Backlash! First Strike
Christina Aguilera vs Pam Anderson
NOTE - This story immediately follows Backlash: Prelude
Pam Anderson had just come up from pool to her penthouse suite. Pam admired herself in the mirror and fluffed her hair. She loved the attention her body won at the pool. Men of all ages were falling at her feet. Even twenty-one year old women at the height of their physical beauty were putting on wraps or staying far away from her, knowing that their beauty was grossly inadequate to compete with the Blonde Bombshell. "I still got it" Pam proudly reminds herself. "Even at forty, I still got it."

Pam is in Tampa to film a commercial the next morning. She is waiting for her dinner to come up from room service, and debating whether to hit the town later that night. She has been club hopping a lot since her split with super jealous ex-husband Kid Rock. Maybe it is her subconscious way of getting back at him. She was still having a great time, that is what is most important.

All thoughts were abruptly interrupted by a knock on the door and a voice announcing "Room service". The blonde answers the door wearing only her one piece-bathing suite. She opens the door and the guy's mouth drops open. The young man ogles Pam's tight curves in the revealing swimsuit with the sides out and cut very high on the hips. Pam giggles at the attention and instructs the guy to roll in the cart with her food on top. She tips the guy as he leaves the room. Pam is still smiling; flattered by the attention she has received, as she rolls the cart into her bedroom. "Heavy cart" Pam thinks as she pushes the heavier than expected cart into the bedroom.

Pam sets the cart by the bed and goes into the bathroom to wash her hands. Once Pam has left the room, a pair of shapely legs slinks out from under the tablecloth that is draped over the cart. Soon the leg's owner, petite Christina Aguilera crawls out from under the cart. Stealthily Christina creeps over beside the bathroom door. Pam comes bouncing out of the bathroom and is blind-sided by Christina kicking her in the stomach. "Surprise Bitch!" Christina yells as Pam howls and doubles over with the breath knocked out of her.

As luck would have it for Christina, when she kicked Pam, the Baywatch beauty dropped the TV remote she was carrying. Thinking fast, Christina grabs the large remote and smashed it over the back of the doubled over girl's head. Pam shrieks in pain as the remote breaks in pieces and drops to one knee now holding the back of her head. Christina backs off inspecting for an opportunity to attack next, and admiring her handiwork so far.

"Christina Aguilera!" Pam exclaims as she looks up to see her attacker. "What the fuck? Where did you? How did you?" Pam asks in state of confusion that far exceeds expectations even for the ditsy acting blonde. Pam rises to her feet to confront the little blonde and get to the bottom of this situation. Before anything can happen Christina launches herself and takes Pam down with a flying cross body block. Christina moves so fast that she easily took her flat-footed elder down with a loud grunt. Still lying on top of Pam, Christina pelts her face with three fast fist. Instinctively, Pam starts to kick out to buck the smaller girl off, but by the time she completes the move, Christina is already off of her and back standing on her feet. Before Pam can move again Christina stomps down hard with her heel into Pam's flat stomach. Pam howls in pain and rolls away, Pam scrambles to her feet, but is still hunched over holding her stomach.

"What tha fuck is wrong with you??!!?! I thought we were cool!", Pam frantically screams at Christina. In truth despite their polarizing positions in the Battle Zone, the two blondes were friendly outside. Christina has been a long time friend of Pam's ex-hubby, rocker, Kid Rock. Pam and Christina have gone drinking and partying together a number of times. They always tried to stay clear of fighting each other in the league.

Christina remains silent and only smiles at her prey. Christina runs toward Pam. The elder blonde straightens up and prepares to defend herself. Pam is ready for anything, but Christina strikes with a drop kick to Pam's knees. Pam was ready for anything except that. Pam's legs are kicked out from under her, sending her on a short flight with a hard landing.

"Fuck!" Pam exclaims as she quickly rises back to her feet. "Sneaky lil...." But she is met by the two soles of Christina's feet delivering a dropkick. Pam's head snaps back and again is knocked to the ground. "Shit!" Pam exclaims as she hurriedly rises back to her feet only to be blasted in the face again by Christina's drop kick. This time Pam is slower rising to her feet. She is barely fully standing as Christina nails her with a third consecutive drop kick. "Ohhhh!" Pam yells as again Christina nearly knocks her head off. Pam is getting very confused by Christina's ariel style, so she slowly starts to rise again, but the daredevil blonde knocks Pam down with a forth consecutive drop kick before Pam even totally stood up. Four consecutive drop kicks to the head have Pam feeling groggy and leave her lying on her back trying to figure out what just happened. Pam starts to think the floor is the safest place for her until Christina drops an elbow across her massive tits. Pam bellows in pain and scampers to her feet.

Pam scrambles to her feet and sees Christina already coming toward her. Pam freezes for a moment, having no clue of what Christina is about to do. By the time she figures it out, it is far too late. Christina has caught Pam's head between her legs and sends her flipping... flying.... hurtling out of control. Pam lands hard on her back and sliding across the floor a couple of feet from the force of Christina's daring flying head scissors.

Pam now adds dizzy to her list of being confused, hurt and groggy. Pam still rises back to her feet as quickly as her present condition will allow, which is not really very quick. Pam has already learned that Christina will hurt her if she lies on the floor too long. Pam stands slightly wobbly and sees Christina already coming at her again. Pam's eyes widen trying to prepare for a cross body block, or a drop kick, or another flying head scissors or something, but is surprised as Christina stops just short of impact, does a handstand, and locks Pam's head in-between her legs. Christina then sends the loudly screeching blonde flipping over with a huracanrana. Pam does a full 180 degree flip in air guided by Christina's strong legs and lands on the top of her head. Pam's body goes limp after her bodyweight compresses her neck and spine, and halts the messages her brain is sending her body. Then she flops over onto her back and slides across the floor before coming to a skidding halt.

Pam is moaning loudly. "That's it" Pam thinks to herself, "I'm hurt! Yeah I'm hurt really bad." Luckily Pam's body starts to reboot. She starts to get some feeling in her extremities, as her brain resumes sending messages to her body. Pam is slowly flapping her arms and legs as she prematurely tries to command her body to stand before her systems have all come back online. Momentarily later Pam's primary systems come back online, and she rolls over onto her stomach and pushes up to her hands and knees. "Lil bitch is too fast. Better get up before she comes again." Pam then looks up to see Christina is already coming at her with a baseball slide, with her right foot leading the way. Pam feels like she is the coyote in a Road Runner cartoon. She sees the train coming but is unable to move out of the way. Christina's foot smashes into Pam's face an instant later. Pam's head snaps back and she collapse to the floor and rolls onto her back again.

The Road Runner reference is very valid in Pam's mind. She really feels like Wile E. Coyote right now, chasing the lightning fast Road Runner only to fail every time, resulting un a very painful ending. "Lil bitch is taking me apart" Pam thinks "Can't get my hands on her, she's too fast Never fought anybody like that before, fast and high flying." Pam laboriously rises to her feet. "I can get her, I just got to figure out how to beat her. Halle, Tia and J.Lo beat her. I can do it too."

Despite Pam's unconquerable fighting spirit telling her she could win, Pam's wobbly and shaky legs told Christina that Pam had been dribbled on her head one too many times. "Pam's toast" Christina thinks to herself. "What's the matter Grannie Pammie? Can't keep up?" Christina taunts while grinning widely. Christina relishes the feeling of being about to devour a hapless prey. It was a feeling she has felt too few times in her career.

"I can keep up lil flying monkey girl" Pam responds trying to not to let Christina know how hurt she really is. "Let me get my hands on you ONE TIME, and I'll show you something, you little twerp."

Pam's bravado did not fool Christina at all. The little blonde bounces in a boxer's stance inviting Pam to approach so she can finish off the busty bombshell. All the knocks to the head have taken away Pam's gracefulness, but still the feisty pinup girl plods forward. Pam threw some heavy punches that Christina easily avoided. Christina responds with a few punches of her own, but the larger blonde swats Christina's fist away like flies before they land. Christina threw a kick aimed at Pamela's stomach, but Pam caught Christina's foot before it landed. Finally with the lightning fast blonde captured by her foot, Pam exclaims, "Hah! I got you Now!"

Before Pam could do anything else, Christina leads up and brings her free leg up and kicks Pam in the back of the head with an enzuigiri kick. Pam saw an orange flash in front of her eyes upon impact, and fell to the floor like a ton of bricks. Christina rose back to her feet looking at the fallen beauty saying, "Moron" Pam just held the back of her head and convulsed on the floor.

Pam's head is hurting and ringing but she knows she has got to get off the floor before Christina finishes her off. As confusion and frustration often does, it almost leads to anger and fury. Pam is no exception, "Little bitch called me a moron" Pam thinks "I'm three times the fighter she is, and I have the record to prove it! All this Rey Mysterio, jumping around shit is fucking me up. I've never fought anybody like that before, but once I figure it out, her ass is grass..."

"IIIIIIIIHHHHHHH" Pam's psych job is interrupted by Christina football kicking her in the cunt. Pam had struggled up to her hands and knees but that left her ass exposed. It invited, virtually begged for Christina to kick the slow moving, wide spread cunt. Pam's pained and oblivious condition allowed time for Christina to really measure it too. It allowed Christina to back up, get a running start and put maximum force behind the boot. Christina simply could not resist. The kick lifted Pam off the ground and flipped her over, landing on her back. Pam lied there with her eyes as wide as saucers and her mouth gaping open in a silent cry, while holding her throbbing pussy.

Combining the anger and frustration she was already feeling, with the new pain and humiliation of her cunt being kicked to the moon, Pam springs to her feet in a raging fury. "I'm going to FUCKING KILL YOU!" Pam shouts with her eyes turning red and snarling like a savage beast. Temporarily Pam feels no pain. The berserker rage has taken over. She has no reasonable thoughts, just raw primal emotion to tear Christina limb from limb.

Christina subconsciously takes a few steps back. A chill of fear runs down her spine. When Pam charges at her like a wild, snarling, growling hellcat, Christina runs like a scared bunny. Christina is able to evade Pam's grasp for a few seconds until she is able to control her fear. Once she regained her wits, Christina waited for the rabid beast's next move. Christina drops to the floor as Pam blindly charges and captures Pam's ankles between her legs with a drop toehold. Pam trips forward out of control, flying face first into the bedroom dresser. Her forehead makes a loud "THUNK" as it slams into the wood furniture and her body crumples to the floor. The beast is silenced. Pam is knocked senseless and lies semi-conscious on the floor.

Christina takes great joy in seeing Pam down and out as she rises to her feet. Christina grabs the actress' ankles and spreads her lifeless legs apart. Christina then leaps and drops her knee square on Pam's pussy. The semi-conscious blonde offered no reaction, so Christina does it again, and again, and again. When this started to exert too much effort, Christina sits on the floor between Pam's legs and pounds her cunt with punch after punch. Christina loves the sound of smacking flesh as her fist pulverized Pam's pussy.

Pam revives screaming and instinctively kicks Christina away. Pam quickly tries to stand, but the pain between her legs was too great. The piercing pain made her double over holding her snatch while exclaiming in pain. Christina quickly leaps on the dresser, runs down its length and leaps off. The back of Christina's leg hits Pam across the back of the head and drives her face into the floor with a leg drop.

Yet again Pam finds herself face down on the floor, slobbering and wondering, "what the fuck just happened to her?" With her basic instinct of "Fight" not working, the other one of "Flight" comes to mind. Pam rises to her feet fearful of Christina. In fact, at least right now, the traumatized blonde is terrorized by the bouncing, tiny terror that she just cannot seem to get her hands on. Adding the fact Pam knows full well how cruel the evil blonde can be, Pam's fears are justified. Feeling helpless and hopeless, Pam stands saying, "Get away from me you little monster" and sprints for the door as fast as her injured, and exhausted body can move. Unfortunately that is not nearly fast enough. Christina gives chase and when Pam slows to open the door, Christina nails her in the back of the head with a drop kick. Pam's face slams into the wooden door and she falls to the floor like a ton of bricks.

Christina looks down and sees Pam once again knocked into a mindless and semi conscious state. Christina lets out an evil, sinister laugh and grabs Pam's ankles again. This time she drags the helpless actress across the floor towards the middle of the room. The movement revives Pam and once again her internal computer starts to slowly reboot and she regains more awareness by the second. Once she has properly positioned Pam, Christina drops her legs and climbs up a very tall bookshelf. Once on top, she looks down at the moaning blonde who's eyes are regaining focus some ten feet away. Christina then leap frogs off the bookshelf and flies through the air. The vaulted ceiling in the penthouse allows Christina the highest possible altitude during her flight. On her decent, Christina will never forget the moment Pam realizes what is about to happen and the terrorized expression on her face, PRICELESS! Then Christina makes impact right onto Pam's big boobs. The squashed blonde's knockers bounces Christina a full foot in the air from the recoil of her landing.

With the breath nearly knocked out of herself, Christina scrambles and takes a seat on Pam's big breast and looks down ready to finish off her prey. There is no need. Pam is already out cold. Christina laughs evilly yet gleefully at this revelation. She knocks on Pam's forehead like she's knocking on someone's front door. "Helllooo anybody home?" Christina laughs more as she gets absolutely no response from Pam. Finally she exclaims "Yes, I did it!" as she raises both arms in triumph.

Christina takes a moment to revel in her accomplishment. She had serious doubts if she could handle the busty bombshell, but she really beat the bitch's ass. The type of ass whipping that could re-launch her fighting career. Everything fell just like Demi Moore said it would, even better actually. With the self-indulging moment passing, Christina walks to the penthouse suite's front door and opens it. The same bellhop who brought the cart up that Christina hid underneath, is outside waiting.

"Okay bring it in" Christina tells him and motions for him to enter. The bellhop rolls in another cart with a strange piece of machinery on it. "Thank you again for your help" Christina says as he roll the cart into the bedroom.

"NO I should thank you. The money you paid me is enough for me to quit this job and go back to school full... time..." His voice trails off as he passes Pam's motionless body. Although he knew the plan, its still shocking to see the battered blonde laid cold on the floor like that. After he makes sure the machine is in place, he exits the room and hotel, never to return.

When Pam finally wakes up, she feels like her tits are on fire. She goes to scream, but finds a ball gag in her mouth. She cannot move her arms or legs and is totally naked. Pam slows her panicking mind to accurately assess the predicament she finds herself in.

Pam quickly found out why her tits were burning. Christina had clamped roach clips on each of her nipples with big weights hanging from both roach clips. Not to mention there were several clothespins clamped all over her tits as well. Pam is on her knees with her legs spread apart by being bound to the railings at the base of the strange machine between her legs. The machine appeared to be some kind of motor with one arm with what appears to be a dildo at the end of the arm pressed against her pussy lips. She was bound around the waist to a rack connected to the machine. Her arms were tied above her head to the rack as well. There is no escape.

Pam recognized the machine from the Internet. "A fucking machine? oh great". Pam thinks as Christina has just finished setting up a web cam across from Pam and walks over to the bound blonde.

Christina says, "Oh great, you're awake. I was hoping you would come to." and flips the switch at the base of the machine. The machine comes alive and starts pumping the dildo in and out of Pam's pussy. Pam arches her back as her body is bombarded by sexual sensations. "This is what you get when you fuck Janet Jackson half to death and leave her bound to her bead." Christina says as she pushes buttons to make a call on her cell phone. A few moments later she says, "Yeah everything is ready." then hangs up. Pam is quickly moaning into estacy. She tries not to move because moving makes the weights on her nipple swing and causes a god bit of pain, but she can hardly stop it. The machine is fucking her already sore pussy so well, she is mooing and cooing like a porn star.

Across the country at the same time, Demi Moore hangs up her cell phone and opens a laptop computer. She along with the rest of the ABA are in the backstage wings of a Kid Rock concert in Carson, California. After typing a few minutes, she yells, "Hey Kid I got it right here."

Kid leaves the stage and walks over to the laptop and burst out laughing when he saw the web cam feed of Pam beaten, bound and convulsing in ecstasy on the sex machine. "FUCK! I can't believe it... and Christina Aguilera did this to her?" the laughing rocker asks.

"Yes, see her there in the background" Jenny McCarthy points out.

Kid laughs even harder. "A fucking Mazing! She always though Christina was a push over. I know she has to be so fuckin' embarrassed"

"I know, that is exactly why Christina beat her" Demi adds. "Because she thought Christina was insignificant, she never bothered to learn Christina's unusual style, and it bit her in the ass!" Demi reflects proudly. "Styles makes fights. I'm sure she'll kill Christina next time they fight. J.Lo, Halle and Tia all beat the shit out of Christina, and will coach Pam."

"Yeaaaaah" Kid says and continues laughing while ignoring Demi's latest rant. "This makes us even for that Borat shit." Kid gains control of his laughter and says, "A deal is a deal, you held your end, so give me the papers and I'll sign over Pam's stock." Demi hands Kid a contract that he quickly signs and hands back to Demi. "Come on let's get on stage, and send that feed through the big screen on stage.

Kid quickly returns to the stage followed by the ABA members. "Carson California!! Meet some more American Bad Asses! Now a lot of people are saying that they aren't that bad because of some shit that happened in Vegas. Well ask my ex-wife how Bad they are." Suddenly the video feed of Pam appears on the big screen to everyone's dismay. (Video blurs appear over some X-rated parts) "Ahhhhh I AM AMERICAN BAD ASS WATCH ME KICK!!!" Kid starts singing his song with the ABA dancing on stage with him to an insanely frenzied crowd.

Meanwhile back in Tampa, Pam finds herself alone in the hotel room still bound to the sex machine. She releases a screaming, convulsing orgasm that, although unknown to her, is shown on the big screen to a hysterically laughing sell out crowd at Kid Rock's concert. It does not stop there, Pam stays bound with the dildo pumping in and out of her cunt long after the concert is over. Even a sexual juggernaut like Pam cannot keep up with the machine. The machine drinks orgasm after orgasm from Pam's sloppy wet pussy until her body is completely drained of cum. Still the machine keeps pumping, pulverizing the bone-dry cunt. Christina had already done a number on her cunt during the fight. The machine absolutely wrecks her pussy.

Morning comes and Pam is still bound tight and hooked to the machine. Pam hopes someone from the commercial shoot will check on her once she did not make the 7:00AM start time. Unfortunately the director has worked with Pam before, and knows the blonde has been known to stay out too late partying and was not concerned when she did not show. He decided to give her three more hours to sleep off her hangover before he called the hotel and asked them to wake her up for the shoot.

Finally a hotel bell hop knocks on Pam's door. He enters after there is no answer and hears the machine in the bedroom. There he find the drooping victim dangling from her binds. "Ms. Anderson! How did this happen?" the startled man asks. "I've got to take a picture of this. I mean for the police." the man whips out his camera phone and takes a few quick shots that eventually are passed around the staff and his good friends.

He unplugs the sex machine and unties the defeated blonde. He picks up her limp body and carries her into the bathroom and places her in the bathtub. Then he and another bell hop start filling the tub with buckets of ice, to chill Pam's swollen and over taxed body until the doctor can arrive. Pam sits in the tub confused. Where did Christina come from? How did she do this to her? Why did she do this to her?

The next day Pam is photographed checking out of the hotel and leaving for the airport. She is wearing a baggy sweat suit and large dark glasses. The director for the commercial was luckily able to replace her and shoot his commercial. Another blonde superstar named Christina Aguilera just happened to be in town and was able to take Pam's part.

Pam left Tampa on crutches. The doctor diagnosed her with a bruised pelvis and severely swollen tits. It will be several weeks before Stone Rage will medically clear his favorite blonde bombshell to return to action. Somewhere Demi Moore is laughing telling her ABA partners, "See I told you this plan would work!"

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