NOTE - This match follows events of Salma Hayek vs Jenny McCarthy vs Jennifer Love Hewitt

Lucy wears a long black over coat and a black fedora hat giving her a sexy mobster or gangster look. She is followed by her crew Chiaki, Minka and Bai Ling all dressed in black mini dresses. Chiaki and Minka remove Lucy's over coat to reveal a black mini dress underneath which is similar to her girls’ dresses in length only. Lucy displays the ABA's gangster ideology in wardrobe form, the dress resembling a men's business suit complete with lapels. Her deep plunging neckline made the lapels look like they were framing her cleavage. The sleeves didn’t go lower than the armpit. She also wears a short faux black tie around her neck. After Chiaki and Minka take Lucy’s over coat, Bai takes her hat and tie. Lucy’s three compatriots leave the ring just as Salma enters the arena and pass her on their way out of the arena per the stipulations of the match. It would be a one on one contest with no interference tolerated.

Salma comes prepared to battle Lucy dressed in a black sports bra and white one piece. She hopes her new sports bra will keep it all in this time feeling the need for speed, but to ask any garment to hold back her magnificent mega jugs is a little too much to ask.

Salma wasn’t about to make the mistake of underestimating her opponent. Though Salma was the first War Queen, the current Drama Queen, and ties Jennifer Aniston for the highest number of wins of the Hardcore Title, she still cautiously faced Liu who had won no titles to date. She’d seen Liu in action and knew underestimating her could be dangerous. That attitude would save her as Lucy rushes in. Liu went for a takedown aiming for Salma’s legs, but a swift raise of the knee chops Lucy in the mouth knocking her to the mat.

As Lucy turned to get to her hands and knees, Salma mounted her and pulled her over into a banana split. Hayek, positioned behind Lucy, had secured Liu’s left leg between her legs and wrapped her arms around Liu’s other leg forcing Lucy spread eagle in a black panty revealing leg split. The ref checked with Liu, but she was nowhere near surrender and never considered herself in any trouble.

It took Liu several tries but her amazing flexibility finally allowed her to get one leg free. And with that Salma released her to regroup. Moving in quickly as Lucy stood up Salma trapped Liu’s legs and forced her into an abdominal stretch. Salma uses her free hand to reach into Lucy’s cleavage and pinch her nipples. “Arghh, bitch,” cursed Lucy.

Lucy reaches out for the ropes and the ref orders Salma to release her. Salma did but maintained a position behind the recuperating Liu and kicked her in the back. Lucy grunted and fell to her knees holding the ropes. Lucy was silent but the insult “Cunt” came to mind.

Salma backs away for a second and then swarms Lucy with swift punching bag type blows to the kidneys. This time Lucy howled and fell to the mat. In agony she rolled back in forth for a moment just under the ropes which had the ref forcing Salma away.

Fighting pass the agony, Lucy struggled to her feet assisted by the ropes. When Salma finally rushed pass the ref and moved back in, Lucy shot into action leg sweeping Hayek. It was a textbook move leaving Salma horizontal in the air above the mat for a second before crashing down hard. Salma lands flat on her back hard in a daze. As she rolls to her tummy and raises to her hands and knees, Lucy gets into position. Then after a quick jump into the air Liu drops a gravity assisted elbow into Salma’s back driving the drama queen back to the mat.

Lucy then mounts Salma’s back facing her head. She reaches back behind her into Salma’s backless one piece at Hayek’s ass. She finds Salma’s black panties and jerks them out of the one piece and up Hayek’s ass getting her first screams of the night. The force of the wedgie forced Salma to raise her ass slightly off the mat, and her legs to kick uncontrollably.

Salma fought through the pain in her crotch to roll over, but Lucy stayed with her now mounting her tummy. Lucy rewarded Salma’s struggles by releasing the wedgie to turn to elbow strikes to the jaw. The first stinging blow forced Salma to cover up. Lucy wrestled with Salma’s arms seeking any breach in defense to drop another three stinging elbows. Lucy peeled Salma’s straps from her shoulders exposing Hayek’s overly stressed sports bra. A quick tug and the battered garment spilled its massive contents.

Salma bridged quickly and roughly dismounting Lucy. Lucy was still at her though and both wrestle on the mat one atop and then the other. Finally though, Salma made it on top and decided to reward Liu for freeing her mega mams. Salma drops down hard onto Lucy’s face, her sternum cracking painfully into Lucy’s skull. Salma’s fun bags sealed around Liu’s face for a breast smother, drowning Liu in an ocean of titflesh. Liu reached around Salma and grabbed hold of her panties again. However Salma was able to grab Liu’s wrists before she could get a solid hold. Pinning Liu’s arms Salma moved up Liu’s body till she got a crotch-to-mouth smother on Liu. “You want my ass so bad, here get up close and personal,” teased Salma.

Salma started getting moist at the constant squirming of Lucy against her vag. Lucy managed to get her shoulders up several times to beat being counted out but each breathless effort was taking its toll. Suddenly she was partially freed. Jennifer Love Hewitt; dressed like a sexy soccer mom in a grey low cut wife beater partially revealing a sturdy blue bra, a pair of black slim jeans and a pair of high quality sneakers; had made use of the furiousness of the battle to sneak in and get a jump on Salma. She swiftly swung in front of Salma and mounted her shoulders securing Salma’s head between her thighs and flush against her crotch. Salma’s hands released Lucy and were now wrapped around Hewitt’s thighs in an attempt to gain freedom.

Hewitt’s thighs pressed against Hayek’s ears meant Salma would miss most of Jennifer’s rant, but she figured it wasn’t much different from Love’s rant from their last confrontation. “I told you,” spit Jennifer towards her captive. “I’ll hound you every chance I get till I get back my title you fucking shit eater.”

When Jennifer ignored the ref’s orders to leave the ring, the ref called the match in Hayek’s favor. Though Lucy had no idea Hewitt would interfere she got disqualified for the assistance. Though the match was over you couldn’t tell based on the enduring struggle.

Salma’s back was arched back terribly due to Hewitt’s hold giving Lucy the chance to finally dismount Hayek. Salma fell from her mounted position painfully sucking her head from Hewitt’s thighs. Lucy squirms away as Love mounts Salma. Jennifer starts wailing on Salma with furious punches, a tornado of blows. Thankfully some were desperately blocked since they were wild and not technical blows, however technical or not the ones that did get in took their toll.

Any attempt to cover her face, got Salma chopped in her bare zeppelins which were held in perfect positions for pummeling thanks to Lucy freeing them from her sports bra. Now the extra protection of the garment was gone and turned into a vice on her monstrous mammaries forcing them to jut out from her chest as prime targets. Lucy didn’t have time to make use of the two overly inflated speed bags, but Jennifer was making good use of them forcing them to bounce all around Salma’s chest like balloons caught in high winds. They collided painfully with each other and even slapped Salma in the chin several times. Covering her boobs meant Salma would suffer chops to her head, and there was no way to cover them completely anyway. Salma had to escape before Hewitt swelled her tits up an extra size or two.

Salma bucked till she got enough room between her and Hewitt to get a claw into Jennifer’s crotch. Her other arm reaches over Jenn’s thigh to claw at her right ass cheek. As Jenn stopped throwing blows to defend her ass and crotch, Salma was able to jet out from under.

Oh Hewitt wasn’t letting Salma go so easily. She jumped to her feet before Salma could think to rise and leaped at her. Salma kicks her feet out into Hewitt’s tummy and kicked up and over. Jennifer landed in shock back first behind Salma.

Jenn jumped up just beating Salma. She tackled Salma back to the mat and sat up on her tummy again. Jennifer again targets Salma’s top exposed mountain range. Love’s arm reached back far and fired massive slaps into Salma’s tits. Salma’s huge mountains bounced all over her chest and again slapping Hayek on the chin. Blow after blow and the agonizing rebounding brought tears to Salma’s eyes. She retaliated pulling down Jennifer’s top and sinking her nails into her rival’s huge melons.

Jennifer now sunk her claws into Salma’s tits. Both ladies cried aloud as their nails did their worst. Jennifer’s top position allowed her to put her weight behind her claws. Salma an expert tit fighter knew to lock her arms straight. It meant that as Jennifer pressed her body down to add weight to her claws at least a portion of her weight would assist in her own titty destruction.

Jennifer implanted her claws at the top of Salma’s mams and rakes down the flesh violently. Salma screams in torment and does the same to Jennifer’s tits. Again and again they claw each other’s tits till Jennifer can take no more and grabs Salma’s wrists.

Pinning Salma’s wrists Hewitt moves down Salma’s body and lowers her freshly scarred huge danglers over Salma’s face. She then juts her shoulders left and right slapping Salma senseless with her tits. “Who’s got the best tits, bitch?”

“Blablblble,” was Salma’s barely audible answer as Jenn’s boob slaps interfere with her lips. Jenn satisfied Salma had proclaimed Hewitt’s tits the best, lowers her huge fun bags for Salma’s end, a massive breast smother.

When the resistance in Salma’s arms fades, Jen releases them and wraps her arms around Salma’s head all the time smiling. She squeezes Hayek’s head tighter and tighter into her bosom as if it was even necessary. There was no room for the slightest bit of air to reach the Drama Queen. Hayek still resisted slightly but not for long and Hewitt soon realizes she’s holding a lifeless rag doll. She releases Salma and smiles evilly as Salma’s head bounces several times off the mat. Salma’s huge tits jutting up and down as her body eagerly seeks to refill her lungs, is the only sign of life. Hewitt holds Hayek about the chin and shakes her head, but there is no response. Time to celebrate thought Jennifer. She wasn’t through torturing Salma’s tits by a long shot. She seized them allowing the extra titflesh to fill between her fingers and then squeezed as hard as she could eliciting only murmurs from Salma’s lips. It’s enough to fuel Jennifer into squeezing harder, her nails puncturing fiercely into Hayek’s tits. Salma’s eyelids clinch tight and her head shakes from left to right as the pain in her tits start to wake her up.

A swift kick to the jaw dismounts Jennifer from Salma and sends the blonde Rottweiler rolling towards the ropes. Hewitt looks up in shock to find Lucy Liu casually moving towards her. Lucy had had enough. She was content to let Jennifer pummel Hayek but it was time to teach Love not to interfere in Lucy’s matches, especially when a title is on the line. Hewitt’s interference had lost Lucy the match and the title. It would have been Lucy’s first title and well overdue. She wasn’t going to let Hewitt get away with her interference.

La Confidante who’d been watching the carnage in their locker room finally made it ringside in time to help Salma escape the ring. They have to nearly carry her half way up the ramp before Salma can get past the pain in her tits enough to stand and walk on her own.

Jennifer reacts like she’s been betrayed. She felt she’d saved Lucy although it was never her intention to be a savior. Her goals centered on rage and hatred. However, now her rage was directed to the chick that just punted her in the face. Hewitt jumps up and she and Lucy immediately start trading blows. Hewitt scores an elbow to Lucy’s cheeks through Liu’s defenses but draws back several blows for her trouble.

In danger she desperately throws a kick. Lucy catches it, twists the leg unbalancing Hewitt to the mat and rolls her over to her stomach. Then stepping over Jennifer, Lucy puts her in a single leg crab. Lucy again displays precision as she executes the hold perfectly, to the detriment of Hewitt.

After putting the protesting blonde through the ringer for a bit, Lucy aims for Jenn’s exposed crotch and implants a brick breaking karate chop to her kitty cat. Shock at the horror of the blow bulged out Jennifer’s eyes and forced her mouth agape. Another cunt breaking blow and Jennifer screamed in torment.

The pain was so great it caused Hewitt to jerk her leg freeing herself and throwing Lucy off. Jennifer could do nothing with her new found freedom but curl up in the fetal position with both hands between her thighs comforting her cooch. Lucy strolled over to Jenn’s head and planted her foot on Hewitt’s temple grinding Jenn’s head into the mat.

Lucy’s Liu-Tang Clan arrived ringside, but Lucy immediately ordered them to leave Hewitt to her. Jennifer was due for a lesson to stay out of ABA business, stated Liu.

Jennifer howled grabbing a hold of Lucy’s ankle trying to free herself but just gets extra torment as Lucy puts all her weight on the leg lifting her other leg up off the mat and stepping over Jenn’s head. Lucy walks away and stands in a corner waiting for Hewitt to get to her feet. Jennifer was seeing blood. Rage forced her to stand and rage covered her pain. She ran over to Lucy with a rebel yell. Lucy timed a big boot for the charging blonde’s jaw, but Hewitt dodged it pushing it to the side and wrapped her arms around Lucy’s waist pulling her out of the corner and with a quick shift of position getting behind Liu lifted Lucy into the air for a backdrop.

Lucy had fallen prey to the dangers of underestimating Hewitt, the mistake Hayek hadn’t made with Liu. The number of those who considered Hewitt a fluke was dwindling, but Lucy was still on that side of the fence. And now she rolled around on the mat suffering from that backdrop. She was face down on the mat when Jennifer mounted her and locked her into a camel clutch. “Shit… arghhh,” left Lucy’s lips. Her posse watched the fray from the ring apron and thought to enter, but remembered Lucy’s orders to stay out of Hewitt’s lesson. At this moment though it seemed Lucy might be getting the lesson though.

Jennifer released Lucy letting her fall face first into the mat. She stood escorting Liu to her feet by her hair. Love then muscled Liu into a corner and started choking her against the turnbuckle. She muscled Liu up in the corner forcing the Asian sexpot’s feet to dangle.

Liu broke the hold by wrapping her legs around Hewitt’s arms and forcing them down taking the leverage off Lucy’s throat. She then kicked Hewitt away. Hewitt charged back in but got a swift kick to the crotch for her trouble. She dropped to her knees with only one hand to stabilize herself on the mat. The other was between her trembling thighs.

Liu jerked Love back up to her feet by her hair. Hewitt stood frozen with hand still between her thighs, the other trying to comfort her scalp where Lucy had just tugged on. Liu took a step back and raised her right foot high in the air and brought it down in an axe kick nailing Hewitt’s skull in the forehead. Jenn drops to the mat like a ton of bricks with her knees tucked underneath her. Her upper body slumped onto the mat with both arms falling wide away from her body.

Hold of her hair jerks Love to her feet again and towards the center of the ring. If even possible she was even less able to defend herself when Lucy nailed her in the right cheek with a reverse roundhouse kick. Jennifer was down again this time knocked to her back. Her left leg reflexively shot up into the air and came down just as Lucy tugged on her mane again.

Another axe kick to the skull planted Jennifer back to the mat face down. When Lucy grabbed her by the hair again, Hewitt’s body didn’t react. She was like dead weight for a second, but Lucy still tried to force her to her feet anyway. It wasn’t happening though. Liu had to settle for Jenn resting on her knees. Jennifer’s body was upright but she waivered side to side back and forth like a zombie.

Lucy destroyed the blonde with another reverse roundhouse kick to the head, and again Love was on her back this time with a blank expression on her face. When Lucy tried to pick her up once more by the hair, she found Hewitt lifeless. Jennifer’s body had no reaction, even less than if she were asleep. Her eyes wide open made Lucy fear the worst. Liu dropped Hewitt to the mat and stepped away. As the medics rushed to Jennifer’s side, she finally showed signs of life, her arms raising to cover her head.

Lucy forced way by the medics and said only one thing to Hewitt though not sure she’d be heard, “You cost me the title. If you stick your slutty cow udders in ABA business again, it’ll cost you your life.” Lucy then offered no resistance as the medics pushed her away.


Salma emerges from her extra-long shower and gingerly wraps a towel around her bruised bosom. Another towel is being wrapped around her hair as she returns to her girls in the dressing area of her dressing room. Bending over to complete drying her hair as she enters the room Salma speaks to her girls, “I’ve decided…”

She is quickly interrupted by a muffled voice, “Decided what?” Salma quickly jerked straight and caught the image of the Divas of Doom standing over the bodies of Penelope and Vanessa. Immediately, a steel-like grasp catches her from behind. Shocked with her heart about to beat out of her chest, Salma offers no resistance to the sleeper and is soon rocked away night-night.

Later Still

“Jennifer? Jennifer,” Alyssa whispered. “Can you hear me?”

Slowly Jennifer stirred in her bed and then spoke in moans, “Where… where am I?”

“You’re in the hospital,” responded Alyssa from the bedside chair. She then chuckled a bit. “You’re suffering from a concussion.”

“Concus…,” Jennifer said attempting to sit up in her bed but failing as dizziness took hold.

“Yep, Liu kicked the shit out you,” Alyssa said with no compassion for Jennifer’s predicament. “Literally… I’m sure you shit yourself. Damn. After that last kick, I thought you were dead.”

Jennifer resounding to laying back in the bed to ease the pain in her head responds in fragments, “I’ll… …take care of Lucy. …after I get my title back.”

“You’d better leave that Asian bitch alone. If you hadn’t lost consciousness she’d still be playing soccer with your skull.”

“Bitch,” said Jennifer annoyed at how at ease Alyssa over her beating.

“That seemed directed towards me,” Alyssa said in a tone of surprise. “I’m your closest friend in the league. We both want the same thing, Salma lying broken in a puddle of her own tears, piss, blood, and shame.”

“Put Lucy on that puddle list,” Jennifer said painfully. “Then put yourself on it. I know you’re not my friend.”

“Coldblooded Love. Or, is it just the concussion talking? Maybe it’s the medication. Don’t worry. You haven’t hurt my feelings. We’re in this together.”

Before Jennifer could respond she started to feel dizzy and quickly fell back asleep. Alyssa rose and walked towards the exit saying only, “Nighty night Love,” before she left.

The End