Salma Hayek & Penelope Cruz vs Alicia Keys & Beyonce


“I’ve forgotten how sore I get when I prepare for a match B.” said Alicia Keys as she stretched her sore back while she and Beyonce were taking showers in adjoining shower stalls at the local gym.

“That’s what happens when you’re out of the game for a while babe. I’ve got to prepare you for our tag match.” said Beyonce.

“Yeah and from what I’ve heard they’re pretty close.” Replied Beyonce.

“Who are we facing again? Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz?” said Alicia somewhat jokingly.

“Yeah and from what I’ve heard they’re pretty close.” Replied Beyonce.

“Not as close as us though. That’s got to count for something.” Said Alicia.

“I’d like to think so. I took a peak at them practicing and from what I saw, Penelope looks like the easier target of the two. She’s good, but needs practice.” Smiled Beyonce.

“That’s good to know about that skinny Spanish bitch.” Smirked Alicia.

Over the new half hour, Beyonce and Alicia talked about strategy while they finished their shower, dried up, get dressed and went to Beyonce’s place. They enjoyed a steak dinner, a movie and some wine. After they finished their post practice relaxation, Alicia got up to leave. “It’s awesome to have a good friend like you to hang out with from time to time.” Said Beyonce as the two hugged.

“Same here B. You’ve always been a good friend to me.” Smiles Alicia.

A few days later, the fighters arrive at the TD Garden in Boston for the fight. Each of the fighters enters the Garden separately and head to their respective tag-team locker rooms. Each pair makes final preparations for the match prior to being called into the ring. The first one to be call to the ring was Alicia Keys and she was introduced to her hit song “Girl on Fire”. She had on a pair of jeans, a tank top and a pair of boots. She received a large applause from the crowd as she showed up on the ramp. She smiled as she raised her arms up to take in the applause. She made her way down to the ring and shook hands with her fans. After getting into the ring she bounced around a bit and did some shadow boxing.

A moment later, her teammate Beyonce was introduced to her song ‘Crazy in Love’. The crowd went wild for her when she appeared on the ramp. Like Alicia, she had on a pair of jeans, tank top and boots as well. She soaks in all the cheers from the crowd. She slowly makes her way down the aisle to ring shaking their hands and occasionally hugging a fan. She finally made it to the ring and hugged Alicia. Beyonce did some stretching in the ring while waiting for their opponents.

Salma Hayek was introduced next to the song ‘After Dark’ from the ‘Dusk to Dawn’ movie. She wore the red bikini outfit from the movie as well. She struts out to the ramp to the cheers of the crowd. She smirks a bit as the cheers get louder after she makes an appearance. She does some of the dance moves that she did in the movie much to the enjoyment of the crowd. Beyonce and Alicia roll their eyes as they see all this. Beyonce leans over and whispers into Alicia’s ear, “We’re going to teach that fucking Latin bitch a lesson she won’t soon forget.”

“Damn straight.” Alicia in responds. They watched as Salma made her way to the ring. After Salma gets to the ring, she smirks at the opposing duo, as she looks them over. Salma then heads to one of the corners and jumps on the second set of ropes to wave and blow kisses to the crowd.

Penelope was introduced last to a Spanish Tango. She had a tight skirt with a flowery design and a slit on both sides that ran up the length of both legs. She also had a tank top that showed her cleavage. To top it off, she was barefoot. The crowd cheered loudly for her. Like Salma before her, she did some dance moves to the enjoyment of the crowd before making her way to the ring. She shakes hands with fans on the way down. Once she makes it to ring, she hugs Salma and gives her a quick peck on the lips.

The referee called both teams to the center of the ring; explained the rules before sending them to their corners and calling for the opening bell. The ones to step forward to face each other were Beyonce and Salma Hayek.

They each take turns feigning like they want to lock up, before backing away at the last second. Beyonce was the first to make an attack with a left hook towards Salma’s head. Salma blocks the punch and sends her own punch to Beyonce which itself is blocked by Beyonce. They each try several more punches, but each gets blocked easily and countered by the other. Salma sends a kick to Beyonce’s gut connecting with it making her grunt and stagger back. Salma followed up the kick with a roundhouse to the head, but Beyonce ducked underneath it. Before Salma could get her foot to the ground, Beyonce lunges at her and tackles her to the mat. Beyonce quickly straddles Salma and starts to pound Salma’s face with one punch after another. Salma is able to block a few of them, but most get through. After a few seconds, the referee comes in to pull Beyonce off of Salma. Beyonce complied by getting off of Salma.

As Beyonce was standing up, Salma sends a kick towards Beyonce’s pussy connecting, making Beyonce yelp in pain and hold her pussy. The referee pointed his finger at Salma and gave her a warning about the low blow to which Salma just shrugs her shoulders. Salma quickly gets to her feet only to have Beyonce charge at her and clothesline her. Beyonce follows that up with an elbow drop, but Salma rolls out of the way and Beyonce grunts as she hits the mat. They each get to their feet to face each other. Salma charges Beyonce with a flurry of punches and the occasional kick putting Beyonce on the defensive. Beyonce blocks a lot of the punches and kicks as she backtracks towards the ropes. As Beyonce’s back hits the ropes, Salma lunges at her slamming her thigh into Beyonce’s stomach. Salma grabs one of Beyonce’s arms and sends her hurdling to the opposite set of ropes. As Beyonce got close to the ropes, Penelope sent out her leg and kicked Beyonce in the back making Beyonce grunt and stagger forward right into Salma’s sidekick to her chest. Beyonce staggers back to the ropes to hold on to them. The referee comes in and chides Penelope for her kick to which Penelope shrugs her shoulders.

While the referee is distracted with Penelope, Alicia enters the ring and charges Salma tackling her to the mat. She straddles her back, grabs Salma’s hair and slams her head into the mat several times just before the referee comes over and pulls her away to have her go back to her corner. Beyonce takes that time to go to the prone Salma and send several kicks and stomps to her back. She turns her head just in time to see Penelope coming at her with a punch. Beyonce quickly sidesteps her while blocking her punch and counters with a knee towards Penelope’s ribs. Penelope grunts from the knee and comes back with another punch towards Beyonce, but that is blocked and countered too by Beyonce as she sends a kick to Penelope’s stomach making Penelope double over. Beyonce follows that up with a roundhouse kick to her jaw sending her to the ground. Alicia sees this and tries to escape the referee’s grasp as she is complaining to him about Penelope’s attack, but the referee only looks back at the last second when Beyonce kicks Penelope to the ground. He tells her stay in the corner while he goes to Penelope to have her go back to her corner.

During the time that Beyonce was fighting Penelope; Salma was recovering from her attack and getting to her feet. When Beyonce kicked Penelope to the ground Salma charged at Beyonce and sent a shoulder into her stomach driving her back to the ropes and nearly sending her through them. Had Beyonce not grabbed onto the ropes at the last second, Salma would have driven her through the ropes and onto the floor outside. Salma brings her shoulder back and sends it to Beyonce’s gut again making Beyonce’s cheeks puff up in air. Salma tries to send her shoulder again into Beyonce’s gut, but is interrupted as Beyonce brings her knee up into Salma’s chest stopping her in her tracks. Beyonce knees her again making her grunt and stagger back. She follows up the second knee by coming up and upper cutting Salma in the jaw sending her to the mat. Beyonce steps towards Salma and slams her foot into her stomach grinding it a bit too making Salma scream in pain and spasm. Beyonce takes her foot away and sees a red mark in Salma’s stomach. Beyonce goes to her corner and tags-in Alicia.

Alicia walks over to Salma, bends over, grabs Salma by the hair and by one of her arms and brings her to her feet. Alicia peppers Salma’s face with a handful of punches and slaps making her yelp or grunt with each hit. Alicia’s attack forced Salma towards the ropes. After Alicia forced Salma to the ropes, she leans in to grab Salma to send her hurdling towards the other ropes. As she tries to pull her away, Salma holds on to the ropes with her free hand nearly making her stumble.

“Move your ass BITCH!” Snarled Alicia as she looked back at Salma.

“Make me.” Said a defiant Salma.

Alicia once again tried to pull Salma from the ropes again, and this time Salma complied as she released her grip on the rope. Instead of hurdling to the other set of ropes, she twirls around, plants her feet, grabs Alicia’s arm and sends Alicia towards the same set ropes Alicia tried to send her. Instead of bouncing off the ropes or waiting for Alicia to come back, she quickly heads to the corner and tags in Penelope. Alicia sees Salma making the tag as she is coming off the ropes, readjusts her trajectory and heads towards Penelope. Before Penelope could defend herself, Alicia jumps at her tackling her to the mat making Penelope grunt from the tackling. Alicia quickly straddles Penelope, grabs her hair with the left hand and starts to pummel her face with the right fist. Penelope grunts with each punch. After the referee counts to five, he comes over to get Alicia off of Penelope, after a couple seconds, the referee got Alicia off of her.

Penelope shakes her head to clear her head and rolls over. She starts to crawl to the corner to tag Salma back in making Alicia call out, “Oh hell no bitch! We’re not through with you yet.” Alicia goes over to Penelope, grabs one of her legs and starts to pull. Penelope starts to flail her arms towards the corner. The further away Alicia pulls Penelope away from the corner, the more she flails and starts to squirms on the ground to try and free herself from Alicia’s grip making it hard for Alicia to keel the hold. Penelope is able to roll on to her side and send a couple kicks to Alicia’s stomach making her grunt and release her ankle.

Penelope uses this opportunity to get back to her feet and scurry back to the corner. Alicia follows quickly behind her and tackles her just as she gets to the corner just out of reach of Salma’s tag. Penelope squirms below Alicia as she tries to keep her down. Alicia keeps trying to readjust her weight and grip. She finally reaches up and grabs the top of Penelope’s dress and starts to pull. “Let go of me puta.” Yells Penelope as she looks back at Alicia and starts to twist her legs and try to kick Alicia.

“Let her go Alicia! It’s not worth it! Just let her go and stand and fight!” yells Beyonce from her corner. She repeated it a couple more times, but the advice either got drowned out by the crowd noise or Alicia was either not paying or not listening to her. Penelope continues to twist and kick when she finally lunges at the ropes to grab them and pull away from Alicia. As that happens the dress and panties get pulled down to her knees. The dress finally comes off as Alicia’s momentum pulls the dress the rest of the way. Penelope tries to cover herself up as she and Salma look with wide eyes at Alicia as she holds the dress.

After a couple seconds, Salma tags herself in. Alicia sees her doing that and tosses the dress over to her corner and sees out of the corner of her eye that Beyonce is doing a face palm. Alicia looks back at Salma who is charging at her like a bull. The two start to exchange blows and the occasional kick with each other. As she sends one of her kicks to Salma’s ribs, Salma grabs her leg with both hands and uses that momentum to swing Alicia around off her other leg and slams her onto the mat. Alicia grunted from hitting the mat. While still holding Alicia’s leg, Salma holds the leg out wide, quickly jumps in the air bringing her knees together and slams them down on Alicia. One knee lands on her pussy and the other on her lower abdomen. Alicia screams hellishly and spasms from the double knee. Alicia curls up in a fetal position and holds herself after Salma stands up and releases her leg. Salma smirks at Beyonce as she raises her right hand and motions her to come at her.

“You’re going to fucking pay for what you did to my friend bitch!” says a seething Beyonce as she comes out of her corner to charge at Salma. She unleashes a series of punches including several haymakers at Salma. The referee tries to block Beyonce’s entrance, but is bowled over by her on her way to Salma sending him to the mat unconscious. Even though Salma was waiting for Beyonce, she wasn’t ready for the ferocity of Beyonce’s attack. Salma sends a few of her own punches and kicks, but they are either blocked or have little affect on Beyonce. After a series of blows, Salma is reeling from the attack. She would have been knocked over the top ropes had Penelope not come in and blind-sided Beyonce by tackling her. Beyonce and Penelope roll on the mat sending punches towards each other trying to gain the upper hand. It took a little more tussling between the two before Beyonce got the upper hand and was on top of Penelope and started to pound her face with one right after another.

Salma had sufficiently recovered from her fight with Beyonce to make it towards the two sexy stars rolling on the ground. Before she gets too far, Alicia grabs onto her ankle and starts to pull on it. Salma becomes a little unstable. Alicia yanks on her ankle a couple more times making her finally fall to the mat. Each took a little time to get to their feet, but with Alicia’s pussy still hurting from the knee, it took her a little while longer to get up. Salma started first with a couple of jabs towards Alicia’s face but Alicia blocks the punches and fires back with several of her own punches. Salma blocks those punches before sending a kick to Alicia’s stomach making her double over. Salma sends a high knee to Alicia’s forehead sending her back upright. Salma finishes up with a spinning roundhouse kick to Alicia’s chin sending here spinning to the mat.

Just as she sends Alicia to the mat, she gets blind sided by Beyonce with a kick between her legs from behind. Salma yells and doubles over. Beyonce runs up to Salma and bulldogs her. Beyonce quickly rolls Salma onto her back. She then makes it over to Alicia and pulls her over to Salma for the cover, putting her arm over Salma’s chest. Beyonce looks for the referee who is coming to and getting to his feet. “Hey ref, over here.” Says Beyonce.

The referee comes over and starts to administer the three count. As he’s about to bring the hand down for the third count, Salma raises her shoulder. “Oh hell no. You two bitches ain’t winning this match.” Says Beyonce as she starts to make it to Salma and Alicia only to be intercepted by the referee and told to go to her corner. Beyonce gives him a defiant look but eventually complies. After she goes to the corner, she sees Salma pulling the barely conscious Alicia to her feet. Salma pushes Alicia to her turnbuckles. Alicia leans heavily on the ropes and turnbuckles to stay up.

Salma taunts her, “You want to fight me, tag in and fight me. I’ll beat your ass too.” Beyonce looks at her with a flint of anger in her eyes. Beyonce tags herself in and makes her way carefully to Salma. As Beyonce tags in Alicia slides down to her ass in the corner. They circle each other before Beyonce tried to lock up with Salma. Instead of locking up with Beyonce, Salma leaps back and sends a kick to Beyonce’s stomach making her grunt. Beyonce grits her teeth as she comes at Salma again with several quick jabs, a right hook and several knees. Being ready this time for Beyonce’s attack, Salma blocks the punches and knees. Salma counters with her own punches, most of which are blocked by Beyonce. Salma feigns a left kick making Beyonce bring her leg up to block and as Beyonce is bringing her leg back down, Salma sends a kick to her stomach. This opens up Beyonce for a quick left hook to her jaw by Salma.

The two start sending punches to each other. They block some of the punches, while blocking others. While they are punching each other, Salma sends a kick to Beyonce’s stomach again making her grunt. Beyonce sends a punch to Salma’s chest, but Salma grabs the wrist and twists it forcing Beyonce to bend over. Salma sends a series of quick kicks to Beyonce’s stomach and chest. Beyonce grunts and her body spasms with each kick. After doing the five count, the referee comes over to have Salma stop her attack. Beyonce holds her stomach and chest as she groans in pain and staggers around. Salma smirks at her as she comes closer, “Struggling to stay on your feet? Here, let me help you.” As Salma comes closer, Beyonce sends a kick that Salma blocks. Beyonce comes at her with a haymaker punch. Salma quickly brings her arm up to block the punch and sends a kick to the inside of Beyonce’s knee. The kick makes Beyonce grunt and open her stance. Salma takes the opportunity to send several quick jabs and hooks to Beyonce’s jaw sending her Beyonce back a few more steps.

Beyonce once again charges at Salma with a punch, only to be countered again by a kick to her stomach. The last kick seemed to take the steam out of Beyonce as she hunches over and holds her stomach. Salma comes in with a left uppercut to Beyonce’s chin followed by a right uppercut. Beyonce reels back from the two uppercuts and falls on her ass in the corner as close to being knocked out as you could be. Salma smiles as she leans in and brings the nearly unconscious Beyonce to her feet. She deep gut punches Beyonce making her upper body lurch forward. Salma whispers in her ear, “I told you I’d kick your ass.” Salma twists her fist in Beyonce’s gut making her groan softly and take out and wind she had left. “Now be a good girl and lay on your back for the pin.” Taunts Salma as she looks in Beyonce’s lifeless eyes as she removes her fist. Beyonce gives one last groan as Salma removes her fist before collapsing to the mat. Salma smiles as she puts her foot between Beyonce’s breasts and hands on her hips.

Alicia groans from the corner as she reaches out towards Beyonce, “Please… no. Beyonce, get up.” She desperately tries to get to her feet before the referee goes counts her out. She barely gets to her knees when the referee comes over, counts Beyonce out and calls for the bell. As the referee calls for the bell, Penelope has finally gotten up and made her way to Salma. The referee stands and holds up Salma’s and Penelope’s hands. The two of them smile and wave to the crowd.

As they turn around to face more of the crowd, they see Alicia getting to her feet. Salma and Penelope smile at each other before starting to go over to Alicia like a pair of prowling cats. Alicia sees them and brings her arms up to plead with them, “C’mon girls, you won the match. There’s no need for this.”

“Oh yes there is… puta. You embarrassed me in front of everyone here by pulling my dress off. You need to apologize to me for that.” Chided Penelope.

“Hey! That was part of the match and your dress was fair game.” Said Alicia angrily pointing at Penelope. As she is looking at Penelope, Salma sends a kick to her stomach making her double over. Penelope follows that up with a front kick sending her to her ass in the corner and once again very dazed. Salma motions with her head to Alicia as she faces Penelope. Penelope smiles as she heads towards Alicia and turns around while in front of her. She squats down and gives Alicia a stinkface who gives her token resistance. After half a minute of that, she stands up and heads to Salma with a smile, “Your turn.”

Salma nods and heads to Alicia who weakly pleads with her, “Please, not you too.”

“Yes, me too.” Smirks Salma as she turns around and gives Alicia a stinkface. After half a minute of giving Alicia the stinkface, she stands up. She looks down and sees Penelope’s dress. She grabs it and hands it to her.

“Thank you!” Said Penelope.

Salma and Penelope go arm in arm out the ring and as they do, Salma looks over her shoulder, “When you girls learn how to fight, take us on again.” Salma and Penelope headed back to their locker room to celebrate.


Losing Captain is Fucked Fisted and humiliated!