NOTE - This story immediately follows MYA VS JENNIFER ANISTON
Fresh off of her humiliating defeat to Mya*, Jennifer Aniston just wanted to get as far away scene of the destruction as possible. She could still hear the commotion in the background as she made her way through a few side streets. She had to somehow find a way to dry off and find a new set of clothes after being covered in ketchup. She comforted herself by thinking that she would be consoled by husband Brad Pitt, who was staying with her at the MGM Grand. She eventually found an out of the way place without much fanfare or heckling.

Jennifer immediately walks up to one of the young sales reps, "You know who I am?" she said quietly as she placed her finger over his mouth. He nodded in response as his eyes widened recognizing her. "Good, now get me your manager sweetie. Ok?" in a no nonsense sort of way. She grabbed his arm just as he was about to leave. "…Quietly." She said putting a $50 in his hand and winked before letting him go. She followed him with her eyes as she pretended to go through some clothes. The kid went over to the manager and whispered in his ear and pointed toward Jennifer who quickly smiled and started to walk over.

"What can I do for you Mrs. Aniston?" said the manager in a low, gentle tone of voice as he took off his glasses. He was a middle-aged man who has seen a few celebrities walk through his door.

"What does it fucking look like? I need to dry off and get a new damn set of clothes." Trying to keep her seething anger under control.

"Calm down Mrs. Aniston, I'm here to help you. You can pick out any set of clothes you like and change in the back. We have your card on file. We can give you some towels for you to dry off." Smiled the manager staying calm, having been through situations like this before.

"Thank you." Said a curt Jennifer.

"I'll be over here if you need anything." Smiled the manager as he turned and slowly walked away. He then motioned to the rep, "Billy go get some towels from the back."

Jennifer quickly went through the stores, shelves, and racks and picked out a new set of clothes. She noticed a few people turning their heads and looking at her as she picked out her clothes. She quickly went to the dressing room with her new set of clothes. Jennifer grabbed the towels out of Billy's hand as she walked by him and went into the dressing room. She quickly took her clothes off, dried her soaking wet body and put on the new clothes she picked out. Jennifer then walked out of the dressing room, walked up to the manager, placed the tags in his hands and walked out of the store.

She flagged down the first taxi she came across and got in. Jennifer instructed him to go to the MGM Grand. She arrived at the hotel in a matter of minutes. After paying the taxi driver and walking into the hotel, Jennifer let out a sigh of relief as she got into the elevator. She was just glad to be somewhere safe and she couldn't wait to be in Brad's arms, and tell him about her ordeal. The elevator finally got to the floor where Jennifer's penthouse suite was. She walked down the few short steps to her door, slid the key in and walked in turning on the lights as she did.

"Home sweet home." Muttered Jennifer under her breath. No sooner did she mutter that did Jennifer's ears perk up at the sounds of moaning coming from the bedroom. She quickly got and inquisitive look on her face as she walked to the bedroom door. As soon as she opened the door, her eyes widened like saucers, her mouth dropped and her heart sank into her gut.

The sight of Angelina Jolie riding her husband's cock hit her like a ton of bricks. When she finally composed herself she screamed out, "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING TO MY HUSBAND YOU DAMN SLUT?" As she said that, she rushed over to Angelina, grabbed her by her hair and through her to the ground. She then turned to Brad and pointed at him: "H…H…HOW…COULD YOU EVEN FUCKING CHEAT ON ME? AND OF ALL PEOPLE TO CHEAT ON ME WITH…IT'S…IT'S WITH THAT TRAMP ANGELINA. I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU BRAD. THERE ARE BETTER LOOKING WOMEN TO CHEAT ON ME WITH THAN HER."

"Fuck you Bitch. You're not much of a catch. With me, Brad gets a real woman and I can fulfill his needs a lot better than you can you old hag." Growled Angelina as she stood back up.

"You want to see who the real woman is then huh, bitch? Let's go then…right now." Hollered Jen as she brought her fists up in a boxing position.

"Fine by me." Replied Angelina as she squared off with Jen.

Angelina quickly fired with a kick to Jenn's crotch causing her to double over and protect her crotch with her hands. She then followed with a nasty right cross knocking Jennifer onto the floor. As Angelina followed up to take advantage of the fallen Jennifer, she gets a couple quick kicks to Jennifer's gut but looses her balance, causing her to stumble back a few steps. Jennifer got back up and threw herself at the sexy temptress.

Angelina was able to side-step Jennifer but not before being partially clipped by her and stumbling back hard and fast and taking a tumble over the mini-fridge in the room and hit the floor hard. Jennifer on the other hand, stumbled forward and her head clipped the bedroom wall. Both stars are groaning in pain and feeling the effects of match already. Each was trying to recover from the initial foray. Brad was looking on with a smile getting excited seeing the two women in his life fighting over him.

The two starts slowly made it their knees and finally to their feet. Jennifer was holding her head and was slightly groggy from hitting the wall a moment earlier. Angelina took advantage of that as she fired off successive jabs to Jennifer's head causing her head to snap back and forth with each hit. Angelina followed it up with several punches to Jennifer's breasts.

Jennifer's only retaliation to the attacks so far was just to take the attacks. She finally responded by grabbing Angelina's breast and digging into the soft flesh with her nails. This caused Angelina to scream hellishly. Seeing she had some success with that manuever, Jennifer continued to dig deep into her opponent's breasts and twisted as well causing even more pain. Angelina recovers from her initial shock as she tightly grabs each of Jennifer's wrists.

The two stars were now in a test of wills and strength as to see who could outlast the other in this struggle. They each increased the pressure on the other with their own hands. Angelina ramped it up as she brought her knee up fast and hard into Jennifer's unprotected crotch causing her to grit her teeth and grunt in pain. Jennifer responded with her own knee to Angelina's crotch getting the same reaction from Angelina. The two of them continued to knee each other's crotch for almost a couple minutes. To Brad, these two seemed like superwoman after taking so many shots to their own crotches. Jennifer was the one to crack from the attacks as she released her hold of Angelina's breasts and her knees started to buckle. Angelina smiled cruelly at Jennifer as she nailed Jennifer in the crotch several more times before yanking her towards her and wrapping her arms around her waist tightly.

"You're mine now bitch." Whispered Angelina softly and seductively in Jennifer's ear. The only response from Jennifer was a groan of pain as Angelina tightened her grip around Jennifer's waist. The energy was being slowly sapped out of Jennifer's body. There wasn't much more for Jennifer to do. She looked pleadingly over to Brad as she slowly stretched her arm to him.

Jennifer with a whimpered looked toward Brad asked pleadingly but weak, "Brad…please…help me…please."

Brad smirked from the bed, "Sorry babe. Angelina's the one for me. She has been for a while. You don't cut it for me anymore."

"Braaaaad…nnnnnoooooooo." Said Jennifer sadly as her heart was figuratively torn out of her and her eyes welling up.

"You heard it right bitch, he's mine. Just accept it and everything will be just fine." Smile Angelina as she licked Jennifer's cheek. Jennifer only groaned in response. She was now totally depressed and had tears flowing down her face. Her arms flopped at her side and her head sunk down. Angelina released Jennifer from the bear hug. Angelina looked and saw a look of resignation and lack of will power in Jennifer's eyes as she fired off a series of jabs to her face and chest followed up by a few deep gut punches forcing her back to the wall. She then unleashed a barrage of punches to her body and breasts.

Jennifer wasn't even trying to block them or fight back as her fighting spirit was just destroyed by the fact she lost her husband to her seductive tormentor. Jennifer slowly slid down the wall from all the punches. Angelina then pressed her foot on Jennifer's throat causing her to gasp in pain. Jennifer's arms and legs flailed weakly and her face contorted a bit in pain. Angelina finally took her foot off of Jennifer's throat. She then reached down and pulled Jennifer up to her feet by her hair "I'm not quite done with you yet." Said Angelina.

Angelina kneed Jennifer in the gut several times causing her to double over in pain. She then followed it up by kneeing her several times in the face causing her to jolt up straight. Angelina then grabbed Jennifer's body, twirled it around and wrapped her left arm around her neck.

"Want to see a part of why Brad likes me?" whispered Angelina into Jennifer's ear as she pulled her close. Angelina then slowly massaged Jennifer's right breast and nipple.

Jennifer weakly groaned, "Angelina…please."

"Please what Jennifer?" teased Angelina.

"Please take him, he's yours. I'll file the papers when I get back to LA." Sighed Jennifer.

"Good girl, you know when you've lost. I want you to feel what it's like for him though.... to be with me." Said Angelina as she kissed Jennifer's neck. She slowly ran her hand down Jennifer's body to her pants, unclasped the button and opened the zipper of the pants. Jennifer did little to resist her. Angelina then reached underneath the pants with her hand, "Hmmmm…no panties, wonder why?" Angelina reached further down and touched her pussy massaging it a bit, noticing some wetness. "A little moist huh sweetie? You like getting beat by me?" teased Angelina.

"You Bitch." Grunted Jennifer as she weakly grabbed Angelina's hand.

"Don't resist…you know you want this." Said Angelina seductively as she inserted several fingers into Jennifer's pussy causing her to gasp. Jennifer was no match for Angelina's fingers as she started to moan at their insertion and ramming. Angelina continued to play with Jennifer's pussy. Jennifer's resistance broke down as she began to moan. She released Angelina's hand and leaned back. "That's right bitch, you know I'm better." Whispered a now dominant Angelina. She continued to play with Jennifer's pussy for another couple minutes until Jennifer climaxed. She then released Jennifer's neck from the hold and took her fingers out of Jennifer's pussy. Jennifer turned around with a look of a whipped dog.

"Kneel before me and kiss my feet." Ordered Angelina. Jennifer complied as she kneeled before Angelina and placed a kiss on each of her feet. "Now my pussy." Jennifer complied again. Angelina then turned around and looked at Jennifer over her shoulder "Now kiss my ass bitch." Jennifer complied as well as she kissed each of Angelina's ass cheeks.

After Jennifer kissed Angelina's ass cheeks, Angelina turned around and looked down at Jennifer, then grabbed her head pulling it backwards slightly. She reared her right fist back and planted it right on Jennifer's jaw knocking her out before she hit the ground. After KOing Jennifer, Angelina turned her attention to Brad and started walking toward him swaying her hips, "Now where were we before we were so rudely interrupted."

* Mya vs Jennifer Aniston

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