ThE RoCk tHe BoAt CrUiSe!

Salma Hayek vs Jaime Pressly

Featuring Salma Hayek's Confidante & Generation Prime

NOTE - This story immediately follows Vanessa Williams vs Jamie Pressly
"Imagine going on a cruise with some of the hottest and sexiest celebrities in the world. You may find yourself sunbathing next to Jessica Simpson. You could be at the same dinner table with Salma Hayek, or dancing on the club floor with Kim Kardashian. Then at night, there are All-star concerts with Janet Jackson, Christina Aguilera, Nelly Furtado, Mya and Shakira. How much would this once in a lifetime opportunity be worth for you?"

These words were the words of an announcer in a video posted on Stone Rage's website. He was betting that someone would pay a hell of a lot for that opportunity. Hence her invented ThE RoCk tHe BoAt CrUiSe!. Its a five day cruise on three luxury liners to the Bahamas. Each boat is stocked with celebrities. At night, there are concerts and of course wrestling matches.

Salma was vacationing in South France when she got the text on her phone of her amigo, Vanessa Williams beaten, bound and humiliated and Jaime Pressly challenging her to a match. Salma made preparations to leave the next morning. Then she got on the phone. First, she checked on Vanessa's well being. Next she mobilized Penelope Cruz, to attend to Vanessa. Lastly, she got on the phone with her secretary to contact her closest associate on the booking committee, Raquel Welch, to get a match and contract signed to fight Jaime.

The contract negotiations were slam dunk. Both ladies were more interested at getting their hands on each other than the money. Jaime still had very vivid memories of the day Salma left her dangling unconscious from the ring ropes after the blonde had defeated Penelope.

Jaime could not sign quick enough. She is an extremely competitive person, and what Salma did infuriated her. Second, this fight would launch up the rankings in the league. Maybe she could even get in position to challenge Jennifer Love Hewitt for the Drama Queen belt. A victory over Salma is still a big deal. Salma was the first dominant wrestler in the league. She won the first War Queen title, and dominated until Catherine Zeta Jones carved her up, literally. Salma was never the same after Catherine destroyed her in two one-sided matches. Salma still enjoyed a great career following that destruction, earning the Hardcore title, and short lived Latina Supreme title. She still has the utmost respect in the league. However she has served as a stepping stone for Jenny McCarthy, Alyssa Milano and Alicia Silverstone to reach the top tier in the league too. Jaime enjoys a rare 2 inch height advantage over Salma, and being 9 years younger. Jamie was positive she would get the victory. She was licking her chops to avenge Salma's assault on her after the match with Penelope, and enjoy the prestige of from destroying the great Salma Hayek.

Unfortunately Jaime's friend and the real cause of the contention between Salma, and Jaime, Alyssa Milano is not attending the cruise. She has recently married and is off with her husband. Always confident, Jaime was undeterred. Shortly after the cruise casts off, Jaime is waiting for the elevator. When the elevator doors open, Jaime exclaims "Wow" then she starts nervously moving from side to side like a giddy adolescence. "Janet Jackson! I'm a huge fan! I've been a dancer since I was a teenager, and you have always been my idol!"

"Thank you Jaime, I'm honored you think so highly of me." Janet modestly answers. "And good luck in your match against Salma Hayek, we'll be rooting for you." Janet adds. She is accompanied by her Generation Prime teammates, Mya and Christina Aguilera.

"Yeah you were pretty awesome yourself," Christina adds, "The way you handled Vanessa Williams was really impressive."

Gushing at the flattering, Jaime sings, "Ohhhh thank you, it was nothing. The big job is handling that runt Salma."

"I'm sure you'll do fine, and kick her ass." Mya adds. "By the way, we have an empty seat at our dinner table. It's yours if you want some company sometime."

"Thank you. I just might to that." Jaime answers with a smile, as she departs into the elevator.

Later that evening, Jaime decides to join Generation Prime at their dinner table, and ends up hanging out with the trio the next couple days. Jaime was feeling a little lonely at first and was thrilled to have the companionship. But as with all cruises something magical happens. Its hard to determine exactly what it is. Maybe it is the relaxed atmosphere. Possibly it is the close quarters and comradely of the boat. It may even be the kinship of going on an adventure together. Whaterver it is, there is nothing like a cruise to bond spirits together. It mysteriously turns strangers into lifelong friends instantly. Jaime, Janet, Mya and Christina are no exception. They become closer by the moment. Jaime is very happy to know that she has three big supporters in attendance of her match.

Soon the three luxury liners pull into port and its guests file out of the boat. They disembark and pass through customs and are ported to a nearby outdoor sports stadium for the night's events. The soccer field is perfect for a large stage made fitting for spectacular performances by the super stars, Ashlee Simpson, Nelly Furtado, and the headliner, Janet Jackson. There is a runway leaving from the stage, leading to the wrestling ring.

Jaime waits for Salma in the ring wearing a murderous scowl. She says it was her 'game face'. Whatever she calls it, the look is very reminiscent of the scornful looks of Jaime's Joy Turner character from My Name is Earl. Other than that, Jaime looks absolutely perfect. Her body looks like it is carved out of stone. Every inch of her body ripples with muscle. Soft skin covers sinew and tendons without barely an ounce of fat. Jaime looks like she is preparing for a role as Supergirl. She looks like she just stepped out of a comic book, with a body drawn to dynamic perfection.

Jaime's wait is short. Salma marches to the ring flanked by her Confidante, Penelope Cruz and Vanessa Williams. Salma looks serious, and workman like, but without the harsh emotions that Jaime displays. Salma is a veteran. She has been in these grudge matches plenty of times before. It's an average day at the office. It is a small crisis, but the type that she has handled successfully several times before. Jaime has proven herself by defeating Penelope and Vanessa. She is an up and coming actress and fighter. However she is not close to Salma's stature in stardom, or catfighting. Salma is not interest in allowing Jaime to use her as a stepping stone for both. Jaime will have to find her career defining victory somewhere else. Besides after pregnancy and years of inactivity, Salma needed to prove she is still one of the elite.

Salma's march turns into a strut after she enters the ring. Salma climbs on the middle ropes and acknowledges her roaring fans. Salma appears to be the most popular competitor in the ring tonight. Penelope and Vanessa applaud their leader and offer last minute encouragement, then exit the ring.

Seconds later both ladies get into their stances for the opening bell. As soon as the bell rings, they lock up collar and elbow. Salma uses her strength and expert technique and pulls the blonde off balance, and spin her around. Salma turns her shoulders till Jaime has her back to her. The veteran Mexican slips her arms around Jaime for a full nelson. Cleverly, Jaime drops down to her butt, and out of Salma's clutches. Jaime reaches up with her legs at the same time she grabs Salma's ankles and trips her forward. Salma finds herself in a small package pin attempt before she knows it. Salma kicks out after only a one count.

Both women scramble their feet and turn to face each other. Immediately Jaime strikes out and kicks Salma in the stomach. As soon as Salma doubles over, the blonde pulls the brunette's head between her legs for a standing head scissors. Mischievously Jaime grabs Salma's bikini bottoms, and yanks so hard that she lifts Salma off the ground. Salma squeals like a surprised teenager, and slaps and throws a fist into Jaime's midsection to get away. Salma runs away like a scared rabbit and retreats into a corner, trying to pull her bikini bottoms out of her ass. Salma never gets the chance. While she is standing in the corner, and digging up her ass, she opens her mouth to utter some complaints. Before Salma accomplishes either goal, Jaime charges in and drives her shoulder into Salma's gut. Salma bellows and drops to her butt. Seated in the corner with her back against the turnbuckles, Salma looks up to see Jaime charging for her again. Jaime leaps and comes down on Salma's chest, then starts bouncing up and down on Salma's chest while holding onto the ropes for an embarrassing move called the bronco buster.

The sexually suggestive bronco buster always gets a reaction from the crowd. Jaime stops and backs away. While barking her protests, Salma has subconsciously put her hands on the ropes and pulling herself to her feet. Jaime lunges in, and grabs Salma's ankles. Salma tightens her grip on the ropes to prevent being drug all over the ring. Jaime lifts and backs until Salma is totally off the mat, then jerks. Salma looses her grip on the ropes and flops hard to the mat on her back. Quick as a flash, Jaime drops on Salma, hooks her leg for a pin. Salma again kicks out at one.

Both ladies scramble to their feet again. Salma tells herself, "Enough of this!" and snatches a handful of Jaime's blonde hair, and throws Jaime over backwards to the canvas. Salma drops down on her prey, and nails her in the face with a couple of forearm shots. Jaime reached up grasping for anything, and finds two handfuls of Salma's raven colored hair. Jaime bucks and rolls and knocks Salma off of her chest. Jaime rises to her feet still yanking on Salma's hair and pulling her up with her. Still a wily veteran, Salma kicks Jaime into her well sculpted abs once they reach their feet. Next she grabs two handfuls of Jaime's hair and flings her to the mat again.

Salma wiggles her fingers to allow the strands of blonde hair to fall to the mat. Next, she reaches down for her opponent, and hauls Jaime to her feet by her hair and arm. Salma whips Jaime into the corner. Salma follows her in, and scoops up Jaime for a body slam. Jaime grabs the top rope and fights to avoid being slammed. Wisely, Salma adjusts her plans. Salma has Jaime inverted horizontally, but can not raise her above her chest. So, instead, Salma adjusts, and props Jaime on the middle ropes. Jamie is stretched out in the corner, with her shoulders lying on one side of the ropes, and her upper thighs across the ropes on the other side of the turnbuckle. Being stretched out across the ropes, means being extremely vulnerable and exposed. Salma steps back, and punts Jaime in the small of her back, as many times as she can before Jaime falls to the mat.

Jaime sits up in the corner with a pained expression across her face. With a pronounced mean streak, Salma places her foot across the downed woman's throat and applies the pressure. Salma's foot is pressed against Jaime's throat, pushing her head against the back of the turnbuckle, forming a very effective choke. It is also a very illegle choke. The referee counts and calls for the break. Salma releases her choke and backs away for a moment.

Jaime pulls herself to her feet, coughing and holding her throat. Jaime sees Salma returning for her. As Salma comes in, Jaime executes a side kick, striking Salma square in the breasts. The force of Jaime's kick makes Salma's tits balloon out and nearly pop out of her bikini top. Although they stay within, the top, they are dislodged enough to show some areola. "Damned Red Neck Ninja!" Vanessa exclaims at ringside, standing with Penelope. Salma staggers back, skipping a breath from the kick. Jaime shoots low, and takes Salma down, and rolls her up into a small package in one motion. The referee makes it up to a two count, before Salma is able to kick out. Vanessa and Penelope both breath a heavy sigh of relief, looking on at ringside.

Jaime and Salma scramble to their feet and quickly square off. Salma is impressed by Jaime so far. She clearly sees how and why she creamed Vanessa and Penelope. She was definitely foolish to try and make an example out of a dangerous competitor like Jaime. Salma sees the blonde has a bright future in celebrity catfighting. Jaime is full of potential. If she has the right guidance, she could be a future champion.

Jaime is equally impressed with Salma. She knows why Salma is so accomplished in this very tough and prestigious league. Alyssa gave her plenty of tips about fighting Salma. However, being totally distracted by her wedding and new life, Alyssa lacked a real commitment to helping her. Jaime always knew Alyssa is not as committed to things that do not directly benefit her.

All of these thoughts and revelations happen in about one and a half seconds. As soon as they reach their feet, both vixens let their fist fly. The brawling babes trade punch after punch. The wild donnybrook has the whole stadium on their feet. Standing in the front row, Janet shakes her head saying "Mistake" to Christina and Mya. Jaime harpoons Salma with a painful hook into her side. Salma winces and whimpers, bending to the side to protect it. Next, Salma grabs Jaimie's shoulders and drives her knee into Jaime's stomach. The blonde heaves and bends over. Jaime exposes her chin to Salma's uppercut. Salma straightens Jaime up with a stunned look, then she falls to her ass, in a flash knockdown.

Thinking that she now has things well in hand, Salma reaches down and grabs Jaime's hair with both hands and hauls her to her feet. In a sudden burst of life, Jaime grabs Salma's hair, brings her head close, pressing the brunette's chin into the top of her blonde covered head. Next, Jaime drops to her knees, bringing Salma down with her. When Jaime hits the canvas, a mind numbing jolt is transmitted through her body as Salma's chin collides with Jaime's head. A numbing sensation travels through Salma's body and she falls to the mat holding her jaw. Seeing that her jaw breaker move was totally successful, Jaime takes a deep breath.<

Trying to recover from her mistake, Salma forces herself to her feet. Rising to wobbly legs, Salma looks around for her foe. Jaime has bounced off the ropes on the far side of the ring and racing toward her. Salma's jaw drops in shock. Then as Jaime comes, Salma dips down and grabs Jaime under her hips and hoists her into the air. Then using Jaime's own built up momentum against her, Salma falls backwards, allowing Jaime to crash face first into the mat. Salma's flap jack maneuver stuns Jaime. She was slightly out of control, and Salma surprised her with the counter. Jaime did not have time to properly brace herself for the fall. Jaime is stunned by the fall.

Jaime PresslySalma springs to her feet. She grabs Jaime's ankles and drags the barely moving girl backwards to the middle of the ring. With Jaime face down on the mat, Salma bends Jaime's legs up and twist them together, forcing Jaime's heels into her butt. Salma intertwines her own legs into Jaime's tangled legs with a grapevine, then falls backwards. Lying back to back with Jaime Salma reaches back, grabbing Jaime under the chin. Finally Salma pulls back on Jaime's chin, and bridges up, bending Jaime backwards like a bow.

JJaime learns quickly. She totally understands what it takes to be a champion in this league. Salma's execution of the hold is perfect. There is no escape. Jaimes feels like her neck is bent soo far back that is might snap like a dry twig at any point and time. Jaime is as honery as a rattle snake, and as stubborn as a mule. Submitting is not in her DNA. Jaime tries to scream, but it only comes out as a garbled moan. Jaime avoids tapping out. She hopes that Salma will give up first, and switch to another hold, giving her a chance. Salma sees no need to do that. She knows that she has Jaime defeated, and has no intention of letting her out. It is only a matter on time before Jaime taps. Salma also realizes how stubborn and bull headed Jaime is. She knows that the blonde will not tap quickly. She will wait, till she can not possibly take no more agony before she quits. Salma knows that she can switch holds and inflict more pain and punishment on this upstart, but she underestimated Jaime initially. She will not do it again. Jaime is too dangerous to play around with. Salma will just wait until her adversary, taps or blacks out.

Salma looks down her own body, and discovers that her bouncy, plump tits have popped out of her over stuffed bikini top. She sees her dark nipples pointing up like two steeples. The classy and elegant woman wants to modestly recover them, but there is no way that she is letting Jaime go for that. "Let these pervs look" Salma thinks. "It's not the first time, and probably won't be the last."

Finally Jaime feels like she is about to start crying, and she would be damned if she is going to cry in public. Especially not while losing a fight, and especially not to Salma. Jaime reluctantly taps the mat. The referee who had been carefully monitoring the situation, leaps to his feet and calls for the bell. The fans react accordingly. Jaime's fans collectively release a deep breath. It is born out pf disappointment that their favorite has loss, and relief that this torment is over for Jaime. Salma's fans, the majority of fans, all make a collective shout of triumph. Not because Salma simply won the match, but their champion is back, and back impressively.

Momentarily lost in the fans reactions, is the fact that Salma has never relinquished her submission hold on Jaime. The blonde is still being bent backwards at a ridiculous angle and greatly suffering. Salma ignored the referee's call and keeps Jaime locked tight. After things settle down enough for her to be heard, Salma says, "Unh Uh, you're not getting off that easy. You owe my friends Vanessa and Penelope an apology."

Jaime's stubborn vein resurfaces. "Ahhhh... Fuck you!" she spitefully spits. "I ain't doing shit!"

Salma frowns at Jaime's response. At this point, Salma's own back is aching from bridging up so long. She does not know how long she can maintain hold. It becomes a test wills between Salma and Jaime. "No you're the one who's fucked. Apologize and beg me for mercy, moron."

Interesting enough, Salma starts losing her composure first. "I said apologize! Pig!" Salma exclaims while tugging violently on Jaime's neck now. Salma loses her patience first, she wants this over, and it shows in her voice.

Salma sees a shadow being cast over her and hears "That's enough Salma." Salma looks up to Janet Jackson standing over her. "Let her go, Now!" Janet forcefully demands. Salma releases Jaime and scrambles to her feet. Salma does not appreciate this interference into her affairs. Salma walks up chest to chest to Janet and defiantly stares her in the eyes. Janet thrusts her chest out into Salma's and stares back just as harshly.

Seeing that Janet is flanked by Christina and Mya, Penelope and Vanessa, quickly crawl into the ring and stands behind their leader. While Salma and Janet engage in their stare down, Salma wonders why exactly is Janet in the ring. Salma sizes up the situation. She and Janet are evenly matched, when Salma is at full strength. However after this match she is not in peak form at the moment. Second, she did not like Penelope and Vanessa's chances against Mya and Christina, especially Christina. Salma decides to not try to figure out this mystery today. It has already been a tremulously successful day for her Confidante, and she will not risk marring it now."Watch yourself Jackson. Better stay out of my business from now on." Salma says and turn to leave the ring. Salma adjusts her top to put her breasts back inside, and exits the ring with Vanessa and Penelope in tow.

Mya and Christina kneel to check on Jaime. Janet stands watching Salma's Confidante walk up the ramp and through the curtains. She wanted to make sure that Salma did not double cross them, and attack from behind. Then she reaches down and offers a hand to help Jaime up. Jaime takes the hand saying. "Thanks Janet. I don't know what I would have done without you."

"Don't mention it. What else would you expect us to do for a member of Generation Prime?" Janet asks with a smile. "That is if you accept our offer."

Jaime stops in the middle of trying to get up, and stares Janet dead in the eyes. She wanted to make sure that Janet is serious. Jaime had been offered a spot in the ABA before, and turned it down. She really considered herself as a 'lone wolf'. She never thought that any group would be right for her. But if there is any group that she could ever fit in, this band of sisters would be the one.

Janet holds her breath at Jaime's pause. Gen Prime needed this, Gen Prime needed her. It has been a rough time for Gen Prime lately, very rough. Arch rivals, Generation Next has cleaned their clock. Kelly Clarkson has destroyed both Christina, and Janet. Denise Richards, spurned their invitation for the ABA. Then the ABA, whom they considered their friends, crushed them and left them lying in the ring. They needed Jaime's attitude, her venom and fire.

Jaime takes Janet hands and gets to her feet. "I'm honored. Don't get me wrong." Jaime says as she gets to her feet. "But, we've got to talk about this shit." Jaime says shaking her head with a smile. "Yall three freaky ass bitches in the bed. You know I don't get down like that. I ain't with the fur burgers, or carpet munching."

"We'll come on back to our cabin," Christina says while putting her arm around Jaime. "Maybe we can change your mind." Christina finished with a couple of playful taps to Jaime's tit.

"Uh hu... See that's exactly what I'm talking about." Jaime says as she puts her arm around Chrisitna and Mya and they leave the ring, joking like they have been through out the cruise. Together they leave the ring.

Janet smiles. She does not have their fourth member yet, but she is sure that she chose the right person. Things are looking up for Generation Prime.


ThE RoCk tHe BoAt CrUiSe!

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