Salma proudly displayed her Drama Queen belt as she approached the ring with Penelope (Cruz) and Vanessa (Williams) in tow. Holding the belt above her head, she smiled as she pumped it up into the air. Her fans cheered her name with each pulse. “Salma! Salma! Salma! Salma!”

Not to be outdone, Catherine’s fans chanted when it was her turn to journey to the ring. But it wasn’t her name. They screamed, “Crippler! Crippler! Crippler! Crippler!” It morphed into “Cripple her! Cripple her! Cripple her! Cripple her!”

La ’Confidante all cringed for a moment, Vanessa and Penelope in concern for their friend and Salma in concern for herself. However, Salma reminded her girls that this was her style of fighting, and she rarely lost these matches. In fact, Salma always felt that if the Hardcore Title hadn’t been replaced by the Drama Queen Title, she would have secured it again. It was a deciding factor in her seeking the Drama Queen Title. Now she felt nostalgic as she prepared to defend her current title by the rules of the past one. It was a Hardcore Rules match for the Drama Queen title, suggested by Salma herself to even her odds versus Jones. Catherine Zeta Jones had not only beaten Salma multiple times in the past. She destroyed the smaller bustier woman, toyed with her, and humiliated her. Salma always preferred a good street fight to the restricting rules of a regular wrestling match. After all, a good set of brass knuckles can overcome many shortcomings. Today all sort of weapons freely laid about surrounding the ring. Some fans had even thrown in a few.

The Cheshire grin of Catherine’s was unnerving. This was not her type of match, but she relished the idea of carving Salma up into little Mexican bites. She was in her corner eagerly waiting for the opportunity to prove to everyone that the Crippler was not only back, but back for good. Her losing streak was halted by her defeat of (Kate) Beckinsale and now it was time to reaffirm her position as one of the most feared women in the League. Salma is looking forward to revenge. Jones had too often beat her unmerciful in the past, leaving her broken. Today Cat the Crippler gets spayed. The ref escorts Vanessa and Penelope out of the ring after Salma hands Penelope the title belt. He takes a breath before calling the bell.

Catherine was out of her corner quickly with the sound of the bell to start the match. She was hungry for the destruction she was once known for, especially of her second favorite rival to punish Salma Hayek. Her favorite, the now Commissioner Applegate, was beyond her reach for the moment. She had to settle for crafting torture and horror for her 5’2 rival that would make their other go-arounds look like games of pattycake. Salma took a more Zen approach, staying calm and bouncing around the ring on her toes. She wore a huge white sports bra that looked like it was already about to let her huge assets spill out and a tight pair of booty shorts that accentuated her plump rear end as she bounced about. Her plump juicy globes jiggled free from underneath the tight fabric of her shorts as her plump juicy globes jiggled in waves above her top. Catherine wore a tight body suit that displayed how tight she had kept her body over the years and, with the deep oval cut at the top dipping deep enough to show her cleavage, showed how her own boobs had filled out fully. Her growth from B to C cups rivaled Salma’s from the start of her career, however Salma was easily surpassing the D cup range lately, once again winning the size war. Still, Zeta’s jugs bounced nearly out of her top as she raced to what she had planned to be a quick victory and a long torturous winning celebration. Both wore regulation wrestling boots with no other accessories. With Zeta beating a straight path towards her, Salma kept her distance by circling the hell raiser to her right. Catherine wasn’t shocked by the movement and simply chased Hayek. Salma was swift. Staying just ahead of her predator bouncing on her toes, her huge boobs bouncing all over her chest. Far from the Cs they use to be, Hayek’s mega mams tore at her chest as they bounced deep and were slingshot up by her stretching skin. It slowed Salma just enough to get her caught by the rampaging Welch actress.

Catherine snatched Salma’s left arm by the wrist, planted her feet, and then tugged hard like she was going to swing Hayek across the ring. Instead, she pulls Hayek into a clothesline planting Hayek into the mat. Maintaining the hold of Hayek’s left wrist, Jones tugs straight up on it forcing her prey onto her right-side resting Hayek’s boobs left on top of right on the mat. Catherine then steps over Salma and stomps down on Hayek’s creamy pillows. Her sports bra does little to protect her tits from the crushing weight of Catherine digging her boots in. Salma grunts her disapproval and stretches her face in agony. The second boot stomp to the meaty teats encourages a yell, “Oh shit!” The third stomp stirred a scream as Catherine immediately put all her weight on that leg and balanced just on it for a second. A quick bounce and Catherine balanced back on her other leg. Salma grunted and moaned as the effects of the accentuated attack continued to plague her battered boobs. Catherine circled Salma twisting her arm keeping the Latina pinned to the mat. Now Catherine stood over Salma’s head. She placed her right boot on the side of Salma’s face and mauled it all over Hayek’s skull. She then stomped down scraping Salma’s cheek and mauling her nose into the mat. Salma looked helpless and many thought the match wouldn’t last much longer. Jones stomped on her head twice more just to humiliate Hayek.

Planting her feet back to the mat, Catherine bent over and forced Hayek back to her feet by a fistful of hair. She forced Salma chest first into the ropes and twisted her left arm over and back under the top rope. Pulling back hard forcing Salma to curse as her arm felt like it was breaking, Catherine grinned as she dominated her rival. However, if she was truly going to make an example out of Salma, she needed more. She already planned to leave Salma bloodied and in tears, but she needed to truly break her first. This being a no disqualification match kept the ref from complaining about Hayek being tied up in the ropes. He just monitored in preparation for a pin or surrender. That wouldn’t come for a while though as Catherine switched tactics. Breaking the arm wouldn’t humiliate the Drama Queen enough, not by itself. Maybe she would break it later, Jones considered.

Catherine released the arm and stood right behind Salma. Reaching under Salma’s arms Catherine pulled down the front of Hayek’s sports bra exposing Salma’s DD or E cups which had been tightly shoved into the over strained garment. As Zeta yanked down the cups forcing an explosion of tit flesh and thickened pick nipples, the crowd went wild. The ref felt his pants tighten as did every male in attendance.

Quickly, Jones kicked the back of Salma’s knees forcing them to buckle planting Salma on her knees up against the ropes, her huge melons coming to rest over the middle rope forcing them up to her chin. With most of the jugs jutting out of the ring, they gave the audience a clear picture at how Salma’s titty balls had grown recently, a fact Salma herself addressed in an interview about their continued growth. She hadn’t been so deliciously juggy since her pregnancy. Catherine stepped out of the ring and hunted for a proper weapon amongst the provided arsenal that lined the floor surrounding the ring. The standard items were there along with some more unorthodox items that had clearly been brought and tossed in by the fans including some pleasurable dildo options and bondage gear including multiple pairs of handcuffs. Catherine grabs the free chain. She is thrilled to see the chain is not smooth. It has miniature prickly thorns all about it that gave it a very coarse feel. Catherine got on the ring apron facing Salma holding the chain on either side allowing for a few feet in the middle and began rubbing the course chain against Salma’s sensitive pink nipples. Hayek’s chin immediately cleared her cleavage so she could scream into the sky. Once the prickly metal started leaving reddening scars about Salma’s nipples and surrounding flesh, Catherine took the whole chain and wrapped it around both teats over squeezing them together and intertwined it underneath Salma’s tits to keep them pressed together. Screaming and shaking her head in agony, Salma’s eyes caught those of the refs. He could see her eyes pleading with him to help her, but a little too true to his duty he chose not to interfere. “That bastard,” thought Salma. In her most agonizing moment, she couldn’t appreciate that not interfering meant he was obligated to just watch as she was abused and tortured.

Catherine then hunted down the nearest metal folding chair and returned to her captive. Standing next to the ring holding the metal chair above her head, Zeta targeted Salma’s vulnerable tits as they lay upon the middle rope nipples pointing to the audience. A smack heard around the auditorium from the metal chair slamming into Hayek’s beach balls and connecting with the wrapping chain was amplified disgustingly by the impact of the metal on metal. Salma jerked out of the ropes screaming and teary eyed. She fell to her back and immediately howled as bouncing back to the mat forced her huge titties to flail about scratching themselves even more against the binding chain. She tried to remove the chain but to no avail. Just touching it tortured her scarred jugs.

Fear crossed Salma’s face as she felt her ankles being seized. She was pulled out of the ring and fell back first into a metal trash can, Jones had rolled up near the ring. Her back now aching Salma couldn’t even get free of the wrapping can. Jones didn’t pause. She soon had a kendo stick and was using it to stab Hayek’s tummy. Again and again, she stabs Salma causing screams and instinctive kicking with ever impalement. Jones then worked her way up to the titty balls and tried to puncture them. Tormented, Salma could do nothing but try to cover up. Sadly, her expanded chest couldn’t easily be covered, and Zeta found no limit of target meat. But she wasn’t satisfied. She wanted some real good bat swinging strikes on Salma’s bosom.

Jones dropped the stick and helped Salma out of the bent-in trash can. As soon as Hayek was on her feet her hair was on fire as Catherine took hold and swung her into the steel barricades surrounding the ring. Hayek fell chest first into the barricade forcing her boobs to expand out from impact and be scarred again by the chain that wrapped them. Hayek screamed, “Fuck!!” Her face distorted in horrible pain. Catherine forced her to spin around with her back resting on the barricade making her chest jut upward, creating a prime target for Catherine to get some titty batting practice. Fortunately for Salma she couldn’t stay on her feet and slid down the barricade into the fetal position robbing Jones of her chance to really pound those puppies.

Not to worry, thought Zeta. She’s not done making this Latina bitch cry. There will be plenty of time to mangle those Mexican whoppers before ripping out all of Salma’s cunt hairs. Ooh a table, thought Zeta. With a new plan Zeta whacked the stick across Salma’s skull to put her down for the count. Salma had jumped up in shock and agony after being struck by the kendo stick and crumbled back down to the concrete floor face down. Jones went to pull one of the wooden folding tables from under the ring. For the match, it had been laid so it could be visible just free of the ring skirt. Dazed by the skull crack, Salma barely felt the chain digging horribly into her breasts anymore. Jones set up the table and returned to Salma who was still conscious but in too much agony to move. Catherine found the chain and pulled up on it, tightening it again about Salma’s now bleeding jugs. Screaming in agony, “Shit!! Fuck!! Puta!!” Salma quickly got to her knees. Then she was forced to her feet by another tug of the chain. But to her horror that last tug on the chain pulled it free of her battered breasts, the coarse surface opening fresh cuts. Thanking the lord her breasts were free though, Salma fell back to her knees covering her blood-stained mams with her arms trying to comfort them. Her mind drifted from the battle for a second as she massaged her jumbo tits wincing at the touch of each painful gash in her flesh.

Catherine considered reapplying the chain, but no. She had the table plan set and ready. She took two fistfuls of hair from both sides of Salma’s skull to position Hayek for a Muay-Thai knee strike to Salma’s face breaking her nose. As the blood gushed and Salma looked like she was seeing double, Catherine stood her rival up by more hair tugging and then slid her left arm between Hayek’s thigh to scoop the Mexican milf into the air. Zeta planted Salma onto the table laying her out for the slaughter. Catherine left her there to retrieve the kendo stick and was soon in position to tenderize some Drama Queen breast meat, the stick raised high in the air like an executioner preparing for a beheading. She swung violently planning to finish the little Mexican right here and now. No way Salma would recover from such a violent beating to her most sensitive titty meat. However, as Jones swung, Salma raised her arms and blocked the assault with her forearms. She still cried out in pain, but nothing like she would have if Catherine had connected with her mams. Undeterred, Catherine figured Salma couldn’t block forever. She would keep whacking till Salma dropped her defenses. And then its titty pound city.

It wouldn’t go that way though. Salma was about to show why she was the first War Queen, why she is the current Drama Queen and especially why she was able to steal the Extreme Title from Madonna. She spun on the table to get her legs towards Jones and double stomped her in the midsection deflating Catherine from her samurai pose. The double kick was so powerful that not only did Catherine double over dropping the stick and fall to the ground, but the unsecured table shot back in the other direction taking Salma with it. No harm was done as Salma simply rolled with it using the momentum to get to her feet. Still a little wobbly, Salma quickly lifted the table back to its legs and circled it to make a run not at Catherine but to the kendo stick.

Now it was Catherine’s time to fear and suffer as Salma took the wildest swings cracking the stick all over Catherine’s body, head, shoulders, and ass. She seemed to use the stick to position Jones. A crack to the back forced Catherine flat onto her stomach. And sadly, another to the back forced her to roll onto her back to protect it. A whack to the outer thigh forces her thighs open in reflex and a whack to the cunt closed them. *whack* *whack* *whack* *whack* Zeta was again on her back and offered up the targets she had been aiming for on Salma, her tits. *whack* Salma dropped to her knees next to Jones and brought the stick crashing down across Catherine’s tits. Since her tits aren’t as bulbous as Salma’s they don’t engulf the stick as Hayek’s would have and so the stick also cracks hard into Zeta’s sternum amplifying the sound. Zeta cups her tits in her hands reaching into her open top. Desperate to escape, Catherine rolls away and under the ring. In a foolish craze Salma dropped her sword and followed Jones into the dark. As screams could soon be heard from under the ring it was clear Salma had caught up to Catherine, but which one was screaming bloody murder?

Not long and on the other side of the ring, feet appeared alerting all that someone was backing out from under the ring. It was the crippler and she had something in tow. With both fists embedded in Hayek’s hair, Catherine violently jerked the Drama Queen into the light to the symphony of Salma’s screams. Hayek was soaked in her own blood, her nose freshly gushing from an obvious new assault. Catherine had seized her early and bashed her head relentlessly into the steel ring support posts beating the fight out of her. Once Zeta soaked up enough of Salma’s painfilled wailing she started pulling the soon to be ex-Drama Queen out into the light to finish things.

Nearly all cried out, Salma was soon whimpering as Zeta jerked her around viciously to the cheers of the crowd. Jones repositioned her hands slightly, making sure not to loosen her grip, but to get behind Salma and force her up to her knees. Catherine now stood behind Salma, still torturing her scalp forcing Hayek to straighten up as she sat on her knees. Jones had her on display laughing as she jerked violently from left to right making Salma’s body sway like a cobra. Salma’s huge tits swaying back and forth terribly tugged at her chest, each weighty teat bouncing and straining her back. Catherine smiled as she envisioned beating Salma’s head with the Drama Queen belt before putting it around her waist with Salma’s blood on it. That’s how she would reign as the Drama Queen, with the belt stained by the blood of all who dared challenge her.

Jones jerked Salma's head back forcing her victim to meet her gaze. Catherine’s eyes had a crazed sadistic look to them. Salma’s eyes were bloodshot and pouring tears. Catherine leaned closer and spit into Salma’s open mouth as the lips quivered from Salma’s agony. Jones then hauled the beaten vixen to her feet and hurled her headfirst into the ring apron. Blood-soaked skull bounced off the rock-hard apron and the once mighty warrior queen collapsed onto the floor with her arms and legs splayed about lifeless. Catherine might later regret not pinning her foe right there. Salma would immediately regret it as Catherine had more lessons to teach.

Again, scalping Salma, Jones quickly hauls the puppet Mexican to her feet and presses her against the apron. Pinning Hayek for no escape, Catherine maneuvers both Mexican whoppers onto the apron. Backing away and jumping up to the ring apron, Catherine positions herself over Salma who is doing all she can to stay on her feet. Jones, while facing the ring, places her heels on Salma’s tits as to crush her nipples into the ring apron. Hayek immediately cries in agony and tries to back away, but that only puts more pressure on her nips as they are stretched past their limits. Catherine smiles and bounces for a bit making sure not to release Salma’s precious knobs. Holding on to the ropes, Catherine leans back so that the heels of her boots can kneed more titflesh. Salma is stomping the floor and slapping the ring apron while wildly crying and screaming. “Ahhhh, you fuck bitch… cunt… fucking bitch… puta cunt bitch!!!!!” The ref, seeing Salma’s suffering jumped out of the ring and asked her if she was giving up. Her response, near incoherent at first ended with, “…away from me you… fuck… bitch… ass bastard!!! Argghhh, bitch!!! Fucking bitch!!!!” Catherine the crippler continued to knead the dough of Salma’s mega tits for a few more curse filled moments. Stepping back one at a time to make sure Hayek doesn’t escape, Catherine grinds more and more of Hayek’s meaty tits into the apron. For a moment it was like being in a bouncy house for Catherine. Growing more and more overzealous, Catherin bounces up and down with a smile that stretched as wide as Salma’s useless sports bra.

A little too much bounce and Salma felt her tits freed. Luckily, she collapsed instantly, or the rebounding Jones would have come back down on her mangled mams with even more gusto. As Salma fell to the ground massaging her now blueish nipples and surrounding tit flesh, Catherine jumped to the floor and circled Salma focusing her attention on the crowd. She raised her hands in victory and yelled out to the crowd, “You ready for me to break this bitch?!?!?” Her fans screamed their approval while the current queen’s fans booed in response. Catherine returned to her prey, who hadn’t budged seemingly too busy putting on a little boob porn as she massaged her aching knockers to the delight of the crowd.

Catherine stood in front of Salma and lifted her legs by the ankles exposing Hayek’s vulnerable booty shorts covered crotch. Serious camel toe from all of the wrestling offered Jones’ a prime target. A punishing thud made Salma sit up and take notice. The second one forced Salma’s upper body to spasm back to the mat as the agony in her chest balls didn’t seem to matter anymore. Her bruised clitty took another boot stomp. Catherine made sure each one was proceeded by a jump in the air with full weight coming down on the stomping leg. The fourth brought forth more horrible screams as Salma’s upper body jerked up and down violently. Her jugs cascaded into each other and swam all about her chest with each violent seizure. Despite the violent bouncing, they were kept pointing skyward by Hayek’s now useless sports bra keeping them from maneuvering to her underarms. The fifth stomp to her kitty sent Hayek into uncontrolled spasm. She couldn’t even fathom a defense at this point and only weakly gripped Catherine’s boot as it started to grind into her engorged sex button. Her head shook quickly from side to side in uncontrolled pleading for the agony to stop.

With Salma momentarily stunned by Zeta’s cunt-busting, Jones grabs the nearby handcuffs and swiftly clasps it around Salma’s left wrist. The sexy cuffs were of the bachelorette party variety with the wrist metal covered by a fuzzy red with black stripe fabric. Despite their sexy appearance they sealed Salma’s doom, a fact that shocked the Drama Queen to life. However, Salma could still offer no real defense as Catherine forces her to her feet and back first against the ring apron. Salma’s heart throbs as her left arm is lifted above her head. If Catherine gets the other end locked on one of the ropes, Salma knows she is done. Forget the title she thought. Jones is going to torture her from head to toe.

Both of her hands clutch Catherine’s right wrist as it extends for the ropes. Catherine holds the free end of the cuffs in her right hand and uses her left hand to help push the trapped wrist closer and closer to the ropes. She could have sealed Salma’s fate by locking onto the bottom rope, but she wanted short stuff near dangling from the middle rope. Salma is fighting for her life, jerking Catherine away from the middle rope. Zeta delivered a knee to Salma’s recently destroyed crotch to take the fight out of her. Salma’s grunt and moan signaled her pain, but her following yell signaled that she was far from out of the fight. As her knees buckled from the pain, she controlled her fall to the floor to minimize impact and force her legs to extend. Rolling onto her back and yelling like a warrior princess, she pulled Jones along with her. As both feet drilled into Catherine’s midriff, Zeta was airborne up and over Salma and down back first onto the concrete floor.

Neither were quick to rise, but Hayek was up seconds before Jones, out of sheer will she didn’t know she had. Jones was agonizing over the fall having cracked her tailbone awkwardly on the unforgiving concrete. Despite the pain, she started to rise too. How was she going to keep Zeta down, Salma thought? She was exhausted and her body was near broken. She circled the ring in search of anything to capitalize on Catherine’s fog. Bingo, Salma located the chain Zeta had used to torture Hayek’s tits earlier in the match. They had been kicked partially under the ring. Quickly she pulled them free. As she returned to Catherine, she found Jones coming for her. The Welsh actress looked like she was in beast mode, her eyes red with anger, her sweat soaked hair clinging wildly to her face and her sweat soaking and pooling in her cleavage. Her arms were out at her side slightly curved forward with her hands configured as claws. She could pounce at any moment. Salma let a few feet of the chain drop to the floor and then swung it up into the air above her head spinning it about like a cowgirl. She stood her ground as Jones charged and struck her with the chain, pausing Catherine in her tracks. *blam* Still being swung wildly, the business end of the chain tore into Catherine’s cheek again, again freezing Zeta in her tracks and violently turning her head towards the crowd.

It didn’t deter Catherine though. If even possible, more anger filled her eyes as she shot daggers from them into Salma’s soul. Salma’s response was to keep swinging the chain and attempt to decapitate Jones again. *blam* The third hit being more devastating than the first finally took some real fight from Catherine’s eyes and her pace slowed even more. *blam* The forth did the trick spinning Catherine’s head and upper body around as her knees gave way. Jones came to rest on her hands and knees spitting blood and a broken tooth from the wounds to the left side of her face. Salma’s chance had come again, and she would show no mercy. She now altered her swings to bring the chain down hard on her conquered foe. *blam* *blam* *blam* *blam* Hayek viciously whipped serious vengeance into the back of her old tormentor. Whipping Catherine with the chain was becoming cathartic as Salma soon started to feel reenergized. Zeta immediately screamed and twisted away from the attack putting her left side to Salma as the metal chain assaulted her shoulder, lower back and ass in one swing. Stunned motionless, she takes two more mighty impacts to her ass and lower back before she could turn again.

Now she is facing away from Salma and scrambling away on her hands and knees. As she attempts to get to her feet, Salma lets more slack go and whips it around Catherine’s neck. Catherine is then yanked down to concrete. The chain still wrapped around her neck is chocking her, the coarse surface cutting into flesh. Her whole body is aching. Salma moves in quickly and tightens the chain even further around Catherine’s neck knotting the chain. Salma then pulled Zeta back to the center of the ring apron. Sliding back into the ring she maneuvered the chain up and over the top rope. Salma tugged away strangling Jones and forcing her off her feet and up the ropes till Zeta could luckily get her feet on the apron. Salma wrapped her end around the ropes a few times and raised her hands in victory. No way Jones was getting out of this. It was revenge time, she thought.

Quickly out of the ring, she searched the weapons till she found the matching handcuffs w/ key, a black with red stripe fuzzy pair. She freed her wrist and now had both cuffs ready for Zeta. She got onto the ring apron smiling at Catherine who only returned a painfilled sneer. Salma grabbed Catherine’s left leg and pulled it up to the middle rope. Catherine kicked a little, but the agony from her neck weakened her resolve and Salma soon had the ankle cuffed to the middle rope. Back in the ring Salma scooted. The next bit she didn’t feel she could pull off on the ring apron. On the other side of Jones, reaching between the top and middle rope, Salma tugged at Catherine’s right leg taking the loser off her feet and strangling her by the chain. It took all of Catherine’s strength to keep her weight off the chain tugging on the top rope. When the second set of cuffs locked her right ankle to the middle rope forcing a pussy popping split, Jones was forced to use the split to balance herself and keep pressure off her neck.

The ref fearful for Catherine’s life freed her neck from the chain. Catherine gasped rapidly for air and continued to hold on to the top rope to support herself. Hayek didn’t interfere with the ref’s interference. She had the keys and that was all she cared about. Since there was no escape for Catherine, the match was technically over. There was no count out allowed but it was obvious Zeta couldn’t continue and the ref could call it in that aspect. However, that wasn’t the plan. Salma was chasing the humiliation of surrender. To that end, she exited the ring and secured the kendo stick again. Returning to Catherine’s helpless form, Salma took a second to cover her massive bloody chest back within her blood-stained sports bra. After brushing her blood stained hair from her own face, Salma grabbed the bottom of Jones’ one piece and pulled it aside to reveal a hairy vag. So sure it would be Salma getting the pube scalping, Catherine hadn’t bothered to shave in a while. It was a horrible mistake she instantly regretted as Salma fingers dug into the firery bush and tugged roughly. Hayek wasn’t intending on scalping her rival, but couldn’t resist a few tugs before going to work. The fistful of pubes helped Salma target Jones’ pussy with the end of the kendo stick. Hayek held the stick close to the tip and maneuvered it into Catherine’s pussy pink. With a devilish smile on her face, Salma stepped back to the handle of the stick and used it as one of the longest and definitely most unusual dildos ever, fucking Catherine’s pussy with it. Hayek acts like she is part of a two-man team sawing a log with one of those long two person saws. With two hands on her end of the kendo stick holding it more like a weight bar, she drives it in deep and pulls back violently. The stick is wooden and not lubricated in any way, so it is a most violent tool made evident by Catherine’s screams of torment.

“How does that feel puta,” ask Salma as she stroked the sword deeper and deeper into Catherine. “Do you give up or do you want everyone to see me make you cum like the whore you are?” Initially it was all suffering for Catherine, but her pussy moistened to the penetration of the phallic weapon lubing the way to sexual gratification. Catherine couldn’t deny the eventual pleasure of the sex weapon filling her love muffin, but she wouldn’t give Salma the satisfaction of a surrender. And then her predicament got worse as Salma grew impatient and started driving the stick deeper and deeper.

Catherine started screaming louder in a higher pitch she didn’t know her voice could reach as the stick pounded into the back of her uterus. “Stop! Stop it you bitch! That’s too far,” screamed Catherine.

“You know what I want to hear,” taunted Salma as she relished her revenge for past beatings. She the lifted up on her end of the stick threatening to mangle Catherine’s guts.

Quickly Catherine surrendered. “I give, I give, I give you bitch. You’re killing me.” Salma releases the stick and lets it fall to the floor allowing the other end to bounce around in Catherine for one last agonizing intimate attack. The ref signals for the bell and Salma raises her arms in victory.

The ref joins Salma to acknowledge her victory by raising her hand, but as he grabs her wrist, she jerks it away violently. This bastard was just watching her get killed, but he helped Jones. Fuck him she voiced, “Fuck you!”

Salma jumped up onto the ring apron and got right in front of Jones. With so little space she had to grip the top rope and hang out a bit to place a tiny distance between her and Jones’ body. Staring into Catherine’s eyes with a smirk, Salma hauled back and backhand slapped the shit out of Jones. The punishment of the slap was exaggerated by the already bloody injuries Jones had taken to that side. Catherine uncontrollably spit blood onto Salma’s tits as her head rebound from the strike which seemed to encourage a more violent response. *whack* *whack* *whack* *whack* Salma started wailing on her beaten prey with punches. Her fans started counting with the fifth hit. Jones was out cold with the tenth one and only rag dolled to the following five knuckle sandwiches. A few bitchslaps with no response convinced Salma that Zeta was completely done. Unconscious, Jones could do nothing to balance herself and leaned into Salma almost making Hayek loose grip of the top rope. Salma requested a little assistance from La ‘Confidante and Vanessa entered the ring to pull Catherine back. That support bought time for Salma to tie Catherine’s locks to the top rope.

Salma departed and rummaged for something to cut with and returned with paramedic sheers. Fitting, she thought. As Catherine had once used a similar pair to cut Hayek’s outfit off, Salma now cut Catherine’s suit off her leaving her bare to the world. Back up close to Catherine, Salma took turns biting each of Catherine’s pink nipples until her desire for vengeance had been satisfied. With no response from Catherine but a few moans and Salma feeling her own fatigue creeping up on her, Salma started to ease off. The grinding of her teeth upon Catherine’s nipples had left them bloody. In finish, Salma wrapped the chain about Catherine’s proud, plump, and bare breasts scoring them with the coarse chain. The chain was then planted between Jones’ ass cheeks and wrapped around her crotch and hooked back to the chest creating the worst most agonizing one-piece thong bikini in history. The metal thong mangled into Catherine’s left side pussy lips and clit leaving the pink of her pussy clear for some other humiliation. Cat the crippler was buck naked hanging from the ropes with crotch stretched out and her body being ravaged by bloody welts from the coarse metal chain, her nipples, clit and pussy lips taking the worst of the punishment. The final humiliation was one end of her own shredded body suit tucked into her pussy so that the garment dangled down off the ring apron from her stuffed twat.

With the war over, and the adrenaline levels dropping, Salma crumbled as her own wounds stole her concentration. One arm comforted her aching bleeding breasts as the other comforted her aching cunt. Penelope hands her the prize, the Drama Queen Title belt, which Cruz had snatched from the ref who had been planning to award Salma himself. Salma took it and held it close to her bosom wincing as it aggravated the wounds afflicted on her mega melons. Despite the pain, she continued to hold it close. She had just gone through hell for it after all.

Jones woke minutes after the victor left and burst out in screams. The agonizing pain caused her to jerk violently which caused her most intimates to be shredded, causing even more pain which made her jerk again. She looked like she was being electrocuted as the process repeated again and again before she could gather enough sense to finally stop moving. Blood dripped and pooled beneath her from the violent slashing of the chain into her privates, caused by her spasms. It would take nearly an hour to free her as every touch was the ultimate agony.

She thought of nothing but how she wanted to dismember Salma. Agony was replaced by blinding rage and then it by terrible agony and finally by hopelessness. Her fans weren’t chanting “Crippler,” anymore. “Salma,” instead was the only chant. Zeta feared that her fans were now screaming Salma’s praises as well. The spectators had serenaded Salma out of the arena and seemed to be still singing her praises. In actuality, the spectators had paused for some time and only started up again when Catherine started moving again to taunt her.

The crippler felt disgusted with herself. She was losing more than she was winning and in the most humiliating ways. She had Hayek dead to rights. Yet, the win slipped away. As she suffered on display and the laughter and jeering from the crowd battered her spirit, she lost the desire to take revenge and simply sunk into depression. Now, she just wanted to curl up and forget, but she couldn’t even do that as she lay trapped in the ropes. Then with her head sinking she caught sight of her suit dangling below her. As she realized the one end was stuffed in her pussy, the flood gates opened allowing for a storm of humiliating tantrum tears.

Struggling to fight back the tears only brought back the memories of Pamela Anderson beating and fucking her in the ass, Jenna Jameson nailing her puss for the double penetration, and losing to that tiny twat Lucy Liu. Then she fought against the memories of that ABA bitch Lisa Lipps turning her into “kitty the pussy.” Shit, she thought, Lisa used her as a fuck toy. Even that blonde cunt Applegate, who caused her to lose the hardcore title to Jennifer Aniston, returned to whip her ass in the ring later. That title was replaced by the Drama Queen title with Aniston still in command. From Aniston to Hewitt to Hayek the title bounced. Defeating Hayek tonight would have won her the Drama Queen title and in theory the defunct Hardcore Title. Instead, she gets destroyed and humiliated yet again.

Is it over, Zeta considered as she continued to cry uncontrollably? Was defeating Beckinsale merely a fluke? “That overrated Madonna-mini-me bitch Spears wouldn’t have dared sit her nasty ass on my face in the old days,” thought Jones. “Why do I keep losing?” Inconsolable even after being released from the cuffs and torture bikini, Jones barely covered herself with her tattered suit as she exited the ring in the lowest of spirits sobbing in response to the jeering of the crowd.

Both ladies battled their hearts out. Both would leave scarred and battered, but only one left with the win, the belt, and the title of Champion. The other would leave in disgrace despite a valiant effort. Well, to the victor goes the spoils, and as the ring announcer had announced to the crowd, “Winner and still champion, Drama Queen…Salma Hayek!” -The End


Mia Little vs Will Tile
Mia Little vs Will Tile