Jennifer Love Hewitt vs Jennifer Aniston


NOTE - This story follows Backlash: Rivalry
"We've got good news and bad news for you Jennifer."

Jennifer Aniston glares at Raquel Welch across the table very intently. Stone Rage's booking committee has called her in for an important meeting regarding the next Pay Per View. Her eyes search Loni Anderson, Pam Grier and Lynda Carter for an indication of what is to come. She knows that she was never one of the 'favorites' of management, and suspect a screw job coming.

"First the bad news." Raquel begins. "Just like in the WWE and every other wrestling federation in the world, your Hardcore Title is being decommissioned. It will no longer exist." Raquel pauses looking at Jennifer's face for her reaction. "The good news is that we are replacing it with a brand new championship for actresses only. It's called The Drama Queen title, and we've chosen you to compete in the match to fill the vacancy against Jennifer Love Hewitt. Do you accept?"

Jennifer tried to analyze the situation, looking for a catch. So far she sees a title match against an opponent that she is physically larger and more experienced than. It seemed like a no brainer. "I'll take it." Jennifer answers a few seconds later.

"Good. You'll be the Main Event of The BATTLELINES PAY PER VIEW" Pam states.


Prior to Aniston's arrival to the ring. the cameras focus on the prominent couple of Aniston's ex-husband, Brad Pitt and her arch enemy Angelina Jolie. While cameras always follow the couple dubbed 'Bradgelina' they intensify on the rare occasions that they are under the same roof as Jennifer Aniston. The ever elegant Angelina snuggles close to her prize that she stole from Aniston's bed. It is obvious that Angelina is rubbing Aniston's nose in the fact, that she stole her husband from her grasps.

Angelina applauds Hewitt as she is introduced, and enters the ring. Moment later, Aniston enters the squared circle. Angelina and Brad happen to be seated as close to Aniston's corner as possible. When Aniston reaches her corner, she finds Angelina practically sitting on Brad's lap in a deep, hot heavy kiss. Aniston thought she was over her bad feelings for Angelina, but seeing her flaunting Brad in front of her, they all came back, two fold. Aniston squints her eyes and tries to ignore them.

"Good Luck Jennipoo!" Anglina sings out. "I hope you win the Drama Queen title, so I can take it away from you. I love taking things away from you." she finishes with a taunting laugh.

Jennifer looks back at Angelina and gives her the most evil scowl that she has ever given anyone. "Yeah stupid bitch, like when you tried to take my Hardcore title and I put you in the hospital, slut?" Jennifer argues back.

Angelina's eyes narrow, and she develops a scowl, showing her total disdain for Jennifer. Angelina remembers all too well her last encounter with Jennifer. Aniston had goaded Angelina into a match while she was recovering from pregnancy and battling depression, and totally brutalized her arch enemy. "No bitch!" Angelina snaps back. "Like when I took your man, and made you kiss my feet and ass in front of him, Wimpifer."

Aniston is steaming after hearing 'Wimpifer'. She felt the burning humiliation of being beaten into a submissive cream puff in front of Brad, and tearfully became Angelina's sex toy. She felt she was soft when Angelina and her first met, but not anymore. She has been working out like a maniac, and turned her body into one of the best toned in Hollywood. She is also determined to prove to the world, that she is no wimp, that she is not a weakling. "You fucking Psycho Bitch! I'll rip your head off next time I get my hands on you!" Aniston explodes.

Angelina snarls and responds with a profanity filled tirade. Aniston eager responds with a foul mouthed debate. At this point, neither woman can hide nor deny their total despite of each other. They detest everything that the other woman represents. The conversation disintegrates into a heated argument, with both yelling at the other with no regard for anything else.

In fact they were so consumed in their argument, and their intense heat for each other, that neither realized the opening bell had rung. Hewitt did, and was intent on taking advantage of it. While Aniston's back is turned, yelling at Jolie, Hewitt rushes up from behind and grabs Aniston around the waist. Hewitt throws herself backwards and rolls Aniston up with her in a small package. Aniston finds the back of her neck and shoulders on the mat with her hips in the air. Hewitt is sitting on her thighs trying to hold her down. Aniston yells in effort and with a mighty heave, is able to dislodge Hewitt off of her as the referee quickly counts two.

After kicking out, Aniston is wide eyed and confused. Instantly she scrambles to her feet, but Hewitt beats her up, and is waiting. Hewitt hooks Aniston around the neck and rolls her into another small package. Aniston is upside down again, with her shoulders pinned. Hewitt hooks her foe from the side, with their legs intertwined, holding Aniston down. After several tries, Aniston is able to kick out somewhere between the two and a half and three count.

Hewitt and Aniston reach their feet at the same time. Aniston immediately takes a wide swipe at Hewitt with her fist. It would have been great if she hit Hewitt, but she was really trying to make her back off so she can regain her composure. However Hewitt catches Aniston's fist, and slips around behind her so they are standing back to back. Hewitt holds this position only for a brief instant, before reaching back and capturing Aniston's other arm, and pulling it behind Hewitt along with her other one. Next Hewitt bends forward while Aniston is off balance, and unawares, and places Aniston's shoulders on the mat with a backslide pin attempt. The referee drops to the canvas to count a pinfall. Squiggling and squirming desperately, a squealing Aniston is able to wiggle out an instant before the three count.

Aniston is desperate to get away. She tries to scramble away, but Hewitt keeps a hold of one of her arms. Hewitt twist the arm and jerks Aniston in close. As Aniston tumbles into Hewitt's clutches, the brunette brings her legs up around Aniston's shoulders, and twists the arms in an unnatural position. Hewitt squeezes with her legs, carefully placing her thigh under her prey's chin, cutting off her air supply.

Aniston felt like her arm is going to break off her shoulder. She can barely breath with Hewitt's legs in place. She tried to scream, but the brunette flexes her legs and silences her agonized cry. It takes only a split second to make the only decision that can be made. Aniston frantically starts tapping Hewitt's thigh indicating that she is tapping out, she submits, she surrenders, she gives, she can not take anymore. The referee quickly calls for the bell calling a quick end to this bout. Hewitt releases Aniston and leaps to her feet. Anston clutches her arm and falls back on the canvas. The audience explodes in cheers and Hewitt starts jumping up and down triumphantly.

The referee hands a celebrating Jennifer Love Hewitt the a bright, new shiny Drama Queen championship belt in front of a roaring crowd. Jennifer Aniston sits dejected on the mat, realizing that she has been defeated in only twenty seconds for the title. Aniston is filled with a storm of emotion. Embarrassment and anger are the prevailing feelings. Aniston does not know how to react or release these emotions until she looked at ringside, and sees Angelina Jolie laughing her head off.

Aniston snarls and shakes the tension out of her arm. Then she rolls out of the ring. Aniston walks up to her hysterically laughing arch enemy and haul back her right hand and delivers a cracking slap to Angelina's face. "BITCH THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!" Aniston shouts. Angelina is frozen for an instant that Aniston had the balls to slap her. Then she springs to her feet. A furious Aniston delivers a two handed shove to Angelina's chest, knocking her back down into her seat. Angelina barks in frustration at being handled by this perceived weakling and springs right back up, using her momentum to deliver a two handed shove to Aniston's chest, knocking her to the floor.

As Jennifer regains her feet, Angelina climbs over the security wall separating ringside from the front row. She totally ignores Brad's protest and meets Jennifer face to face. Immediately both vixens start throwing fists. It looked like a Tough Man's contest. Two women stood inches from each other throwing a constant barrage of punches, to see who will be left standing.

Jennifer quickly recognizes that this Angelina is not the emotional wreck that she brutalized several months ago. Instead it is the same ruthless hellcat that turned her into a subservient, sobbing sack of mush, who was forced to kiss her conqueror's ass and feet in fear. However Jennifer is not the sniveling wimp that she was. She has been working out, her body is strong, and she is determined to find a way to crush Angelina.

Although they are trading punches, Angelina is grudgingly moving Jennifer backwards with her assault. An overhand right staggers Jennifer back a step, allowing enough room for Angelina's foot to flash up and kick her rival in the stomach. Jennifer doubles over holding her stomach. Angelina rockets her fist down nailing Jennifer in the cheek. Jennifer drops to one knee, then Angelina's foot launches up and plows into her victim's face, knocking her backwards. Jennifer falls flat on her back with her mind in a daze. Angelina starts kicking and stomping her downed arch enemy until she is sure that Jennifer was thoroughly thrashed.

Angelina backs off for a second. Jennifer lies hurting at her feet. Jennifer's whole body hurts from being used as Angelina's personal dance floor. Through it all she tries to get back to her feet. She knows that she can not just lie there and allow Angelina to destroy her. Angelina stands back with her claws bared, ready to pounce. As soon as Jennifer makes it to her knees, the brunette strikes. Angelina springs from behind slipping her arm under Jennifer's and coils it up until she grasps the back of Jennifer's neck. Then Angelina clutches Jennifer's arm with her free arm and wraps it around over Jennifer's neck, locking her enemy into a Cobra Clutch.

Jennifer immediately starts thrashing around, but Angelina has her locked in too deep. She kicks and thrashes around with her free arm and legs, but to no avail, Angelina has her under total control. Angelina delights in Jennifer's useless desperate attempt to free herself, and gurgled grunts and wails. She knows that in a about a minute her Cobra Clutch will put Jennifer to sleep. Angelina smiles cruelly totally thrilled that she is beating Jennifer in front of a sold out audience, millions more watching on Pay Per View and most importantly, Brad Pitt. Angelina feels like she is living the dream. Angelina even laughs out loud sinisterly.

Jennifer full well knows her predicament. Ever since Angelina took Brad from her, she swore that she would be bigger and better than Angelina. Despite all those hours in the gym, working out and lifting weights, she again finds herself Angelina's victim. Also she has been defeated pretty easily as well. All of this is heaped on the embarrassment of losing to Jennifer Love Hewitt in mere seconds. Jennifer is determined to not go out like this, but knows she has no way out of Angelina's Cobra Clutch. Jennifer feels the darkness engulfing her. Her movements and thrashing are slowing. Jennifer thought that she is too smart to allow something like this to happen. However desperation and consuming desire are often the gateway to ingenuity. Jennifer suddenly goes limp in Angelina's clutches.

Angelina violently shakes Jennifer's body to make certain that she was out, but mostly to display her dominance over her nemesis to Brad and everyone else watching. Next Angelina callously tosses Jennifer's carcass aside. Angelina roars, "Yeah!" in triumph as she walks away from her victim. She is so intoxicated by her victory that Angelina is lost in the moment. She did not notice anything, not even the roar of the crowd. She was oblivious that Jennifer sprang back to her feet, two seconds after she turned her back to her enemy. Angelina is so consumed that she cannot decipher Brad and several of the ringside fans pointing and trying to alert her that Jennifer was only playing possum.

Jennifer rises wearing an evil scowl. Fans gasp like the legendary Phoenix has just arisen. Then like a bird of vengeance, Jennifer grabs a metal folding chair from ringside, and takes a couple quick steps to catch up with Angelina.

Jennifer draws the chair back and whacks her unsuspecting and still celebrating rival across the back. Angelina screams in horror and drops to her knees. She has no clue what hit her, but knows she has the worst pain ever coursing through her back. Jennifer walks around front of Angelina and cracks her across the head with the chair this time. Angelina collapse onto her back like she has been shot. Jennifer adjust her grip on the chair so she can drive the top edge of the chair into Angelina's vulnerable mid section. Angelina jack knifes up clutching her stomach and howling. Finally she is met by another cracking shot across the head by Jennifer's chair as she springs up.

Angelina lies flat on her back moaning with a groggy moan. Jennifer recklessly tosses the chair aside, and straddles her victim. Next Jennifer drops down, taking a seat on Angelina's big, soft, round tits. Jennifer pauses to take a brief look at Angelina's face and pouty lips, then starts to batter Angelina's gorgeous face with her fists. Jennifer unleashes all of her pent up hostility and anger of her divorce, her consequential failed romances and everything else on her arch enemy. Jennifer snaps Angelina's head, left to right, left to right, left to right. Angelina roars in pain and frustration earlier in the savage beating, but after being knocked scensless, she could only helplessly lie ther and accept the terrible punishment.

After the semi-concious beauty stares vacantly up at her, Jennifer relents her assault. Jennifer stands off Angelina, then reaches down and yanks the groggy woman to her feet. Jennifer whips the unresisting woman across the ringside area, and sends her crashing into the ring steps. Angelina's lithe body collides into the steps, dislodgng them, then collapes into a heap.

Jennifer walks over to Angelina, who lies in a pile with all the fight knocked out of her. Jennifer reaches down and grabs Angelina by her elegoant black, spangle covered blouse. Jennifer starts jerking and yanking the gament trying to rip it off of Angelina's body. Angelina is drug and slung like a rag doll as Jennifer vivaciously pulls at her top until the stubborn fabric gives way, and is shredded off of it's owner's body. Once she strips the shirt off Angelina, Jennifer presents the shirt to the roaring crowd. She easily tears the already tattered garment into three different pieces and throws them into the crowd. Jennifer returns to the battered Angelina, still lying in a heap on the ground. Jennifer unfasten and removes Angelina's black lace bra easily off of the barely concious woman. Next, Jennifer toss the bra into the over excited crowd.

Given the time, and jousteling around, Angelina starts to revive a little bit, and starts to struggle to her feet. Jennifer retieves her chair and waits for her enemey to get to her knees. Jennifer is waiting and hammers her across the head with the chair. The chair hits with a sickening clang and Angelina falls flat on her back, spread-eagle with her naked tits pointing straight up.

Jennifer goes over to Brad standing in the front row. She grabs him by the front of his shirt, and jerks him close, and plants a big wet kiss on his lips. After her long kiss, Jennifer keeps a fistful of Brad's shirt and threateningly turns and point at the downed Angelina. "When she wakes up.... tell your fucking bimbo, that she cost me the Drama Queen title, and I'm going to take it out of her fucking ass!" Jennifer shouts. "And this isn't over between us by a long shot!" Jennifer says then plants another big kiss on Brad's lips.

Angelina turns her head and sees Jennifer and Brad embracing lips. She barks she is so furious at the sight. Angelina is still dazed and stunned from the last chair shot, but tries to command her body to rise. Jennifer breaks away from Brad and turns to walk away. She sees that Angelina has strained to raise her torso off of the ground a few inches. Jennifer harshly stomps down on Angelina's chest, knocking her back down flat on the floor, and walks on her vanquished arch rival's beaten body.

Angelina turns her head and watches Jennifer continue to walk away. Angelina lies on the ground and does not try to rise again. Instead the dizzy woman looks up at the swirling lights at the ceiling of the arena. The embaressment of going down at Jennifer rushes in on her. She cannot believe that the cream puff, Jennifer, has left her lying with her naked tits up for a second time. This is an extremly bitter pill for Angelina to swallow considering she grossly out fought Jennifer.

Poor Brad gets an earfull from Angelina as they walk out of the arena thirty minutes later. Even though they exited through the main concourse with the rest of the fans, she does not accept Brad's shirt to cover her bare tits. She keeps shouting, "This is all your fucking fault! Look at what you caused! I'm damn near naked because of you!" Angelina continues her rant, "Fuckin' Asshole!"