Vanessa Williams vs Jaime Pressly

Featuring Salma Hayek's Confidante

NOTE - This story immediately follows Penelope Cruz vs Jamie Pressly
It is often said that the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray. Apparently that concept also applies to Hollywood divas as well. It was not supposed to be like this. Vanessa Williams lies on the floor, writhing in pain. The actress squirms on the ground like a worm baking in the sun, trying to deal with the pain blazing all over her body. She as her eyes closed as she sings a virtual concert of groans, grunts, and moans. This was nowhere in the plan.

Salma Hayek's plan was to re-enter the catfight scenes with as impact after an extended maternity leave. She wanted to establish herself and her two new amigo's Penelope Cruz and Vanessa Williams. Salma wanted to send a message to her rivals, and instill fear in them at the same time. She simply wanted to tell the league, "Beware bitches! Salma's back, and she's bringing friends!" Somehow things went wrong.

Things started going awry with Salma's choice of a medium to send her message. She chose Jaime Pressly as the canvas to deliver her message. She needed a formidable opponent for the message to carry weight, but not so strong that they could not handle them. Jaime is considered a hot young prospect in the league, that could be a future champion. The key word is future. Salma knows her message will be more impressive as Jaime continues her career and beat other high caliber opponents. She is also relevant to Salma's potential feuds, being a friend of Alyssa Milano. Salma thought her amigo Penelope could beat her, but she did not. Salma was totally confident that she could handle her easily if Penelope could not. That remains to be seen.

The web began unraveling the day after Salma left Jaime dangling unconscious from the ring ropes after the blonde defeated Penelope. Jaime's phone rang. When she picked it up, she saw, 'ALYSSA' on the caller ID.

"Jaime! I saw what happened last night. Are you okay?" the voice on the other end of the line asked.

"I'm fine Alyssa." Jaime answered. "Just a little sore. I'll feel a lot better when I get my hands on that little sawed off, runt that jumped me." Jaime continues with her voice showing her normal fire and venom.

"I'm sorry you got mixed up in my feud with Salma..."

"Don't worry about it." Jaime interrupts Alyssa. "Salma is all mine now. I'll take care of that little rat."

Alyssa chuckles, knowing that Salma is about to get a lot more than she bargained for, when she jumped on Jaime. "All right. I'll be back in town in a few days. We'll get together then, and put something together for Ms Hayek."

"Cool" Jaime says as she hangs up, still burning with the recollection of Salma disrespecting her the previous night.

The next week Alyssa arrives in town and the two beauties decide to go shopping. While galavanting through the malls, Alyssa and Jaime joke, brag and laugh about what they are going to do to Salma and her crew. During the afternoon they created little nicknames for their nemesis. Salma was referred to only as 'The Runt'. Penelope became known as 'The Scarecrow' and Vanessa Williams was called 'The Botox Bitch' which Jaime later shortened to 'Bobo'. By the end of their shopping trip, Jaime had refused Alyssa's help, wanting Salma and her amigos all to herself.

A few days later, Vanessa is at the ABC studio exercise room. The studio has a small gym for its celebrities to workout during long filming days. The suits at the network definitely do not want flabby celebrities on the screen. It is not very elaborate, but equipped well enough to get a good work out. It has three tread mills, two ellipticals, and four stationary bikes for cardio. It also has ten various weight machines for weight training. It also has a heavy punching bag hanging from the ceiling and a rack of dumb bells. Also it has mirrors from ceiling to floor on all four walls, black rubber padded floors to soften a tumble, and two tv's set constantly on ABC.

Vanessa routinely works out there during breaks in taping. Vanessa wears a sports bra and a tight pair of gym pants. The pants ride low on the former beauty queen's hips, and are tight enough to see the separation of her hip cheeks. With very good reason the aging celebrity is very proud of her figure, and loves to accentuate it. There is no need to work as hard as she does to maintain her figure if she never shows it off.

Vanessa pats her face to wipe away the sweat in between sets while seated on the bench of a weight machine. She has notices someone standing at the door, observing her for some time now. "So Jaime, are you going to come inside, or just stare at me all day?" Vanessa asks the silent figure observing her. After their initial attack, Salma predicted that Jaime might try to gain some revenge. Salma also said that if she shown strength and confidence, that Jaime would realize she is out numbered and out gunned and back down. Vanessa has always displayed strength in abundance. Vanessa has always had a brash confidence, that got her through her tough times early in her career when she was dethroned.

"I was waiting for the smell of Ben-Gay and Polident to leave the room." Jaime smuglyreplies.

Vanessa rolls her eyes at the blonde's crack about her age, as Jaime enters the exercise room. "Funny girl" Vanessa finally answers. "You must be the rave of your trailer park." Vanessa returns with the same sass that Jaime initiated. "To what do I owe the honor of your visit?" Vanessa asks as Jaime approaches wearing Carolina blue short shorts and a white tank top with 'Go Tarheels' printed across her big, perky, round breasts.

"I need you to deliver a message to Salma for me." Jaime calmly answers and fires a wide, paint brushing slap to the side of Vanessa's face. The startled beauty tumbles off of the weight bench onto the floor from the cracking slap.

Vanessa looks up from the floor in total shock. She instantly knows that Salma was very wrong about this woman. She knows that Jaime will never back down, you must put her down. Jaime is brash and bold, and not a willing victim. She is dangerous. Vanessa knows that Salma should have never chose this woman to send a message, or make an example out of.

In the midsts of all of Vanessa's revelations, Jaime dives on top of her. In a matter of seconds Jaime has snatched out a handful of Vanessa's hair, bashed her in the face with an elbow, and started dribbling the back of Vanessa's head against the floor with two handfuls of hair. Vanessa wraps her arms around Jaime, and starts rolling. She is able to roll Jaime off top of her, and they keep rolling. The two actresses roll across the exercise room floor like one big ball of flesh. There is a lot of squealing, grunting and groaning as they roll for about a minute, before breaking apart and separate from each other. Both ladies are breathing heavily after some tuff and dirty fighting. Each wears scratches to prove it.

Both stand moments later. Jaime adopts a martial arts pose, and gestures with her fingers for her foe to come on. Vanessa laughs out loud. "Who are you supposed to be? The Red Neck Ninja?" Vanessa asks jokingly. "Maybe the Trailer Park Karate Kid?" Vanessa laughs.

Although visibly annoyed by Vanessa disrespect of her martial arts skills, Jaime maintains her discipline. After appearing in the Mortal Kombat: Conquest TV series and the DOA: Dead or Alive movies, Jaime is very proud of her martial arts skill. Jaime shakes her head slowly vowing to make Vanessa rue those insolent words.

Jaime springs forward and unleashes a swift karate kick to Vanessa's face. Nimbly Vanessa bobs to the side, and only receives a glancing blow on the cheek. Jaime is surprised by Vanessa's agility, and really surprised when Vanessa wheels back with a fist into Jaimie's breast, knocking her off balance. Before Jaime can catch her balance, Vanessa strikes with a left hook to the blonde's jaw.

Seeing she has created as opening in Jaime's defense, Vanessa opens a full scale assault. Vanessa fist loops around Jaime's up raised guard and wops her in the face. As Jaime wobbles, an upper cut rips from underneath the blonde's guard and explodes on her chin. Then Vanessa goes back low and harpoons Jaime in the side, below the rib cage. With Jaime hurting and looking to retreat, Vanessa moves in closer, smothering Jaime with her onslaught. Jaime tries to hold her ground and wait for an opening, but Vanessa rains hurting blows all over her body. Vanessa's fist raises bruises on tanned flesh. She fires her knees into Jaime's thighs and belly as well, adding to her suffering, and quickly depleting Jaime's resistance. Vanessa has the slender blonde rocking and reeling like a tree in a tropical storm.

Jaime knows the larger woman is overwhelming her. If she continues to stand there, Vanessa will wear her down, and pound her into submission. Whenever she tries to get away, Vanessa advances and keeps the fight close. At first, Jaime thought her foe would punch herself out, but that is definitely not the case. The dominating beauty is as strong as ever. Vanessa continues teeing off like she is working over a heavy bag.

Vanessa's offense is textbook. Just like Penelope, Salma has trained Vanessa well. "Perhaps too well", Jaime thinks with a glimmer in her eye. Jaime starts moving her left arm with each of Vanessa's punches. Her left arm moves to the right or left with the momentum of Vanessa's furious blows. Its just a few inches, but enough to open a clear window to the left side of Jaime's face.

It only took a few seconds for Vanessa's darting eyes to see the flaw in Jaime's defense, although it was far too long for Jaime's taste. Vanessa is cautious, seeing that the chink in Jaime's armor is consistent. Jaime is legitimately cringing and loudly grunting and screaming with her eyes tearing now. Then the heavy armed actress/singer chooses to exploit Jaime's flaw. Vanessa launches and connects with a powerful haymaker to the vulnerable side of Jaime's face. Of course, Jaime anticipated the punch, and went with the movement to lessen the force, but it still hurt like hell. Jaime went reeling out of control, stumbling several feet across the floor, away from Vanessa, before tumbling down to her hands and knees.

Vanessa WilliamsIt was a tremendous price to pay, but her ploy got Jaime away from Vanessa. Jaime was on her hands and knees looking pretty whipped. When she looks back, of course Vanessa is charging toward her to finish the fight. Textbook. Jaime drops her head and closes her eyes, immersing herself in the moment. Finally, Jaime's head springs up and she strikes like a cobra at the last moment. Jaime's foot strikes back like a missle and impales Vanessa through the gut. The battering ram of a foot halts Vanessa like a shot stopping a rampaging elephant. Jaime felt the essence and energy of the kick through her soul, it was perfect. Vanessa was charging forward and totally exposed for Jaime's back kick. It was met with the double force of Vanessa charging forward, and the foot hurtling the opposite direction. Jaime felt like her foot went clear though Vanessa. She heard Vanessa gasp cut short with a ghastly gurggle. Vanessa drops to her knees doubled over mewling like a mortally wounded animal.

Jaime wheels the same foot that had impaled Vanessa around in a circular motion striking Vanessa in the temple, snapping her victim's head to the side. The wounded beauty topples over to her side, and rolls onto her back, wheezing like a leaky balloon.

Knowing that there is no way possible for Vanessa to rise quickly after those two perfectly executed kicks, Jaime sits on the floor, trying to catch her breath as well. Jaime was bruised and battered, and felt like she had been through the wash cycle in a washing machine, but she was in much, much better condition than the suffering beauty queen lying a couple of feet from her. Vanessa lies shriveled up, holding her stomach, moaning and squirming in torment. She wears a grimace that masks her gorgeous features in a veil of agony.

"Well, time to add to her misery.... I mean put her out of her misery." Jaime thinks as she pushes up to her feet, with a deep sigh. To the blonde's amazement, after she stands, her breathless foe, tries to get to her feet too. Jaime knew her foot stabbed through Vanessa's gut, easily deep enough to severely wound her. Yet, she bravely or foolishly tries to continue. It actually brings a wry smile to Jaime's lips.

Vanessa has struggled up to her hands and knees and stalled there. Jaime steps behind Vanessa and wraps her arms around her midsection from behind. Jaime constricts and lifts Vanessa to her feet. The senior fighter lets out a long howl, and has a panicked expression, while Jaime crushes her in a bear hug. Its a great move. Vanessa was already breathless, her midsection was already hurting and that is the area, Jaime focuses her attack. Vanessa's howls disintegrate into wails and whimpers of self pity. Being two inches shorter than Vanessa works to Jaime's advantage. She is perfectly positioned to wrap her arms under Vanessa's tits and above her belly button. Jaime does not have to reach up or down, so she has the proper leverage to apply all of her strength into the hold. Vanessa squirms and piteously wails like a wounded animal as her body weakens and starts to go limp in Jaime's clutches.

Seeing Vanessa nearly defeated, Jaime sinks her grip a little deeper and bends her knees. Jaime hoist Vanessa off of her feet and launches both them backwards for a belly-to-back suplex. The back of Vanessa's head strikes the ground and her body folds up like an accordion. Then Vanessa's body bounces across the floor before coming to rest flat on her face.

Jaime springs to her feet trying to contain her excitement. After a rough start, she has blown Vanessa away in her perfect storm of an assault. Her execution of the last few maneuvers could not have been more perfect. They could not have possibly inflicted more damage on Vanessa. She has a feeling more satisfying than revenge. The satisfying feeling an artist gets after a perfect performance.

Jaime walks to Vanessa's crumpled form on the ground. She hauls Vanessa up by her hair, and top. The veteran actress is dead weight, but luckily for Jaime, she was able to push Vanessa onto a nearby weight machine bench. The machine has a short seat, with a long back, and bars to be pushed forward against the weight's resistance. Vanessa sits at the machine in a painful funk, with Jaime holding her in place with a grip on the front of her overstuffed sports bra.

Jaime draws her fist back. Even Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles can see what is about to happen. Vanessa puts her arms up to protect her face. Jaime takes her hand from the bra and wrestles, Vanessa's arms down in seconds. Next the blonde blasts Vanessa across the lips. Vanessa's head snaps to the right in a flash. Jaime brings her fist back along its original path and snaps Vanessa's head back to the left with a backfist. Jaime continues her assault, snapping Vanessa's head back and forth with her fist. After a few seconds Jaime did not have to hold Vanessa's arm down any longer. Vanessa no longer had the awareness to protect herself. Left to right, right to left, Vanessa's head spun, giving her whiplash. Once Jaime's tornado assault ceases, Vanessa tumbles off the seat and lands in a beaten heap between two weight machines in the row.

With her mission complete, Jaime turns and walks to the door. Hearing grunts and movement behind her, Jaime turns to see Vanessa trying to pull herself up using the seat of the weight machine. "Umpt! Tuff old broad, aren't you?" Jaime says as she walks back towards Vanessa.

Vanessa rises to her knees and supports herself against one of the weight bench seats. "Normally I like that in a woman." Jaime comments as she takes a seat on the weight machine across from Vanessa. "But since you've hooked up with a snake like Salma, I'll ignore it." Jaime grabs Vanessa's head and pulls it in between her legs. The blonde wraps her legs around Vanessa's head, bringing her calf under her adversary's chin into a figure four type formation. Jaime cranks up the power on her figure four leg scissors and watches as Vanessa struggles trying to breath.

In the past, Jaime would have gotten into trouble at this point. She likes Vanessa's spirit, and gumption. In past fights, somehow, somewhere that would cause Jaime to sabotage herself, like against, Pam Anderson and Christina Applegate. Basically Jaime would find a way to lose against foes that she likes. However, Alyssa Milano has taught her how to get past that problem. Now Jaime knows how to put aside her tender heart, and crush this bitch like a bug. She looks down at Vanessa gagging, squirming and struggling between her legs. Jaime feels admiration for her foe, but no sympathy. "Bobo's got to pay... Bobo's got to pay", she tells herself.

Jaime PresslyThis all goes along with Jaime's journey from a chatty young woman, into the strong, confident lady that she is now. Jaime has matured from the token, 'hot chick' movie roles, into an award winning actress. Jaime, has found a business woman's approach to her career, and now has found a way to corollate that into her catfight career. No longer is Jaime, resume fodder for other stars. She is not simple an amazing physical specimen. She is now ready to become a champion. Vanessa clearly sees Salma's mistake. This isn't the same old Jaime Pressly. This is a new and improved model. This is Salma's mistake.

Jaime opens her legs, allowing a breathless Vanessa to crumple to the floor. "See sugar, I was trying to go easy on you, but it looks like I have to beat the the shit out of your Botox ass." Jaime threatens.

"Damn Salma!" Vanessa thinks. "I'm going to get you for this!" Vanessa swears, but shows no indication to her foe. Vanessa is part of Salma's team, The Confidante, for better or worst. She hopes thing do not get worst today.

"Try and hurt me, you stupid little bitch." Vanessa spits breathlessly. "Salma is going to torture your ass for this. If you thought she fucked you up last time, wait till you see what she does to you next."

"Yeah right" Jaime mocks as Vanessa rises to her hands and knees and painfully crawls away from Jaime. "That's what I'm hoping for. At least for her to try anyway."

Vanessa crawls a few feet and pulls herself up with the help of an exercise bike. There is absolutely no quit in Vanessa L. Williams. She rises on shaky legs and turns to face her attacker. "Don't worry, your stupid ass is toast, and just don't know it. You'll get Salma, and you won't like what you're asking for." Vanessa warns wearing a confident, smug expression.

Jaime's eyes narrow. In the past, Jaime would have admired Vanessa's spirit, Now thanks to Alyssa, it infuriates her, it fuels Jaime. She will admire Vanessa tomorrow, but right now... Jaime suddenly explodes into action. In a flash, Jaime executes a spin kick, cracking Vanessa across the face. The startled victim barely had a chance to scream, before Jaime's lighting quick foot strikes. Vanessa is knocked back sent flipping over the exercising bike, and disappearing on the ground on other side. Jaime silently wonders if Salma appreciates the ordeal that Vanessa in enduring for her.

Jaime walks around to the other side of the exercise bike where Vanessa lies on the ground. She sees her nemesis dazed and moaning while writhing in torment. "Alright you stubborn bitch!" Jaime yells as she raises her foot up and drives her heel down into Vanessa's flat, exposed belly. Vanessa jack knifes up with a loud long howl. Jaime waits there and grabs a handful of hair on the top of Vanessa's head and fires a punch down into her prey's face and knocks her back down flat on her back. "You keep flapping your mouth about Salma this and Salma that." Jaime drops and sits down on Vanessa's chest, pinning the brunette and her arms down with her knees. "You better stop worrying about the beating Salma is going to give me, and start worrying about the beating I'm about to give you!" Jaime cocks her fist back and starts pummeling Vanessa's face. The sound of flesh smacking flesh resounds, along with Vanessa's pitiful, suffering screams. Jaime ignores, Vanessa' cries and keeps destroying the veteran actress. "Can you even feel this with all that Botox in your face?" Jaime taunts as Vanessa's screams become more desperate and more pitiful.

After giving Vanessa a beating of a lifetime, Jaime rises off her severely punished victim. Jaime reaches down and grabs two big handfuls of Vanessa's sports bra, and hauls her up to her feet. Jaime brings Vanessa face to face to her, with their noses almost touching. "Tell Salma what I did to you. Tell her what kind of as whipping I have in store for her." Jaime threatens.

"I'll tell her." Vanessa breathlessly pants. "And I"ll also warn her about your breath, and tell her to bring a breath mint." Vanessa defiantly finishes.

Jaime's eyes again blaze in fury, and before she knows it, Jaime fires a forearm shot into Vanessa's lips. The brunette's head snaps back with a grunt, and she drops to her knees. She would have fell further, but Jaime still had one hand attached to her sports bra. Still infuriated, Jaime wraps both hands around Vanessa's neck, and starts choking her like she is the Boston Strangler.

Jaime looks into Vanessa's bulging terror filled gray eyes, absorbing her feelings of defeat and horror. The feeling is somewhat intoxicating. Vanessa pries and tugs on Jaime's arms, but they are not budging. Jaime is an impressive physical specimen. Since her pregnancy, she has rebuilt her body into a work of art. Her body that was featured on Shape magazine, embodies the word. She has very little body, fat, just a collection of muscle and sinew. Her arms are like slender coils far too strong for Vanessa to move.

Vanessa's enchanting eyes are rolling back into her head, when Jaime mercifully releases her, allowing her victim to fall backwards on her back. Vanessa pants swiftly, with the impressions of Jaime's hands, practically glowing around her neck. Jaime stares down, like a mighty conqueror, taking in her conquest's plight. Vanessa has been defeated, and knows it, but refuses to accept it. Jaime absorbs Vanessa's energy, that is somehow making her stronger.

Craving more, Jaime sits down on Vanessa's belly and pushes Vanessa's sport's bra up over her big tits. Vanessa's tits leap out of the tight confinement of the sport's bra, like a pair of Jack-in-the-boxes exploding open. Jaime takes a hold of a breast in each hand, and squeezes the big round breasts until flesh oozes between her fingers. Vanessa can not even find the breath to moan as Jaime torments her in a new way. Jaime knows the pain the big breasted woman is feeling, and enjoys it.

"See how it feels to be Salma's bitch? You used to be a queen, now you are just, Salma's clown. You're BoBo the Botox Bitch, just Salma's lil' clown." Jaime insults her helpless victim. "Any last words?" Jaime asks.

"I can't wait... till... Salma kicks your...." Then Vanessa's words are cut off as Jaime moves her hips forward, and plops herself over Vanessa's mouth and nose. Vanessa's mouth is buried under Jaime's ass, and her nose is crushed by Jaime's cunt. Vanessa instinctively struggles. Jaime chose this totally demeaning way to finish off Vanessa. The blonde, playfully smacks Vanessa's head to degrade her more. She wants to drain every drop of dignity out of her opponent. Vanessa is totally helpless to prevent the inedible. Slowly she loses consciousness.

When Vanessa wakes up, she finds herself bound to an exercise machine. The machine has a sign labeled it as a 'Lat Pulldown'. It is a tall machine with a long chrome bar handle dangling from a chain. The chain is attached to coils going to the weights for resistance. The chain allows the machine the versatility to be used from a seated position, or a standing position. Currently Vanessa is on the seat with her wrist bound above her head tied together to the pulldown bar with her shoe strings. Jaime is in front of her painting on a lot of make up pn Vanessa's face with her finger tips. "Hold still." Jaime says. "I'll fuck you up if you mess up your make up." Vanessa is very groggy, so she complies with the order. Jaime's plump breasts brush against, Vanessa's boobs. She then realizes that her sports bra is gone.

Vanessa patiently sits as Jaime applies white make up over most of her face. Then the blonde takes a brush and paints red triangles around both of her eyes, then an oblong circle around her mouth. It does not take take Vanessa long to figure out that Jaime is painting a clown face on her. Once Jaime finishes, and puts a red ball on Vanessa's nose, there is no doubt. "Hold still for one second." Jaime advises as she reaches around Vanessa and moves the peg out of the weights and moves it down, adding eighty more pounds. Vanessa squeals as she is no longer strong enough to hold the bar down, and is jerked up dangling from the weight bar.

Suddenly the total embarrassment of the situation comes raining down on the classy award winning actress. Vanessa frowns as she realizes she is dangling topless from a bar, while painted like a clown. Her big breasts, bounce and sway with every movement, doing a seductive dance of their own. To preserve her humiliation, Jaime has taken out a digital camera, and starts snapping pictures. "I can't wait to see you pay for this bitch!" Vanessa bursts out of anger. "Salma and I won't rest until your Hillbilly ass is begging for mercy! Do you hear me ass hole?"

"If you don't shut up and quit messing up your make up, I'm going to make you beg for mercy." Jaime snaps.

"FUCK YOU!" Vanessa shouts back.

"I'm warning you!" Jaime answers.

"FUCK YOU!" Vanessa repeats.

Jaime responds by pulling down Vanessa's sweat pants and panties down until they are around her ankles. Vanessa growls loudly about her predicament. She finally accepts that she is helpless to prevent herself from further humiliation or pain. "Satisfied now big mouth?" Jaime asks daring another outburst of defiance.

"Satisfied." Vanessa replies through gritted teeth, before any more of her dignity is removed. Jaime resumes taking pictures, now taking close up shots of Vanessa's neatly shaved pussy.

Once Jaime finished taking her personal pictures, she grabs Vanessa's cell phone out of her workout bag. "Smile BoBo" Jaime sings as she takes a pic on her cell phone, getting a full shot of Vanessa's glory from her head, down to her thighs. "This is how you send a message." Jaime quips as she pushes buttons, adding a text message to her picture. Jaime privately admires Vanessa's amazingky sexy figure at her advancing age. However, Alyssa's teachings of how to turn her admiration to anger kicks in. Then talking aloud to herself, for Vanessa's benefit she continues, "Alright.... contacts..... all.... send.... done....."

Quickly realizing that Jaime has just sent the picture of her disgrace to every contact in her phone, Vanessa exclaims, "No! you can't!" pleading, "My mother's number's in that phone."

Jaime release a cackling laugh. "Ha! Tuff Shit! Like my mother wasn't watching the Pay Per View when I was left for dead, dangling from the ropes with shit written on my chest!"

Thousands of miles away, Salma Hayek is lying in bed with her new husband in a cabana on the beach in an isolated location in France. Hearing her cell phone beep, Salma lazily reaches over to the night stand to discover she has a text message. She pushes a couple of times with her thumb, and to her total shock, a picture of Vanessa dangling bound by the wrist appears. Her dejected face is painted like a clown with white face paint, and her eyes and mouth highlighted with red, and a red ball clown nose. Also, her friend is startling naked. The caption reads, "THIS IS HOW YOU SEND A MESSAGE! PRESSLY VS HAYEK NEXT PPV! SAYS BOBO THE BOTOX CLOWN"

Salma gasps and puts down her phone. Then she tells her husband, "Baby we've got to get back stateside, now!"



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