Backlash! Just Business
Halle Berry vs Demi Moore
NOTE - This story immediately follows Backlash: First Strike
Halle Berry struts into the movie studio conference room very annoyed. She received a phone call about some copyright issues with a film project in which she is the executive producer. She has come to negotiate an agreement. Although she would much rather wear a pair of loose jeans or a floppy sundress, she came dressed for corporate battle, with her weapons ready to fight. She wore a simple business outfit with a black skirt, white blouse and black jacket. Simple, but not so simple.

The skirt is a short skirt, way above mid thigh level, with black stockings supported by a black garter belt. Those two sexy gams have proven very powerful weapons in past negotiations. Her second line of defense is her low cut blouse displaying a generous amount of cleavage. The guns have shot down countless counter offers in their day, and are even bigger and more potent than in their younger days. Then the ultimate weapon, her sweet smile, a bomb that has never failed to level opposition and win her way in battle. Even through two nasty divorce settlements, these weapons simply devoured the opposition. Although she would rather not remember those battles.

Halle sits at the head of a extra large conference table, patiently waiting. Suddenly, a door across the room opens and Demi Moore walks in. "Hello Halle" Demi sings.

"Demi!?!!? What the hell are you doing here?" Halle asks in confusion. Then she answers her own question after a brief pause. "Oh I get it. This is some elaborate ABA trap" Halle calmly answers. "After what happened to Pam, Stoney told us to look out for this." Halle says while rising to her feet. She starts taking off her jacket saying, "Oh by the way, congratulations on joining the ABA."

"Thank you" Demi politely answers while removing her high heels. "They're a good bunch, not too smart, but a good bunch."

"Well a devious bitch like you should help them" Halle says while kicking off her shoes and taking out her ear rings.

"Thanks" Demi replies. "But as you know, they are so self destructive. It's hard" Demi says taking off her earrings and rings off her fingers as well.

"Yeah, I know. The Fab Four counts on it." Halle says with a sly smile. She steps from behind the head of the long board table with all her jacket, jewelry and shoes removed. Demi is wearing a blue business suit similar to Halle's, although slightly more conservative. It still reveals adequate doses of legs and cleavage. She too has removed her jacket, jewelry and shoes.

Both stared at each other mentally preparing for what is to come. They have known each other for years and harbor no true animosity toward one another. Just like two soldiers or gladiators, they understood that because of their allegiances, they have to fight. One will win and the other has to be physically and emotionally crushed. There is no other way. It is just business.

As if an unheard bell sounded, the two ladies come together. They lock up collar and elbow, pushing and shoving. They then break their hands apart to slap faces and pull hair, until Halle scores with a hard push. Once Demi is pushed off balance, Halle grabs Demi's head, turns and tosses Demi over her shoulder with a snap mare. Demi lands on her butt with a loud thump. Halle quickly snaps a kick to the base of the seated woman's skull. Demi squeals and grabs the back of her head as a jolt of numbness runs down her spine. Halle curses, wishing she were not wearing her mini skirt. She thought she could have possibly knocked Demi out if the skirt had not restricted her movement.

Halle walks in front of a still stunned Demi, and knees her in the face. Then Halle starts stomping and kicking the fallen beauty. Halle pauses for a moment and starts unbuttoning her blouse. She keeps a watchful eye and delivers a well aimed kick every time Demi tries to move.

Demi starts to crawl away, but Halle is in hot pursuit and kicking her along the way. Halle takes off her blouse, bends down and wraps it around the crawling beauty's neck from behind. Halle had no intentions of a long fight. She realizes she has walked into a trap. This is not a simple fight with a rival. It's not that easy. It never is when the ABA is involved. Her best hope to get out of this trap is to put Demi down as quick as possible, and haul ass out of there, or suffer an injury leave like Pam Anderson has.

Halle pulls back on the blouse, pulling Demi up to her knees and loops the shirt around Demi's neck a second time. Halle places her knee between Demi's shoulder blades to provide a leverage point to choke Demi more effectively. Instinctively Demi grabs for the garment around her neck. Of course it is an useless effort to try and pull the tightly wrapped noose from her neck. Demi's only hope is to power up to her feet.

Demi is successful in standing, but Halle knows that is Demi's only option too and is prepared. Once Demi is standing, Halle bombards Demi with knees to her kidneys and sides, while still maintaining her chokehold. Demi is fading fast. The knees to her lower back and sides make her buckle several times and distracts her from formulating an escape plan. After a particularly hard knee to her back, Demi drops to one knee. Halle closes in tighter on Demi and wrenches the shirt even tighter. Halle had maintained an arms length distance to prevent Demi from reaching back and grabbing a handful of hair or something to escape. With Halle closer, Demi is able to reach back and grab Halle's ankles and jerk her feet from under her. Halle falls on her tight butt just as Demi planned when she dropped to one knee. Halle looses her grip on the shirt as she falls, allowing Demi to scurry away.

While red-faced Demi retreated to the corner gasping for air, a stern faced Halle rose to her feet. Halle unbuttoned her skirt and ripped open the zipper. She pushes her skirt down over her plump apple shaped ass, and steps out of it. She was not going to make the same mistake twice. She needed maximum maneuverability in her legs. "Talk to Bruce (Willis) lately?" Halle asks.

"Yeah all the time" Demi answers breathlessly, as she labors to her feet. She has not caught her breath, but seeing Halle about to attack, she realizes that she had better rise to defend herself.

"I can't wait to tell him how I kicked your ass" Halle prematurely boasts.

"Sorry, not gonna happen" Demi answers, while gaining a little control of her breathing. "I've got too much riding on this to lose. This is crucial for me to solidify myself in the ABA." Demi's voice gains a small amount of confidence and determination. "No bitch, you're going down ABA style; painfully, broken body, and an emotional wreck."

"That's Miss Bitch to you, heifer" Halle sharply replies.

Halle's eyes then narrows in quiet contemplation. "A test" she thinks. "This is as much a test for Demi as a trap for me." A very slight grin comes to her lips. She instantly realizes several things. First, if she beats Demi today, she could eliminate her from the ABA. That would keep their archrivals weakened. It would keep them down and unable to recover and retaliate from their humiliating defeat in Vegas. Also, if she takes Demi down as hard and embarrassing as possible, it would make the ABA have nothing to do with her. Halle definitely did not want to see a smart, focused and devious bitch like Demi in the ABA. Second, this is a solo mission, Demi has no reinforcements.

Demi could see the wheels turning in Halle's head, and liked it. She knows Halle is smart, but highly emotional. If she could take advantage of Halle's volatile emotions, she would beat the black off of her. Unfortunately for Demi, Halle recognized the wheels turning in Demi's head, and saw it as a good time to attack. Her foot lashes out like a bolt of lightning and strikes Demi deep in the pit of her stomach. Demi grunts and doubles over with both arms wrapped around her belly. Halle's foot makes another wide arch and strikes Demi in the temple and drops Demi like a ton of bricks.

Halle looks down proudly on Demi lying in a heap. She was right. Once her legs were free from her skirt, she could knock Demi out with her kicks. Halle reaches down and picks Demi up with a handful of her raven hair, and a second hand on Demi's skirt's waistband. She then heaves her dazed rival on top of the huge conference table. Halle climbs on top of the table after Demi. Halle stands on the center of the table and pulls Demi to her feet too. Demi is still dazed as Halle tucks her head under her arm and falls backwards to DDT's Demi's head into the table. Demi's skull makes a sickening loud 'THUD' as it collides into the solid, oak table.

Demi lies face down on the table after the DDT. Halle rolls Demi over onto her back, only to find her dangerous rival barely conscious. Halle delivers a few demeaning, stinging pimp slaps to Demi's lovely face while restating "Like I said... I can't wait to tell Bruce how I kicked your ass." The stinging slaps seem to revive Demi somewhat. Halle mounts Demi and starts ripping off her blouse. "And for the record, I don't appreciate what happened to Pam Anderson either!" Halle adds as she removes Demi's skirt, until she leaves her lying on top of the table in a black bra & panty set.

Halle paused for a brief moment after stripping Demi. "Damn! How does she keep this body at her age?" Halle thinks as she admires Demi's Amazonian form. With a shake of the head, Halle shrugs away those thought and refocuses on Demi's destruction.

Halle sits behind Demi and encircles her shapely legs around Demi's head with a figure four-leg scissors. Halle's calf presses against Demi's throat, cutting off her oxygen supply. Demi moans and slightly flails, still appearing to be out of it. "Sorry about ending your membership in the ABA, but trust me, you are too old to keep up with them anyway." Halle taunts.

After torturing Demi for a good while in her leg scissors, Halle is startled by what sounds like somebody knocking on a window. She knows they are on the ninth floor, so nobody is possibly outside the window, although Halle did look. Then she notices a mirror on the wall. "A two-sided mirror of course! The ABA must be on the other side." Full of emotion and adrenalin from her relatively easy pounding of Demi, Halle unwraps her legs from around her weakly flailing victim.

"Applegate.... is that you?" Halle screams while hopping off the table. "Come on out bitch! We got some old business to settle!" Halle says walking toward the mirror. "Jenny! You want another ass whipping?" Halle hollers into the mirror. "Nikki? Nah, forget it... you're not even worth fighting" Halle says with a chuckle. "If you won't come out, I'll come get you!"

Halle walks to the door on the same wall near the mirror. Halle opens the door halfway when somebody or some force pushes it back shut. Halle puts her shoulder against the door and pushes with all her might, but has little success in opening the door.

Halle is interrupted by two hands grabbing her by the hair on the back of her head, and bashes her forehead into the door frame five hard, fast times. Halle swoons and her knees buckle. Two hands on either shoulder turn her around to face her assailant. While Halle's eyes are fluttering and her brain is still rattling from being bashed, Demi blasts her with a big right cross to her chin. Halle leans back against the wall and falls victim to four more right crosses sizzling across her chin. Halle pitches forward and collapse into Demi's arms. Demi stands the Academy award winner back up and leans her against the wall. Demi holds Halle in place with one hand pushing against her chest. As Halle's head lolls on her shoulders moaning, Demi carefully measures her before exploding one more mega bomb of a punch onto Halle's chin. Halle falls to the floor like a ton of bricks. To Demi's relief, she is not rising back to her feet.

Demi breathes a loud sigh of relief and backs off to lean against the conference room table to collect herself. Demi tries to catch her breath. Halle had her dangerously close to defeat before foolishly worrying about the people in the other room. Halle thought she had Demi weakened enough with her high impact attack, to leave her for a few seconds. Halle had pushed Demi's body to that point but not her spirit. Demi's fighting spirit willed her battered body off the table to attack.

Halle lies face down on the carpet for a moment. She pushes up onto her elbows, but her head is bowed, seeing stars, and the room spinning. Halle shakes her head slowly while blinking her eyes trying to regain her senses. She silently curses herself for being so stupid.

Halle does not have much time for recovery or self-reflection before Demi approaches and guides Halle's head in between her thighs and clamps a standing head scissors on the former Warqueen. Having her head crushing between Demi's mighty thighs has a sobering effect on the punch-drunk vixen. Halle's eyes focus and bulge out in fact, as she feels the power of the ageless Amazon. Halle tries to pry Demi's legs apart and is shocked by how hard and muscular her thighs are. She tries to pull them apart but its useless. She felt like she was trying to bend steel.

With Halle trapped on her hands and knees in front of her, Demi reaches down and pulls and jerks Halle's black bra. Demi could have easily unfastened the clasp staring her in the face, but chose to snatch it off and inflict a little pain on Halle in the process. The fabric digs deep into Halle's skin, leaving its impression on it's owner. The bra cups crush Halle's breast as Halle screams, squeals and squirms in sharp pinching pain. Mercifully the bra clasps gives way as does one bra strap. The bra hangs uselessly by one strap on Halle's shoulder.

With the bra shredded, Demi targets Halle's panties. She goes after them with as much zeal as she attacked Halle's bra. Demi grabs with both hands and yanks and pulls the Halle's black panties. Demi's jerks lift Halle off her knees and into the air at times as the fabric explores the deeper parts of Halle's ass. Material cuts into the crevices of Halle's cunt before ripping away totally and leaves in Demi's hands. Halle finds herself on her knees with her head being crushed between Demi's thighs. She is nude except for her sheer black stockings supported by a garter belt. Halle grunts and groans from the ordeal of having her expensive undies violently removed, and the power of Demi's thighs.

Things went from bad to worst for Halle as Demi grasps her around her slender waist and lifts her upside down, before Power Bombing the shrieking beauty to the floor. Halle lies spread eagle with her mouth and eyes opened wide, with every bone in her body rattling. Her tattered bra went flying across the room during her flight. While she lies there checking to see if every body part still works, Demi pulls her up to a seated position by her hair, then slips on a full nelson and yanks Halle up to her feet.

Halle offers hardly any resistance as Demi marches her over and presses Halle's face and chest against the double-sided mirror. Demi releases one hand of the full nelson, but maintains the other hand to keep Halle trapped in a half nelson. Then Demi pounds Halle's lower back with kidney punches. Alternating from right to left, Demi's kidney punches have Halle shrieking in pain and horror. Halle knows she is giving who ever is on the other side of the mirror one helluva a show, with her gorgeous face smeared against the glass, capturing the total distress, and agony she is experiencing. Also her perfect breasts are pancaked against the glass in an erotic display, but she does not care at the moment. All she knows is how each and every of Demi's powerful punches are destroying her.

With more than sufficient damage done, Demi spins Halle around to face her. Demi wraps her arms around Halle and lifts her off feet with a bear hug. Halle roars and howls as she again tastes Demi's power. "Damn this bitch is as strong as an ox." Halle feels like a boa constrictor has wrapped around her. She can barely breath and her arms feel so heavy she can barely lift them. Both Halle and Demi realize if Halle's had anything left, this bearhug has just squeezed it out of her. Demi keeps Halle's face turned to the mirror so the people on the other side can see her suffering.

When Demi dumps Halle to the floor, she falls into a beaten heap. Demi uses her foot to push Halle flat on her stomach and takes a seat on Halle's soft butt. Demi leans forward and again secures a full nelson hold and wrenches Halle's upper body backwards. Halle screeches in agony as her body is bent backwards into a "L" shape. After Halle's screams subside into whimpering and moaning, Demi says, "For the record, I don't appreciate what you did to Lisa Lipps." Demi punctuated her statement by wrenching back a little further, eliciting a squeal from Halle.

"You want out of this don't you?..... Don't you?" Demi demands. After getting no answer from the stubborn, suffering star. Demi continued, "Well there are a couple of guys who saw how much of a slut you are when you sucked off those dentist in Vegas, and want you to slob them off too."

"Aaaaah FUCK You!" Halle snaps back.

Demi responds by rocking back further with Halle's back saying, "Please.... Stop being stupid. We've known each other for years. We both know what kind of whore you are. We both know you don't mind sucking dicks. Just say yes before I cripple you."

Demi rocks back even further, making Halle scream louder. Halle wanted so very bad to give Demi a profanity laced tirad, telling Demi how she is not a whore, and that Demi is the true slut, but she is suffering so much, she can't even formulate the thoughts to do so. Halle's pride would not allow Demi to reduce her to into an uncontrollably crying victim, but the pain is excruciating. For pride's sake Halle holds out as long as she could, before blurting out "Okay! I'll suck the dick!"

"Are you sure?" Demi cruelly asks rocking back a little further. "I don't want to compromise your... uh hmmmm... integrity."

"YES!" Halle shrieks desperately. "I'll suck the fucking dicks, you bitch." Halle shouts while trying to sound tough although she is about to burst into tears.

"Good" Demi says as she releases Halle and allows her to flop face first to the floor. Demi stays seated on Halle's butt taking a very short rest, before continuing, "But not good enough. I need more from you." Demi rolls Halle onto her side while snaking her legs around her mid section. Demi applies a leg scissor while wrapping her arm around Halle's jaw line and wrenching back in a rear chin lock. "I need you to be my bitch too."

"Fuck you! I'm nobody's bitch" Halle snaps while squirming in Demi's double torture hold. Halle vividly remembers submitting to be Melissa Joan Hart's bitch and the humiliation and sexual degradation she suffered at Generation Next's hands. She did not welcome the experience again, even though it is unavoidable at this point. Her squirms were not attempts to escape, but reactions to the pain Demi is inflicting. She is undeniably beaten. Halle wanted to avoid being put out of action like Pam Anderson at all cost. She knew what she had to do, but Demi is going to have to earn the privlege of having her as her bitch. Halle is not submitting easily.

Seeing Halle stubbornly holding on, Demi keeps one arm securing her rear chin lock and uses the other to crush Halle's tit. Demi enjoys Halle's anguished cries, as her fingers kneed Halle's tit like a lump of clay. Seeing Halle still stubbornly holding on still, Demi abandons both holds on Halle's upper body and reapplies her favorite maneuver, the full nelson, while maintaining her leg scissors. "Ready to give yet?" Demi impatiently asks after applying the hold for a minute.

Noticing Halle's squirms slowly subsiding and her body relaxing, she realizes Halle is blacking out. That is not in her plan. She quickly releases Halle and kicks her from between her legs.

Demi stands and looks proudly at her defeated, whipped victim for a moment. Then Demi grabs Halle's legs, intertwines them with her own, and forces Halle's legs into a figure-four formation and rolls her onto her stomach, locking her into a sharpshooter. Halle returns to life roaring in pain. In a truly demonic voice Halle screams, "SHhhiiiit! FUCK YOUR ASS, YOU DAMN BITCH!!!!"

Demi only chuckles in response. She bounces her ass on Halle's lower back, bending it in ways it was never designed to bend. "So Halle, does that mean you're ready to be my bitch?"

Halle answers with a long whimper. Halle cannot take any more. Her backache has turned into back spasms. She has no other choice but to face the inedible. She is going to be Demi's bitch, but at least this time, she is determined to try to maintain some dignity. Not be the weak sniveling bitch like with Melissa Joan Hart. She will face defeat and her fate like a champion, a queen. "Okay I'll be your bitch."

"What Halle?" Demi taunts, "What was that?"

"I said I'll be your bitch" Halle says loudly with her voice cracking the whole time.

"Good" Demi replies, "And don't you forget it." Demi says as she drops Halle's legs, and walks to the other side of the room. Demi is near exhausted herself. The beating she survived early in the fight took a lot out of her.. She realizes that if not for Halle being distracted, she would lying on the floor and Halle would be gloating. Demi stands by the water cooler downing cup after cup of water, while recovering.

Halle lays face down groaning with pain coursing through her sexy body. She silently curses her stupidity for not finishing Demi when she had the chance. Halle already starts plotting her revenge for the next time she faces Demi. But right now, she is hurt, exhausted and does not want to move an inch.

Demi returns to Halle. She is still wearing her black bra and panty set that was under her now shredded business suit. Demi has also dawned a full-length mink coat over her miraculous undies that some how survived the fight. Demi kneels beside the fallen Halle and says, "I can't wait to tell Bruce how I whipped your ass and made you my bitch." Demi lifts Halle's head off the ground by a handful of hair and dangles a dog collar attached to a leach with a large dog tag saying 'HALLE' in front of the defeated beauties face. Halle does not say a word when she sees the collar, nor when Demi buckles it around her neck. Halle knows what is expected of her.

"Come on", Demi demands as she rises to her feet with the leash in hand. Halle silently rises to her hands and knees and crawls behind Demi. Halle's head is bowed and her tail tucked between her legs like a whipped dog. Demi leads her leashed pet through the door into the room opposite the mirror. Halle is totally unprepared when she looks up and sees who is there.

"DAVID! ERIC! You fucking, cheating bastards! You did this to me!!?!" an outraged Halle screams as she springs to her feet. Her face turns bright red with fury, when she sees her two former husbands, David Justice and Eric Benet in the room. "Fuck You Assholes! No way I'm sucking lying, cheating hoes like you" Halle shouts as she starts to storm out of the room. Demi grabs Halle's leash and yanks with both hands. Halle comes stumbling and fumbling back towards Demi like a yoyo. Demi clasps her right hand around Halle's throat upon arrival and lifts Halle in the air. Demi holds her there momentarily before choke slamming Halle to the floor.

Halle again finds herself splattered spread eagle on the carpet, with her eyes rolling in her head like a slot machine. Demi sits on Halle's taunt stomach facing her foe's feet. "Looks like you need reminding that you're my bitch" Demi says as she forces three fingers into Halle's dry cunt and tries to rip a hunk off her body. Halle again revives with a high-pitched scream. "If you thought this pussy was barren before, wait till I get through with it." Demi adds.

"Okayyy, I'll suck the dick! I'll suck the dick! I'll suck the dick! I'll suck the dick! I'll suck the dick!" Halle pleads over and over, fearing Demi would tear her apart. Demi releases her and rises to her feet. As Demi looms over Halle, she sees her victim grab her crotch with both hands and curl into fetal position with her face contorted in agony. Then before Demi could say anything, the beaten bitch decides it was time to pay the price for her defeat. Her own stupidity caused her this fight. Now she faces enduring Demi, Dave and Eric's indignities, but she will face them with as much dignity as this oxymoron will allow. She will deny them of their ultimate goal; her total demoralization. Halle straightens her face hurriedly rises to her knees and scurries to Benet before Demi could speak another word.

Halle reaches Benet and flings his jeans open. She pulls his jeans and bikini briefs down to his knees with one swipe. Benet's erection pops out like a jack-in-the-box. Halle opens her mouth and engulfs it. She bobs her head back and forth quickly at first, but slows down later. She adds moaning and slurping sound effects. Benet's eyes are blinking fast and moans in satisfaction himself. Halle adds a flick of the tongue that puts Benet in a slobbering trance. Finally she tickles behind his balls, and brings him to climax in record time. At the last moment Benet grabs Halle's hair, pulls her close, and holds her there. He makes sure Halle swallows every drop of his eruption.

After he is done and releases her hair, Halle slumps back coughing and gagging a bit. Benet staggers back in an utopic daze. Halle eyes him with evil satisfaction. "Yeah dumb bastard" Halle thinks. "That'll fuck your head up again. You'll be calling me and following me like a lovesick puppy again next week dumb ass."

Halle's rest break is interrupted by Justice pulling her erect on her knees, with his dick already out. He slaps her across the face several ties with his dick saying, "I can't wait. This will be the first time we have any type of sex that you won't complain about afterwards." Then he plunges his penis into her mouth. The actress again gets into her role, just like she did with Benet. She institutes all the tricks that Pam Anderson has taught her to make her undesired task as short as possible. Justice's head is tilted back, looking into space with a big Kool Aid smile.

Suddenly, Justice pushes Halle away, making her sprawl onto her back. He pumps his dick four quick times, like her is priming a pump, before shooting his wad all over her body. "Yeah bitch. You don't deserve to taste my cum, only my real wife does." Referring to his new bride.

Halle looks up at Justice unable to totally mask her anger. "Yeah but after being with me again for only five minutes, she won't seem nearly as pleasing or appetizing as when you get home, asshole. Like that Kool Aid smile didn't tell everyone I blew your mind in more ways than one. You'll be dreaming about me for months."

Again Halle's thoughts are interrupted by Benet grabbing her arm, pulling her up and stretching her face down across his lap. "I'm sorry Demi, I know this isn't part of the plan, but I can't resist."

Seeing what is about to happen Demi replies, "Hey, fine with me. Halle might complain a little bit, but doesn't she always?"

"How's this for a turn around Halle?" Benet says. "Instead of you spanking me, I get to spank you." and starts swatting Halle's round ass. Demi And Justice look at each other comically with visions of Benet's last comment. Halle bravely endures her punishment. from her ex husband, only occasionally grunting or yelping in pain. She has to redouble her efforts to contain her emotions. She is used to using men as her toys, not the other way around. She hates this feeling.

After Benet is done, Justice picks Halle up, handling her like luggage and puts her in the same position across his lap. Justice takes his turn spanking his ex-wife. Although, the former major league slugger's strikes are three times the swats of Benet. Halle squeals and yelps with almost every strike. "You did a great job getting this bitch to grow an ass Eric." Justice compliments, referring to Halle changing her exercise routine to increase her hip size, because of Benet's constant teasing. "I had the old flat ass Halle."

After far too long from Halle's stand point, Justice finishes and shoves Halle off his lap into the floor. Justice and Benet stand over Halle laughing while she waits for her fiery ass to cool. "Don't you love it when she gets put in her place? Like when Christina Applegate threw her in the trash?" Benet asks.

Laughing harder, Justice adds, "Or when Alicia Silverstone sat on her face?"

While Justice and Benet laugh harder, they share more unflattering stories about those and other losses to Melissa Joan Hart, Catherine Zeta Jones and Britney Spears. Both men know how these reminders of her past failures anger Halle more than their spankings ever could. "Damn bastards!" Halle thinks. "I may have been a bitch, and made their lives as miserable as I could, but that was after they cheated on me!" Halle's eyes the guys doing nothing to hide her flaming fury.

Demi steps in saying, "Halle, munch on this, while David and Eric and I finish some business." Halle looks to see Demi placing a dog bowl with her name on it in front of her. Halle looks at Demi incredulously in disbelief. "I said eat!" Demi forcefully reaffirms. Rather than giving her laughing jackal ex-husbands the pleasure of seeing her brutally disciplined by Demi, especially when they are in the same room to jeer her, Halle rises to her hands and knees. Slowly she dips her face into the bowl and takes out a crunchy kernel in her teeth, and slowly chews the bone shaped kernel. She can not hide her disgust.

Demi, Justice and Benet walk to the far side of the room, too far for Halle to hear them. "Is that really dog food?" Benet asks giggling like a juvenile teenager.

"No, but I doubt Halle can ever tell the difference." Demi coolly answers. "Now gentlemen out deal is in exchange for Halle being tamed and sucking your dicks, you will sale her stock in Stone Rage's league. I think we have delivered our end." Demi says as all eyes turn to the humble, red assed beauty with Justice's cum on her tits, wearing only panty hose and a garter belt, on her hands and knees eating from a dog dish. "Now if you'll just sign here." Demi finishes with a smile.

Halle looks over at the trio. She cannot hear them, but sees Benet and Justice signing some papers. "Fucking bastards, all three of them. I'll get them all for this" Halle says under her breath.

The wicked trio returns to Halle shortly. Demi stands behind Halle, and orders "Stand up, its time to go." Halle stands, and soon as she does, Demi locks her in a sleeper hold from behind.

Halle groans as Demi locks in tight. Knowing there is no escape she looks at Benet and Justice pleading, "Eric... David... Help me! I'll do anything... I mean anything" Halle knew both men's brains were in their pants and played up the damsel in distress role, seductively struggling in Demi's grasp. She knew she could fool the two horny, dumb asses into falling for her one more time.

Before Halle's scheme could work, Demi says, "They're not going to help you" interrupting the guys mental fantasy of one more night with Halle. "You know why? Cause you were a lousy wife!" Demi continues. "David told me how you were such a bitch that he could never satisfy you. Eric said you were so self absorbed that you never had any time for him and his needs..."

Demi continues ranting tellig how horrible of a wife she was, but Halle mentally tuned her out. "Blah, blah, blah, shut the fuck up bitch!" Halle thought so loud she could no longer hear Demi's words. "I don't need marriage advice from someone who's been divorced as many times as I have. I know I was a lousy wife, but those bastards were lousy husbands too. Those cheating fuckers got what they deserve. That's why I cut their balls off and hung them on the wall. Neither of them have been shit without me! I'd rather go to sleep than hear this shit." Demi keeps talking as Halle drops to one knee drifting away on the sleeper. "They really did a number on me today, but I'll get them... I'll... get.... them... alllllll......"

Demi releases Halle and allows her unconscious victim to fall lifelessly face first to the ground. "Damn that was fun" Demi says putting her high-heeled foot on her conquest's back. "Now let's go celebrate our deal fellas."

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