"In order to make them fall we must first weaken the toughest of them all." - Quatro Calderon

4 Months Earlier
"Ladies you are very important women in this league currently. You two uniquely may hold the keys to the future." Quatro Calderon, the league's studio advisor tells Vida Guerra and Kelly Hu during a secret meeting. "You were once part of Fab Four and you are best qualified to know their weaknesses."

Calderon continues, "Your organization, The Resistance is already onboard. Our objective is to destroy Stone Rage's Fab Four and complete a hostile takeover of the league. You have been close to the Fab Four please tell me where their weaknesses lie. How do we keep them distracted and break them down enough to take them out eventually. I will reward and compensate you greatly for your assistance."

Vida and Kelly were all to ready to assist Calderon in taking down their former allies. Calderon has promised millions for their cooperation. They eagerly disclose the Fab's weaknesses and brain storm plots to destroy the pillars of the league. Then Vida suggests, "Their relationships. Their biggest weakness is their relationships with the men in their lives. They are all so busy being the best that they all suck at being girlfriends. They are so absorbed in their career that they have no time for their men, or they reduce their men to tools and accessories to their success. All their boyfriends will cheat or dump any of them with the right enticement. When they get dumped yet again, they go through a series of wine pity parties trying to convince themselves that they don't suck at being a girlfriend or wife." Vida explains with a chuckle at the end.

"That is just the kind of information that I was looking for", Calderon answers with a smile. "That is the perfect distraction to keep them busy. Who can we exploit?"

"Hmpt... Tia Carrere's boyfriend is millionaire real estate developer, George Wolfe. He has always had eyes for me." Kelly confesses. "He used to hit on me before he got with Tia. I could temp him." Kelly announces with a mischievous smile.

"Yes" Calderon says with a reflective smile and a head nod. "It's time that you step out of Tia's shadow and take your rightful place. Calderon, the masterful manipulator begins. "I've seen Tia with this George. He looks at her like she is some Wonder Woman, like she is still some kind of action heroine. You're the one still getting parts in Arrow and Warehouse 13 while Tia is the aging reality celebrity. He belittles himself constantly for Tia's glory. I will take care of the preparations. My private investigators will arrange a scenario where you and George can get to know each other without Tia knowing anything. The rest is up to you." Calderon explains. "Kelly, the Fab Four's last ride begins with you." Calderon finishes with a smile. "In order to make them fall we must first weaken the toughest of them all."

Kelly smiles saying, "Now if we can just discuss the pay, I'll take care of the rest."

A lucrative deal is negotiated; Kelly gets paid just to take Tia's man that calculates to close to a million. If she can end it with a fight to be sold through the league she makes 2 million more with millions more in royalties. Private investigators followed George detailing his habits and pinpointed when he is at his most vulnerable points where Kelly can inject herself into his life.

Kelly got her chance at a poker game at Mike The Mouth Madisow's house. It was a private invitation only game and luck had George and Kelly seated by each other. Kelly whipped George in the cards, took his money, and smiled and flirted the whole time. They exchanged phone numbers to give George a chance to get his money back of course. George wisely saved the number under the name Warehouse Cho if Tia inspects his phone.

Over time Kelly cultivated her relationship with George. He found himself falling for her easily. He found himself texting Kelly when Tia cancelled a date yet again for a meeting with another producer or director. All the meetings seemed to be at a luxurious restaurant and raised George's jealousy. He texts when Tia goes out of town again without him. Kelly and him go to lunch. They always enjoyed themselves. She was always there to listen about his day and his problems. He even reaches out at times when Tia seems too busy for him. George thinks Kelly is amazing, but she is not a Tia Carrere.

George adores Tia despite her faults. He loves being with the international superstar. She is better known than Kelly. George loves strong powerful women. Tia is by far the strongest and most intelligent that he has ever been lucky enough to bag. Tia is an all powerful goddess in his eyes. She is near undefeatable. That is what attracts him to her, and make it bearable putting up with her annoying faults. Kelly, for all her brilliance and beauty, was not Tia in his eyes.

George knows the history between Tia and Kelly. They are both Hawaiians and only a year apart. Over the years they were friends and rivals that often clashed for parts that spilled into fistfights occasionally. Tia won every fight. They cut ties when Kelly turned against the Fab Four after being a very close ally. Now they are more 'friendenemies'.

Then one day during lunch, Kelly hugged kissed George while rubbing his cock, and everything changed. She whispers in his ear that he deserves better than Tia. She wanted him all to herself and will not take him for granted like Tia. George could not imagine passing an opportunity to fuck an exquisite woman like Kelly. He kisses her back and things go to the next level from there.

From then on Kelly went about the business of seducing George. She is very convincing. Tia stays so busy that she never sees it coming. Unknown to Tia, Calderon arranged several casting calls and auditions that kept Tia out of town many times over the next few weeks. Kelly took full advantage of the time. George was spending more time with Kelly than Tia. Then she started staying over George's overnight when Tia was on long work trips. George really looked forward to Kelly coming over. He found the perfect side chick. Kelly is gorgeous, a diminished version of Tia, the super woman in George's mind. She did anything and everything to please him. She tried constantly to take him from Tia. Most importantly never talked or told anyone about anything out of fear of losing him, so George thought. He had no thoughts of ever leaving the super woman, Tia. However Kelly constantly pointed out Tia's faults and planted the seed in his mind.

Kelly told Calderon it is time to spring the trap. Kelly got access to George's house when he was away. Within a couple of hours the finest cameras were hidden in George's house. He never knew they were there. Calderon arranged for Tia to film a starring movie role and planned to be out of town for a week. George happily took Tia to the airport shortly after midnight and saw her off. He came home and started texting Kelly to come over. She comes over as she normally does. However Kelly texts Calderon too. After Tia's plane lands, she gets a call telling her the executive producers decided to cast Katherine Heigl and Tia is more or less fired. They have Tia's flight home paid for and leaves in a couple of hours. Also Kelly had a device in her purse that could jam telephone signals. Once she flipped a switch, George never receives Tia's texts or phone calls informing him she is coming home early. George did routinely try to contact Tia, but he knew she was filming in a pretty remote location and was not alarmed when he did not reach her. Besides he was busy fending off Kelly's advances. She did not leave him much time at all to worry about contacting Tia.

Tia's flight lands and she is pissed. She could not contact George to pick her up and she was already ticked that she took two lengthy flights for nothing. She practically got on the plane, the plane lands; she gets a phone call with bad news. She eats an airport breakfast and gets right back on another plane. It is a tiring trip. Tia takes a taxi home and drops off her bags then heads straight for George's house, to see why he wasn't responding.

She uses her key to open the door and sees a briefly dress Kelly Hu and her boyfriend George lounging on the sofa together. Tia immediately flies into rage shouting, "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?"

George leaps to his feet repeating, "Baby... but baby" in total fear.

"Really George, especially with Kelly? How could you?" Tia asks with hurt written on her face. George runs over to her and grabs her by the shoulders spewing the normal cheating man spill. George is desperately trying to find words to save his relationship. He never wanted to lose Tia.

George's lies mixed with some truth settles Tia down slightly, but not enough. Shortly Tia shouts "Fuck you! I'm out of here!" after stewing about everything some more.

As Tia starts to march out, Kelly says, "See George I told you she wouldn't fight for you." Kelly pauses. "She either doesn't care about you enough to stand and fight or she isn't woman enough to stop a real woman from taking you from her. I've told you that Tia is not the woman you think she is."

Tia stops dead in her tracks and stands with her back turned for a moment. Tia then whips around, "First of all I'm more woman than to be fighting a little whore to keep a piece of shit, cheating man. He should be fighting to keep me right now. Second, I've kick your little ass more times than I can count. So don't make me wipe the floor with your little whore ass for trying to steal my man. You knew me and George were together. I know you're behind this!"

"Yeah I knew you and George were together." Kelly answers. "I see you not treating him right. I see you belittle him in front of others, always telling him 'do this... do that...' He deserves to be treated better. He deserves me." Kelly declares. "He's definitely worth fighting for. I'll fight you for him, here and now. I'll kick your ass and get George all to myself and you can take your sorry ass out of here forever."

"Are you fucking crazy? I'm not fighting you over no man, especially a cheating one." Tia answers. "Why would I fight you over George? He's already mine, and I'm not sure even if I'm keeping him!"

"He damned sure wasn't yours last week, that's for sure." Kelly sasses and sees more shock, pain and heartbreak cross Tia's face. "You're a fraud! You're a second rate actress, a failure as a girlfriend and loser on so many levels. You are a very distant second best woman in this room. You won't fight because I will expose you. You treat George like he only exists for your needs, not as a man. George is worth fighting for, and I'm taking him from you one way or another. You're going to get dumped again! Elie (first husband) dumped you. Tie (Dommi) dumped you, and Simon (Second husband) dumped you." Kelly recants history. "You're a shitty girlfriend that cheated on her first husband and probably on George too. You're an over rated and over bearing bitch that's going to get dumped over and over again."

"Kelly I'm not going to fight you for George." Tia calmly answers. "I'm going to fight you because you’re a crazy, stupid whore, who deserves to get the shit beat out of her and drug to every corner of this house before I throw you out. Your mouth just got you a first class ass kicking." Then Tia turns her head to George and says. "Then when I'm done with her, you're in even bigger trouble. You're the cause of all this shit. We're going to talk, and I'll decide what I'm going to do with you!" She finishes with evil intent. "If I decide to give you another chance, I'm going to make your life a living hell! You have a whole lot of making up and work to do."

George is in shock now. First, that Kelly had the audacity to talk like that and say the things she said to Tia. Although she is about to get trounced, George is totally flattered by Kelly. She is an extraordinary strong woman. He would definitely have a relationship with Kelly, if he did not have Super Lady already by his side. Deep down, George is pretty sure that Tia will give him some sort of chance to make amends. Right now, he is going to watch as Kelly is getting her block knocked off.

Tia is beyond angry. Kelly struck low and deep with the things that she has said about her. She realizes that this is more of Kelly's jealousy than being George's fault. He is an idiot man, who could not withstand being seduced by someone as gorgeous as Kelly. This is about Tia and Kelly's rivalry and friendship for all these years. Kelly is looking for revenge by taking her man. Either way she is going to beat Kelly's ass like she always does. She is going to punish her for bringing up being dumped a lot in the past. Then she will probably forgive George eventually. She is definitely breaking up with him for a while. Then punish him and make him work exponentially harder to make up for his mistake. For now, Tia is going to torture Kelly and put her back in her place like she always does.

Kelly can't help but smile. Millions of dollars are floating her way, when the cameras record this fight. Tia does not stand a chance. She has been either in an airport or on a plane for 16 hours, exhausting her body. She is emotionally drained and heartbroken from discovering George cheated on her. Kelly has shamed her with a brutal and unsugar coated history lesson. By the way, she just lost her job a few hours ago. Nobody in the world feels good about being fired. This is a job that producers said they wanted a mature woman that changes here life and gets sexier. So they warned Tia about coming too fit. Tia has never minded packing on a few pounds anyway so her workouts have been light to nonexistent the last few weeks. Lastly Kelly has been training and preparing for this moment for months. She is always super fit, but is in the best shape of her life currently. Calderon is a genius. This is a total mismatch.

Kelly hurriedly takes her shirt off and tosses it to the side with her mini skirt following. She chooses to fight in black bra and panties because Calderon will pay more for this. Kelly glares at Tia. Kelly is always thin and fit, but even Tia is impressed. She understands why George called her over so quickly. "Come on! Get ready to fight or do you want me to rip your closes off?" Either way Kelly is getting her nudity bonus.

Tia is proud and never shy about showing her body. She had not considered taking off any clothes to fight, but her jeans were a little tight to maneuver with and her top was expensive. Also she did not want to give Kelly the satisfaction of tearing it off. Tia strips down to bra and panties too and accepts the challenge. Tia thinks Kelly is disrobing to try to entice George, so she will play along. George has certainly never complained about her figure. Her body is curvier like a coke bottle and makes Kelly look like a stick figure. However she was a little softer around the middle than normal today.

Tia glances at George, when the moment really dawns on her. She is about to fight Kelly for her man. "I can't believe you tried to take my man, Kelly!" Tia says as she walks toward Kelly who is in the middle of the living room.

"Get over it" Kelly answers with annoyance. "If I didn't do it someone else would have. You're a shitty girlfriend, who apparently spends more time being a party girl and drinking with movie producers than working out. You've been slipping for a long time Tia let's face it."

That insult proves to be the last straw. Flushed with rage, Tia charges at Kelly with a roar. At the last moment Kelly side steps her and slips out of the way, but not before planting a fist in Tia's belly button as she passed by. Tia quickly wheels around and gets a kick to her face that sends Tia reeling back and rapidly brings her to her senses. Her yoga mind tries to calm her, which is a very hard task considering all that has happened to her today. She suddenly has a feeling like she has walked into a trap.

Tia notices that initial contact has George impressed by Kelly and he has a new lusty look at her. Tia unfastens her too tight bra and tosses it aside, bringing Georges eyes back where they were supposed to be, on her. Tia slowly bounces toward Kelly again. She tries to calm herself but she is aggressive and angry again and snarling. Tia lashes out with martial arts kicks. Kelly blocks them with her arms but Tia is okay with that. She knows Kelly's arms will quickly lose their strength from taking the punishment.

Next, the two exchange and mix it up a little with a few fists. Tia ends by grabbing Kelly's arm and judo flipping her across the floor for a hard landing just like her Sidney Fox character in her TV show, The Relic Hunter. George thought he might bust a nut. That usually wins the day on TV, although this is real life and not TV. Kelly gets back up with a painful wince. She grabs the small of her back for a moment, and is ready for another round.

As Kelly stands Tia strikes with a straight kick to Kelly's chest, knocking her right back on her sexy ass. George hears the thump of Tia's foot making contact with Kelly's chest loud and clear. That hurt Kelly more. She could not pop right back up from that. Kelly rises to her knees as Tia approaches. Kelly fires a fist right into the pit of Tia's belly. Tia never even flinches. She totally ignores the minor insect bite and haul off with a back handed bitch slap that sends Kelly sprawling across the carpet. Tia violently kicks Kelly's backside, particularly her ass and upper thigh until Kelly crawls away. "Damnit George! After I'm done with your girlfriend I'm going to kill you!" a furious Tia shouts while kicking Kelly. George gets worried for Kelly and himself. He ha never seen Tia this furious and out of control before.

Tia marches toward Kelly again. Kelly gets up to her knees again and reaches out. This time she grabs Tia's pussy and applies a claw hold. Tia roars in pain this time. Kelly squeezes harder and sharply turns her hand clockwise. Tia roars in pain again and drops to her knees. "Get off me!" Tia demands in a shaky voice and shoves Kelly away. Kelly hangs on determinedly, but a forearm crashing across Kelly's chest frees Tia. Yelling, "FUCK!" Tia clutches her hurting pussy.

Tia has the peace of mind to stand despite her pain and beats Kelly up. She backs till her back is against the wall. When she looks up, Kelly is charging at her and drives her shoulder into Tia's belly. Once again Tia's midsection absorbs the brunt allowing Tia to immediately go on the offensive. First she grabs the doubled over woman's panties and yanks for a wedgie. Kelly squeals in discomfort. Next Tia reaches down further until one hand finds itself between Kelly's legs. Tia tries to repay Kelly for the lingering pain that she still feels. Tia claws the bent over hellcat's pussy. She gets a fresh squeal out of Kelly. However Tia could not get a good enough grip to cause the pain that Kelly inflicted on her. So she annoyedly tosses Kelly to the floor.

Kelly springs right back to her feet with her dukes up, and ready to fight. Tia takes her boxer's stance and advances. Tia scores with a straight right punch to Kelly's face followed by a left. Backing, Kelly counters with a punch to keep Tia at bay. It works for a second before Tia rips through with an upper cut that drives Kelly backwards. Tia did not land the punch flushly though. It is likely because she is a taller woman trying to upper cut a shorter one. It wobbles Kelly slightly but pisses her off more. Kelly roars back with an energetic straight right followed by an upper cut that land squarely under Tia's chin. Tia is rocked. The shorter woman came with leverage and ripped the taller woman's head back. Tia falls backwards and lands on the arm of the sofa. Kelly jumps in and rattles off ten punches to Tia's unprotected belly as she lies across the sofa's arm and able to get her wits back. Tia fires one short belly shot to Kelly's stomach to get her to quit and back off. Tia holds her stomach and rolls off the sofa's arm.

Tia is hurt but pursues her opponent quickly to fool her. She lands a solid right, before Kelly opens another hard assault. Three punches land flushly to Tia's face. Each one drives Tia backward several steps. The last one deposits Tia for a comfortable seat on George's loveseat. Kelly looms over her in an instant and fires four more punches to Tia's unprotected belly, before Tia can muster a combination of shots to Kelly's belly to make her retreat.

Kelly follows after her hurting foe. As she approaches a hunched over Tia from behind, Tia straightens up and spins around, clobbering Kelly in the face with a spinning back fist. Kelly is knocked to the floor with a dazed expression. Cockily Tia looks down at her chuckling.

Kelly HuTia drops to the mat to mount Kelly. She gets on top of her. but receives a palm strike under her breast that freezes Tia with a gasp for a moment. Kelly is then able to toss Tia off top of her and they start rolling around on the carpet with her. Both women make but cannot hold the other down for more than a couple of seconds. Kelly is faster and is fluid rolling around the mat. Tia is stronger and larger. Tia is gets caught in a body scissors hold. She powers to her feet, lifting Kelly of the carpet too. Kelly hangs on with her legs clasps around Tia's waist. It does not last long. Tia does a shimmy and flings Kelly off her like a dog shaking a tick. Kelly lands hard on her back.

Tia goes down to the carpet for Kelly again. Tia pins Kelly down this time by sitting on her chest with either knee on Kelly's shoulders in a schoolboy pin. Kelly bucks but cannot throw the bigger woman off. Finally Kelly throws her legs up and latches onto Tia's body. Kelly's strong legs were able to unbalance Tia and pull her backwards off of Kelly. Tia and Kelly roll and turn toward each other. Both women are pointing opposite directions. Tia's head is by Kelly's feet and vice versa. They both latch their legs around each other's bodies for a crushing double leg scissors. Both women squeeze with everything they've got to crush the fight and breath from each other's body. George hears both women grunt and groan and both of them have grimaces on their faces. Then he notices Tia's grimace become more severe. Then Kelly is able to pry Tia's legs apart, and break Tia's leg scissors. Now Kelly is able to move her body more perpendicular to Tia's and give Tia the full crushing power of Kelly's legs. Tia roars in pain but then quickly cut off by the difficulty to draw a breath.

George's jaw drops in astonishment. Kelly's legs just overpowered his Super Lady's, Tia. Kelly's legs are flattening Tia's breasts and George can clearly see her feeling the pain. Even more Tia cannot escape or break out. "Fuck you! Jealous flat-chested bitch!" Tia curses as she feels like her much bigger tits are about to pop.

Kelly releases Tia's body scissors only to move her legs higher and wrap them around Tia's neck. Tia tries to pull the crushing calves around her throat apart to no avail. Kelly's legs are way too strong. "See George I told you that you've underestimated me. My legs are way better than Tia's." George sees the rippling muscle in Kelly's legs that has a red faced Tia struggling and bucking on the floor. George had to nod and agree that Kelly's legs were stronger than his Super Lady's.

In a full demonstration of the power of her legs, Kelly moves into a figure four headscissors. Kelly sits behind her downed opponent and wraps her legs around Tia's head in the form of the figure 4. One leg crosses Tia's chin while the other squeezes and chokes her. George knows Tia is in real trouble. If she could not escape Kelly's leg scissors, then she will never escape this hold. For the first time, George realizes that Tia could actually lose this fight. He starts to consider his options. Does he throw Kelly out even if she wins and tries to make amends with Tia? Will Tia admit defeat and leave giving him to Kelly? Timely, Kelly tells a squirming Tia she deserves this punishment for being such a bitch, especially to George. She tells another example that George has told her about where Tia was less than a perfect girlfriend. George wonders if it is the time to make a switch in girlfriends?

Tia muscles up to a seated position to alleviate some of the pressure, but at great effort. Kelly releases the hold and quickly pushes Tia over onto her belly. Kelly get on top of Tia, planting her knee between Tia's shoulder blades and grabbing both of her arms and pulling them backwards locking Tia in a surfboard hold. Tia releases a short painful scream. "Suffer! Suffer bitch!" Kelly disdainfully spits. "Suffer for all those times you beat me! Suffer for all those times you left George alone while you went gallivanting all over Los Angeles with this producer and that producer. I would say that you're fucking those producers, but you never get any good jobs anymore. Maybe you are, but because you're a sorry fuck that you don't get any jobs? Maybe you're just the dumb whore they call for cheap thrills?" Tia could not even defend herself from Kelly's wild accusations. After sixteen hours of travel her body may not have an answer today.

Kelly stands so she can pull Tia's arms back further while her foot is still planted in Tia's back pinning her body down. George realizes that barring a stunning comeback, his mouthy girlfriend is about to proverbially get her ass handed to her. His Super Lady has found her kryptonite. He has to admit it is a sexy little package of Kryptonite indeed. To George's total surprise her is actually enjoying seeing his super girlfriend get her ass beat. He is not upset seeing his Super Lady dismantled, but surprisingly excited. As Tia suffers Kelly reminds her of another incident where she was a less than perfect girlfriend for George. Kelly looks George’s way and sees delight on his face. He looks forward to more of Tia's humbling regardless if they can maintain their relationship or not. Kelly Hu is one hell of a consolation prize.

Kelly lets go of Tia's left arm and uses both hands to twist Tia's right arm to its limits. With a quick yank, Tia is pulled to her side and Kelly drops down smashing her knee down on Tia's face and keeps it there. Kelly goes to work on Tia's right arm with Tia securely pinned and unable to escape. Kelly twist Tia's arm, tries to yank it out of its socket and put it in an armbar to bend it in a direction that it was not designed to go. Meanwhile Tia's exclaims of pain ring around the room. Kelly delights George by telling Tia of yet another incident where she was not a girlfriend worth keeping.

Tia is a proud woman. She knows her chances of coming back to win this fight are slim and getting slimmer. Her chances of keeping her relationship with George are plummeting too. Listening to Kelly she is starting to wonder why George has not dumper her already for Kelly. Losing is one thing but losing like this is soul crushing. Kelly is about to walk in, kick her ass, expose Tia as a fraud and take her man if Tia doesn’t do something fast. Tia confesses. "Alright George, you win! You've proven your point! I've been a lousy girlfriend. Call this bitch off and get Kelly off of me and I'll be the best girlfriend you've ever had. I promise."

Quickly Kelly moves over and sits on Tia's face to shut her mouth. Kelly immediately looks at George for his reaction and she starts squeezing and slapping Tia's big sexy tits around like they were stress balls. She finds that George has no intentions of stopping the fight. First he loves watching these half naked world class beauties fight like hellcats over him. Second he genuinely wants to see how this ends. Even if the outcome of the fight seems certain, the drama will not stop there. Tia has gone from leaving, to making his life hell, now to promising to improve as a girlfriend. George is not sure he wants her to be his girlfriend over Kelly anymore. Third, George is well aware how many times Kelly has loss to Tia. With his growing feeling for Kelly he does not have the heart to deny her this chance at redemption and revenge. With all the reminders of how lousy Tia has been over the years, maybe she deserves to get out of this mess on her own.

Kelly smiles not that she sees George has no interest in stopping the fight. She smiles seductively at George as she squeezes and slaps around Tia's breasts. He smiles fondly back. Kelly feels like George is almost hers, along with Calderon's bonus bucks. Kelly stands off Tia's face. With maybe her last burst of energy, Tia tries to scurry away from Kelly as far as possible. Tia does not even try to stand up she just scurries across the floor for only a couple of feet before Kelly grabs her by both ankles. She drags Tia across the carpet, and sees Tia try to push up so her stinging tits escape carpet burn. Kelly meanly takes her curvy nemesis for a trip around the room out of cruelty. Something about this meanness in Kelly is making George fall for her harder. Tia ends the fun abruptly by grabbing a table leg. She knocks over the table and breaks a lamp but it dissuades Kelly from dragging her.

Kelly releases one of Tia's legs and bends the other foot sharply as far as it would go. Tia howls loudly from Kelly's ankle lock. Scared that the bigger woman would throw her off again, Kelly drops to the floor, and secures Tia's leg with her legs making it nearly impossible for Tia to escape the dreaded ankle lock. Tia is screaming and grabbing her hair trying to deal with the pain. "Why are you even here?" Kelly demands to be told. "I thought you were filming a movie. Why did you come home early and spoil me and George's week?" Of course Kelly knows the answer but she wants Tia to admit to George that she loss the part. She wants to prove to George Tia is not the woman he thinks her to be. "Answer me dumb cunt! Did you expect me and George was spending the week fucking cow?" Tia refuses to answer but by her screams she is reaching her pain thresholds in the ankle lock. "I'm not letting you out of the ankle lock until you tell me why you ruined George and I's week! I'll break your foot off dumb bitch." Kelly nastily threatens.

Tia stubbornly holds out for as long as she can. Eventually she admits, "I loss the part", in a very shaky pain filled voice.

"What do you mean? You already had the part." George asks confused. "You've worked your ass off for weeks to get this part. I heard them offer you the role."

"Katherine Heigl" Tia answers. "Katherine got free and they gave the role to her."

"Let me translate Hollywood talk George" Kelly interrupts. "Your girlfriend is a loser. She got fired. She got dumped because a prettier more talented option came along. She got dumped because nobody cares about her anymore. She is not a big deal. She is no longer big time, she is no longer box office. Wayne's World was a long fucking time ago. You can learn a lot from this example." George sits silently as Kelly mercifully releases the ankle lock.

Tia rolls onto her back and clutches her ankle. She tries to massage it in the brief time Kelly gives her while Kelly prepares another way to torment her rival. Kelly took time to take her bra off and toss it at George then crawls on top of Tia, lining her bodies up until they are breast to breast. Then Kelly raises up and slams her perky tits down on Tia's smashing them. Repeatedly Kelly raises her body and slams it down tit first onto poor pinned Tia. Kelly wears a cocky smile knowing Tia's breast and ribs and body are taking quite a beating. Tia holds out for as long as she can, but the fire of her breast being smashed is overwhelming. "Fuck! You're killing my tits!" Tia finally screams out.

Kelly Hu"Really Tia?" George exclaims "Your breasts are twice the size of Kelly's. You can't even beat her in that?" George asks. Kelly observed the exchange of looks between those two as Tia turned her head to look and George. Kelly did not have words to describe the disappointment on George's face at Tia losing a breast battle to Kelly. Neither did she have words to describe the look of shame and humiliation Tia felt from her total failure and letting George down. George mutters "pathetic" under is breath so low the women do not hear him.

George have been admiring Tia's breast the whole fight. From the time at the opening when Tia removed her bra till now, George salivated watching them swing, sway, quiver and jiggle. Even though his desperate girlfriend was no longer Super Lady in his eyes, at least she had those wonder breasts. He knew how much he would miss them at the thought of losing and leaving Tia. His thoughts are interrupted by Kelly telling Tia, "I won't stop until you tell George my tits are better than yours." Kelly goes for the kill and slams her tits down harder and harder.

Tia is totally ashamed and humiliated now. However that does not change the reality that she is trapped and her tits are being smashed to dust and her chest is on fire and she can barely breath. The proud warrior holds out for as long as she can, which is much longer than George or Kelly thought she could. Kelly is hurting now but refuses to show it and relentlessly continues until Tia croaks "Your tits are better."

"No, tell George, not me." Kelly demands.

Tia could not bear to look at him. She closes her eyes and says, "George Kelly's tits beat mine. I'm sorry." Tia tried to maintain a little dignity by changing her words. Kelly is willing to allow Tia that little victory for now. The damage has been done. She gets off top Tia. Both need a little break at this point. Dismayed, Tia lies on the ground holding her chest and adds, "I'm sorry George, but she has been beating, slapping and twisting my breast the whole time. I couldn't..." Kelly knows it is true. Her breasts only won because of the totality of punishment she inflicted on Tia's breasts, but George does not know that. Kelly can see in his eyes that his former vision of Tia has been forever smashed.

"You couldn't because you have big flabby weak tits." Kelly insults, "You should be ashamed of them." Although still hurt and breathless herself, Kelly returns and shoves the beleaguered Tia over onto her stomach. Kelly simply takes a seat on Tia's back and locks her arms under Tia's chin and pulls back, locking Tia in a modified camel clutch. Tia groans loudly in pain. Kelly wrenches back further and harder with both hands. Tia is grunting and squealing with distress written across her face. As much fun as it is torturing this stubborn bitch, Kelly makes the big dollars by making Tia submit and surrender George to her. A humiliated and shamed Tia needs to leave, taking the decision away from George. Kelly is still not certain who he will choose.

However, George is almost certain. Things have gone too far. Tia has gone from being humbled to being humiliated. She may end up broken by the time Kelly is done. Then miraculously Tia gets her feet up under her and starts powering up to her feet. George's eyes widen. His Super Lady is really here as Tia powers up to her feet with an even more shocked Kelly hanging on to her back. Then that glint of meanness returns to Kelly's eyes. She wraps both arms around Tia's neck and her legs around Tia's waist and thrust her weight backwards. Tia tumbles over backwards back to the carpet immediately. Kelly tightens her grip around Tia's head and forearm across her throat, while tightening her legs around her waist. Tia finds herself in the Rear Naked Choke hold, a hold that has been the demise of a multitude of great warriors.

Tia knows it pretty much is over. She used all her mental toughness and strength to escape the camel clutch. Tia tries one last trick to try and salvage something out of the day. Tia screeches "Damnit George! I'm your girlfriend! I've been giving you all my good pussy for two years! Now get over here and help me!" George springs to his feet. That wicked tone from a woman makes any man know he had better obey.

George takes one step when Kelly screeches "Hold it! Hold it right there!" Kelly shouts in an equally wicked tone that also cannot be denied. Kelly tightens her choke hold and legs around Tia. Her eyes bulge but Tia cannot breath and she cannot speak. She can barely move. All she can do is make struggle for a breath until she passes out as Kelly talks to her man. "You've got to make a decision right now! Do you want to be with a loser shitty girlfriend or a winner? I've told you that you can have your way with me whenever from here out. But for that to happen I'm going to have my way with this bitch all I want today. So do you want a fantasy girlfriend dominating in your fake fantasy world or a real life strong woman? One that is strong enough to walk beside you and honor and respect you and you know what she can do in real life!" George stands there for a few seconds contemplating. Then George sits back down in his chair. Tia can offer no rebuttal because she is purple faced, cannot breathe and being helplessly crushed in Kelly's choke hold.

George has chosen, and it was Kelly over Tia. However the real reason had nothing to do with Kelly's soliloquy. He knew that Kelly has beaten and humiliated Tia. No matter what Tia says or said, she will never get over that or forgive him for causing that humiliation. She is too proud. Their relationship would nevre be the same and essentually over. Tia would leave as soon as Kelly is out of the picture.

Knowing that she is now George's new girlfriend Kelly releases Tia, stands and looks into George's eyes. George never thought Kelly was more gorgeous. The slender woman glistening in the light with the abs of a woman half her age really looked like a super heroine to him. Meanwhile Tia is on her side gasping for air like she was just released from one of Darth Vader's force chokes. She was a sweaty, red faced mess. Kelly knows she has time. Tia was tapping by the end of her sermon to George. Tia knew that she had loss George, the fight and was tapping to avoid passing out. She really did not hear or care what they were saying.

Tia slowly stands. It is not to try to fight, but to hopefully hobble her whipped ass to out of there. She silently turns to leave the new couple when Kelly grabs her by the hair of the back of her head. "Oh no, we're not done yet. Tia's was slumping and cringing as Kelly continued. "We used to be friends. Remember I know you. You've beaten me too many times. This does not end until I give you a Jessica Alba level of ass whipping. You know, the kind where you are too afraid to ever fight me again; just like you are afraid of Jessica!"

Suddenly Tia bucks up, "I'm not afraid to fight anybody..."

"Shut up!" an annoyed Kelly snaps back. In a flash of fury, she looks for the quickest way to hurt Tia and slings her into a nearby book case. Tia violently crashes into the bookcase and falls to the ground with several books falling on top of her. The shaking bookcase sends more books and a couple of vases crashing around her. Also a nearby picture falls off the wall and shatters the glass. A groggy Tia lies curled up in the debris.

Kelly walks to George and places a passionate kiss on the lips of her new millionaire boyfriend. Tia looks at the two warm, passionate couple and feels the jealous sting of getting dumped. "You're making a huge mistake George." Tia warns. "Kelly is an evil, wicked witch. Get away from her, before it's too late." Kelly hears Tia but ignores her and keeps kissing hew new man. George totally ignores Tia as well. The bitter dumped Tia makes one whimper as her hurting body rolls over and gets up to her hands and knees. As Tia starts to crawl, Kelly immediately stops kissing George and picks up thick book and quickly approaches Tia from behind. She draws the book back with both hands and swing smacking Tia in the ass. The book makes a loud 'whap' sound and Tia falls face first to the floor and lies face down on the carpet.

"One thing for sure, we know that I've got the best ass between us two." Kelly mean spiritedly comments while looking down at Tia's red booty.

"I don't know, I kind of liked Tia's wide ass." George adds, joking with a tongue in cheek smile.

Kelly instantly shoots George a mean jealous look to let him know that she did not appreciate the joke. This is the first of many mean jealous looks that George has in his near future. Kelly spits, "The best ass if you like Jell-O shaking cellulite." She then sits down on Tia's back facing Tia's booty and starts continuously spanking Tia's ass with the book.

Tia howls "No! Fuck you George!" as Kelly wears Tia's ass out with the book. George's little snickers become full laughs seeing Kelly give Tia a scathing spanking. Tia is being punished like a child. She tries to endure, hoping Kelly will stop soon, there is no ending in sight. "Come on Kelly! George only said that to incite you!" Tia pleads. "Your ass is way better than mine! Hands down, you get no argument from me!" Tia is known for having a fantastic figure, but is seriously proud of her tits and not her ass. Losing the breast duel was devastating for her pride, but she is easily willing to concede that Kelly has the best booty between them. It is especially easy cause she knows how proud Kelly is of her tight buns.

Kelly gives Tia's ass several more extremely hard whacks before standing and tossing the book away. Kelly steps off to the side of Tia and sexily poses. "When you're Kelly Hu's boyfriend then Georgie gets what Georgie wants, unlike being Tia Carrere's man. When George thinks you need a spanking, your ass gets spanked bitch!" Kelly boldly says as she turns to the side to give George a look at her tight cute sexy booty that she is rubbing. "Now I'm going to give George what her really wants to see. I'm going to beat you in a sex fight and show him I've got a much better pussy than your funky ass."

After getting her ass kicked in the fight, then getting her man stolen from her right in front of her eyes, Kelly is shocked when Tia rolls over and looks up at her brashly and confidently and says "Bring it skinny bitch!" Tia removes her panties and tosses them aside and looks angry and ready for the challenge. Foxy Kelly slides her panties down her legs shedding her panties also. Kelly again strikes a sexy pose with hands on her hips with hips cocked to the side, while staring down at Tia.

Knowing that Tia is very serious and ready from their stare down, totally naked Kelly walks to the sofa and sits down. She spreads her legs wide open, giving total access to her pussy. Then she glares at Tia for her to join her. Totally naked Tia gets off the floor and marches to the sofa and takes a seat as close to Kelly as possible. Tia opens her legs and swings her right leg over top of Kelly's left thigh, giving maximum access to her pussy too. One of each's hands travels south and finds their rival's pussy and they start fingering each other. Kelly's body tenses first and she lets out a quick moan. Later, Tia tenses up and lets out a coo. From there the sex fight is on.

Both vixens stroke and tantalize the other's cunt with a fever. Controlled by Tia's magic fingers, Kelly's hips start rotating, and Kelly cannot stop them. Kelly picks up the pace of her stroking and makes Tia's head fall back as she breathes harder and louder. However at this point Tia appears to be ahead by their expressions. Tia's fingers pinch and twist Kelly's pussy lips making her purr and twist and turn in her seat. Kelly applies the same tactic against Tia to get a deep groan out of her. The finger fuck fighting goes on for several more minutes. Both women are immensely aroused and getting to the point where the sex drive is demanding more. "Come on tough girl" Tia sings sarcastically definitely questioning Kelly's toughness. "Time to see who's pussy is really the strongest." Tia announces that the preliminaries and the foreplay is over, and now the real fight begins.

Tia lays back on the sofa and Kelly lies backward the opposite direction. They move simultaneously toward the center of the sofa, in-between each other's legs until their wet pussies meet. Immediately they start fuck fighting again. Their pussies grind against each other. Their pussy lips stroke each others' and arouse each other. Pussy lips kiss and flick each other. They slam their pussies together sending sensations throughout their bodies. All these titillations send messages to their brains that their bodies need to orgasm. Both resist their minds' demands for as long as possible. Two sexy hellcats vie in a contest to see which one's sex drive and ability is the greatest and which one can last the longest.

When the contest began it was a foregone conclusion to George that Tia would lose. She has suffered too many defeats today for her mind to rebound and win this test of mental toughness. After being beaten, humiliated and discarded so many times today on so many different levels, even the toughest of warriors would crumble. However Tia is demolishing Kelly' pussy and has her purring and squirming uncontrollable. Just after he discarded the idea of Tia being a Super Lady as a myth and a concoction of his imagination, Tia is rebounding and recovered like a true Super Lady. George has serious doubt, regrets and remorse about his decision to dump Tia.

Kelly realizes that she is losing and Tia is growing confidence. She is getting scared; terrified in fact that the lifelong losing streak to Tia is happening again. It is like the natural order of the universe is restoring itself and Tia is the greater entity. Kelly has worked too hard for this moment of total victory to let it slip away in a sex fight. She has spent months working out to kick Tia's ass. She conspires with Calderon for this opportunity. She spent days with George to gain his faith and affection. Millions are at stake, but in the end, this one total destruction of Tia will out weight the disappointment of her lifelong defeats to this woman. "Fuck you bitch!" shout Kelly as she hold's Tia's legs and pulls both of their bodies off the sofa onto the floor. Both vixens fall on the floor, still connected. On the carpet Kelly has more room to spread Tia's legs and get deeper between her legs. She has more grips to grind against Tia's pussy harder than on the sofa. She can spread her legs wider and get on top of Tia's pussy and use more weight to punish Tia's pussy.

Kelly goes after Tia with a vengeance. She throws her nemesis down and attacks her pussy from different angles, getting in deeper than before. Tia flops and gets more aroused, while Kelly angrily mutters, "Fucking bitch." The only problem is that now that they are on the floor, Tia has the same advantages. Tia has more room to spread her legs and get in deep and apply more pressure and power to Kelly's pussy. Tia reverses the smaller woman and gets on top and her bald pussy is grinding Kelly's groomed low cut pussy into smoke. Both cunts are soaking wet and George can hear the wet smacks of both woman. He is getting just as aroused watching as the women. Kelly gets on top and grinds Tia's pussy, but soon after there is a reversal and Tia does the same.

There is no question in Tia's mind by now that she is the better sex fighter. There is no doubt she should win this sex fight. However after all that she has endured today she is running on fumes. Tia gets on top of her prey. She pushes her nimble adversary's legs farther apart than ever and grinds her pussy with all her might. Kelly is pinned against the carpet. Her eyes get big and worried. Kelly makes a loud sexual scream then grimaces like she is holding back a mighty river. Tia is sure she is going to win. She only has to hold on a little longer. Then she hears George say "Come on Kelly you can do this." Instantly Kelly's face looks a little calmer. Tia looks at George with an evil sneer and grinds harder. "You've already proven to me that you're the best woman in this room. Now prove me right and finish her off and prove you're my real life queen." George encourages because for his ego's sake he has to protect his investments. Kelly is his champion now, Tia is his past.

Tia still feels on a normal day she would have Kelly cuming anyway despite George's little bull shit speech. However on this day it extended the sex fight and not long after Tia ran out of gas. Kelly is able to escape and get in the dominate position. She sits on Tia's right this and holds the other leg at a 90 degree angle and slams her pussy into Tia's and grinds at will. Tia stubbornly holds on like the warrior she always has. She is still thinking Kelly will mess up and give her the win as always. George coaches "Rub her nipples. She can't handle it. She'll cum if you rub her nipples." Kelly gently stroke Tia's nipples and rubs her areola. Tia goes crazy wiggling and squirming in sexual tension.

"Not fair!" Tia pants. "You and George are cheating."

"All's fair in love and war." Kelly answers with a smile. "Besides, George could have chosen to talk to you. He could have not said anything at all. But he chose to help me, because he wanted me to win. He wants me over you. He wants me to destroy your ass and kick you out of his life for good. Now let that sink in you dumb dumped bitch!" Kelly finishes evilly. That proves to be the psychological knockout punch that ends the fight. Tia starts drowning in the confusion of why George who idolized her, suddenly cheated on her then dumps her for Kelly saying she is better. More important why does this happen to her repeatedly? Tia wants to cry but loses herself in the ecstasy of a thriving orgasm instead.

Kelly sees the pain in Tia's eyes, but there is no mercy inside of her. "Yeah bitch look at you. You're one of the most beautiful women in the history of Hollywood, and still can't keep a man. You must be one selfish fucked up bitch! They start off idolizing you then can't dump you fast enough. You're a mess. You're nothing but hot garbage! Do us all a favor and go ahead and cum and get the fuck out of here forever!" Kelly cruelly shouts. Kelly's words really tore Tia apart. She definitely wants to cry, but will not give Kelly and George the satisfaction of making her. Tia drowns her sorrow in the orgasm. She is panting and barking loudly. Finally Kelly squeezes Tia's breast and the volcano erupts. Tia starts convulsing and screaming, while having maybe her biggest orgasm ever. Kelly stands off Tia and enjoys the show, as Tia convulses and flops uncontrollably in an erotic orgasm.

Kelly heartlessly points and laughs at her old friend inflicting further pain to her rival. Tia is spent both emotionally and especially mentally. She just lies on the floor, trembling and panting while convulsing occasionally when she feels an aftershock of her extreme orgasm. Kelly announces, "It's time to put you to sleep" and approaches Tia again. Kelly grabs Tia by her long hair and pulls her up until she can place Tia's head between her thighs and clamp them shut around Tia's head for a standing head scissors. Tia's loud panting is immediately shut off and turns into gurgles as she struggles to breathe. Tia slaps and tries to pull Kelly thighs apart while Kelly flirts with George with her eyes. Then she poses for him, flexing a single bicep, then later a double bicep. George cannot get enough of his new prize. She is stronger and more dominant than the last, who is currently weakly thrashing between Kelly's legs. Tia interrupts Kelly's posing by raking her nails down Kelly's thighs. Kelly quickly grabs Tia's wrists and immobilizes them. George thinks that Tia looks like she is in a medieval torture device she is so incapacitated. However soon Tia goes limp and Kelly releases her allowing her to fall to the floor. Kelly uses her foot to roll Tia over onto her back so George can witness her total destruction in all of its glory.

Kelly and George's eyes meet and lock. Kelly runs to him and leaps into his embrace. She wraps her legs around his waist and passionately kiss him while he holds her aloft. This is a momentous moment of revenge for Kelly. She has finally kicked Tia's ass, humiliated her by taking her man, then leaving her with a heartbreaking defeat. However it is marred when she notices George stealing glimpses of Tia unconscious on the floor whenever he gets a chance. Kelly stops kissing him and releases his waist. She will not allow Tia to steal a moment of this glory. "What? It's Tia isn't it?" George does not say a word but looks away. Rightfully he feels bad seeing his former girlfriend totally destroyed and knows that is his entire fault. "It's okay I totally understand. Tia is an beautiful, amazing woman. I shouldn't expect you to forget about her instantly after a two year relationship. To show you what kind of girlfriend I am, I'm going to allow you one last time with Tia, but after that, no more. Do you understand?" Kelly explains.

George has no clue what Kelly means as she walks to Tia and pulls her up into a seated position Kelly starts shaking and trying to wake Tia up. "Come over her and pull down your pants." Kelly orders. George does as he is told. He walks to Kelly and Tia who is starting to come around, but is not coherent. He pulls down his pants and Kelly reaches in and takes his penis out. To George's shock she open's Tia's mouth and guides it on George's cock. Kelly moves the semi conscious woman's head back and forth making Tia give George some head. All the moving wakes Tia. She comes to with George's penis in her mouth. Kelly is still moving her head back and forth and forcefully demands, "Suck it! I said suck it bitch!" Tia does not know what is happening, but feels like it is best to do what she is told. Tia starts sucking George's cock on her own. Kelly lets go of Tia's head and demands "Faster!" Intimidated, Tia does what she is told. For the time being Tia has developed a healthy fear of Kelly. "Faster! Faster!" Kelly demands and Tia complies. George cannot believe what is happening but he is loving it.

Once George's cock is as big and hard as it is ever going to get, Kelly stops Tia and directs her to turn around on all fours. Then she looks at George and forcefully demands, "Fuck her!" George is in shock and staring so Kelly orders again, "I said fuck her!" George does not need to be told another time he gets on his knees and thrusts his cock inside of Tia from behind and starts pumping his cock inside of Tia's still wet pussy. "Faster!" Kelly shouts. George is just as intimidated by Kelly as Tia was earlier. He quickly complies. "Faster! I said faster damnit!" Kelly keeps demanding faster until George is going as fast as his middle-aged ass can go. He has his hands on Tia's hips and slamming his cock in her as hard as he possibly can. There is no tenderness. He does not care if Tia is enjoying this or if it is hurting her, he is just fucking for the sake of fucking like an animal, and loving it. Tia barks loudly at every pounding thrust. George is fucking her brains out as every thrust sends jolts throughout her body. She and George have fucked hundreds of times, but never like this. Tia does not know if she likes it or not, but it is by far the best experience of the day, so she will take it. George grabs both of Tia's wrists and pulls them behind her so he can thrust deeper inside of Tia than ever before. He stops thinking about Tia as a goddess but now a piece of meat for him to fuck.

George slows down while wearing a fuck face like he is about to cum. "No definitely not inside of her!" Kelly disciplines him with an extended finger and a stern face. George pushes Tia face first to the carpet and barely touches his cock before he is shooting sperm onto Tia's back. Even more spent than ever, Tia lies face down, only twitching when the hot sperm hits her back. She did not know what to think. She has never been fucked like that. She would not mind it if it was done behind closed doors once and a while.

"That was amazing!" George exclaims. "Kelly, you are the best girlfriend ever!" He respectfully pulls up his pants since his cock is covered in Tia's pussy, before rushing to Kelly and passionately kissing her like never before. The sight of Tia face down with sperm all over her back removed every doubt he had about dumping her for Kelly. He now wishes he would have fucked Tia like that and thrown the needy, extremely high maintenance bitch out long ago. "You're right. I'm done with that hot garbage. You're the only woman I want."

George and Kelly get lost for a moment kissing and rubbing all over each other. They momentarily forget Tia is in the room. When they come back to reality Tia is standing and trying to leave without being noticed. Kelly turns and asks George, "So what do you want to do to Tia now? We can always take her upstairs and use her as a sex toy. Or if I go one or two more rounds with her, in fifteen minutes I can turn her into an uncontrollably crying, and begging for mercy pathetic mess. Then I can train her to be our pet."

Tia cringes and her body slumps with a whimper. She knows Kelly is merciless and will do both things to her, and she is powerless to stop it. "Please Kelly! We used to be friends! I can't take anymore. You win. You've already beaten me every way possible. You kicked my ass! You took my man! Your legs, tits, ass, everything about you is better. I can't compete with you on anything. You're way too much for me today. I just want to go home and crawl under a rock and not come out for a long time." Tia confesses pitifully.

Kelly and George stood dumbfounded, and then they looked at each other in astonishment at Tia's sudden admission of defeat and inferiority. Sure they both were seeking to destroy and crush Tia, even though to actually hear it is still amazing. They did it they conquered the great warrior. They made Super Lady turn in her cape and bow in defeat. For a moment they looked at each other not knowing what to do or say.

George speaks first, "I don't know Kelly it sounds like Tia has learned her lesson. She understands that she is a needy, high maintenance Super Bitch and cannot compete with a real queen like you. If she shows she knows her place by crawling over on her hands and knees to worship your feet my queen, then she can go home." Kelly is really starting to fall for George now. George has just ripped away Tia's last shred of dignity to make her demean herself just to make Kelly happy and feel special. Kelly turns and gives him a very long passionate kiss.

When they finished they both looked at Tia. They could see the pain caused by George, a man she cared for is now humiliating her just to impress Kelly. "What are you waiting for?" George asks. He then adds, "You don't have to crawl. You can go another round with Kelly. You don't look like you an stand another round with the queen though." Tia sighed then drop to her hands and knees and crawled to Kelly. Then she kisses Kelly's gorgeous feet all over. Kelly gives George a smile of appreciation and a wink.

Tia submissively kisses Kelly's feet until Kelly tells her to stop. Kelly then ushers Tia to a closet and pulls out a length of rope. Kelly pulls Tia's hands behind back and binds her wrist together. Kelly reaches in and pulls out one of George's coats big enough to cover her naked body. "George, I've already taken the liberty to pack Tia's clothes in this box. Can you carry it for me?" Kelly asks as she puts on the coat. As George retrieves the large cardboard box, Kelly opens the door then stops. "Oh no, we can't leave my man's house in shambles like this." Kelly says as all of them look at the wreckage of things broken during the fight. "George gets one of Tia's credit cards from her wallet to fix this." Kelly says. "Actually make it two. I want to do some remodeling to get Tia's stench out of the house. Make sure it's a big one because I like the good stuff." Kelly turns to Tia saying, "Don't worry you'll have plenty of money when you sign to release the security footage of our fight."

Kelly escorts stark naked Tia out of the house and down the long driveway with George in tow carrying the large box. Any snooping or passing neighbor could easily see them. Kelly takes Tia to the back hatch of her SUV and dumps her inside. She tosses Tia's car keys inside to drive home, whenever she gets loose from her binds. Lastly she instructs George to dump her clothes inside from the box. Tia gasps loudly as tens of thousands of dollar in dresses come raining down on her all cut up in little squares now looking like dress material samples. "My clothes you fucking little cunt bitch! I'll be back!" Tia hysterically yells.

Kelly laughs seeing Tia get so angry that she is about to explode, then closes the back hatch shut on Tia. "Don't bother George is mine" Kelly sings.

"Not for George bitch, you can have him. I'm coming for you!" Kelly and George leave to return to the house, but hear Tia burst into tears when she thought they were away.

George and Kelly go back inside the house and go straight up stairs to George's bed room. Kelly goes to the bathroom and freshens up after sending a text on her phone. When she returns, Kelly drops the coat and lays seductively on the bed. Kelly says "Come on to bed George, and I'm going to make you forget about Tia forever." They started making love for hours. True to Kelly's word, after they were done, George never looked back at Tia.

Meanwhile TMZ reports got a tip from a text message. They show up at George's house shortly. The TMZ crew gets out of the van and run up to Tia's SUV and get footage and photos of Tia, naked tied up and struggling in the back of her own car. They open the door and help Tia out. The camera is up close zooming in on her, a reporter asks, "Tia Carrere are you alright? What happened did you get robbed or something?" then he shoves the microphone in Tia's face.

Angry Tia yells "Get that damned camera out of my face." Tia throws a kick like a wild woman making him back away. The interviewer tries to ask a question but Tia insanely yells "Fuck you! I'm getting interviewed like this!"

The reporter yells "cut", and signals to stop filming. Then he picks up the bound wild woman and dumps her back into her car and shuts the hatch. He gives Tia a moment to calm down then goes to the back window and says, "Tia let's help each other. You need help getting untied, and I need a brief interview to tell your fans what's happened. This is a mutually beneficial situation. If not, then we have to go find somebody else to interview, meanwhile you bake in this car that is getting heated by this California sun like an oven until you figure out how to untie yourself...."

DUM DUM DUM "Breaking news on Actress Tia Carrere was found nude and tied up today by TMZ reporters. You're seeing footage as our reporters found the curvaceous actress in her car with her wrists tied behind her back. (Footage of when first found Tia and were filming her through the window). "After Tia was rescued and freed by out reporters she was asked what happened (Now it switches to Tia free and standing naked with video blurs over her breasts and pussy and looking evil and mean with the reporter beside her.)

"I loss a fight" Tia answers "It happens, we all lose fights sometimes."

"It must have been a hell of a fight. Who can do that to somebody as tough as you?" The reporter asks. Tia just gives the reporter a death stare and remains silent. Then she starts to walk away. "Wait a minute Tia! Isn't this your boyfriend, George Wolfe the real estate developer's house?"

Tia turns to the reporter savagely and says "No it's Kelly Hu's boyfriend’s house." Then she shoves the reporter out of the way. Tia storms to the driver's seat of her car, gets in and drives away sending the cameraman and the reporter scattering out of the way with her tires screeching.

Kelly posted a picture on Instagram of her and George captioned 'My new man'. Then a picture of George's wrecked living room with Tia's clothes still scattered on the floor with the caption 'Throwing George's hot garbage out got messy'.

It is not a very long ride home for Tia, but once she gets home the TMZ video is viral and her phone starts beeping like crazy. First Pam Anderson checks on her. Then Halle Berry text followed by Jennifer Lopez. Zoe Saldana, Roselyn Sanchez and Scarlett Johnanson all within minutes text their girl.

An hour later all of them are at Tia's house for a pity party. Everybody brings a tub of ice cream and a case of wine. They raise her spirits and tell her she is better off without George. Jennifer and Halle writes a list of potential millionaire boyfriend replacements. They entertain themselves like teenagers discussing the boys and rating them. Megan Fox and Jessica Biel arrive with cake, cookies and chocolate. Finally they have a serious discussion knowing this fight was no accident. Their enemies, The Resistance must be the cause. Sophia Vergara, and Eva Longoria show up right before the twenty-five pizzas that were ordered. Tia decided not to sign to have the video released. It was too humiliating. Kim Kardashian, Coco and Rosario Dawson were all out of town on various projects, but they video chat in multiple times. It was a huge drink wine, get fat and off your diet pity party. This party inspired several other pity parties for Tia and the Fabs. Nobody suspected or blamed Quatro Calderon. However the last ride had started.

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