ThE RoCk tHe BoAt CrUiSe! 2



NOTE - This match follows events of Jessica Alba vs Jessica Biel 2 BATTLELINES 2

This is your mission if you choose to accept it.

{Begining Mission Impossible Theme song]
Dum Dum Dum Dum... Dum Dum Dum Dum... Dum Dum Dum Dum... Dum Dum Dum Dum...
DA! DA! DA! DA!... DA! DA! DA! DA!... DA! DA! DA! DA!... DA! DA! DA !DA!...
First we have arrange transport for you to the target's luxury liner
The scene switches to Zoe Saldana, dressed in a form fitting black body suit. It is so tight that it wears like a layer of skin on her body. Zoe climbs down a ladder to a small boat waiting for her by the large luxry liner that they have been on for the ThE RoCk tHe BoAt CrUiSe! 2 Zoe's body is sleek, moves like poetry in motion. She flows with a fluidity, which is almost inhuman. Yet it is perfect, addictive, sexy, desirable, seductive. Zoe's movements are flawless, better than any computer animation could hope to replicate.

After Zoe has descended into the boat, a sailor unfetters the small boat and starts rowing the boat quietly towards another luxury liner in the cruise line.

We have provided detailed schematics of the ship's access points, air conditioning ducts and drainage system. Our engineers have coursed a route to the target's location, along with alternate routes should you run into problems.
Zoe carefully studies the route and blue prints, committing more and more to memory. One wrong turn and this mission could be over before it starts. Zoe is going into the heart of enemy territory. If she is prematurely discovered, she will have a slim chance of escape.

Zoe is silent the whole boat ride. She studies her blueprints and diagrams with the detail and intensity of a super spy. Once her boat stealthy pulls beside the cruise ship that was its destination. It pulls beside a maintenance ladder. With them committed to memory, Zoe leaves her diagrams, grabs a nap sack of equipment and climbs up the ladder. The boat's driver, looks and marvels, at Zoe's grace, sleekness and exquisite sexuality as she climbs up the ladder.

Once aboard the enemy's ship, travel the covert route we have laid out for you. Once again, stealth is crucial. If the enemy is alerted of your presence, all is loss.
Zoe uses the cover of the night time and staying in the shadows, as she creeps along the route to remain unseen. Zoe moves with the speed of and mystic of a ninja, and in not seen by any cruise guest or crew member. Zoe finds the ventilation tube highlighted by her route. Then with the expertise of a super spy, Zoe removes the grating and slips inside the large tube.

Zoe's body slithers into the tube quickly and silently. Zoe replaces the grating, removing any traces that she was ever there. Next Zoe navigates the series of tubes with her nap sack on her back. The time studying her diagrams if well spent. She is able to maneuver through the endless nameless and unrecognizable tubes like the back of her hand.

Once you have reached the target's quarters, our intelligence says the room should be clear. You should have ample time to make your preparations.
Once Zoe reaches the end of the tubes, she is in the heating/air system duck over looking one of the luxry liner's pampered cabins. Zoe removes the cover and slips through the small hole and drops down from the ceiling into the target's cabin. Zoe opens her sack and pulls out four battery operated video cameras. Zoe hastily places the cameras in predetermined locations of the room. They are tactically placed to capture almost angle every angle in the room, yet stealthily concealed so they are not visible at first inspection. Once Zoe was finished, she climbed back up into the duct, and replaced the covering and waits.

Finally you will have to subdue the target in hand to hand combat. Observe extreme caution and use anything and everything available to your advantage. The target is extremely dangerous. I am speaking from experience. The target has kicked my ass and totally destroyed me on more than one occasion. If you fail to defeat the target, all knowledge of your mission will be disavowed. You will remain a captive of the enemy for the remainder of the cruise. No rescue attempt will be made. The Fab Four and Fab Corp cannot sustain another embarrassing episode like The Massacre. You will be a prisoner of the enemy to be abused and humiliated as they see fit for the remainder of the cruise. Only then will can we be able to arrange for your release through political channels...
This tape will self destruct in five seconds.

Zoe's eye brows rise in shock. She looks down at the recorder expecting to see smoke escaping from the device. When she did not see any, she realized that was Tia Carrere's little attempt at a joke. Zoe smiled and stifled a belly laugh, to maintain her cover. The limber actress makes herself as comfortable as possible in the snug conditions in the duct and waits for the target to arrive.

Elsewhere on the same cruiser, there is a pool party on the deck. The passengers have just have already attended the night's concert and match and now there is the after party on the deck. Wisely the booking committee separated the three largest groups in the league to prevent total chaos and warfare. The Resistance is on boat three, and that liner has quickly become known as the party boat of the four liners. It should have been a celebration for the Resistance. First, after decimating the Fab Four and Fab Corp, in a day that is forever known as The Massacre, the Resistance is on top in the league. Second, no one in the Resistance had a match until day three. That night, the group's leader, Cameron Diaz takes on one of the Fab Four's principals, Tia Carrere. If Cameron wins, the Fab Four's chances to again regain their dominance disappears.

However all of that is tomorrow night's problems, and not tonight's. Tonight the Resistance parties. Jessica Alba is a leader in the group and is no exception. She enjoys herself that night with her friends and teammates. Being a leader, Jessica is responsible enough to not over do it that night. In fact she keeps the reins on her teammate's drinking, warning that absolutely anything can happen the next day and they have to be ready. With that in mind, Jessica leaves the party early by cruise ship standards, at about 2:30am to retire to her cabin. She and the Resistance want to be ready if the Fab Four pulls any tricks the next night.

Jessica opens the door to her cabin and walks inside. She releases a long sigh, finding the peace, quite and solitude of her quarters. Jessica is wearing a two piece swimsuit, but far more reserved than a bikini. Her outfit is reminiscent of something that a beach volleyball player would wear. Jessica drops her clutch bag and keys on the desk.

Suddenly there is a clanging noise as the cover of the air vent pops off and hits the floor. Jessica whips around with a start nearly having a heart attack, and sees a slender figure drops out of the shaft to the floor. Jessica is terrified briefly thinking maybe a terrorist plot to kidnap her is occurring. Then Jessica recognizes the intruder's face.

"Zoe Saldana!!?!?!" Jessica exclaims.

"Yeah bitch" Zoe says coldly. "Its time you pay for what you did. The Massacre is all your fault, and your pentane starts now." Zoe finishes dramatically.

Jessica disrespectfully laughs at Zoe. "Are you kidding? You're going to whip my ass and make me pay? In my last four matches, I annihilated your mentor Tia Carrere. I took her pride, her dignity and her wedding ring the first time, and made her flat out quit the second time. Then I beat your golden girl, Jessica Biel, until she begged me to stop twice. What chance do you have against me bitch?"

"In case you havened noticed, there isn't a ring here. This is closed quarters, hand to hand combat." Zoe confidently answers. "Your ass is mine!"

Jessica shrugs off Zoe's explanation. "Just bring it." Jessica says with annoyance in her voice from what Jessica perceives as her foe's foolish, and unwarranted over confidence. Jessica brings her fist up and squares off against Zoe.

Zoe adopts a defensive stance. A moment later Jessica lashes out with a punch. Zoe blocks the fist, swatting it away before it lands. A second fist quickly comes in following up, and is blocked by Zoe too. Jessica realizes that Zoe has a lot of martial arts training probably from her roles in Columbiana, The Losers and other action roles. However Jessica is experienced in the martial arts from an early age from the Dark Angel tv series. She is perfectly willing to play this game with Zoe.

Zoe instantly comes roaring back with a flurry of punches of her own. Just as skillful, Jessica blocks and deflects the incoming fists. The combatants trade fist and block almost every turn. Both women are wearing sly smiles. They have been together filming a new movie, Machete Kills. They both were dying to kick each other's ass the whole time. Both relish this opportunity tear into each other.

Zoe scores first with a kick that is strong enough to burst through Jessica's defenses and slam into Jessica's side. Zoe starts another combination of punches, that Jessica blocks until another kick slams through into her side. Realizing Zoe has found a combination that unlocks Jessica's defense and leaves her vulnerable to this side kick, Jessica switches up her style. Zoe attacks again, but Jessica goes on the offense after a couple of blocks and slides in a hard jab to Zoe's face in between Zoe's strikes. Zoe's head snaps back. In the spit second that Zoe blinks her eyes from the blow. Jessica nails her with a left right combination. Zoe goes on the attack again, but Jessica utilizes the same strategy and slips through with another big jab to Zoe's face that makes Zoe back off.

Zoe explodes back at Jessica and kicks her square in the tits. Jessica is launched back and ends up on her back several feet away. Zoe runs over and is on Jessica in a second. Zoe reaches down and grabs Jessica by her bikini top and snatches Jessica up to her feet by the garment. Zoe hears stitches snap as she does. Zoe does not care. She keeps her grip on the top and throws Jessica across the cabin by it. Jessica goes flying and she lands on her bed, rolls across the top and bounces off the other side to the floor.

More stitches rip. Jessica looks down to see her top is practically useless. Jessica angrily tosses the top aside as Zoe has leaped on top of the bed and comes running across the bed cover. Zoe leaps off the bed and jumps on top of Jessica. Jessica sees Zoe coming and lessens the impact by catching Zoe in the air. They key word is lessen not eliminate. They crash to the floor with Zoe on top. Jessica does not register the pain, all she knows is that she is topless, and she wants revenge. Jessica's fingers quickly find a zipper down the back of Zoe's suit and pulls it down. The spandex suit was stretched to its limits so it springs open. As the two grapple on the floor, Jessica is pulling the bodysuit off over Zoe's shoulders. She is planning to vengefully tear Zoe's tits to shreds for destroying her outfit. That is after she has given her rival a thorough thrashing.

Zoe understands that Jessica is trying to remove her bodysuit, which will trap Zoe's arms by her sides. Zoe immediately pushes Jessica away and springs to her feet. As Jessica rises too, Zoe removes the temptation and danger of her bodysuit by pulling it off her shoulders and letting the top dangle around her waist. As Jessica has done earlier, Zoe shamelessly bares her breasts. Now that both snarling women are topless, they close on each other once more.

Jessica comes charging at Zoe with a haymaker cocked then launched. Zoe ducks to the side then grabs Jessica's arm before she can withdraw it. Zoe twists the limb then bends it and slips behind Jessica locking her arm up in a hammer lock. Jessica shouts more so in frustration than the pain. Between the hammerlocked arm a newly seized handful of hair, Zoe has total control over Jessica. Zoe ushers Jessica to the wall and slams her head into the wall.

As Jessica's knees buckle, Zoe grabs a nearby wooden chair. Heading the need to take extreme caution, Zoe swings the chair at Jessica, trying to end the confrontation right now. Jessica ducks under the chair and spins out of the way. The chair crashes into the wall and sends reverberations back through Zoe's skinny arms. Zoe drops the chair, and is knocked off balance with her arms tingling. Zoe take a few awkward steps, while shaking her arms. Zoe recklessly walks into a kick to the face from Jessica. A jolt goes through Zoe's body and her head snaps back. That is only the set up. With Zoe stunned and frozen for the moment, Jessica loads up, takes a couple of steps and puts all her force into another kick into Zoe's chest. Zoe is launched backwards into the wall. Zoe's back slams into the wall with a loud thud, then she is propelled forward. Used to being in a ring instead of a street fight, Jessica is caught unawares as Zoe comes back toward her. Zoe takes advantage of the situation by using her already building momentum to charge back at Jessica and level her unprepared opponent with a clothesline.

Jessica pops back up to her feet, but she is a bit woozy. Zoe is waiting. Zoe attacks with a flurry of fist. Jessica is able to duck and scramble out of the way without being touched. After putting a little bit of distance between her and her rival, Jessica is able to collect herself slightly. Looking frustrated, Zoe comes running at Jessica. Zoe leaps to dive on her opponent. Jessica ducks down to allow Zoe to go flying over head. Jessica springs back up and turns to deal with a crash landed Zoe. Only Zoe is not on the floor. She is standing on the dresser that was behind Jessica. That was her true destination all along. Jessica ducking just enabled the move. As Jessica realized that the street fighter has again duped her, Zoe has already leaped of the dresser, turns a flip in the air and comes crashing down on Jessica, driving her to the floor.

It is one thing to get caught by a move when you are expecting it. It is totally anther when you are not expecting or not prepared for a move. When the body cannot prepare itself from the impact, it causes much more damage. Jessica never expected Zoe's power clothesline and her lucha libre leap coming, especially in a luxury liner cabin. The combination of the two has nearly finished Jessica.

Zoe is a natural born predator. She rises to her feet, bringing Jessica along to her feet also with two handfuls of hair. Next Zoe places her foot against Jessica's stomach, then falls backwards. Connected by the handfuls of hair, and using her for as a fulcrum, Zoe sends Jessica head over heels with a monkey flip. Jessica is airborne shortly, then comes crashing down on her back. It is not a devastating move, but is sets Zoe up to do a back roll and winds up seated on top of Jessica's chest.

"Bitch!" Zoe shouts down to her trapped rival as she draws her fist back. "You fucking bitch! Nobody whips me and gets away with it!" Zoe yells as she starts battering Jessica's face rythmatically with both fist. Zoe knows that it was actually Gwen Stefani that cuffed her to the ropes and whipped her during the Massacre, but Jessica Alba was the initiator of the Massacre. "This is for that fucking Massacre!" Zoe yells and continues battering Jessica. "This is for Tia!" Zoe blares out. "This is for Jess Biel!" Zoe announces and the punishment continues. "And this is for me bitch! Z... O... E... Saldana bitch!" Zoe adds a couple of hard emphasizing punches as she makes her final proclamation.

When Zoe finally relents her assault, she is breathless. Jessica is semiconscious, but still awake, to her credit. Zoe looks around and sees a dildo in one of Jessica's open suite cases. Jessica brought the dildo not to use on herself, but hopefully on the Fab Four should the occasion arrive. Zoe gets the dildo then goes back and sits back down on Jessica's chest. Zoe presses the dildo down across Jessica's throat, and keeps it there until Jessica passes out.

When Jessica wakes up, she finds her wrists are handcuffed above her head. The cuffs are on some kind of hook, keeping her bound in place. Also her bottoms have been removed, leaving her totally naked. As Jessica gets her bearings she sees Zoe looking on with a gloating smile.

"So I see you're awake, sleeping bitch." Zoe says as she approaches Jessica with a smile and a dildo in hand. As Zoe gets closer to her prey, Jessica's foot rockets up and kicks Zoe square in the mouth. Zoe yipes with her head snapping back hard enough to cause a case of whiplash. Zoe staggers back out of range before more educated feet strike, then trips and falls to the carpet. Zoe is not out, but undeniably dazed and seeing stars. Jessica immediately struggles from her binds, but quickly realizes she will need super human strength to escape. She is hopelessly trapped.

Zoe lies on the carpet for a while, rubbing her chin, and not believing how stupid, and embarrassing she just looked. Then Zoe rises back to her feet with anger snarling on her face. She goes to the side of Jessica so she could not kick her again. Then Zoe delivers a solid straight right hand cross Jessica's chin. Jessica's lights go out again, and she is dangling lifelessly from her binds.

Jessica slowly wakes up again. This time it is to a much more pleasant situation. She is still bound the same way. Jessica notices two cameras around her, not in hiding anymore. Also BEIL IS BETTER is scrawled across her chest largely with a black marker. Regardless Jessica moans in satisfaction because Zoe is behind her gently pumping a dildo inside of Jessica's cunt. Jessica tries to hide her pleasure, but she can't, it is too intoxicating. "Yeah bitch." Zoe purrs, "When you fuck with us, we find a way to fuck you back!" Jessica tries to stop rotating her hips as Zoe picks up the pace, and plunges deeper in her pussy, but she cannot. Jessica tries to stop moaning like a whore also, but she cannot. Jessica hears her pussy making a sloshing sound as she gets wetter and loses more control. Jessica closes her eyes realizing the cameras are capturing her ecstasy. Finally Jessica lets go and allows herself a very satisfying orgasm.

Zoe smiles seeing her objective has been accomplished. She had used Jessica's dildo to ravish Jessica's pussy. However she bought her own dildo in her nap sack. Zoe straps on a harness then gets her own dildo that is bone dry. Zoe puts the dildo in the harness and returns to Jessica.

"You're such the little whore aren't you? You really enjoyed that." Zoe tells Jessica. "Let's if you enjoy this just as much." Zoe adds. She grabs Jessica by the hips from behind. Zoe pulls Jessica hips back slightly and spreads her ass cheeks at the same time. Finally Zoe rudely forces the dildo in Jessica's ass hole. Jessica screams at the penetration. It is a tough task to dry fuck Jessica's tiny ass, but it is worth the extra effort to Zoe. It is fitting punishment for Jessica Alba who fucked Jessica Biel hard during the Massacre.

Jessica tits quiver and Zoe pumps in and out of her ass. Tremors go down Jessica's thighs as Zoe slams Jessica's butt. Jessica screams and shouts like she is not enjoying this fucking at all. Zoe holds Jessica around the waist to get deep fucks, but occasionally her hands travel up to stroke Jessica's breasts. Also remembering how Alba made Biel and Tia say Alba is the superior woman. Zoe demands "Who is the best bitch, who's hotter?" Zoe demands. Jessica does not answer. She just keeps making terrible sounds from getting fucked up the asshole. "Say it!" Zoe demands "Say Zoe is hotter! Look in that camera right now and tell everybody that Zoe is hotter!"

Willing to do anything to alleviating getting dry fucked, Jessica looks into the camera and breathlessly says, "Zoe... Zoe is hotter, Zoe is hotter, Zoe is hotter." Zoe laughs cruelly hearing Jessica's broken admission. However Zoe just fucked Jessica more forcefully, making Jessica yell more. Zoe grabs both of Jessica's breasts and uses them as handles to pump Jessica's ass. It continued until Jessica came to another squealing orgasm. Zoe pulls the dildo out of Jessica's ass. Poor Jessica just hangs from her binds with her head bowed, and her hair looking like a rats nest. She looked like a used up slab of meat hanging out to dry.

Lastly Zoe takes a piece of duct tape and puts it over Jessica's mouth. She did not want her yelling for help later. When she was face to face Zoe looked into Jessica's eyes. Although Jessica is not dumb enough to say it bound in this predicament, but her eyes were windows to the soul. Zoe saw what Jessica was thinking. "This isn't over bitch. I will get you for this. I will make you pay for this." is going through Jessica's mind. Zoe found that very satisfying. The revenge is complete. Zoe now knows that Jessica has felt the same burning humiliation and defeat that everyone of the Fab Four & Fab Corp felt after the Massacre.

Zoe collects her cameras and items and outs them back in her nap sack and puts it on her back. Then climbs back into the duct that she entered through and disappears, leaving Jessica hanging, naked, defeated and fucked.

Zoe quickly navigates the system and climbs out another grating to get to the ship's lower deck. At this late hour, no one is around. Zoe scampers to the maintenance ladder and quickly climbs down back to the waiting boat. Zoe descends into the boat and climbs on the sailorís lap looking half crazed. Zoe plants a big kiss on his lips. "That was fucking awesome! Kicking that bitch's ass and fucking her up the ass has made me so hot and horny as hell. Fuck me right now." Zoe says not putting it in the tone of a request. Zoe stands up and takes off the remains of her body suit, then lies down in the bottom of the boat with her legs spread open. The sailor's eyes got big as saucers, and he starts frantically tearing off his clothes, then dives on top of Zoe. They fucked right there in the bottom of the boat. Zoe was an animal. The poor guy could not keep up. The vixen ripped an orgasm out of him in little time. Zoe and the sailor redress and he starts rowing them back to their luxury liner.

Once they got back to their liner, Zoe grabs the man by the back of the head and pulls his face close to hers. "When you're done with this boat, meet me back in my cabin. You've got a long night of hard fucking ahead of you." Zoe kisses the man. She said her invitation in a tone that sent a chill down the man's spine. A chill of fear, but he would definitely be in the predator's room to accept his fate. He knew he was about to be eaten alive, but what better way to go?

Zoe climbs up the ladder up to the deck of her ship. She finds Tia waiting for her. As soon as Zoe climbs over the rail, Tia starts coming toward her anxiously asking "How did it go?"

"Just as planned" Zoe reports with a smile. Tia breaks into a sprint towards Zoe and grabs her giving her a big hug. Tia squeezes Zoe so tight that she can barely breath. Tia tries to stifle her shouts of joy, but a few squeaked out. Tia is overjoyed, like a proud parent. Zoe accomplished what Tia knows that she never could. Jessica is the only woman in the ring that scares Tia. Jessica had threatened to retire Tia if she ever got in the ring with her again. Tia knew that Jessica is the one person who could do it. However Tia was betting that Zoe 'The Assasin' Saldana could stop her.

The next day their was some interesting programming on the cruise line in house tv channel. Usually they show the magic show or comedy act that was performed in the ship's lounge from the night before. It did not even show its biggest hit, karaoke night, so cruise passengers can laugh at themselves and wonder how drunk did I get last night. It showed highlights of Zoe Saldana beating Jessica Alba edited from the hidden cameras in the room. It showed Jessica getting her brains fucked out. It showed the Fab Four getting a measure of revenge against the Resistance. The Resistance immediately go to rescue Alba from her binds. Then they firmly place Zoe Saldana in their crosshairs.


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