Backlash! ABA's Day Off

Featuring Christina Applegate, Cameron Diaz, & Jennifer Aniston
Lucy Liu vs Chiaki Kuriyama
NOTE - This story immediately follows Backlash: Confessions
It is just another celebrity charity luncheon for an excellent cause. Several celebrities are doing there doing their duty for charity and society, while chatting to each other in this informal environment. One such celebrity is Cameron Diaz, who has just spotted long time friend, Jennifer Aniston. "Hey Jen!" Cameron exclaims as she approaches Jennifer "Congratulations on trashing Angelina Jolie. You really, really fucked her up real bad too!" Cameron continues as she gives Jennifer a congratulatory hug. "You got revenge for every woman that has ever gotten her man taken by a big tittied floozy. I wish I could have done the same in my match with Jessica Biel."

"Don't worry" Jennifer answers with her own warm hug and smile. "You came out better than she did. She's got to deal with Justin Timberlake's childish butt now." Jennifer and Cameron share a hardy laugh.

"Look there's Christina!" Cameron says while pointing to Christina Applegate who is vacantly walking across the room. "Hey Christina!" Cameron calls while waving for her to come over.

Christina looks up and sees her friend Cameron and is instantly taken back to a happier time when she and Cameron were filming the movie, The Sweetest Thing. A smile comes across her vacant face and her eyes light up. Seeing Jennifer Aniston is also a welcome sight. She and Jennifer had been good friends since they were child actresses. That friendship has been strained after removing Jennifer from the ABA, after she had sponsored Jennifer's membership into the rouge group.

The ABA, that is the reason for her vacant glare and despondent mood. It is the ABA's day off, and did they ever need one. This day coming after a meeting that resulted in Christina and Jenny McCarthy getting into a physical altercation. Luckily, Nikki Cox and Demi Moore broke it up before things got too far out of control. What's more amazing is that this argument happened on arguably the most glorious day in ABA history. A day when they seized ultimate power!

One hour before the ABA meeting
"Ladies and gentlemen" Stone Rage began as he sat at a press table with several microphones, sitting before a little over one hundred reporters, honored with press credentials to attend. "As you know , because of events spiraling out of control in Las Vegas, we have not been able to promote a lot of title matches recently. As a result, we are promoting a couple of title bouts at our next event. First, newcomer Kim Kardashian has won a fan's internet poll over Vida Guerra, and will face Shakira for the Bootylicious title." Rage pauses allowing time for the announcement to set in.

"Also we will have a match for the War Queen title. Since it has been so long since the belt has been defended, this will be a Fatal Fourway match. Christina Applegate will face three deserving contenders for the title." Rage pauses again as murmurs of anticipation rise. "Since Christina has already discarded strong contenders like Alyssa Milano, Salma Hayek, Alicia Silvertone and Shania Twain, it was hard naming the challengers, but I feel we've found deserving combatants."

"First, Jessica Simpson!" Rage proudly announces. Murmurs and comment quickly arise. Most reporters know Jessica and Christina are friends. Christina even appeared in one of Jessica's videos. However, in the league, Jessica has left Generation Prime and has been a Fab Four sympathizer. It is unpredictable what role she will play in the same ring as Christina.

"Second, arguably the hottest pop diva in the world today, Beyonce." Rage says shortly thereafter. Many reporters have a 'likely choice' expression noting that Beyonce just replaced Halle Berry, who is on maternity leave, in the Fab Four.

"Last, and in my eyes the clear number one contender to the throne, Jenny McCarthy." The room was suddenly ablaze with conversation. Jenny is obviously Christina's partner in the ABA, and also ironically the woman that Christina beat to win the War Queen title. Conversations quickly abound on how all these histories, personalities and alliances will play out in this historic match.

"Addressing another matter," Rage continues, "I'm sure you are all aware of the accusations published in multiple tabloids about abuse of power and improprieties taken by me with members of the Fab Four. We all know there accusations are false. However, in the interest of the league's integrity, I will step down as commissioner until these absurd accusations have been put to rest. In the mean time decisions will be made by a committee made of members of the board, and a new major stock holder, a new corporation called ABA Entertainment."

So Demi's fiendish scheme succeeded. Rage is gone, at least temporarily, and the ABA Entertainment (The ABA's dummy corporation filled with puppet executives who do as the ABA instructs them.) is partly running things, and because of their new found influence of the board, their desires will likely be absolute in the league. Then why the argument that leads to the fight?

Over the past few months Demi and Jenny have been growing pretty close. During the same time, Christina has been growing more distant from the group. First, she is getting tired of Demi and Jenny dropping hints about dropping Nikki Cox from the ABA roster. This idea is very distasteful to Christina, primarily because it would leave her alone in this group of wolves.

But more importantly, Christina needed stability and friendship in her life following her divorce. This is something that Jenny and Demi are either unwilling or unable to provide her.

The fight broke out after Christina warned that Stone Rage was trying to divide them by adding Jenny to the Fatal Fourway match. Jenny took offense to this, saying that her win/loss record should make her the top contender. She also commented that she never got a return title match from Christina. Finally she questioned Christina's workout habits and insinuated that Christina needed the help in the fourway match. It became painfully obvious that the old wounds from their title match years ago were not completely healed. Especially Jenny's since she was soundly defeated, totally humbled and forced to practically bow down and worship Christina.

Christina was in no mood to take the verbal abuse from Jenny, nor was she about to let her leadership of the group be questioned. She answered Jenny's bitterness with equal verbal venom. One thing lead to another and minutes later, the two blondes were at each other's throats, literally. They ripped out each other's blonde hair. slugged each other's jaws and spit several verbal insults before Nikki and Demi were finally able to pry them apart. Although the physical damage they inflicted upon each other was very minimal, but emotionally it created a canyon between Christina and the ABA.

Jenny's reaction was not what Christina expected or needed from her. She had no idea that Jenny still harbored ill will from that match years ago. She thought it was just a case of two friends settling their difference the old fashion way. Christina and Jenny along with Nikki are the remaining founders of the ABA. The group has been through a lot together for a long time. She expected a true friend would have talked to her about their differences privately, instead of throwing things up in her face. In her recent Redbook Magazine interview, Christina is quoted, "As we get older, we become comfortable in our own skin." She learned this through her divorce with her husband. Now she no longer feels more comfortable by herself than in the ABA. Maybe its time for a divorce from the ABA.

Christina's despondent mood melts away as she laughs with Jennifer and Cameron. That is not an easy accomplishment for Christina. Despite her notoriety as a comedic actress, the blonde describes herself as a, "moody and dark girl". That side of her welcomed the mean spirited ABA. She felt comfortable there until her divorce, and her Broadway struggles to remain the star of the Broadway musical, Sweet Charity after she broke her foot. They wanted to fire her, but she fought to remain on the cast. Eventually she performed with a broken foot. She danced with a broken foot. She feels like a stronger woman than the moody girl that founded the ABA.

Cameron and Jennifer knew something was bothering Christina. They avoided talking about it, and tried to lift the blonde's mood. Cameron and Jennifer have been through tough times recently, and recognized the feeling. Eventually as good friends usual do, they find a way to get around to find out and talk about what is bothering a friend.

"So, it looks like you and the ABA are running things in Stone Rage's league. You've got a hit show, Samantha Who. You're the Warqueen and a sure bet to defend with Jenny McCarthy and Jessica Simpson by your side, things should be wonderful for you now." Cameron says in an investigative fashion.

"Yeah, should be." Christina coldly comments. "You've never been in the ABA, but Jennifer can tell you, things are never as they appear in the ABA. Especially now that Demi Moore is there."

By Christina's quick mood change, they obviously found the cause of Christina's problems. Suddenly Jennifer interjects, "I don't know why you stay with those losers. Christina, you were a child actress who grew up in Hollywood, you're not a Bad Ass. Now don't get me wrong, you're a tough, hard working woman, but that does not make you a Bad Ass. You don't have the same nasty attitude as them."

"Yeah, you played a bad ass on TV, and got famous for doing so, but that isn't who you are." Cameron interrupts, "You're not a Kelly Bundy, Chris. That role has been over for years now. I know some people still see you that way, but that is not you." Cameron continues to explain, "You are a strong, risk taker, that don't need the ABA."

"I haven't been in the ABA with Demi, but I remember that they like to do things, mean things, just for the hell of it. That's not you. You're moody as hell, yes, and don't mind stepping on someone in your way, but overall you're a nice person. I promise, you'll be happier after you lose those jerks."

Christina quietly reflects on the words that Jennifer just said. They were true, all true. Suddenly she felt like the title character she plays on her tv show, "Samantha Who?" She feels like she has just woke up from a dream with amnesia. She remembers some of the mean things she was a part of in the ABA. It's true, those things were not really her. She became so focused on winning the War Queen belt, that she agreed to Alyssa Milano's request to join the ABA. She got carried away in the group, but she has accomplished her goal. Christina knows she is not an evil bitch like Demi or Jenny. Maybe it is time for Christina to make a change in her life, just like Samantha.

"You know, you're both right." Christina finally responds. "I should be happy now, things are going great. Also I just might be a lot happier without having to watch my back constantly from some back stabbing bad asses. I like treating people good, I think its time for a change." Christina finishes. "But enough of that, now let's talk about something really important... Who's going to be Cameron's next boyfriend?" Christina says with a teenager's gossipy smile.

Jennifer, Christina and Cameron all look at each other like a pack of high school debutantes, instead of the refined, nearly forty Hollywood starlets they are, and fall out laughing. Then they continue laughing, gossiping and joking like good friends do.


Lucy Liu Vs. Chiaki Kuriyama

Elsewhere at the very same time, in a tiny forgotten gym, the bangs and slams of a wrestling mat are echoing across the room. Grunts, groans and yelps ring out constantly. The sounds of struggles of competitors striving to improve abound. Lucy Liu stands in one corner after a rest break covered in sweat. She has been working out all day. Across her equally sweat drenched sparring partner and friend, Chiaki Kuriyama. Chiaki played Lucy's bodyguard, Go Go Yabari in the massively popular Kill Bill movies. The two oriental beauties remained in contact since that time.

Lucy and Chiaki walk to the center of the ring, to begin another grueling sparing session between the two. The women stand chest to chest sizing each out up. Chiaki threatenly asks, "Think you're ready for me old woman?" Then tries to intimidate the smaller, older woman with a two handed push to her chest.

After reeling back several steps, Lucy walks back into Chiaki chest spitting, "Ask me that after I knock you out, bitch!" Lucy accompanied with a two handed chest to Chiaki's chest.

Seeing both women were clearly ready, Demi Moore rings a bell signaling the start of the sparring session. Lucy did not have a chance to react. Before the bell's echo rang, Chiaki attacks her with forearm shots to her chest. Moving like a machine, Chiaki hits Lucy in the chest with forearm after forearm, driving Lucy back into the ropes. Once against the ropes, Lucy turns her back to her opponent to protect her chest. Of course Chiaki continues her forearm slams across Lucy's back.

Demi frowns hearing Chiaki's yells at each strike followed by Lucy shrieks at each blow. "What the hell is going on?" she thinks to herself, listening to the erotic yells accompanied by the smacking flesh.

Chiaki grabs Lucy's arm and attempts to whip her across the ring. Lucy counters and reverses the Irish whip and is sending Chiaki into the roes. Somehow Chiaki stops herself while Lucy is whipping her, and turns back into Lucy and hits her in the chops with a forearm smash. Chiaki darts back into the ropes and comes off with another forearm strike, but Lucy ducks under. Then with Chiaki still off balance from the miss, Lucy rolls Chiaki into a small package for a pin attempt. Obviously the pin attempt surprised Chiaki, allowing Lucy to hold her down for a two count.

Lucy springs to her feet first, and helps Chiaki up by he long hair. Lucy grabs Chiaki's arm and whips her toward the corner. Amazingly Chiaki reverses the whip and sends Lucy hard into the corner. Lucy grunts as her back hits the turnbuckle and before another thought forms, Chiaki leaps at her and hitting her with a body splash. Lucy is stumbling out of the corner a few steps, before quickly spinning around to locate Chiaki, only to see her leaping off the top ropes, and nailing her with a missile drop kick. With Lucy on the mat, Chiaki goes for a pin attempt, only for Lucy to quickly kick out at one.

Unphased Chiaki pulls Lucy to her feet and attempts a suflex. Lucy fights back by pounding Chiaki's side until she releases Lucy's head. After fighting out of Chiaki's grasp, Lucy fires a hard kick into Chiaki's stomach, doubling her over. Lucy backs into the ropes and shows off her ariel skills by nailing Chiaki into the head with a drop kick. Chiaki is knocked to the canvas, but an instant later, Lucy is hauling her to her feet. Lucy scoops Chiaki up and hoists the Japanese beauty onto her shoulders in a fireman's carry. Then Lucy starts spinning in circles executing an airplane spin. Chiaki's kamikaze scream is constant as Lucy spins her around for a long time. Finally Lucy dumps Chiaki off her shoulders for a hard landing on the mat. Lucy goes for another pin attempt, but Chiaki kicks out.

Lucy looks slightly frustrated as she rises to her feet. “You want to fucking play today huh?” Chiaki gives a kamikaze yell and charges at Lucy. Lucy ducks under the mad bunzai blitz allowing Chiaki to end up against the ropes. Then Lucy charges after Chiaki thinking she is trapped. Only Chiaki dips her shoulder as Lucy approaches and tries to back drop the Chinese American over the top rope. Lucky for Lucy, she is able the grab the ropes and land outside the ropes on the ring apron. Unluckily for Lucy, Chiaki snaps a crisp side kick that knocks her off of the ring apron to the hard, dirty cement gym floor.

Demi moves to the edge of her seat in excitement. She is literally getting wet in anticipation of the carnage she can unleash on the league with the assistance of these two beautiful samurai warriors. She and Lucy have been friends for a long time. That friendship grew and blossomed during the filming of Charlie's Angels 2: Full Throttle. In fact Lucy was the only member of the cast that Demi got along with. She actually despised Cameron Diaz, who constantly accused Demi of stealing the spotlight. Demi used to infuriate Cameron by saying, "Sorry, I can't help it. Some people just got it, and some people don't."

Chiaki's kick hit Lucy in the jaw, and along with the hard fall, has knocked Lucy temporarily loopy. Immediately Chiaki rolls out of the ring. She hauls Lucy to her feet with two handfuls of hair. She sees that Lucy is totally out of it. Lucy is on wobbly, spaghetti legs, and doubled over at the waist with her arms dangling limply. The only thing keeping her upright is Chiaki's two handfuls of hair.

"Cute Butt!" Demi thinks as she enjoys seeing Lucy with her legs spread apart for balance. Lucy's ass sitting high, making her apple shaped ass swell up, looking like two ripe cantaloupes held by Lucy's deep blue one piece swimsuit.

"Ahhh look at Big Bad Lucy Liu" Chiaki teases with a chuckle. "All fucked up and no where to run" Chiaki uses the handfuls of hair to usher Lucy over to a nearby wall in the small room. Chiaki slams Lucy's face into the wall. Dazed and half out of her mind, Lucy slowly turns her back against the wall and leans against it for support. Lucy slowly opens her eyes to see Chiaki screaming and charging toward her from half way across the room. Lucy quickly shakes her fog and gets her foot up high allowing Chiaki to run face first into it.

Lucy stumbles away trying to regain all of her senses, while Chiaki lies flat on her back on the floor. Lucy keeps walking in the other direction the length of the ring, while regaining her wits and breath. She knew this contest would be at a frantic pace, but this even surpassed her wildest expectations. Lucy brushes her long hair out of her face and turns to see Chiaki has risen to her feet on just as wobbly legs as she had after her kick to the face. Lucy hears imaginary chant of "GORE! GOR!E GORE! GORE! GORE!" in her groggy head. Always impulsive Lucy tries the move, she charges silently at Chiaki hoping that would make the difference between her and Chiaki's mad charge.

Chiaki opens her eyes just like Lucy before, and sees Lucy barreling towards her, "Oh fuck!" Chiaki mutters and lunges forward and low at the last instant. She got lower than Lucy who stupidly raised up when she recognized that Chiaki saw her coming. The end result was a massive collision. Chiaki speared Lucy in the gut, knocking her to her back. While, The force of Lucy's charge knocked Chiaki back. Ended up lying flat on their backs side by side and looking up at the ceiling. Demi just shakes her head at the ringside not believing the extent these two would go to hurt one another.

After nearly a minute, Lucy is first to get to her feet. She starts trying to climb into the ring. Chiaki makes it up when she sees Lucy slowly entering the ring. While Lucy is on the ring apron, Chiaki grabs Lucy from behind and pulls her off the apron. Lucy is pulled backwards and falls across Chiaki with her back stretched across Chiaki's shoulders while looking face up in a back breaker. Chiaki applies the pressure, pulling down on Lucy's neck and leg, bowing her back. Knowing her slender arms are not able to apply the force to make Lucy surrender, Chiaki flips Lucy off her shoulders and drops to one knee. Lucy falls stomach first across Chiaki's extended knee. Lucy rolls off to the floor holding her stomach.

Chiaki pulls Lucy to her feet and rolls her under the bottom rope into the ring. Chiaki follows Lucy inside. Chiaki grabs the still gasping Lucy and yanks her to her feet by her hair again. Chiaki hoists Lucy up into bodyslam position, but again drops to one knee allowing Lucy to fall gut first across her extended knee again. Lucy again falls to the mat holding her midsection howling. Chiaki quickly covers Lucy and hooks her leg. Still somehow, Lucy kicks out at two and a half.

“Damn Lucy! Way to go!” Demi shouts, surprised Lucy found the strength and resolve to kick out after the punishment she has endured.

Lucy is still rolling on the mat thinking, "I've got to find room to fly!" Lucy realizes she is a petite competitor in Stone Rage's league, standing a mere 5'3". If she is going to succeed in this league against larger women like Tia Carrere, Pam Anderson, Catherine Zeta Jones, Tyra Banks or who ever is thrown against her, this daring aerial style in not only needed, but essential to her success. For Lucy, success is her only option. Lucy has been considered an over achiever her whole life. Failure has never been an option in Lucy's mind.

Chiaki sits up with her eyes squinting in obvious anger. She is determined to find a way to win. Chiaki is no child any more. She wants to step out from Lucy's shadow. No more being an assessory or supporting cast. "If Lucy is her superior, and deserves that position, Lucy has to prove it", Chiaki thinks.

Chiaki hauls Lucy to her feet again and whips her into the ropes. "Yippee" Lucy exclaims in her mind. "Room to fly!" When Lucy comes off of the ropes, she launches herself with a flying body cross, that crushes Chiaki underneath her to the mat.

Chiaki thrashes under Lucy, easily knocking her off of her. Chiaki is quickly back on her feet, only to find Lucy behind her and wrapping her arms around Chiaki's waist. Lucy heaves back and executes a belly-to-back suflex on Chiaki. Lucy bridges up forcing Chiaki's shoulders onto the mat for a pin attempt. Chiaki is able to kick out after two, the whole time screaming, "Get the fuck off of me you old ass stupid whore!"

Demi cannot help to notice Chiaki's nasty attitude. She smiles knowing there is a place for bitterness like that in an organization like the ABA. She lacks the notoriety to become a full time member, but Demi can see Chiaki being by their side in other capacities.

Both Chiaki and Lucy spring up to their feet. Chiaki takes a swing at Lucy, but the actress ducks under the whiff. Lucy quickly returns with a series of kicks to Chiaki's belly. As Chiaki screams and covers up. Lucy scoops Chiaki up and body slams her to the mat near the corner. Lucy scales to the top ropes quicker than a squirrel and leaps off, crushing Chiaki underneath her. Chiaki screams in pain holding her stomach tighter.

Lucy springs up with a victory cry. Lucy and Chiaki are good friends, but nobody watching this sparing session could realize it. From the time the bell rings both ladies are dead set intent on hurting, and punishing one another. Lucy leaps in the air and comes down with a double footed stomp to Chiaki's stomach. Chiaki releases a pitiful, pain filled whine.

Lucy scales to the top ropes, feeling pretty confident that she has got Chiaki under control. "She's mine Demi, she's mine" Lucy yells while perched on the top rope. Lucy leaps off the ropes, spinning, turning and flipping in the air. At the last instant, Chiaki rolls put of the way. Somehow, the incredibly talented Lucy finds a way to recognize Chiaki has moved and contorts herself at the last instant to land on her feet. Chiaki is in the midst of rolling out of the way, and is totally shocked to find Lucy standing when Chiaki reaches her feet. She's further surprised when Lucy nails her in the face with a side kick, dropping her to the canvas.

Lucy drops on top of Chiaki and tries to hold her down for the pin. The younger competitor bucks and kicks until she knocks the older Chinese American off her. They roll apart and scramble to their feet. Lucy is starting to get pissed. "DAMN!" Lucy shouts in frustration.

Chiaki and Lucy were so into the match they did not notice the gym door open and Jenny McCarthy walking inside. She walks over to Demi and says, "So how's your girl doing? What did I miss?" Jenny asks as she takes a seat beside Demi.

"Just two crazy ass Orientals trying to rip each other apart!" Demi says emphatically. "They both are phenomenal. Two high flyers, determined, and nasty as hell, you'll love them." Demi continues. "Lucy is my girl... friends forever. There's nobody that I'd rather like to see in the ABA, and nobody that's a better fit personality wise for us."

Lucy knows she needs a good performance. That is why she flew Chiaki in from Japan. A hollow exhibition over a helpless opponent is not what she wanted or needed. Lucy knew Chiaki would go bonkers and try to kill her. Now she has to figure a way to stop Chiaki.

Back in the ring, Lucy throws a wide hard punch at Chiaki. The Japanese ninja gets her arm up and blocks the punch and pushes Lucy into a clockwise direction. Lucy spins out of control till her back is to Chiaki, then slender young woman snakes her arms around Lucy's head and falls backwards executing a reverse DDT. Lucy hears Jenny exclaim "OOOOOooooooooo" being impressed by the slick move. Chiaki rolls Lucy up hooks a leg for a pin. Lucy kicks out at two. Lucy rises to her feet feeling like a fool now. At this rate the ABA will take Chiaki and dump her, she thinks. Plus she is getting frustrated and tired. Even worst, the young woman is proving to be more resilient than her older counterpart.

Ever impulsive, Lucy often wears her emotions. Chiaki can tell Lucy is both fatigued and frustrated. A sly half smile lights half of her face at the recognition. Lucy bounces off the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Chiaki ducks underneath. Before Lucy can spin back around to face her opponent, Chiaki hooks both of her arms and bends her backwards for a back slide pin attempt. “You Mutha Fucka!” she shouts again as Lucy finds herself on her shoulders and the back of her neck kicking desperately trying to escape. Luckily, she is barely able to kick out at the two count.

As soon as the two of them get up Chiaki hits Lucy with a sneaky fast kick to Lucy's belly. Chiaki grabs Lucy's wrist to whip her into the turnbuckle. Again, Lucy is able to reverse the whip and send Chiaki hard into the corner. Lucy follows and leaps for a splash. Lucy turns and twists so she hits Chiaki with her back, but all plans fall through when Chiaki vacates the corner before Lucy lands. Lucy collides in the empty corner, and her foot catches the top ropes causing Lucy to fall awkwardly to the mat. Chiaki releases a mocking laugh, "What's the matter old woman, your reflexes getting slow?" Lucy rises and walks toward Lucy looking completely pissed.

Lucy explodes with a chop across Chiaki's chest that is born from pure frustration. As Lucy's smack echoes around the gym, Chiaki snarls and returns with her own chop to Lucy's tits. Lucy yelps and fires back with her own chop. For the next few seconds nothing but the sounds of smacking flesh and grunts and yelps are heard as the pair exchanged chop after chop to each other's chest and breast. Both women keep going at each other with a sociopathic relish. After 30 seconds of nothing but furious chops to the chest, Lucy backs off with her face contorted in pain, acknowledging through her body language that Chiaki has won their insane chopping contest. Chiaki releases another loud, mean and mocking laugh, seeing that Lucy could not keep up with her.

"Uh Oh, looks like your girl is in trouble" Jenny leans over and quietly tells Demi. "That Go Go is a tough little chick. I love that attitude too." Jenny finishes.

Lucy Lui"You don't know Lucy." Demi confidently answers Jenny. "That laugh just sealed her fate. Chiaki has absolutely no chance to beat Lucy now." Demi adds as Jenny looks at her with a disbelieving smirk.

Lucy shakes off the pain in her red tits and faces off with Chiaki in the center of the ring. They lunge at each other and Lucy shoots Chiaki into the ropes. Lucy tries another ariel move, but Chiaki returns with a very low drop kick aimed at Lucy's knee. Lucy's reflexes are not too slow, she is able to leap up slightly to avoid Chiaki blowing out her knee. Chiaki runs back into the ropes and returns to the downed Lucy and leaps in the air for a leg drop. Once again Lucy proves that while she is not as fast as the lightning fast Chiaki, she is still indeed very fast, and rolls out of the way while Chiaki is in the air. Chiaki lands hard on her butt, initiating a shock wave of pain streaking up her spine, and a prolong shriek.

Lucy kicks Chiaki till she falls back to the canvas. Lucy leaps in the air and tries to nail Chiaki with an elbow, but Chiaki rolls out of the way. Lucy springs right back to her feet and approaches Chiaki. To Lucy's surprise, Chiaki lashes out with a forward thrust and strike Lucy in the chest with the heel of her hand. As Lucy reels back, Chiaki grabs Lucy's and guides her face into a nearby turn buckle. Then Chiaki goes crazy slamming Lucy's face into the turnbuckle countless times in rapid succession. Once she stops, Lucy's eyes are even more crossed than usual. Chiaki drops to the mat and rolls Lucy up into another small package pinning combination. Lucy kicks furiously and one shoulder escapes barely before the three count. Lucy kicks out with her customary litany of profanity.

“Mutha fuckin' son of a bitch Chiaki, I'll kick your ass!” Lucy screams with her voice revealing her frustration and anger. Chiaki smiles sensing victory. Chiaki even giggles knowing Lucy's tenacy for wrecklessness, mistakes and stupidity when she is stressed. Chiaki could care less that she is about to ruin Lucy's shot at entering the ABA. If the bitch cannot cut it, that is not her fault. Chiaki is thinking about impressing Demi and Jenny herself. Possibly it will lead to her getting more big yen American roles.

Chiaki punches Lucy in the jaw. To Chiaki's total surprise the wounded Lucy punches her right back even harder. Chiaki screams like a wild banshee and rocks Lucy again. Chiaki grabs Lucy's arm for an Irish whip. But instead of just whipping her, she spins Lucy around in circles. Chiaki whirls Lucy in circle after circle dizzying the screaming Chinese American until finally whipping Lucy into the corner. Lucy hits the corner chests first. Chiaki runs in from behind but unexpectedly swallows a back elbow from Lucy.

Chiaki staggers back a few steps when Lucy's wide arcing foot rockets up and blasts Chiaki across the mouth. BONG! Chiaki's head twirls on her shoulders, sending so much spit and slobber flying that Demi and Jenny though she lost some teeth. Chiaki staggers dazed as hell into the ropes and bounces back toward Lucy. Then BONG! Lucy catches her with another devastating martial arts kick to her mouth. Chiaki reels and staggers the other way. Somehow Chiaki remains standing, but she is totally dazed, wobbly and reminiscent of the old Mortal Combat video game characters. "Who's laughing now BITCH!" Lucy shouts adding insult to agony.

Lucy has time to carefully measure Chiaki. Once in position, Lucy leaps in the air with a spinning martial arts kick that blasts Chiaki across the side of the head. BONG! The tiny Japanese girl does a flip as she crashes to the canvas, flat on her back.

Chiaki looks up and sees Lucy flying through the air from who knows where. Chiaki tells her body to move but it does not respond. Lucy splashes down on top of opponent. Chiaki screams again. Lucy rolls her rag doll body all the way up into a ball for her pin attempt.

To Chiaki's credit, she kicks with all she had left but the three count was inedible. Demi looks at Jenny saying, "Told you, Chiaki didn't stand a chance after teasing Lucy. She's driven, teasing her only makes her more determined. That is what we need, not big boobed fools who fold under pressure. That's the difference between the ABA and the Fab Four!"

Lucy rises to her feet, walks to the ropes and leans on them trying to catch her breath after the strenuous and spirited sparring session. Chiaki lies on the mat catching her breath halfway upset with herself for allowing Lucy to get a win. After the brief rest break Chiaki rises to her feet. Lucy walks over and stands face to face with Chiaki. All the animosity disappears from their faces, and they become stoic. Finally Lucy and Chiaki bow to each other in respect as warriors. Chiaki quietly starts walking to her corner. Lucy swaggers over to the ropes where Demi and Jenny are sitting. She confidently leans against the ropes and loudly says, "So what the fuck? Are you ready to get rid of the big boobed, red head, idiot or what?"

Jenny smiles hearing, the offensive tone, the abrasive attitude, and the defiant smirk, she loved it. Lucy is a true 'Bad Ass' if she ever heard one. "Don't worry she's already gone and just don't know it yet. Just wait till after the Fatal Fourway match and I'm the new War Queen, and you'll get the chance to lay The Milano down on her with us."

Demi then adds, "In fact, I'm predicting two Milano's that night. No....."

"DOUBLE MILANO'S!" Demi and Jenny say in unison, while giving each other a joyful high five.

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