Jennifer Love Hewitt vs Eva Longoria

NOTE - This story follows BATTLELINES Jennifer Love Hewitt vs Jennifer Aniston
Amazingly Jennifer Love Hewitt and Eva Longoria were very cordial to each other during the build up and promotion of this championship fight. The Texas born competitors actually have a tremendous amount of respect for each other, and are quite fond of each other. Besides both women are kind and considerate people by nature. Originally the match was billed as a grudge match by the Resistance. Jennifer Love Hewitt won her Drama Queen Championship over the Resistance's Jennifer Aniston, by taking advantage of Angelina Jolie's distraction. However Love did not do anything wrong. She started competing at the opening bell. Aniston chose to keep her attention diverted to Jolie. Love did nothing wrong.

Even without a grudge this is an intriguing bout. It features two A list celebrities. It has two women who are the epitome of the label, 'Perfect 10's'. More importantly it features two of the nicest and most popular women in the game. Any day that you see either Eva Longoria or Jennifer Love Hewitt, scantily clad, and competing in the ring, has to be considered a landmark occasion.

Above all, the coinsurers of the sport realize that both ladies are professionals. They will not allow their lack of animosity or fondness for each other to affect their performance or effort. Both are willing to tax their sexy little bodies to the max, and do whatever is necessary, fair or foul, to walk away with the victory and the championship belt.

Especially Eva, was receiving a, message to be more brutal and vicious on this match. The brain trust of the Resistance, the mysterious Skipper, has preached that Eva and most of the other members need to develop a more blood thirsty approach. Basically the Resistance is a bunch of good girls gone bad. All have been held back in their catfighting and respective careers because they are too nice. The Skipper has been trying to get most to raise their intensity level to that of the Fab Four and the ABA. If they truly want to be headliners, this is what is needed. Eva plans debut a new Eva Longoria today, at Jennifer's expense.

Eva especially is a very nice person. The unknown Skipper and Eva have been great friends for many years. She would really love to see championship gold around Eva's tiny waist. The two of them have been putting extra time in the gym together, preparing for this match. The Skipper has been trying to infuse a new tarty, sassy attitude into Eva's ring personality. The Skipper emphasizes the need given Eva's very petite size.

At the opening bell of the match, Eva sets out to prove she will not be a nice girl in the ring. The two competitors lock up collar and elbow. Eva immediately uses power and strength, and powers Jennifer back against the ropes. It is an impressive show of strength. She bullies her opponent for a psychological advantage. The referee appropriately calls for the break. Eva backs off for a clean break, but unexpectedly smacks Jennifer extremely hard across her face. "That's right Boobie, I'm going to be pushing and smacking you around all night" Eva taunts.

Jennifer's head swung hard from the slap, and she dropped to one knee. Hewitt never suspected a move like that from Eva. Jennifer rose to her feet, and brushed her hair from over her face. When she turned, Eva was still wearing a mocking smile. Jennifer's eyes are blazing in anger. Eva's strategy was to incite Jennifer and get her off her plan. That task was accomplished in spades.

Eva may have accomplished her task too well. A fearful expression crosses her face, and she turns and runs. Eva darted toward the ropes with Jennifer in hot pursuit. Eva slides under the bottom ropes and out of the ring. Jennifer slides out of the ring a split second after. Jennifer reaches out and grabs a handful of Eva's long dark brown hair. Eva then turns around and clobbers Jennifer with a clothesline. Jennifer is taken off her feet, lying on the ground looking stunned and surprised, and realizing she just got suckered.

While Jennifer is looking starry eyed, Eva grabs her hair and trunks and hauls Jennifer to her feet. She rolls Jennifer back into the ring under the ropes and quickly follows. Eva hops on top of Jennifer for a pinfall. Jennifer quickly kicks out after a one count.

Both Texans are getting to their feet. As Eva reaches out for her foe, Jennifer strikes first with a forearm shot to Eva's face. Jennifer follows with a second, then grabs Eva's arm and whips her into the ropes. When Eva rebounds back, Jennifer tries to hip toss Eva to the mat. Eva counters and wraps Jennifer up in a small package for another pin attempt. Jennifer strongly kicks out at the two count.

Both women rise to their feet at the same time again. This time Eva strikes first with a knee into Jennifer's stomach. Eva grabs Jennifer's arm and whips her into the corner. Eva charges in after Jennifer. The champion uses the ropes to help bring both feet up, and double kick Eva in the chest as she runs in. Eva reels back, holding her chest. In the meantime, Jennifer pulls herself up until she is seated on the top turnbuckle. Seeing the champion in a precarious position, Eva rushes toward Jennifer and gives her a double handed shove. Jennifer falls backward off the turnbuckle. To save herself from falling on her head on the ringside floor, Jennifer hooks her foot on the second turnbuckle. However she has a new dilemma, she is hanging upside down on the outside of the ring ropes. Eva takes advantage of the situation by pulling Jennifer's hair. Jennifer's head is being pulled back into the ring, while her body is stretched out still hanging upside down outside of the ring. The referee quickly administers the count to break the hold before Jennifer falls from her perch, to a neck breaking fall on her head to the arena floor.

Eva backs off before being disqualified. The crowd starts murmuring about this new aggressive Eva Longoria in the ring. The referee helps Jennifer sit back up on the top turnbuckle. Eva quickly shoves the referee out of the way. Then grabs Jennifer and tosses her off the top turnbuckle and back in the ring. Jennifer lands with a thud. As soon as her body stops shaking from the impact, Eva dives across her body for another pin attempt. Eva hooks the leg, but only gets a two count.

Eva pops back to her feet. This time Jennifer stays on the mat. She rolls onto her stomach and tries to gather herself. Eva drops her knee into the small of Jennifer's back. Eva keeps her knee planted. Then she grabs Jennifer's foot in one hand and grabs Jennifer under her chin, and bends Jennifer backwards, trying to make Jennifer's foot meet the back of her head. Jennifer groans in pain. She reaches back and tugs on Eva's hair, trying to break Eva's hold. Feeling the annoyance, Eva throws Jennifer's head forward, slamming her face into the canvas.

Eva stands. She is pleased that the Skipper's strategy has worked so far, but she is not about to let up on Jennifer. She hauls Jennifer to her feet roughly by her hair. Jennifer fires back with a couple of fist, before Eva kicks her in her big knockers and knocks Jennifer back to the mat.

Jennifer fell near the ropes. She reaches out to use the ropes to help her to her feet. Eva pounces on Jennifer as she does. A well placed boot puts Jennifer's throat across the bottom rope. Then Eva puts her shin across the back of Jennifer's neck and chokes her across the bottom rope. The referee quickly initiates a count to break the illegal choke. Eva does at the four count and backs off.

After satisfying the referee's demands, Eva promptly goes back on the attack. As she runs toward her prey, Jennifer does a leg sweep, causing Eva to fall forward and clotheslines herself across the middle rope. Eva hangs across the middle rope for a moment, gagging. Although it is only a moment, it is enough time for Jennifer to roll onto the ring apron. Jennifer stands and kicks Eva into the face, knocking her back into the ring. After taking a boot to the face, Eva is really dazed. Eva rises on wobbly legs, with no sense of where she is at the moment. She had no clue she was near the corner and Jennifer was perched on the top rope behind her. Jennifer jumps off the top rope, grabbing Eva's hair as she descends, and drives Eva's face into the canvas with a off the top rope bulldog.

Both competitors are very spent at this point, and slow to get to their feet. Both reach their feet at the same time. Eva tries to strike with a kick to Jennifer's gut, but Jennifer catches Eva's foot before it connects. Jennifer tosses Eva's foot to the side. While Eva is off balance, Jennifer levels her with a clothesline. Eva is dropped like a rock, hitting the back of her head on the mat. Eva bravely scrambles back to her feet only to be level by another of Jennifer's clotheslines. Eva goes down with another loud thump.

Eva rises gingerly on wobbly legs. Jennifer grabs Eva by the arm and whips the Latin American hellcat into the corner. Eva gathers enough awareness to leap onto the ropes and turnbuckles before colliding into them. Realizing that Jennifer is charging into the corner behind her, Eva leaps back attempting to deliver a cross body block. Jennifer sees the counter move, and plucks Eva out of the air as she sails toward her. After catching Eva from mid air, Jennifer holds the petite actress in position like for a body slam. However instead of slamming Eva down, Jennifer props Eva across the top turnbuckle with the top rope helping to support her head and legs. Eva finds herself lying on her back across the top turnbuckle, looking up at the ceiling, and totally vulnerable. She knew that she was in trouble. That proved to be true, as Jennifer climbed onto the middle buckle and leap up, coming down with her hands clasped together and slamming into Eva's stomach. Eva's body folds and collapses from the top turnbuckle. Eva plummets off and crashes into a heap into the corner.

Eva would have loved to stay on the canvas and roll into fetal position and nurse her aching belly. Of course that would not be a smart idea. If she leaves herself defenseless against a champion like Jennifer, Eva will have more than a belly ache to worry about soon. Eva forces herself to her feet, with one hand still holding her belly. Jennifer was waiting for Eva to rise. Jennifer strikes with a kick in Eva's gut.

Eva howls and stumbles around holding her belly. Jennifer bounces off the ropes and charges toward Eva. The Latina is doubled over holding her stomach as Jennifer approaches. Jennifer leaps over her foe and takes Eva down with a Sunset flip. Eva is rolled until her shoulders are on the mat, and her hips in the air. However Eva uses the momentum and keeps rolling and is able to slip out of Jennifer's grasp. Then she kicks Jennifer in her chest for her trouble as Eva makes her escape.

Both women slowly rise to their feet, while holding aching body parts. Heeding her mentor's advice, to keep the pressure on Jennifer, Eva dashes toward her foe. The champion sees Eva out of the corner of her eye. As Eva approaches, Jennifer seizes her challenger and lifts her in the air. Next Jennifer falls backwards allowing Eva to flop face first into the mat in a maneuver called the Flapjack. Both woman impact the canvas with a thunderclap sound. Jennifer sits back up, Eva remains face down and unmoving. Jennifer rolls Eva onto her back and pins her. However the stubborn challenger kicks out at the two count.

Jennifer slowly rises looking very tired. Eva gets up even slower looking hurt and ragged. Eva again charges at Jennifer with a clothesline. The champion side steps Eva, but hooks Eva's arm as she passes, and draws her into her clutches. Jennifer puts her arm around Eva's head from behind. Eva's chin is under Jennifer's arm pit, and the challenger is bent backwards, looking up in a reverse headlock. Finally Jennifer falls, backwards, driving the back of Eva's head into the mat. The maneuver is called a reverse DDT, or pro wrestler Sting's Scorpion Death Drop. When Eva plummets to the mat her legs rise up to a 90 degree angle to the canvas, then fall limply down. Jennifer stays down with one arm across Eva's prone, unmoving, spread eagle body as the referee drops to the mat. Eva makes no movement as he slaps the mat three times, and ends the match.

Jennifer slowly rises to her knees as the bell rings. She is breathing hard holding her back, and wears a tired expression. After pausing on her knees for a moment, then she pushes herself up o her feet. The referee is there waiting to raise her hand in victory. Jennifer takes a moment to catch her breath, and listens to the crowd cheer and roar in her honor. Finally Jennifer climbs on the middle turnbuckle and poses, acknowledging the audience, and drawing an even greater ovation.

Meanwhile, Eva has remained lying on the mat. Her chest rises and falls rapidly from heavy breathing. She rolls from side to side sporadically like she is wallowing in pain. The referee checks on her. He concludes that she is fatigued, disappointed, and hurting, but not seriously injured or in need of assistance. In a few moments she should be able to leave the ring on her own power.

As Jennifer's ovation starts dying down, Salma Hayek starts power walking to the ring. The lovely legend captures everyone's attention. Salma is wearing a black halter top, covered by a grey business coat, and a pair of black slacks. Salma already has a microphone in her hand as she climbs the ring steps and slips into the ring.

"Jennifer, let me be the first to congratulate you on an impressive win." Salma says as she walks up to Jennifer. The champion looks at Salma suspiciously and smiles and nods at the compliment. "Although I must admit that your competition wasn't the best." Salma adds casting an eye down at Eva as she starts stirring and sitting up. "I must give her credit though. She did exemplify the Mexican, 'Fight to the end' spirit. Eva has my respect." she acknowledges as she helps Eva up. Eva starts rolling out of the ring, allowing Salma and Jennifer to have the stage. "Jennifer, I also want to be the first to challenge you for your Drama Queen title at the next Pay Per View, THE GOLD EXPERIENCE! II." Salma pauses dramatically waiting for the crowd response. "I have won War Queen Championship, I have held the Hardcore belt, and I would love to add the Drama Queen championship to my collection."

Jennifer stares into Salma's eyes. She knows that she can not show any form of intimidation from this woman. Salma Hayek is one of the most respected and honored women in the history of the league. She is considered catfighting royalty, practically a living legend. However Jennifer is not intimidated, afraid or impressed by Salma. Jennifer sees just another challenger. Jennifer acknowledges that Salma is a dangerous and wily opponent, but also past prime, and very beatable.

A sly smile crosses Jennifer's face. She walks face to face to Salma. She tries to be serious, but the bubbly woman could not help but giggle a bit. Jennifer wraps her hand around Salma's hand that is holding the microphone. Then she pulls the microphone and Salma's hand to her lips in a show of strength of wills. "You want some of me?" Jennifer asks. "You think you can handle me at this stage in your career?" Jennifer quips. "Fine, you can have your title shot. Good luck." Jennifer says confidently.

Jennifer releases Salma's hand and the two championship fighters engage in a stare down. They are face to face and tit to tit. Salma feels Jennifer's well endowed bosom pressed against her own super rack. "Thank you. I appreciate the chance whip to your ass." Salma adds. "Also I hear somebody voted you Best Breast in Hollywood. I'm going to dispel that myth too." Salma adds, while bumping her huge rack in Jennifer's award winning breasts.

"This belt is going to look good around my waist." Salma adds taking a hold of the championship belt in Jennifer's hand.

Refusing to be intimidated, Jennifer responds, "Get your hands off of my belt."

"Or what?" Salma asks while pulling mockingly on the belt. "What are you going to go about it?"

"I'm warning you for the last time, Salma." Jennifer threatens. "Get your hands off my belt."

Salma keeps tugging on the belt, baiting Jennifer, and trying to intimidate the younger champion. However Jennifer feels like she is in her prime, and is not about to be embarrassed or intimidated by anybody in the league, or anywhere else. Jennifer hauls off and wallops Salma over the head with her fist. Salma reels backwards, actually shocked that Jennifer attacked her. Jennifer did not let up. She continued to hammer Salma over the head with fist after fist.

By the time Salma regroups enough to get her arms up to defend herself, Jennifer nails Salma with a knee right at the belt line. Salma doubles over accompanied with a loud 'OOOoooommmpphhhht!"

"YOU WANT MY BELT? YOU CAN HAVE IT BITCH!" Jennifer shouts in Salma's face. Then Jennifer swings her belt with both hands, driving the gold face plate into Salma's face. The Latina is dropped like a ton of bricks. The fans in the arena are all roaring and jumping up and down, seeing this unexpected turn of events.

Jennifer could have walked away at this point, but did not. She wanted to show Salma, and every other competitor, contender, and celebrity backstage that Jennifer Love Hewitt is the Drama Queen. She is a champion catfighter who won the belt from her merits in the ring. So many doubted her. They accredited her victory to Angelina's Jolie distraction of Jennifer Aniston. A lot of people discredited Jennifer Aniston as a formidable competitor too. It is time for Jennifer to put an end to all of this disrespect. Nobody boldly challenged the great champions of the league like this. Nobody jumps in Beyonce's face and challenges her like Salma just done with her. After she gets through with Salma, no one ever will disrespect her like this again either.

Jennifer reaches down and hauls Salma to her feet. Next the champion whips Salma into the ropes. The stunned Salma rebounds to Jennifer, who lifts Salma up and sends her flying head over heels with a back drop. Salma lands flat on her back with a thunderous boom. Salma scrambles to her feet only to get knocked down again by Jennifer, who was waiting to nail her rival with a drop kick to the face. Salma felt like Jennifer was trying to knock her head off of her shoulders. Salma was knocked off her feet, but the former queen pops back up in time to receive another drop kick to her teeth. Salma is back flat on her back on the canvas again.

Salma silently curses herself for underestimating Jennifer Love Hewitt. She rises to her feet much slower. Then Jennifer comes charging toward her like a freight train. Jennifer drives her shoulder into Salma's stomach. Jennifer spears Salma, lifting her off her feet and sends her flying five feet before crashing back down to the mat. The fans are going nuts. Salma is flat on her back not about to get up and looking vacantly up at the lights.

Jennifer picks up her forgotten championship belt, and places it in the center of the ring. The shiny belt is lying flat like Jennifer purposely put it on display. Next Jennifer grabs a double fistful of Salma's hair and hauls the punch drunk challenger to her feet. Salma is unresisting. Her eyes are distant and unfocused. Salma's mouth is hung open heaving air, and her arms are dangling by her sides. She mindlessly follows as Jennifer ushers to the center of the ring where the belt is lying.

Once they are standing over the belt, Jennifer forces Salma to bend over and look down at the glittering championship belt. "Take a good look at my championship belt. This is the closest you'll ever get to it!" Jennifer tells Salma. Then Jennifer drops to a seated position, taking Salma face first to the canvas with her. Salma's face smashes hard into the championship belt. Jennifer looks at her motionless semi-conscious victim, who lies face down on the mat. Jennifer stands and rolls Salma over so she is on her back and lying face up. Jennifer picks up her championship belt, places one foot on Salma's heaving chest, and raises the belt above her head in a victory pose.

After receiving a rousing ovation, Jennifer looks down at Salma saying, "See you at THE GOLD EXPERIENCE! II " With that Jennifer turns and exits the ring, leaving Salma flat on her back.