Shannen Doherty vs Paris Hilton with Denise Richards

Wild Things!

NOTE - This story immediately follows BATTLELINES 2
Denise Richards sits in a plush and trendy Los Angeles restaurant. She is excited today. A prominent casting director has called her about a role in his next feature film. He asked to meet her over dinner to discuss the role. Denise needs a little boost in her career currently. This role seems like the booster that Denise needs. It would be nice to star in a blockbuster instead of the straight to DVD and B movies that she has been in the last couple of years.

As Denise waits at the table, hiding behind dark glasses, Shannen Doherty approaches her table. "Hi Denise. I've got to talk to you. I've got a proposition that I think you'll be interested in."

Denise looks up and react, "Ohh sheeze, Shannen Doherty. Look Shannen, first I don't have time to talk to you today. I have a dinner apointment. Second, I sincerely doubt I'd be interested in anything you've got to say.

"Well first about your appointment with your appointment with Michael isn't going to happen. I called in a favor with Michael to get you here. I apologize, but I have to speak to you, and can't take no for an answer. Second, I have a solution for your problems in the ABA." Shannen explains.

"I don't have any problems in the ABA." Denise declares. "If you saw BATTLELINES 2 the ABA were smiling and laughing while the Resistance fucked and humiliated the Fab Four girls. They have a problem, I don't."

"Yes you do." Shannen says as she sits at the table with Denise. "Look at what has happened in the league and specifically the ABA. Lucy Liu is in great shape. She has built her Lui-Tang Clan. Demi Moore is getting her head together. She has her Stimulus Package syndicate protecting her. Also, she has a strong Under Boss, Vivica Fox. Vivica helps her strategize and keep her group in line. Jenny McCarthy just got strong. She added Lindsay Lohan, Jenna Jameson and Pink to her McCarthy Mob. Then you add Daisy Fuentes and Aria Giovanni to that mix, you've got an army that nobody wants to fuck with. The only one in the ABA without an army is you. All you've got is one lone protector, Buffie the Body."

"I'm aware of the state of the ABA. I'm a boss in the group, you're not." Denise sassily returns. "Thank you for your concern, but I'm doing just fine with Buffie. I don't need an army like the others."

"Really?" Shannnen responds. "Don't they still have the challenge system in the ABA, where any made woman can fight you to be a boss? How long before Jenny, Lucy or Demi tries to expand their power and send one of their girls to take you out? Remember that Demi, Jenna Jameson, and Vivica Fox have grudges against you."

"What about the rest of the league?" Shannen continues. "What if a respected veteran like Madonna or Teri Hatcher comes after your spot. Then there are young girls entering like Minka Kelly, Kesha or the Stimulus Package's Meagan Good and Gabrielle Union. Those girls have mean intentions and big dreams. They will come after you and your boss spot."

Denise does not react, she knows the danger she is in. Then Shannen continues speaking. "You brought up what happened to the Fab Four at BATTLELINES 2 The ABA brought out those sex toys that turned a bad night into an epic destruction. Also rumor is that the Fab girls were babbling that the ABA double crossed them. I promise they're coming after the ABA. Who is the easiest target? Who does not have back up? Denise Richards. I don't think Generation PRIME forgot how you abandoned them and had the ABA kick their asses. Christina Aguilera, Janet Jackson and Mya surely haven't forgotten. They will be coming after you went you least expect it. Will Buffie be enough back up when these teams come after you?"

"So what's your proposition?" Denise says with a sigh. Denise knows that she must entertain dealing with the devil. From Denise's experiences Shannen is definitely a devil.

"Bring me into your syndicate." Shannen proposes. "I will be on your team, and help defend you against any threats. I'll also help you build a team. Then when the team is strong enough to battle Stimulus Package, I'll challenge Demi and take her spot and become a boss in the ABA. The only condition is that any member of the team we build that wants to stay with me can do so without any problems."

"It seems to me that I'm just helping you build a team, and you're going to take them all with you if you beat Demi. Then I'll be left where I started from, with no team. Where is the part of this deal that I can't refuse?" Denise asks. "Besides, if you fail to take out Demi, you've have started a civil war between me and Demi that I'll have to survive."

"I'll take out Demi." Shannen answers confidently and determinedly. "If I don't, you'll beat the hell out of me, throw me out of the ABA, then give my head to Demi on a silver platter as a peace offering. Don't play games, I know you've already thought about it." Denise develops a sly smile. "The good part for you is that you have my protection for as long as it lasts. Let's be honest, nobody likes or trust you. Nobody will join your team, and you suck as a recruiter. Without a team, you're screwed. I doubt you will keep your boss spot through the summer without this help. Jenny, Lucy and Demi are good at playing this game, and apparently you're not."

"How can I trust you?" Denise asks. "How do I know you won't try to take out me instead of Demi?"

"You don't" Shannen blatantly answers. "I think Demi is an easier target once we eliminate the Stimulus Package than you are. As long as my opinion that you are a better fighter than Demi does not change, then you're safe. Besides, I have a heart. If I take your spot, I'd offer you a job as my underboss. You'd still be in the family and enjoy the financial benefits of being in the ABA."

Denise quickly contemplates the offer, running as many scenarios through her head as possible. Shannen is right, she is an easy target currently. Denise's only recruit to join her team is Foxy Brown. Foxy is a Gen PRIME reject to fill the spot left when Denise left. Currently Denise has Foxy working on her fighting and conditioning before accepting the buxom rapper into the group. Denise has survived by keeping a low profile, but that will not last too much longer. Especially given the Resistance and the Fab Four will be coming after the ABA any moment.

Finally Denise decides to accept the offer. Contrary to Shannen's assessment Denise is very shrewd and sneaky. Denise figures that she will find a way to outsmart Shannen, or stab her in the black long before Shannen becomes a problem. At least for right now, Denise could definitely use Shannen's assistance. Once others see that Denise has attracted a celebrity like Shannen Doherty to join her team, others will jump on the bandwagon.

"Okay I'll try it." Denise states. "Now we've got to plan a hit for you quickly to make you a made woman."

"I was hoping you'd say that." Shannen says wearing a big smile of relief. "I've got it all taken care of. Do you have anything else to do for the rest of the night?"

Several hours later, after midnight, Paris Hilton is in her normal habitat, an exclusive Los Angeles night club. This is a new club, just opening, however the owner, Mack Hines has paid Paris extremely handsomely to make a club appearance. Paris could think of no better way than to send some time with a couple of her BFF's and drinking complimentary drinks all night on a weekday night.

Paris is sitting in a VIP section of the club. Her section is roped off with two of the clubs top security manning the velvet rope entrance to the section. Meanwhile Paris lounges on the U shaped section of plush red velvet sofa's drinking on whatever she pleases. The other members of Paris' entourage were called away to the dj booth momentarily to pick out some songs that Paris would like, and allow the dj to re-announce Paris's attendance, and allow all the other partygoers to get a good look and photo opportunity of the legendary Paris Hilton.

Paris takes another sip of her champagne of choice and waits for the moment where the entire club celebrates and worships her. Paris barely notices a rustle through the crowd at the club. Suddenly the people start parting like the Red Sea. A moment later the big bad security guards part too, and Paris sees Shannen Doherty coming straight for her. Paris's eyes stretch and mutter "Oh shit" as she drops her champagne glass. Next thing she knows, Shannen is diving on top of her and she and Shannen are grapeling around on the VIP couch.

Both vixens are wearing extremely short party dresses. As they tussle around on the sofa hundreds of partygoers are recording the fight on camera phones, and taking upskirt shots of both Paris' and Shannen's asses and cunts. Denise stands at the gate of the VIP section with her arms folded and smiling, observing exactly what her new ally can do in combat.

"You trifling slut!" Shannen calls out as she grapples with Paris. "Fuck you and your sex tape whore!"

"Stupid bitch!" Paris fires back "Don't get mad cause Rick found me hotter than you! Way hotter than you!"

The Rick in question is the infamous Rick Salomon. He is the same Rick Saloman that is a magician in Las Vegas that pulled off the magic trick of marrying Pamela Anderson for about five months to pay off poker debts that she owed him. More germane to this story, he is also Shannen Doherty's ex-husband. Those two divorced in 2003, the same year a notorious sex tape was released of Saloman with Paris Hilton. The two ladies, more accurately Shannen has been carrying a grudge against Paris ever since.

Paris struggles and manages to get on top. Paris' pink sequin dress has ridden high, and is around her waist now, exposing her fuchsia panties. Once holding Shannen down, Paris jerks her right wrist out of Snannen's grasp and slugs Shannen on the jaw. The fist strikes start subduing Shannen. Paris continues bludgeoning Shannen's face with more punches. With Paris clearly in control of the fight Denise starts wondering about her new team member's fighting prowess.

"Petty bitch" Paris screeches. "That bull shit was almost ten years ago, get over it! Neither one of us gives a damned about Rick anymore. It's not the first time that a man fell into the arms of a younger, hotter woman!" As soon as Paris utters those words, Shannen's fist rockets up and blasts Paris under the chin. Paris' head fires back and she falls off top Shannen and Paris and falls on the floor in front of the couch.

"You're not hotter than me!" Shannen shouts as she sits up on the sofa. Shannen gets off the couch and stands up. Paris is dazed by the jolting blow. Shannen reaches down and grabs Paris' flimsy dress and snatches the skinny blonde to her feet. Shannen shouts "Bitch!" and delivers another belting punch to Paris' jaw. The blonde falls drunkenly on the sofa. "and I never forget a grudge!" Shannen finishes.

Paris goes "Oooohhhh" and tries to clear her head. She never gets a chance before Shannen jerks her up off the couch to her feet again. Paris is nailed in her taught belly then crushed by a right hook to the jaw and collapses back on the sofa. Shannen quickly jerks Paris upright again. Shannen plants another bop in Paris' stomach. Paris heaves over but knows what is coming next. She gets her thin left arm up, although twiggy, it is enough to block Shannen's right hook in mid flight. Paris immediately fires an upper cut that sends Shannen reeling backwards.

Paris quickly kicks off her heels for better balance, then lashes out a high kick to Shannen's face. The brunette goes down close to Denise. Paris runs over and starts stomping Shannen. "A little help here?" Shannen calls out to Denise.

"This is your audition, not mine." Denise answers with a smile followed by a belly laugh.

Paris uses her long legs to her advantage. She kicks and stomps Shannen at long range. Shannen takes quite a beating before she can catch the rhythm of Paris' long range assault. Finally she catches one of Paris' long, sexy gams and pulls the towering beauty off balance. Paris falls on her tight little butt.

Shannen floats over on top of Paris as quick as a flash. Instantly she has the blonde pinned and starts pummeling Paris' face in the next instant. "No not my face!" Paris whines, but Shannen kept on bashing Paris' cheeks. Paris' long legs pump up and down to no avail. Shortly after Paris shouts out "I give, I give You win Shannen!" hoping to protect her greatest asset, her model good looks.

Shannen ignores Paris' pleas and keeps on whacking her. "I give! Enough I give!" Paris pleads in a constant stream of submission over and over again. Shannen targets Paris' dress, and with a loud RIIIIIPP!" the flimsy pink sequin garment disappears. Shannen recognized as well as everyone in the club that Paris was not wearing a bra by her pokies that she was flaunting. Everyone knew they were getting a rare look at Paris' perky bare breasts. There wasn't there to target, but Shannen did her best on Paris' 34B's. Shannen squishes and mauls Shannen's titties as best she could, and made Paris suffer. Paris continued her stream of "I give! Please stop! I give up!"

Shannen quickly finished the job on Paris' perky treats. Shannen rises to her feet. Before she finishes, Shannen reaches down and takes Paris' ankles into her hands. She sands over Paris and spreads her legs apart. Shannen stomps down and grinds her foot into Paris' pussy repeatedly. "I don't care if it was almost ten years ago. You keep this nasty pussy away from my men." Shannen warns.

Finally Denise intervenes. "Here let me help you." Denise reaches down and hauls Paris to her feet. Denise holds Paris upright and pins the socialite's arms behind her back. Shannen now has a 5'8" blonde skinny punching bag to play with. Shannen obliges, giving Paris a few more shots and plenty of nipple twist. Shannen is already tired from subduing Paris, so after a couple minutes of torturing Paris, Shannen offers "Why don't you take a turn boss."

"I like the sound of that" Denise answers wearing an even bigger smile. Shannen holds Paris, allowing Denise to take her shots at Paris. Denise harshley abuses her fuchsia panty wearing Barbie doll at will. Denise takes her time, working Paris over like a body bag. Next Denise twist and twirl's Paris' pink nipples. Denise leaves the best for last as she claws and clutches Paris' pussy through those fuchsia panties.

When Denise is through, Shannen tosses Paris to the side without a care. Paris' nearly naked body lands on the carpet akimbo for everybody to see.

"That was fun" Denise gleefully says as she puts her arm around Shannen's shoulder. "I think I'm going to like this little arrangement." Denise proclaims as Denise and Shannen walks away.

As they leave, Shannen hugs the club owner saying, "Thank you Mack, I told this plan would work. Make sure to send me a copy of the tape of the fight tonight tomorrow."

"Sure thing Shannen. This will make us the hottest club in the city." Mack enthusiastically answers. "We'll be known as the club that Paris got her ass beat all over the city and the internet."

"You'll also be known as the club where Shannen Doherty and Denise Richards hangs out."

Meanwhile back in the VIP section Paris Hilton slowly gets to her hands and knees and slowly crawls back to the sofa. Paris slinks back and props her back against the arm of the sofa, too tired to climb onto the seats. She reaches up and takes a champagne bottle out of the ice bucket. First Paris takes a big swig out of the bottle then presses the ice cold bottle against her battered face. "This isn't over Shannen. This isn't over by a long shot."

The next day at ABA head quarters, the place was in an uproar. Denise met with her other bosses, showing the video of the hit on Paris. She informed them that Shannen is the newest addition to her syndicate. Demi Jenny and Lucy all vehemently objected. They all claimed that Shannen was too volatile and too much a loose cannon to be in the group. They claimed that Shannen was a threat to the security and plans of the organization as a whole. Everyone forged against Shannen made Denise more determined to get Shannen in the group.

Finally a decision had to be made by the parliamentarian of the group, the Enforcer, Lisa Lipps. Lisa's role is to impartially settle such disagreements in the group according to the rules and by lines that the bosses agreed. Jenny created the position to keep peace in the dog-eat-dog group. After the deliberation, as arbitrator Lisa determined that Shannen is allowed in the group. Lisa closed the arbitration saying, "There is nothing according to the by lines to prohibit Shannen Doherty from joining Denise's syndicate. You other bosses have no jurisdiction over Denise's syndicate. If you have a problem, I suggest you handle it the true ABA way, with action not arbitration. If Denise is not a competent boss I suggest you find a more confident one. Beware, that invitation is open for Denise as well. Denise if they don't think Shannen is beneficial for this organization, I suggest you find a way to prove her worth. That includes having her take Lucy, Demi or Jenny's seat at the bosses table."

Three days later, Shannen Doherty had the most solemn and glee less initiation in the ABA as a made woman.

Later that same night, Denise, Shannen and Buffie are celebrating their new addition in Mack's club's VIP section. They sit on the same sofa that Shannen made famous when she destroyed Paris Hilton. As the three happily sit and drink and joke Shannen asks. "So what's with this group name, Wild Things. When was that movie? The 90's? If we're going to attract young girls in the syndicate, we might think of a more reflective name."

"Everytime I look at you, I see White She-Devil from Undercover Brother." Buffie contributes. "What about She-Devils?"

"No no." Shannes suggests. "How about the name of our new hang out? Let's name the group after this club, Charged?"

"Charged?" Denise says. "That sounds like the name of a new super hero that disappears six months later. Just in the group a few hours and already trying to change things huh Shannen? Remember one thing, I'm the boss and don't ever forget it. The name stays Wild Things. At least until I think otherwise."

The timber in Denise's voice reminded her two charges that she is still the leader of the pack. The other two nod their head in agreement. At least for now.


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