Kim Kardashian VS Jennifer Love Hewitt

Texas Branding Match

NOTE - This match follows events of Halle Berry vs Jennifer Love Hewitt

"Cut!" the director loudly shouts on the set of Fox's 9-1-1 television series. He looks at his assistant and then shouts, "Print! It's a wrap people. Itís the end of the episode and end of the day." His thoughts go to editing and post production and departs saying, "Good night people, I'll see you next week.", as he begins walking off the set.

The staff and cast relax and drop their shoulders and prepare to leave for the day also. Jennifer Love Hewitt walks away when Angela Bassett comes up from behind and greets Jennifer. It is rare that these two are on the same set, since Jennifer's character is Maddie Kendall, a 911 operator, and Angela plays, Athena Grant, a police sergeant. However the two interact in light conversation. "I've got to admit that I judged you wrong when I booked you in a match against Halle Berry instead of a Drama Queen Title Match with Salma Hayek." Angela admits. "You gave Halle a hell of a battle and I thought you might pull off the upset at times." Angela compliments her cast mate. "As you know BATTLELINES 3 my last event on the booking committee. I'd like to make things up to you. I've got a crazy idea to get you a title match with Jennifer Lopez. Are you interested?" Jennifer immediately shows tremendous interest to Angela's delight. "Good" Angela answers with a smile. Come over to my house for some wine and we'll brainstorm and put this together. I would like to see that belt around your waist.

The next afternoon Jennifer comes over to Angela's house and the two's friendship grow as they talked about work and a multitude of things. When they got around to discussing the match, Angela explains. "First we've got to get a grudge between you and Lopez since you loss your last match against Halle Berry. I've got to book you in a match against either Coco or Kim Kardashian on the next card. From there you have to beat and humiliate one of them to make Lopez want to fight you, and even more to make the public want to see it." Angela explains to Love Hewitt. "It has got to be a 5 star match to get you the title shot. I was thinking that since you're from Texas, that we'll make it a Texas bull rope match. It's perfect because fans love you and a lot of fans think that Coco and Kim are only famous for having big asses and fucking a famous dude."

Jennifer giggles as the wine starts talking for her. "Yeah I'd love to kick those fat ass heifers' asses'" Jennifer tipsily answers. "JLo (Jennifer Lopez) Kim Kardashian and Coco are a herd of cows instead of a team." Jennifer rambles. "I'll own their big asses and keep riding the heifers like a cattle train to a title match." Jennifer says with a laugh.

"You told Salma Hayek you would make her your personall cow too. What's with you and cows?" Angela's face lights up with excitement. "I think you've got it!" Angela gets out her pen and note pad. "I've always wanted to do a western and you and me are going to do it. I hope you look good in a cowgirl outfit, because I'm going to write a story of a cowgirl riding a cattle train to get to the big bad bandito. It's not a bull rope match, but a branding match. You have to literally put your brand on one of those heifers to win the match. You're going to have to be pretty mean to get the title match though. Do you think you can do it?" Angela asks.

"I've figured out the hard way that being pretty mean is the only way to survive in this league. Halle Berry certainly showed me no mercy in my last match." Jennifer answers. "It is my only shot at the title. I've got no shot at all of getting a title match after you leave so I've got to make this work. I'll be mean enough for you." Both smiled and cut back on the wine for a bit while they put their plans on paper. After they were done both knew they had a genius creation. Now they only had to pull this off in the ring. Afterward the wine flowed again to celebrate the new bond. The next afternoon, Angela and Jennifer went to work to execute their plans.

Jennifer started on Twitter, insulting Jennifer Lopez's fat ass and her herd of fat ass cows in her Fab group while challenging her for a future title shot. The classy champion bypassed the controversy and stated she already has a match with Keira Knightly and that was her only focus. Hewitt continued tweeting about the herd of fat ass heifers, knowing Kim or Coco would gobble the bait quickly. Both are social media warriors, it is in their nature. Kim took the bait the hardest. Kim tweeted that Hewitt should check who she is calling a cow. Kim answered that Hewitt's ass is just as wide and big as Coco and her legendary curves, but much flabbier. Then Kim and Jennifer traded tweets about being a bovine. Before long Angela Bassett calls Kim with an idea of a branding match since both were making cow insults to settle the dispute and earn a huge paycheck. The object is to 'brand your opponent' like they are a cow to win the match. Kim has mastered the marketing game and loves the spotlight and big pay days so she accepts a match against Hewitt.

Kim looks forward to this match. She has been working very hard with Captain Jennifer Lopez's tutelage to improve in the ring. She feels like she is ready for title contention and is certain Love Hewitt will be a new beginning for her in the league. Kim feels like this will be her night and she will own Jennifer Love Hewitt. Her time training for the match only bolstered her confidence. She is ready when she walks to the ring.

That moment arrives quickly. Fight night comes soon. Jennifer Love Hewitt is sauntering to the ring before she knows it. Jennifer wears a pair of Daisy Duke jean cutoff shorts and a plaid button down top that is tied below her breasts showing her midsection. Barely a button is buttoned allowing a huge amount of cleavage from a woman once voted of having the best rack on television. The All-American girl completes her cowgirl outfit with a cowboy hat and cowboy boots. The fans love their wholesome scream queen of yesteryear and show their affection with their cheers. Jennifer wears a heart winning smile and waves at her adoring fans. After taking Halle Berry to the brink of defeat, she should beat a lesser Kim Kardashian down by hook or crook. Jennifer enters the ring and waits for her opponent.

Kim is called to the ring wearing her version of a cowgirl outfit soon afterward. It is more of a Rhinestone cowgirl. Kim wears a tight white jumpsuit that covers her luscious body. However, it is unzipped down the front almost down to her belly button, showing of a slightly younger set of boobs that gives Jennifer's rack some frightening competition. Kim's suit has flashy cowboy designs in rhinestones going down both legs and on the lapel that glitters under the lights. She accessorizes with a belt with a huge shiny buckle with a bull on it. Kim wears a cowboy hat and boots to give her that mystique of a superstar of an Old West traveling show. Her fans loved it. They expected nothing less from their Glam Queen. Kim wastes little time getting to the ring and is ready to go.

There is a branding iron hanging from a pole in each of the competitor's corner. Jennifer's says, 'LOVE' with intersecting letters. Kim's branding iron says 'KK'. The branding end has been dipped in ink, the referee explains to the audience. To win the match, the competitor must climb to the top rope and retrieve their branding iron from the pole, and stamp their brand on the other person's body. It sounds simple but of course you have to "convince" your opponent to sit still long enough for you to brand them. Still both women remain totally confident they would prevail. Both have a similar overall strategy: to beat the hell out of your opponent till they are KO'd or beat down enough to brand them somewhere. Kim looks a lot smarter with her outfit covering all of her body now. She flashes Jennifer a sly smile letting her know she has been out smarted. Jennifer responds with a flippant smirk. She has no intentions of Kim being clothed at all or conscious, when she brands her.

The bell rings and begins a much anticipated match. Someone is going to be wearing an embarrassing brand tonight. Both of the curvy fighting femme fatals had worked up quite a bit of animosity during their Tweeter exchanges. Neither liked being called fat or a cow. A lot of comments hit too close to home. They circle each other for a moment then charge together and engage each other with snarls on their faces. The two evenly matched MILF's lock up collar and elbow. "Fat fucker" Kim comments when she finds the vintage Hewitt a lot sturdier and thicker than she remembered from I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Hewitt gets Kim back by slipping several fingers into Kim's long black hair and pulling. Kim's head twist from the pull and Hewitt replies, "You're the fucking fat ass cow. I'm going to make you say moo while I beat your enormous, gigantic buffalo ass." Jennifer threatens, while trying to find words to describe and insult Kim's legendary booty. With a might heave, Kim pushes Jennifer stumbling backwards to break the lock up.

After creating some distance Kim explodes closing it with a two foot drop kick into Jennifer's chest. Jennifer is instantly knocked off her feet and goes flying to the mat. Both women get to their knees and grapple on the mat. Eventually Jennifer gets her arms around Kim's waist. Jennifer gets her feet under her and stands then lifts Kim up off the mat and sends her turning head over heels, slamming her back down with a gut wrench suplex. Jennifer comes over and gives Kim a couple of kicks to her side, while she is down. Jennifer grabs Kim's wrist and ankle then lifts her off the mat again and slings her several feet away like a rug. Kim lands hard on her back again. Jennifer pursues again and drop to the mat by Kim. She rolls Kim over onto her stomach then takes a seat on Kim's back. Jennifer snatches Kim by the hair and slams her gorgeous face into the mat three times. Next she rolls Kim back over onto her backside and sits on her stomach. Jennifer is trying to pin Kim's wrist down for whatever she had planned next, but Kim's legs rises and locks onto Jennifer's body. Kim is able to throw Jennifer off of her with her legs and escape. Both lovely ladies get back to their feet.

Kim and Jennifer approach each other again. When they go to lock up, Kim grabs Jennifer by the head and with a twist and turn, Kim judo tosses the actress to the mat. Jennifer got thrown over Kim's shoulder and crashes onto her butt. Luckily for Jennifer, her ass is well padded. She stands back up but Kim shoots Jennifer's legs and puts her back on the mat with a double leg takedown. Jennifer quickly starts fighting back and the hell cats grapple on the canvas. Jennifer struggles to fight Kim off of her. "Get off of me, you fat ass cow." Jennifer mumbles.

In that moment, Kim had enough of being called a cow. She grabs Jennifer by her shirt collar and snatches her off the mat. "I'm fucking tired of you calling me a fucking cow!" Kim roars. Kim muscles Jennifer to her feet and ushers her over to the corner and tosses Jennifer into the turnbuckles by her little crop top. First, Kim strikes with a kick to Jennifer's stomach. Then repeats kicks into Jennifer's stomach making her roar in torment. After several kicks, Kim lands a forearm shot to Jennifer's jaw to rock her. Then another one for insurance. Kim lashes out with a chop across Jennifer's breasts. "Let's see your droopy, cow teats", Kim announces as she yanks at Jennifer's shirt before learning that she had to untie the knot holding the ends together first. Kim's finger quickly untie the knot but Jennifer's knee shoots up and nails Kim low, just above the crotch to make Kim back off.

When Kim backs up the fans get their first look at Jennifer slightly disheveled. Her crop top shirt is open and hanging on her shoulders showing her sexy lace bra. Her hair has gotten wilder and her expression shows her concern. It also shown some panic as Kim comes determinedly back at her. Jennifer flashes a jab that lands on Kim's pouty lips and snaps her head back. Jennifer's face shows her surprise as Kim keeps coming. Jennifer starts circling out of the corner but Kim grabs her and tosses her back against the turnbuckle. "Get back here cow." Kim adds as she blasts the veteran actress with heavy blows. After her short heavy bag workout on Jennifer's body, Kim hops back and unleashes a spin kick that explodes on the side of Jennifer's head. Jennifer wobbles a bit and then is about to tumble to the mat. Kim quickly swoops under Jennifer and scoops her up onto her shoulders in a fireman's carry. Kim carries Jennifer out of the corner then starts spinning around in circles, putting Jennifer in an airplane spin. After countless spins Kim slam's Jennifer to the canvas.

Kim takes advantage while Jennifer's eyes are still rolling around in her head, and pulls the shirt off of Jennifer's body. It exposes more valuable skin to stamp her brand on later. Jennifer scuttles away and stands left in only her skimpy black bra that has her bountiful tits bouncing like a bowl of Jell-O during an earthquake. The two hellcats take a look at her and pounce at each other. This time they burry their fingers in each other's black hair and pull and yank. Kim yells followed by Jennifer's shouts as they take turns pulling each other's hair and jerking each other around in a vicious hair pulling contest. Both are bent over at the waist with their asses poked out and tits hanging and swinging back and forth as the jerk and throw each other from side to side. Kim shrieks as Jennifer pulls out a clump of hair. Jennifer yanks out a second clump before Kim pulls out her first handful of Jennifer's hair. "Damned girl, your hair is so damaged that I'm going to pull all your fucking hair out!", Jennifer says as she relieves Kim of more hair. The often sometimes blonde Kardashian must have believed Jennifer. She starts smacking Jennifer's face and pushing her away to finally escape the hair pulling.

Both vixens break apart looking much wilder. Their eyes blaze at each other as this fight heats up. They look like they want to tear each other apart after their primal hair pulling clash. More contempt shows in their eyes than ever before. Suddenly Jennifer laughs out loud, and says, "Iím going to turn you into a bald fat cow before this is over." Once again Kim flies into a rage. She attacks Jennifer swinging fists as fast as she could.

Jennifer thought that Kim was definitely one of the weaker Fabs going into this match. She had some embarrassing defeats to Shakira, Buffie the Body, Jada Pinkett-Smith and Jessica Alba, but this woman that she is fighting today is no push over. Jennifer covered her head and body effectively from the irate reality star, thinking she would tire herself out. Kim was mad but still controlled. Two of her shots were wild but the third found an exposed spot and dug deep and hurt the cow calling bitch. Kim's assault was frantic, yet paced. Jennifer is actually catching a good ass whipping. Somehow Kim consistently kept driving fists into Jennifer's ribs, and taking her breath away. She wanted to move her arms to protect them better, but Kim's fists kept peppering her head. Jennifer thinks, 'This bitch is setting me up!'She didn't have the breath to say anything at the moment. Jennifer tries a hasty retreat backwards, but that did not work. Kim just followed and started targeting her ribs more frequently. That leads to Jennifer's full retreat, meaning run and get the hell away from the hellcat. Fans laugh and mock but it did the job. Jennifer separated herself from Kim. Both are winded after the exchange, but Jennifer's ribs are sore, and Kim's are not.

"Come back Droopy. This shouldn't take long from here." Kim mocks. She knows that Jennifer is hurt and she is the better fighter than Jennifer too. The reality star feels she is one big punch from making victory a reality. Kim charges after Jennifer with a big wind up punch. Jennifer ducks underneath and allows Kim to pass by her. Jennifer straightens back up while laughing at Kim's comedic attempt to finish her. Kim growls angrily and goes for another big swing to take Jennifer's head off. Again Jennifer ducks underneath and an off balance Kim sails on pass her. Jennifer is real proud of herself and laughing harder when she turns to face Kim. Kim wheels around visibly angry and immediately charges again. Jennifer ducks down one more time, but this time Kim's elbow slams down on the back of Jennifer's neck while she was ducked down. Jennifer immediately drops flat on her face. Kim assesses the damage. Jennifer lies flat on her face. Jennifer takes three deep breaths before rising up to her hands and knees and slowly crawling away from Kim. Finally Kim laughs and teases, "You're looking more like a cow by the second."

Kim approaches Jennifer and grabs a handful of hair and pulls Jennifer to her feet. Jennifer resists making Kim cautious. Jennifer did try to strike. Kim is able to keep a hold of Jennifer's hair and avoid Jennifer's desperate punch to Kim's body at the same time. "A swing and a miss." Kim mocks as she pulls Jennifer erect then punches her square in the nose. Kim releases Jennifer's hair allowing the actress to stumble backwards.

When Jenniferís vision clear to seeing large blobs, She attacks Kim trying to take the offensive. Kim waits for her wild swing this time and captures the arm in mid flight. With a quick twist and fast feet, Kim is behind Jennifer with the arm wrenched into a hammer lock. Kim's other arm wraps around Jenniferís chin from behind for a chin lock hammer hold combination. Kim squeezes and pulls from both ends as Jennifer is hopelessly trapped. Jennifer flails and grunts but Kim has her locked tight. Already winded she starts sinking to the mat soon afterwards. Once Jennifer slid down to a seated position. Kim has thoughts of putting Jennifer out and finishing the match right now. However her arms were burning from her windmill fists attack. If not Jennifer might be out right now. So Kim switches and pushes Jennifer's head down and put it between Kim's thighs for a head scissors. Jennifer kicks and struggles a bit while Kim rests. Jennifer concentrates on turning her head enough to take a bite Kim's thigh and makes her legs pop open.

Both women scramble to their feet and face each other. Jennifer insults, "You not only look like a cow, but you smell like one too." Kim's eyebrows rise in shock then she hauls off and bitch smacks Jennifer across the face for the insult. Jennifer recoils from the stinging slap and straightens up a little infuriated too. Jennifer's right hand flashes up and grips Kim around the throat. That one hand starts trying to squeeze the life out of her enemy. Kim gags and her hands try to pull Jennifer's hand away. Then Kim's eyes freeze in conviction, and her left fists curls up and swoops around and impales Jennifer in the ribs. Jennifer lets out a deep guttural scream. Then Kimís right hand gripped on Jennifer's wrist forcefully pulls Jennifer's hand from around her throat. Then with Jennifer still bent over from the first crippling blow, Kim's left arm did not stop swinging. While Kim held one arm in her other hand, her left hand comes back around and uppercut the exposed lovely actress dead in the face. Jennifer wobbles backward after the big blast that Kim just unleashed.

Kim presses her advantage. She approaches Jennifer looking for the beginning of the end. Kim swings, but is alarmed as Jennifer returns to life and catches her swing in mid flow. Now with Kim fully exposed with her arm caught and held out of the way, Jennifer kicks Kim square and hard right in her big left tit. Kim shouts like she had been shot and grabs her hurting breast. Jennifer copies one of Kim's moves and swing behind Kim while still holding her arm, and twist Kim's arm behind her in a hammer lock. Then Jennifer's other arm wraps around Kim' neck and chin. Kim's cry sounding like an injured animal told her shock and distress. Jennifer lets go of Kim's arm to fire her fist into Kim's side, in the vulnerable area under her rib cage. Kim shouts sharply at being harpooned. The second harpooning punch to her side made Kim gurgle like she lost her voice. Jennifer follows by kicking the back of Kim's knee and calf forcing the reality superstar to drop to her knees. Jennifer puts her free hand behind Kim's head to apply her choke hold properly. "Time to finish you off." Jennifer whispers to Kim. "When you wake up, you'll have a new brand!"

Kim is gagging in the choke hold. She realizes this is serious. The fans already recognized that it is serious from her bulging eyes. Instead of panicking, Kim recalls Jennifer Lopez's teachings and her training. Love Hewitt has the hold locked in extremely tight. However that is because her body is really close to Kim's. That allows Kim to drive her elbow backwards into Hewittís side. Hewitt barks and her grip loosens. Kim learned the best spot to strike that blow from her mentors and it worked. Kim fires a second elbow into the exact same spot. Hewitt is moaning and her grip is broken completely. Kim grabs the arm that was around her throat and pulls it away. Then with a twist of the arm and using her shoulder for leverage, Kim flips Hewitt head over heels over her shoulder with a judo toss. Jennifer flips over Kim's shoulder and lands on her butt. Her big soft booty was able to absorb the impact with only minor discomfort but the momentum makes Hewitt roll through and she ends up on her knees. Hewitt turns her head an inch and Kim's sweeping backhand pimp smacks the shit out of her. Kim, who was still on her knees too, pivots on one knee with one hand on the ground and swings her other foot around to flat out blast an unsuspecting Hewitt with a kick dead in her face. Hewitt drops to the ground with her eyes crossed.

Kim uses this time to dispose of Jenniferís bra by forcing her to raise her arms as Kim jerks the lacey black bra up over Jenniferís head. A flick of Kim's wrist and the bra disappears into the audience. Then Kim takes a nice comfy seat on Jennifer's face. Diabolical! Kim knows her ass can snap out all existence in blink of time. Jennifer starts fighting as soon as she is engulfed in booty. Booty, booty, booty, booty rockin' everywhere. Jennifer feels like she is drowning in a sea of ass. Jennifer kicks her arms and pumps her legs, trying to swim in a lake of tush. Jennifer feels Kim pressing down harder on her and she feels herself sinking deeper into the depts of bum. Kim laughs fiendishly and wiggles her keister on Jennifer's face. Through that opening Jennifer gets a quick sip of oxygen. The actress exhales with a long hard blow. During the blow, Kim shivers and coo's erotically. Jennifer wiggles her head feverishly sending waves flowing through the rump. She hears Kim's sexy purr. Next Jennifer moves her head up and down. Kim raises up off her a bit with a series of "Uh.. uh... uh..." Jennifer feels the temperature spiking underneath the Kardashian. When the time was right, Jennifer's legs to rocket up and latches around Kim's body to throw her off top of Jennifer's face. Blinded by erotic thoughts, she never sees it coming and Jennifer's legs sends her tumbling to the mat.

Jennifer is breathing heavy as she slowly rises. Kim stands also. Jennifer starts laughing at Kim, seeing a prominent camel toe in the crotch of Kim's jump suit. "You are such a fucking big whore." Jennifer laughs. "You can't even control yourself. I know you're wet right now. You're so aroused right now I bet you want to start humping the ropes." Jennifer finishes with a hearty laugh. Jennifer realized how devastating her joking was to Kim by the expression on her blushing face. Then to Jennifer's surprise, she laughed even harder and it appeared that Kim's camel toe grew larger.

Kim has grown as a fighter as well as her camel toe. She has learned to focus her embarrassment and anger into action. She pounces and attacks Jennifer. The actress was taunting Kim purposely so she was ready for her, or so she thought. Fueled by emotion, Jennifer swears that suddenly Kim is stronger than earlier in the match. Jennifer wrestles and fights with the reality star, but is steadily being pushed back against the ropes. Once on the ropes Jennifer sees Kim go after her breasts like a wolf pouncing on couple of chickens in the barnyard. Kim dug her nails into the juicy boobs and squeezed and twists them with all her might. The initial wave of pain makes Jennifer's knees buckle and her wince fiercely. Kim pushes Jennifer's vulnerable tits up from underneath and crushed them against Jennifer's chest. It took Jennifer several moments to collect herself to start fighting back. She hit Kim in the head a couple of times to beat her off. Kim let her breasts go but finished with a Ric Flair chop across the naked pair of titans. The loud smack of flesh resounds around the arena as Jennifer's eyes cross again.

Kim waits till Jennifer stumbles forward. Then she swoops in from behind and reaches over Jenniferís shoulders. Her arms cross in front of Jenniferís face as each set of claws reach into her cleavage and grab two handfuls of boobs; the right claw mauling Jenniferís left breast and the left claw mauling the right. It is a move that proved effective for Halle Berry in her match with Jennifer. Kim sinks her nails in and squeezes for all sheís worth, Kim viciously mauls Jenniferís globes stretching them to their limits. Jennifer learned from the experience as well. She can feel Kim plastered to her back to grind her tits. Jennifer throws her head backwards. The back of her head slams into Kim's nose. Kim makes a sharp squeak and lets go of Jennifer's breasts.

Although her tits are on fire Jennifer turns and attacks Kim. So far Kim has been taking Jennifer apart piece by piece. Jennifer is topless wearing only her Daisy Duke shorts and cowboy boots. She has red hand prints on her naked breasts, and definitely looks like she is losing a fight. Jennifer just starts punching Kim. The reality superstar covers up effectively to minimize the damage, but there was damage. Jennifer reaches into Kim's jumpsuit to grab her tits. Kim's jumpsuit was already open enough to show a more than generous amount of cleavage. Now Kim shows an obscene amount. Jennifer seizes a double handful of breast to abuse. Kim tries to back away, but Jennifer grabs her by the shoulders. Kim pulls away and Jennifer rips Kim's jumpsuit's sleeve nearly off. Kim eventually gets away, but now her right shoulder is exposed through her outfit. Jennifer feels better that at least now the bitch looks like she has been in a fight too.

After heaving a couple deep breaths, the wild women clash again. They lock up tit to tit. Deep down each one wanted to prove that she had the better rack. However tonight they had to prove which one of them is a cow. Jennifer goes to scoop Kim up for a body slam. Kim resists by kicking her legs and pressing her weight halting Jennifer midway through the lift. With her feet firmly back on the mat, Kim has no problems scooping Jennifer up then delivering a bone rattling body slam to the actress. Jennifer lies on her back looking up at the lights with her tits still jiggling on her chest from the impact. Kim turns her back to her opponent briefly, only to leap in the air and do a back flip and comes crashing down on her victim's chest with a standing moonsault. Kim's curvy voluptuous body knocks the breath from Jennifer when her big tits and ass crashed down on her.

Next Kim applies a simple head lock on her downed rival. It puts Jennifer's face in the enviable position of being smashed against Kim's left breast. Jennifer did not seem to enjoy the experience as much as everyone else. Kim wrangles the Texan up to her feet while still captured in the head lock. Kim runs with Jennifer in tow. Then she leaps and bulldogs Jennifer's face into the mat. Jennifer's sore tits remind her of the mauling they already received when they smashed into the mat. Kim springs to her feet. She understands that Jennifer is a dangerous competitor. She needs to be put down quickly and convincingly. Jennifer rises to her hands and knees quickly. Primarily because her tits were painfully shouting at her to get off of them and to quit laying on them. Kim thinks that she is fighting a Terminator bitch rising up and never quits coming after her. Kim leaps up pumping her legs and brings one leg crashing down on the back of Jennifer's head with a bicycle kick. Jennifer is rocketed back down smashing those gorgeous tits again.

Jennifer rolls over onto her back off of her boobs with one arm holding the back of her neck and the other on her left breast. Kim stomps down on both of Jennifer's breasts, pancaking them to her chest."Yeow you fucking cock sucking bitch!" Jennifer roars showing new built contempt for the cunt in the ring with her. Seeing that it made Jennifer so upset, Kim stomps her boobs again. That motivates Jennifer to quickly get off the canvas before a third stomp comes.

Jennifer is a pissed bitch and quickly grabs whatever part of Kim that she can grab a hold. That happened to be a big breast protruding from the wide open jumpsuit and a handfull of hair. Kim fires a sharp punch to the gut that doubles Jennifer over and loosens her grips on everything. Kim drops to her back under Jennifer and fires a punch up that strikes Jennifer dead on her nose in a move that she certainly did not expect. Jennifer is straightened up and staggers backward after the clean open shot to the face.

Jennifer is feeling dazed and confused. She feels like Kim's assault is coming from everywhere and she does not know how to stop it. Kim does not help. She springs back up and charges after Jennifer. Kim jumps on Jennifer's chest, tackling her to the mat and ending on top of her by straddling the defenseless actress. Kim sinks her fingers in Jennifer's hair and starts banging the back of her head into the canvas. Kim stops once she is sure that Jennifer is severely punch drunk.

Kim steps off of Jennifer. She considers going for her brand now or whipping Jennifer some more. She starts for her corner to retrieve the brand, but Jennifer is starting to get up. Her eyes are wild and her hair is frazzled and looking like she has been through one heck of an ordeal, but she stands. Kim is not angry or disappointed. This is the kind of match she wanted to get noticed. A hard fought, sexy and entertaining brawl will lead to giant paydays in the very near future. Kim runs toward Jennifer after she stood, then with a skip, she unloads a side kick to Jennifer's jaw. Fans throughout the arena heard the connection between Kim's boot and Jennifer's jaw. The actress's whole body did a quarter twist and she collapse to the mat. The fans break out in applauses for the thrilling move.

The fall actually helps wake Jennifer up. Her fogged brain struggled to make coherent thoughts. However she is certain that Kim Kardashian is beating her ass. She gets back to her hands and knees through all the mesmerizing stars, colors and fantasies floating through her head. Her only hope for a title shot after Angela Bassett leaves are few and far between. She has to win this match at all cost. Jennifer crawls to the ropes and uses them to get upright. She knows that as long as she can make it up to her feet, Kim will not go for her branding iron and finish the match. Jennifer uses the ropes to climb to her feet. Kim boldly goes after Jennifer. She grabs her shoulders and spins her around to face her, when Jennifer flickers out her fingers and stick them in Kim's eyes. Kim curses and backs off giving Jennifer a breath. Jennifer slowly pursues Kim and gives her pretty brown eyes a more proper and deeper eye rake when she catches up with her. Kim pushes Jennifer's hand away and retreats away some more. As she does Jennifer gives Kim a hard swift kick in the ass. "Fat ass cow." She remarks while doing so.

Kim high steps a few feet away from Jennifer. She is seeing blobs so she wanted to be careful. But when she turns and sees a blurry Jennifer she reacts. A couple quick steps close the gap and Kim kicks Jennifer in the gut. "You could use a Diet Coke and some kale yourself." Kim comments. The reality star's quick turnaround took Jennifer by surprise. She was hoping for a few more moment so the ringing in her ears quit. Kim rapid fires three more kicks to Jennifer's stomach doubling her over.

With Jennifer bending over, gasping for air, Kim runs into the ropes and bounces off for momentum. She comes running back toward Jennifer and jumps and turns around at the same time, slamming into Jennifer's face butt first. Kim's enormous ass wipes Jennifer out, knocking her to the mat, seeing stars. When Kim's feet touch the ground she does not stop. She takes off running into the ropes again. Kim bounces off the ropes and comes running back towards Jennifer, then runs past her to rebound off the ropes on the other side of the ring. Finally Kim comes running back like a steam engine toward Jennifer. Then she jumps up and comes crashing down on Jennifer's big tits with her booty first. Jenniferís body jack knife's up then lies flattened on the mat. The fans are going crazy with Kim, new finisher. Kim rises off Jennifer with a big smile. She loves the adoration of the crowd. Her already inflated ego soars to the heavens. She knew that they would love her new finishing move that she has dubbed, 'Booty Power'. Kim takes some time to pander and acknowledge the fans.

Meanwhile Jennifer is crawling to the ropes. Jennifer breathlessly calls out, "Ref!" as she does. Kim has absorbed all the favor from her fans and headed to her corner to get the branding iron. The referee hurries over, thinking Jennifer may be hurt. She has pulled herself to her feet, but depending on the ropes to stand. When the referee arrives, Jennifer wraps her arm under his chin and reaches up to grab the top of his head. Then Jennifer drops down in a full split, whiplashing the man down in her version of the Stone Cold Stunner. The man's body is whipped down and springs back up as he falls to the mat holding the back of his neck. Screaming in pain the referee rolls under the bottom rope and out of the ring.

While still seated on the mat from her split, Jennifer immediately leans through the ropes and is yelling at ringside. The camera finds her target. Among the many celebrities seated at ringside is Jennifer's longtime friend and I Know What You Did Last Summer cast mate, Sarah Michelle Gellar is in the front row. The beautiful blonde reaches down and brings up a long metal shaft with a 'U' shape at one end. She quickly tosses the rod to Jennifer. Jennifer reaches through the ropes and catches the rod. She turns around seeing that Kim has unfastened her branding iron and climbing back down the turnbuckle. Jennifer, hides the rod with her leg. Kim returns brandishing her branding iron. Jennifer leans against the ropes, begging off just like pro wrestling GOAT 'Nature Boy' Ric Flair. Kim has her branding iron ready hoping that she could stamp Jennifer's chest quickly or after a few kicks and stomps. Once she is close Jennifer whips out the mysterious rod and presses the U-shape against Kim's camel toe. Next there is the sound of crackling electricity. Everyone who did not know before the mysterious rod is a cattle prod.

Kim's body convulses and she drops her branding iron. The worse thing for Kim happened. As soon as the electricity hits Kim's pussy, she orgasms. The wetness intensifies the electricity. Her body convulses for a few seconds then she collapses to the mat, unconscious. Jennifer stands, shocked and confused that Kim is obviously knocked out, but she shrugs her shoulders saying, "Not what I expected, but I'll take it." with a smile.

Jennifer goes to work on Kim. Kim's tits were already falling out of her jump suit, so it was real easy for Jennifer to pull it off her shoulders and down her arms. A quick twitch of the fingers unclamps Kim's bra. The overstuffed underwear practically sprang off her body. Now naked from the waist up, Kim is still out cold, but Jennifer has no clue how long that would last. Jennifer rolls out of the ring and over to Sarah Michelle Gellar who hands her a duffle bag. Jennifer brings the bag back to the ring while she digs is a side pocket. Jennifer pulls out a pair of shackles from the pocket. They are similar to handcuffs but a much longer chain. She slaps them around both of Kim's wrists chaining her arms together behind her back. Now Jennifer can take her time, pulling off Kim's cowboy boots and the rest of her jumpsuit and underwear.

The task does not take too long. Kim just starts stirring once Jennifer was finished. Jennifer happily scampers to her corner to get her branding iron. She comes back and rolls Kim over onto her face with her foot. Then she stamps her brand boldly on Kim's ass cheek. When the bell did not immediately ring, Jennifer looks around for the referee, but he is still in a heap at ringside. Jennifer did not let that bother her one bit. She is far from finish with Kim.

Jennifer pulls her duffle bag close and sits down to attend to Kim. She pulls Kim to a seated position as Kim starts moaning and fighting her way to consciousness. First, Jennifer pulls a headband from the bag, with cow ears and a pair of small horns on it. Jennifer puts it on top of Kim's head as she makes good on her promise to turn Kim into a cow. The fans start to laugh as Jennifer slips a pair of leggings on Kim's calves that are white with black splotches like a cow's skin. Jennifer puts cow print wrist bands around each of Kim's arms just as Kim starts coming to. Jennifer hurriedly straps on a collar around Kim's neck with a cowbell in front.

The fans are laughing and enjoying their selves at Kim's expense. Jennifer pulls Kim to her feet as she regains consciousness. Once Kim is awake and aware, Jennifer points her to the megatron screen over the dressing room entrance. Kim's mouth drops open and the fans burst into laughter, as Kim sees herself nearly buck naked except for Jennifer's cow costume she has dressed her in. Tears rush to Kim's eyes from the embarrassment. Kim stands there dealing with the humiliation when Jennifer instructs a cameraman to zoom in on Kim's ass. Soon the vision of Kim's ass with 'LOVE' stamped on it is on the big screen. "Recognize this?" Jennifer asks as Kim stands frozen in mortification. She has ceased being Kim Kardashian-West and now is Jennifer Love Hewitt's fat cow. The audience laughs and serenade her with 'moo's'

Kim embarrassment soon turns to rage and blame. " Kim shouts "You cheating bitch!" as she turns to Jennifer. 'The only way to do this is was to cheat! You electrocuted me with a cattle pro...." Kim's complaint is cut off as Jennifer uppercuts one of Kim's naked boobs.

"Damned right!" Jennifer answers. "That's what you do to fat cows." Jennifer continues as she rips off another combination to Kim's tits. Kim instinctively tries to raise her arms to protect her tits, but cannot because of the shackles and chain behind her back. She is helpless and defenseless as Jennifer fires off punch after punch all to her soft breasts. Kim stumbles backwards to escape the fury, but ends up backing against the ropes and getting trapped. Tat, tat, tat, tat, Jennifer pummels Kim's breast like a boxer on a speed bag. Kim helplessly whimpers and whines as the pitter patter sounds of Jenifer's fist on her tits are heard. Tat, tat, tat, tat

The referee has finally gotten up and sees Kim's huge ass above him leaning on the ropes. Undeniably he sees 'LOVE' branded on it. Not caring how it got there, he call for the bell. He starts to get in the ring to save Kim when Jennifer shoots him an evil look. Suddenly the referee clutches the back of his neck again and drops back off the ring. "My neck!" he exclaims. Then he waves his hand and starts walking back to the dressing rooms. He is thinking that Kim Kardashian is going to have to get out of this mess herself. One think he knew whether he gets fired or not, he is not taking another full split stunner from Jennifer. He felt slightly bad as he hears more never ending fist smack her boobs. The referee, Jennifer and Kim all know the situation is bleak. Kim's team's locker room door is locked and guarded on Angela Bassett's order to avoid interference.

The punches to Kim's fun bags keep coming. The bell constantly ringing does not deter Jennifer in the least. Some of the fans got bored seeing the same thing over and over. Others are mesmerized by the erotic way her tits dance to Jennifer's beat depending on how she hit them. Mammories hop, and quiver at Jennifer's never ending will. Kim is falling apart mentally. She keeps repeating the same phrases in random order. "Please stop...." "I can't take anymore...." "You're killing me....." "It's over, you've won already...." "I give up....." Jennifer ignores the pleas and keeps going till she decided that Kim has had enough. Besides, Jennifer was having flashbacks of her brutal match with Halle Berry and torturing another Fab member proved to be the best therapy.

Jennifer did not stop, but called to the ringside attendant for the microphone. Feeling sorry for Kim he gets Jennifer the mic as fast as humanly possible. Jennifer finally stops to take the mic. "Moo like a cow." Jennifer demands while looking at Kim. The whimpering, chained punching bag could not bring herself to embarrass herself even more. Jennifer presses her body against Kim. "I said moo like a cow!" she repeats threateningly inches from her face. Jennifer's wonderful pair of breast met Kim's tenderized pair. Kim's breast yielded to Jennifer's. Her tits flattened and moved out of the way of the alpha female. Kim has no doubt who is the queen of the ring is and who is in control. Kim either complies or gets squashed like a bug. Besides, what self respect is she holding on to? Kim is already dressed like a cow.

Kim lowers her head and goes , "Moooooo" into the microphone.

"Louder! Keep going!" Jennifer demands. Kim submissively does as she is told hoping to end this nightmare. She howls, 'moo' and wishes that she never took this match and regrets getting into the ring with Jennifer Love Hewitt. The laughing and jeering fans make Kim's suffering even worst.

Jennifer steps back pulls the microphone away with a smile, allowing Kim to stop sounding like a cow, Kim hopes her public disgrace is over, but Jennifer had a little more in store. "Now the only thing left to do is to milk my cow." Jennifer announces as Kim's eyes pop out of her skull. She thinks that Jennifer is surly joking, until Jennifer jerks Kim off the ropes, get behind her and grips both of her teats with both hands.

Jennifer starts squeezing and kneading Kim's extra large globes. "No please stop! Don't do this. I'll do anything" Kim pleads, but with her hands shackled there is not much she can do but stand there. Jennifer had worked over Kim's heavy boobs and knew they were ready to blow. Kim's protests were not going to deter her from the plan she and Angela Bassett developed. Kim tries to hold back the flow of milk. Her children are still young, she knows that itís there. Kim soon knows that she has no control over her breasts. Jennifer keeps kneading the breasts. Kim's head falls as she gives up hope. She allows her hair to cover her face to hide her shame. Not long later her left breasts squirts a stream of milk across the mat. The fans are amazed. Some gasp in shock others cheer the spectacle. Jennifer keeps squeezing. Then another stream squirts out of her left nipple. Seconds later a stream spouts out of Kim's right nipple. After that, milk ooze out of both nipples and drops to the mat. The audience picks up a 'THIS IS AWESOME' chant as Kim keeps her head bowed in shame. Milk is leaking out and running down her body in a vision reminiscent of the Fergie MILF Money music video, where she made a guess appearance and was showered with milk.

The audience is going bonkers. However it is not completely true that all members of the Fabs are locked in the locker room. The two newest members are seated at ringside. Demi Lovato and Chrissy Tigen just joined the Fab's but they have not been announced yet. The Fab's plan to keep them a secret until they can strategically use them. They are supposed to just sit and watch and learn. The Fabs even sat them at opposite sides of the ring so no one could make a connection between the two. Demi sits with two of her girlfriends. Chrissy sits with her husband, John Legend. However when Demi sees Kim being so shamelessly abused she stands with an angry expression. Chrissy makes eye contact with her and starts shaking her head 'no'. Demi sees Chrissy and tries to calm down. But Demi is a very emotional and volatile young woman. She cannot just sit there and allow Kim to be disgraced especially like this. Jennifer is far beyond the normal limits. She is humiliating and disrespecting Kim as a woman. This cannot continue. Her body responds on it's own, and she climbs over the ringside barriar before she knew it. Once she did that there was no stopping. Demi slides under the ropes and into the ring.

Jennifer looks confused as Demi slides in the ring to interfer. Kim looks up and frantically shouts "Demi no!"

"Let her go Jennifer. You've done enough!" Demi forcefully orders.

Jennifer does not appear the least bit concerned by the young woman and shouts back, "Fuck you, this is my heifer and I'll do what I want with her. Now get out of my ring or try to do something about it."

Jennifer sees Demi is not leaving. So she pushes Kim to the side and prepares for the intruder. Kim is still yelling for Demi to leave but that ship has sailed. Demi charges at Jennifer. Jennifer charges too. Right before they collide Jennifer launches a kick explodes on Demi's jaw. Jennifer was sure she could take advantage of the younger inexperience fighter and was right. Demi's head snaps back and she stumbles side to side dazed. Jennifer grabs Demi about the head like she did the referee and executes her full split stunner again. Demi's body whips down and recoils sending her falling to the match. Kim could only watch with concern etched on her face wearing her shackles. The crowd is going even further nuts. This night is turning into more than they ever expected.

With the gift of youth on her side, Demi gets back up. Jennifer is happily waiting and grabs her by the head again and gives her another full split stunner. Demi is whipped down again and springs back up then goes bouncing across the ring. Demi ends up lying in a puddle of Kim's milk. Every fan in the arena is on their feet and cheering. Demi is dazed and confused. Jennifer is standing over her with adrenalin pumping and feeling like the baddest bitch in the building. "Get up! Get your fat ass up!" Jennifer shouts to the downed singer. Demi slowly rises to her hands and knees. Jennifer slaps her hard on the back of the head. "Get up! I'll teach you to stick your nose in my business you fat ass, tub of shit!" Demi's mind clears enough to tell her body to stand. Her legs are shaky but they support her curvy body and push her upright. As soon as Demi stands and before she can develop another thought, Jennifer has already grabbed her by the head and doing a full split stunner. Jennifer goes down again. Demi was so dazed she did not offer any resistance allowing Jennifer to get full effectiveness out of the hold. Demi whiplashes down and flop to the mat. Jennifer gets up and throws her arms in the air to the roaring crowd. She takes time to celebrate with them as Demi lies moaning on the canvas.

Jennifer feels like she is Queen Kong. Kim looks on helpless as her young teammate was being destroyed. Jennifer reaches down and grabs Demi by her sexy blouse that's open enough to show half of her breasts. Jennifer yanks Demi to her feet. The dazed girl's lights were still on, but nobody was home. Meaning the bitch is conscious, but oblivious of what is happening. Jennifer ushers her over to Kim, and holds her upright. Demi's chin rests on Jennifer's bicept and her arm curls around her head and grips it up top. Everyone in the arena knows that is the position for a stunner. "She's with you, isn't she?" Jennifer asks Kim. The shackled girl does not answer, but her eyes said enough. "This is J. Lo's newest fat ass cow isn't it." Kim shakes her head no, trying to protect the young girl. "Yes she is." Jennifer disputes. "She fits into J. Lo's herd perfectly. She's another big, fat ass cow like you, Coco and J. Lo." Jennifer does a fourth full split stunner right in front of Kim. This finisher, finishes Demi and knocks her out. Demi lies spread eagle on the canvas as Jennifer gets her duffle bag again.

Since Kim was unconscious and did not know how she actually woke up in her cow costume, Jennifer gives her a bit of a replay of what happened to her. Jennifer strips Demi of her blouse, bra and jean shorts. Then another pair of shackles comes out and slapped on Demi's wrists. Demi is totally naked as Jennifer gets the branding iron. Demi's large ass gets branded with the 'LOVE' brand too. Next the collar with the cow bell is strapped around Demi's neck. Demi is quickly coming to by the time the first cow print legging goes on. Demi resist the second legging but shackled, there was not much she could do. Jennifer seized Demi's thick leg and forces it on. Demi even stubbornly resisted the cow print arm bands and the cow ears and horns head band, but it was really only token resistance. The shackled woman had no hope of preventing anything. Once the costume was on, Jennifer gets the cow prodder and pushes the button and the electricity sound crackles in the air. "Get up!" Jennifer orders Demi. Seeing the instrument of punishment, Demi quickly and obediently complies. Jennifer gets her cowboy hat and places it back on her head. Then she calls Kim over and she shows off her prize heifers to the roaring audience like they were at the state fair. They are ordered to moo the whole time.

If Jennifer pictured a best case scenario, that night would have looked like this. Jennifer squeezed the switch on the cattle prod for another threatening electric crackle. "Up the ramp heifers, and don't forget to moo or I'll have to prod you memory if you get my drift." Jennifer says cracking a corny joke. Kim and Demi crawl out the ring totally embarrassed and walk up the ramp. Neither forgot to moo along the way out of fear of the cattle prod. The audience crowd broke out with another 'THIS IS AWSOME" chant in appreciation of Jennifer's total humiliation and disgrace of Demi and Kim. The three made quite a sight. Jennifer is topless in a pair of Daisy Dukes and a cowboy hat looking like the Boss Bitch. Kim and Demi naked except for their cow costumes looking meek and mild, branded and submissive.

Jennifer leads her cows through the backstage area to the interview area. The backstage interviewer, Angie Everhart knows that Jennifer must want to talk. She gathers the cameraman and grabs her microphone to go talk to Jennifer. Before Angie could ask a question Jennifer starts shouting. "Jennifer Lopez! I got your herd!" she says pulling an intimidated Kim and Demi into view. "These heifers are mine now. They have my brand. They arenít yours anymore." Jennifer says while turning the embarrassed women around to show their branded asses to the camera. "If you want them back, Meet me at my victory party tonight and sign my contract for a Warqueen title match." Jennifer challenges the champion. "That is if you still have the title after your match with Keira Knightley." Jennifer sneaks in then she turn and walks away ordering Demi and Kim to follow.

Now that her challenge has been sent Jennifer walks away before Angie could say anything else and takes her captured herd to her dressing room. The plan is working. The trap is set.

Meanwhile the next match starts. Half way through the Salma Hayek versus Alyssa Milano Drama Queen title match Jennifer Love Hewitt's limousine pulls up outside of JR's Palamino Night Club. It is the local spot where Jennifer is hosting her victory party. The limousine pulls up by the red carpet. Doormen rush to open the limo door. Jennifer Love Hewitt steps out looking spectacular. She shows no signs of the titanic showdown she just had with Kim Kardashian. Her hair is exceptional. She has on tight black leather pants, with a top that that should be in a lingerie catalog. It is a black bustier with spaghetti string shoulder straps so she does not lose anything on the dance floor. She wore a black cowboy hat to spice up the already smoking hot outfit. Cameras flashed, there were 'ooh's' and 'ahh's' and gasps. Jennifer stopped and posed on the red carpet.

Shortly after Jenniferís friend and associate for the night steps out of the limousine. Sarah Michelle Gellar steps on to the red carpet looking great also. Her top is ready for the club. It is shimmering gold with shoulder straps and backless. Sarah shows more skin with a pair of black sparkling shorts. Sara poses for pictures by themselves before coming over and playing the perfect Tonto to Jennifer's Lone Ranger duo. Those in attendance ate it up.

Jennifer goes to the limo and slaps the roof. Immediately Kim Kardashian emerges from the car still in her cow costume. Demi steps out right behind her and everybody there burst out in laughter. Still wearing their shackles, the two captives could only blush from embarrassment. Jennifer did add pasties to cover their nipples to their costumes. The pasties were to large cartoon cow faces. Jennifer also allowed them thongs for decency purposes, but there are cow tails sown to the back strap. Jennifer wanted them extravagant so she allowed her hair dresser to spruce up Kim and Demi's hair. The four women posed for pictures individually, together and in every possible combination before entering the night club.

Once inside Demi and Kim are taken to a cage on the dance floor and told to go inside. Once inside, Jennifer took off their shackles there is no need for them now. "You heifers dance it up" Jennifer tells them. "If you stop dancing at any point tonight, Hugo has permission to use that." The club security man has Jennifer's cattle prod in hand and holds it up. Demi and Kim do not utter a word, but start dancing and wiggling to the beat.

Jennifer joins Sarah in the club's VIP area with a bucket of champagne and wait. The trap is set. Jennifer and Sarah have video of Kim and Demi in their cage streaming live online. Jennifer Lopez will have to come and save her herd. Hewitt is betting that she survives her match later that night with Keira Knightley and will come and be forced to sigh a contract giving Hewitt the match of her life. Sarah and Hewitt toast to Angela Bassett's genius for coming up with this plan. "I love it when a plan comes together." Hewitt quotes with a smile, but she knows that this night isn't quite over yet.

Sarah ganders over at Kim and Demi dancing in their little cage. She asks Jennifer, "Do you feel sorry for humiliating them?

"Fuck no" Jennifer quickly answers. "Fuck them, I'm about to be the New War Queen.