GOLD EXPERIENCE Bad Asses in Training

NOTE - This story immediately follows Backlash: ABA's Day Off
Buffie the Body"Whats up? How yall doing?" Buffie the Body yells over the house microphone. "First if you're wondering what happened to Stone Rage's favorite interviewer, Downtown Julie Brown, well, ABA Entertainent just fired her old, tired ass! They said they needed a bad ass announcer. Since everybody knows I have one of the baddest asses around, they hired me, your girl, Buffie the Body for the job." This announcement is met with several cheers from the crowd. Buffie continues in her Southern urban, Georgia drawl, "Alright, yall know this Pay Per View is called, THE GOLD EXPERIENCE!" Buffie pauses for the pop of cheers from the excited crowd. "And this Pay Per View is huge because this is the first event with the new booking committee. This is called THE GOLD EXPERIENCE because of the championship matches tonight. Also all winners of tonight's matches will receive this gold bracelet as a bonus." Buffie holds up a glistening gold and diamond bracelet designed to commemorate the event.

"Tonight you're going to see Shakira defend her Bootylicious title against Kim Kardashian!" Buffy continues. "Then the main event, Christina Applegate defending her War Queen title against Jessica Simpson, Beyonce, and Jenny McCarthy in a Fatal Fourway Match!" The audience again burst into cheers in anticipation of the mouth watering main event.

"But first I have a special announcement." Buffie says. "The booking committee has announced the signing of a brand new superstar to the Battle Zone. She is the founder of ClubJenna. Playboy TV hosts her reality show, "Jenna's American Sex Star" Please welcome adult entertainment entrepreneur and business mogul, Jenna Jameson to the Battle Zone!"

All eyes turn to the buxom blonde walking to the ring. She is dressed fairly conservative in a sexy business suit, comprised of a short skirt and pen striped jacket revealing a huge amount of cleavage. She is accompanied by boyfriend and UFC superstar, Tito Ortiz. The brash, outspoken couple is greeted with a mixed reaction from the audience. The celebrity couple climbs through the ropes, and approaches Buffie.

"Jenna you look great! So, what brings you to the Battle Zone?" Buffie asks.

"I. here to kick some celebrity ass and win some titles of course." Jenna answers. "My old friend, Jenny McCarthy has been asking me to join for years, but I think the time is right now. Tito has been training me and I'm sure I can make an impact here, and be a real bad ass bitch." She points to Ortiz who is standing beside her like a big smiling Frankenstein monster.

"From my understanding, after you signed your contract, Jasmine St Clair and Tera Patrick have called to challenge you for a match." Buffie says. "What's your thoughts?"

"Not a whole lot about those two." Jenna cattily answers "My focus is elsewhere. I'm thinking about taking Pam Anderson's Cock Fight Championship. She's a little old for my taste, but I can make the exception and give her the thrill of a lifetime and fuck her brains out. Although if the money is right, I can beat the hell out of Jasmine and Tera. Idefinitely wouldn't mind busting up Jasmine again. I had sooo much fun doing it the first time. What ever the fans and the booking committee wants."

"Good move Jenna!" Buffie comments. "I for one am looking forward to you taking that old ass Pam Anderson out. It's time for a new ass kicking blonde in this league." Buffie shakes Jenna's hands saying, "Good luck to you, and I'm sure that you'll kick ass in this league for a long time." Jenna and Ortiz, wave to the applauding audience as they exit the ring.

"Now for our opening match!" Buffie loudly and excitedly announces. "First entering the ring, fighting our of Indianapolis, Indiana.... you have seen her in films such as Independence Day, Soul Food, Two Can Play that Game and Kill Bill. It's my pleasure to introduce to you, Vivica A Fox!!!!"

The crowd cheers as the ageless actress struts to the ring. She is extremely happy for this opportunity to open this historic pay per view. Obviously she needs the publicity and career boost after DUI's and that damn sex tape incident, ("It still wasn't me!!!" Vivica says to tell all of you readers) but there is one huge unsaid reason. A reason that could change her career instantly. Something that could catapult her instantly to get her own network sit com like it did for Christina Applegate.

"Her opponent, fighting out of Memphis Tennessee..." Buffie continues. "Known from being the star of Beverly Hills 90210, Charmed, and Breaking Up with Shannen Doherty, the sexy and lovely Shannen Doherty!"

Shannen receives a pop from the audience as well. In fact a louder pop than Vivica, indicating she is the fan favorite. Shannen marches to the ring wearing an mean scowl. She is totally focused on one thing; tearing Vivica A Fox apart at any and all costs. This has got to be her final chance. She knows that she should not even have this opportunity. She has got to destroy Vivica Fox, and the more violently and the more humiliatingly the better.

Back in the dressing rooms, two very interested parties sit in front of the wide screen tv to study this match. Demi Moore and Lucy Liu left Chiaki Kuriyami to attend to Jenny McCarthy as she prepares for the Championship Fatal Fourway match later that night, to watch this bout.

The referee calls Shannen and Vivica to the center of the ring for the pre-match instructions. Vivica, being several inches taller stares down at her opponent who glares back. Its a stare down to end all stare down. They look at each other like two murderers who have both just found their next victims. The referee ignores their murderous stares and continues his instructions. Meanwhile the crowd murmurs in anticipation after such an intense stare down.

"So what do you think?" Lucy asks Demi as they concentrate on the television screen. "Jenna, Shannen or Vivica? Which one is right for the ABA? We're going to need a fourth member quickly after we give Christina Applegate and Nikki Cox The Milano once Jenny wins the title tonight."

"I don't know" Demi answers. "They all certainly have the right attitude for the group. All three of them can be mean, nasty bitches. All three are intellectual and calculating too. Anyone of them would be a great addition, but all of them have glooming flaws too. I'd rather someone young unlike Vivica. I'd rather someone tall, like 5'10" but Shannen is only 5'3". Jenna is an un sufferable camera hog." Demi sighs deeply. "I hope this match answers some questions. That is why we arranged it, isn't it?"

In the ring, the two beauties square off. They both know what is at stake. A spot in the ABA has proven to be both prestigious and profitable. Neither of them know about the intending Milano's for Christina and Nikki, nor do they care. Selfishness, although not intentionally is a trait that all previous and present ABA members have shared.

The two sneering beauties spring into action. They grab each other's hair and start yanking each other around, searching for an advantage. Apparently Shannen had a better plan in mind,. she jerks down hard on Vivica's hair, pulling her forward until Shannen raises her knee and strikes Vivica between the breasts. Vivica howls and releases Shannen's hair. Shannen keeps Vivica bent over and knees her again, this time a little lower, right below her tits, just where the rib cage ends and the abdomen begins. Vivica's mouth drops, she feels like her heart has stopped from the jarring blow and drops to her knees. Shannen slips behind Vivica and uses one hand under Vivica's chin to pull her head as far to the right as possible. Shannen's other hand clutches at Vivica's tit and looses the ebony beauty's gold bikini top.

Suddenly Shannen releases Vivica, and shoves her forward, pushing her to her hands and knees. Lightning fast, Shannen floats over in front of Vivica and forces her head between Shannen's ivory thighs. With Vivica trapped on her hands and knees while moaning with her head being compressed, Shannen reaches down and grabs Vivica's bikini bottom. Then with a quick playful jerk Shannen gives Vivica a wedgie, making her bottom disappear between her ass cheeks. Shannen seems pretty proud with herself, having put Vivica'a ass on display in such an embaressing manner. Vivica's wiggles and gyrations to escape the standing head scissors did not at all ease her plight or embarressment.

Next Shannen turns her attention to Vivica's bikini top and starts untying its strings. First the brunette unties the knot midway down Vivica's back before undoing the knot behind Vivica's neck. Shannen makes sure hang on and not let the top drop to the floor. Shannen loosens her legs from around Vivica's head and quickly wraps the string bikini top around Vivica's neck. Shannen maneuvers behind Vivica's back, pulls her up to her knees and plants her foot into the small of the Vivica's back and pulls back, choking her victim.

"Cut it out Doherty! You know better than that!" the referee loudly admonishes. "Stop that choke!" he yells before starting a five count demanding the break or face disqualification. At the last moment before five, Shannen releases the bikini strings. She shoots the man an evil glare, equaling the murderous stare she gave Vivica during thier stare down.

Vivica slowly rises to her feet, coughing and gagging and very much pissed. She spins and plows her fist deep in the pit of unsuspecting Shannen's stomach, who is still complaining to the referee. Shannen bellows in pain and stagggers back against the ropes gagging herself now. "I don't play that shit you cheating ass bitch!" Vivica threatens while pointing a finger.

Growling like animals, the two sexy bitches spring at each other, sinking their claws in each other's hair again. They jerk each other's heads around by the hair for a while, until Vivica digs her fingernails into Shannen's face and scratches her as hard as she could. Vivica's nails leave three long red scratch marks down Shannen's lovely cheek. Shannen screams and appears to be stunned that Vivica is willing to fight just as dirty as she is. While Shannen is amazed, Vivica slugs her across the jaw, followed by another punch deep into her stomach.

Vivica grabs the smaller woman by the bikini top with one hand and grabs her around the throat with the other. Vivica violently shakes Shannen with her choke hold, and loosens her top too. The referee demands "Cut out that choke Fox!" and starts counting for a break. So, Vivica releases her choke and delivers a series of paint brushing open handed slaps across Shannen's face.

Vivica pulls Shannen off the ropes and goes behind her and drives her knee into the small of Shannen's back as hard as possible. The smaller woman shrieks and drops to her knees. Vivica grabs Shannen's loose top and pulls it up around Shannen's throat, choking her and exposing her tits. Vivica loves hearing the sounds of Shannen gagging until she is interrupted by the referee admonishing her the illegal act. "Shut the fuck up! She choked me... I'm just getting her ass back!" Vivica snaps back.

"Yeah and I'm telling you just like I told her, break the choke or I'll disqualify you." The referee starts a count but never gets the chance to finish. While Vivica is distracted by yelling back at the referee, Shannen reaches back and gets a good hold on the back of Vivica's head and snap mares her head over heels over her shoulder.

Vivica rises to her hands and knees, when Shannen pounces on top of her back and rides her like a horse. Shannen uses a handful of hair to twist Vivica's head to the side. Vivica's eyes look back and sees Shannen's fist already drawn back and heading towards her beautiful face. Shannen wears a mean sneer as she pummels the side of Vivica's face over and over.

Vivica gets her hand in position to protect her face. So Shannen simply digs her claws into Vivica's face, trying to avenge the nasty scratch marks on her own face. Vivica screams in terror. She feels like her opponent is trying to tear her apart instead of trying to win the match. Then Shannen twists Vivica's head clockwise like she is trying to twist a bottle cap off of a long neck beer. "Come on Vivica, what do you got bitch?" Shannen taunts. "Nothing? Yeah, nothing but scream like a plastic MILF"

Suddenly Vivica remembers that she is about five inches taller than her aggressor. So, Vivica powers up to her feet, taking away the leverage and ability for Shannen to hurt her. At least that is what Vivica thought at first. Shannen still hangs on to her opponent. Shannen keeps her forearm pressing around Vivica's throat while her other hand grabs Vivica's bikini bottoms and snatches it up into Vivica's snatch. "Dirty hoe!" Vivica spits between grunts.

Needing an escape, Vivica reaches behind her and grabs Shannen's leg. Vivica jerks the brunette's leg from under her while giving her a butt bump into the belly at the same time to knock her off balance. Shannen falls to the canvas on her back. Vivica keeps a hold of Shannen's leg and looms over her opponent. Next Vivica twists Shannen's captured ankle until the brunette is squealing and squirming on the mat. Still wanting to inflict more pain, Vivica twists Shannen onto her side. Then she grabs Shannen's flailing arm along with her captured leg. Vivica plants her foot against Shannen's body while pulling up on Shannen's arm and leg, stretching her opponent to the limit.

Still feeling that she is not inflicting enough damage, Vivica releases Shannen's arm and grabs Shannen's other leg. With both ankles firmly in her grip, Vivica opens Shannen's legs and stomps down onto her open pussy. Vivica stomps plenty of times, often grinding her heel into it to add to the torment.

Vivica knows that she has Shannen in dire straights. Her face's tormented contortions clearly told the whole story. Her struggles were becoming weaker as the fight and strength left her power packed body. Vivica knows it is time to go for the kill. She drops Shannen's legs and stomps down as hard as she could on the brunette's flat stomach. Shannen howls loudly as Vivica's heel nearly impales her. Her breathing becomes heavy, she is definitely ready to be put away.

Vivica intends to ground and pound this sexy, little bitch into submission. Vivica drops to her knees beside the down vixen and fires a fist into her gut. Then she goes to mount her prey. Vivica drives her knee into Shannen's tit as she does so. Shannen screams and writhes in pain. Naturally, Vivica nastily drives her knee to the breast a couple more times, seeing its effectiveness. Next Vivica takes a seat on Shannen's stomach. Wearing a truly evil sneer Vivica cocks back her fist and drives it into Shannen's jaw. Again and again she pounds the little woman into oblivion.

It would be against Vivica's nature to not gloat while she is marching down the path to victory. "Hell yeah, I got your ass now!" Vivica says as she keeps pounding away. "What were you thinking, trying to beat me? You're too much of a fuck up to beat my ass."

"I'm not a fuck up!" Shannen frantically pleads back, as Vivica revives some old self esteem issues. Shannen has always struggled with confidence and growing up under the public spotlight and scrutiny. In the past those issues have produced some well documented odd behavior from the starlet.

"I'll be damned!' Vivica fires back. "You stupid ass bitch! You're too fucked up in the head to roll with big time celebrities like Demi Moore. You'd only freak out and quit like you always do." Vivica pauses for a second. "I only wish I had half of the opportunities they give, your white ass!" Vivica shouts as some of her personality's shortcomings surface.

Shannen finds herself underneath a bigger mean woman who is pounding the shit out of her. She has already been beaten enough to accept defeat and the end of her dream to join the ABA. However getting berated by an over forty year old bitch that keeps doing stupid shit herself is more than Shannen can bear. The pain and defeat that was coursing through her body disappears and is replaced by the overwealming obsession to destroy Vivica A Fox.

Shannen's eyes open wide and stares daggers at her rival. She has suddenly become impervious to the fist raining down upon her. Then reaches up and claws Vivica eyes. Vivica shrieks and tries to tear the daggers from her visage. Ultimately she has to roll off to the side to get away from Shannen's claws.

Vivica is still screaming as she rubs her eyes and hoping her vision will clear. Shannen rises to her feet snarling like a beast. "I'm a fuck up huh?" Shannen asks angrily. "I might have been a young fuck up, but that's better than being a forty year old fuck up!" Shannen starts. "You got a DUI just like I do, but yours came after you became an old fool." Shannen say as she walks toward her string bikini top lying on the mat. "And I was never stupid enough to be caught on video sucking a dick!" Shannen says as she picks up the bikini top and walks menacingly backward towards Vivica.

"That Wasn't Me!" Vivica shouts back denying this accusation just as frantically as Shannen denied being a fuck up.

"Yeah right you stupid old bitch" Shannen starts sarcastically, "We really believe that."

Shannen sits down on Vivica, who still can not see, and wraps the bikini top around the ebony queen's neck. "I'm going to kill you for talking to me like that!" Shannen shouts as she appears to be losing all self control. Shannen violently chokes Vivica who can only desperately pull at Shannen's wrist.

The referee desperately shouts, "Break the choke Doherty", and starts counting deliberately to five. Shannen ignores the count as the referee reaches five. "I said break it!" the referee shouts more forcefully and starts another faster five count. Shannen still ignores the count and keeps choking Vivica like she is lost in a trance. "This is your last chance Doherty break the choke or I'll disqualify you!" After he once again is ignored, The referee calls for the bell.

The ringing bell seems to wake Shannen from her trance. She lets go of the bikini top and looks up shock. The realization of everything comes crashing down Shannen. She has loss the match, she has loss her chance to join the ABA, she had fucked up again. Shannen gets up, cursing herself and exits the ring in disgust. Shannen paces back and forth at ringside trying to compose herself.

Meanwhile in the ring, the referee helps a breathless Vivica Fox to her feet and raises her arm as a token of victory. Moments later he presents the golden bracelet that the winners receive for their reward. Finally, Vivica regains the ability to speak. She shakes the bracelet at Shannen and pants, "See I told you.... you were fuck up." Vivica breaths heavily. "Dumb ass fucked up again, I win... I got the bracelet... I'm getting in the ABA... and you ain't got shit!"

Shannen looks at Vivica speechless for a moment. She absorbed every word, and knew it was all true. Finally she hangs her head and slinks back to the dressing room

Thirty minutes later, Vivica is wearing a robe, recuperating in her dressing room, considering herself very lucky to have emerged with a victory, even if it is by disqualification. Suddenly Shannen Doherty kicks open the door of Vivica's dressing room. She is still only wearing the bikini bottom that survived the match. Looking deranged, Shannen yells, "Come on Vivica! Let's finish this! Right here! Right Now!"

Remembering that this woman almost choked her to death earlier, Vivica wanted more too. "You're on bitch!" Vivca answers back as she stands and drops the robe she was wearing, fighting in only her bikini bottom too. They both release a warrior's yell and charge toward each other. There is a loud clap of flesh as their bodies collide, and the battle starts again.

Elsewhere in the building, Lucy and Demi are discussing the match. "So what did you learn from the match?" Lucy asks Demi.

"Well Shannen has the most potential", Demi starts. "She's got the star power and can be really nasty...." Demi pauses refectively "But the problem is... she really doesn't know who she is yet. She used to be the wild party girl, now she's trying to be the responsible, kind adult. A kind adult who takes perverse pleasure in telling unsuspecting people that their lovers don't want them anymore. Until she makes peace with who she really is inside, she'll always flip flop from one thing to another." Demi takes a breath, "If we let her in, we'll have to replace her at some point. Its only a matter of time." Demi adds, "Besides she's small, only 5'3", and you're filling our short woman quota. We're not building an army of Munchkins. No offense Lucy."

In Vivica's dressing room the battle is going hot and heavy. Both ladies have had their only article of clothing, their bikini bottom violently ripped from their bodies. Vivica has Shannen trapped, seated on the floor with her back against the sofa. Vivica presses her bigger sweaty body against Shannen's with one hand digging into and clawing Shannen's pussy and the other kneeding one of Shannen's tits like playdough. "I'm going to rip your crazy ass apart!" Vivica threatens her hysterically yellng foe.

"Now Vivica impressed me." Demi continues telling Lucy in their room on the other side of the arena. "She found a way to win the match, Even though Shannen had her beat, that counts for alot." Demi smiles, "Plus she is a world class shit talker, and I like that." Demi adds, "We really need somebody who can talk shit in the group. It gives us a phsycological advantage over our enemies. It defeats them even before we get in the ring."

"That's my Kill Bill Girrrrlllll" Lucy sings giving Demi a high five.

"Of course it can back fire on you too, like it did on Vivica tonight." Demi adds. "My biggest problem is her age. We're both over forty Lucy, and Jenny is knocking on forty's door. I think we need somebody younger, or else Vivica would be perfect." Demi thinks for a second. "Maybe we can go younger and get the same sassy attitude with Gabrielle Union or Meagan Good."

"I told you, what about your daughter's friend, Lindsey Lohan?" Lucy asks.

"Too weird, can you picture her hanging out with her friend's mom?" Demi answers.

Back in Vivica's dressing room, their long battle is winding down a bit. Vivica finds herself trapped in Shannen's head scissors, cutting off her air supply and a hand crushing her tits. "What's the matter tough girl had enough?" Shannen taunts. "How's that plastic boobie holding up? You should star in a new movie, The New Adventures of Plastic Woman you plastic bitch!" Shannen smiles realizing she is wearing the older woman down. This extra long war has Vivica exhausted and vulnerable, as she squirms weakly trying to get free.

"Urrrrggggggggg" Vivica gurgles, "Let me goooo.... You're hurting meeeeee..."

"So what do you think about Jenna Jameson?" Lucy asks Demi.

"Another excellent prospect!" Demi exclaims. "Definitely a kick ass babe! She has a reputation of getting in anybody's face that has something bad to say about her. Usually few people wants her getting on their ass, or they'll definitely get slapped, man or woman. I think she'll be the toughest in the ring." Demi continues. "On the negative side, she's not a superstar, would a B-lister hurt our reputation? Second, she's used to being in control. We're a team, nobody should be more important than the other. Jenna is a camera hog, she loves to be seen."

In Vivica's dressing room the two nearly exhausted vixens are swaying across from each other, when Shannen explodes with a short right hook to Vivica's jaw. The ebony warrior catapults backwards and falls across the sofa, halfway on and half falling off. Shannen follows her and starts pounding Vivica's stomach with fist after fist. "Stay down you crazy bitch! Did you think you could trick me?" Glassy eyed Vivica is so out of it, that she can not defend herself. She simply lies there allowing Shammen to beat her gut like a drum. "Stay down Plastic Woman, or I'll send you to the hospital." Shannen threatens. Her arms feel like lead. She is exhausted and feeling light headed herself, but she is determined to outlast Vivica, and finish the bitch.

"I'll be an interesting decision. I'm not oppposed to trying to steal Denise Richards from Gen Prime either. We can still search for others too." Demi tells Lucy. "Jenny, you and me will have to sit down and talk about this a lot to make this decision." Demi stands and says, "Let's go congratulate Vivica on her win."

Minutes later Demi and Lucy open Vivica's dressing room door. Both are shocked at what they see. The room is trashed like a hurricane has been through it. Shannen is seated on top of Vivica's back as she lies flat on the floor. Both of them look like they have been through Hell. Their hair is disheveled, and clumps of it is rolling across of the floor. They are bruised, battered, sweaty and fatigued, and stark naked. Shannen is on Vivica's back and banging her face into the floor by two handfuls of hair. Vivica is crying like a baby, whining, "Get off meeeee..... You win......" over and over.

"Stay down this time bitch! STAY DOWN!!!" Shannen shout slamming Vivica's face even harder into the ground.

Finally, she sees the jaw dropped, Lucy and Demi standing stunned at the door. "Demi I did it!" Shannen exclaims as she rises off of a blubbering Vivica and walks to them. "Vivica is one tough bitch, and she put up a Hell of a fight, but I did it....."

"Did what?" Demi interrupts. "You idiot, you can't beat people up backstage at a pay per view. Are you trying to get suspended?"

"No!" Shannen snaps back, "I finished the job!" Shannen walks up breast to breast with Demi and gets into her face, "And honestly that's something the ABA has never been able to do... That's why you need me." Shannen argues. Then she has a moment of reflection. She realized that she did just beat Vivica into a sniveling bitch. She did get the job done, and did it all by herself. Suddenly she realizes maybe she does not need the help or validation that the ABA can offer. "Question is do I need you." Shannen finishes as she walks out of the room with Vivica's sobs echoing in her ears