September 1999


Catherine Zeta Jones (78%) conquers Heather Graham (22%) Catherine had shocked the world last month. In her very first match in our forum she captured the title.* But she just didn't "capture the title" she defeated the previously undefeated Salma Hayek. Salma, who had destroyed all the top contenders on the way to the title, was dominated in a whopping one-sided match to Jones. Cat has decided to use the Battle Zone League to dispose of numerous of her Hollywood rivals.

The first of those rivals is Austin Powers babe, Heather Graham. Heather accepted the challenge from Catherine. The blonde and brunette were starting to clash frequently over prized roles and prestige. Both were sick and tired of hearing the other's name, and seeing each other's face, and were ready to really hurt each other. It would be Heather's first match, but she felt her tomboyish upbringing would be more than enough to put Cat in her place.

Cat wears a black, micro string bikini for this match, while Heather chose a tie-dyed bikini top, with white short, shorts. The bell rings, and the girls meet in the ring center. They grab each other and struggle for dominance. They lockup, grabbing hair and both yank as hard as she can. Finally legs lash out with sharp kicks. As their legs intertwine, they trip & fall, and start rolling around on the mat. They sink their talons into each other's tits and scratch and claw. Both were suffering equally in this early dirty in fighting and both were looking for an avenue to get away and gain an advantage. Cat gouges Heather's eyes forcing her roll away rubbing her burning eyes.

As Heather gets up, Cat grabs her by the hair, and whips her back to the mat. Cat drops to her knees, grabs another handful of blonde hair, and repeatedly punches Heather's face. Barely able to see through teary eyes, Heather desperately flails about, and strikes out with her arms and legs. Heather is able to kick Cat, and knock her away to get some temporary relief from her opponent. Very temporary as Cat quickly resumes her assault on her overmatched prey.

Cat lights back into Heather with kicks of her own before she can get off the mat. After stomping Heather into a quivering ball, Cat drags Heather to the center of the ring and puts her in a figure 4 leg lock. The blonde instantly comes to life with a shrill scream of agony. Heather is in terrible pain and desperately digs her nails in Cat's legs. Cat quickly releases the hold, not out of pain, but rather she did not want Heather's scratches mar her gorgeous legs. Cat wears an evil sneer, fuming with fury that the blonde was about to desecrate her perfect legs.

Both ladies scramble to their feet. Heather, as did everyone in attendance, realized the blonde had better go on the offensive, or this match will soon be over. Heather punches Cat in the stomach, but Cat retaliates with a hard blow to Heather's jaw that sends her reeling. As Heather staggers, Cat pulls Heather's top down and sinks her claws into her breasts. Heather pulls Cat's bikini top off and retaliates by mashing Cat's lovely breast. Both girls are screaming in pain, and do their best to permanently damage to the other's tits. Then Cat strikes with a swift knee Heather's pussy. The inexperienced blonde was focused on Cat's tits, and did not see the knee coming. Heather instantly drops to her knees whimpering and holding her throbbing pussy.

Cat viciously fires another knee that bursts into Heathers nose, knocking her flat to the canvas seeing stars. Cat uses this opportunity to pick up the downed blonde and deliver a bone-rattling bodyslam to Heather. Heather lies on the mat trying to catch her breath. She is obviously tiring and worn down from her battle with the vicious brunette. Cat reaches down and captures Heather in a full nelson, and snatches her up to her feet. Cat ushers a struggling Heather over to the corner turnbuckle and powerfully slams her face into the turnbuckle while maintaining her full nelson. Cat repeatedly slams Heather's face into the turnbuckle. Cat feels like she is chopping down a blonde tree as Heather slowly sinks further to her knees after each time her face strikes the turnbuckle.

Once Cat finished her assault, Heather is totally dazed and nearly limp in Cat's strong grasp. Cat maintains her full nelson, and picks Heather off her feet, while still in the hold, and slams Heather onto her back to the mat. Heather lies flat on the canvas, splattered there like a lump of clay. Cat grabs Heather ankles and drags the big boobed, semi-conscious blonde to the center of the ring. Cat arrogantly places one foot on Heather's chest and demands the official to count out the conquered blonde.

Cat parades around the ring accepting the accolades of the audience. Many cheer Cat, but she also gets an equal amount of boos from her brutal destruction of Salma Hayek the previous month. Heather rolls out of the ring, and starts crawling back to the dressing room with Cat's brutal post match demolition of Salma fresh in mind.

As Heather makes her escape, Cat asks, "and where do you think you're going?" Heather looks back and sees the mean champion standing menacingly with her arms folded across her firm tits. Heather's eyes grow wide in fear, as she tries to stutter a response, but is silenced by Cat's boot to her face. While Heather lies on the floor, Cat pulls back the mat that covers the floor around the ringside area, and exposes the bare concrete floor. Cat pulls Heather's head in between her legs and piledrives her head into the hard concrete. Heather's lifeless body flops to the floor, with a trickle of blood coming from a gash that had opened on Heather's brow. Cat takes her finger and uses the blood to mark a "Z" across Heather's chest before leaving after scoring another dominating victory.

* Classic Cat vs Salma