Lucy Liu, ABA co-boss and leader of the Liu Tang Clan sub-group, enters the arena first with her clan in tow. All five ladies were dressed in black. Asa Akira, Bai Ling, Chiaki Kuriyama and Minka Kelly all wore extremely short black skirts and silky black deep V cut blouses that provided the occasional peak at their bouncing boobs as they waved to the crowd en route to the ring. The blouses were so loose the odd nipple would appear as they strutted like models down the runway. Only Chiaki’s most modest boobs kept from bouncing in her titty window. Lucy was completely covered in tight black leather, long wrist-length sleeves up to a high neck collar and back down to a tight calf length skirt. She looked squeezed into the outfit. Completed by black stiletto pumps, Liu's outfit was the uniform of a mistress in need of a slave. And both men and women in the audience wanted to be that slave. That position was reserved however for the soon to be ex-drama queen though. Asa held the handle of a rolling suitcase that had “Bad Toys” written on it. The case was reminiscent of that which the ABA had shared with the Resistance to aid in the Massacre of the Fab team in the Alba/Biel rematch. Lucy gripped a riding crop and often cracked it against her thigh foreshadowing what she had planned for Hayek during the five minute humiliation round.

Once in her corner, Lucy had her tight leather skirt and jacket removed revealing a backless black mesh see-through one piece monokini swimsuit that cut high up the waist into a thong and sported a plunging neckline to the navel. More modest ladies often where something underneath to cover the naughty bits like at the very least tape to cover the nipples. Lucy’s perfectly toned firm and hard body was on full display. The see-through mesh allowed a shaded view of the firm plump melons Lucy had grown for her baby. Her thick pink nipples already gorged in anticipation, tried to poke a hold through the garment. Lucy leaned back in the corner as her girls helped remove her pumps and replace them with athletic shoes. The crotch area allowed peaks of Liu's perfectly trimmed bush and protruding darker toned pussy lips. Either by bending to enter the ring or by bending to help Liu with her clothes, each of the Clan showed their varied panties as their skirts rose. It was all planned. The Clan stole the show to the point that when Salma entered the arena, there was little notice.

La’Confidante entered with their leader/friend Salma Hayek, current Drama Queen, in the lead dressed more appropriately than the challenger. Salma wore a see-through top too, but it was a full blouse and visibly underneath was a black sports bra. About her waist was an unnecessary corset. It more kept her shirt tucked in, but did little for her figure cause she already had the hour glass. Her sexy cock stiffening hips framing her round Latina booty were covered by sweatpants. Dressed all in black including her black boots. Vanessa and Penelope dressed in soccer mom chic, sexy soccer moms considering their excellent figures. Both are in skin tight jeans, but while Vanessa is wearing a blue off the left shoulder top, Penelope is wearing a red off the right shoulder one. All three ladies make “it” look good, but they didn’t come prepared to outdo the spectacle the Clan was putting on. Salma had never entered the arena to such a lack of response. Still, she held her title in the air proudly as she made it to the ring and focused on what was more important, winning.

With both combatants in the ring, the ref went over the special rules for the match. Liu still held her riding crop in her hand swatting her thigh as the ref spoke. She added one thing at the end of his speech after he mentioned the 5 minute punishment round, “That’s five minutes, five minutes of me whipping that chunky ass of yours. First I’ll tan those ass cheeks. Then we get nasty.” The way Lucy smirks as she said “nasty” was no joke. Salma had to turn that smile into a frown if she was going to save her ass… literally. The Clan and La’Confidante were allowed to stay ringside thanks to the match stipulations and each group manned their fighter’s corner outside the ring. Lucy licks the arm of her riding crop before passing it off to buddy/rival Chiaki. Chiaki in turn places the sex toy weapon underneath the turnbuckle where Lucy can find it if need be.

Salma Hayek is a living legend in the league. She fights like a woman twice her size. She’s held multiple championships; Warqueen, Hardcore and the present Drama Queen title. She was the first Warqueen actually. She is the oldest title holder now and the second oldest to hold a title, second to Madonna till the material girl recently lost the Cock Fight title. Amazingly revitalized, she considers trying for another shot at the Warqueen title while many her age consider retirement. Mrs Hayek-Pinault is a true scrapper, often at her best when things seem most bleak.

Lucy Liu was a different animal. She was part samurai and part mistress. The samurai desired to prove herself in honorable combat and favored the use of tactics and mind games. However, the mistress wanted to break wills and establish dominance by whatever means. Lucy’s accomplishments in the league have been minor considering the two dangerous women inside. Pound for pound she is one of the better fighters in the league, but she has never held a title. Despite her long presence in the league, she’s only had two official bouts, vs Zeta Jones and vs Hayek-Pinault; three counting her tag match along with fellow ABA co-boss Demi Moore. She dismantled Jones, but was robbed of her chance to put Hayek down similarly by the interference of Jennifer Love Hewitt. Hewitt however paid dearly for interrupting the diabolical plans of Lucy Liu. Finally, it is time to settle things with Hayek and prove which warrior is the true Drama Queen.

At the bell, Lucy and Salma are quick to lock up in the center of the ring. It was a test of strength and determination as each tried to manhandle the other. Lucy was smaller but she was more toned. It came down to leg strength as neither dominated in arm strength. Lucy started to push Salma back into her own corner. “This is going to hurt,” Lucy said as she pinned Hayek up against the turnbuckle. With her back hitting the turnbuckle and Lucy’s ominous threat, Salma realized she was in trouble if she got trapped and sprung into action just beating the ref moving in to break them up. Salma preferred no disqualification matches and getting real brutal as in hardcore tussles, but this time she knew that with the numbers against them, Liu Tang Clan’s 5 to La Confidante’s 3, she would improve her chances with a more standard set of pro wrestling rules. Liu’s Clan would have to stay sidelined or get Liu disqualified. Lucy looses and Salma remains queen. Salma wasn’t really counting on that to win, but it would keep this fight one-on-one she thought. She wasn’t used to counting on the ref though and so she fought for all she was worth to get out of that corner. Unfortunately, Liu was swift to counter and after a quick spin was again forcing Salma back in a surprising display of power. Actually Liu was using Salma’s strength and momentum against the champ to force her about. Salma dug in and surprised Liu by forcing her back to the center of the ring. Lucy jumped up like she was kicking someone to Salma’s left, relied on her body weight and Salma’s desire to press forward to toss Salma over her and across the ring towards Liu’s corner. Salma hit the mat hard but bounced back up to her knees facing Liu, her eyes shooting daggers into Liu’s.

Salma stood slowly, glaring at the smile on Lucy’s face as Liu motioned for the champ to “bring it”. Next they charged each other. Lucy ducked and spun around Salma’s waist in a flash. Gripping Salma about the waist tightly, Lucy pulled the champ back rolling Hayek into a Roll-up pin. Salma Is on her back with her legs pulled over her chest and pinned down by Lucy’s weight. The champ quickly starts kicking and the challenger knows she can’t maintain the hold, so Lucy grabs hold of Hayek’s sweatpants and pulls them down Salma’s thighs revealing her juicy ass to the crowd and frilly lace black panties. There is only time to score on huge slap to both of Salma’s jumbo ass cheeks before Lucy is kicked off. For a souvenir, Lucy grabbed the sweatpants again and tore them from the champ’s kicking legs. The sweatpants leggings got stuck on Salma’s boots forcing Lucy to tug violently to get them free. Salma tried to reach her pants to keep them, but they are lost too quickly and thrown out of the ring by the challenger. Salma rises quickly and meets Lucy’s smirk with a scowl. Quickly Salma pulls her panties out of her crack.

Soon, they are back at each other again, but this time when Lucy tries to go low she takes two palms to the face meeting Salma’s defenses literally head on. Salma bulldozes Lucy backwards down to the mat. Falling more out of shock, Lucy is further taken off guard by the viscousness of Salma mounting her and raining down elbow smashes to her skull. Liu covers the best she can, but is soon glossy eyed. Her desire to taunt Salma seemed to have backfired as the fourth blow rocks her world. Then a twist of luck appears. Apparently the taunting did grant a bonus. Salma stopped beating down on Lucy and stood back up. Hayek forced Lucy to her knees by tugging on her hair and then with one hand in Liu’s hair screamed at the Asian contender, “Take that fucking smirk off your goddamn face!” Then Salma delivered a round the back ghetto bitch slap that knocked the sense back into the Liu Tang Clan leader. The excruciating pain of the slap flipped that switch from samurai and mistress Liu doesn’t allow her slaves to hit back. Lucy’s eyes were aflame filled with anger few have lived to tell about. Salma could tell she had messed up and backed away from this different person, letting fear grip for a moment. It was just for a moment, but it was enough for Liu to stand and take the reigns of the match.

Quickly Liu moved in and unleashed a series of kicks that started low and moved up Salma’s body till the final one spun Hayek around like a top. The outside of Salma’s left shin, knee and thigh were lit up quick forcing Salma to hobble and lean to her left, a shot slipped under her arm and nailed her waist just under her ribs. The next two pummeled her arm and the final near took her head off. As the dazed champ did a zombie walk in circles, Lucy ran to the ropes. Once rebounded she returns to Salma airborne dropping the Mexican actress with a flying clothesline. Both on the mat, Lucy is quicker to rise and goes for the pin. Salma was too busy agonizing over the assault to get up and now had to break a pin. She was out just before the 3rd count, but found herself rolled over into another pin. Again Salma barely beat the 3rd count. Lucy was all over her. Two attempts in seconds of each other. After breaking the second pin attempt Salma took hold of the ropes and so was prepared when Lucy tried to roll her up again. Salma held tight to the ropes forcing Lucy to slip free and fall back to the mat. Rolling back to her feet, Lucy was preparing for another assault when Salma sailed over her.

Hayek astounded everyone when she went for a flying maneuver jumping over Lucy’s bent over body. Holding on to Liu to guide her fall, Salma ends up flat on her back under Lucy. Tugging on Lucy’s thighs forced the challenger backwards for an awkward straight fall to the mat upper back first. Salma rolled on top of Lucy and went for a cross body pin pulling Lucy’s leg into the air. Only a one count before Lucy broke free, had Salma looking at the ref like he took too long starting. Then her focus was back on the raising Lucy. Salma grabbed hold of the raven mane and forced Lucy face first back into the mat. As Lucy ate mat, Salma started stomping on her back. She answered each of Lucy’s attempts to raise with another stomp and several double forearm assaults to Liu’s lower back. The beating put the mistress back in the box leaving the samurai to save herself. Then Salma decided to help Lucy up, grip her wrist and whip her back first into the nearest turnbuckle. Liu crumbled from the agony of the impact on her fresh bruises and lay on the mat grimacing. Salma went for the pin again and again was frustrated by a kick out. Damage had been done though and Salma could tell it. Lucy may have broke the pin, but she made no attempt to rise. Liu just lay there agonizing over the pains in her back.

Salma forced her ailing opponent back to her feet and then whipped her back into the turnbuckle back first again. Lucy’s face contorted in pain, but she remained on her feet thanks to her hold of the ropes. Salma moved in planting a knee into Lucy’s tight abs just as the Asian shot an elbow out into her tormentor. Liu suffered the worst of the mutual attack as Salma’s knee strike made the champ lean back thereby taking less impact from the elbow. Meanwhile Liu’s thrusting out of the ropes to nail Salma made her walk into the knee strike for devastating effect. She was crumbling down when Salma shook Liu with an elbow strike of her own. The strike to the skull popped open Lucy’s eyes as she dropped to her knees. She held on to the ropes counting on their protection as she tried to clear the cobwebs. Next came a howl from the challenger as her hair was wrenched off her skull forcing her between the top ropes. Salma reached over the top rope and applied an arm bar choke grinding the top rope into the back of Lucy’s neck.

The refs warnings made Salma release the choke dropping Lucy chest first onto the middle roes causing it to rug-burn into Liu’s barely protected nipples. The ref warned Salma over her illegal attack while Lucy was in the ropes, “Hey, you want to lose this? Watch yourself! Obey my instructions!” The ref’s reprimand tied Salma up so that Lucy had a chance to recover slightly. When Salma moved in again she found another Lucy Liu forearm strike waiting for her and this one struck solidly on the chin. Salma groggily stepped back struggling to keep her eyes on her opponent. She saw Lucy charge her. However, her body was too sluggish to maneuver out of the way. Lucy damn near swam up Salma. For a millisecond she was in prime position for Salma to counter her tackle with a sidewalk slam, but before Hayek could react Lucy was upside down with her legs snaked around the the back of the champs head. Lucy’s upper body slipped free from under Salma’s right arm ruining the slam attempt switching over and under Salma’s left arm. Salma wasn’t able to react as Liu’s ankles locked and she now supported Lucy’s weight awkwardly. Lucy’s thighs worked like a vice on Salma’s head, and Liu reached around Salma’s back to grab her right arm trapping the champ in a modified octopus hold. Terrible pressure was placed on Salma’s neck making it hard to breath, effectively choking her, while her arms felt totally immobilized. She could do nothing to free herself and as she weakened, Lucy’s weight forced her to her knees. Lucy wrenched on Salma's right arm pinning it against Hayek’s back. Salma’s left arm was relatively free, though in no position to be of assistance with escaping the hold. Salma sank to the mat to her knees, her face contorted in pain mouth agape as she gasped from lack of air. The ref watched intensely to see if the queen would submit. “Do you quit,” he questioned Salma. The Drama Queen tried to shake her head no, but Lucy’s tight leg scissors on her head kept it immobile. Salma could only answer no by remaining silent.

Lucy’s weight still applied by her leg scissors, slowly forced the struggling champ’s head down to the mat hiding Salma’s face with her own hair. Lowered down softly to the mat, Lucy was able to tighten her hold even more. Struggling not to black out, Salma struck out with the only weapon she had. Her left arm wasn’t enough to pry her head from Lucy’s thighs, but as she balled the fist and raised it in the air, Salma gathered what strength she had left. A grunt was heard from Lucy’s lips as Salma's elbow crashed into Liu’s right kidney. Salma raised her arm again and brought it down as hard as she could again. Liu grimaced at each blow and struggled to maintain the octopus hold. Each desperate attempt to escape beat tremendous agony into Liu’s bruised kidney. Five more shots filled with desperation slammed home into Lucy’s kidney forcing the challenger to break free. Lucy fell from her perch in front of the champ. Salma still on one knee, out of breath but running on adrenaline, is quicker to rise and catches Liu while the Asian dynamo is just getting to her knees. Fistfuls of raven hair force screams from the challenger as Salma controls her from behind. The ref immediately orders Salma to release Lucy’s hair. Salma plants her right boot at the back of Lucy’s head between her fists and boots Lucy’s head free, slamming Liu’s skull into the mat and leaving fistfuls of raven hair in Hayek’s fists. Dazed, Lucy seeks refuge in the ropes crawling away from her rival as Salma frees the raven strands from between her fingers.

As Liu attempts to rise, making it to the middle ropes, Salma launches from the opposite side, soars into the air and drives both knees into Lucy’s shoulder blades choking Liu on the ropes. Both girls bounce off the rope, Salma to her feet and Lucy face up back on the mat, again agonizing over the punishment her back has taken. Salma drops for the pin, applying her right elbow for a choke as well. The ref hit the mat quickly and struck 1. Then unsure that Lucy’s left shoulder was down, the ref tried to reach under it. Confirming it was down he raised his arm again and struck 2. Lucy’s eyes bugged out as she started to panic from the pressure on her throat more so than the pin attempt. Her jerking about managed to get her left shoulder temporarily off the mat. The ref stopped the count. When Salma’s weight pressed the shoulder back down, the ref restarted the count, but Salma didn’t realize it in the heat of the struggle. When the ref struck the mat the third time for his 1 count, Salma thought it was 3 for the win and released Liu. Raising her hands in victory, Salma was shocked when the ref denied the pin. “What’s wrong with you,” she screamed at him. Then she screamed, “1. 2. 3,” clapping in his face for each number.

“Her shoulders came up,” the ref argued.

“What,” screamed back Salma in disbelief as she ran her fingers through her hair to clear her face. She quickly considered if the ABA had got to him. Could she even win this match, she considered. Two options presented themselves. Salma could just leave. According to their contract, the title won’t change hands on a count out. The second option was to beat Lucy Liu into unconsciousness, making her win undeniable even if the ref is crooked. Chances of that didn’t seem likely as Salma turned to find Liu airborne for a flying double drop kick to her massive chest ballooning out the champ’s gigantic jugs. Salma was as parallel to the mat as Lucy had been for the assault. Dropping to the mat hard Salma couldn’t immediately tell which hurt more, the throbbing in her chest or the throbbing in her back. Dropping to the mat as she did, sure didn’t make Liu’s back feel any better either.

Salma was slow to rise as she took brief moments to cross her arms over her chest in an instinct driven need to protect her aching tits. With Liu still nursing her back, Salma was able to secure the challenger by a fistful of hair. Forcing Liu to her feet, Salma also gripped the back of Lucy’s thong suit and was forcing her opponent head first into the nearest turnbuckle. However, Lucy moved quickly and reversed the hold tossing Salma instead through the top ropes and out of the ring. Luckily Salma bounced her thick hips off of the ring apron before falling to the concrete. It slowed her fall and spun her around so that she landed on her hands and knees. Despite the growing pain in her hip, Salma stood helping herself up by the gripping the ring apron near the corner she had meant to crack Lucy’s skull into. She turns to find Lucy out of the ring standing on the ring apron near the opposite corner. Before Hayek could react, Lucy ran across the apron and plowed a shin kick right into the champ’s aching cleavage. The sickening “Thump” echoed throughout the building. Salma was knocked off her feet like someone had performed a leg sweep on her. She hit the concrete floor back first like a ton of bricks. Sadly, the pain in her back didn’t compare to the torment her tits were going through. Salma’s arms cover her chest as best they could while she moaned and cursed. Lucy was able to take her time reaching the broken champ.

The ref started his count for their absence from the ring. La Confidante approached but kept their distance, as did the Clan, keeping to the rules of no interference. Vanessa and Penelope screamed for their friend to get up while the Clan encouraged Lucy to destroy the champ. Salma got up, but only as her corset was unzipped and pulled free. Busy pulling herself up the barricade, Salma didn’t offer much resistance to her blouse being torn from her as well. Only her sports bra remained on her upper torso and it was soon tugged on violently releasing her mountain range to the crowd’s amazement. Lucy sprawled Salma out over the barricade forcing her humongous chi-chis to jut out proudly, the nipples already stiff yet hardening more so from the loss of the warmth of the sports bra. Lucy raised her hands as if waving to the audience and then brought them down into two heavy earth shattering palm slaps to Salma’s aching watermelons. Salma screamed as her head shot up forcing a brief lock of gaze with Lucy. The sound of the smack made it all around the arena. Hayek’s eyes were tearing up as Liu’s was glaring with excitement.

Energized by the scene of her prey battered and helpless, mistress Lucy takes a martial arts stance with clenched fists and starts punching Salma’s jugs like they are speed bags. Salma’s head drops back over the barricade as the torment saps her will. Her warrior spirit allows her to raise her head again just to see her nipples flying through the air from Lucy wailing on Salma’s defenseless massive mammaries. The ref is only on 5 by the time Salma has taken a barrage of thirty tit swelling uppercuts and hooks. Deep jabs to the nipples break open the flood gates, covering the champ’s face in tears, as her head drops back again. By the time the ref got to 8, Salma’s chest was red and her boobs were displaying black bruises. Extremely satisfied with herself, Lucy ends the assault by grabbing both of Salma’s nipples in her clenched fists and pulls her victim from the barricade. Salma tried to sink to her knees, but the trauma of having her suffering nipples wrenched in Lucy’s grip, forced Salma to remain standing and to follow. Tugging harder and faster, Lucy forced Salma to pick up speed till Liu was able to whip Salma into the ring by twisting the swollen marshmallow sized nipples.

Lucy followed and was seated behind Salma as the champ meandered into a seated position. Hayek didn’t notice Liu behind her till Lucy’s arms slipped in under Salma’s and Lucy gripped both bruised and battered Hayek-melons. Salma screamed and her body quivered as she fell back into Lucy’s chest. Her vision blurred from tears, Salma couldn’t make out her surroundings. She couldn’t see the ref standing nearby nor how close she was to the ropes. As the agony in her tits surged to new levels and throughout her entire body she could do nothing but scream and flail her arms and legs about. Blinded by pain, she hadn’t even noticed Lucy snake her legs about for a body scissors. Lucy mauled the massive titty meat like she was working over stress balls. Jerking up sadistically on Hayek's bruised meat forced the whoppers to slap the champ’s chin. Sinking her razor sharp nails deeper in and jerking back down hard on Hayek’s chest sliced into the champ’s teats freeing flowing crimson. Salma’s head jerked forward to see the state of her most prized possessions, but a well of tears prevented her from seeing the worst of it. Liu jerking up again on the fleshy bags slapped Salma in the chin knocking her head back. Desperate to save herself, Salma almost let the words slip free, but she fought the urge to surrender. Instead she frantically flailed her arms again searching for the ropes. Luckily she found she was still near the ropes as she struck the bottom one at her wrist. Blindly gripping the rope and praying the ref would come to her aid, Salma was encouraged as she heard the ref ordering the break. He could do nothing till they reached the ropes since Liu made sure breast attacks and all manner of dirty attacks were legal. That was her strategy for the win.

“God,” Salma thought, “she’s killing me.” The champ knew she had to get up. She had to keep her breasts out of Lucy’s clutches. She had to turn things around. She’s come too far and fought too hard. Younger and younger ladies are eyeing her title and place in the League. She is the oldest title holder and is all too aware that she can’t hold on to it forever. Still, she can’t lose it this night. “I won’t lose it tonight,” she thought. “Shit,” she yelled out as her tortured mams came to rest roughly against the rope she clung to for life.

“Hey,” said the ref. “Can you continue,’ he asked the champ as the rivers flowed down her cheeks. “You’ve got to get up or I’m gonna call it.”

“Fuck you,” responded Salma out of more pain than anger at the ref as she struggled to reach for the middle rope. “Fuck,” spurted out as Hayek brushed the tears from her eyes, now using the top rope to get her feet underneath her.

“Can you continue,” asked the ref again.

“Yes dammit,” answered the champ as she used the ropes to stand. Meanwhile Lucy Liu was near the opposite ropes with her fist raised to her temples, bouncing back and forth like a boxer ready to go to work. Hayek, at the moment, had the protection of being on the ropes. Still, the protection of the ropes wasn’t absolute. The ref couldn’t do much but count. As long as Liu got her licks in before the ref finished his count, she wouldn’t get disqualified. With this fact in mind, Lucy soared past the ref and lit Salma up with a combination of jabs, hooks, and uppercuts that punished Salma all over. The ref orders Liu to stop and begins his count. Asian knuckles sink into Salma’s tummy, pummel the underside of her boobs and blast into her pubic mound. By the time Lucy backs away, she has left Salma punch drunk with only her arms draped over the ropes to keep upright. As the ref reprimanded Lucy, Salma fought to get her wobbly feet back under her. Gently cupping each breast she placed them slowly back into her tattered sports bra. Just the stress of them hanging down, the meat balls stretching the bruised flesh, made her cringe. The fabric quickly stained red from the bloody mams, grips tightly and painfully at first, but soon offered a little comfort as the weight of her meaty jugs was redistributed to her upper back.

As the ref recaps the rules, starring down Liu, he is totally unaware of how much she is struggling with herself to keep from knocking him the fuck out. If she knocked him out, he wouldn’t be in her way for awhile and she could really work over miss sugar tits. The samurai won he day though. Lucy knew she had Salma behind the eight ball. She can coast through to the finish. Besides, she can’t guarantee knocking this fucker out before he can call the match. Lucy decides its best to let his lecture fall on deaf ears. When the ref turned from her to ask if Salma could continue, Lucy prepared her stance to rely on her wrestling talents. As the ref backed away, obviously getting the okay from Salma, Lucy found her opponent oddly energized. Salma now took a boxing pose herself bouncing back and forth on her feet. Salma’s defenses seemed focused on guarding her face, but in reality, she kept her elbows tucked in and her fists at her eyes so that her arms could comfort her aching milk bladders. Lucy expected to find the Mexican still moaning in a puddle of grief. It didn’t matter however. As far as Liu was concerned, Salma’s struggle to prove she is still in the fight is more bravado than ability. Both charge each other. Lucy was faster, but Salma struck first. Salma didn’t have so far to go. It only took a couple of steps to prep a kick to the midsection as she planned to catch Liu running in. Lucy unfortunately played herself as she ducked down one too many times in an attempt to take Salma back to the ground and ran her face first into Salma’s well timed kick. It was like Lucy had ran face first into a brick wall. The kick straightened Lucy up as her legs gave way.

Lucy fell back to the mat with her legs still underneath her, the heels of her feet pinned under her buttocks. Salma straddled he challenger and dropped ass first onto Lucy’s tight abs. Leaning forward, she took a fistful of raven locks to force Lucy to look up at her. The free right hand balled into a fist an began to rain down blows into Lucy’s face. Lucy struggled to cover and protect herself, but Salma would jerk her head up and down to get as many shots in as she could. Soon Lucy’s defenses were weakened to meaninglessly waving her arms about. Salma obeyed the ref’s orders to break just before being counted out, but not before brutally rearranging Lucy’s face. Salma rested against the ropes as the ref checked on Liu. She looked like a different woman with her left eye swelling shut, various contusions, a bleeding cut above the right eye, bleeding from both nostrils and blood pouring from the left corner of her mouth. It was ghastly, but all the time Lucy claimed she could continue.

Out of the ring the Lou-Tang Clan took their frustrations out on La Confidante in two-on-one beat downs. Still recovering from her own injuries, Salma didn’t notice her girls suffering outside the ring. With laser focus, she eyed the ref praying she had finished Lucy.

Penelope’s screams caught her ear and Salma looked out the ring to find her friend stripped to her sexy red bra and matching panties spread out on the floor taking stomps to her pussy. Asa had mounted Penelope’s waist and had Cruz’s legs trapped under her armpits as she faces Cruz’s crotch. Leaning back forcing Penelope to keep her puss wide open and inviting, Asa coos every time Chiaki does a heal kick into Spanish vag. Vanessa was to busy getting her clock cleaned to offer any assistance. Minka Kelly has Vanessa’s arms pinned as she grinds her aqua blue panties into Williams’ face. Bai was lying cross body of Williams’ abs. Like Penelope, Vanessa had long lost the majority of her clothes leaving just her bra and panties. They were plain white lingerie but the contrast in tones to Vanessa’s caramel coated tits, made the bra sexy. The same could be said for Vanessa’s pubic curls popping out of her white panties. Ling had Vanessa’s right leg trapped in a scissors and the left spread out with Bai’s upper body and left arm. Bai’s free right hand was violating the former Miss America by reaching into her panties and trying to straighten her black curls. Vanessa’s screams soon out pitched Penelope and Salma finally caught sight of that mayhem as well.

As Salma spread the ropes to leave the ring and help her girls a snake like grip caught her waist. Lucy pulled her away from the ropes and in a surge of power german suplexed Salma in the middle of the ring. Lucy stayed with Salma and mounted her back as Salma rolled to her tummy. Lucy’s weight on Hayek’s back made the champ grimace and instinctively reach back. Liu caught each arm and pinned them behind Hayek’s back.

Lucy stands and forces Salma up. She continues to twist Salma’s arms up her back into her shoulder blades. A simple press of the agonizing hold and Salma is forced breast first into the northern ring post. Her tattered sports bra offers some relief, but not much. Too much pain from her twisted wrists prevented the where withal to attempt protection as she was thrust chest first into the top ropes that met at the corner post. Each one impelled her battered tits sinking into the massive melons till the ropes were mostly hidden. With Salma groaning in the corner, Lucy jumped on Hayek’s back wrapping her arms around Salma’s neck and legs around Salma’s waist. The added weight added torment to the champ’s mangled boobs among the ropes. Lucy’s position kept Salma’s arms pinned behind her. The proximity to the ropes gave Salma hope of escape. She just had to hold on till the ref intervened. That wouldn’t happen though. Proximity to the ropes gave Liu a target. Kicking against the ropes, Lucy drove both her and the Mexican fly caught in her web away from the corner. Slamming her back into the mat after all the damage the champ had administered, wasn’t pleasant.

Salma’s back suffered too, but most of her hell came from having her arms bent behind her so awkwardly. Lucy’s double armed choke hold took its toll on Salma as well making her feel like she was being decapitated from the sudden impact to the mat. Now Salma’s own weight kept her arms pinned and Lucy was free to attempt to complete her hold. Her legs didn’t tighten around Hayek’s waist as Salma feared nor did the choke tightened. It would be worse, a lot worse. Lucy aimed for Salma’s crotch and spread out, forcing Hayek's thighs open exposing her crotch. Thankfully, Salma’s lacy black panties kept the audience from seeing the continued spread of her legs popping her pussy open. Lucy tightened and locked her calves under Salma’s knees, pulling Salma’s legs further and further back till Lucy had to release the choke. Salma’s back and arms still pinned were forced to the mat with Salma’s head sliding down, coming to rest and trapped in Lucy’s lap. Salma cried out till the pressure of the hold clinched her chin down to her chest. Her eyes first focused on the ceiling lights of the arena and then she caught Lucy looking down at her with that smirk from the start of the match. This was definitely mistress Liu. Salma wanted to smack that smirk off the Asian’s face, but Salma was too busy being a Mexican pretzel in a modified banana split, a version famous among Japanese oil wrestlers. In Japan the arms aren’t usually pinned under the back and against the mat. That was Lucy’s contribution to the hold. Lucy was in prime position to torture some huge Mexican tits after shredding the remnants of Hayek’s sports bra. Sinking her nails in and pumping Hayek's juicy melons like she was again crushing two stress balls was just the beginning. Lucy delighted in milking Salma’s tits, freshly coating her fingers, but then she noticed it wasn’t milk. Her nails had reopened the cuts to Hayek’s melons and were freshly coated in bright red.

Soon Lucy started slapping the melons watching them jiggle violently with every swat. Those meaty jugs would have danced about to an orchestra of screams if her human pretzel could get enough air in. Instead, Lucy had to settle for the delightful moans of agony. Salma squirmed desperately till she could get her chin up enough to speak, but words didn’t come out at first. Lucy got her screams first. Then came the pleading.

“Ow ow ow ow please… stop… ow… please stop…” *Bam* “Ow” *Bam* “Oh god!” *Bam* “No, please.” *Bam* “Please stop.”

“Do you give up?”

Salma closed her mouth and tightened her lips signaling no.

“Wrong Answer,” Lucy says as she delivers eight swift spanking slaps to Salma’s most prized possessions.

*Bam* Salma gasped, “God!” *Bam* “Shit!!” *Bam* *Bam* Salma whimpers as her body spasms in pain. *Bam* *Bam* “Stop!! Please!!”

“Do you give up?!”

Again… silence. *Bam* *Bam* “Aarrgghh!!!”

“Give up or I’ll pound these puppies till they are dragging on the floor.”

Liu’s slaps turned from palm strikes into brick breaking karate chops and soon into clenched fist blows into Salma’s bloody udders. Lucy’s left hand seized the nipple and areola of each breast one at a time between her thumb and forefinger. She then mangled the super sensitive flesh into her fist and pulled hard stretching the boob to maximum length so that her right fist could pile drive into the under boob. First the left with at least three blows and then to the right with equal attention. Hayek’s hammered melons developed more black bruises from the wailing. The drama queen couldn’t fight back the fresh tears from Lucy’s breast augmentation technique. Finally as her will was about to break, Salma heard the ref calling for Lucy to break the hold. Salma’s death throes drove them into the ropes. Angered by the situation, Lucy hauled off and plowed her mightiest blow into Salma’s bruise blistered and swelling left tit causing Hayek to spit out a desperate scream. The brick breaking blow badly bruised a couple ribs in Hayek’s chest.

Whimpers followed as Salma caressed her destroyed breasts after being ejected from Lucy’s grasp. Hayek’s flooded eyes struggled to focus on Penelope’s screaming face as Cruz yelled from outside the ring for Salma to get up. Teammate Williams stood shoulder and shoulder with Cruz also attempting to stir the champ back into the fight. Both were nude battered and bloodied themselves having been put through the ringer by the Clan’s double teaming. They got a short reprieve as the Clan paused to enjoy Salma’s boob destruction. Now they cheered their girl on and ordered her to get up. However, Hayek didn’t have the will to ignore the terrible throbbing throughout all of her tit flesh as she lay under the bottom rope whimpering. Busy massaging the hurt from her cans, Hayek offered no resistance as Lucy returned from a lap around the ring seeking praise for her work and sunk fingers into disheveled curly brown hair. Her face already twisted in pain, Salma added only pain filled moans as Lucy wrenched the champ out from under the ropes and up to her knees by Hayek’s mane and placed Salma between the top and middle rope.

Still devastated emotionally and physically by the ferociousness of Lucy’s breast pounding, Salma offered no resistance and her own weight caused her to lay choking on the rope. Lucy broke free as ordered by the ref, but mainly so she could bolt away to the opposite ropes. Rebounding off the ropes Liu was back on Salma like a flash soaring through the air at the last moment to plow both knees into Hayek’s shoulders threatening to decapitate and dethrone the queen. Lucy snagged hold of the ropes tightly to keep from being thrown off and to keep her weight on Hayek’s neck. The New York City Asian rode her Hayek-bronco like Lucy was a born and raised Texan. Finally, some life surged back into Salma as her eyes bugged out under the fear of choking to death. Thankfully, Lucy bounced off at the ref’s order. Salma crumbled from the ropes and rolled out of the ring into the gentle caresses of her friends. Caressing her neck, Salma forgot about the torture to her boobs for a moment.

The Clan was nearby on either side, but seemed content to stay on the sidelines. Then soared Lucy out of the ring. The ABA contender had once again covered the length of the ring, rebounded off the opposing ropes, and soared after Salma again. This time the Asian flyer soared out of the ring through the top ropes, spun out parallel to the ropes and dropped down across all three La Confidante members driving them like a ton of bricks to the concrete floor. The rest of the Liu Tang Clan took this as an invitation to get involved. Chiaki and Asa pulled their favorite toy Cruz out from under Liu’s upper body while Minka and Bai pulled their favorite plaything Vanessa out from under Lucy’s legs. Neither touched Salma, all being well versed in the conditions of the match. Salma made sure she couldn’t lose the championship through outside interference. It protected her, but not her allies.

Lucy got up to one knee, that left knee planted across Salma’s broken melons. She delighted in Hayek’s scream and stream of fresh curses. Her right leg spread wide so that her foot stood on Hayek’s hair. Salma tried to push Liu away, but only a burst of strength would work and that meant calling on her entire body including her chest that was at the moment racked with agony. Lucy took a moment to catch her breath. Then she removed her foot from Salma’s hair to replace it with her right fist. A fistful of hair made Hayek squeal again. Lucy glared down at her enemy. Liu’s face was battered, bloody and still swelling from the beating Salma deliver earlier, but there were enough of her looks left for Salma to see that smile from the beginning of the match return again.

Lifting Salma’s head up, Liu balled her left fist and delivered a salvo to the champ’s face. Jerking on Salma’s hair forced the former War Queen’s face to take the very worst of the barrage. The blows were too quick for the audience to count and even Lucy couldn’t tell how many she rapid fired into the slobbering mess of a woman. All that was known was that when she finished, she stood up and Salma didn’t. Hayek looked like she had the same makeup artist as Lucy, her eyes swollen, multiple bruises, nose and mouth bleeding. In the ring Lucy could have pinned Salma for the win. In the ring the ref could have asked if Salma could continue. Out of the ring only benefited Salma cause she couldn’t lose the title if counted out.

Vanessa hit the cement hard double suplexed by Bai and Minka. First thing you learn in many martial arts is how to fall properly, to protect yourself. This wasn’t the way. Vanessa landed dead flat pounding every inch of her body simultaneously. Her head, upper back, lower back, ass, and even her elbows crashed to the concrete in the worst way. Each Asian secured her arms as they moved about. They forced Vanessa’s arms out wide each going for an arm bar. Next they planted an opposing foot into the sides of each of Vanessa’s boobs. Finally, using the balls of their feet they maneuvered Williams’ titty balls, mashed them together like they were trying to form one big boob, and then crushed that boob between their heels. Bai pounded on the right titty and Minka slammed the left, crushing the tits together between their heels. Vanessa kicked like a spoiled child denied candy. Both Bai and Minka noticed the struggle to maintain hold of Vanessa’s arms. Despite her age, Vanessa was still a fighter, and might have broke free if not for the punishment she had already suffered. If she had been younger, thought Vanessa, maybe she could break free. Soon though Vanessa realized there was no escape. Her head ached. Her back ached. Her ass ached. It was increasingly difficult to breath. Her tits were on fire. Thoughts of using her feet to find leverage drifted away as Vanessa realized any further attempt to escape would only put more unbearable pressure on her already destroyed boobs. On the other side of the ring Vanessa’s only hope for help was getting the same treatment by Asa and Chiaki. Penelope’s boobs too were being crushed in a vice created by Clan members.

Lucy began to fret. She worried she wouldn’t have enough time to get Salma back into the ring. She tries to lift the champ, but it’s dead weight. Both girls are sweaty and slippery. Lucy attempts a fireman’s carry but can’t stabilize. Under-arms carry finally gets Salma to the ring but not in it. The ref is counting slowly with each count lasting five or more seconds. He has his orders. The Chairman, Christina Applegate wants a solid win, and wants it to look good. He can’t out right break any rules, but he can be slower than usual. Hayek has to give up the title, meaning she has to be in the ring. It is humorous to everyone but Lucy, watching her struggle to lift Salma into the ring. Jerking Hayek’s panties deep into her puss and ass cheeks gets Salma to her feet, but the frilly panties rip off the Queen. Liu is wasted, but finally gets Salma’s hips on the apron and roll her in. Now, for her reward… a stomp to her broken nose opening the bleeder again. Salma had been playing possum. Sure, she was punch drunk for a while, but regained her senses enough to realize her best option was to let Liu tire herself out. As soon as Lucy got Salma on the apron, Salma rolled enough to get her foot in position and kicked Lucy in the face when Liu tried to roll in herself. The force of the blow caused a grunt from Lucy as her upper body was swung out clearing the apron. Lucy tumbled down head first to the concrete floor like she was pile drove into it, her body following awkwardly into a heap.

It would later be argued if Lucy was in long enough to stop the count out. But for now, the ref, more according to his orders than to the interpretation of the rules stopped the count only to restart it at 1. Salma was in no position to argue. She concentrated all she had left into trying to figure out how to win. She nestled her bruised tits in her arms hiding her nipples from view. Her massive jugs still ballooned out above and below her embrace discolored from the punishment and bleeding down her arms. Nursing her wounded tatas in her arms, Salma rolled to the other side of the ring away from where she last saw Liu leaving a trail of smeared blood. She struggled to get up the ropes with one arm pulling as the other continued to caress her mounds. Fear struck as she heard a noise behind her outside the ring. She hadn’t seen the Asian dynamo in awhile. Did Lucy circle the ring? Salma looked back frightful, but found only Chiaki standing there. Chiaki got close and put her elbows on the ring apron. She spit Japanese as Salma obviously in a condescending tone. Her eyes made her disgust for the champion obvious. She looked at Salma like she was filth. Her varying smirks were more sadistic than Liu’s. As she continued verbally assaulting Hayek, Salma found herself focused on the wrong thing. She pondered how Chiaki made it into the American Bad Asses. Hayek couldn’t speak for the rest of the Clan, but she was sure Chiaki was full Japanese. Ignoring the Japanese gibberish, Salma did take note of the girl’s change in gaze. Following it, Salma found fingers gripping the ring apron of the opposite side of the ring where she last saw Lucy.

Finally, English from Chiaki, the only English she spoke, understandable despite the accent, “violate you.” It made Lucy’s reappearance more ominous. To Salma, Lucy was stalking her, emerging from the pit of hell. Mistress Lucy’s eyes shot daggers into Salma’s soul. But fear was an old friend to Salma. She internalized it, turning it to fuel, and finally forced herself to her feet. Lucy was up as well, standing on the ring apron. Her hair covered her face like a Japanese horror entity with just enough gaps to allow her eyes to glare out. Both ladies cleared their face swiping blood, sweat, and tear stained and sticky hair aside. Salma rocked against the ropes, both arms again clutching her breasts. Lucy stepped in through the top ropes and as soon as her other leg crossed in she noticed Salma charging her peculiarly. Salma had taken one final bounce off the ropes using the momentum to launch into a run, but still with her arms covering her breasts. She dare not let those battered titty balls bounce and rebound all over her chest. Bare assed as well Salma gave the audience a clear and delightful display of her luscious ass cheeks jiggling violently as she covered the length of the ring.

It was a chest to chest collision, Salma throwing her whole body into Lucy. They both embedded in the ropes, Liu sandwiched awkwardly in between. Lucy suffered the first assault to her breast as Salma’s pile driving maneuver drove Hayek’s elbows into Liu’s pert breasts. They rebounded out of the ropes. Salma kept her footing enough to greet the staggering Liu with a punt to the nethers. Lucy fell to her knees with both hands comforting her kitty. As she leaned forward moaning, Salma sprung away. Bouncing off the ropes she had just left, Salma returned to Lucy in a flash. The crowd was shook by the sight of Salma going airborne just before contact. The champ, still covering her breasts flew into a forward flip and landed a Senton Bomb onto the challenger, planting the Asian face first into the mat. A pain filled yell portrayed the damage of Salma landing ass first into Liu’s aching back. Salma wasted no time and soon strapped a Boston Crab on Lucy.

“Argghhhh!! Argghh!! You fucking bitch!! I’m going to kill you,” threatened Lucy as she fought back tears. Her back was a flame with agony as it was mangled. Then came a more intimate pain as Salma released one leg and applied a crotch claw. Still twisting Liu’s back with the one leg crab, Salma now had her sharp nails in Lucy’s pink easily bypassing the flimsy thong of the monokini. She would drag her nails into the skin to expose Lucy’s clit, pinch and twist the clit before switching to mangling Liu’s brown pussy lips. And finally, it was nails back into the pink. Unfortunately when Salma let go of Lucy’s leg, it fell back onto the ropes and the ref was ordering Salma to break the hold. Neither Mistress Liu or Samurai Liu remained. Salma had brought out a third entity, the one we all have and never hope to see. It was the broken submissive we struggle to keep the bullies from seeing. Submissive Liu was in a puddle of grief and a puddle of tears. She would have begged Salma to stop if she could speak over her own whimpers. Thankfully, the ref came to her aid.

Salma broke the hold and shot up leaving Lucy to clutch her puss in agony and grimace at the pain in her back. Lucy was in too much pain to acknowledge the ref as he asked her if she could continue. She gave an answer by pushing herself up to her hands and knees. Every movement was excruciating as the pain in her back resonated throughout her entire body, but she kept fighting. Whether it was Mistress Liu or Samurai Liu rising was unclear. Submissive Liu was gone. She was sucking in air quickly like she was fighting back tears and whimpering every time a movement shook her core. It was a fight to stay on her hands and knees as her body begged her to roll over and rest her spine. To the crowd, Lucy looked frozen in place, that is to the few that actually watched her. Most had their eyes fixed on another spectacle in astonishment. Salma Hayek was climbing the ropes in the south corner of the ring. Not known as a high flyer, Hayek’s decision to take to the air was met by a surge in cheers and jeers from the crowd.

The surge from the crowd didn’t escape Lucy’s notice, but there was nothing she could do about it. She had no idea what was happening until she was torpedoed into oblivion. Taking a second to stabilize on the top rope, Salma covered her aching tatas and launched from her perch. Repeating the flip from earlier with added force built up from such a height, the Drama Queen destroyed Lucy with another Senton Bomb to a weary back squashing the challenger back flat to the mat. Lucy howled in torment, those fresh tears she was holding back now flooding down her cheeks, and offered no resistance as Salma maneuvered and mounted her. To her dismay, the challenger found herself in a grueling camel clutch hold. Feeling like her back was snapping in two and with both fighting spirits once again gone, Lucy moaned in agony. Submissive Liu was back and back to stay. She would have screamed but the chin lock kept her mouth shut. Salma released the chin lock after a bit to move down to Lucy’s chest and sink her nails into Liu’s breasts, finally allowing Lucy to scream. The breast claw camel clutch variant had Lucy in a world of hurt.

“My titties! Get off of my titties,” pleaded Liu.

“Why,” asked Salma. “You can dish it out, but can’t take it?” Turning up the pressure, Salma made sure the breast clawing didn’t let off on the clutch. Salma’s sharp manicured nails threatened to puncture Lucy’s breasts as she kept Liu bending further and further back. Lucy’s toned abs were clear of the mat and her navel was starting to show, all thanks to the continued wrenching on her pert mangoes. She was done. Her tits were taking a crushing. And that was the least of her problems. Her back felt broken. The belt might as well be on the moon; she was so far away from it. Submissive Lucy sought to save herself from a wheelchair ignoring the samurai and mistress telling her to fight on. Salma soon felt the tapping on her thighs and noticed Lucy facing the ref.

“I giv…,” was all Lucy could say before Salma covered her mouth with one hand. The ref knew the deal. Lucy was surrendering. That went against his orders though. Salma preventing Lucy from speaking, provided him an out. He could claim not to have realized Lucy was tapping. However, was Salma messing up? She had it won, he thought. But then he realized. Salma’s other hand shot from its titty perch and onto Lucy’s nose. Salma was going for the KO. Back when Salma first considered knocking out the Asian dynamo, she couldn’t have been any farther away than Lucy is from the belt now. But now, as she was sure the ref was against her, Salma felt it best to go for the knockout. The standard camel clutch could have done, the breast torture variant did it, but the smother variant would get the credit for being all she wrote.

Lucy flailed about for a minute but soon enough it was over. Salma could feel her go as the limpness allowed another crank on the clutch, fully exposing Liu’s navel. Salma let Lucy’s upper body fall back to the mat. Chin checking the mat didn’t stir Lucy, her arms falling out away from her sides limp and motionless. Salma stood up breathing heavily and placed a foot on the small of Liu’s back. Her chest heaving forced her dangling udders to bounce about in pain, reminding Salma of the punishment they had taken through most of the match. She gripped her breast about her arms and shook the hair from her face. “I don’t think she can continue,” quipped the winner and still champ…

“Your winner and still the Drama Queen Champion, Salma Hayek!!!” The ref announced, undesirably. He steps away and out of the ring acknowledging the start of the five minute punishment round. It was one of Lucy’s contributions to the match rules. She had so much planned for Hayek. The bag rolled in by Asa Akira contained the worst most painful toys, ropes, and insertion devices owned by the most sexually deviant, porn star Asa herself. The bag may stay closed tonight though, with Lucy unable to order its use.

The Clan was actively seeking revenge. Half of the Clan’s attacks again starting with Penelope and Vanessa, bring a swift end to their celebration. Chiaki enters the ring and uses Salma as a martial arts practice dummy. The ref returns to the ring and comes to Salma’s aid but Bai gets in his face.

“It’s the punishment round,” she says seductively.

“The punishment round is for the winner,” he retorted.

“Who says,” she asked with a smile. “Where does it say that? It’s not in the contract.” That’s when the ref realized the plan. If Lucy won, she’d torture the ex-champ and if she lost the Clan would deliver instant revenge. It was meant to be worse than that. Lucy had fought to get a clause that allowed her to re-challenge Salma whenever she chose, but Salma saw through that and refused categorically. If that clause had escaped Salma’s notice, Lucy would have challenged immediately following the punishment round sure to win.

After several beat downs during the match, Penelope and Vanessa offer no real resistance and are dropped quickly one-on-one by Asa and Minka. They are soon flat on the concrete just being stomped on when Roselyn Sanchez, Fab corps’ “The Rock” and chief architect of their last victory against the Resistance, comes out of the crowd. Steel chair in hand she drops Asa and Minka in no time. Sliding into the ring she finishes Bai as she is escorting the ref out. Chiaki is chocking Salma in the corner when Roselyn conks her on the skull. Roselyn stands triumphant in the ring near Salma with chair in hand dressed in her Miami Marlins jersey with her name and #7 embroidered on the back along with black tights and tennis shoes. Roselyn throws the chair to the middle of the ring and offers a hand to Salma. With one hand comforting her throat, Salma accepts Sanchez’s hand. Barely on her feet, still recovering from Chiaki’s choke, Salma nods her head in appreciation to Roselyn. “You able to get out of here,” asked Roselyn as she waited for Salma to gain her balance.

“Shit,” responded Salma, her eyes bulging out as she looks past Roselyn.

Seeing the streak of fear in Salma’s eyes made Roselyn turn around, but she wasn’t quick enough. Two arms cinched around her waist lifting “The Rock” up off her feet. Eyes fixed back to Salma, Roselyn noted the apologetic look on Hayek’s face. Then the arena lights caught her gaze as she was lifted parallel to the ring. Finally, the drop to the mat followed by an agonizing impact to her back and especially the back of her head, clinched Roselyn’s eyes in torment. Dazed and confused, Roselyn couldn’t understand that she had been german suplexed head first on to the very chair she brought into the ring. Jumping to her feet in total satisfaction was Salma’s worst rival Alyssa Milano. Alyssa smiled as she caught Salma’s gaze. “Shit,” spurted out Salma again as she noticed the other bane of her existence Jennifer Love Hewitt entering the ring. Searching for her girls, Salma caught eyes of Penelope and Vanessa lying outside the ring naked on the concrete. They were face down and Vanessa was between Penelope’s spread legs with her face stuffed in Cruz’s ass crack. Minka was using Vanessa’s face to wipe Penelope’s ass before Roselyn came to aid. When Penelope shivered from the cold of the concrete, her flexing buttocks shook Vanessa’s head. It would be funny if it wasn’t her friends and the only hope for salvation forced into such a humiliating pose.

Alyssa was gitty as she sized up Salma’s condition while the champ backed away into a corner. Alyssa then turned and helped Roselyn to her feet by trying to scalp her. Jerking Sanchez’s head back and forth by two fistfuls of hair, Alyssa escorted Salma’s savior over to the ropes. Sarcastically speaking, Alyssa apologized for her action. “Sorry Roz, but you are in the way. When you remember this moment, remember I went easy on you.” Alyssa then tossed Roselyn between the ropes out to the concrete. Sanchez was able to gain enough wits about her to control her fall and keep from crashing head first into the floor. Still the impact, put her down for a while.

As Alyssa dealt with Sanchez, Jennifer was face to face with Lucy Liu. “Hi Lucy. You don’t look so good. Oooh,” Jennifer cooed as she pinched Lucy’s nipples. Lucy’s eyes widened as she woke to find herself trapped in a corner totally nude with her arms draped over the top ropes and her legs spread and draped over the middle ropes exposing her pussy. In her face was Hewitt smiling saying, “Wakey wakey.” Lucy screamed as she instinctively tried to back away from the twisting of her nipples only to tragically realize her back was still suffering from before. Moving Lucy’s nipples up, down and around her chest, Hewitt smiled at Liu’s titty meat flopping about. Jennifer teased, “Did you finally grow some tits? Still A’s though huh?” Jennifer then pulled hard on Lucy’s thick nipples like she was trying to pry her free from the corner. Again she teased, “Nah, they might be B’s. Still pitiful. I had B’s before high school. I guess it’s good for you though, huh?”

Seeing Sanchez join her friends in a heap on the concrete slab convinced Salma her time was up so she dropped to her ass after slinging her feet between the bottom ropes. She held onto the top rope for a moment to get a swinging action going. She was almost clear till a pain in her scalp nabbed her back to the ring apron. Milano had been quick enough to seize her by one hand. Alyssa had to hit the mat fast and hard to reach Salma in time, but she succeeded. Taking time to get her other hand into Salma’s sweaty mane, Alyssa forced the champ back into the ring. Pulled off her feet, Salma screamed and kicked her legs as she was dragged over the apron. As Alyssa forced Salma to her feet, Hewitt ran over and joined in forcing Salma into the corner. They spread Hayek’s arms over the top ropes on both sides of the turnbuckle and then secured each leg over the middle ropes trapping her as Hewitt had trapped Lucy. Now the champ and the challenger of the official match were pinned in opposite corners nude with their exposed pussies facing each other.

Out of the ring at the arena entrance, the match ref appeared with a couple of other refs. As the five minute anything goes punishment round was nearing an end, the ref figured he’d need help restoring order. They started their walk down to the ring. Back close to the ring, Roselyn was making it to her feet. When she looked into the ring she found Hewitt and Milano jogging around the ring clapping their hands above their head trying to encourage the audience to join them. Once the crowd joined in, the two hellions signaled to each other and then Alyssa ran over and kicked Salma in the crotch encouraging a scream and making Hayek bounce up into the air at least four inches. In the other corner, Jennifer punted Lucy in the pussy as well to the similar results. Waving their hands as they rebound from their victims to encourage the crowd to keep clapping, both ladies returned to their jogging paths heading for the other victim. Now Alyssa punted Lucy as Jennifer punted Salma. Both victims screamed and cursed. The clapping allowed Milano and Hewitt to perfectly time each strike as well as hiding the sickening sound of their shoes plowing into Salma’s and Lucy’s damp pussies.

Roselyn reached for the ropes to enter the ring when something shiny whipped in front of her face. She gagged as a chain tightened about her neck. “Not so fast cunt,” quipped Lacey Chabert as she planted her boot into the small of Sanchez’s back and pulled back harder on the chain she had noosed around Roselyn’s throat. Standing back on both feet, Lacey jerked Roselyn down hard to the concrete. Placing her boot back into Roselyn’s back, Lacey forced Sanchez’s head up as she continued the choke. Roselyn frantically clutched at the chain about her neck, but she could do nothing but pray as the chain tightened. As the scene got worse, the refs unanimously decided they couldn’t wait for the punishment timer to run out and rushed to the ring. By now Alyssa and Jennifer were on their sixth pussy field goals, both kicking shoes were bloodied by the punished battered crimson dripping twats. Roselyn fearing for her life was constantly slapping the concrete signaling her surrender, but Lacey didn’t seem to care. The refs had to pull the chain from Lacey’s hands unintentionally jerking Roselyn painfully along the way. The refs also had to pull Lacey away as she kept stomping on Sanchez for as long as she could reach. The third ref entered the ring and immediately headed off Alyssa before she could score her ninth kick to Salma’s broken kitty. Jennifer had managed her ninth kick on Lucy’s ravaged kitty and was coming for her tenth on Salma when she ran into Alyssa being confined by the ref. The champ and loser were both unconscious having taken more than their bodies could bare.

Eventually each of the three refs pulled one of the invaders away. All three pulled away from their escorts. Hewitt was straight strutting away like a runway model when Alyssa rushed up to her and grabbed her hand. Hewitt tried to pull free with a look of disgust on her face, but finally relented to allowing Alyssa to hold on. Now both ladies, hand in hand, started to strut up the exit ramp and out of the arena. Behind them, like a daughter following her parents, was Lacy prancing about like she was extremely pleased with herself. Just over forty, Lacey more resembled a little girl on her way for an ice cream reward.


With the invaders gone, Christina Applegate, draped in a woman’s business suit and skirt, enters the arena with two security guards in tow. The medics were finishing up and taking the wounded to the infirmary. Applegate made sure there would be three gurneys, but she meant them for La Confidante. Seeing Lucy Liu carted off in one surrounded by her Clan was unexpected, but acceptable. “That stupid little twat was suppose to win,” thought Applegate. If she couldn’t win, Christina finds it fitting that she be carted off like the loser she is. As Salma was taken away in the second gurney gripping her belt about her mangled tits with La Confidante nude and limping behind, Christina couldn’t enjoy the sight due to the aggravation of Salma keeping the belt. However, the Commish’s spirits picked up as the third stretcher made it around with Roselyn Sanchez laid up in it sporting a new neck brace.

Applegate grabbed the Fab girl’s silky mane and yanked her off the gurney. Sanchez hit the hard ramp landing on her juicy ass. Christina taunted, “Roselyn Sanchez, what are you doing here? Where are the rest of your gang of whores? Oh well,” said Christina as she started tearing off Roselyn’s clothes. Ripping the jersey down the buttoned-up front revealed a sexy red bra that was more style than fabric. Throwing Roselyn to the hard metal ramp, Christina pulled at Sanchez’s black leggings, revealing the matching red skimpy panties that matched the red laced bra. With the leggings bunched up at Roselyn’s shoes, Christina dropped them to the floor leaving Sanchez’s legs tied up. There was no resistance, Roselyn too busy trying to comfort her neck, a neck injury being too dangerous to ignore. Roselyn could do little more than squirm on the ramp as she lost her dignity. Christina lifted the flimsy lingerie clad Fab girl back to her knees by a handful of hair and looked at the audience before announcing, “Free blowjobs for the first ten men with the biggest cocks.” Christina slapped Roselyn’s mouth while ordering her, “Open wide, bitch!” It didn’t take long to secure the first volunteer and even less time to fill the line. The first five cocks got to unload down Roselyn’s throat. The next five were ordered to bathe Sanchez’s face with their cum. Applegate was creating her own bukkake scene soaking “The Rock” in warm semen. Sanchez whimpered as she went down on one member after another. After the first two tried to throat fuck her, Roselyn started getting active and began sucking the cocks on her own. Aggressively she sucked out one climax after another, pleasuring each man to the best of her ability. If she pleasured them quick enough and kept control of the action herself, she could keep from gagging on forced rods.

With a fresh wad coating and dripping down Roselyn’s left eye, Applegate commanded a halt to the oral gang bang. It wasn’t to spare Sanchez. It was because Christina was tired of having her hand bathed in cum as it tugged the raven mane. Roselyn suffered the ultimate bukkake scene, her face and hair coated in milky white ejaculate. Her make-up was ruined and running, her fake eye lashes washed off and stuck to her cheeks by cream. Roselyn looked like she went bobbing for apples in a can of white paint. Her mouth was a waterfall of jizz, the color of her lip stick hard to determine. Sanchez fought to contain her tears. She failed for a brief moment and wailed like a baby. Then came chokes as the river of cum in her mouth caught up in her throat. Snorting and gagging uncontrollably forced some of the cum to back up and spurt out of Roselyn’s nose. She tried to bend forward to gain gravity’s aid in getting the remaining cum to drain fully, but Christina kept her head tilted back to get as much man juice down the Latina as possible. Roselyn gulped it all down as quick as she could to clear her throat to breathe. “I got one last cock for you,” taunted Christina to Roselyn’s horror. Not another one, thought Roselyn. She had sucked and was face fucked by at least twenty rock hard fans, double what was promised. Guys kept jumping in for a turn and Applegate was too obliging. Now Calderon stands in front of Roselyn. “You want the last bit of her,” questioned the commissioner.

Right then Angela Bassett put a hand on Applegate’s shoulders. “That’s more than enough. It’s over. Now.” Bassett was stunning in a tight dress that showed off her muscular arms, thick thighs and phat ass.

Applegate turned disappointed, “You don’t order me around. I’m the commissioner.”

“Then behave like one,” retorted Bassett. Applegate wanted to tell the award winning actress where to stick it, but she knew Bassett was dangerous both in the ring and behind the scenes.

Christina continued almost like a child denied candy, “But Calderon didn’t get his dick sucked.”

Just then Calderon approached them and joined in, “Never mind Commissioner. I don’t care much for sloppy seconds.” And with that comment Sanchez was reduced to a common whore.

Christina walked away like nothing had just happened joining Calderon in a discussion about a future match. Angela followed and questioned the Commish’s sanity and competency. The aged Kelly Bundy walked away as if she didn’t just whore out a well respected member of the league and leave her half naked in the fetal position bathe in cum.

The next day Roselyn Sanchez got the news while in the hospital that she was out of the league for interfering in the match and for lewd behavior unbecoming a member of the league. Applegate actually blamed Roselyn for the oral gang bang.

The Fab girls had been warned that any other infraction would signal their end. Because of this, the Fab girls had chosen not to attend any matches unless agreed upon ahead of time. Roselyn should never have been there, but “The Rock” isn’t told where she can and can’t go. And she suffered for her independence.

Both Jennifer and Alyssa got a notice that they were out of the league as well for their part in the fiasco. Hewitt was furious and let her partner know, but Alyssa didn't seem phased by it. “It was just Applegate flexing,” Milano said. “Don’t worry. I prepared for this."

“You better be right. If I lose my chance at that Warqueen title just to trump Salma’s skank ass, I’m taking it out on you,” threatened Hewitt.

“Calm Love,” advised Milano. “It’s all in hand. And don’t act like I forced you to get your revenge. You were chomping at the bit to get your hands on both of those bitches. Now they are both where you were last year, resting in hospital beds. You’re welcome.”

“Yeah,” chimed in Chabert as she sipped on her celebratory champagne. “We put those bitches down. You got to give it to Alyssa,” continued Chabert. “Every thing went as she planned.” Chabert moved over to Alyssa and handed her a refreshed glass of champagne. “We broke the champion and challenger of that little title, and… and we even slapped the Fab girls in the face.”

Hewitt jumped back in, “Hey, you fucked with Sanchez.”

Chabert answered, “And proud of it. I put that cow down… their ‘Rock’. Ha.”

Hewitt, “Well, they are going to want some pay back.”

Chabert, “Who gives a fuck? What they gonna do? What is the Fab 50 gonna do? They are as good as gone. The League belongs to the Milano Marauders,” Chabert says as she raises a glass to toast with Milano. Both Chabert and Milano freeze their glasses in the air and look over to Hewitt. Jennifer is reluctant, but raises her barely touched glass to toast their temporary alliance.

In days Applegate’s decisions would be overturned thanks to a loophole in the League's rules. Jennifer, Alyssa, and Lacey had an application to form a stable waiting to be approved and used that to circumvent the rules. That was Alyssa’s plan all the time. When word got back to La Confidante about this manipulation of the rules and at how Roselyn was hung out to dry, they quickly offered Roselyn membership. Joining another stable got Sanchez back in, but not as a Fab. La Confidante were now four.

The End.