Uncivil War



"Okay guys, we'll get back to celebrating in the New Year in a moment, but it's time for our main event! We're naming the first ever Stone Rage Baby New Year!" Downtown Julie Brown announces standing in the center of the party ballroom during the STONE RAGE NEW YEAR'S EVE BASH! It is yet another Stone Rage celebrity party and Julie is the hostess for the party and ring announcer for the feature wrestling match.

Like the other super parties, this one too is held in a secluded warehouse, converted just for the celebration. There is no press of any type, allowing the celebrities to really cut loose and have a great time. That is exactly what they did. Ashanti performed at the party, kicking it off. Willa Ford torched the stage next. Lil Kim made an appearance with a racy and crazy sexy performance. Ciara followed, and had the All-Star crowd rocking. Faith Hill finished the night, dazzling like an All-Time great diva should.

An already tipsy Julie continues. "We have the first ever Baby New Year match, and it's an old fashioned oil wrestling match", Julie explains holding up a big sash with 2010 BABY NEW YEAR printed on it with gold letters. "Our loser will be named Baby New Year for the night. We've got a few surprises for our Baby New Year after that, but you will get to talk to her about it, because our Baby New Year will be sentenced to walk around naked in her sash for the rest of the evening."

"Now our fighters!" Julie proudly announces. "First, fighting out of Honolulu, Hawaii, and standing at five feet, and five inches tall. She represents the Resistance camp. Please welcome Kelly Hu!" Julie excitedly says. Kelly comes out of a back room and marches to the ring.

The ringside area is completely different for this joyous occasion. Instead of ringside chairs, there are several round dinner tables covered with elegant linen table clothes and center pieces. The ring itself is a specially designed inflatable octagon that looks like an inflatable swimming pool for small children. The soft sides protect the combatants from injury, and provides ample room for the ladies to wrestle around.

Kelly struts to the ring wearing a white tube dress with thin spaghetti straps holding it up on her shoulders. The dress is as tight as a sheath covering a lethal weapon. The dress is extra short, displaying Kelly's killer legs as she confidently parades around the ring. Kelly makes a lap, smiling at her cheering fans and friends. Kelly stops and winks and acknowledges Jessica Alba and her husband along with Nikki Cox and her hubby, Jay Mohr, sitting at a ringside table.

"Now her opponent!" Julie announces. "She is also coming out of Honolulu, Hawaii. This fighter stands at five feet, and eight inches tall, and is a member of the Fab Four!" Julie pauses, allowing the audience to applaud. "Please welcome, Tia Carrere!"

Tia enters from the back and saunters to the ring. She brings a regal procession to the squared circle with the grace of a queen. Tia's sinuous figure is poured into a slinky black chalice that accentuated its enticing curves. Tia's dress is backless. There are two straps tied around the back of her neck, holding the designer garment around her body. Tia's evening gown is longer than her rival's, stopping several inches above her knees. There is a long split traveling up her thigh for maneuverability.

Tia parades around the ring briefly. She walks right up to Kelly. The two Hawaiians stand within inches of each other, chest-to-chest, and staring each other down.

After several tense moments of neither girl flinching, just exchanging glares. Kelly breaks the tension first saying, "It's been a long time Tia." accompanied by a sneaky smile.

"Hmpt" Tia answers with a smirk. "Not nearly long enough."

"I can't wait to kick your over rated ass!" Kelly declares. Tia just smacks her lips and rolls her eyes in response.

"Okay ladies, let's get out of those party gowns, so we can get this match started!" Julie announces n her sexy English accent. Both ladies sexily and sensually start to peel off their evening gowns in front of the lustful and drunken audience. They have the audience hooting and hollering like a bunch of college boys on spring break. After removing their dresses, Tia is clad in a black lace bra and panty set. Kelly poses in a white lace bra and panty set. Both ladies' sensuous curves have ringside fans drooling.

"Wubba Wubba Wubba! Now we've got a couple of guys to help our hellcats get oiled down for our match." Julie reports. "Tia has her husband in her corner, and Kirk will be helping Kelly." The two lucky guys come down to the ring with big squeeze bottles full of oil.

Tia sexily poses in her corner as her husband squirts and rubs oil all over her body. Occasionally Tia sends Jessica Alba scornful looks. Nobody and definitely not Tia could forget that Jessica destroyed Tia in her last Battle Zone match. Jessica then seduced and obviously aroused Tia's husband to the point of infidelity, before finally stealing Tia's wedding band off of Tia's finger. Tia has been a laughing stock for many competitors, and most believe Tia is afraid of Jessica. Tia is making a statement having her husband in her corner, oiling her sensuous body like a well trained boy. She enjoys his caress blatantly, and puts on quite a public display.

Kelly chose a fan to be her corner man. The lucky fella won a contest and relishes the chance to rub oil all over Kelly's exquisite body. Kirk tries to contain himself and be respectful to one of his favorite celebrities, and resist the temptation to give into his hands desire to roam. After being oiled up, Kelly's white lingerie turns transparent, showing much more than intended.

A nameless and faceless referee blows a whistle starting the match. The two oiled up vixens come together with one loud wet smack. Kelly takes the early advantage, wrestling Tia down in the pool, and swarming on top of her. She forces Tia over from her side to her back, but gives her foe a few cracking spanks on her ass, before taking Tia over. With Tia on her back, Kelly quickly mounts her rival and wraps two hands around her neck. The referee shouts something about the choke, but Kelly nastily shouts back, "FUCK YOU!" and continues choking Tia.

Because of the slippery oil, Tia is able to squirm out of Kelly's choke hold. Tia muscles up to a seated position, and pushes Kelly over backwards onto her back in the process. Realizing potential danger, Kelly tries to squirm away. Tia holds onto the slippery hellcat as best she could, given the situation. Catching Kelly on her back, Tia latches a claw hold onto Kelly's pussy. Kelly screams and wiggles, but Tia holds on and digs in with her claws. Tia is facing toward Kelly's cunt, concentrating on her claw hold. This allows Kelly to sit up and reach around from behind Tia and grab a double handful of Tia's tits. Tia suddenly howls like a wounded animal. One of Tia's big tits had already fallen out of her bra while the other remained covered. Kelly did not care, she squeezes both of them like two large lumps of clay.

Tia's pussy claw disappears as Kelly continues crushing her breasts. Kelly throws Tia onto her back, and looms over her. Next, Kelly plunges her boobs onto Tia's face for a breast smother. Not achieving the desired results on her slippery adversary, Kelly abandons the smother for another two handed choke around Tia's neck. Kelly has Tia pinned against the edge of the inflatable pool, and has much greater control over opponent than her first choke hold. The strangler is able to maintain the hold longer than before. Nonetheless, Tia is able to power out of the hold. By this time, both women's tits are flowing outside of their bra cups from all the tussling around.

Tia immediately starts trying to wrestle Kelly down. However Tia is starting to tire from Kelly's extended holds, and unable to toss the smaller woman around anymore. The slippery hot oil also makes it much harder on Tia. She keeps riding Kelly trying to wrestle and pin her down but ends up being just taken for a ride, while trying to control Kelly. Tia holds onto Kelly's waist, riding the squirming girl all around the pool until, she is finally able to pin her down, and get on top of her. Tia grabs onto anything she can to hurt Kelly, and ends up with one hand around her opponent's throat, and the other crushing one of Kelly's breasts. Kelly reaches up and again crushes both of Tia's tits in her hands. Switching tactics, Tia goes for a double handed choke around Kelly's neck instead.

Kelly is able to buck, and kick Tia off, and sends her sliding on her back across the oily floor. Kelly slides after Tia and quickly grabs a hold of the downed beauty. That hold ends up being both hands crushing one of Tia's tits. After getting a squeal out of her enemy, Kelly takes one hand and claws Tia's pussy again. Again, prolonged holds on the slippery women is very difficult, and Tia is able to wretch free shortly. That freedom is short lived. Kelly keeps a hold of Tia's waist and rides the escaping sexpot around the floor. Kelly halts Tia's struggles when she seizes the opportunity to apply her pussy claw. Tia screams until she is muscled onto her back by her curvy nemesis.

Kelly takes a seat on Tia's stomach and starts choking her again with both hands. Tia is grunting and squealing with distress written across her face. Tia has spent far too much time on her back in this match, and knows it. Tia brings her leg up and wraps them around Kelly knocking her off of her perch. Tia tries to keep Kelly trapped in a scissors lock, but Kelly is far too slippery. Kelly tries to employ her own killer legs to subdue Tia. They end up rolling around trying to lock each other in leg locks. Tia finds herself on the defensive during the majority of this time. She growls, grunts and shrieks, and slip out of Kelly's grasps the whole time, while being ridden like an old war horse. Tia exclaims, "Get off of me, you cow!" out of frustration.

Kelly responds with a taunting laugh. "You're the fucking cow, dumb bitch." she nastily counters.

Kelly eventually pins Tia on her back again, and crushes both of her tits again. The referee frantically blows the whistle yelling the end of round one. Kelly ignores the referee until Tia is able to push Kelly off of her and crawl to freedom.

Kelly slides away wearing a cocky smile. Tia knows that she was obviously dominated in the opening round. She stands and stuffs her tits back inside her bra. She walks to her husband, commenting back at Kelly, "Its not over until the fat lady sings."

"You better start singing then, bitch." Kelly confidently answers while recovering her breasts. Then she lounges back against the soft side of the oil pool like she is relaxing at the beach.

Meanwhile Jessica Alba and Nikki Cox are celebrating at their table. At a less high profile table, Ashlee Simpson and Christina Milian also celebrate. The Resistance's braintrust strategize that Tia is the one piece that the Fab Four can not do without. Tia is the one that the others call 'Honcho'. Tia represents the toughness, courage and heart of the group. Without Tia, they figured the group would crumble, and be easily defeated. Jessica has crushed Tia's spirit when she took her wedding ring, and wrapped Tia's husband around her little finger. They hope is that Kelly can finish the job tonight with another crushing defeat.

Tia walks to her husband who towels off her face, whipping any oil away from her eyes and squirts some water in her mouth from a water bottle. He does not say a word. He knows that Tia is upset and disappointed at her performance thus far. However Tia is a veteran and a past champion. She knows what to do, he does not need to coach her. Silently Tia returns to the oil ring and takes a seat. She too lounges back like Kelly as if she just did not spend the majority of the first round getting her ass handed to her by Kelly.

The referee blows his whistle, and both lounging beauties spring back into action. They pounce on each other, meeting in the middle of the ring, grappling for control. Tia fights with renewed determination, and forces Kelly over onto her back. "You're going down this time." Tia mutters, while Kelly responds with a symphony of grunts and growls. Tia sits on top of Kelly with a two handed choke while Kelly retaliates by groping Tia's tits. "Who's on top now?" Tia shouts to bolster her own confidence. Kelly bucks and thrusts and is able to buck the slippery girl off top of her.

Both girls spring at each other again. "You're going to be the first one to get undressed." Tia growls and pulls on Kelly's bra. Tia and Kelly roll around with Tia's attention solely focused on Kelly's bra. Ultimately, she gives up position in a gamble to capture the bra. Tia pulls Kelly on top of her so she can get a good grip around Kelly's back at her bra clasp. It works. She unhooks the bra then is able to wrestle it off of it's owner. Kelly sits up with her oily tits glistening in the lights.

Kelly goes after Tia with a vengeance. She throws her nemesis down and attacks with a pussy claw, while the other hand squeezes Tia's breast like a toy. Tia flops and screams on her back, while Kelly angrily mutters, "Fucking bitch." Kelly attacks Tia's bra next looking for retribution. Kelly pulls the bra fiercely, stretching it to its limits. Then Kelly reaches behind Tia's back and unhooks the clasp with ease. Next thing Tia knows she is squirming away from Kelly with her bra dangling off her body by one bra stap over her shoulder. "You want it? You want it?" Tia says, removing her own bra, seeking to use it as a weapon. "Do you want it?" Tia spits trying to talk tough and maintain her mental edge.

Tia CarrereKelly ignores all questions and dives on top of her prey. She has Tia pinned against the side of ring and presses her tits into Tia's face for a breast smother. Kelly shuts Tia up, shouting, "Take that! How you like these big fucking titties now?" Tia flops around until she is able to wiggle out from under her oppressor.

Never taking a break in the action, Kelly goes after Tia immediately. Tia tugs on Kelly's panties, pulling them down, exposing her butt crack. This proves to be a mistake for Tia. It pisses Kelly off even more, causing her to go after Tia's panties with a vengeance. Before Tia knows what has happened, Kelly has Tia's panties down, and dangling around her right ankle, uselessly.

Tia started the stripping game to get a psychological edge, and points from the judges, and ends up losing it miserably. She makes a mental note that Kelly is extremely skillfull in undressing other women. Stubbornly she goes after Kelly's panties again, only to get caught between Kelly's legs in a body scissors. Kelly quickly adds to Tia's anguish by reaching out and grabbing Tia's tits too. Tia paws at Kelly's boobs and continues to pull on her rival's panties. Tia fights out of Kelly's vice and determinedly continues to yank on Kelly's panties. With much effort, she is finally able to remove Kelly's panties.

Fans roar now that both competitors are completely naked. Nobody can take their eyes off of the glistening nude bodies thrashing around before them. While thrashing about, Tia puts her hand on her own discarded bra. She grabs it and returns to the offensive, wrestling Kelly down again. She forces Kelly onto her stomach, sits on her back, then wraps the bra around her foe's neck, and wrenches backwards, choking her enemy. The referee screams for a break, but is totally ignored. Tia is able to maintain her choke for a long while before Kelly is able to escape.

Kelly goes back on the attack, but the choke obviously took something out of her. Her movements are sluggish, and she unmistakably needs a break as they wrestle around. Luckily for Kelly, Tia is tiring too. Tia faired better than in the first round, but still spent more time on her back and being ridden than she would have liked. Looking and needing a big finish, Kelly pins Tia down and starts dribbling her head against the floor as the referee blows the whistle to end the round.

After the round, Kelly crawls to Tia's corner instead of her own. Tia looks confused for an instant, then points to Kelly's corner beckoning the vixen to vacate her spot. Kelly mischievously smiles before disputing, "No, I like it here. I think he likes me here too." nodding her head back at Tia's husband.

Tia's eyes burn with fury and she pounces on foe. The referee starts blowing his whistle franticly for the competitors to stop, but they are already wrestling and rolling around. Kelly catches Tia on her side, and is able to give her naked ass several loud slaps before breaking off and going to her proper corner.

Tia returns to her corner breathing hard and trying to hide her concerns about being able to win this match. "Out of breath?" Kelly cattily asks.

"Not at all." Tia sasses back with confidence. "I'll be kicking your ass in just a couple of minutes." Kelly responds with a smug laugh.

After the battle of words, Tia's husband approaches and softly says, "She's kicking your ass so far." He adds as he squeezes more oil out of a bottle onto Tia's naked body.

"Bull shit." Tia snaps. "I don't think so." Tia answers.

"When you look at the tape later, I'm sure you'll agree with me." the man argues. "You'd better do something."

Tia rolls her eyes and responds, "Don't worry. I'll end this quick."

Over in Kelly's corner, her second, Kirk, approaches saying. "Okay Kelly, we need a big finish. You need to show the judges something this round." Then he squirts some oil onto Kelly's tits for her to rub in.

"Why? I'm kicking her tired, over rated, fat ass all over this ring." Kelly confidently answers, massaging the oil into her breasts.

"I don't know. That last round was pretty even, and....."

"Just shut up" Kelly interrupts as she turns and poses on all fours. "I'm the one kicking ass. You're just scared to admit it. Just oil up this perfect ass for me." Kelly says as she seductively shakes her butt. "Leave the fighting to me Kirk, cause you are in fantasy land." Kelly sings.

"Okay ladies" the referee calls out. "Last round!" and he blows the whistle.

Again Tia and Kelly spring into action, and meet in the middle of the ring. They each grab each other and try to throw each other to the ground. For a while there is a stalemate, as neither woman is able to overpower the other. Changing tactics, Kelly places her forearm against Tia's throat and pushes against Tia. The pressure against her throat is enough added advantage to allow Kelly to topple Tia over backwards onto her back. Kelly lies on Tia and tries to use her legs to keep her prey in place. Tia counters and grapples back with her legs, making one sexy scene. Two perfect bodies, oiled and naked struggle on the ground. Their legs are intertwined, showing curvaceous asses and hungry cunts with lips wide open trying to taste the other.

Kelly HuAlthough both women scoffed at their second's advice, they obviously took their words to heart. Both vixens fight with more aggression and intensity. Kelly tries to hold Tia down with another boob squeeze. Tia screams, and slides out from underneath Kelly. Moments later as they continue to roll around, Tia catches Kelly with her own boob squeeze. Tia's strong hands have Kelly's breasts looking like they are about to burst. Kelly thrashes and screams loudly, only to start screaming even louder as Tia adds a pussy claw. Kelly shrieks until her slick body is able to elude her tormentor.

Furious, Kelly goes right back on the offensive. She pushes Tia onto her belly, and grabs her hair. Kelly sits on Tia's butt and pulls her head back as far as she can by her hair. Tia's beautiful face is contorted in pain, as Kelly excitedly bounces on Tia's ass shouting, "Yeah! How do you like that? Who's kicking ass now?" while her captivating tits bounce vigorously up and down on her chest.

Kelly tries to finish Tia off with a rear naked chokehold. She wraps her arm around Tia's throat from behind, and tries to wrap her legs around Tia's body. Tia powers out of Kelly's clutches and reverses positions behind her foe. Tia pushes Kelly onto her stomach, and sits on her back. Tia grabs Kelly's hair and starts slamming Kelly's head into the ground. Kelly's head makes extremely loud thumps and bumps as Tia brutally bounces her opponent's head off the floor. "Holy Cow!" Kelly's corner man exclaims seeing his fighter on the receiving end of this vicious sequence.

Kelly is able to throw Tia off of her, but is a little dazed once she does. She sees Tia on her back and about to get up. Immediately Kelly plops down on top of her, leading with her breast in Tia's face. Kelly holds on with her breast smother, hoping for enough time to clear her head from Tia's horrible bouncing.

Tia thrashes around under Kelly, but can not shake her. Tia's movements start to slow. Kelly hears Tia's smothered cries, and they start to simmer down. Kelly thinks, "Its working!"

Then Tia's hand rises up very deliberately. She clutches a handful of Kelly's oil soaked, silky black hair in her fist, and starts pulling Kelly away. Tia starts wrenching Kelly off of her with that fist of hair. Kelly wails and hangs on. Tia is able to set her feet under her, then she turns and thrust. After Tia turns her and Kelly over, Tia reverses positions. Kelly is now on her back with Tia on top of her. Kelly still hangs on, pressing Tia's face into her bosom.

The hot, sweaty oil allows Tia to slip free of Kelly's grasps. After Tia's head pops up, she siezes Kelly's head in a one armed head lock. Tia takes her other hand, forms a fist with her thumb extended, like she is giving "The Fonz” thumb's up sign. Next Tia takes that thumb and drives it into Kelly's windpipe, and uses her other hand to hold it in place and press it deeper. Many fans gasps seeing that Tia has used the dreaded 'Asian Spike' against Kelly in this oil match.

Kelly's body stiffens and convulses when Tia drives her thumb into her throat. Kelly gags, gurgles, wrenches, and gags. Kelly coughs, gurgles, then gags again. Next she taps out, by frantically tapping Tia's back. The referee frantically blows the whistle yelling for Tia to release her hold. Mercifully Tia abruptly ends her ordeal. Tia stands off of her victim, with her lubricated chest heaving magnificently with every deep breath, and accepts her victory.

Tia modestly accepts the cheers of the audience, while Kelly lies, trying to recover from the traumatic effects of the dreaded Asian Spike.

Tia's husband comes over to tell her how wonderful she was. He has been trying to dig himself out of the doghouse since becoming so publicly enamored with Jessica Alba during that match with Tia. She takes his praise with a grain of salt. Tia knows that she was far from her best in this bout. She knows that she has not recovered mentally from that match with Alba.

Tia has always been successful in life. She has always been a star among stars. She has been beaten up before, but nothing like against Jessica. Alba dominated her throughout the match. There was not one bright spot for Tia in the whole match. As bad as the match looked on tape, and Tia has watched the tape hundreds of times, Tia knew it could have been a lot worst. She was really that helpless against Jessica. Then Jessica enchanted the audience. Tia had a huge number of fans at the start of the match, but by the end, as Tia scanned the crowd on tape, she could not find one person still supporting her. Lastly the lusty looks her husband gave Jessica. Once Jessica noticed, the then unmarried woman went out side the ring and flirted with Tia's husband. Jessica left little doubt that she could steal Tia's husband away, at least for one night if she really wanted. Tia is an Alpha Female, but Jessica snatched that away. Tia felt like Jessica crushed her ego and stole her pride and shattered her confidence. She is still trying to recover emotionally.

All these thoughts are still raw in Tia's mind. Tia looks at Jessica's table and gives her an evil look. She had regained a small amount of respect by beating Jessica's partner, Kelly. Jessica gives Tia a mean sneer back. Then Jessica flips her middle finger up at Tia. That finger is brandishing Tia's diamond studded wedding band. Tia has steam coming out her ears, she is so hot. She starts storming toward Jessica's table with the intention of recovering her ring, dignity and self respect.

As she approaches the table, Tia hears "Tia you fucking bitch!" from behind. She turns to look back. BAM!! Kelly blasts Tia with a spinning martial arts kick square in the mouth. Tia is launched in the air for a moment. She lands flat on her back on Jessica Alba's table with her tits up, arms spayed to the side, legs gapped open, her sweet pussy glistening under the lights, and out cold.

The room explodes with a variety of reactions to Kelly's monster kick. Downtown Julie Brown steps up with her microphone to take control of this potentially chaotic situation spiraling even further out of control. "Wow Kelly! That was one hell of a kick!" Julie says as she approaches Kelly. "You took Tia out with that one. Unfortunately it doesn't change anything. You loss the match and will be our Baby New Year tonight. If our security guards will escort Kelly to the proper position, We'll get ready to ring in the New Year!" Julie finishes as three security guards enter and surround Kelly. Two body building females and one muscle bound male escort Kelly away by the arm.

Jessica and Nikki celebrating and laughing heartily at Tia laid out on their table right before them. Tia's Fab Four team mate, Halle Berry comes racing over to help, and make sure no more harm befell her close friend. Their other team members, Rosario Dawson and Jessica Biel follow shortly behind Halle.

"Tia... Tia..." Halle says while shaking Tia trying to wake her up.

"Here, let me help you." Jessica smugly says as she turns up a bottle of cold champagne, and pours it on to Tia's face. To Halle's chagrin the cold fluid does the trick, and awakens the sleeping warrior. Nikki and Alba laughs harder at poor Tia. Tia raises her head off of the table very confused and bewildered. Halle helps her groggy buddy off of the table, and helps the rubbery legged woman to safety, away from the Resistance table and out of enemy territory.

Jessica loves what she sees, watching Halle struggle to carry Tia to the back. Tia is groggy, dazed and punch drunk. She would collapse in the floor without Halle's assistance. Kelly may have loss the match, but The Resistance is obviously wearing Tia down. Tia looked less than impressive in the match. Tia was the winner, but definitely does not look the part at the moment. Kelly's kick slows any momentum Tia gained with her victory.

Jessica BielRosario DawsonJessica AlbaJessica Biel and Rosario Dawson remain a couple of feet from Alba and Cox's table. Biel has her hands on her hips and a disgusted frown on her face. Tia is Biel's team captain, and Biel is sick and tired of Alba's way of embarrassing her leader. Biel takes the microphone from Julie, and challenges. "I'm sick of you Jessica! I'm sick of what you're doing to Tia, and I'm ending it right now." Biel definitively spits. "I'm challenging you to a match at the next Pay Per View. After I kick your scrawny ass, you're giving me Tia's wedding ring!"

The audience murmurs in various conversations and comments follow Biel's challenge. Certainly Jessica Alba versus Jessica Biel would be a fantasy match up. Biel hands the microphone to Alba for her response. Alba slowly and calmly stands, looking over Biel. "You want a match with me?" Alba asks in disbelief. "Why would I want to fight you? Cameron Diaz has already destroyed you, and stuck a fork up your ass. Don't you get it? You're done! I've got nothing to gain by fighting you, or putting up Tia's ring. The Resistance is after championship gold. You're nothing! You've got nothing to offer and nothing that I want. Your man has even dumped you. You're nothing but a Fab Four ass licker, looking for their scraps."

Fan's boo's Alba's rejection of Biel's challenge. Rosario takes the microphone taunting, "What's the matter? A little chicken Jessica? Cluuuck, cluck, cluck! Cluuuck, cluck, cluck!" Rosario teases, clucking like a chicken. "Cluuuck, cluck, cluck! Bwaaawwk!"

The room erupts in laughter. Rosario tosses the microphone onto Alba's table, with a taunting smile. Rosario and Biel laugh then turn to walk away. Alba's eyes narrow, and she is simmering. She wants to strangle both of the hackling bitches making fun of her. Alba contemplates for a moment. After Biel and Rosario get about ten yards away, Alba picks up the microphone and announces, "On second thought, I'll take that match Jessica, but its on MY terms." Alba stresses. "First, it's an I Quit match. I want everybody to hear you quit, and beg for mercy. You're going to tell everybody, who is the better Jessica, Biel or Alba!" Biel smiles and nods her head agreeing to Alba's demands. "Second, I'll put up Tia's ring, if I lose. BUT! If you lose, or should I say when you lose, I get ten minutes alone in the ring with my old friend Rosario Dawson."

Alba can't hear over the noise in the room, but she sees Rosario smiling nodding her head with her lips repeating "Yeah, Hell yeah" She and Rosario were good friends prior to this Uncivil War. Rosario chose to join the Fab Four side, knowingly going against her buddy, Jessica Alba. Alba knew her and Rosario would collide. She can not wait to get her hands on Rosario, and show her how stupid she was for going against her.

With the challenge made and accepted, the party continues ready to ring in the New Year. Kelly Hu, naked as a jaybird, is hung from a crane, high above the center of the room. Julie said "In Time Square, the drop the ball at midnight. Well, at Stone Rage's, we drop the bitch!" Paper horn and party noise makers fill the air, as the clock rapidly approaches twelve o'clock.

"TEN.... NINE..... EIGHT..... SEVEN.... SIX... FIVE.... FOUR.... THREE.... TWO.... ONE.... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!" sounds as the clock strikes midnight. Immediately there is a loud long shriek sounds out, as Kelly is released from her perch above the room, and slides down a long twisted water slide that travels all over the room. At the end, Kelly splashes down in a humongous champagne glass.

Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
and never brought to mind ?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
and auld lang syne ?

The night and the party continues until the crack of dawn. All had a good time. Tia was fine. She returned to celebrate the New Year with her Fab Four friends and acquaintances. She took pride seeing Kelly Hu walking around trying to enjoy the rest of the party. It was a little harder for her, walking around buck naked, wearing only a 2010 Baby New Year sash, while sucking on a pacifier. At first she was not too fond of the tradition, Stone Rage started, everyone being able to smack the Baby New Year on the ass, but the drunker she got, the more she warmed up to it. She started playing along with her sentence, sexily shaking her ass, taking her punishment and teasing her spankers.

Welcome 2010! We've got big expectations for you!



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