of a singer. Tyra's face displays her exertion to stay upright, but there is no use, she is going down.

Once Tyra goes down to both knees, she bows her head in shame and defeat. She knows there is little to nothing left in her body. Mariah has proven to be more than she can handle, now the better woman is starting to dominate. Tyra hopes that Mariah will finish her off quickly, so she does not suffer a long tear filled defeat in front of her faithful audience and television viewers. Tyra's body droops a bit more. Then Tyra's strength of character told her to give it one last try. She owes it to her public to go down like a true Champion.

Tyra gathers all of her strength and might and tries to power up again. To her total shock, she is gaining ground, and to her dismay, she hears Mariah's strained and desperate grunts to hold her down. Inspired by her success, Tyra redoubles her efforts. Tyra's emotions and adrenalin starts pumping, and she steadily pushes up. Tyra is able to reach her feet and wears a confident and glowing sneer of exertion. In contrast Mariah’s face shows desperation and weakness. Tyra's glow of impending victory grows.

Tyra is thrilled. She has tested her limits, and has found she has more inside of her than she ever imagined. She was so self-absorbed with her own weaknesses that Tyra never noticed that Mariah was running on fumes herself. Tyra is thrilled she took the chance to test herself and test her limits, and the gains she has received.

Energized, Tyra roars "Yyyeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrr" and bears down with all her might. Mariah's wrists bend backwards and she immediately sinks to her knees.

Mariah lets out al long wail of weakness, "Uuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnggghhhhh!" and sinks to her knees. Her wrists are bent backwards at an acute angle, putting her in tremendous pain. Mariah tries to power up, but her mighty panty hose encased legs find that they have exerted all of their power into the legs scissors, and have nothing left. Mariah leans her head forward as she searches for something that her legs simply no longer posses. When she does so, Tyra clamps their thighs around Mariah's head, locking her into a standing leg scissors. Tyra flexes her thighs and raises to her toes as she squeezes. Mariah finds that Tyra's legs may not match hers in might, but they far surpasses any other opponent that she has ever faced.

Finally, Tyra crosses Mariah's arms behind her back, threatening to pop the singer's shoulders out of joint. Instantly this fight did not seem worth protecting her charade for Mariah anymore. "Okay, okay I admit it! I drugged Buffalo Butt!" Mariah loudly confesses.

"Are the accusations about sexual favors between Stone Rage and the Fab Four true?" Tyra demands trying to bend Mariah's arms a little further.

"No, I made her say that." Mariah weakly admits. "I made Jennifer says she's a gold digging hoe that slept for her record deal, that Tia's a dick sucking bitch and Halle had Stone Rage's baby."

"Why?" Tyra interrogates.

"The ABA approached me with the idea, and they set it up". Mariah confesses, feeling relived of the burden of this conspiracy. Privately, she wonders if her body did not subconsciously betray her out of guilt. "Buffalo Butt deserved what she got, she knows what she did to my relationship with Tommy and to my career." Mariah adds. "I wanted to get her back."

Tyra releases Mariah, allowing her to collapse to the stage. Tyra walks forward, looks at her audience. Tyra is drenched with sweat, and her long hair is disheveled all over her head. Her body droops displaying she is really at the point of total exhaustion. She breathlessly says, "So there you..... so there you have it!.... Another..... truth exposed by the Tyra Banks.... show. Thank you and good bye!" Tyra gasps and staggers off of the stage. She can barely walk, she left everything on the stage. In fact, Tyra wanted to exit as quickly as possible. She is terrified that Mariah would get up and beat the crap out of her.

As Tyra staggers away, there is the amplified thud of a microphone hitting the floor. The one lone grip that bet on Tyra is jumping up and down, cheering, realizing, that he just got the down payment for that new car he always dreamed about.

Lastly, Mariah slowly rises to her feet. She is equally as sweaty as Tyra and her hair is in the same dishevel ness. However her body definitely appears stronger than the totally spent Tyra. Mariah starts walking to backstage much straighter than, Tyra's exhausted wobble. A cameraman, filming her exit, approaches her. Mariah stops and looks directly into the camera. "This isn't over Tyra!" Mariah definitively proclaims. "Not by a long shot. You won this time, but next time I'm going to bounce your big rhino butt all over this stage. You better believe it, I promise!" with a look of determination in her eyes, Mariah storms off to her dressing room. There was a definitive timber in her voice that convinced anybody that heard, to not doubt her words.


Stone Rage is finishing up his announcement at the podium. "Now, thanks to Tyra Banks, these ridiculous accusations of me and the Fab Four have been cleared, I will be reassuming my position as commissioner of the league. I can't thank Tyra enough for her hard hitting reporting and commitment at exposing the truth. I am eternally grateful to her."

"Over the past few months we have seen the Backlash! from former husbands on thier wives. We've seen the Backlash! of sins past of starlets trying to make it to the top, and superstars doubting young stars on the rise. We have seen the Backlash! from decisions I have made and decisions that I should have made, but did not." Stone Rage continues.

"I for one have learned from some of my mistakes." Rage announces. "No longer will this office be under the threat of conspiracy. We need a system of checks and balances. No longer will I remain the total decision making entity in this league. I am instituting a booking committee that will vote to book all matches, and approve all Championship contenders." Rage looks up at those in attendance. "Hopefully this will eliminate the threat, temptation and accusations of biasness in this league. I don't dictate orders to the Fab Four, they are just my closest friends. Besides, if any of you knew Halle, Pam, Tia and J, you would know that no man could ever boss any of them around. They make their own decisions."

"My booking committee will be made up of true legendary figures in the world of celebrity catfighting." Rage proudly announces. "First the Hall of Famer Pam Grier will grace us with her presence on our booking committee!" Rage finishes with a smile, as the eternally gorgeous mature woman comes out to join him at the podium. "Next, another Hall of Famer will join me on this committee. Its my pleasure to introduce to you Raquel Welch!" Rage says as another of the most beautiful women of all time joins him at the podium. "Our next member can only be described by two words, Wonder Woman, ladies and gentleman please welcome Lynda Carter." The legendary brunette joins the collective of legendary womanhood. "Last, but never least of course, the Blonde Bombshell, Loni Anderson." The smiling blonde walks out waving to the applauding crowd.

"Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the future of the Battle Zone!"

TO Backlash!

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